2 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Red Gradations

Item #: 407S002PC

Keep your fruits, vegetables, sauces, spices, ingredients, and more fresh with this 2 qt. clear square food storage container. Made of crystal-clear, break-resistant polycarbonate, this container is perfect for commercial kitchens. This container's square design is ideal for compact stacking and storage. Red gradations along the container's exterior assist in measuring food and accurately accessing inventory. Use a lid (sold separately) to preserve your product's freshness and guard it against outside contaminants.

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2 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Red Gradations

4.8 stars from 92 reviews


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containers container food Storage great lids clear easy love stack
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    Great 2 qt polycarbonate container. It serves many many uses in our restaurant.. The red indicators are easy to read. It has done nicely with the very high temps our dish washer has, not clouding or warping.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    Not sure what we ever did without these. They have organized our random bags into a space saving dream. No longer have to worry about a bag of rice spilling open in the pantry.

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Unbreakable high quality container. I love the handles and the clear plastic. i have abused the heck out of them (hot AND cold) and they hold up like little 2 qt warriors.

    from La Trattoria Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These bins are perfect for storing bulk items that you don't want sitting around in product bags. The red markings on the side provide measurements!

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These are our favorite containers. Super strong, good handles, easy to read markings if you need them. Also the lids stack together nicely and don't go flying around in our food trailer.

    from Panini Planet Posted on

    2qt clear container

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    The 2 qt. Cambro is perfect for our pickles for burgers. It is a sturdy pan and it cleans very easily. The price here is the best.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    Good size

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    We use these on a DAILY basis. They hold everything from our overstock of toppings to liquids to extra waffle cones. These are a staple at our shop

    from Toppings LLC Posted on

    The "2 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Red Gradations" is a great addition to our container stock. When a 4qart is too big this size works perfectly, although the lids do tend to deteriorate relatively quicky

    Posted on

    I love these. I have had these in that past and paid a bunch. Here I did not pay to much. So glad to have found them!

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    This is an excellent container that withstands the hot water during washes or the cold refrigerator when you are storing items to keep fresh. The measurements in the side help identify how much you have in your container

    Posted on

    I prefer the clear food storage containers over the solid ones, much easier to tell what you have in them, they stack nicely in the fridge or freezer, only downside is the markings wear off the containers

    from Ale House Bar & Grill LLC Posted on

    Clear food storage containers

    Any time I've been in charge of ordering supplies and equipment for a kitchen, I make sure to include half a dozen of these. The size is perfect, the construction is flawless, and they can stand repeated heavy dishwasher beatings.

    Posted on

    We love these small storage containers. They hold up well over lots of use and washings and don't crack too easily if dropped which we really appreciate

    from Crust Vegan Bakery Posted on

    Stack of 2qt and 4qt containers

    Purchased a few different style storage containers in the past and was never satisfied until I got these and they serve all my purposes being air tight, very sturdy and strong and clear so I can see whats inside. Needless to say I would recommend in any restaurant and kitchen.

    Posted on

    I use the smaller size for storing my dry herbs and dried teas.

    These are a very convenient way to be able to make sure that you have the proper amount of product. I like to store leftover soup in these.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    We use this 2 quart square food storage container to store our rainbow sprinkles with. It is clear so you'd know exactly the stuff being stored. That is good.

    Posted on

    Great storage container

    CONVENIENT product! I appreciate the ability to stack this container. I also like how durable and thick the plastic is. The measurements on the side help as well. I'm happy that this product can be used in the refrigerator as well as in the freezer. HUGE double bonus! I highly recommend these containers!

    Posted on

    Very convenient container! I appreciate that this container is square for the ability to stack. It is strong and durable clear plastic. I like that it can be refrigerated as well as put in the freezer. The measurements on the side help as well.

    These are great handy containers for storage and advance food prep. Easy to clean, durable, and stack nicely. The only downfall is we can no use the lids we already have as they are a different manufacturer. We also purchased the lids that are recommended with this products, and will review those separately. They fit together well, seal well, and in combination with each other do not allow food to leak, even when accidentally dropped.

    from Jubilee Leadership Academy Posted on

    This food container is great at being able to make sure that you have perfect storage for all your prep needs. It can also be used as a sanitizing bucket.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    The containers are great! About the size of beans jug and stack nicely in my fridge about two deep. Easy clean and dish washer safe.

    from Golden palmetto LLC Posted on

    These containers are so nice and sturdy. I love that they are clear, so you can see what is inside. The gradations are really clear to read as well, which is nice.

    Posted on

    2 Qt. clear square food storage container

    I use these at my house to store granulated sugar and bread crumbs. They're sturdy and the graduations let you know how much is left in the container

    Posted on

    The graduations allow me to see how much sugar I have left!

    Our Dig & Serve catering team cannot live without all sizes of polly food storage containers. The 2QT is great for edible flowers, small amounts of veg, and sauces. We love these containers and always buy lids to go with them! Lids make it very easy to stack and keep food safe in the fridge. Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at www.digandserve.com and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    The 2 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container exceeded my expectations. The quality is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I would highly recommend this product. Definitely 5 Stars! I purchased for home use, to store leftovers in the refrigerator. This is one of my favorite storage containers.

    Posted on

    These are a great product! They keep food fresh and are extremely durable. I have put these through a high temp dishmachine many times and they still look brand new! Can't beat for the price.

    Posted on

    The quality of this product more than met my expectations. This is the second time I have ordered these and I would recommend them. The square shape allows them to fit perfectly in cabinet or refrigerator.

    Posted on

    Love love love these containers! The handles help with carrying, they stack very nicely and they last much longer than other containers. We use them daily!

    from Al's pub and pizza Posted on

    Clearly labeled on the sides for easy viewing. Whatever you are storing, dry or wet, you can know what you are reaching for since the container is see through. They also stack well if you have the appropriate lid.

    Posted on

    of all the different types of cambro containers the clear polycarb ones are my favorite. strong, long lasting and versatile. i always seem to want and need more for different tasks in the kitchen

    Posted on

    Food grade quality container. Really strong and durable. The plastic is made well and the Square co gainer is transparent and easy to see what's inside.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    You can never have enough of these containers around. These fit perfectly with the green lids and keep your products air tight and fresh for much longer than plastic wrap. Plus they stack great saving you precious storage space.

    from Sterling Ridge Posted on

    these are the best containers ever! They are air lock tight, which prevents things inside from going stale. they are super sturdy and diurable for the price. I have not been able to find containers that lock as well as these anywhere. I will be ordering more

    from chocolate covered cafe Posted on

    great size for small items or leftovers that you don't want to put in a storage back or wrap. Plus they are reusable! This product is priced to move and does the same job as others that cost more!!

    from Cutty's Okoboji Resort Club Posted on

    This product meets my business needs. It is of good quality and at a great price. It cleans up easily and seems like it will last a long time. The lid fits very tightly.

    from The Bean Tap Posted on

    These containers are just the right size for storing food items. I have purchased them to give as gifts ,also. The red gradations make it easy for my old eyes to read. Thanks for an economical storage container!

    from Susie Qusie Chocolate Fountain Posted on

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Very impressed with this product. I use regularly for food storage. Most impressive was how it resisted harsh chili. I used it to store a chili puree made from dried chilies, pureed and put in the container hot. Despite going in hot, being stored for 4 days in the refrigerator and then reheated, it only took a simple hot water rinse and it looked good as new with no discoloration and no change to the surface as with other plastics.

    Posted on

    High quality containers. I use this smaller one to cool veal Demi so that I can portion them into square cubes. It can handle the high heat so it's perfect for that use.

    Posted on

    Great product for storage and making up quick prep for items in the deli action station. Chef's love thats its durable and cleans easy with no mess.

    from The Dock Posted on

    Very, VERY nice containers-They are nsf compliant and are nice and clear-the measure marks on the outside have not worn off-i recommend them to all

    Posted on

    I work in a professional kitchen and had to have these in my new place. They are sturdy and clean really well. They are a bit big for hone use some times but well worth it.

    Posted on

    I like these little containers for dry ingredients that I don't need all too much of. Note, these less expensive containers have handles whereas the Cambros do not.

    from FermUp Posted on

    These containers are fine but do not fit the lids that I purchased. There are separate lids for the containers without handles. I must have followed the wrong link. Bummer!

    from Lux Group Posted on

    These are great containers. They hold up great and don't break no matter how many times you drop them in the sink! Would recommend for any commercial kitchen.

    from Gammardella's Market & Deli Posted on

    Nice to have at the front prep area for those things which you don't always use so much of. Clear containers are always the way to go for all things which don't mind the sun.

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    We use these containers for leftovers and they work great. They allow our head chef to utilize extra food at a glance which saves us on food costs.

    from Cobscook Community Learning Center Posted on

    This food storage container is great quality and the red markings make it easy to fill to the perfect amount. It's a durable, sturdy container. The corresponding lids are a good buy, too!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Very convenient food storage container, the measurements on the side are super helpful for items that need measuring. great high quality container, will buy more!

    from The Vermont Juice Company Posted on

    The perfect sized container for specialty goods. I can never have too many of these containers. They are long lasting and super durable. They look nice as well!

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these food storage containers! I like how commercial they look with the red gradations. I've washed mine in the dishwasher and have put in the freezer, and so far it's held up very well.

    Posted on

    This container is fine, but just as another reviewer said, this lid DOES NOT fit this container. I've had the same problem with all the containers and lids in this line. You have to force them to go on, and then they break after a few weeks. I'd like to order more of these containers, but not unless there is a different option for the lids.

    from Durham Co-op Market Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Leila! If you are having any issues with the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We've been using these bins for about 5 months now and are excellent quality. We have some Cambro bins as well and there is absolutely no difference. Excellent quality for the price. This is truly an unbeatable price compared to the branded item.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    I use these for holding house blended ingredients (cinnamon sugar, nashville hot sauce, etc). They work great and it's easy to see exactly how much product you have left. They also stack nicely.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    These are a really nice small size for holding toppings and sides. They are sturdy and durable plus, because they're clear, you can easily see what's in them.

    from Little Lion Ice Cream Posted on

    This container is rated NSF this is a requirement from the health department . Also does not get stained and is made with a very strong material.

    from Martinez Magic Heating & cooling Posted on

    In theory this is a great container, except for the fact that they green lid DOES NOT fit this container. You need the container with the green markings. Didn't realize when I bought these that the lids would not secure. Save the trouble and buy the other containers.

    from Dinner's Almost Ready Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Ashley. We're sorry these did not work for you. The lids do in fact work with these containers, regardless of the gradation color. These do fit tightly although they are not meant to provide an unbreakable seal. These containers and lids offer a convenient fit, balancing a firm closure with easy removal.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This keeps our kitchen prep organized and makes the walk ins organized. We use the dissolvable shelf life labels so they stay health code compliant. Love the measure on the side of the container!

    from More Thyme Catering Company Posted on

    containers are very sturdy. Love that they are see through. bought these in two sizes very happy with both. Planning on ordering more. As you can never have enough.

    from RiverRock Posted on

    Every kitchen has got to have something like this and these are sturdy, remain clear after multiple washing. Head bought a more expensive product the was a much lesser quality so we are happy to have these in house.

    from Welsh Rabbit Posted on

    This 2 Qt. clear square container is great for my brown sugar. I like how heavy weight the container is and stacks onto the other containers.

    Posted on

    These are really nice quality and great priced! It is perfect for mixing pudding and storage! Shipping was fast, a little pricey but you get it way before you think you would! Over all great product and store to shop from!

    from The Factory Posted on

    We use to get the same containers from a differnt business until i found Webstaurantstore.com! This was cheaper and better quality! I love how it has the measurements on the side! Great product!

    from The Factory Posted on

    nice and sturdy quality , didn't need as many but worked well. please note lids are sold separately. price is very fair. great for hot and cold

    Posted on

    A great product well worth the price. I love the size of this for our cole slaw and the marking on the side make it easy to prepare just about any dish.

    Posted on

    2 qts are very useful for storing rubs, sauces, and a variety of smaller quantities of stuff. The clear plastic is nice to see what's inside. I can recommend it.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    A great container. It's cheaper than a cambro container but made similarly. It is also stackable with the four quart containers which is good for storing things efficiently.

    Posted on

    This is perfect for smaller portions. We keep sugar and flour in the containers and use labels to store after opening. Very good quality and heavy duty.

    from Louami's Posted on

    I love these containers! Seeing ingredients is problem free and they insure a nice tight seal. A variety of sizes are very nice to have on hand.

    Posted on

    Very well build and sturdy. Handles feel very solid and don't seem like they'll break anytime soon. Had them for 5 months and still using them often. Thinking about buying the larger sizes for dry goods storage!

    Posted on

    A great storage container. Works for both dry and wet. Also works as a counter top storage for rounded cooking tools, or mason jar tops.

    Posted on

    They stack well in the refrigerator and freezer and in our storage rooms. The polycarbonate shell does not show wear for a long time. Have used them for years and just increased my stock and sizes and lids

    from Matheney'z Mobile Food'z Posted on

    This food storage contained holds whole and cut food as well as sauces. The red gradations are very visible when measuring. They tend to break and crack more easily that I would have liked.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    We use these on a regular basis and they are adequate; however they are not equal to the name brand competition. The main problem is with repeated washing and of course, the lids are problematic.;however this review is not for the lids. If you need a quality product that will survive the rigors of long term use, then consider the name brands. If you need something cheap these may do the job just fine.

    from Fair Grounds Coffeehouse Posted on

    After reading other customers reviews I ordered these containers with matching lids from the more expensive brand, Carlisle. The container itself is great quality and made of durable material and the lids fit well but not quite perfectly tight as they probably would with their original lids, that apparently are more fragile. So far I am very happy with them. Webstaurant customer service was incredible and order was placed and delivered in 2 days in the NY area. Amazing!

    Posted on

    These containers are awesome to work with. Lets you visibly see anything that you have in them and stacks very well. Love that I can choose lid color!

    from The Pump Posted on

    Love this product for it's stackability- but hate the lids that you can buy! The product seems to last and last through washing, heating etc., but the lids crack and split after very little use. Constantly ordering new lids!

    from NICCOLIS Posted on

    These are great storage bins for just about anything you store in your pantry. I got tired of all the bags and boxes that don't close or close properly, so I bought a bunch of these in various sizes with lids to transfer my dry goods (grains, flours, rice, sesame seeds, pasta, etc.) in to. I purchased some three ring binder spine labels from a chain store that are clear pockets with adhesive backs that allow you to insert card stock labels in to the pocket for easy identification. These fit fine on the boxes or even on the lids and make it very easy to find what you are looking for in the pantry. Even when I buy new boxes and bags of dry goods, I immediately transfer them in to these bins for storage and use. The red letters make them very easy to read how much you have in stock as well. They are very well made and clean up easy when you need to do that. The lids fit very tightly and have a tab to help in their removal. These stack on top of each other very well too. These are very useful for many things, but invaluable for cleaning up your pantry.

    Posted on

    Why would anyone buy anything else when these are stronger, cheaper, and longer-lasting? I use these to hold prepared ingredients and cooked food so that I can quickly see what's inside.

    Posted on

    These are great to have for storing items in the cooler that need to be grabbed quickly. With them being clear it much easier to recognize what is in them. I think the white containers are less likely to crack.

    from ShuBrew Posted on

    I was a little hesitant about getting these instead of the cambros for home storage, but they've been great. I like that they have handles on the side that the cambros don't have. You can mark the outside with a dry erase marker, it works great.

    Posted on

    a great food storage container. I bought several of these and they will last forever. I bought a few extra lids as they can tend to crack.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    This is a great product. We use them every day in our coffee shop business. Has plenty of space for everything that we need to store!

    from Kelson Inc Posted on

    These containers are awesome. We use them to transport cut vegetables and cooked leftovers to and from events. We love the clear ones like these because you can easily see what is in them. I would recommend washing with a sponge opposed to a scrub pad, eventually over lots of use and lots of washes the scrub pad's will make the inside cloudy and not as clear. We have had this problem with cups and blenders. Not a defect, but when you scrub plastic with a hard material it will make imperfections. So I recommend using any sponge or softer scrub things to wash these. That will give you years of use and clear looking plastic.

    from Perk Up Posted on

    Great substitute for the more expensive brand. We use these daily and they seem to be durable. One has cracked since we received it, but it was dropped. The lids from more expensive brands fit this one, so its a great addition to the kitchen. I would definitely recommend this item.

    Posted on

    The 2 quart square food container is a great polycarbonate container. For price savings, it is a great alternative to the Cambro and Carlisle containers.

    Posted on

    I really like these containers. They stack very easy, have color coded lids, and are easy to wash. I now want some for my home.

    from Fire Pit llc. Posted on

    This is perfect for what it is meant for however, with a vessel this small, there is really no point to the handles. They take up space and take up excess space in the cold box which could otherwise be used. For this application, I prefer the cambro or another brand.

    Posted on

    This 2 quart storage container does a great job of being both durable and attractive looking. Love the secure lid for overnight storage! Will be getting more!

    Posted on

    These are very nice, hard plastic and wash fast and easy. They stack very good and the markings are very clear. There are multiple colored lids to make food ID easy at a glance.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    Huge fan of these storage containers. This is my fifth one and I am using them (in various sizes) to store a variety of flour that I use for bread making. So easy to look in at a glance to tell if I need more before shopping.

    Posted on

    These food containers are a must for any food service provider. They keep food fresher longer by providing an air tight storage option. A great product for the low price that webstaurantsore.com offers

    from Nye Square Posted on

    These are a perfect match (replacement) for Cambro 2qt containers. They are interchangeable. The thing I like about these over Cambros are the handles, and the fact that they will outlast anything else out there in this price range. Cambro Compatible and priced to move. Awesome.

    Posted on

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