9" x 1 1/4" Aluminum Pie Pan

Item #: 407ROYPIE9

Bake your most popular pies to perfection with this 9" aluminum pie pan! The pan is made of 0.7mm thick satin finished aluminum with a closed bead on the outer rim. In addition to an attractive design, this item features even heat conduction. The approximate overall dimensions are 9" in diameter by 1 1/4" deep, but some variation is possible.

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9" x 1 1/4" Aluminum Pie Pan

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pie pan pans pies great price aluminum nice wash stickers
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    I would probably give this 5 stars if the pans didn't come with large, hard to remove, stickers on the inside, back and/or sides of the pans. Please reconsider placing these stickers on these pans. If you absolutely must, please find something easier and cleaner to remove, or only put them on the back. I had a heck of a time (hot water, soap, scraping, etc) trying to remove the stickers before I could even use the pan...no one wants sticker residue on their pie crusts, and I personally don't want to spend 5-10 minutes per pan scraping stickers off before I can use them!! :(
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    I really like this pie tin but it does scratch if you care. Something that disappointed me when I received it was that they but the label on the INSIDE of the tin and that does not come off easily at all. Besides that this pan works really well.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    These are really nice pie pans. They are deep so your recipes for nine inch pies won't run over in the oven. The only bad thing is that you stuck a shipping sticker on the inside of the pan and it had permanent adhesive on it.
    I love these aluminum pie pans for making homemade pies. They are light-weight, yet durable. I always hand wash the pans and they clean up very nicely. Definitely a bargain for the price.
    These are great pie pans that are good to bake pies in using your convection or conventional oven, as well as to display your pies for customers to see in your covered display cases. Very durable, easy to clean, and perfect price.
    Good pan, we don't use it a whole lot, it still looks brand new to us. Great price point if it is something you don't need all the time.
    We like to use these pie pans for serving our burger plates. We like to line the pan with parchment paper to give a clean yet unique feel in our restaurant.
    Good, cheap pie pan. Cooks pies well. As others have stated, be prepared to remove the stickers. (use a hairdryer to loosen them). I wouldn't cut pies in the pan as it will scratch unless your using a plastic/nylon cutter.
    Nice, sturdy little pie pan. The only downside depending on what you will be using them for is that the edge is really narrow, so you cannot make a traditional pie and flute the edges.
    This 9-inch aluminum pie plate is great. This pie plate should withstood a multitude of uses. It is well built and not super heavy but not flimsy either. And the price for a piece is amazing.
    If you bake pies regularly, this is the pan you need. It is made out of aluminum. It is very strong and durable as well
    This pie pan is pretty decent for the price. We use many different pie pans and this 9" pan fits in and does a fine job.
    This is very affordable and great. I used to use pyrex glass pie pan and it did not allow good browning and this doesn't have the issue at all - pies turn out crispy. Good depth and lightweight.
    Not only is this aluminum pie pan for baking pies, it's a great item to have for baking or microwaving small amounts of food. It's easy to wash and doesn't take up much space in our dishwasher.
    Great pan to bake foods in, we use ours for frittata and it bakes and fits perfectly in the pan. The pan is also easy to wash after use!
    The nine inch aluminum pie pans are very impressive and I have found that they work well with any pies and even pot pies. I like how evenly they cook and that they can go in the freezer. I would like to see additional sizes available in the future.
    Even heat conduction when baking is very important. These aluminum pie pans offer that along with a durable and easy to clean design. If you are looking for an inexpensive, quality pie pan that is aluminum and not glass, this is great option. We hope you like it as much as we do.
    These pans are very thin aluminum and bend very easily. They would however be good used when giving pies as gifts since the price is very low. I agree with the other reviewers about the stickers on the pans. Since the aluminum is so bendable it makes it even harder to remove the stickers and I used sticker remover on mine finally I gave this pan 4 stars instead of 2 because for the price I think they are a 4-star pan. One of the pans I ordered arrived badly dented and customer service gave me a store credit. As always, Webstaurant has great customer service.
    This size pan is great for my boyfriend and I because it is shallow and the size of the pie can be eaten by us before it goes bad. It is lightweight but very durable
    This is perfect for a nice large pie: it is sturdy and heats up well. The pan has a great metal build and has held up well in the kitchen.
    Great value pie pans. I was worried they'd be too thin at this price, but they are a good appropriate weight for repeated use. They're finished nicely, with no sharp edges.
    We use these instead of sizzle pans. Great for lining up mise before a stir-fry or saute. They work as lids for small saute pans. I would buy these again and again.
    This pie pan is used in our kitchen for everything but pies! We use it as a basting cover in the flat top, a pan for cooking sausage stuffed banana peppers and also line it with foil to bake all of our specialty fries. It's a very useful smallwatw for the kitchen that has many functions
    This is a nice shiny pie pan that will last for a decent amount of time if taken care of. Fairly thick it holds up great in the dishwasher and oven.
    Exactly as advertised. Very sturdy basic pie pan. Ordered quite a few for a company banquet I had to cater. Baked 10 pies. Pans held up and took the abuse of a large company's staff cutting the desserts out of them. Certainly reusable.
    These pie pans are great for the price. I use them both for pie baking and sometimes for dinner plates when we're having BBQ. Well constructed and clean easily!
    Good, sturdy pie tin. It accidentally got put in the dishwasher and it tarnished really badly. Normally I would hand wash and dry this, but husband was on dish duty. The pie tin still works fine, but it makes me think it would have eventually done this after several hand washes as well.
    I love these pans. They evoke a retro diner feel. Every pie we bake will not last 5 minutes because of Nostalgia. I will always pay more for reusable pans.
    This is a great, cost-effective way to make pies for sale in a substantive pan that isn't too expensive to give away. Good size and great value.
    I had purchased 17 of these plates to use for a Western themed murder mystery party. They were a big hit and generously sized for all the food. Will use them often as dinner plates. May actually use some for pies!
    This has been great! We have used it to bake our quiches and have used it for pumpkin pie. would recommend this for a sure.
    I got these pans and I will be using these pans to make pies for thanksgiving. The pans are nice and sturdy. Can't wait to see how my pie come out.
    Well made pie pan, durable and made with quality materials. I recommend these to anyone looking for a good pie pan that does exactly what it is supposed to do.
    This pie pan is wonderful! The best part is after using them they don't take much to clean. They do not dent easily like other pie pans do very. 5 stars for them!
    These are really nice because they are a breeze to wash, they don't scratch or dent or loose their luster. They stack super easy and are lightweight.
    I like to use these pie pans as a relatively inexpensive option when bringing a pie to an event where I don't expect to get my dishes back. But they also work well and last from repeated use.
    This dish is so versatile. In our restaurant we use it to quickly warm smoked salmon and bacon in the oven. If you throw some parchment paper on, you can make a serving dish out of it.
    Perfect reusable pie pan! These don't rust when you wash them, and they have help up very well for lots and lots of pies! Would highly recommend!
    Great quality, exceptional price and immediate shipment. In foodservice, we use and abuse these items repeatedly in our day to day operations. They hold up well. Thank you!
    Love these -- cheap enough that you can leave them with your friends/customers, but durable enough that you can wash and resuse them for yourself over and over -- can't beat these -- no more flimsy foil pie tins!
    These are a great alternative to a sizzle platter. Our chefs like to add liquid when firing things. The high sides make it perfect to not make a mess int he oven.
    Great product, using multiple times, just as good firstvand tenth time well made enough to use every day but inexspense enough to get a small deposit and replace if needed.
    These pie pans are great, and you really can't beat the price. If anything, I might like a little wider lip on top, but it doesn't really matter. Pies brown up nicely and the pans wash up well. They do mark up when you cut the pie with a knife, but they're affordable enough that you can easily save a few back for 'nice'. I wish there was an option for a deep dish 10"
    These are excellent pie tins. they are heavy gauge alluminum and do a nice job of browning and cooking evenly. I much prefer these over the typical glass plans.
    Awesome pie pan! So much nicer than the heavy ones I have experience with, and the ones that are disposable. I made a delicious pecan pie with mine recently, and I'm sure I'll be able to make many more pies in the future!
    I like these pie pans. They are a deep dish pan and we like them for the apple pies we make. The price is nice as well.
    I purchased a bunch of these and am so happy I did...they are pretty sturdy and wash up easily..nice and deep for individual deep dish pizzas but I think I will also start making some nice deeper pies...the price was very reasonable...highly recommend
    Used these for Thanksgiving this year - pies came out perfectly! These are a great product for a great price and I will need to order more. These are a great alternative to disposable pie tins as the price is so low you wont feel bad about giving them as a gift along with the pie.
    I use these pans exclusively for my holiday pie orders. They are very sturdy, reusable, and the price is fantastic. They give my pies a "value added" selling feature that my customers appreciate.
    For the price these pans can't be beat! I have several dozen of these. I prefer to deliver my wholesale pies in these pans instead of flimsy disposables. My restaurants give them back to me and if a few are missing I'm not overly concerned due to the price!
    Good, basic pie pan. It's a little shallower than I'm used to, but holds stuff fine. I've used it to make pecan pies, and it worked excellently for that. I would not hesitate to order more.
    For the price, these pans can't be beat. This is the standard 9" pie pan. It cooks evenly, my pies come right out of it with no hassle, and it's easy to clean.
    this aluminum pie pan looks very beautiful and shine .you can use it in many ways to put food in it or cook in it.i use it so many times and still like new.very good product .i am happy with it and love it.THANKS WEB.
    We use these pie pans for more than just pies. We find lots of uses for a pan like this because it's not too big and it cleans up easily. We have a bunch of them and they get used often!!
    LOVE the size of these pans and at such a low price, you can't beat them. Good quality. Thinking about ordering a bunch to make the holiday pies in to sell. Just adds a really nice detail instead of using aluminum pie pans!
    At Oliviras, we have exceptional standards when it comes to baking our pecan pies. Because of the weight of our pie, we can't bake it in a normal aluminum foil type pan. We ordered this pan because it is of great quality, durability, and allows us to hand-braid our crust edge on the inside of the pan. No crust is lost with these pans! We sometimes give the pan away with the pie, which our customers love! As a side note, make sure you clean, clean, clean these when you get them to get the metallic film off of them!
    This pie pans are perfect! They hold up great! I got tired of ordering the 4 cent disposable pie pans when these can be reused forever just makes better sense!
    I've been using glass pyrex pans all my life so I decided to try out an aluminum one. I was really pleased with how it performed. First, this pan is a little shallower than I was expecting but it turned out to not be an issue. I still fit almost 3 pounds of sliced peaches and crust in this pan. It didn't warp and it felt very sturdy while I was using it. Sure, it's not see through so you can't monitor the inside but all that really matters is this pie pan worked really well. Good product, great value.
    I ordered these pans to make pies for Memorial Day with my family. They were wonderful, cooked the pies evenly, and were a lovely treat to send home with everyone - loaded with leftovers!
    These are a nice size, durable, and are easy to clean. We have used them to make various types of pies for our restaurant, but could be used for other things.
    9" x 1 1/2" Aluminum Pie Pan. I buy these by the dozen. They are cheap enough that if my friends don't return them, no biggee. And they are nice enough to give away with my pie gifts.
    I ordered these deep aluminum pie pans to use when I go on a pie making benge. They will work much better than my glass pie pans for freezing pies
    These pie pans are an excellent addition to my Bakery. They are very sturdy and I am able to get evenly baked, beautiful pies every time! I am proud to present my freshly baked pies in these pans. Thank you for supplying such a great product.
    Nice product! Pie pan is deep enough to make a crust on the bottom and be able to fill it with lots of fruit and filling to make a great pie!
    We purchased some of these pie pans and was really surprised at how well made they are. the price is unreal. We have had them a while now and they still look great.
    Aluminum pan that works great, its nice and durable that'll cost half as much from other supplier. Terrific price that cant be found anywhere else in the market.
    I sell pies and charge a rental fee for the pie pans. I hate cooking in disposable aluminum pans because they so often cook unevenly and are unwieldy when the pie's heavy. These pans go through a lot (slicing with sharp knives, going through the dishwasher, etc.) and hold up beautifully.
    These come at a really affordable price. They are great for bakeshops or restaurants that make a lot of pies. They are way better than just using the disposable pie tins.
    These tins work just fine for making restaurant quality pies. The Webstaurant store offers these at a very good price. Don't be afraid to buy these tins they work just fine.
    These pie pans are heavy duty and will hold up to years of use in either the home kitchen or professional kitchen. I was very happily surprised at the weight and thickness of the pans--especially considering the low price. I've only had one issue with these pans. I stupidly put a couple of mine in the dishwasher and they oxidized. A quick scrub with steel wool cleaned them right up, but I would not suggest using a dishwasher for these pans unless you want to either spend time polishing or re-washing them to remove the oxidation so you aren't turning out gray pie crusts.
    This pie pan is well made and a good value for the money. I was quite suprised at how thick the pan is for the price. Will buy more.
    You cannot beat these for quality and price. I use them to feed my dogs. They are heavy enough and big enough. I put them in the dishwasher (they fit like plates) and have fresh "dog dishes" for the twice daily feedings. Love them!!!!

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