20" Tapered French Rolling Pin

Item #: 407ROLLPNF20

This 20" tapered French rolling pin allows you to get a great feel of the dough, and it pivots so that you can easily create round pastries. Compared to modern rolling pins with axles, this tapered handle-less rolling pin is the preferred choice for many French pastry chefs. It's perfect for rolling out circles of dough for pies, tarts, pizzas, cookies, and more. Featuring a traditional look and made of durable wood, this rolling pin has a solid, smooth, one piece construction that's easy to clean. The tapered ends of this rolling pin facilitate ease of use and make the sturdy yet slender rolling pin easier to grasp.

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20" Tapered French Rolling Pin

4.8 stars from 69 reviews


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rolling pin dough great quality French tapered price easy nice
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    great value. This rolling pin style is handsdown the best in my opinion. I roll a lot of pie crust. Easy on the wrist. Wish i knew about this style in the 80's when i started in this profession
    Very nice French rolling pin. These are high quality and we have never had to replace them even though they get heavy use. I would definitely recommend!
    This rolling pin is a very nice quality product. It fits in my drawer and makes rolling very easy and controllable. It is also easy to clean. Highly recommend!
    I got this French Rolling pin to go with the rolling pin cover I also purchased from Webstaurant ( Item #: 144696 ). Together, I can easily roll out pastry and cookie dough. The tapered style gives you more surface area to work with than a traditional style rolling pin.
    Strong solid wooden tapered French rolling. I prefer to use this for rolling out my Fandont really nice for that it's really good price and nice and solid
    Nice rolling pin, the 20" Tapered French Rolling Pin is best for Fondants and such but can be used for any rolling needs, pie crusts, pizzas, etc. It's a great product at a good price.!
    This is the perfect length for what we need. Very good quality wood and it's smooth right out of the bag so we don't have to use too much flour.
    I'm sorry, but this was a bad purchase. The shape of the sides are more convex, and that middle bulge does not work for even rolling. Also.... a BIG problem with my rolling pin is the rough splintered surface! Not smooth at all!the wood feels like light cheap pine. What a disappointment as I thought this would have been of good quality coming from a store that specializes in restaurant standard items. It's of no use to me.
    It may just be me but the tapered edges of this rolling pin make this harder to use than a standard one. I feel like the middle of the dough rolls out thin while the edges stay a little thicker. It's hard to get a flat sheet.
    The 20 inch tapered French rolling pin is one of my all time favorites, highly recommend this product and I use it all the time. Easy to wipe clean and no issues with cracking.
    Bought this in conjunction with the rolling-center, cylindrical rolling pin to see which one I prefer. I've used both (albeit the other one a bit more), although I can see the applications in which this kind of pin is preferable. Amazing quality for the price.
    This rolling pin is great for pizza dough,bread dough, cookie dough, pastas endless uses but awesome quality and just handles so we'll when rolling out all types of dough.
    I'd never used a French rolling pin before, but the other reviews were good so I gave it a try, and I have to say I didn't notice much difference between this and the traditional American rolling pin. Worked great!
    Featuring a wooden construction this rolling pin is durable and an excellent utensil to have on hand especially when making baked goods in prepping the dough properly
    Im so glad that I got this rolling pin. It has a little weight to it which from the ones I've had means it's solid. I love the fact that I can roll and not have any lines in my fondant.
    Not bad for the price , does the job, quality , good price comparing to other sites and local stores , we like it muxh
    You can't go wrong with this 29 inch French style tapered rolling pin it's high quality at a low cost from WEBstaurantStore perfect for rolling out all types of dough.
    perfect size and taper for rolling out dumplings, pastry dough or anything that needs rolling. Smooth finish and sturdy. We'd order again but this one seems like it will outlast us.
    great for times when you have a little more control over your pressure and want to finesse the dough a little more than with a straight rolling pin. super simple item but sturdy and at a great price. this is a good pin for things like pie doughs and pasta.
    This is a great rolling pin for the low cost! I use it to pound the butter out before laminating my croissant dough. Good quality.
    This has got to be one of the best rolling pins I have ever owned. I love that it doesn't have handles which can often get little bits of food stuck in and be hard to clean.
    This is a great rolling pin for the money. Great quality, I bought this for my sister about a year ago and it has held up well. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
    A very nice rolling pin., don't have to worry about smashing your knuckles. It not overly heavy and can be use for pizza, cookie or pie dough.
    The rolling pin is very easy to use. Care is simple, but remember not to use soap. The style of the pin is nice, I like the fact that it doesn't have the handles-just use the palm of your hands.
    I read the good reviews about the rolling pin, and I'm happy that I did cause it works great for pizza, cookie dough and croissant.
    I have always like a rolling pin without handles and this one is fantastic! I used it yesterday for he first time and I was so happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend this rolling pin. I got the dough so thin it made a perfect pizza.
    Ahhh come on, where else will you find a tapers French rolling pin for under this price? Great value and a great product, I'm very satisfied.
    I used to be employed at a popular retailer, and I always wanted to purchase one of these from there, but at the price for one rolling pin, that was not gonna happen. I am beyond thrilled that I found this one instead. You can't beat the price and it's so sturdy and holds up great when working with flimsy dough. I really love this product.
    Great for french [pastry work, especially rolling our croissant dough. The wood appears to be maple and of high quality. I would recommend this roller.
    This french rolling pin can't be beat for the price. It is well balanced and performs as will as a similar one I own that cost far more
    I love this rolling pin! by far my favorite in my collection. I was skeptical of the shape but have come to love the wide center, it puts pressure right where it is needed and is easy to roll.
    The price on this is unbeatable for quality. The quality is great, seems to be a very sturdy rolling pin much better than previous ones owned.
    This French rolling pin has the perfect weight and balance. This eliminates some muscle work. This is not too large that small hands can't handle.
    Nice rolling pin, it works well for pizza, but also for pasta too. The size is nice, not too big, easily stored and pretty easy to clean. It could probably double as a weapon if someone were to break into your place while you're rolling your dough.
    Good, simple rolling pin. Needs a bit of care to prevent warping or messing up the wood, as does any wooden rolling pin. I can recommend it.
    Easy to use and store. Clean up is easy and helps make my treats uniform. Definitely recommend this rolling pin and will most like order a back up since other bakers keep "stealing" it! :)
    Bought this item as a gift for an aunt and she loves it! It is not that heavy but sturdy enough to do its job. Will be buying more for family members!
    It is what it is...it's a 20 inch tapered French rolling pin made out of solid wood, which was turned on a lathe. It's not fancy or anything, but it is certainly functional. I only gave it 4 stars due to aesthetics, as there are more expensive ones that look prettier, yet functionally the same.
    Was very happy with this product when it arrived. We just needed a tapered rolling pin and this one really fit the bill. Quality is great.
    I absolutely love this rolling pin! Its shape is perfect for handling all different types of doughs. Its not too heavy, but definitely has enough weight to make rolling out dough a breeze. I love it so much I bought 2!
    This rolling pin is great around the holidays. I use when making bread and making pie crusts. The tapered ends makes it easier to handle.
    This is a decent weighted rolling pin. I like that it doesn't have handles to clean. If floured correctly food doesn't stick. And it's easy to clean of course
    What a great rolling pin. Makes rolling out large pieces of dough a breeze. After using it, the old pin was immediately put in the box for giving away. A GEM.
    Could not get through life without this rolling pin. I love it! It works perfectly, a great size for an avid home baker like me.
    A simple 20" tapered French rolling pin, but at a great price and quick shipping. Nice smooth quality hard wood, found not pits or other rough marks in the pin.
    I guess I should keep a ruler handy when ordering online, I didn't realize how big this would. But that is a good thing. I've used it for rolling dough for biscuits and pie dough. works wonders.
    The tapered rolling pin is great! Much better than the ones with handles because you don't have to worry about breaking off the handles (which I've done) and the food doesn't get caught in any crevices when cleaning it. I bought 3, one for me and each of my girls when we bake!
    I love this rolling pin. It replaced one that was an american style. It is so much easier to control the final product because you can guide the pressure and can feel how the dough reacts.
    I have been collecting rolling pins for years, this is one of my favorites. I wish it was a bit smaller, however I have gotten use to it. I am lucky in that I have a large surface for my pastry work, or this might be a problem. Then again these are designed for bakeries. But I am happy. Would buy it again! Thanks for making it available.
    Good quality 20 inch French rolling pin. It's smooth with no splinters. As always Webstaurant has the best prices, customers service and on time delivery.
    great tapered rolling pin /price was very reasonable . /quality is as good as you can find /i think the tapered rolling pins are really the best you get better control.
    Great rolling pin. We use it in our cookie bakery and find that it works perfectly. I would highly recommend it and would order again.
    It is a decent rolling pin, and once again, in terms of value for money, it's unbeatable, but it is not as smooth as you really expect from a rolling pin. I do what the other reviewer below suggests, which is use parchment paper between the rolling pin and the dough, but I was just a little disappointed at how rough the surface is.
    I absolutely love this rolling pin. After purchasing this particular rolling pin It's the only one i will ever own. It works most efficently to roll dough out uniformly due to its ingenious construction.
    This is a light weight rolling pin that I use for cookies and pie crusts. It is not completely smooth but that doesn't bother me because I use parchment on top of the dough - and it's a good price.
    french rolling pin is of a very good quality,is very nice and i dont ve to put too much pressure on my arm before i get the work done, most esp on fondant, i love it
    I love tapered rolling pins. This one is very light and easy to use. Even my four year old niece is able to use it. (Don't submerge in water because it won't last as long)
    Fantastic product. Very high quality wood--when I'm smashing pie dough, I'm more concerned about the countertop than the rolling pin. Smooth, flat in the middle with tapered edges, it's ideal for rolling out thin, even pastries.
    Incredibly well made and has been an indispensable tool in baking and pastry. When I asked the chef for a recommendation on the type of rolling pin to procure, this was the one he recommended for all of my bread work. It's very smooth and easy to work with.
    This is an easy rolling pin to keep in a knife or tool bag. It is perfect for rolling out a pie dough or flattening bacon for wrapping chicken. It is easy to hand wash.
    I like the size and feel of this rolling pin. It is super smooth and the tapered ends are nice. I use it in my cafe on a daily basis to roll out jumbo cinnamon rolls.
    This is a good pin, however it did have a few rough spots. I had to sand it a little but no big chore. Now its nice and smooth. Won't snag my doughs. I had a bigger pin but was just too heavy. This seems to be the perfect weight and size for me.
    I love this rolling pin! I so prefer the tapered edges to the traditional rolling pins that have handles. Also, it's perfect for pie crusts, pizzas or anything you roll out that is circular.
    First tapered rolling pin I have owned and I love it! I would never go back to the traditional rolling pin with the handles. This rolling pin is easy to use for pies, rolling out sugar cookies, etc.
    This is my favorite rolling pin, it is tapered so that allows it to be used for many applications. Great price, and great durability. I absolutely love it.
    What a great rolling pin, excellent size and great price! I have used this rolling pin for everything from apple pie to cinnamon rolls! Great for crushing fresh black pepper as well!!!!
    The price for this rolling pin is insuperable. The wood is well worked and finished. Very smooth and even. Easy to work with and easy to clean. Also, perfect size
    I had been wanting one of these rolling pins for a very long time. This one rolls out my pie doughs, cinnamon roll dough and cookies smoothly and evenly. Great purchase!
    I purchased this rolling pin because I didn't have one at home. I could have gone out to find something locally, but the description of this item seemed to meet my needs, as well as the price. It was a good decision to purchase this particular model. It is the perfect size for most jobs. It has not been a disappointment at all.

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