8 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Item #: 407MXB8

Having the right size mixing bowl on hand in your kitchen is essential to preparing your recipes to perfection. Stock up on this 8 qt. stainless steel standard weight mixing bowl for your food prep needs, and discover how useful it will be! This mixing bowl is lightweight, yet it's built to last and made of durable 18/8 stainless steel. Its attractive mirror finish adds sleek and shine to any kitchen. Thanks to its compact design, it stacks easily for convenient storage and transportation.

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8 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

4.8 stars from 128 reviews


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    I am very happy with these mixing bowls. They are excellent quality, at a price that you likely would not be able to find anywhere else.

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    5 stars! 8 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl is amazing and a must have in your kitchen. I used it for my cake batter & to knead breads as well. The capacity is huge and perfect tool for baking or cooking. I am happy with my purchase and will definitely buy more

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    This 8 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl is a must have in every kitchen especially if you love to bake. I used it almost for everything, and even to make breads. Sturdy, non stick, easy to clean its totally value for money! 100% recommended!

    Great stainless steel bowls for prepping. I bought a few of these and will be buying more! You cant beat the price and quality of these bowls!

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    These are great mixing bowls. They stack vey well which saves a lot of space. They are durable, and still look great after almost a year of daily use. No warping o dents despite being dropped and heavily used.

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    I love the stylish design and they look beautiful on any table or buffet. Well crafted and hope additional styles will be available. Highly recommend!!

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    Highly recommend!!

    This 8 qt. stainless steel mixing bowl is also great for proofing dough. I will often use it to proof my cinnamon roll and pretzel dough.

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    Proofing pretzel dough.

    good size for medium size needs. Will be buying more in the near future. Great for mixing and baking needs for most any small recipe

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    Love that these mixing bowls are light weight and the size is perfect for a small business like me. Would definitely buy more of this brand in all sorts of sizes when the time comes. Would recommend these who run a small business.

    from LOVE&MACARONS Posted on

    I use this size for when I'm making big batches of fry dipping sauces. It works great and they stack perfectly for storeage which is a big deal for a food trailer. Love this product and love the price even better.

    from Pretty Odd Wieners Posted on

    Great mixing bowl for the price. This bowl is not cheap at all and we will be buying more to replace some of our older ones.

    from 5-0 BBQ LLC Posted on

    I seriously can't get enough of these bowls! I use them for large batches of anything, whether it be cake batter, ganache, buttercream, cookies, the list goes on and on. Seriously great!

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    A good quality Bowl came to us with a slight dent in it but doesn't affect its use use it very often sizes what good too

    from Schaefers Chafers Posted on

    This is a large bowl even by commercial standards. Use it sparingly for large baking needs. I find it to be much too big for your general home use.

    from Saxon Posted on

    A jack of all trade mixing bowl. along with mixing we use it to toss wings, make double boilers, and even a basting cover for the flat top in a pinch. when cleaning make sure to get under the lip really well as gunk can accumulate there

    from mm clubhouse Posted on

    Can not be best. This is the best quality at such a great price point. I use this size on a daily basis. Thank you webstaurantstore

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    For this review I will discuss some points other reviews have mentioned. This is not a heavy weight/duty mixing bowl. It will indeed dent easy if there is enough pressure( I can deform it with some pressure using my thumb, but using my palm is much harder). Since this is a mixing bowl, its height is shorter but the sides are wider since it allows for easy hand mixing and tossing. For the purpose I am using this bowl is for tossing and coating popcorn and using it for no-knead dough. Its perfect for my purpose. I do wish it were a bit more durable as it can deform easily.

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    This is the perfect sized mixing bowl. From making meatloaf to mixing up dough for pasta you can't go wrong with this product. It cleans really well and so much nicer than glass mixing bowls.

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    Solid mixing bowl! Made from stainless steel for strength , durability, and sturdiness! Large too. We would highly recommend this to others. We give 4 stars!

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    These are bowls I use most often in the kitchen. They are large, but not too big and they can be stacked for easy storage.

    from Phanton Chef LLC Posted on

    larges bowl of stainless steel we have , you can prepare your dough easily , very good price and quality , i think this will last us for awhile until we replace it

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    I highly recommend the 8 quart size for mixing up ingredients for making bread or to prepare a large salad for larger crowds. Having different sizes is very handy.

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    Love these 8 quart stainless steel mixing bowls! Not so deep that you can't get to the bottom, and not too big that you can't store

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    I love the size of this bowl when making salads for large groups of people. It's light weight enough that I can move it around the kitchen and the size makes it easy to toss ingredients and get everything well coated with dressing without worrying about spillage out of the bowl.

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    The 8 quart bowl was actually a little sturdier than I thought it might be! It is a good size for mixing and is quite wide for lots of ingredients.

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    A nice large mixing bowl for tossing salads, breading chicken, you name it. Seems well made but could be just a bit thicker/heavier for it's size. Should last a long time without abuse for household use.

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    This is my biggest bowl for home use and it's the perfect size for a large family salad or a big bowl of popcorn. It's a great deal and nests perfectly outside the 5 quart size.

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    This stainless steel bowl is lightweight, more than I expected, but seems to be of good quality. Very easy cleanup. Great selection of sizes to meet you needs.

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    Perfect size for everday use. Material and durability is great and very easy to clean. Very strong compared to other stainless steel bowls ive seen.

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    This is a nice big stainless steel mixing bowl. I love using this for mixing all my dry items for cakes or cookies and being 8 qts you have lots of room

    from Sweet Candy Finds Posted on

    It is the perfect way, the perfect design and above all the perfect material. We believe it is one of the products that is useful and easier to use is. Of course we recommend it. Its size is perfect, ideal for making mixes you want.

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    Love the size, big enough to wash and make salad in. Smaller bowls will result in a mess when making salad but this one is great. The price can't be beat.

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    I use this mixing bowl on a daily basis for many different things. It is great for making big salads or whipping up large amounts of whip cream. A must have for any kitchen.

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    Really nice quality, surprising heft for standard weight. I find the 8qt size to be great for thawing larger packages of meat and for dredging and flouring food to fry.

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    This 8 quart stainless steel pan from the webstaurant.com is fantastic we use it for mixing are trying gredients to make our case we also use it for tossing salads

    from home Posted on

    These stainless steel mixing bowls are great quality kitchen equipment. We use them everyday and they have yet to scratch. The mixing bowls fit inside each other and are easy to clean.

    from 4th Street Bistro Posted on

    This is a nice large lightweight bowl. It's quite light and thin and may not survive heavy duty use, but it's fine so far and looks great.

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    I have a few of these bowls and while the size seems big, they are great for everything from mixing pie dough to prepping salads and mixing liquids. Love them.

    from Ashleigh Luna Posted on

    Well made and has a nice feel to it. The lip around the bowl is great because your had has something to hold on to while mixing.

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    Perfect size for mixing my no-knead bread dough (8 lbs of dough per bowl). Thick enough to be sturdy, but still lightweight and easy to move around. And stainless is oh so easy to clean.

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    Bread dough rising.

    After their initial use, these bowls have been easy to clean. The first few times they were used, even after being washed, some residue came off of the bowl and contaminated the food that was in it.

    from Fork Food Lab Posted on

    This very large bowl is great for mixing salads of all kinds, whipping cream and more. I recommend it and it comes at a great price as well.

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    Great mixing bowls - the metal doesn't feel flimsy at all - a nice large size and easy to clean - needed bowls that wouldn't hold on the smells & flavors etc and these have been great.

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    I love this bowl. Iy holds up to 8 qts and its made out of stainless steel. I use it ay home too mix baking ingredients

    Posted on

    Perfect size for mixing cake/ cookie ingredients to wisking eggs for French toast. Easy to clean and never rusts. And such a great price too!

    Posted on

    We started making our own ice cream and needed bowls big enough to make ice baths for the small batches. These bowls are great, they are wide enough that most of all our other bowls fit in it.

    from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods Posted on

    I got almost all the sizes of the steel mixing bowl, love them they are so awesome to make anything from sauces, marinates, batter etc

    from Tashpat LLC Posted on

    I love this 8 quart mixing bowl. Perfect for cake batters or mixing up salad greens. Strong sturdy stainless has a good weight to it and will last a long time.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Really great metal bowl! Nice strudy construction. Really great for mixing cakes and all sorts of baked good! Also great for making big salads or anything family style food!

    Posted on

    These bowls are nice and work exactly as expected. They are well made and easy to wash. Will be ordering more of them because they are great for our wet wings.

    from Barefoot Bar & Grill Posted on

    I prefer stainless steel mixing bowls to glass because they are lighter in weight. The stainless steel is beautiful and easy to clean. I love that this bowl comes in so many sizes so you can purchase a set if you wish.

    Posted on

    This is the largest size mixing bowl I ordered for my home kitchen—it's definitely big enough! So far I've used it for soaking potatoes, marinating and brining meat, and making huge batches of granola bars. I was a little worried that the relatively high gauge of the stainless steel combined with the size of the bowl would make it susceptible to dents, but so far it's holding up fantastically.

    Posted on

    I love the thickness of these bowls I will buy more in every size. I use for the business and for my home A+ on the product and on the price.

    from Fusion Tapas Posted on

    I use these large bowls when teaching vegetable fermentation workshops or when making large batches of kimchi at home. I don't need large bowls all too frequently, but I'm so glad I have these when I do!

    from FermUp Posted on

    These bowls were a great price given the size. I do plan on ordering more of these bowls in the near future ! : )

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    Just received my shipment of bowls from the webstaurant store. While I can't speak for longevity they appear to be good durable bowls so far.

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    This is the best bowl for mixing large items, especially with your hands, it's got a lot of space. It is a great price for a durable and very large bowl.

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    This product is great for my everyday needs in kitchen. you can use it to mix salads in or when making cakes or waffles for the kids.

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    I needed these bowls because some of the cake recipes that I've been making are too large to fit in my mixer. These are nice, lightweight, steel mixing bowls that are deep enough for me to use without worrying about spilling over the sides. I love my bowls and use them quite often. They are BIG so make sure you measure the space you'll be storing them in so you'll know they fit!

    from So Belle Cakes Posted on

    Great product. This bowl will serve many uses, and is the perfect size for everyday tasks. Excellent price, and I will be ordering more for sure.

    from Yummvees Posted on

    These are the must have bowls that you must have. They're light weight, durable, and clean up great. What more can you really ask for.

    from Cobscook Community Learning Center Posted on

    Great mixing bowl for the price. I could not find a durable mixing bowl in an 8qt size for anywhere near this low price at my local suppliers. The stainless is sturdy and has held up very well without showing any signs of rust or corrosion.

    from Pulse UltraLounge Posted on

    Great for what it is, but a warning to other professional workspaces- 8 QT can be a lot smaller than you imagine. Making things in batches can be tough, and I would recommend a larger size. I think that should be noted/a size comparison photo should be posted because it was small/we use it as a container for our spices and such.

    from Hamilton's Bakery Posted on

    8 QT. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl best price ever, thank you so much Webstaurantstore.com These are good utility bowls. We have used them to mix dough, salad, marinated meat etc. the bowl is so deep that is great for when you use a hand mixer cause there is no spill at all. I recommend them.

    Posted on

    Every year for Christmas my mom and I bake hundreds of cookies for gifts, often huge double and triple batches of each "normal" recipe, and I love these bowls for their size and sturdiness. I can make my big batches without being worried it will overflow. Great, economical choice!

    Posted on

    We toss our fries and wings and sauces in. Works well also for tossing the salads we have as well as keeping ice in for serving.

    from Eastern Managment Sports Posted on

    This is a perfect medium-small mixing bowl that I love to have handy. I keep a stack of these bowls in all sizes in my drawer, as they are just the right weight for efficient mixing, and they wash very easily, maintaining a like-new appearance for ages.

    Posted on

    I love this standard weight mixing bowl, it is the perfect weight, not too heavy and not too lite, with a very nice brushed stainless finish, thick enough to take abuse, and very nice quality look,not a cheap looking item at all.. love it and happy with my purchase..

    from catering Posted on

    I really like this 8Qt. Stainless mixing bowl. This its works perfect for my five adults family. I use it all the time for mixing gough and washing vegetables and any other stuff.

    Posted on

    I saw these Bowles at my friends house it really look nice, perfect size to fit in the fridge and she recommended it so il give it a try and try it

    from Delicious delights Posted on

    I personally don't think you can have too many mixing bowls. Having this on hand is really great when you're looking to make a large batch of cupcakes, toss a salad, or even put cleaning solution to scrub the walls (I've done this)! This bowl has such a large capacity that it's perfect for any job you can throw at it.

    Posted on

    I ordered two 8qt ones, love them! I use those to make the batter for the crepes, the whole mixture fits into my containers. Very stable, easy to clean

    from Sip of Europe Posted on

    Perfect size bowl at a great price. I use it to mix large amounts of fruit for my pie business and it meets my needs.

    from Hankie Pie Posted on


    Posted on

    These bowls are the best. Strong, durable. I've used mine daily for a few weeks now and nothing has changed about them. I'll be buying more.

    from FITfoodNJ Posted on

    We've had this bowl for quite a while now and it is great for just about anything. We have it in 5 different sizes and it works great for everything from marinating meats to mixing pancake and cake batters. The price is great which is a plus especially given the high quality.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these stainless steel bowls. They are very sturdy and super easy to clean. They are priced just right for my budget. I have 3 different sizes and plan on ordering more

    from B'Better Event Production Posted on

    The stainless steel bowls are a must have for any busy kitchen. Made of high quality stainless steel, easy to clean and are very versatile!

    from Genovese's Posted on

    Excellent quality mixing bowl for the price. I was very pleased that it has a wide base with deep sides. This is not made of heavy gage stainless steel. But, it gets the job done and seems quite durable.

    Posted on

    Great value. This is not a heavyweight bowl, but for mixing why would you need something that can be kicked around? I think this is about the limit for how large a bowl will be for home use, any larger and you will have trouble storing this. Wide design is nice for nesting, but it makes more of a mess when using a hand mixer.

    Posted on

    Webstauranstore has the best variety of serving and mixing bowls. This bowl is very lovely to use. It may look light weighted but it does not wobble. Extremely easy to wisk eggs!

    from SOD Posted on

    Perfect size bowl for mixing scones, muffin batter, chicken salad, egg salad, house made salad dressings, stacks well and looks great on your restaurant counter, eye grabbing, shows your making real fresh house made cuisine.

    from the black fig Posted on

    8 qts is the limit for me on the size for these bowls. They are very thin metal and dent and buckle easily, this size just barely makes it by.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Stainless steel bowls are the absolute best for mixing products. My go-to far above glass and plastic. Perfect for use as a double boiler for cooking heat sensitive products like chocolate. I own several of these bowls and will probably purchase more. They are sturdy and well made.

    from Tim Curtis LLC Posted on

    This 8qt bowl is a workhorse! I have 40 people over for Thanksgiving and this bowl helped in preparing the stuffing for so many guests. Plus, I saved over considerably from the cost at that fancy "California " kitchen store:)

    Posted on

    We've used this bowl for mixing together meats for burgers, along with grating larger amounts of cheese into (so the cheese doesn't fly all over). The bowl is nice and lightweight, with rolled edges so you don't get cut. It stacks nicely with the other mixing bowls we purchased in the set.

    Posted on

    Great quality bowl. It has a nice light weight to it but it definitely feels durable, keep in mind the size of this bowl. 8qts is VERY big, I will post a picture soon with another item next to it so you get a feel for the actual size. I had to give it away to a friend when I moved apartments because it didn't fit in my cabinets haha! It's very good quality though and would probably work best for restaurants or bigger kitchens.

    Posted on

    The quality of this bowl is excellent. The size is right for medium-large prep jobs. It sits a little taller rather than wider like some other bowls.

    from Katie Kate's Posted on

    I purchase two of these for home use. I primarily purchased them for when I make large batches of dough normally my batch of dough can consist of two to four standard size loaves of bread. As any chef or home cook should know dough doubles or even sometimes triples in size when rising. And once again thank you very much WEBstaurant store for the exceptional quality and pricing of all your items. I will definitely recommend some of your products to friends and family.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    I use this bowl to mix my grandmother's recipes. Anytime she cooked, she made huge recipes. This bowl is perfect for mixing these as it has the depth needed for large messy mixes.

    from Dog Gone Good Time Posted on

    Good large bowl, we use to hand mix pasta dough and wask/float greens and such. Has been good for its uses so far for a medium weight type bowl.

    from Piccolo Restaurant Posted on

    This bowl is fantastic. It is lightweight and perfect for making big batches of food. I was worried that it would be very wide and difficult to toss things in the bowl, but it is a great size.

    Posted on

    This is a large bowl, perfect for transporting something like baking potatoes from cooler to prep table. I would recommend this bowl to smuone as the quality is great.

    from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe Posted on

    A nice sized mixing bowl that can be used for lots of things. They are very sturdy and look very sharp as well. Cleans up easy.

    Posted on

    The 8 qt standard wight Stainless Steel mixing bowl is an economical, yet versatile kitchen necessity. I really appreciate the fact that the 8 qt. bowl is tall with fairly steep vertical walls, accompanying more volume in a smaller foot print than traditional bowls. I do have one complaint, it's that the bottom of the bowl is too thin, this probably won't ever be an issue; however, I would have appreciated a slightly thicker bottom.

    Posted on

    Great mixing bowl and super shiny. Makes it easy to tell if its actually clean or not. I haven't dropped it or anything like that but it's holding up well. I know some bowls that can be scratched or even dented from mixing too roughly. Good buy!

    Posted on

    I can't say enough about how much I love these bowls! They are a great price and seem to hold up very well. A couple have been dropped and nothing has dented.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    OMG, I was a bit hesitant about these since I wanted to use for my home. I cook a lot, so i'm always looking for great products, these bouls are to die for, I love them and would be putting them to great use. Thank you!

    Posted on

    I ordered this for my parents, since they grow fruits and vegetables, and frequently need bigger bowls at harvest time. For the price of this bowl, I was very impressed with the quality. They were not too thin, the edges were not sharp, but were sanded smooth, and there were no dents or scratches. Worth at least twice as much.

    Posted on

    The 8 quart mixing bowls are nice large bowls that you will find a multitude of uses for: gathering garden produce, washing dishes, shucking corn, washing the cat....

    Posted on

    This is a great mixing bowl for my needs it just the right size and weight. Even though it is sold as a standard weight bowl it seems to be a lot more sturdier that others that I have used in the past.

    Posted on

    It is not a very heavy duty bowl and not very deep, so you have to be careful about liquid splashing out, but it works well for the low price.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    Sturdy mixing bowl at a great price. Lightweight and stackable with itself and the Vollrath version. Will last years, I am not concerned with its durability. The 8 quart size is great for battering steaks.

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    my wife uses this constantly to bake and mix in and they are very high quality and I would recommend for personal or commercial use.

    Posted on

    Very happy with this bowl, it is heavy duty and does not feel cheap. i have dropped this multiple times and it is not easy to dent.

    from Daily Grinders Posted on

    We love having these mixing bowls around to mix our salads e.g. cole slaw and pasta salad. They are light weight and easy to clean as well as store.

    Posted on

    I purchased this, along with others of varying sizes, as a gift for my brother. They are durable, easy to clean, and very useful--a good standard bowl to have in every kitchen.

    Posted on

    These bowls are every bit as good as the Vollrath bowls, at a better price point. Love em and use them daily. You can never have enough work bowls. But don't mix and match with the Vollrath, as they have a different contour and will not nest nicely.

    from The Beach House Posted on

    Solid bowls for a good, low price. The stainless steel is not very high grade so they are a bit less easy to clean, but none the less they serve a good purpose for mixing, tossing.

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    This 8 quart standard stainless steel mixing bowl is better than standard. This bowl is very strong, not at all flimsy. I bought several different sizes for my bakery.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    A fantastic size for mixing up a few cake mixes or whatever you have in mind. They are so sturdy, yet lightweight! They seem to be deeper than the photo shows.

    from Camp Loy White Posted on

    This is a must have bowl if you are a home baker. From The price is unbeatable. You are not going to find a better quality product for this price. Love it!

    Posted on

    We love these bowls. I use them every day in my small kitchen. They stack easy, wash up great. We will definitely buy more as we grow!

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    These aren't those super lightweight stainless bowls that get dented up if you drop them. They are nice and thick, and feel like they could be used for body armor..haha. I have absolutely 0 complaints about them, and they are wonderful ESPECIALLY for the price.

    Posted on

    This mixing bowl is very good. A wonderful and good investment. I plan to buy more. It is strong and study. I would recommend this.

    from S & H Gourmet LLC Posted on

    Very nice bowl with low price. I do think the bottom is slightly thin compared to the rest of the bowl, but for the price you can't go wrong.

    Posted on

    I use this bowl to mix cakes, very durable. The depth and size makes it comfortable to use. It is also very easy to clean.

    from S L & R CHILD CARE, INC. Posted on

    Love, love, love these bowls! I got a few different sizes and I need more! High quality, sturdy but not too heavy. They are also very easy to clean!! So A+ all around!

    from CupCake Luna LLC Posted on

    This bowl is simply awesome. The size and shape is perfect for those big mixing projects like dough or batter. It's really easy to work with!

    Posted on

    We use this mixing bowl for a lot of things, it is light weight and dents easily but you can smooth out the dents with the back side of a large cooking spoon and a soft rag as necessary. Buy a few and put them to work, you'll like them.

    from The Vandalia Posted on

    A very good price for a sturdy, well made mixing bowl. This is kind of the perfect size bowl for the a medium sized kitchen.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    Just fabulous for cooking for a crowd or for big batch recipes. The wide opening makes it easy to get your hands in there and mix.

    Posted on

    Great bowl for large applications like making a few batches of cake at once. We also find it excellent for tossing large amounts of salad.

    Posted on

    Absolutely beautiful stainless steel mixing bowl! Easy to pour out mixes into baking pans. This bowl also cleans up very nicely. we have had ours for a while and it still looks great!

    Posted on

    Very nice bowl. My only concern is that the bottom feels thin -- it flexes. However, overall the bowl is sturdy, and a nice shallow shape, which is great for the salad tossing I intend it for.

    Posted on

    Absolutely perfect! beautiful, easy to clean. The perfect size for mixing salads and tossing anything that needs coating. Im planning on buying a few more. This is the size, and quality you've been looking for.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Wow! All I can ask is: "How have I worked in my kitchen for 26 years of married life without one of these Stainless Steel mixing bowls? This bowl is a MUST for making pizza dough by hand and it made handy work of mixing and forming 4 1/2 pounds of ground beef into about 60 meatballs! And when I'm not using it to prepare food, this works great as a popcorn bowl when my family is watching a movie! I definitely will be purchasing more of these bowls in other sizes. Thanks Webstaurant Store! ~Diane in PA

    Posted on

    Good for the price. I like the shallowness of the bowl and the flat bottom. A little thin on the bottom or I would give it a higher rating. Again good value for the price.

    Posted on

    The prefect size bowl for two to mixed meatloaf or whatever you are having in it. Really wish I had this bowl when I first got married.

    Posted on

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