11 1/2" Plastic Lettuce Knife

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Keep your lettuce crisp through cutting with this 11 1/2" lettuce knife! Made of durable, dishwasher safe, green plastic, this attractive knife prevents oxidation and eliminates tearing of delicate lettuce. Say goodbye to brown, limp lettuce by using a plastic blade like this! Also great for slicing bagels, cakes, brownies, and bread, this versatile knife can also be used to scale fish and decorate cakes. It's safe for use on non-stick cookware, and its vibrant green coloring quickly distinguishes it from traditional cutlery in your kitchen.

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11 1/2" Plastic Lettuce Knife

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    This knife has been a life saver for my family. It works well and I feel at ease knowing no one will have their fingers cut while using it.
    11 1/2 inch plastic lettuce knife is a great product and very affordable. It works well to cut tougher lettuces and will keep them from browning.
    This lettuce knife is a fun gadget. It’s serrated edge slices lettuce well...And the packaging also says it can be used to slice bagels and to decorate cakes!
    We do a lot of catering and sometimes salads will be sitting a while between prep and consumption. These lettuce knives are great value and help our salads look a little fresher for that little bit longer.
    Not many people know but cutting lettuce with metal knife can make the lettuce turn brown. This plastic lettuce knife will ensure your greens stay their truce color. When done using, simply throw this tool in the dishwasher. It is dishwasher safe.
    I have no idea how these actually doing cutting lettuce because we uses these to slice our home made cakes to order for customers. For that purpose these do well and hold up great with constant use and cleaning.
    I've never used one of these lettuce nice before this is really nice it works good cuts through Romain lettuce no problem helps not bruise my lettuce that's cool b
    Very inexpensive lettuce knife. Light to hold, nice handle, and the material delays browning of your lettuce. It cuts ok depending on what's kind of lettuce you have. May also be used for fish and baking.
    I love this knife! It cuts right through let us without tearing the leaves. It also prevents oxidation and keeps the lease from turning brown which is always a plus. I highly recommend this product.
    Bought this product thinking I would use it more but, after the first few times, its been stored in my utensil drawer. The knife itself looks and feels well made, the serrated edge portion is actually sharper and more durable than expected, but I have a hard time justifying one extra dirty dish, especially when I'm already washing so many while preparing meals. I think a practical application of this would be to allow a child to use this knife instead of a steel-bladed knife. That way, they're able to help out without the risk of seriously injuring themselves.
    This is a great lettuce knife. I was skeptical at first but I use it everyday. I use it for shredding lettuce for sandwiches and my lettuce stays at least three days without turning brown. Highly recommend.
    Don't let the fact that this knife is plastic fool you, it is still very sharp and should be used with care. Chops lettuce really easily.
    Can't beat this lettuce knife for the price. Tearing lettuce is the common practice but this makes the process much quicker and you can get more uniform pieces
    One wouldn't think that a lettuce knife would be a big deal. However. For our cooks it's not only a great knife for lettuce. But also a east one to remember it is ONLY for lettuce.
    I never thought this would be better for lettuce than using my hands, but using this knife keeps it fresher for longer! And it's great for slicing bagels too.
    A kid friendly lettuce knife you can use to cut through most fruits and veggies--awesome for cooking with kids at home and using it to cut and serve food when the kids are around.
    This is a simple low cost knife that i am happy to have added. This makes prep easier as it cuts lettuce (romaine) and kale better than more expensive knives I own.
    11 1/2" Plastic Lettuce Knife this simple lettuce plastic knife is rather safe to use and really does cut lettuce well not so much carrots lol
    The staff had been asking for one of these knives. They love using it to cut lettuce and they feel it does help it to stay green longer.
    This is a nice, basic plastic lettuce knife. It gets the job done with little-to-no complaints. Also a great value for your money. I would recommend.
    With my company, we cut up a lot of stuff that is sticky. Metal knives didn't work so I tried using this product and it worked great. It didn't stick and for easy to wash.
    This is a great knife. It is not only good to use for cutting lettuce but we use it to cut cakes and pies. It is perfect to get a clean slice without marring your pans or dishes.
    Great knife for teaching how to use a knife. Sharp enough for lettuce and other similar items but save enough for inexperienced people to learn with.
    We love this green lettuce knife. It helps to keep the lettuce from turning brown. It is sharper than I had thought it would be. It cuts the lettuce very nicely.
    I bought the 11 1/2 plastic lettuce knife after reading a glowing review on a restaurant forum, i'm really excited to see how the leaves last! the build quality is great, superior considering the price.
    Silly tool. Supposed to prevent browning on iceberg, this ends up bruising up the ends of all but the firmest lettuces. Just buy a sharp knife.
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    Not only can you use the 11 1/2" Plastic Lettuce Knife to cut lettuce but you can also use it to cut chicken burritos. Instead of having to cut back and forth you can also place the knife on the burrito and just push down and and then motion back and forth. It cuts burritos real easy. Many uses.
    Great knife for cutting lettuce. Was skeptical at first but am pleased that I purchased these knives for the kitchen staff. Durable and easy to clean as well.
    I was a little nervous at first about buying a plastic knife for our busy kitchen, but this plastic lettuce knife has proven to be very durable. It cuts through many types of lettuce and cabbage. I was so impressed that I even bought one for my kitchen at home!
    Just found out why my lettuce turns brown after I cut it. Using this plastic knife is a real saver for me. Great price too
    Cheap, looks cool, easy to clean, but only essential for light prep work, does what listed, but not really anything that would benefit production. Good for kids tho.
    This knife is great because it's easy on the cutting board but works its way right through breads and vegetables. It makes quick work of breaking down lettuce. It's very durable and should last you a long time.
    Prefect for cutting lettuce then using a knife that is metal that makes your lettuce brown. Great handle on it to keep a nice grip and very durable.
    The knife is plastic. Won';t harm any surface. I purchased this knife just for lettuce and nothing else. My only concern is that if you are cutting something very hot is that the plastic may melt. If the pan is extremely hot. The edge/tip of the blade may melt while dragging across the bottom during your cut.
    Tired to see your lettuce leaves dark and brown, don't use any more steel knives with the lettuce, use this plastic knife, make great job
    OK, knife was a little disappointed in how it cuts, it does an adequate job if you need to keep lettuces cut for a long time in the fridge.
    This knife is great to have around for the dishwashers to use! Don't have to worry about accidents when they're doing salad prep. Super affordable and handy!
    This is a good plastic lettuce knife. The listed size is misleading though. The overall length is 11, but the blade is about 7 inches. Pretty big serrations on the blade.
    Love this lettuce knife, cuts like butter and very sturdy! I am happy that I purchased two of them. The previous one I owned was flimsy and this one is hard plastic.
    This knife is used a lot in our home. And even though it can be used on more than lettuce it is very true to its claim on stopping lettuce from getting brown on the edges. Another must have in every kitchen.
    I was pleasantly surprised how nicely this plastic knife chops through lettuce and greens. It really makes a difference in our prep for our salads and wraps.
    This is a must have item for romaine and other study lettuce greens. It cuts with ease and does not bruise or ruin the lettuces
    Excellent price for this knife. It does a great job at chopping romaine, and I have also used it to slice pizza and other pies on delicate or non-stick containers. It does not scratch the metal.
    This is a nice lettuce knife. Chops through lettuce quickly and cleanly without bruising. Knife is very sturdy for being plastic. Price is also great.
    The Lettuce knife is hard to find. It really keeps your head of lettuce from turning brown. We have ordered several, and even donated some to the church kitchen. Every home also needs one. It is also dishwasher safe on top rack.

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