Round 14" Black Non-Skid Serving Tray

Item #: 407GT1400BK

This 14" round grip tight serving tray is perfect for safely transporting products to and from your customers! The non-skid surface of the tray (top and sidewall) is coated in a rubber-like material that keeps glass and dinnerware from slipping. This helps to ensure that food and beverages make it to their destination safely! Plus, it aids in preventing accidents that can result in messy spilled drinks and food, or worse - dangerous broken glass. This tray helps to ensure that you maintain a safe environment for your staff and customers, while also helping you keep your establishment clean!

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Round 14" Black Non-Skid Serving Tray

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great tray trays serving drinks size skid perfect clean easy
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    great size for drinks! I bought this for my daughter to use to play restaurant.. and i use it often too! it really is non-skid & great quality for the price!
    Thunder group make the best quality drink trays. Some trays are cheap and thin. This one is thick and doesnt warp. Good for caring heavy drinks like coffees
    We were in desperate need of new trays and these are PERFECT! We had so many issues with cork based trays with them rising if getting wet. These trays have no cork but do have a rough texture to the bottom so nothing spills over. I highly recommend these and the price is incredible.
    Great little tray we use for picking up trash at catered events. The servers like that the trash does not slide all over the place. It is very easy to clean with disinfecting wipes, or in the sink. They stack dry and store nicely
    Very useful size and great price in bulk. Sturdy and non slip. They clean up really well and will be well used in the cafe.
    I love the weightiness and feel of these trays. The size is perfect for delivering drinks, chips, and the like to smaller tables (betwen 2 and 6-top). What I don't like about them is that they crack easily, so if you drop one or bang it against something by accident, there's a good chance you'll end up having to replace it. But they're cheap enough where it's not a big deal.
    I recommend this product. It is easy to handle and has the non-skid. This size is good for serving beverages and small plates. Easy to clean.
    These are very well made non skid serving trays! They are simple, durable and with well enough grip so that glasses and plates won't slide off.
    Very sturdy, heavy duty serving tray. This small 14 inch size is perfect for serving one or two people. The n on skid surface works great and is easy to clean.
    This 14 " serving tray grips to my hand well, and the drinks will not slide off. One of them arrived damaged and I was able to get a replacement sent out right away.
    This is a very good sized tray. It is also a very good color. I think it is very good for serving. I really reccomend this product.
    Works great to handle multiple drinks. My waitresses enjoy using them to make fewer trips to the table.. Also helps them to bust tables. We Love them..
    These 14" trays are a great size for carrying beverages, you could probably hold an appetizer plate or two. Trays are very sturdy and has a nice rubber like surface on top.
    The best, this non-skid tray works amazing, no more borken glasses, perfect for my bar service, great sice durable construction, its hard enough and don't break!!
    This is a great size for serving hors d'oeuvres and drinks. It's not too big so as to be overwhelming. A good price for the product.
    These 14 inch serving trays are so great! We use these mainly for drinks, and the non-skid coating is great. They are sturdy and easy to clean!
    The 14 inch serving tray is a very useful size. Our staff uses it for drink orders, as well as soup, salad and appetizer servings too.
    The tray listed here is ideal for transporting food and some drinks. The all black color hides any spills . This is one size above the 11” that is used to solely carry drinks
    Love this tray it is truly non- skid. I plan on getting more have this in several sizes. The only downfall you cant soak them in water. Just wipe them clean. Good tray
    These new trays are much better than out old one from a different company. The stick coating allows beverages and servers to glide through the dining room with ease, without worry of a passing guest wearing a martini. Great purchase!!!
    These trays are great for holding multiple drinks at once. They are small enough to hold easily and walk through crowds at the restaurant without spilling!
    This serving tray is a must have in any table service establishment. The tray can easily hold a large tables drinks on it , and allows the server to carry it to them easily.
    excellent for bussing. the non skid works great for stacked plates and cups. The fourteen inch size also works well for all of our employees.
    This is just as advertised and worked great with the same size trays we already own. It's great to find a dealer that can get you items that match your existing product.
    Durable, easy to clean. Perfect for restaurant use for serving and clearing tables. These trays hold glassware and dishes alike. Reliable for use in my restaurant.
    Bought two of these to see if they would work for us to help with serving champagne. They worked GREAT! I'm not skilled on carrying items on a tray and I am able to carry about 6 drinks at once with this tray. The non-skid works. Wouldn't try turning the tray sideways but on a slight angle, the glasses don't move.
    Wow! What a great price on these trays! And non skid they are! No sliding glasses or plates here! Perfect size to tuck away under a counter too. Can't go wrong with these trays.
    These trays are great for small catering jobs. They hold just enough that you can easily carry it in one hand while walking around with appetizers. It is a clean and sleek tray that is very versatile for a multitude of uses. It washes easily as well.
    This black serving tray matches our cafe decor. It helps with serving drinks and desserts. The size is perfect in taking 3 drinks at a time.
    these are a little bit heavier then we were expecting. But they are very good quality. Strongly built, I imagine they will probably last forever.
    A great non skid serving tray. They last a really long time and they are durable to withstand our daily grind here at the restaurant. This is a huge part of servers day to day operations. Great product!
    This tray is dirt cheap and we beat it to death every outdoor event we help with. This baby has had lots of drinks on it and never fails to clean up easily and better than before
    This tray is the perfect size for carrying drinks or smaller objects. It is also great for clearing tables but you will want a larger one for food items
    We just ordered a few more of these after giving our current ones several years of heavy use. Even then, they are still going strong (our restaurant expanded and we needed some more). Order these with your eyes closed. As always, great price from!
    Great price for an essential piece of equipment. Trays are truly non-skid and help prevent glassware/drinks from sliding off. Easy to wipe clean as it does not trap dirt.
    The serving trays are fantastic what a great deal I really like the nonstick I mean non-slip so that when you put a plate on it it doesn't slide around the tray fantastic
    This is a vital item to have when you are doing banquet service and looking to clean tables quickly without taking up a ton of room. It works just like any other non-skid tray but it is small so if your staff needs to maneuver through tight spaces, this is the way to go.
    I opted for these budget trays and couldn't be happier. The quality is there even though they lack a brand name. My servers have never had an issue with these, and I own several. I highly recommend these for an economical serving tray.
    I was skeptical about this line because they are so inexpensive, but they are very sturdy. I will be purchasing these exclusively from now on.
    Great Try that fits perfect in anyones hand. I certainly recommend these for any food service establishment. They are durable and are very easy to clean.
    These are very nice black nonskid serving tray the 14 inch size is a nice size for my restaurant were enjoying using these glad I got them
    These trays are perfect for serving beverages, salads, or desserts. They do not lose their non slip surface and look classy even after many washes in the dish machine.
    Very sturdy. Holds about 4 drinks or 1 plate and bowl. Smaller tray but I would recommend buying it & great price for it as well.
    I love it. This tray is perfect size for our small ramen shop. The non skid texture makes it easy to deliver drinks and beer bottle.
    A nice economical rubberized non skid serving tray that we use for serving beverages. So far these have worked out well for us. Only time will tell if they will hold up. At this time I would recommend these.
    We own several of this non-skid serving trays for each waitor, we specially liked these for serving food and beverage at the same time, the non-skid is really helpful, nothing will go out flying of this tray.
    These trays are the perfect size for our small wine and dessert bar. The non skid texture makes them easy to deliver hot coffee and wine
    This tray features a very comfortable and sturdy plastic base and very reliable non-skid surface. The rubber surface holds up well and hasn't peeled or chipped over time. The 14 inch size is perfect for transporting plates and silverware to the porch.
    Solid tray that withstands washes (we wash ours every night) very well. They live up to their non-skid labeling while being light and easy to maneuver. The perfect size for our restaurant
    These trays are perfect! Lightweight and very easy to clean. The nonslip surface is great for multiple cocktails. Work great for bussing tables in a busy bar. Thanks!
    Round 14'' black non skid i love this tray much better than regular plastic trays . This is very easy to wash , non-skid , easy to handle
    These serving trays are excellent for our wait staff to bring out food and drinks to customers. They're very sturdy and with the non-skid surface we do not have items sliding around or falling off the tray.
    These trays are used in our waitress area to carry drinks to customers. I love the non-skid surface because it prevents the cups from sliding around and spilling.
    These serving trays are first class! They will hold up to any kind of abuse! I recommend you buy 12 to save some money they are great!
    I purchased this tray for personal use on our outdoor patio table as it is non skid. I use to carry drinks and condiments. It's easy to clean and extremely durable.
    Round black non-skid serving tray, heavy duty and very stable. Perfect for a small bar serving drinks. However, the non-skid surface can get stained easily and requires some decent scrubbing to remove the liquids marks.
    We use these along with our 16" trays for drinks and cocktails, some of the servers prefer these which are a touch smaller and easier to handle.
    These non skid serving trays are ok. They don't seem to clean up well though. Other than that they work as they were designed to.
    New tray! Yey! I will get couple more for the busy season. It'a great quality product. Easy to clean. Great size. Not too light or too heavy.
    You can always use more serving trays, right? These are great - much better than the ones that have the cork on them because they are easier to clean and more durable.
    Great serving tray for carrying drinks because it has a great non skid surface so the drinks don't slide around. Would definitely buy it again
    Nice black tray for any restaurant, it is light and size is perfect for few drinks or small dishes. Little hard to clean the stains but otherwise it does great job.
    We really like this serving tray. Our waitresses don't have to worry about the drinks sliding around. They are also nice for catching any drips when refilling salt and pepper shakers.
    These trays are perfect! They are non-skid and clean very easy. I will never go back to the cork bottom trays again. These trays are the way to go.
    Wasn't sure about this product comparing to Cambro. The price difference was so big, that I was skeptic, but I gave it a try and now I don't understand why Cambro is so overpriced when there's this product that is basically the exact same tray, but cheaper. The waiter didn't even notice the difference.
    I love this tray. It is the perfect size for carrying drinks to your table or a few small plates. The non skid surface works well. Holds up in the dishwasher.
    These trays are the perfect size and weight for smaller plates and drinks. I really like the non skid top on them and the black color.
    This is a great non skid tray. It is by far my favorite! Its non skid service beats other brands. We use 14" trays a lot for tables of 3-7 so these trays get a lot of use and hold up well. Also, it has great balance!
    The trays are durable and strong. The non slip feature is a major plus. They are easily washable and are a great addition for proper table service.
    These are great! The coating is perfect (if just a little quick to show dried stains), and hold up well under repeated use. Some doming at the bottom, but nothing to detract too much from them.
    These serving trays are gorgeous. Very high quality, professional looking product. I really love the no slip, grip coating on the tops. Keeps our drinks upright instead of sliding all over!
    Great cocktail tray that perfect for serving a couple of drinks at a time. Can hold about 10 shot glasses comfortably. Non-skid material keeps drinks from spilling
    Very standard and a very nice price. Glad we got these. Got them in multiple sizes. Can't believe how cheap they are compared to how much the restaurant supply places charge.
    These are consistently the best trays for the price. The servers love them, I love the price, and the dish washer even likes them because they hold up to the abuse they give them (I have caught them playing Frisbee with them in the back...apparently this is something they do on slow nights and I haven't seen much damage to the tray because of it so we figured let them have their fun).
    The best non skip tray we have ever used. Well made strong , studry, Highly recommend. Best price from not only on the internet but locally..
    This is a great value for the price. Although I've noticed that they are starting to bend a bit in the middle, at such a low price, I can't really complain. Has definitely helped keep staff more efficient and reducing less trips to the kitchen.
    Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear that you like the trays. To avoid bowing, we suggest hand washing this item.
    We have several of these for our restaurant's bar and just ordered more. Great product, quality construction, and they look great. For the price it is well worth having several of these trays around. 100% recommended!
    I ordered 24 of these 14" serving trays for my brewery and I couldn't be more pleased! They are made of solid plastic and very durable. The top is rubber which makes serving our customers pints very nice with no slippage. Also very easy to clean. So happy with the purchase!
    These trays have a nice coating to keep drinks stable. This is the perfect size to deliver 6-8 drinks or sandwiches to a table. They wash up easy also. Would reorder
    Excellent serving tray. It has a very rubbery surface that will not let anything slip or slide. It is easy to wash and very durable.
    These were really well made for the price, I was kind of surprised. The quality and non skid is fantastic, and I throw them in the dishwasher to keep them clean. Protip: A little bit of armor all on them will keep the black rubber looking fresh and brand new for years.
    Perfect size for bussing with one hand. Non skid surface works well, but can be difficult to clean. The surface tends to grab onto stains and may need to scrub clean. Sturdy and great weight for carrying.
    These trays are perfect for any bar or restaurant. They have a super grip surface that will keep your glassware upright and prevent any spilling or broken glass!
    The material of this tray holds dishes and glasses in place. Its also light and easy to carry when adding on to it. Also a good size.
    I don't know how many of these I have purchased from you. I have my 2 that I use for the normal reasons. The others I have attached "lazy susan" parts. I got them from a hardware store and use them in my pantry. They are perfect for all the cans and other goodies that I want to spin around and see. The stability of the tray supports the weight of whatever I put on them (mainly cans and jars) and the non slip surface prevents them from falling. Love them!!!!
    What a Great serving tray for the price!! I'm super satisfied and happy i found this site. I will definitely be recommending this page to my fellow crew members.
    These trays are the perfect size for the wine study and tasting group that's preparing for wine certifications. The trays are inexpensive and much more study and durable than I had expected for the price.
    I think this size tray is the best size. It's not too large to be unwieldy, and not too small that you can't fit enough stuff on it. Durable and nice non-skid surface.
    This is a great tray for the value. They are very durable and skid resistant. My servers love them. A great value for your money.
    I can't get over how great these trays are. I never thought I would be so excited over a tray! (lol) Yes I love these trays and I am definitely buying more of these! They look awesome, They are really skid free and has this beautful rubbery coating on top! They are heavy duty!
    These are really great. Definitely won't have any skidding of your drinks and they are really toughly constructed. They offer all kinds of sizes so take a minute with a ruler to make sure you get the right diameter you want.
    They are not kidding with the description. These things are really non-skid. Price is cheap so perfect for home use, especially during summer when bringing stuff out to the patio!
    Great non-skid server trays made of heavy duty plastic. This product is a must if any restaurant needs to serve multiple drink items as well a plates.
    These are very good buys. We use them for numerous applications and the non stick is a huge benefit for cocktail service or any beverage.
    Great drink tray. Small size allows it to easily maneuver in a crowded room but big enough to carry many drinks at once. Non skid top keeps everything from sliding (especially important with beer bottles and stem glasses).
    These are great non skid servers trays! Good for holding a lot of small plates and even hot entree plates! Good for places that have limited staff!!!
    This tray holds about 6 coffee mugs comfortably. The non slip surface is crucial especially when we use them to carry other glasses as well.
    Awesome non slid sliding tray works wonderfully. Valued right and at this price it only carry's drinks so your not going to pay attention to what brand it is.
    These are some really nice beverage trays. i love the non skid. its nice to have the anti slip wrap so your drinks dont slide off. really cheap here too.
    Having working in a bar as a cocktail waiter, I used many service type trays and I had hoped to find such a product for the price I paid. I found it!!
    This particular purchase was for personal use and as a gift for Christmas. I had purchased years ago a round tray from another company which eventually went out of business. Then my son and his fiancee had been trying to find some round trays also. After searching the online extensively and finding a few round trays which were very expensive, I came upon these. They come in 14" and 16" diameters. I wanted a size to accommodate a dinner plate and drinking glass but not be overly large. The company was so kind as to have someone physically measure both sizes: 407GT1400BK: outside diameter- 13 ¾ inside diameter- 12 ½ 407GT1600BK: outside diameter- 15 ¾ inside diameter- 14 ¼ I decided on the 14" and purchased 4 for myself and 4 for my son. After opening his gift at Christmas he told me I could have left the other gifts off and just given these! He was so pleased, as I, with these quality trays. The non-skid surface is fantastic. If there are any food residue on them after using, I just rinse under warm water and dry with a drying cloth (not paper towels). They arrived in a timely manner and were packaged very well. The quality, price, and customer service has definitely convinced me to buy from WEBstaruant again. Thanks! Read Less Read More
    I ordered these for our servers and they acted like they were the greates things, the non skid surface is really non skid and will keep drinks from sliding
    Nice size for drinks and wine service. Stable with a skid grid so the glasses do not slip. Overall a good buy. Quality not that great.
    This serving try is the perfect size to carry a table full of drinks or a couple plates of food. The non skid surface is much better then cork and I expect it to hold up for a very long time.
    Really like this, its not to big or to little. I don't like carrying a tray, but when I have to I don't like a really big one, so this is perfect size and has non-skid.
    These serving trays are a basic staple for any restaurant. They are sturdy and sharp looking, and you can't beat the price. What a great deal!

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