7" Garlic Press

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Some would argue that no dish is complete without garlic, however, applying just the appropriate amount without leaving a chef's fingers smelling of the spice can be a daunting task. This garlic press features pressing nubs that force the garlic through a stainless steel blade. Measuring 7 1/10'' in length, this item is durable enough to be implemented in a traditional kitchen for years. An aluminum body ensures long-lasting use and easy-to-clean design.

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7" Garlic Press

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garlic press great easy clean price works cloves dishwasher love
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    Only used it a few times before the spokes on the plastic part started breaking off. Wound up getting rid of the plastic part. Will be looking for a replacement.
    This 7" garlic press does it's job! It's a great product at an affordable price. It's easy to use and easy to clean. I would recommend!
    Good product with a nifty design that will let you push any leftover garlic back through the holes. However, you need to remember to wash this product by hand, not in the dishwasher.
    This is a solid garlic press. I was especially impressed (ha! get it?) by the way it was able to get me smooth garlic paste even without peeling the clove!
    I have been using it for few months and it works like a charm. I really recommend it. I have gotten few on other site before I stick with this one.
    It's actually a pretty decent garlic press. I've added it to my tool bag after I ended up mincing a ton of garlic at an event I was helping with.
    It is so much easier to peel my garlic and press it in this 7" Garlic Press. it make the frustation of having to chop the garlic up with a knife a thing of the past.
    Great garlic press! I like that it has the built in part to push the garlic husks and gunk off the press - makes cleaning up a snap!
    Very nice economy priced 7 inch long garlic press nice and strong and durable I like the little rubber part on the end to push the garbage out the other way to clean it out really nice
    This is a terrific garlic press. It is nice and large and can crush several pieces of garlic at once. The reverse side of the press cleans out the garlic from the holes in the press easily
    LOVE LOVE this press! it can handle a few cloves at a time and is easy to clean, just keep it out of the dishwasher, it changes the color of it, otherwise, if you need a good press, this is the one.
    This garlic press makes using large quantities of fresh garlic efficient. The clean up can be difficult in the hard black plastic but it is still easier than mincing any day.
    This garlic press struggles with a single clove. However, for three or more cloves, this press works perfectly adequately, mincing garlic for sautéing, aiolis, and all other applications.
    The garlic press is larger and heavier than it looks. It's heavy duty & seems like it will last a long time. Only issue is that it came shipped with a missing black plastic spoke. But this did not affect performance. Once the garlic goes through the press, the garlic residue is real sticky and the black spokes don't get all of the residue out. Still needs a thorough cleaning with a scrub brush.
    Feels great to use and works amazingly. I haven't used it for more than a couple weeks, but it has held up great so far.
    Having a garlic press makes life so much easier. I broke my last one so I had to purchase another one and I'm glad to have found a great quality garlic press at a great price.
    Works like a charm, lightweight yet a very solid garlic press. I like how the black plastic helps to clear the press out. Very confident this will hold up with extensive use.
    This is just what I needed- this product works great and is large enough for big cloves of garlic but also works for small ones. Fast shipping!
    This garlic crushed is the best! I can't believe I finally found a garlic crushed that cleans it self and does it very very very well.
    This garlic press is perfect for providing your dishes with fresh garlic everytime. Customers will find your unique recipes excellent with adding this garlic press to your utensils.
    This 7" Garlic press is amazing. Before I used a much smaller garlic press which made it very difficult to get my gariic pressed. However once I ordered 7" everything became much easier. i would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to have a less stressful time in the kitchen.
    I love this garlic press. I used to cut garlic in little pieces which takes time, now no more. Because I can crush many at the same time in seconds. That's great
    This is a nice press. I like it because it has a black plastic piece that will push out the old skin from the cloves easily.
    This garlic press is lightweight but very durable. The product is easy to operate and gets the job done; it is also very easy to clean!
    This garlic press did not make it through one recipe for me. It pressed the garlic but nothing came out through the holes. They was no usable product. IM bummed, had to throw it out , Im chopping by hand now. I may buy a better model in the future. Don't waste on this one
    Works great, very little of the garlic gets around the sides of the press. It is very easy to clean but reversing it, have not had any issues with the product.
    Good for the price. Presses multiple cloves of garlic well I think. Feels lightweight but not necessarily cheap. In fact I do think it is high enough quality but it just FEELS somewhat cheap because it IS lightweight. The black plastic "pins" do help greatly when cleaning out the press and recovering every last bit of the garlic. For the price I don't think you can go wrong, but I don't see this lasting forever.
    This garlic press is excellent for the price. I broke the pins on my first one (my mistake), so I ordered another. Overall it is good quality, and it is quick and easy to use and clean compared to other garlic presses I have used before.
    Good quality, no hassle and easy to use. This is an inexpensive product that does what it intended to do well. Necessary if you prepare dishes using a lot of garlic.
    This garlic press is fine. It functions as intended, and like many garlic presses is difficult to clean (an old toothbrush or dish scrubbing brush works well). It is a great value though and quite affordable for home use.
    This is the perfect garlic press. it is of excellent quality and was exactly what I was looking for. Shipping was fast and easy, an absolutely perfect transaction. I will do business again in the near future.
    Very good product. It is a bit lightweight, and doesn't feel very sturdy, but after using it I have found that it works like a champ. I can crush multiple cloves at a time, and cleanup is super easy. Would most definitely recommend to anyone, especially at that price!
    Fantastic garlic press! Simple and easy to use design. Easily cleans by flipping the handle around so the pegs push through the holes. One of the best bangs for your buck in cheap tools! Even preferred over more expensive presses.
    Great, sturdy garlic press. I am able to process multiple cloves at a time without it feeling like it's stressing the press (or that it's too hard to squeeze). It's lighter in weight than I expected which made me a little worried, but it works wonderfully.
    This garlic press is easy and simple to use. I like that it is not heavy or difficult to handle being a small handed female.
    This is NOT dishwasher safe. I got this for my husband for christmas and he put it in the dishwasher before using it. It turned a very dark and discolored color, and chunks of black stuff were stuck in the holes of the press.
    Great garlic press, much better than the ones you buy in stores. All the garlic gets pushed out so you don't have to scrape it out.
    This garlic press fits perfectly in the hand. It is not heavy to hold but built very durable and is easy to use. I definitely recommend this product.
    A great tool for working with items that have strong odors, we even use this for our very small pearl onions. The price is great too.
    I love my garlic press, use it all the time. it seems like it's pretty well built and will last a long time, just don't let it soak in water for too long or it might start to rust. It is also a little hard to clean as well. But not too big of a hassle.
    I use garlic a lot and this product has stood up to the test of time. Ill be back to buy more for all my chefs.
    For the price this is a great tool- don't get me wrong- you could pay double and triple and get... a garlic press. What you want is something that will last and this will. For you dish washing fans- I'd resist putting this in the dishwasher because as another reviewer already found- the bolt keeping it together is of undetermined origin and you shouldn't rely on it- what I do is rinse out my garlic press right after using it and then never an issue of sticking or rusting. Just watch the size of the bulb you try and squeeze in there... better to cut the clove in half then smash an oversized one and risk breaking -it- that's pure physics.
    I love this garlic press. It feels very durable in your hand, and presses the garlic with ease! You won't find a better one for cheaper!
    Thank you once again Webstaurant Store for bringing quality products at affordable prices. Love the size of this garlic press. Others I have purchased have been smaller making it a bit challenging to fit in larger pieces of garlic. Comfortable to hold and love the cleaning feature!!!
    Garlic press is a must if you cook a lot in the kitchen. They make mincing and adding the perfect amount quick and easy. Need just one clove, just pop one in. They come out the perfect size. Make sure your hand isn't wet when using them cause they have no grip and is really difficult and tend to slide when wet.
    This garlic press has worked well. The only problem that I have with it is that it can be sometimes a pain to clean, but that is problem I've had with other ones.
    Tough built garlic press, with two drawbacks I've noticed. First, the size of the garlic pieces this thing produces are pretty large, so I have taken to grinding the chunks with salt and making it into a paste (literally melts in the pan, which in the end is pretty awesome.) The second issue is the rivet that holds the two halves together has rusted from cleaning in the dishwasher. I drilled it out and put a stainless steel bolt through the hole, I'm a home cook, so that's fine with me, but its a consideration.
    After months of my sister wanting a good garlic press without spending a lot i gave this one a shot. She cant believe the price for the quality of it and is finally happy to have something that will work great.
    This garlic press is great value for the price. It's light, well-built, and very functional. Easy to clean. Ideally I would have liked an all-stainless steel garlic press, but it I am sure the price would have been 10 times higher if not more. What I absolutely love about this press is that there are no plastic/rubber grips like on many other presses. One may think those are great for comfortable grip, but water constantly gets inside and starts coming out the next time you start pressing garlic driving me nuts. This one does not have that problem.Definitely recommend.
    This garlic press worked great. That is until my teenage son put it in the dishwasher. It is not dishwasher safe. This is a sturdy kitchen gadget, and I will be buying this item again.
    This is an exceptional garlic press and a tremendous value. The site lists it as good but it's better than nearly any retail option. The pin holding holding things together is usually the weak point in a garlic press and after months of use, the pin is this press is still strong and secure. The handles are cast of a very strong stainless steel that doesn't warp or give at all. Lastly, the black plastic pins that push spent pulp out of the press are sturdy and useful. None have broken off in months of frequent use and they make cleanup very easy.
    This 6" garlic press is a great item. I have purchased some of these in stores that haven't help up but this one does. I can feel the power.
    A basic garlic press that will definitely get the job done. Used it over Thanksgiving with no issues and I was very happy with it. Make sure to check the black rubber cleaning part as some of the tabs might be missing. I was missing two but cleaning is still no problem.
    I have never had an issue with this garlic press since I've bought it! There is luxurious space to fit your cloves, and it's easy to press with the handles. The cleaning bristles are super useful too. Overall, it is a well priced and well made product.
    A little tool that you wonder how you ever did without. Well made and extremely reasonable for how much time it saves. Perfect for salsa makers.
    this is a wonderful tool to have for someone who likes to cook especially for garlic lovers. I plan on using it to make fresh garlic chicken with vegetables stir fry. I think it helps to eliminate most garlic smell while preparing the garlic for the dish. Price is also great. I made a good investment.
    Couldn't give this a 5 star. When I received it there were 3 cleaning nibs broken off. It still works like i wanted, just have to use a toothpick to clean up.
    Garlic pressed are expensive, this is a reasonable priced press that works like a champ. We even bought an extra one to use at home.
    This garlic press has saved me SO much time! I had having to mince up garlic everyday and this is easy to use as well as easy to clean.
    What a great product, the 6" garlic press is a must have in any kitchen. It saves time on chopping garlic, which is a tedious task. It is easy to use and works great. The press is strong and durable.
    This is a handy tool to have around when you want to make quick work of a few cloves of garlic. Great price, and durable.
    Simple design with a nice light body. No frills and lightweight so its not a chore to use. Works very well and is easy to clean.
    Wow! what a great deal! This press is great it makes Slicing garlic So easy and Simple!! gets the Job done quick and Simple. I am in love!
    Great garlic press! It does exactly what you want it too. Make sure the black plastic posts are lined up with the press before you first use. One of mine was bent a little, and it broke off.
    I bought this 6" Garlic press not knowing it was not dishwasher safe so the color changed but other than that, it still works fine.
    The 6 inch garlic press is just that - a garlic press. Nothing fancy here, but does the job and that's all that really matters.
    This is the best price anyway for this garlic press. In looked and looked for months to get a high grade hand tool and found it here!! Perfect!!
    This garlic press does the job but is probably geared more towards the person who doesn't use it often. It's easy to use and fairly easy to clean so I like it. Can't beat the great price!
    This is a great garlic press to have. It makes cutting garlic super easy!!. No more sticky garlic on your hands. And its easy to clean.
    Hell yes! Save me lots of time from Chopping garlic. I actually have a product similar to slap chop and its takes a while before garlic or onion turns into tiny pieces. Woo hoo! This equipment is actually very strong. Will not break so soon
    This is a great inexpensive garlic press! easy to use, very well built and super easy to clean! Great for shallots too! Easy to store in any knife kit!!

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