10 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker with Handle

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Give guests at your pizzeria, coffee shop, diner, and virtually any other operation the sugar, spices, and other condiments they crave with this sleek, durable stainless steel shaker! Featuring a screw-on top for simple filling and a handle for comfortable use, this 10 oz. dredge is sure to be a staple in the kitchen, at self-serve condiment stations, and even on tabletops.

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10 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker with Handle

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shaker easy sugar shakers stainless powdered steel great Nice salt
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    We purchased this 10 oz stainless shaker for our coffee shop to hold cinnamon for customers to put into their drinks. It works great and could be used for many application. Highly recommend.
    this stainless steel product is has a good quality and a great price, it is really easy to clean and it is easy to use as well!!
    This is a great shaker, especially for such a low price! I use it for corn starch for white I'm making or working with fondant. What I like is that a decent about comes out so you don't have to shake it a bunch of times. I also love the handle because it makes it so easy to use especially when your hands are all messy! All it takes is 1 finger in the handle and your good to shake to your hearts content. Light weight. Fast shipping and an awesome price. Will definitely order more.
    Love these shakers! Stainless so they clean up very easily. Multiple applications. We use them for cinnamon sugar to top sweet potato fries and seasoning salt for burger patties.
    Very nice shaker with a lot of holes. it is perfect for seasoning a couple of briskets. The holes are not too big so the spices should be finely ground. Sometimes course peppers clogs the holes but I still really like it. The stainless steel is really nice. easy to clean.
    A nice weight shaker. I use it on our espresso bar for sea salt for beverages. It washes up very well and lookd nice sitting on the countertop.
    We use this steel shaker for our creole seasoning and keep it near the griddle. It with stands the heat and works like a charm everytime.
    Use it all the time. Actually just reviewing it because I came here to order more! Quality and easy to clean. The handle looks flimsy but is actually very very sturdy!
    I use these for flavored sugars to sprinkle on our milkshakes. The handle makes it easy to use but takes up more room so it’s a tradeoff and something to consider. The top screws on easily which i have noticed in some brands they don’t. I bougt a handful of these. They are good.
    These shakers are easy to use...the lid comes off easily and seals back up. tightly. They are wrapped individually to make storage a snap and keeps them from getting scratched.
    Super nice product! We use them to put some powered sugar or some cocoa powder on top of our panzerotti and they work very very well. Easy to wash and good looking as well
    From powdered sugar to oregano, we love using this shaker for a variety of products. It is easy to use and provides an even amount of product, meaning no area has a higher concentration than another.
    These shakers are very durable, easy to clean and have the perfect size holes for many things. We use them for confectionary sugar for our funnel cake specials. A great price and item you can't go wrong with.
    This shakers are perfect for salt and pepper. We also use them for dill for our peas, just pepper for already salty ham omelettes, etc. and powdered sugar for our french toast!
    Purchased for use in a commercial setting. These hold up extremely well to repeated use and cleaning for years. Have purchased others and all hold up very well.
    I love the design of these shakers made from gray material and are built to last you can use them for all types of seasonings I would recommend these for all types of restaurants .
    For the price, you can't go wrong. It works so good, I have to put tape in the inside in order to keep the salt from pouring out onto customers food, because you don't expect it to work so well at first. It would be nice if it came with interchangeable lids for product control.
    Sturdy, nice, shiny shakers. These are a few cents more than the ones without handle but it's so much easier to use. Spend the extra few cents and get the ones with handles.
    I love this stainless steel shaker. Easy to clean easy to pour. I use it for confectionery sugar when decorating a cake or pastries for holidayss
    We use this handy shaker for dusting powdered sugar on our crepes. It works great, applying the sugar evenly. And super easy to keep clean too.
    We have a few of these for salt and seasoning salt on our line. Lightweight but not cheaply made. Wish they had them in different colors to tell them apart easily but they do their job well. highly recommend!
    The stainless steel shaker has a nice weight to it. The handle makes it easy to shake out the powdered sugar onto your favorite flavored pancakes or french toast.
    Got to love the prices of the webstaurant smallwares. Beats the prices in the local restaurant store by 10-20%. Cheaply made but still does the job.
    Love that this came with a handle, sometime while working the live the gloves can get a bit oily so have a handle to hold on to allows me to keep my grip.
    These are great as they do not get clogged up. They are very easy to clean and do not come old when washed multiple times. They are very light and easy to handle as well.
    Great stainless shakers for all your spices. We bought serval of these an love them easy to clean, puts out the perfect amount every shake and the price is the best thing very afordable
    Nice way to let guests dust them self's with pepper, powdered sugar, spice blends or any other spices. They get washed out well and are best when air dried.
    These stainless steel shakers are very nice, screw on and off easily and look elegant. It is worth your money to buy these rather than any aluminum shakers
    This shakers is perfect for powdered sugar, cinnamon, and regular sugar. Really any minced spice would be great in this shakers. Very useful product. Comes out nicely.
    This shaker is perfect for cinnamon and nutmeg, holes are not big enough for anything larger than a fine powder. I love the sleek look and the ease in cleaning.
    The stainless steel shaker allows for light sprinkle of an ingredient. Within this shaker we tend to have sprinkles to help us control the amount being used, and limit the mess we make.
    This stainless steel shaker works great for powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, kosher salt, etc. The stainless steel surface cleans up well, and the openings in the lid are perfectly sized for me. Having a handle makes the shaker much easier to use as well.
    Nice quality shaker and the lid fits nicely. The stainless steel is thinner than expected, but still quite sturdy. For use as salt and pepper shakers, the holes are perfect for pepper but a little loose for regular table salt. Course salt works much better.
    We needed some cost effective shakers and these work fine. Even though a couple were hard to unscrew they are still a good product and would recommend
    My experience with the ten ounce stainless steel shaker with handle has been very positive. It is easy to clean and very versatile. I use it on a regular basis for parmesan cheese and powdered sugar. At such a great price, I would order again and highly recommend.
    This shaker is made of staleness steel and features a handle for easy use. The shaker will hold 10oz and perfect for sugar, powder sugar, and spices. The top is removable which makes it very easy to refill.
    Received this and it is very well made. It isn't cheap like some of them you find at the restaurant stores. Will be ordering more soon.
    I love the 10 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker with Handle , it's a cute lil container and lets out a decent flow with powdered sugar, I saw one it's uses was salt shaker so I was hoping the holes weren't too small, but I was pleasantly surprised.
    So perfect for topping desserts, we like to have one on hand at all times. Powdered sugar is our go to topping for this shaker. It makes it look fantastic.
    Essential for any cook, one must always season ones glorious food offerings, easy to grab, flows lightly or heavy depending on task. Easily cleanable, looks great, order several.
    I love the look of this shaker! The stainless steel is so smooth and shiny. Looks great in my kitchen. I'm very happy with this for the price.
    We use this product in our coffee shop to sprinkle cinnamon/cocoa/etc. on top of drinks. The holes are a little large for this type of application, so the product comes out pretty fast. Once you get used to that, they work well and look nice.
    Use this every day yo shake powdered sugar on our baked goods!! Also use them for our cinnamon sugar we top our apple fried pies with!! Good product, great price!
    Good quality. We have 8 in our store in which we just cycle through. 10 oz is a good size to hold the amount of salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning that we need to use daily. The holes on the lid are a good size so that not too much seasoning falls through and big enough to hold salt granules. Stainless steel is a plus in that it is very easy to clean and wipe away any food stains.
    Excellent durable salt shaker. The contents last a while and it does not clog up or clump up on the inside. Fast and Easy refill.
    Having our bakery stocked with lots of these shakers has been a must. We use them to dust our scones with raw sugar, our fried pastries with powdered sugar, and our breads with cinnamon sugar. It's nice to be able to have everything organized and easy to distribute.
    These stainless steel shakers are used throughout our commercial kitchen for a variety of ingredients including powdered Sweet LUV, sea salt and cayenne pepper. Easy to clean and easy to use!
    Great price on this shaker. They are a bit thin so sometimes taking the lid off can be a bit tedious, just remember that the less pressure applied, the easier it will come off.
    I would recommend this 10 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker with Handle. It is a great value and price, and I am very satisfied with this product.
    These shakers are excellent not only for salt and pepper, but also powdered sugar, and my various rubs I use for smoking my meats. Would definitely purchase again.
    Webstaurant also offers this in aluminum, but I think the stainless steel looks slightly nicer despite being slightly heavier. Good for cheese, but can also be used for spices.
    These shakers are perfect for mixing cinnamon and sugar, salt and pepper, or just for powdered sugar. You can combine any multiple spice combination that you use frequently and apply it at one time. Very convenient and a quality item.
    Very durable shaker. I like this because the hole size is perfect for almost anything, we use it for powdered sugar. Easy to take apart and clean.
    Love these little shakers! Good size and easy to hold onto. Only other thing to note with this item is you may have to implement some additional "pour" control with these as if not careful can easily over season a product.
    great powdered sugar shaker, it works so nice!i would even use it to dust on coating for fried foods, much more control than giant one.
    Works great for seasoned salt. We haven't used it with any other products/spices. The holes get a bit gummed up after one day of use, so we dump the salt and clean the shakers daily. No complaints
    A must have for any kitchen. We have a bunch of these in the kitchen and fill them with salt, spices and mostly Old Bay.
    Strong and reliable these 10 oz Stainless Steel Shakers with handles are perfect for putting your favorite ingredients into. It's durable construction will stand up to kitchen work long after purchase
    I purchased the 10oz Stainless Steel Shaker for use with popcorn salt which is a finer grain. This shaker lets out too much if your not careful but that was my fault for not choosing a finer shaker. You must be careful to not put too much strain of the handle such as using it to hold the shaker still when removing the cap as its a bit flimsy. Next purchase would be a shaker without a handle unless its a one piece shaker(Usually plastic). Additionally when unscrewing the cap you may experience some of the salt or other spices may spill onto the counter/table. its a small amount but noticeable. As noted, I bought this for popcorn salt use its not perfect for it, but I made it work by being careful with how I use the shaker. If you simply turn it over while using popcorn salt you will empty the shaker in about 16 seconds(I timed it out of sheer curiosity) using the Season It Butter Flavored salt. For popcorn salt use, I may purchase the plastic shaker, Tablecraft 166B with Green Lid. I'm not going to give the product itself a bad review because it did not fit my intended purpose, rather I am rating it based on the quality, price, and other factors. Read Less Read More
    Great shaker for fine ground spices or any light dusting like cocoa powder or cinnamon. Light weight easy to hold. Hold a good amount of product and doesn't take up much space.
    Great shaker, works exactly like we need it to for powdered sugar. Provides an even sprinkling of sugar over the crepes and has a classic look to it.
    I love the Shakers from the webstaurant.com there stainless steel high quality inexpensive what a great deal they have multiple types to with handles without handles different types of metals
    We use these as salt and pepper shakers in our kitchen! We also use them for sprinkling powdered sugar on our donuts! They have held up extremely well!
    Needed a shaker for my barbecue spice this works really good I like the handle so I don't get the container dirty and it keeps all the brown sugar comes inside the container and not on my free product great price to
    As a baker, I always keep one of these filled with flour on hand so I can easily flour the work surface, rolling pin and dough. The holes are just the right size to evenly disperse the flour and it saves me from having to dig into a flour bin while rolling out cookies or dough. Great product and one that will last a long long time.
    Great value shaker. We use this one for prouder sugar and its works fantastic! It¨s easy to open and refill. And its breeze to use!
    Simple, small and effective. Do not use for anything corrosive like salt or will fuse the top to the bottom of the container, Overall fine product though.
    We use this shaker for adding our seasoning to fries and other items. It works very well. Seasoning is distributed evenly without clumps or chunks!
    This shaker with handle has come in really handy. My husband uses it for flour when he is making pizza. It also cleans up really easy in the dishwasher.
    These 10 oz. shakers are perfect for all kinds of sugars and seasonings. We keep our house rub, salt and pepper mix, powdered sugar, etc, in these. Does its job and is easy to clean.
    The only downfall I have with this shaker is I wish the holes were slightly bigger, overall, it works decently well with our parmesan cheese. It felt great to get away from having to store the plastic in our fridge.
    These are a good staple item to keep on hand and great to have these in the kitchen area to fill with spices. I like the fact that they are stainless steel because we keep them near the cook line.
    This is a perfect little shaker for pepper, salt, or any fine ground herbs and spices. It washes easily. The handle is a little flimsy and would probably not hold up to heavy duty use, but it is perfect for every day needs.
    We use these as salt and pepper shakers in our kitchen! We also use them for sprinkling powdered sugar on our donuts! They have held up extremely well!
    Love these, bought 3 to keep along side the stove and griddle. stainless makes them easy to keep looking brand new. a must for every kitchen
    We use this for a salt and pepper medley. It's held up nicely over time. Easy to take apart and clean. I will be purchasing more.
    I prefer these stainless shakers instead of the plastic because they can get dropped and won't crack. Also can withstand the heat very well for use on a griddle to season your meats.
    These shakers are great for powdered sugar. They are easily washed in the dishwasher and do not clog easily like some other shakers. Will buy again
    A light weight smooth shaker thats easy to clean. The shaker hole size allows for a nice even spread for all your spices. The lid screws on easy.
    The stainless steel shaker is awesome. I season most everything and shaking a little shaker is so annoying. This shaker puts a lot of product out.
    The 10 oz Stainless Steel Shakers with handles are an economical purchase. They are versatile, well made shakers that will be used daily and should last for years.
    These shakers work well for both pepper and powdered sugar. I leave powdered sugar in the shaker, and then I use it for dusting french toast etc. right before serving.
    For The Money You Cannot Beat this Item! The Shaker is Sturdy, Looks Good and Gives your Food a Perfectly Even Seasoning Coating. I ordered 2 of these and love them. They are great for finer seasonings.
    this product is just okay, it get pretty dirty pretty quickly. i keep having to wipe it down and one of them already broke. wouldn't buy it again.
    Thank you for the review, Jimmy. We are sorry one of these shakers broke so soon. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you shortly to make sure you are credited for the item.
    These sugar shakers are the absolute perfect size. I will definitely use these again. I bought them to try them out. I use them for my confection sugar. It is great!
    How did I ever live without these? Been using old pepper bottles and such for my bbq rubs. Got these for what I thought was just a vanity thing. I was wrong. Having these makes for better seasoning distribution and allows me to keep rubs fresher by leaving in air tight containers
    A must have for any food business. We use these as spice Shakers and they work great. Easy to clean and good quality. I use for salt, pepper and cheese.
    I purchased only one of these. Primarily for a dresser for my chicken seasoning. But I will definitely be back for a couple more for my homemade steak seasoning and cinnamon and sugar and a couple more seasonings. Thank You WEBstaurant store for the excellent quality and price of this item. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family.
    these are the cheapest stainless steel shakers I have seen. they look nice and are cheap I use it for my season salt and powdered sugar
    Once you have this handy shaker on hand you'll find hundreds of uses for it in the kitchen. It's perfect for sprinkling powdered sugar on pastries, cinnamon on top of oatmeal, parmesan on top of pizza... whatever you need sprinkled, this will do it.
    Good quality shakers. The shaker holes are small enough to thoroughly shake powder. i love how it's stainless with a handle. Looks great and works perfectly. Love them.
    I use this to sprinkle my table with powdered sugar before I roll out fondant. You can only fill it up 1/2-3/4 of it or else you can't sift anything out. It works pretty well for the price.
    Perfect shaker for powdered sugar or even spices like garam masala. It effectively works as a sifter too so it's perfect for anything which has a tendency to get clumpy.
    I have used this shaker for a few weeks and it's still looks just like when I opened it new! I can tell it is going to last a very long time! The price doesn't get any better!
    Nice shaker for our kitchen needs. Holds plenty of spices without having to refill too often. Being SS it brings a good look to the kitchen!
    Useful for about anything from baby powder to cheddar cheese powder. They look good on the stove or counter or tabletop....They look cool, and are awesome, I just love them.
    Every item I purchase on this website is extremely cheaper than any other online web site or wholesaler or retailer or local depot stores. I tell every salesman that walks in my bakery that I purchase all my items from webrestaurant store!! I love this little shaker for 6x sugar and corn starch. and for so little cost!! can't beat that!
    This Stainless Steel Shaker is very versatile. I fill it with ground spices for easy dispensing on foods. I also fill it with confectioner's sugar for garnishing pastries by lightly dusting them with this shaker. The handle makes for easy and comfortable using. Very happy with this.
    This is a perfect shaker for any dried goods that need shaken onto food. We use it for garlic and salt and pepper. It is super easy to clean. We find it to be very affordable and will definitely buy more as the need arises.
    This replaced an unfortunate glass shaker from the store at my pizza prep table. This little shaker is just ideal. It has already fallen on the floor once and had no damage.
    We use these for powdered sugar and for cinnamon sugar applications. They are sturdy and they look good too! I would highly recommend this product.
    10 oz Stainless Steel Shaker with Handle it serves me for salt and spices in a higher quality lower price easy to clean and maintain a good choice for your business.
    Beautiful shaker, we purchased this one for our cinnamon sugar shaker as it is a breakfast staple in our home. The handle distinguished it from the others. Many of the others we use for colored sugars when decorating cookies.
    We use this at home to keep cinnamon sugar in normally. For the price, I am going to pick up a few more to use with other ingredients. The spice rub I make for my smoked meats needs a home in here and I love the idea of flour in here for dusting boards/dough/even hands.
    This is a good shaker. It is durable and provides for even dusting, ideal for pizza and and even to dust coffee with cinnamon or powdered sugar.
    This 10 oz. stainless steel shaker works great! We use it for distributing flour when rolling out dough. It sprinkles an even amount on the surface without clumps.
    I really needed a shaker for all the baked goods we make. This is such a space saver. We bought one for sifting powdered sugar but got another one for spices. The handle can begin to hurt your fingers if you have big hands but you can just grab it without the handle.
    The is the Cheese Shaker for the italian dishes that we served at the venue. Very sturdy handle and just the right of parmesan cheese flowed out. Great shaker!!
    This is a great buy of any BBQ fanatics out there. Just put in your favorite rub for a easy and even distribution on your best slab of meat. Can also use it with any spice mix for any other cooking application. The lid fits nice and secure with no leaking or spillage. Good use of money to buy this
    I love these 10oz stainless steel shakers with handle. They are extremely sturdy, and very attractive. The price simply can't be beat for the quality provided.
    Great size. Perfect hole size and whatever you use in it doesn't clog. The top stays on all the time, which was a concern of mine.
    These durable shakers come in handy in our busy BBQ Restaurant! We use them for rub for the meat, season salt for the fries, and cinnamon/sugar for our desserts.
    This shaker is so convenient. Your use it for powdered sugar and add to pancakes, funnel cakes and other baked goodies to give something extra. Loves that it is stainless and has a handle.
    Bought this originally for shaking baking soda into my trash can, but then realized it was great for covering my rolling area with flour. Leaves a thin, even coating to roll out my cookies! One of the best purchases I've made!
    Bought these to go with a customers order for her wedding, she loved the stainless steel touch and was very pleased with this item and the scoop.
    I use my cast iron skillet and griddle almost every day, so I bought this to sprinkle salt for scrubbing. No more wasted salt or grubby fingerprints on salt jar. It's the perfect size for my palm/fingers too.
    We have about 6 of these and we can always use more. Every one of them has something different for garnishes and finshing plates. We love it for a fry seasoner too.
    The 10 oz. stainless Steel Shaker with Handle. It is great for pouring your bulke spices into. The conveniet handle makes it easy to just shake it on meats,or veg. Works great.
    This shaker is perfect for powdered sugar on desserts or sprinkling cinnamon sugar on freshly baked apple pie. And the price is amazing for this shaker.
    Great.10 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker with Handle are very nice looking I have 2 of them on my table at the Farmer's Market for powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar very easy to use. I think not just me but my clients love them as well:)
    The 10 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker with Handle.Is great.We have several with our favorit spices miked by our grill and fryers .We have never had a problem.They won't rust and are easy to clean.
    We use these for a variety of things: powdered sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and more. The handle is nice and they are quite durable.
    These are very durable shakers. I use them for white granulated sugar for sprinkling on desserts like creme brulee or for sprinkling sugar in coffee. Can also be used for finer powders like powdered sugar and cocoa powder. I like to use this when I need to stencil a sugar design onto cakes.
    This shaker is great for putting Flavacol inside. The ideas of what you put inside are limitless. Valued priced so that you don't have to spend a lot.
    Great shaker at a good price. Durable and does not clog...only drawback to this item would be the fact the lid isn't the easiest to get off but that wouldn't prevent me from reordering in the future.
    Great item for a wonderful price!! Cleans up to look like brand new! The holes do not clog up, I bought 4 of these, and use them all the time through out the day...I would buy them again if I needed them, beautiful shine all the time!!
    Wish it came with a plastic top. Otherwise, great price for a solidly constructed piece of stainless steel hardware. Would be useful for a coffee bar or areas where the items are used up so quickly a top is not needed.
    this is a great shaker, hold well cleans easy i use it for my mixed spice and have never had an issue, ive used a lot in the past that dont hold up this well....tks:)
    This is a great stainless steel shaker at a very good price, we use these for many, many condiments in our kitchen, holds up even after dropping several times
    Very high quality. The screw cap actually turns freely, not ill fitting like other inexpensive dredges. Webstaraunt does it again! Very nice finish on the stainless steel, as well!
    Wonderful. Wonderful. You have no idea how much I searched for a moderately price metal shaker with a handle in local stores and online. My "special house seasoning" in a couple of these made great gifts. Great price and quality.
    This shaker works great for a variety of uses. It does a great job sprinkling powdered sugar on funnel cakes, blitzes, and donuts. Also works well with flour.
    The 10 oz stainless steel shaker is a great shaker and well made. Use it to apply rubs to chicken,ribs,or any other meat or anything you might need a shaker for.
    I use this shaker for salt. It has plenty of holes on top to let product out. lid stays on tight and has a sturdy handle. wont break like plastic one i got in the past.

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