12" Clear Cake Cover

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Properly display your colorful creations with this 12'' acrylic cover that is sure to delight. A chrome handle is built-in for easy removal from the accompanying tray, while durable construction ensures this item will last for years to come.

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12" Clear Cake Cover

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    Great cake stand cover. We pair this with the 13" cake stand to display bar cookies and chocolate covered oreos. Make sure your staff knows, as with all plastic like this, only non-abrasive cleaners should be used. No scrubby sponges or harsh cleaners as the plastic will scratch. That is a user error though, not the the fault of the manufacturer or seller.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    Not only do I use this with the stand, but we use these to cover desserts in the display case! I can tell you how many glass ones we went threw before switching to these. So much better, wish I would have switches sooner!
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    A lightweight, and strongly built cake cover that is perfect for covering our cake stands. Easy to clean and wash and a perfect price point.
    These cake covers fit perfectly with the 13" cake stands we have. Our products are protected daily and we love them. We use them on our muffins each morning
    These domes are lightweight and hold their clarity despite being acrylic, if washed gingerly. However, I would not recommend for long term use, they easily cracked in handling.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I ordered a bunch off these for both my case and for use at wedding showcases to cover samples. Easy to clean, pretty and sanitary. They will break if dropped but they are inexpensive.
    Very fragile cracks very easy and scratch easy also...handle loses it screws pretty easy also. I do not recommend this product, not made well at all.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I hope that you will take my advice and pair this dome with the stainless steel cake stand item # 4070136, ithis is a stunning match made in heaven that will keep your register humming , "Cha Ching" !
    this cleat cake cover added a protective but beautiful additional to our display. Customers can see out items in our grab and go area without breathing on them.
    The 12” clear cake cover is beautiful on its own. But 10 times more gorgeous with the 13” stainless steel cake stand! Makes a perfect pair!!
    These break very easily. I've replaced them a lot of times. The base is actually a lot nicer then the top that's why we keep replacing them.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These are beautiful but really fragile. I have broken one of the two that I bought because I dropped it once. But they look so nice people think they are glass. And they are a nice size and inexpensive. I will be buying a replacement!
    For our food service, we use this to showcase cupcakes and other baked goods. It is clear plastic, but can scratch easy and is hard to clean clear again.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I love these clear cake covers. I can display my cakes, cookies, brownies and other goodies for everyone to see. They fit real well on the silver cake stands. Will be ordering more.
    We used these for displaying baked goods at farmers markets but all four have completely broken within two months. The first two broke when we tried to stack them for transport which is an absolute no-go for these - they'll get stuck and crack. The others broke from basic handling and transport. I think these would work okay for a restaurant with gentle care, but aren't a good option for markets. We are back on glass cake covers stacked in towels.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    I travel around to farmer's markets and the plastic cake cover is great! It's light weight and I'm not worried about packing it in newspaper when I travel like I am with my glass lids! I used my lid to cover a large glass pie pan.
    Well it's aways great to have these cake covers. You never know about those little fingers that hang around the buffet table before it's show time. I use them for muffin/dessert display.
    Does this cake cover look like glass? You bet. Is the handle, as advertised, elegant? I couldn't agree more. However, two of our cake covers have distinct cracks near said handle, and they have not seen much wear and tear usage. Elegance must still have an amount of fortitude, and these covers have not withstood the battle thus far. All that said, they are still pretty.
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    This dome while made of what seemed thick plastic didn't last long. It scratches super easy and becomes a cloudy clear . While the straight sides are a plus.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I like these, but don't love them- price and height is great- however these crack pretty easily. We actually bought a couple and they were stuck together when we opened the box, when we FINALLY got them apart one was already cracked. But they do have an inexpensive cost and fit perfectly on the SS Cake Stands!
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This cake cover is perfect for our baked items display. It is very affordable but be careful not to drop it because it chips fast.
    This is excellent for when you want to protect your cake but you can't stand the cake being out of your sight. Nothing solves that problem better than a clear cake cover.
    This cover fits perfectly over cakes without the worry of scraping the frosting off the sides. It's easy to clean too, which helps it stay crystal clear when displaying our delicious cakes!
    We purchased these for our display dessert cooler but they cause the cheesecakes to create moisture and mold easily and quickly. They are great for pies and cakes though.
    These cake covers are the Great. I like to cover my products that I sell and my customers are able to still see the products because it’s a clear. The reason I gave 4 stars, is because I hope in the future the plastic is more durable/stronger. I had to replace two covers so far. Other than that they are great, just don’t drop them. lol
    Love these cake stands covers! Classic and timeless. It’s made of clear plastic opposes to glass, which makes it lighter and easier to handle. Just make sure to use non abrasive sponge when cleaning.
    This cake cover is a great way to protect a cake from drying out without damaging the actual cake itself. it doesn't come with a stand but sits tightly on a flat surface.
    I purchased the cake cover to use on my display table for a craft show. The cover helps keep everything fresh and looks so pretty. The cover is very nice quality and easy to wash.
    These domes work well for a while but even with handwadhing them they start smearing terribly. We’ve had to replace them numerous times to keep that crisp, clear look.
    We appreciate your review, Sameka! We are sorry this clear cover did not meet your expectations. If you have any questions about care instructions for this cake cover, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Great clear cake cover. This one is very high so can be used with very high cakes and works perfectly. Goes well with the cake stands for a perfect look. Cleans up great in the dishwasher.
    We ordered two of these... The first two arrived shattered due to the way they were shipped but customer service was amazing and had me replacement order going out the very next day and I still received them in time for my event. :) These are so elegant in person for them to be plastic. We paired them up with the 13" Stainless Steel Cake Stands also found on this site.
    Love love love these clear cake covers, we use them in our bakery to display covered items such as cookies, cupcakes, pies and cakes. They are clear and see through so your items are very visible.
    Great cover! Wide enough to fit any cake! Great quality and very durable. Perfect for professionally displaying bake goods in restaurant, bake sale, or just at home! Definitely ordering 3 more.
    This clear cake cover makes a great addition for showing off your beautiful bakery items. It's high dome easily accommodates a good sized cake. Great purchase!
    Sturdy and beautiful looking cover. I use these with the clear cake stand for a professional look to my cupcake displays at events. The price is unbeatable.
    First time ordering plastic cake cover and we ordered two different price points so that we can decide which on is of better value. This is a lower price point one but its a good value for the price. Plastic has good clarity to it but you can definitely see the imperfection (lines running through it). Hopefully it will not "cloud up" too fast.
    These covers are excellent for our counter cakes. They are attractive and offer clear view of the cakes. The covers keep the cakes fresh and moist.
    This is a hard plastic cover for the cake stand, but the plastic is so clear that you easily confuse it with glass. Cakes and pastries look great and are protected from bugs.
    Keeps away flying insects, and customers roaming hands from food items. Cleans nicely. No scratches yet. Customers can see your goodies without touching. Protects from sneezes and coughing customers.
    This cover is great for storing cakes in. you can put your cake on a revolving cake stand and put this on top or you can put your cake on the counter and cover it wit this cake cover
    These clear display covers are a perfect match for the 13" display stand. They look fantastic and are actually very durable and easy to clean.
    I purchased these for covering my cupcakes and cookies that are sold at an outdoor market and they are perfect for this purpose. They're really inexpensive and also lightweight, which makes transport and use a lot easier. I painted the handles gold to match the cake stands that I sprayed gold and they look like I got them at a nice home furnishing store - no one believes how affordable these really are!
    Love the clean, clear look. Love how lightweight it is; much lighter than a glass dome. We use these, along with the stainless pedestals, in our bakery as an attractive and budget conscious alternative to a display case or sneeze guard. Am a little disappointed, however, in that they crack and chip, and sometimes shatter rather easily. I recommend handling them very carefully.
    I order 2 of the clear cake covers and 2 Stainless Steel Cake Stand 13" When I received the covers they were both scratched. I contacted customer service and I will be receiving replacements. They are beautiful and worth the money. I will buy more at a later time
    I've been looking for these for YEARS! I'm so glad I found these because I do a lot of outdoor events and these fit beautifully over my decorative cake plates to display my treats and keep the bugs out! I will be ordering more.
    We love using these clear cake covers! They are large enough to cover any cake or pie! They keep our cookies, cakes and pies fresh! They make displaying our baked goods easy!
    These cake covers although very stylish, are very easily cracked around where the handle goes. the last one I ordered was cracked when i recieved it. even though I have still used it, I think it has something to do with where they drill the holes in the acrylic. next time will just opt for the glass.
    Thank you for your review, Lee! We are sorry this cake cover has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    Nice display cover. Allows you to showcase your beautiful showpiece desserts. Nice and tall for any height cake. Light weight cover and easy to handle
    Best price out there. Looks very nice and fits the stainless steel cake stands perfectly. High enough to hold cupcakes or other pastries. Very durable. Highly recommend.
    The clear tops are great for displaying cakes and pies. helps customers to buy more when they can see what's instead. This goes great with the silver bases.
    This is a basic acrylic cake cover. The first one I ordered arrived cracked, but Webstaurant was very fast in replacing it so we can move forward with our business. Thanks so much!
    Nice cake cover for the price. I also Purchased the Cambro cake cover that cost a little more. There is a little quality difference but this is still a very nice cake cover. Worth the money
    Best price for this cake cover! Great quality of product which meets my all expectations. Light material, big saving and skill! Special thanks to webstaurantstore.com
    These cake covers are great. They work perfectly covering the food displayed on our 13" plates. but the quality isn't all there. We broke two of them immediately after purchasing, just cleaning them. They are very flimsy.
    We appreciate your review! Our Customer Solutions team will be contacting you shortly.
    This looks good on the stainless steel cake stand. I got them both to go together and they do, beautifully. It is clear plastic to show the goodies and has a silver colored handle to tie in with the cake stand.
    This was a great purchase in addition to the cake plate I also bought. Sits beautifully on the counter to display my cakes.. would buy again
    Great cake cover - lid which you can use with any flat platter or with 13" stainless steel cake stands - fits perfectly. We recommend this product!
    These cake lids do the job but crack very easily. For the value it's fine but could find better. The lids will get VERY stuck if you put them inside each other which with crack one.
    These are lightweight, which is good, but they crack very easily. I purchased them to cover dessert items that I display on top of my display cabinets. For the price, I will purchase them again when needed. I would like to have a variety of sizes from which to choose, though.
    I was very happy to receive my cake covers. I would have put all five stars but one of the cake covers arrived with a cracks on it. But other then that it was a great buy will buy more.
    Thank you for the review, Chemere! We wish these would have been in better condition upon arrival. A Customer Solutions Representative has contacted you about this.
    Beautiful presentation when used with the stainless steel cake stand from this site. The first one I ordered arrived cracked from poor handling, I messaged customers service and they sent a new one out right away, with no need to return the cracked one. You can't ask for better customer service.
    Pretty good cake cover. Does it's job. I ordered 2 but one showed up cracked. However, they are half the price of what I can find locally so I'll definitely be irdering more.
    Absolutely love these. The price couldn't be better. They loon perfect sitting on a cake stand or a 14" scalloped cake board. It's a simply yet elegant cover
    I ordered several of these to go with the stainless steel cake stand and all survived the trip even though the package they were in was falling apart. A good value for the money.
    Strong , sturdy and durable. Perfect for displaying our cakes and cupcakes. helps keep insects away and everything fresh. Well made and will last a long time.
    This 12" cake cover fits nicely on the 12" cake stand available from webstaurant. Very easy to clean, and it very attractively keeps our case items protected
    I love this lid. I gave it four stars though because the first one I got was cracked in the packaging (not due to shipping). Webstaurant replaced this very quickly for me - and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately I label my case and cake covers with dry erase marker. Today I realized the marker does not come off of this plastic :-(
    Love theses tops, it allows use to professionally display our homemade cakes in our booth at the market!! They make quite a statement with the stainless steel cake stands!
    This Cake cover fits perfectly over the stainless steel cake stand we purchased. It is sturdy and we had to go back and buy another because we were happy with the price and product.
    Good quality. They are fine. We have had some problems with them easily cracking but they are so inexpensive, we keep share on hand. They are easy to clean and are great for displaying double layer cakes.
    These are great to use with the stainless steel cake stands. Be careful how you store them, as they do get stuck to each other if you stack them without anything between them.
    I love this clear cake cover! Protects your cake from fingers or bugs without ruining the cake! It is simple and gets the job done.
    Good size cake cover for large cakes or pastries. Clear and nice design, very presentable, however, it breaks easily. Our cover arrived already broken. The only reason why we didn't get a replacement is that it doesn't seem very durable.
    The cover arrived with a crack extending the height of the side wall. I called webstaurant and they are sending a replacement for free. Time is going to tell how durable these are in use. The appearance is good and I'm using it with item 4070136 stainless steel 12inch cake stand.
    This is the same clear cake cover you see in a lot of bakeries, and patisseries. It is beautiful, very simple and classic and the best pricing I have seen any where. Purchased the cake stand and it looks perfect and now complete. You can also use this cake cover with any other stand that you have.
    good lid. remember not to wash with abrasive sponge. shipping is awkward, especially when they install the handle and then pack it with other items. 2 arrived broken, and then 1 replacement arrived broken as well. Always the same problem.
    A sturdy, inexpensive cake cover. They look elegant without the hefty price. I use muliltiple cake stands so these covers are perfect for display purposes.
    Awesome cover for my taller cakes. Only downfall was a couple came cracked in the shipment but Webstaurant quickly replaced them with no issue. Awesome quality and value for the price we paid.
    The cover is sturdier than I thought it would be (yes!) and has plenty of height to accommodate a layered cake. This will more than meet my cake decorating needs - no more messing with plastic wrap!
    Like the other reviewers have noted, this cracks almost instantaneously. Taking it out of the box I let it slip out of my fingers and 'bam'. Was entirely my fault, but this is not sturdy. I still use it.
    These covers complete the stainless stand perfectly. Keeps products fresh and makes a nice display! Easy to clean, very clear, and sits perfectly inside the lip of the stand.
    These cake pans fit very nicely on the matching stainless steel stand. They are a little fragile, 2 arrived cracked, but the customer service at the Webstaurant Store was great and they sent me replacements right away.
    I use it with the stainless steal cake pan it fits perfectly Nice product and you can see clearly through for a great display, but unfortunately it breaks easily mine cracks when I drop it once
    We ordered 4 of these and they arrived stacked together which took some time to separate and careful maneuvering to separate so we wouldn't recommend stacking these. One was cracked when we received our shipment and Webstaurant immediately responded to our email and sent us a replacement. Great product and great customer service.
    This cake dome fits perfectly on the stainless steel cake stand 13" #4070136. I received this item in a large box but it had a crack on the lid right near the handle. I called customer service- which is excellent by the way- and they are sending a replacement. This company has excellent customer service which in my opinion will make me come back and order more supplies and highly recommend to others as well! Cake cover has a nice weight not flimsy plastic. Perfect! Thank you!!
    Ordered these in the past as well. Crack very easily and scratch easily. Handles come loose and screws fall out. Be careful the screws don't end in up your cake. The UPC sticker is right on top and does not come off without leaving the glue behind which is impossible to get off. The 6 we just ordered to replace cracked ones 3 of them came cracked. One of the 3 was actually broke in half. Not recommended for busy shops. I ordered a Cambro cover product # RD1200CW135 to test to see if the higher cost is worth it. First impression is a much higher quality dome with a handle that is riveted on, much thicker plastic, and a UPC sticker that comes right off. Looks like we will replace with Cambro....
    Thank you for the review, Holli. We're sorry these gave you issues. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.
    Agree with many posters that these are NOT durable. We ordered 12 to use once weekly at a farmers market and at the end of the season, only 1 remained intact. Several cracked and almost all lost their handles. Note that we handwash and are only walking these across the street, so no rough handling! I will certainly replace with a more durable product for this upcoming season.
    Thank you for the review, Samantha! We're sorry these have not worked well for you. Consider these Cambro RD1200CW Camwear 12" Clear Dome Round Display Covers instead!
    Unfortunately, it was already broken when I got it.... I recommend you to spend extra 8 dollars to get a thicker and durable one. you get what you pay for.
    Thanks for reviewing this cover, Imkyung! We're sorry it was cracked when it arrived. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly.
    Nice product and you can see clearly through for a great display, but if you drop it once on the floor it will break and crack. Not super durable during mishaps
    I absolutely love this cake cover and the cake holder. It looks so cute and classy. I love this cake cover and will buy again.
    Excellent quality, very sturdy and durable. Arrived in time for our Craft Fair, big enough to cover a big tray of cupcakes, well priced, thanks!
    These lids go perfect with the stainless steel cake plates! The chrome handle adds a touch of class and they clean up well. They are light weight which is great if you are worried about dropping them!
    These cake covers are pretty great. They give your display a nice elegant look and they are easy to clean. They fit perfectly on the 13" cake stand even when you have a 12" cake board on it. I wouldn't recommend stacking them on each other when storing because you will have a hard time getting them a part. I store the bottom of the cake stand inside the cover and that takes up less space when storing. The covers are a good weight and very durable.
    Really impressed with this cake cover. Bought it to go with a cake pedestal from here and was impressed. Loved that is was acrylic and not glass. Glass covers make me nervous because customers are sometimes a little rough with things and we wanted to avoid broken glass.
    This cake cover works great. It does crack pretty easily. The handle is pretty small and needs to be screwed on tighter when you get them. It is a great affordable option.
    They work. Positives: They display well (super clear). Negatives: As others mentioned, they crack really easily if dropped (at least it's less mess than glass). We even had the exact same experience of storing two stacked together on a shelf - turns out they're not totally rigid, so they stuck together a bit, and one cracked when gently pulling them apart. So, don't stack the tops when storing!! Otherwise, they look clean and clear when in use.
    Easy to wash display cover for the beautiful steamer still pedestal cake server that I got. I love how crystal clear the plexiglass is, and customers love how light it is
    These covers work wonderfully with the stainless steel cake stands. Unfortunately, one of them arrived cracked. Webstaurant was quick to replace. Light-weight and easy to clean.
    This is perfect for those hot summer days and flies wanting to taste baked goodies! it fit perfect on my stainless steel 13" cake stand!
    I purchased this for a stand I previously owned. It fits perfect and its crystal clear. Doesn't leave smudges from hands either. I will order again if needed.
    I ordered several of these. They are very thin. They crack if you drop them, and stick together if you stack them. I cracked the tops of 2 trying to very gently pull them apart. They also scuff easily. Probably worth the low cost, but I'd rather pay more for a more sturdy cover.
    Thank you for your review, Lougina! We are sorry these were not sturdy enough for your uses. We recommend trying this Cambro RD1200CW Camwear Clear Dome Display Cover for a more durable cake cover.
    This cake cover is perfect for our business because when you have a chance of an accident, you don't have to worry about staff or customers hurting themselves with broken glass. Customers are able to see our products clearly and it's has a high dome.
    I use this with the cake pedestal I also bought here. Keeps cakes (and pies, i guess) fresh even a day or two after you make them.
    I really like the fact that this dome is very light in weight (the last one we had was in glass, very heavy and when they fall, they shatter. But this acrylic dome is perfect! Only thing is that I wish it could go in the dishwasher.
    Great cake cover. Be careful because it can scratch, but not very easily. Also, if you have more than one, do not stack....they will stick! Overall, great!
    We love the look of these domes, but we keep having to replace them as they are easily broken. Even the slightest impact and they crack and no longer look great. I wish they were more sturdy.
    Thank you for your review, Samantha! We are sorry you’ve had problems with these not lasting as long as they should have. We recommend trying Cambro's RD1200CW Camwear Clear Dome Display Cover for a sturdier, more heavy duty cake cover.
    So this product has some great features and some that aren't so much. With that in mind, it certainly has its place. The good: it has a nice shape to it that is nice and modern but doesn't look like that cold, hard, 'shard of glass' modern style. It also has a very attractive handle. Finally, it's very nice and clear. The not-so-much about it is this: the thickness seems a little inconsistent, which means the products inside aren't getting their full visual aesthetic because the cover bends light this way and that. It also is very sensitive to anything abrasive at all, which will leave marks on it, so you have to be careful with it. And mine arrived with a small crack in it, so it's fragile. This is a great item for a large catering event or outdoor event where form is less important than function (protecting food) and price is a key factor. Just don't expect it to last years.
    These are a great price, and we use them to cover our display cakes to keep people from touching them. The only problem is that they scratch REALLY easily.
    I ordered these to go with the steel cake stands. It was unfortunate that they were packaged so poorly that 3 of 4 of them that I ordered were shattered. I did contact customer service, and they replaced them (package arrived the very next day!) and they were packaged MUCH more properly with padding, none were broken...they look lovely!
    We use these cake covers at the bakery and at our farmers market stands. Clear and lightweight, customers can clearly see our baked goods for purchase. I would suggest wrapping in paper or cloth when packing covers for traveling to prevent scratches.
    Love this cupcake stand. The first one came cracked and they sent another one out very quickly. I will purchase more, they are roomy and look nice on counter
    I like the look of these with the stainless steel cake stand however, I am not a big fan of the quality. The first set I received were scratched during shipping. Webstaurant was gracious enough to send replacements but after the first use I noticed a big crack on the top. So you have to be really careful if you decide to purchase these.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that this cake cover was damaged. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to resolve the issue.
    They are just what I wanted, they fit perfect with my Wilton 3 tier cake stand, they are durable plastic clear cake tops, I use them for every event
    I bought 2 of these to use as a cover for some glass cake stands I had - great product just don't drop them even lightly. One has a crack but I still use it.
    I'm giving these a five star review because although they break if dropped, and can be scratched and scuffed if not careful, they are inexpensive enough to replace as needed. Sure, you could go with glass, but that will also break easily, and could also break a toe when it hits the ground! We use these mainly for self-serve samples for our customers; they are lightweight enough to be handled by adults and kids. When we had a glass dome, it was heavy, slippery to handle, and nerve-wracking! My local restaurant supply store charges way more for this exact same item, so if I have to buy a couple per year from webstaurantstore.com to keep them nice and fresh, that's super affordable!
    A must have if you have the 13 inch cake stand. Lightweight, easy to handle. And at this price, when or if it gets scuffed up, it won't break the bank to replace. I've purchased this on more than one occasion and am quite happy with it. Had one to come in broken, but Webstaurant quickly replaced it, great customer service!!
    Good price...but they break very easily when you are cleaning them. Also, I am not sure how this happened but while drying them it seems my fingerprint was permanently imprinted on the cover...which doesn't really look all that great when customers are viewing my cakes. I guess you get what you pay for. Great price, but I have to say, I have had to replace the covers multiple times and I am pretty gentle while cleaning them so that is a bummer.
    Thank you for your review! This cake cover is an excellent value. For a more durable option, try this Cambro Camwear Clear Dome Display Cover.
    Nice addition to 13" cake stand. The height is pretty good to store larger cakes or stacks of cookies. Was a little concerned about scratches. So far used many times and has held up pretty well. Overall good buy.
    This Cake Cover is a perfect match for the 13" Cake Stand that Webstaurant Store carries. It fits on just right, and is pretty much air tight, to help keep your baked goods fresh! I use it to store baked goods on the counter.
    Bought this dome with stainless steel cake stand. This also adds a sleek look to display your bake goods. The cost isn't bad either. I'm so glad I found this. I found a cake stand that was pretty nice, but it also cost a pretty penny. I'm so glad I found this item here!
    Good cake cover. We use it on our stand and it fits well. We do regularly clean it to make sure it shines for the customers!
    Great product at a decent price. Again received in a timely manner. Packaged well so there was no damage in shipping. I will continue to order all products from this website.
    These cake covers certainly do a fantastic job of protecting your baked goods. They are a little bit flimsy and can scratch easily, so I wouldn't recommend these for constant travel, but for most of my needs they work well.
    This 12" Clear Cake cover is nice and make a great presentation for the cake along with the cake stand. The only thing about this cover it is not durable. I brought two and they both crack. I will not buy again.
    Careful when using this, it is very fragile. If well cared for it is a great display. I like that it's completely clear & sits high enough to be able to see everything in the display. Versus the glass curved ones that hinder the sight. I even write on mine with window markers.
    Very durable cake dome that works perfectly with my silver serving tray. I bought this cake cover to use at the Farmers Market to display my baked goods. It looks clean and professional with easy clean up. I plan to purchase several more of these for my business.
    This is a great product to cover samples and baked goods with. It's very light, easy to clean and will hold up very nicely. I recommend to only hand wash this product to avoid cracks
    Cake stand cover, look very nice and elegant with the cake stand,I like the fact that is clear, you can see through it,Ithe stainless handle is a plus to it.
    Truly clear, lightweight and easy to transport to farmers market. I recommend storing the cover inside a plastic bag or soft cloth. It will get scratched if not handled properly. The advantage to using plastic is that it doesn't break if you drop it and it's relatively less expensive.
    I ordered twelve of these to go along with the 12 stainless steel bases I ordered and I am very pleased at how they look together. They look very nice on my counter tops.
    This cover is perfect.. it looks great.... I use it for cake, cupakes and cookies.. is heavy enough; you do not have to worry thinking you will have any incovenice.. qualitity ir more than looks in the picture... 5 star product... dont worry about the shipping because is comes completely secure..
    This cake cover is large enough to cover most of my cakes and seal in freshness. I do wish it was sold with a matching bottom.
    These are great domes, especially for the price. They are so much higher and lighter than my glass ones, so I use them all the time!
    This is just awesome. It's perfectly clear and treats are easily visible inside. I love the handle because it keeps dirty fingerprints off of it.
    Excellent! It covers products great and looks fantastic for customers. We wanted something that looked great but wouldnt break the bank. We have two come in damaged and webstaurant replaced them quickly! Great customer service!
    This cake cover serves its purpose perfectly. It's not quite as elegant as a glass cover, but it's very lightweight and still looks nice. My main complaint is not with the product but the shipping - my cover arrived with a long scratch along one side (I'm guessing from the flower nail that was shipped with it).
    Thank you for your review! Please feel free to contact our Customer Solutions department if you are ever unhappy with your purchase.
    It's a nice cake cover and goes well with the 13" cake stand. The cover was broken during the shipping, but the customer service shipped a replacement immediately after i contacted them.
    I use to cake covers for many things. It looks nice when I display my pastries, cookies, bars, etc. The price was great too and so is clean up
    This is the second time we have ordered this and we are so pleased with this. The height gives us enough room to make higher tiered cakes and has really helped with bakery sales.
    This cover is crystal clear and is very light weight yet sturdy. It makes selling my baked goods so much easier. I used to individually wrap each item. They look so much better on a stand covered with this.
    Nice height, and great for cupcakes or cake. It is pretty but fairly fragile so be careful not to drop it. Even with that it is a great price for a classic looking cover.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Clear Cake Cover.Ordered 2 to accompany Sterling Silver Cake Stands. Makes a great presentation. Client's loved the Professional look of the clear cake covers.
    This cover is very sturdy and cleans very easily. I have used it many times and it is still looks brand new. It is a perfect fit for the stainless steel cake stand I also bought at The WEBstaurant Store.
    I use this for my display cake or French Macarons I leave out on room temperature. It fits my 12 inch steel cake stand perfectly, which you can also purchase on this site
    Nice cover. We like the handle. It looks nice and is easy to wash. It makes a nice display and keeps food fresh. Good price.
    These are great! I love the height, we use them for cupcakes and cookies to tall cakes by the slice. They clean really easily and very durable!
    This is hands down the best way to display freshly made cakes or pies! Easy to see but protective from possible contamination! Great for countertop displays!!
    This cake cover can be used for cupcakes (or other treats) as well! And the fact that it's made of plastic makes it much lighter to carry and use.
    The Clear Cake Cover is a perfect match to the silver stand it's suppose to cover. I use this often at the farmers markets. It's very light and I do not have to worry about it being cracked or broken.
    I purchased this twelve inch clear cake cover as a top for the steel cake stand brought here on this site. I must say what a great combination. Elegant and very affortable. I'm already purchasing more...
    For the price these are really great deal. I use them to cover food until the time of the event and it helps that they are light weight and won't break as easily as glass. I would recommend wrapping very carefully though when transporting them- it does scratch easily.
    The 12" Cake Cover showcase your product in a very professional manner. I utilize the cover and stand to display cobblers, muffins and scones. I always receive complements on our displays.
    Very clean and clear top for cake stands. I think its a universal cover that you can use with any cake stand you have, but I recommend the 13" Stainless Steel stand that they sell here on Webstaurant. Both pieces look great together. Best of all the Cover is tall enough for you to put those multi layer cakes inside.
    These covers work well when at shows and covering our fudge. Theh are light weight and are Quite transparent so our produt is easily visible.
    This clear cover works great with the cake stand. Its high enough to display your cakes without disturbing your detailing, and keeps your items fresh while allowing customers to view your products from all angles.
    I love to bake and take my cakes, etc. to work to share. A glass dome is beautiful, but heavy and -duh- breakable. I bought two of these domes and they are great. Plastic is sturdy, looks sort of retro dinerish and is light weight and, did I say - unbreakable. Well, I guess it could be broken but it won't be easily broken. No problems in a dozen or more uses. Love it.
    A great way to display and protect your baked goods! This cake cover is an excellent compliment to the stainless cake server and makes a wonderful display. Great buy for the money.
    This is a replacement cover for a set, which includes a footed base. The handle is sturdy, as is the plastic. The only complaint is that the plastic does show scratches and it can be very fragile (thus the replacement).
    They look exactly as in the picture. Look great on the front counter for desserts, pastry items. Overall study enough to last for quite a while.
    This clear plastic goes great and fits perfect with the stainless steel cake stand. This done is so much better than using a heavy glass lid for constantly selling cupcakes at market. Do not stack the lids if you buy more than one. They will scratch and are very hard to get apart. Wash with warm water and dishsoap. We had a lot of compliments on them.
    When receiving my boxed shipment, my first cover was cracked a little on the side. I contacted customer service via live chat, told them my situation and they sent a replacement out immediately and free of charge! It is reasons like that I continue to shop at Webstaurant! Oh and it looks nice with the stainless steel cake stand I got with it.
    This is a GREAT product!! I use it everyday, it looks good on display as well as serving.I am SOOOO glad I found this store!! It has great quality products,and fantastic prices! You just cannot beat it!!
    Don't let the price tag fool you! These Clear cake covers are much sturdier than you might think. I used them with the 14" Round Buffet Metal Catering Trays & the 13" Stainless Steel Cake Stands & they displayed together beautifully. Search no more, The Webstaurant has the best prices on these covers.
    A great conversation piece ! This item goes well with the 13" Stainless Steel Cake Stand. I have both items and I love displaying my baked goods. It's great for covering all kinds of cakes/cupcakes and etc. You will not regret this purchase. Great price, quality and very professional looking.
    I purchased this cake cover along with the stainless cake stand. The light weight of the stand is a plus. This cover fits the stand well, and it leaves ample height for cakes.
    Great for displaying baked items and cakes. Convenient if you need to set up at various locations and are on the go. Somewhat stackable and not too delicate so won't break in transit.
    Perfect to use alone or along with the Stainless Steel Cake Stand. It is durable & looks professional for displaying any sort of pastry or food items you may have.
    this is a great cake cover, displays the cakes so everyone can see what you offer, pair this with the stainless cake stand and you have a perfect match
    This cake dome is clean-looking, cheap, and helps display my baked goods. It also keeps my baked goods fresh. The plastic material is lighter than glass so it's easy to carry around and store.
    This cover fits the Item #: 4070136 13" stainless steel cake stand perfectly, forms a nice tight seal. Very clear plastic makes a great display.
    I needed two cake covers for the two apple filled croustades I planned on making for my in law's 70th wedding anniversary and I needed them quickly. The party was taking place on Saturday, it was already Monday and nowhere in San Diego County could I find something as common as a cake cover. I took a chance and placed my first order with the WEBstraurant store for the pair of cake covers in hopes that they would arrive in time but knowing that they probably would not. What a happy boy I was when they were delivered to my doorstep Friday afternoon with time to spare. They were exactly what I was looking for, the right diameter and height with a clean looking metal handle. They were packaged properly and arrived without damage. I received it in four days. Four Days!! Who does that anymore? I am a customer for life.
    These good-looking clear cake domes are great. They look even better when paired with the 13" stainless steel cake stands. They are crystal clear which allows your baked items (or other displayed items) to be showcased while being protected from the elements. They are very fragile though and can crack easily. Use with care.
    I love this cake cover. You will not find a nicer cake cover of this quality at this value anywhere else. I have bought four of these covers and will buy more in the future.
    This is an excellent product at a very reasonable price. The size allows products to be displayed well and the clear cover serves well to showcase my baked goods. Thanks
    Don't be fooled by the appearance of this cake dome. It is very professional looking and fits right at home in our bakery. Highly recommended.

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