4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener

Item #: 407C801

This 4" church key bottle opener is perfect for bartenders to keep on-hand for their beverage opening needs! This opener features two sides for opening both small and medium-sized cans with ease. From beer cans to cans of fruit, vegetables, or juice for mixed drink purposes, this handy bar tool keeps your operation flowing quickly and smoothly! It can also be used to remove bottle caps, eliminating the need to carry another separate tool. Its thin and compact size lets your bartender, wait staff, or caterer keep this product in their pocket or apron for easy access at all times.

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4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener

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    These bottle opener are very inexpensive and allow for our business to replace them when patrons decide to take a souvenir home. The bottle opener end works flawlessly. The material it is made out of seems very good for its price, I haven't had one change coloration yet.
    These are great, work as intended and you can’t beat the price! The ones I had before I got from the other stores and the angle of the bottle opener was wrong and it wouldn’t work at all. These are much cheaper and work much better.
    Great size for any bar. You get two tool for the price of one. Punch came and open bottle with ease. Definitely need to get a few of these as they are smaller and easy to misplace.
    The 4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener is an awesome item at a great price, it works better than I thought it would and was much needed.
    The 4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener are as classic as it gets. We keep this church key at the bar with the bartender for opening things such as cans of juice and such!
    Cant beat this item for quality v. price. I have a dozen of these laying around everywhere and I don't even run a drinking establishment.. I give them away in my picnic baskets.
    You can easily store one of these in your pocket at BBQs, or keep in your catch-all drawer in the kitchen. We’ll be using it in our camper because it takes up less space and doesn’t require electricity. You can open bottles with it, or make pour spouts in juice cans, etc.
    Top church key can and bottle opener at an unbeatable low price. The opener is great for punching in wholes into cans of pineapple juice for easy dispensing.
    THis is a quintessential church key that opens cans and bottles with ease. I keep a few at work and have some at home as well .
    This tool is so handy! it is just a perfect for opening juice cans and other similar cans! Great price and easy to use. Nothing to criticize
    I always seem to need one, and rarely have one, well now I can use it anytime I need, just slips right into my pocket and I'm good to go!
    Small, compact and handy. I like how simple it is to open up broth or soup cans with these since it's just as simple as hold and puncture
    This is a decent product for a basic tool that only costs a couple of dollars. It has a dual purpose- opening bottles and cans. It’s pretty durable and small.
    What a great value and quality I really like this 4 inch metal church key and bottle opener! Great product to have on hand, works well!
    perfct for our large cans of syrup and corn syrup in the candy shop they are very well priced and one solid piece very strong opener
    This 4 inch Church Key Can and Bottle Opener is such a simple and handy tool. It is not bulky and does not take up needed space.
    The 4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener works great on cans of chicken broth and glass bottles. For the price, the quality is excellent. I would purchase again if needed. Actually, I may purchase more just to have around the house. The perfect item for my junk drawer.
    4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener great for opening cans and bottles. Great for bars that open a lot of beer bottles and stuff like that.
    I sell vintage cokes and customers always ask me to open their bottle, so instead of buying an expensive opener this one does the trick.
    A great church key can and bottle opener that is the perfect gadget for our bartenders. They can puncture holds in the pineapple juice cans for mixed drinks and open beer bottles as well. The price is unbeatable.
    This is pretty much one of the most basic bottle openers you can buy, but it gets the job done! I like how it'll last for ages thanks to the steel.
    This is a really great buy for the money. These are cheap enough that you can buy so many that you don't have to worry about them walking away, like pens.
    Not the best bottle opener I've ever used, but definitely the most affordable. I'd recommend getting the 5'' model that Webstaurant sells with the magnet on it. I think it's worth the extra 50 cents or so.
    This is a low budget bottle and can opener. It isn't fancy but it gets the job done and its cheap so you can order a bunch of them and if they get lost no big deal. A lot better than jamming a knife into a can
    I take this thing to parties, BBQs, parks, the beach, wherever i need a can or bottle opener. It is portal and strong. I like that it is small, but sometimes it is easy to lose.
    A low-budget key can / bottle opener that gets the job done. Its small, easy to tote and strong enough to open any bottle needed. Toss it in a bag and enjoy.
    This is a great 4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener. It's a small size, easy to throw in a purse for a party. I would recommend.
    This four inch bottle and can opener combo is perfect for anyone to keep their pocket without added weight. Cleans well and very durable. An A+!!
    This is a basic can and bottle opener. It's 4" in length and light weight making it nice for pocket use. Very strong and will last!
    This is a very functional, basic can and bottle opener. I stuck mine to a magnet and keep it on the refrigerator so it's easy to find. Worth having a couple on hand.
    These are very basic bottle openers but they're very good quality and you certainly can't beat the price. We keep one in the glove compartment for when we're traveling. I also tied a cord to the end and use it in my darkroom to open cans of film.
    Works well and I love the size. It's very easy to carry around since it's so tiny, and it's not going to break anytime soon since it's metal.
    this is a very basic and rudimentary bottle opener but it does what its supposed to do beautifully. it's simple and sturdy and great to have around
    simplest bottle opener for any kind of use , and if you loose it dont worry check the price its for free almost , great
    Great, used for catering orders. Inexpensive and sturdy, get the job done. We add ribbon to the bag where the beverages come in for brand appearance.
    Great can opener, I would use it many times and still would not break, is good quality, and so cheap. I would recommend to give to all servers in restaurant.
    This retro little opener is basic but functional and well-made. You sure can't beat the price! It does the job as it should. Every kitchen needs one, I highly recommend!
    Perfect size. Strong and durable so it won't bend when you are opening a can or a bottle. Remember to make an opening on both sides to let the air flow and the liquid pour out properly.
    Well so is it a bad can and bottle opener it's real decent very cheap price does the job good I'm very happy with it can't complain about it
    After 2 years of heavy use, this Chruch Key Can Opener has not rusted. With a convenient hole to hang from a string. Can't beat the price on this one!
    I only gave it 4 stars because the little latch to catch the can. It does not grab. I have to really put a lot of pressure to get the can pierced.
    Keeping a bottle opener on your person is easy with this. No longer will I be fumbling around looking for one when needed. Glad I bought it.
    We put these in all our rooms so guest wouldn't try to open bottles with our furniture. nice quality and cheap price will be ordering more soon.
    Nice inexpensive church key can opener and bottle opener works well really inexpensive we lose a lot of can openers so I figured that a couple of inexpensive ones
    Very useful tool at an affordable price. It is made of strong material. The durability is long lasting. It works out great for home use too.
    4" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener being that we have tones of can juices so having these is detrimental and I only had on rinky dink one on hand so I needed to upgrade and yes this less than alternative. opener is an upgrade
    Nothing fancy, but amazing value for the price. Feels sturdy, and it opens beverage bottles with ease. Great to have as a backup or to bring somewhere without being afraid of losing it.
    Basic church key/bottle opener. Works great and at this price you can't beat it. I will order more if I need them in the future.
    Nice classic strong sturdy can and bottle . They have been around for a long time because they work. Great price that can be beat. Fast shipping
    A must buy. For the price, you can't beat it! Very study, durable, and well made-nice smooth edges, no jagged/sharp edges. The handle is the perfect length for gripping while popping that beer bottle! Every beer drinker must have this- it's affordable enough to buy a few, and you won't be upset if you lose one or two.
    I can't believe how well this can and bottle opener works for the price! It is my favorites opener I have ever had. It is nice and sturdy.
    Small and functional. And a great price! Makes a cute addition to a housewarming gift or bridal shower/wedding gift, to hang on the outside of the gift, if you are giving house/kitchen-related items on the inside.
    A cheap, low-key bottle opener that gets the job done. We misplaced our old one and finding a replacement was seamless. Large enough to hold in one hand and simple enough to use with ease.
    The metal this is made with is sort of flimsy, but this bottle opener actually works very well and the price can't be beat. Good thing to buy just for backup in case you need one in a flash.
    This is a decent economy priced can opener that really don't get too much use these days but it is ok for the money paid.
    Don't let the price fool you these are very heavyweight and sturdy and you can't beat the price. I bought 5 for what one would cost at most discount retailers
    You cannot beat these old school church key can openers for simplicity or effectiveness. These 5" Church Key Can and Bottle Openers are a very good deal.
    You can use the 5" Church Key Can and Bottle Opener to open a carrot can for the juice. Will easily fit in your draw and not take up much room at all.
    Great bottle opener - great value and quality. Have many of these - bartenders keep them in their back pockets or aprons, they are the perfect size and never bend.
    Surprisingly sturdy for the price. We bought several to use during church luncheons, and they held up surprisingly well to use! Hard to go wrong at this price.
    Great Church Key Bottle Openers! We sell them in our Liquor Store! They are very well made. They are not the cheap ones that will break on you either. Thank You! (:
    What can I say? This opener is great. it is smooth and no sharp edges, it opens bottles easy and looks good on the counter.
    used it on a beer bottle, and the damn thing bent after its first use. Total garbage... caveat emptor on this one gang! Buy something a bit more expensive, hopefully you will get better quality.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry you did not like the bottle opener you purchased. We suggest American Metalcraft’s Wood Handled Bottle / Can Opener for a sturdy tool.
    The price is so reasonable and I am pleased when I got them. I highly recommend this product. I put s little accent to make it more beautiful.
    Basic bottle opener. Good for liquid based items. It's always good to have one of these just in case. Durable and hasn't show any signs of wearing down or rusting.
    Basic, cheap and works. What can I say! This is a great quality item that I thought was going to bend and bend like the dollar store varieties I bought. But Webstaurant seems to have some great purchasing people as this item is quite sturdy... does a quick job on bottles and cans.
    Product works as desired and comes in handy for opening tin cans of juice. However, if you're like us and want to save bottle caps for bottle cap projects this opener isn't going to be your best choice as it will inevitably bend the caps. The poky end is also, apparently too tempting for ornery customers who get a hold of the opener and they may choose to carve into your bar or table tops if these are not well guarded...or at least, that was in part, our experience.
    Exactly what we needed! These bottle openers are inexpensive and when you have people accidentally walking away with them, they are perfect. Completely functional and very strong! Love these and will likely purchase several more.
    The shipment came at the exact expected delivery date. The items were not damaged. The item was exactly what we are looking for! Great Quality!
    I am not sure which church these keys work on, but I am a mommy prepper, meaning I have these in the car and everywhere I go. They work great, and are hard to find in stores, so buy a lifetime supply , and include in a camping or survivor gift basket. These are perfect, often overlooked little tools.
    This is a handy item to have at all times. Made of a good quality stainless steel and not a flimsy, breakable item. The price is great so I can buy it by the dozen.
    I do a great amount of canning and use these daily to open my jars. I did purchase extras though to keep at our bar.
    This little classic is a must have for any restaurant. Keep handy at the bar or in the kitchen. Reliable very durable and does the job with no up keep.
    Great universal can opener. Very rugged construction. My only complaint is it rusted after two trips through the dishwasher. It can punch a whole in even the toughest can.
    Great little tool for opening cans of pineapple juice. It's so cheap you should get one just in case, it fits in the palm of my hand and is very easy to use.
    These are so cheap and so versatile. You can't find them anywhere for such a low price. I bought a whole bunch for my rental vacation condo and home use.
    Worth getting a few of these if you own a bar...Also if you are a college student. These are very durable as well! Plus, it's so cheap!
    What can you say - its a bottle opener. Perfect size - 4 inch, works great, inexpensive, but not cheap any flimsy. Have not bent one yet.
    Although these are a simple item, our bartenders would be lost with out them. But, on the flip side they always seem to misplace them.
    This is largely used to open bottles. Probably not the most convenient can opener but it\'s great to drain out liquid before opening the can fully. Maybe more convenient for travel or camping when you don\'t want to lug a full sized can opener. You sort of poke holes into the can, drain out the liquid and then proceed to open the rest. Simple design and made of solid metal, so no problems with quality.
    Just your average can/bottle opener. Use it to punch holes in #10s of Ketchup. Not sure why they call it Church Key, I tried to use it at First Baptist, but it wouldn't work.
    for this price, this bottle opener really can not be beaten. it works great and it is very durable. it is a great item to have around your house for parties
    Another good tool for the bar. I mainly use this for it's can opening for juices, which works just as it should. It's also good to get those pesky lids off of canned goods, like my homemade salsa, instead of prying with my fingernail.
    Why is it so hard to find these guys nowadays? We still need them so why must I search high and low for them? WHHHY? Well I guess not anymore because I found them here! Woo hoo! I try to stock up on these when I can. They seem to keep getting "lost" or "misplaced". Must have a kitchen ghost or something.lol Anyway, these guys are great. They are useful and I like them. I hate having to take the whole lid off of a tomato sauce can or evaporated milk. A couple quick pops with this and I'm happy again.
    These are great little bottle openers that are very inexpensive. I bring at least 20 of these for servers at catering events. Definitely a great buy.
    Just like the ones we grew up with to open bottles and cans . We probably have a half dozen that are hidden in our drawers so I ordered a new one. :)
    Any time you need a church key can and bottle opener and don't have one, there's nothing you can really use in it's place. So buy a couple at this price and never be without!
    Just a standard bottle opener. We keep it next to our bottled drinks (even though they are twist off) so customers can easily open the bottles.
    Great quality opener. I did not expect it to be so sturdy for the very inexpensive price. Hard to find this type of opener in the stores anymore. I grew up with this type or opener and we had it for years. Glad to get a quality replacement.
    These are great can openers but the only downfall is they put a huge sticker on each opener so you have to use remover on each opener to get the sticker off!
    Much stronger than some of the flimsier can and bottle openers that I have seen or purchased in the past from other companies. Good product!

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