3 oz. Stainless Steel Bell Creamer

Item #: 407BELLCRM3

Looking for a simple and efficient creamer at a great price? This 3 oz. stainless steel bell creamer offers consistent pouring capabilities and lends a classic appearance for use at any restaurant, cafe, or hotel. Its rounded, tapered spout provides a consistent pour, while the ergonomic handle makes this creamer convenient for all of your guests to use. Made of sturdy 18/8 stainless steel, this creamer features a sleek mirror finish that suits any setting, from diners to catered events. Its petite 3 oz. design holds just the right amount of creamer to be served at one sitting.

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3 oz. Stainless Steel Bell Creamer

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creamer great coffee little perfect stainless steel size bell easy
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    Customers love these little syrup containers. We use them for the warm syrup and they are the perfect portion for hot cakes or french toast

    Posted on

    So I ordered this for our creamer and I wasnt quite sure what I was looking for. This came in and is VERY small but does the job. It's a super cute little holder.

    from Toppings LLC Posted on

    These little cups are great at holding creamer, they hold the perfect amount and look great. These cups can easily hold cold and hot liquids!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    I just love these little creamer pitchers! They are very versatile - we use them for sauces on the side of belgian waffles: maple syrup, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, caramel sauce, & strawberry syrup. We also use them as a creamer pitcher with coffee or tea.

    from Cookie Counter Posted on

    Used for waffle brunch to hold sauces & syrups. Action shot!

    This little creamer was the perfect size for sugar. We added a small spoon and it was just the right amount of sugar for the whole family to have a couple cups of tea each. Nice stainless steel means it is pretty, too!

    Posted on

    Perfect for sugar for tea!

    What a nice 3 ounce stainless steel bell cream it’s a great size for a single cup of coffee or tea has a nice handle on it and a pourspout to

    from P2B Posted on

    Has a nice smooth Pour

    This stainless steel bell cup creamer is very light weight and is very easy to add milk and the style is very nice. I love this style and is my favorite. I do recommended very much.

    from Aguila Sandwich Shop Posted on

    These little creamer jars work great for use with our espresso machine. I used to work at Caribou coffee and these are almost identical to the ones they use. The perfect shape to get under the machine and to pour the espresso into cups.

    from Lily Lane Embroidery Posted on

    These are great little creamers. We use them alongside cups of coffee and tea. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and look nice. We will be buying again!

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    Nice small pourers for cream!

    This is a smaller version of a bell creamer that we use for side sauces. The three ounce creamers actually only hold two ounces of liquid- so know that going in.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    3 oz stainless steel bell creamer. A great cream holder for your lattes or coffee in the kitchen. It looks great and will add a stylish look to your kitchen.

    Posted on

    3 oz stainless steel bell creamer

    For easy cleanup, this stainless steel pitcher is super. Some use it to hold cream, I like to use it to hold delicious maple syrup.

    Posted on

    This stainless steel creamer is also wonderful to hold syrup!

    We use these guys for our espresso pours and they work great! Stainless steel so they withstand all wear and tear. I very much recommend this product.

    from 5 Points Coffee & Tea Posted on

    Stainless Steel Bell Creamer - Ideal for espresso shots!

    These are awesome. I use them in the restaurant for things such as syrup, milk, creamer, or anything that need pouring. Really like these a lot.

    Posted on

    These are great cups for a ll sorts of things from creamer to milk, and syrup or what ever you need.

    Very cute creamer and it is just the right size for individual use. It reduces product wasting. It is very durable and easy to clean

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    This is stainless steel creamer container features a chrome like finish. This creamer is nice enough for a fancy dinner party and can hold 3 ounces of cream. We would suggest handwashing this item to ensure it maintains its shiny finish.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Stainless steel construction.

    Love the size of this creamer! It’s great for individualized use. The stainless steel is sleek and easy to wipe clean. Very durable product that will last.

    Posted on

    Nice sleek stainless steel cream

    We have these creamer containers in the other size and have really liked them. They look very sleak and clean and are easy to clean as well.

    Posted on

    I bought this with the intention of using it for espresso like another reviewer mentioned, but it's not big enough to fit under the double-spout portafilter of my espresso machine. It's not super heavy duty, but it's a decent price and probably fine for its actual intention (creamer).

    Posted on

    Another user said they used this for espresso, but I found it to be too small for my portafilter's spouts.

    This 3 oz bell creamer is great for coffee or tea service. Simply chill the creamer and add your dairy product and serve alongside the beverages

    from Pancho's Posted on


    I love the size, I need it to serve coffee & creamer at a party, these help to eliminate wasting too much they are stainless steel.

    Posted on

    Perfect to eliminate waste.

    This creamer is a really cute size and has an adorable shape. Perfect container for keeping milk out on the table when you're drinking tea or coffee.

    Posted on

    Pouring cream into coffee

    Without a doubt, I would highly recommend these three ounce stainless steel bell creamers. Their uses are endless with the durability to match. I appreciate the fact that I can pour any liquid gravy or creamer into them with no problems and cleaning after is as easy as can be. I have no complaints, they are great and I would definitely recommend!!

    Posted on

    This three ounce bell creamer works great and priced very reasonably. I would highly recommend.

    This is a cute little jar for serving. While it is intended for creamer, I've had great success using it for warmed syrup with breakfast.

    Posted on

    Perfect cup to use when brewing espresso for drinks. No need to waste cups when we have this on hand. Use it,was it and use it again and again.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Ice water for recipes

    adorable and to die for! I had these added to my "tell me when it's in" portion of the page because they are so cute, and very useful as well!

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    Such a cute but very useful creamer bell!!

    It’s kind of hard to express how adorable this petite creamer is! It’s actually smaller than I anticipated, but it’s perfect for what I need it for. I love taking breakfast in bed on a lap tray to guests that stay over at our house during the holidays, or even if my husband is sick in bed. Making a presentation that looks well-thought out just touches them in a way that makes them feel special. This is the perfect size to hold a splash of cream for their coffee or tea and its petite size leaves room for other things I need to fit on the tray.

    from j4jcline Posted on

    It’s kind of hard to express how adorable this petite creamer is! It’s actually smaller than I anticipated, but it’s perfect for what I need it for. I love taking breakfast in bed on a lap tray to guests that stay over at our house during the holidays, or even if my husband is sick in bed. Making a presentation that looks well-thought out just touches them in a way that makes them feel special. This is the perfect size to hold a splash of cream for their coffee or tea and its petite size leaves room for other things I need to fit on the tray.

    I absolutely love this product! This 3 oz stainless steel bell creamer is perfect for your coffee dates. This bell creamer adds charm to the table.

    Posted on

    Perfect creamer size for coffee caterers. You can also use this size creamer for your breakfast buffet lines for holding syrups and jams for pancakes and toast.

    Posted on

    There's 3 ounce stainless steel creamer container is really nice it's kind of shaped like a bell it holds about 3 ounces of creamer which is plenty to leave out for a cuppa coffee or two

    from N/A Posted on

    These little pitchers are perfect for serving cream, syrup, and sauces. They hold up pretty well and look nice on the tables. I would order them again when I need more.

    from West Ave Posted on

    We love to serve any type of milk, salsa, et cetera liquid in small quantities. It is perfect for its size, material and color. When this clean looks very elegant and loves people. We love your design

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    metal pitcher ideal place to put a little coffee or milk to be served then what you want girl. Aluminum is light highly recommended cute and light quality

    from CHIMYCHURRY GRILL Posted on

    The customers love these little milk servers. It is the perfect amount of milk that is served when we serve coffee and tea to our customers.

    from Vincents Pizza Posted on

    Perfect for milk or creamer at the table for guests. Small size but classy look. The metal stays cool and cleans up without leaving an odor. Highly recommended!

    from CMV Posted on

    These are the perfect size for pulling one or two espresso shots, smaller than I expected, but work perfectly for what we need them for!

    from Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar Posted on

    These add a touch of class to tea service. We use them for anyone who wants milk rather than half & half for their tea or coffee and have just recently used them for maple syrup service on our French Toast Crepe.

    from CrepeWorX LLC Posted on

    Easy to clean and they stay odor free. An important thing when it comes to creamers. They have held up well over time and the price is good.

    from It Takes Two LLC T/A Dino's Grotto Posted on

    I haven't used as a creamer as of yet, but make great little single servers for salad dressings, gravies, sauces, etc. I have learned over the years, it is often best to serve such things on the side and allow the guests to decide how much or how little they would like with their food. I will likely buy several more in the future.

    from Melodie Garner Posted on

    This little creamer works well for us and gives a nice serving of cream for one customer. We like the stainless steel rather than a white creamer, as it gives a good presentation to customers.

    Posted on

    It is a great little stainless steel bell creamer. I can use it for more than just creaming my coffee. It also works great for salad dressings.

    Posted on

    We love these little creamer dispensers and so do our customers. They hold the perfect as amount, are easy to use, clean and store. Great buy!

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    These bell creamer is perfect to pour espresso shots. I left espresso shots in the creamer for hours, but I was able to get rid of any stain from coffee. I love how the handle is sturdy and easy to grab.

    Posted on

    We use these stainless steel creamers for portioning Vermont maple syrup for our pancakes and french toast. As opposed to little plastic souffle cups, these add a touch of class.

    from Arthur Posted on

    Bought 3 to start and realize I need about 6 more to be adequate in the serving of my Organic half n half to my coffee customers.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    Simple and cheap cup to hold creamer or milk in when serving coffee or tea to a guest. They are easy to wash and ive only had one handle break off in the silverware bucket.

    Posted on

    Good all around use for creamer and pouring sauces or vinaigrettes tableside if needed. Has held up very well over the past year and fit into our rocks/water glass dish rack to clean.

    from Piccolo Restaurant Posted on

    A nice 3 oz stainless steel bell creamer which is attractive and very easy to clean. Nice price allows you to buy and have extras at hand.

    Posted on

    These are second time buying these bell creamers we use them for serving hot syrup works great and great value we love this product . We will continue purchasing them from Web!

    from Spokes II Inc. Posted on

    Great product, has worked very well, had a hard time finding something like this elsewhere but was very easy on WEBstaurant, great price, would defintely buy more!!!

    Posted on

    This is your basic bell style creamer that fits in at all types of restaurants!! Easy to fill and leave on the table for guests to use in coffee!!!

    Posted on

    Good quality creamers.We also use them for hot syrup for our pancackes. You can not beat the price.Ordering is very easy.Shipping and handling very affordable

    from Bit of Country Posted on

    This item has versatile uses for a number of liquids. It can be used for milk/cream as well as syrups and sauces. It pours and cleans well, and makes a professional and aesthetically pleasing presentation on any table.

    Posted on

    This can be use to hold cream for coffees or syrup for pancakes. It keeps the cream cold throughout the meal for the customer. Easy to clean as well.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    Good pours every time

    We serve this along side our coffee if a customer requests cream. Works well and is durable and easy to clean. I recommend this product for every coffee shop.

    from Arcadia Posted on

    We use these for everything and anything. Mostly for cream, but other condiments as well. They look nice and hold a good portion. I would buy these again. They have held up well under heavy use.

    Posted on

    This creamer bell is great to have for any restaurant or diner. Stick them in the cooler and they will stay cold for a long time.

    Posted on

    I bought these to be "tea cups" for my little princesses to use for play. They are washable, and nearly indestructible! I was very disapointed with the little plastic cup tea sets available. We have broken many ceramic tea sets for kids, and I think that these will be perfect! Can't wait until Christmas morning!

    Posted on

    this 3oz Bell creamer has work well with other type of sauces. I served this with honey, creamer, pancake syrup. The durability is great for the price you pay

    Posted on

    Nice economical creamer container that works in so many applications. While i re sell most my products so many customers give me amazing ideas what this can be used on.

    Posted on

    These are great and very long lasting. 3 oz is perfect for a table with 5 people sitting at it! You can also use these for serving sides of sauces too.

    Posted on

    The Creamers were as described, good price, nice transaction. i really liked the creamers the held cream in the very well. Not a drop leaked from them once the cream was placed in the creamer

    from Just Plain Dave's Posted on

    Very fine quality product that looks great on the table. Not breakable like the ceramic ones. However, they do dent if they are abused so a little education to the staff is good.

    from AMAYA LLC Posted on

    Extremely handy to have around whether for cream, sugar, syrup or something hot - make sure to get a few as you will want them. They hold up to washing very well.

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

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