One-Piece Aluminum Scoop - 12 oz.

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Make scooping ice easier than ever before with this 12 oz. aluminum scoop! Perfect for scooping ice, candy, nuts, and other bulk items, this lightweight aluminum scoop easily reaches into ice buckets and bags of bulk products to make serving easy. Rather than dunking your glasses into the ice bin to retrieve ice, this aluminum scoop will grab just the right amount of ice to easily pour into your drink glasses, extending the life of your glassware. Though this aluminum scoop is light, it's tough enough to break up pesky chunks of ice in your bins as well! This scoop is functional but looks great too, so there's never any need to keep it out of sight.

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One-Piece Aluminum Scoop - 12 oz.

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scoop ice great scoops Easy aluminum perfect handle size clean
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    This is the perfect size for a ice scooper. The handle didn’t get cold while the scooper is in their cooler. It is high recommend.
    This scooper is heavy duty we use to scoop ice for our iced coffee at our concession stand. Worth the price lasts a long time
    This scoops are perfect for big flour containers come in handy every time it’s time to bake a cake or bread and very easy to clean
    These are very useful for when you put out large bowls of snack-type foods. They prevent people from plunging their potentially germ-filled hands into a bowl. They are made very sturdily, too. The price is extremely reasonable.
    This scooper is affordable and lightweight. Gets the job done with scooping ice. However, the aluminum corroded over time. Perhaps it's better for scooping dry ingredients.
    We just purchased this to start serving iced lattes for the spring and summer months. we needed a way to be compliant with the health department. For how cheap it is, it was surprisingly durable.
    This 12 oz aluminum ice scoop works great. We bought a 38 oz before and needed a smaller one, without a doubt we knew where to buy it from.
    We use these ice scoops in our wine bar to put ice in glasses for water. They are sturdy, simple and classic. Easy to clean and hold up well. Definitely not a flimsy scooper!
    Great utensil for all types of kitchens. Lightweight yet heavy duty that will hold up to everyday wear and tear from normal kitchen use. Comfortable handle makes it easy to hold and use. Great product for self-serve or behind the bar service
    while im baking this aluminum scoop is my right hand at the restaurant , is easy to carry, handle and the most important easy to wash it
    These work as they should, I use it to get sugar, rice, salt, spices out of our giant value buckets. I have multiples and NONE have bent or rusted whatsoever.
    Aluminum Scoop is great for my ice machine. I also have used it to scoop out mixes from my containers and pour it into my mixer bowls to make recipes, batter etc... highly recommended.
    Excellent quality aluminum scoop yet surprisingly inexpensive. The one piece design is nice for washing, and the thick contoured handle is easy to hold. The scoop does not feel flimsy in any way.
    Hi. I would not repurchase this, although off memory it's inexpensive. The handle is not really long enough to use comfortably. I'd rather buy a scoop that is made in a manner that makes sense.
    This piece of aluminum ice scoop is just amazing, truly amazing, you gotta see it in action to believe it. Thank God an ice scoop of this caliber.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this scoop for my popcorn machine! Makes it so very easy to scoop and put corn in a popcorn bag, bucket, or tray. Probably won't need another one, but if I do, I would not hesitate to purchase again!
    This scoop is great for serving into individual drinks. The scoop itself holds more than enough ice for a single serving and is small enough so that the ice doesn't spill when dispensing it into cups.
    This scoop is a perfect size for pulling ingredients like nuts, seeds, herbs and spice out of smaller containers and it cleans and sanitizes easily.
    I love this scoop! It was a great price and feels very sturdy. It has many uses in the kitchen and is easy to clean.
    This scoop is perfect for measuring dry ingredients when making smaller batches of baked items. For making larger batches we use the larger size scoops.
    Amazing aluminium and price. Very sturdy, clean, light weight, good handle and solid construction. Perfect for scooping ice for our bar. Highly recommend. Great item.
    This scoop is very durable and great for tossing popcorn to separate it while it cools. I love these so much I bought a second set for other tasks too.
    Very nice, light weight scoop, we use these for our ice, catering events, and they clean up easily, they look like new and we use them weekly.
    This is a very nice scoop. It's heavy in a good way,-- doesn't feel cheap. We use it in my donut store to scoop the shortening out of the box and transfer it to the fryer.
    Bought this ice scoop for our buffet table ice bucket. Easy small size for dishing just the right amount of ice into cups. Shiny silver coating makes it look fancy on the buffet
    We use these ice scoopers behind our wine bar. These look really nice when making a cocktail on the rocks. It adds to the experience of having a drink made and served right in front of you.
    This ice scoop is perfect for using at our beverage station during events. When using it in front of customers it looks a lot nicer then cheaper plastic scoops.
    This is a handy scoop! We use it for roasted coffee and it’s great becasue it holds so much. The ergonomics handle is pretty nice too.
    Heavy, and great quality for the price. Be aware that, because it is made of aluminum and not steel, it will tarnish after washing. Still works great, though.
    Now this is a scoop! It's very firm and does exactly what the description say! The aluminum finish is very elegent and can hold a very decent amount of ice without having that feeling like the ice scoop is going to break! Highly recommend it!
    Perfect ice scoop for all your ice drinks!! Chrome durable scoop making it easy to clean. Perfect size not to big not too small gives you he perfect amount of ice in every 16 oz cup
    This scoop arrived today and i already used it to measure the rice I was going to cook. It scoops very well. It is easy to keep clean.
    This little ice scoop is perfect for my 24” ice bin. I think the size is perfect for serving ice directly into a glass without worry of ice spilling over, some ice scoops are too big for the kind of purpose I am using it for.
    It's a great scoop. It scoops and scoops and scoops and scoops and just keeps on scooping. Might be the best scoop on the market! I'm ordering another one right now.
    This is the perfect size for the amount of ice needed for a 20oz cold Latte. It takes the punishment. I highly recommend it for ice.
    Perfectly sized durable ice scoop to place by each ice bin in a bar. Made of stainless steel these are easily washed and can take handling of ice even in high volume setting
    So far so good on this Ice scoop. I replace an old one that the handle broke off which could happen over time but it seems to be built well.
    We actually use this scoop for ice cream that doesn't need to look "pretty" when scooping such as for milkshakes. It is very sturdy and can handle frozen ice cream.
    Excellent product , heavy duty scoop and well made , we bought two of them and we love them we use them to scoop ice , salt and sugar i highly recommend them .
    This is a great scoop. It's well made and feels heavy. It doesn't get overly frosted if you leave it in the freezer. Overall a nice basic scoop.
    this is a great scoop for ice for a beverage station. the chrome color looks nice and blends in with any decorating scheme. great size
    The one piece twelve ounce flat bottom aluminum scoop has worked very well scooping everything from flour to ice. I would say that the scooper is durable and has not shown any sign of wear even after significant use. We are impressed with the non-flimsy design and the ergonomic handle, which is easy to hold. I love that they can also be left near a pan while cooking and not worry about melting plastic. Very versatile and I would recommend them to anyone.
    The scoop is perfect size and durable with handle. Meets all my expectations for health department inspection. Very easy to clean after use. Great buy.
    This aluminum scoop is made of a single-piece construction which not only streamlines the design but makes clean up more simple. You can also purchase the corresponding scoop holder to mount this scoop near where you use it in your kitchen.
    I’m so excited with these aluminum scoop as it is the perfect size for my buckets dry baking products. Very light and durable. And very affordable too!
    We purchased these aluminum scoops for our outdoor wedding where we provided the bar set up ourselves. These scoops were a little smaller than I expected but they worked perfectly for pouring ice from the cooler and into drink cups without spilling everywhere.
    The aluminum scoops are well made with considerable heft. We mostly use them ice scoops, but they look nice enough to be used in a more decorative application, such as a popcorn or candy bar.
    Pretty light weight for an ice scoop, and very small as well, but it works fine for it's intended purpose. I would order a non-aluminum, larger sized scoop in the future.
    thank you for the great product's. this was the right size and is very heavy duty. I will be ordering more just like this one very soon.
    Very nice scoop, and a nice size for using in our lemonade shake-up stand. Easy to use and clean. Handle is a little short, but no other complaints.
    This is a nice large scoop. It feels sturdy in the hand. I use for flour. It is easy to clean and can be stored inside the flour bags.
    great quality scoop at a great price! I used it for ice at a birthday party. it was the perfect size. It does get very cold if left in the ice bucket though! I will use again and again!
    Very sturdy!!! I have had mine for a very long time. I have had no issues with it. It works great for ice or scooping sugar.
    great scoop for ice. scoops just the perfect amount for mixing any cocktails at the bar. or simply scoop ice for drinks. long lasting and does not rust
    This scopp works great and is a trooper (3 years old now). The only thing I do not recommend is putting one in the dishwasher like I did, they will discolor. Otherwise, it has worked flawlessly and is built very tough for scooping ice into thousands of lemonades for the past 3 years!
    Nice quality scoop, One large scoop with this fits perfect for our lemonade shake-ups. Local Health Department approved to leave in ice bin as long as handle was not a Ice.
    Very functional and affordable ice scoop. It is ideal for filing up glassware with ice. It can also be used for scooping bulk ingredients. The handle is a little small. That can be good and bad. Can cause some fatigue if you are scooping large amounts of ice for and extended period . On the other hand, it stays out of the way because it is small and compact.
    We use these for ice and dry goods in our restaurant, and for popcorn in our roller rink. They have a nice weight and wash well. Never leave them in ice, though, as you'll get frostbite when you grab them.
    Here you can see it stored and paired with the 3 3/4" x 2 3/4" Small Scoop Holder. Perfect for iced coffee beverages and teas. No need to scoop excess ice for these drinks. This scoops the perfect amount. High quality stuff here. It looks small, but enough for our 12 - 16 oz glasses
    Sturdy. Use as an ice scoop, a flour scoop, and a coffee scoop. I would order these for my kitchen again. I highly recommend these scoops!
    We have sold a lot of popcorn over the years in our store and having a good popcorn scoop is important. This 12oz stainless steel scoop, is a great price for a well constructed scoop.
    This is a great scoop. Best features are the really high sides so you get a big scoop of ice. Also the handle is welded solidly so it doesn't break off like some cheaper scoops do.
    I use this for our popcorn machine. It works perfectly. Next time I purchase I will probably buy the next largest size. The piece is exactly what I was looking for, I just misjudged the size. It is hard steel, and is a great product for any type of use for a scooper!
    Great quality scoops! Perfect for ice or ingredients, these solid scoops feature a comfortable handle to make sure you can "get a grip!" Solid construction won't easily bend.
    The scoop is made of quality material. The handle is a bit smaller than I thought it would be but the quality of this product makes up for that.
    This one-piece aluminum scoop is super sturdy that this is what we keep in our flour container to scoop out with. It holds about 1.5 cups so taking out ingredients is faster, easier.
    Fantastic metal ice scoop! Great when coordinating with recipes in the kitchen- one scoop and make that item! Only used it a few dozen times so far, but it is a fantastic productivity saver. No more measuring, just scoop and dump!
    The One-Piece Aluminum Scoop - 12 oz. works really well for ice or popcorn. The quality is very good as well as the price. I definitely recommend this scoop.
    I love this little scoop. I bought it for the kitchen, perhaps to use in a bag of sugar or flour but it ended up finding its home in my bags of grilling charcoal. I just leave it in the bag, scoop what I need when I need it, and then plop it back into the bag and tuck it away. Feels very durable.
    I like the One-Piece Aluminum Scoop - 12 oz. it's the perfect size for scooping ice, I can't hold onto it or very long like I can with most plastics because it's metal but at least I don't have to worry about it chipping or cracking, good product.
    Great and sturdy ice scooper. Small enough for my everyday use at the restaurant. Get this and you won't be sorry. Easily can be clean.
    Small durable scoop that is perfect for scooping ice from a bin to make each individual drink. You're only going to need to buy this once.
    The perfect sized little scoop and taper for our scooping right into our 12, 16 and 20 oz cups we used for cold brew coffee. One scoop is the perfect size as well!
    Does what it is supposed to do. Scoop ice. The scooper hasn't rusted or discolored and we use it weekly. Helps to get ice into small drink glasses.
    I've gone through about 6 of the plastic scoops but they couldn't handle the weight of what I'm scooping like these do! The handles break off the plastic ones WAY too easy! I have 3 of these and likely won't have to buy anymore any time soon!
    This scoop is heavy duty and super shiny. It looks great at my catering beverage station. It has a great finish that makes it very easy to clean up after use.
    As an attempt to improve our beverage yields, we are going to test a few of these to see if it makes a difference. It will save a few seconds instead of having to use a smaller stop several times.
    I needed an ice scoop for a margarita themed birthday and this was perfect! It's lightweight, super shiny and works exactly as you'd expect - it scoops. Even better, the sticker that was on it came right off so I didn't have to dread scrubbing off sticky residue.
    This product is great for scoping ice from your ice bin to cups. It is required by most states and a very good price. Sanitary as well
    Great size scoop for ice and smaller items. Light weight and doesn't take up much space. Good product for the price I would buy again.
    Really great aluminum scoop. We use this in our store for an ice scoop. The metal is sturdy and doesn't dent easily. The handle has ridges in it which makes it comfortable to hold.
    Scoops corners are not smooth , but I will smoothen it , other wise its quality solid , very good price , does the job perfect, I had plastic ones I didn't like , this is good
    This scoop is the perfect size for scooping ice at the server's drink station. We've had one for about 18 months and it still looks like new.
    This is a great, heavy duty scoop for the price. We bought it to scoop ice, and we can's use it for that simple because it gets too cold. But we use it to scoop flour out of the 25# bag.
    A great all purpose scoop and very sturdy. The twelve ounce is small, but we also need small size scoops for small size packages too
    If you need an affordable, but reusable scoop, this is for you. We have this and many like it and we are very satisfied. Thus is an aluminum scoop that is built to last.
    Great medium sized scoop, have used several times at events and has held up well. Seems to be made very durable so should last a long time.
    Good size scoop and its not a wimpy aluminum. It works for our purposes and gives us a decent size scoop of ice to put in the cups.
    Wow what a fantastic deal on this one piece aluminum screw it holds 12 ounces that seems to be an approximate 12 ounces I scooped it up and put in a 20 ounce cup and it was just over half full
    Perfect for dry goods and ice alike. We use this to scale flour mostly, if used for sugar sometimes you will have some stuck to the scoop, so it is best to purchase one per bin if you are planning on using this for fry goods.
    This is actually a bit to small for us. Very sturdy but we use the cheaper plastic scoops in this size and they work just fine.
    This scoop is great for our cafe and helps regulate the amount of ice we are scooping into our iced drinks. About 1 full scoop is just the right amount of ice for a 16oz iced coffee which makes life a lot easier. It has held up really well and looks great with average cleaning.
    Good little ice scoop. It's small, 12 ounces, so don't order this if you're planning on scooping a lot of ice, but it's perfect for building drinks.
    This is a decent one piece 12 ounce stainless steel scoop good construction well-made I've been running it through my dishwasher haven't had any problems with the pending which sometimes can be a problem with the scoops I'm using it for my flower which is good because I don't like having the pits in it for that
    This is a classic ice scoop. The handle was shorter than we expected - I can only hold it with three fingers rather than a whole hand - but it still worked well.
    The ice scoop work well with the ice and the beverage products that we had. We had no problem with the ice scoop and I will definitely use it at all the events
    Nice size scoop that we use for our ice bins. We scoop the ice from the bin to the glass, so a smaller scoop is more desirable. Food grade, stainless steel. High quality.
    Nice solid scoop. Have been using it for years with no issues no chipping on the edge and we dip lots of ice with it. It is also a good size for a single scoop measure for ice in our 24oz drinks which saves time during rushes while maintaining easy portion control.
    We bought these to scoop sugar, flour and other ingredients in our bakery production. They are well made, sturdy, and inexpensive! Also come in many sizes.
    One-Piece Aluminum Scoop - 12 oz. #922AS12 one piece ice scoop made of metal and makes it easy to sanitize your scoop I love these metal scoops
    We bought this scoop to serve our popcorn with. It is working out wonderfully. 2 scoops fills up the basket. Great quality and great price.
    piece aluminium scoop 12oz ideal for ice scoop , lightweight size , and it can be used very easily to put the ice in coolers
    This is a nice sturdy aluminum scoop. It makes a great ice scoop, but would also work well for scooping flour or other dry goods.
    Ordered these for our bar, and have been using them ever since. We ordered two, and if something ever happens to one of them we will be buying more!
    We use these scoops for our ice bin and also in our flour bins. The product is exactly as described, and of good quality. Will probably be buying more in future- definitely recommended!
    Nice quality, immediate shipment and (as always) offered at a fraction of the cost that our usual supplier offers. Very satisfied, repeat, customer. Thank yoU!
    We use these as ice scoops behind our bar. These work great and look great. The metal scoop works much better than the plastic ones.
    Product is as described. Quality and look fit other reviews description. Very light and durable. No sharp edges, safe to use for kids :) . I use it for my 12 oz Frappuccino drinks, now I don't have to guess on how much ice to put in.
    I love using these scoops in all aspects of our business from the ice Machine to scooping out dry ingredients, to using it as a decorative element on our food tables.
    Smaller than I expected but works great. The plastic ones break and get dull and dingy looking. I will be slowly converting all my plastic scoops to these.
    We use for ice and coffee beans. The small size is perfect to hold on to. Not heavy, not bulky, inexpensive and gets the job done. They get droppedfrom time to time and so far so good.
    Great scoop for your candy buffet or ice scoop at a party. This truly has so many uses but these are 2 we used them on.
    We use this as our ice scooper for basement apartment were we have all the bbq at. Webstaurant thank you?? You shipped it so quick. Right after I ordered it
    I use this as an ice scoop. Very well made and very lightweight. The price can not be beat. I have no complaints and recommend this product.
    Perfect for my needs. Lightweight but strong and durable. The price was perfect and super fast shipping to boot. Thanks Webstaurant, you are now my favorite online shopping store and I tell all my bartending friends about you.
    Ice scoop perfect for our kids 8 oz smoothies, one scoop and you have all the ice you also need for a fountain drink unless they request more.
    The one piece aluminum scoop is great for scooping out exactly one glass of ice. When filling your cups you don't have to scoop more than once for each glass. This is a great well made product.
    These one piece aluminum ice scoops are an excellent scoop and a great product for the money. We are very pleased with our ice scoops.
    Used the One-Piece Aluminum Scoop - 12 oz. to scoop up dog food. This size works great for portioning out the dog food. You can easily use the spoon and know that you are giving your dog just enough food. Arrived very fast.
    These ice scoops are perfect to keep by the coke machine. They are lightweight and easy to use for filling cups or glasses. Only downside is it can get very cold if used a lot.
    Another great scoop from Webstaurant's selection. This would be perfect for ice or for scooping grains...I decided it would be perfect for scooping compost in my garden. Definitely a good value for the price.
    I bought this mini scoop to measure out small batches of cake. It perfectly measures about half a pound per scoop. it is very sturdy and i expect it will last me forever.
    I love this scoop. It is in our flour bin and it works great for scooping out the flour for our recipes. It is heavy duty.
    The One-Piece Aluminum Scoop - 12 oz. is great. We use it as an ice scoop it is easy to use and is so shiny it reminds me every time to not leave the scoop in the ice.
    Another one of those webstaurantstore items I will re-order, planning on replacing all my plastic scoops with these. They are light, but heavy-duty you could use these for scooping ice easily as well. It's one of those multi-use items you can order an extra half-dozen of and find uses for easily.
    We use these scoops all the time. Most of them are for the products from dry storage. They works well for scooping ice as well.
    The scoops are great! I keep them in my flour and sugar canisters and they make scaling out ingredients a quick and easy task. I plan on purchasing more in the future.
    We use this in our drink trailer for scooping the perfect portion of crushed ice into our old fashioned sodas. It's sturdy but not too heavy, and easy to clean. Great product for the price.
    This is THE scoop to have if you want something built to last and that is heavy duty. I've broken other scoops that were too flimsy, I use this scoop mainly for ice and it is very durable and I get the feeling it will last years. The size is also perfect too.
    I purchased this for my ingredient bins at home. It is perfect for filling my baking ingredient jars. It very durable and made of a thick aluminum. Ill definitely not hesitate to buy more. I will definitely recommend.
    The worst part about any ice scoop is....... ok, maybe ice scoops aren't all that unique. But that's ok! This scoop is super useful for getting ice from one location to another, smaller location. It is very affordable, and no longer must our bartenders be forced to have colds hands all night long.
    This is a nice scoop. We use it for ice to fill up glasses. It is not stainless, but it is still easy to clean.
    This is a really nice, sturdy scoop. It's aluminum, so if it goes through the dishwasher, it will discolor. I like the size, except the handle should really be slightly smaller. It only goes about 3/4 of the way across my hand making me feel like I could drop it.
    Sturdy strong scoop, use it for scooping powdered soap into the washing machine, think I need to get another, will order soon, great product. Love it!
    Well it is a scoop, the thing that is most impressive is the price. We have seen these at local supply companies for more money.
    These scoops are great for portioning out single servings of items. The aluminum is a bit lightweight so I use this one for lighter items like flour and sugar.
    Product is as shown. Will be using at my daughters wedding. I would highly recomend to anyone. Will be used for family gatherings also. Perfect.
    These scooper were the exact size I was looking for. They are extremely sturdy and durable. Perfect for collecting ice from an ice bin at any bar establishment.
    I really like my one piece aluminum scoop ice scooper. I ordered three of them and utilize them often. They are very durable and I can get a lot of ice with each scoop.
    We love these. Have always used them to fill coffee bags with beans. They are a great size for that purpose-not too big, not too small.
    We wanted to upgrade from the plastic scoop that came with our machine. After looking at the website, this scoop was highly recommended. We decided to purchase it, and were not disappointed. This really makes our business but much better when customers be using it. I would recommend it to anyone having to scoop ice where their customers can see it, because it is a sleek looking utensil.
    These scoops are high quality. They are heavy duty. The price is excellent. I looked at several places before ultimately buying these. The price is about half of anything I could find for scoops of similar quality.
    This is a little ice scoop. Perfect for enough ice for a 16-20oz glass. It is constructed of solid metal so it won't crack or chip.
    Very happy with this. One scoop is perfect for a 12 ounce glass of soda or water. Seems to hold up to washing and tough conditions.
    The perfect size scoop to fill a 20 ounce soda glass. Has held up to constant abuse over the last few years. Would definitely buy again
    Just as good as the more expensive scoop that I bought at a local warehouse. I wish I'd seen these on here sooner! They are built well and they are the perfect size for scooping all of my ingredients.
    This smaller scoop is perfect for our scooping ice for our cocktails. It is very durable and easy to wash. Easy to store and is small enough so that ice is not falling out of the glasses.
    This is a small scoop. Works great for ice but it still a decently small scoop. Overall quality is good and it the handle is really strong!
    This metal scoop can be used for many purposes. It is heavy duty but yet looks professional behind a bar. We have no complaints this far with it. Nice product!
    Nice and heavy scoop, but it's a little narrow for use with an ice machine, and there's no hole in which to add a leash. Too easy to lose.
    As advertised and for the price, you won't find one better. Very sturdy, can take a beating and it still looks brand new. Well worth the money
    We use this Ice Scoop for our Bar in the Banquet Hall that we own, it help our bartenders to get those drinks keep going.
    Very nice and sturdy aluminum scoop. It's large enough to hold a full can of soda if that makes sense as far as size. The handle is a little short but still a good product.
    This One-Piece Aluminum Scoop works well. Very happy with the one-piece design that doesn't allow for moisture to collect in any spaces as with two piece models which can be a mold hazard. Highly recommend this scoop.
    Good aluminum scoop for ice. We use it for our ice dispenser machine at a high volume restaurant. Scoop constructed of durable material for heavy duty use.
    It's the perfect sized ice scoop for a busy bar. It cleans easily, looks great and is super affordable. Will buy again when we add on.
    These scoops are very durable. The metal is think and strong. We wish that there was a better picture of the scoop in action, so we could gauge the actual size of the scoop. If I knew how small it was, I would have purchased bigger scoops. When I do, I will still purchase this kind of scoop based on our experience with the ones we have already purchased.
    These are perfect for my ingredient bins. It helps me to measure in a neat and accurate way. Since they are a one-piece, they are also very sturdy and the handle in comfortable to hold. I am very happy with this product.
    These little scoops are just the right size- not too small not too big. Very sturdy- will probably last forever, good to have in many sizes
    Well built, and convenient to use, this was a bit smaller than expected. We still expect to get good use out of it. and it is a good value for the price.
    Perfect size for scooping small amounts of use. I use it for events and the scoop is perfect for the cup size that I use.
    very nice, good sized scoop, perfect for ice or flour or sugar. is strong enough you can use it for breaking up ice as you go, might not need an ice pick!
    No compliants. Simple. Does what its supposed to. Would rec to anyone looking for a small ice scoop. Seems well made and sturdy. Good buy.
    I use this aluminum scoop in my sugar bin. The health department does not like to see anything without a handle in the bins, so this works great.
    We have a craft bar program and use a lot of barwares. They are all pretty much the same in terms of quality, but here they are far less expensive.
    I ordered this scoop to use in our mobile concession stand for scooping ice into cups for tea and frozen drinks. It is a great little scoop for a great price. Quality is good and the size is perfect. We will be ordering more of these little scoops for sugar and other needs.
    This Aluminum scoop works great for ice. The ice in my freezer is constantly all freezing together and this scoop has no trouble breaking it up. High quality finish and great material.
    I give 5 star to this item * * * * * its perfect for my stores to take ice to prepare frappe for 12 oz good!
    Purchaed this to use with my popcorn maker at home. It's strong and feels very sturdy. Nothing cheap about this product. Certainly is perfect for a ice scoop or a variety of other products.
    All establishments need this if they are serving any types of drinks, plus its required by law. This scoop is very durable and looks really sharp.
    I love this scoop. It's heavy duty, but still light in weight. This would serve great for making snow cones and shaved ice for my birthday party.
    When it comes to scooping ice, these little ice scoops are the best. so much easier than using a cup and they are good for breaking up ice as well. I like using them with crushed ice myself.
    Heavy duty and still light weight. although sold as an ice scoop it works well for dry goods ad well. this is a great scoop for the price.
    Perfect size ice scoop for our fountain pop ice bin. It makes it easy for our staff to fill their cups and place under the fountain heads quickly.
    Decent, sturdy scoop. We use this for scooping measurements of sugar for our dough and scooping ice for fountain drinks. One-piece construction is appreciated for extra durability.
    perfect to use with anything, good size and easy to clean, i use it to empty original packages to smaller packages for example pancake powder.
    This 12 ounce One piece aluminum scoop is very well made. We use it to scoop ice from our ice bins in the restaurant. The one piece construction guarantees no breakage. I think I will be ordering a few more.
    We use the aluminum 12 ounce scoop for raw ingredients such as flour and rice. This is also very sturdy. I plan on buying more very soon.
    Great scoop. Love it. I used them in my pasta business to scoop various small products of different shapes. Rugged, easy to clean and they look great after a season of use. I do hand wash to keep them looking their best.
    This is a fantastic ice scoop and is the perfect amount of ice for one cocktail. I use this all the time when I have parties at my house. It makes making drinks much quicker. Great price and great product.
    Probably my most favorite bar tool in my collect, the ice scoop. This scoop particularly happens to fit perfectly in cocktail shakers, mixing glasses, and most glass ware. The only negative I can say about this item is that it could use a longer handle for sanitary reasons.
    Love these scoops. Got them with the candy jars to use as a candy bar in my wedding. Heavy and small enough to handle. Came shipped quickly and in good condition! Going to have to order more soon
    We sell a lot of bulk goods and use these scoops for everything from rice to beans, nuts to dried fruit. Very sturdy, good size and easy to clean.
    What a cute scoop. It is perfect for ice (obviously) but is equally at home in a canister of sugar or flour. I would refrain from washing in the dishwasher since most aluminum will discolor.
    A really nice ice scoop for our lemonade stand. Not too big, not too small. Scoops well and is sturdy. I prefer a good metal scoop over cheap plastic.
    A very handy scoop that is well made and should last for years. It is a versatile size which we purchased to scoop sugar out of a 50 pound bag for making sweet tea, but it would be suitable for a variety of jobs around the restaurant.
    I love this scoop. Worked well at my event. They do have a beautiful aluminum finish. Durable and easy to work with. Not heavy but of great quality!
    Simple, perfect scoop for almost everything. We use these for ice, flours, specialty grains... we have one in almost every room of the bakery for one reason or another.
    A fine ice scoop. We use it at a self-serve water station, so our customers can serve their own ice. It is a good size, not too big and not too small.
    This aluminum scoop works real well in a lot of applications. Mostly it's used to scoop ice out of a big cooler when we have parties.
    Perfect size to fill a rocks glass. A must to prevent glasses from being scooped into the ice which can be very dangerous. All one piece (no rivets or seams) to allow easy cleaning and prevent mold and bacteria growth.
    I bought these to refill canisters but they turned out to be a bit small for my preference. They are perfect for scooping ice at home. I'm an ice junkie and drink from large glasses, so this size scoop is perfect for me. I'm glad I purchased two.
    I am giving this four stars rather than five because it seems a little lightweight, even for aluminum. However, I am happy I was able to find a scoop of this shape and dimension. Our old one broke and our temporary replacement was a more shallow design that slipped right through our plastic ice scoop holder.
    The 12 oz. One Piece Aluminum Scoop. It is great . We use ours forscooping ice into our glasses, It is the perfect size. You can't beat the price.
    This 12oz one-piece aluminum scoop,it has served me well. it is a perfect tool for the kitchen. just the right weight. what a great buy.
    This scoop is sturdy and works great for ice machines or bins. Much better than using a plastic scoop that can break so easily. Great price.
    Cant say too much about an ice scoop. It does its job the great part about this product is the price. you wont find it this cheap anywhere else. Trust me i checked!
    Good product at a good price. It has served me well so far. Use it regular to serve ice for drinks at beauty pageants and at the farmer's market. It is holding up well. Good buy.
    Nice, good looking scoops. I use these for popcorn but I would also use them for ice. Really nice size - works for small bags as well as larger ones.
    It's durability is great. It does a great job holding up to it's standard. I even use it to break the slumps of ice most of the times.
    This scoop is perfect for any bar use. It looks great too. No more plastic scoops for me. I use it for scooping food as well as ice.
    These are great for ice machines. Filling pitchers and not buckets though. Also really good for large ingredient bins. Great for flour bins and sugar bins.
    I've been married for 36 years this August. And all those years I've been using a Tupperware scoop in my sugar and flour canisters. (They were given out as hostess gifts back when Tupperware parties were popular.) I love these aluminum scoops, just the right weight and size and the old ones are headed to the recycle bin!
    Ice scoop arrived as expected and works as expected. No problems with the finish or anything. Great to use in the restaurant as well as catering events.
    We use this for an ice scoop. We have had it for over a year now and it is still working and looking well. Very sturdy with a good grip!
    I ordered several of these to use for ice at a wedding reception. I didn't realize they are a little too large to fill glasses but can still work. Also, even though the price was very good, stick with stainless steel unless you want to always hand wash this item. I made the mistake of putting one in the dishwasher and now it looks so bad I would not want to use it.
    I really like the scoop that I ordered from your company. I ordered this for my mother as a gift. We have many family dinners throughout the year and our family is large. This product has been very helpful in getting so many glasses filled with ice quickly.
    This is a very good scoop. I own three of these, wish i would have gotten about ten. It is true, these are very hard to find at local stores. Even if you could, you would'nt be able to find them at this price for sure.
    This works great with the American Metalcraft silver ice bucket. It fits right in the bucket so you can store it with the bucket and not have to worry about finding it when you need it. It's the perfect size, coordinates well with my stainless steel ensemble, and works great!
    I always had to borrow a scoop from a friend of mine because I didn't have my own. Not anymore! I thought this scoop was just going to be average. Nope! My ice started to freeze into one piece, and it doubled as an ice pick and withstood my beatings - Very good product.
    I purchased many of these scoops for our start up as the health dept needs one in each ingredient. They are half the price of the local restaurant store and clean up easy.
    Perfect size and sturdy for ice scooper. Not easy to find aluminum or steel scoop in stores, they only usually offer plastic. Wish I ordered more than one.
    Perfect scoop for a multitude of jobs! Excellent for bars and dispensing ice! Also great for popcorn and candy!! Cant beat the price either!! Very durable scoop!
    The perfect scoop for our popcorn needs. Just the right size for our servings and made of stong durable aluminum. Also is very easy to clean.
    Perfect size scoop for a self service pop machine that has the ice bin below it. We use the 6 head machine Pepsi gives to us low volume mom and pop stores.
    Easy to use and clean. Wonderful for scooping from large sugar bags into funnels or into individual table pour jars for easy use ono the counter.
    This scoop is used to serve and deliver ice and various other mix in products for ice cream. It is the second one I've purchased. It is very good for the needs I have.
    These aluminum scoop is great for ice in the bar... it's small enough that you can prep drinks with it, but large enough to get a lot out of it.
    We use this scoop multiple times everyday, and it has never fail us. It scoops a nice one cup size of ice, just what we need. No rusting or anything. Works perfectly.
    I needed scoops for all my bulk items such as flour, sugar, cornmeal etc. I ordered 5 scoops and I am very happy with my purchase. I will order from WEBstaurant store again. I received my order within 2 days. Good quality and a good price.
    You can't go wrong with this metal scoop at this great price. It is fairly light and comfortable and made out of 1 piece of metal. It has so many uses: from ice to flour, it is really no to have it around the house.
    this scoop was used in my new consession stand this weekend and was great much less expensive than at suply house. the quality was much more than expected for the price.
    I wasn't sure what size of scoop I needed. The prices were so reasonable that I ordered one of each size. this is the perfect size to scoop ice directly into a glass
    I use these for a multitude of items at the concession stand I run, as well as around the house. You'll always find a use to have a couple of these around.
    I ordered two of these and am glad I did. They were a great product for the price and I use them for a multitude of preparation.
    Very sturdy. Love this product. It worked well and the bartender said it made his work easier by not having to be gentle in scooping out his ice for drinks.
    wow what a deal, i got two like this one for years, and i got to say this is the one to go for. I love to buy it again

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