3" Fine Single Mesh Strainer

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This 3" fine single mesh strainer is a handy tool for any bakery or restaurant kitchen! The 3" round size of this strainer makes it perfect for smaller cooking or baking tasks, including dusting powdered sugar on baked goods and decorating pastries. The smaller size also allows you to strain ingredients over a more precise area so that there is less wasted product and less mess! It's also perfect for separating seeds from fruits for fruit -based sauces.

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3" Fine Single Mesh Strainer

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strainer great mesh fine small price tea straining sugar works
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    We use it to dust our cakes with confectioner sugar. It's VERY small though, was expecting bigger (but the size advertised is correct). Good quality.

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    These small strainers are excellent for decoration with sugar powder or green tea powder. Small in size, but very useful. Good price, good product :)

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    This is a great little strainer. I use it it for many different tasks and it works great for smaller uses. I have not had any rusting yet. Very pleased.

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    I really like this Fine Single Mesh Strainer. it is perfect for smaller jobs, such as sugaring the tops of muffins or cupcakes. Overall, I would recommend this product.

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    We got this mesh strainer for straining small amounts of wheatgrass juice and other fruit juices. We intended to have it fit in a mason jar, which is barely is too big for. Can easily be used in several other size glasses, which is no problem. We get good use out of it.

    from The Vermont Juice Company Posted on

    This mesh strainer works really well for sifting flour or sugar! But I don't love using it to sift powdered sugar or cinnamon onto my steamers, since it's a bit smaller than my go-to cups, but it works well for my smaller mugs!

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    strainer compared to my large mug.

    The 3" Fine Mesh Strainer is a bargain valued good quality mini mesh strainer for a variety of kitchen tasks. The strainer is manufactured by Winware. The mesh is indeed a single layer of fine mesh. The mesh is strong and not thin or flexible. It holds its shape and can stand some pressure being applied to it. The weak point is the handle which is attached via spot welds. If anything breaks eventually, it will be the handle but given the price on this item, i recommend it as its build quality compared to its price is outstanding.

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    Fine durable mesh with welded handle.

    This little strainer is perfect for everything from sifting flour to straining drinks. The wide brim makes it fit perfectly on top of most glasses for straining coctails.

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    Fits perfectly on top of most home glasses

    Great in the kitchen as well as the bar. We use it to pass small amounts of sauces as well as dust doughnuts with sugar.

    from The Heritage Posted on

    I purchased this to use with my loose leaf teas and it's just great. It's very small and removes alot of the tea particles after boiling.Great price, easy to clean and great to have.

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    3" fine mesh strainer for loose leaf tea

    Very fine mesh strainer. I use it for straining crumbs out of my glaze for donuts. It works well. No complaints. I would buy again.

    from Rizzpen LLC Posted on

    A great product at a great price! I am overly impressed how well this product has held up being tossed in my bar bag and used for about a year. It still looks new, and I would highly recommend!

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    A great mesh strainer! I use mine at the bar, and I highly recommend!

    This mesh strainer feels a bit light for the metal but works fine. This lack of weight makes it easier to use day in and day out. Great for mixing up cocktails and straining out the ice

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    This small mesh strainer is great to shake powered sugar or cocoa powder on cakes, funnel cakes, or wherever you may need to shake something over. And it's just the right size.

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    A fine small strainer, good for bar or small applications. The mesh will filter out most small to medium particulates but some small may remain. The handle attachment point is of some concern as it is only electrically welded.

    from Classic harbor line Posted on

    Filtering tea with stainless wire mesh strainer

    I love this little strainer! It's the perfect size for squeezing lemon juice into a tea cup, which is exactly the thing for which I needed it.

    from Dane Posted on

    perfect fit!

    These little guys are great. The quality of the money os great. I am super happy to have found these. I will recommend these to everyone

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    This 3 " mesh strainer it's really good strong stainless steel material. I m using this for sprinkle the powder sugar on funnel cake. And price is great. Thank you.

    from Paradise shaved ice Posted on

    This strainer is strong quality material I am using this for sprinkled the powder sugar. It’s good deep holding enough sugar and price was affordable.

    great little strainer for skimming the fat off of broth or straining sauces. Well made with the edges of the mesh well hidden under the metal over lay. will buy more in a few more sizes

    from Kristin's kitchen Posted on

    Great size for skimming

    I use this strainer behind the bar when I need to make sure smaller ingredients such as mint or pulp from Citrus juice needs to be removed. Easily washed by hand and made of stainless steel.

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    Fine mesh strainer

    I use this fine mesh strainer whenever I make Matcha Green Tea. I've tried other strainers in the past and this one does the best job at sifting the fine Matcha Green Tea powder. It works great and the fine sifting prevents the tea powder from forming clumps when adding water.

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    Great for Sifting Matcha Green Tea Powder!

    This is a great tool to use to strain citrus juices. I use it for making cocktails so I can incorporate freshly squeezed juices without pits or pulp.

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    Captures all the pulp!

    This fine Winware mesh strainer can rest across a cooking pot easily to allow for thorough vegetable drainage. This culinary tool's diameter is 3 inches, and it is made of stainless steel.

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    This 3 inch strainer can drain from its support handle-

    This is a fine mesh, but not ultra fine. If you're straining out something really small look for something different. Great for straining teas or loose herbal/spice mixtures, brines, etc. where you don't want the particulates.

    from Natural Ways Homestead Posted on

    The strainer is perfect for straining both regular and herbal teas. It fits nicely over a mug and the fine mesh stops most leaves. It won't strain out very fine dusts, but it isn't intended to, since if it did that, it couldn't' also be used to sift powders. The quality seems solid, and the price is very inexpensive, so I can definitely recommend the strainer from a "great value" perspective, as well.

    from Shavetools LLC Posted on

    Straining some Yerba Mate.

    Perfect strainer for limes and lemons to ensure no seeds get into the bowl when you are squeezing theme. Good quality and easy to hold

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    Perfect hand held strainer

    My husband uses this every day to make tea. After dishwasher, it comes out really shiny and clean again. Lightweight and perfect size for mugs.

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    This mesh strainer is absolutely perfectly if you need to strain something like tea. Collects all the leaves so I'm able to enjoy my cup of tea.

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    Great for tea!

    This strainer features a hook on the end so it can rest on a pot or a pan without having to hold it. Small strainers are great for garnishing desserts or dusting plates with powdered sugar. This inexpensive can be used for a variety of tasks.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Very nice small 3" strainer. Great for straining tea. Also good for sugar and coco powder on desserts.

    This is surprisingly a well made and sturdy strainer. I was very surprised at the quality considering how low the price is. I would highly recommend this!

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    Does the job! use it to sift my cocoa powder for baking. Works very well to get all clumps out of the powder, so it incorporates into batter without causing lumps in batter! Must have in every bakery!

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    Perfect for dusting desserts!

    every task needs an appropriate sized tool and for a lot of fine detail work, this strainer works out perfectly. it's really well constructed and holds up nicely under abuse as well as just plain working well.

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    works super well for fine detail work

    These are a great cost effective option for spreading powdered sugar on baked goods or flour on a counter before rolling out dough. Can't be beat for the price.

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    I love this little strainer it's three inches fine a single mesh strainer works perfect with my loose teas for my hot cup of tea in the evening it's also great for baking and garnishing

    from Kathy J Posted on

    3 inch fine mesh strainer works perfect for loose leaf tea this is a multi-purpose strainer love it

    We bought these to use to sift chocolate powder and to use to drain the extra juice off of our sour kraut to make our Ruben sandwich. They have held up very nice good size mesh to drain and sift

    from The Bookery Cafe Posted on

    Using 3" sifter to sift chocolate powder

    works exactly as it should and a great price for the quality. we use it for straining ginger from our switchel and it makes super quick work of the task.

    from workhorse coffee llc Posted on

    I use this for powdered sugar and flour. The fine mesh works well; especially so at this price. It is easy to hang after washing.

    Posted on

    We love our small mesh strainer. We use it for adding special juices to our cocktails. Primarily we put it over a cocktail as we squeeze a lemon or lime to prevent seeds from getting in it.

    from Grains & Taps Posted on

    Small strainer

    Versatile fine mesh strainer. Perfect for flour, powdered sugar, or other baking tasks. Also good for soup, cocktails, coffee or tea. Easy to clean, stainless steel, and very affordable.

    from E Lou Coffee Posted on


    This is a good small strainer that is a good option to have in the kitchen for anything from making drinks, to preparing food. Sturdy enough and holds up to repeated use and washing.

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    This is a nice addition to any home or restaurant bar. It doesn't quite hold a full cocktail, but with a bit of finesse it gets the job done-and for the price, you really can't beat it.

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    3" Fine Single Mesh Strainer. This is a great little strainer. I use it mostly for dusting baked goods with powdered sugar or cocoa powder and it gets the job done.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    This strainer is by far one of the best out there. It is super fine and better than most strainers out there. I love using this to strain particles from oil.

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    I have lots of these in my bakery and they come in handy almost every day. I love using them to strain custards and dust chocolate, espresso, and matcha powder over my pastries. They're great for powdered sugar too!

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    This strainer is the perfect size for what I needed. It is well made and works wonderfully. I really love the pricing at webrestaurantstore.com. Ordering is a breeze!

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    I use this single mesh strainer to double strain my shaken cocktails - paired with the 4-prong bar strainer also sold on this site, Great Value. I use it everyday, and its a workhorse, still as good as new.

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    Great little strainer. Just the right size for the pastry department or to strain a small amount of finished sauce for the hot line. Goes over top of a quart to pint container or a small bain marie too!

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    This mesh strainer was a little more delicate than I expected. It will do the job fine but I am concerned about its shelf life.

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    Perfect strainer for dusting flour.

    I purchased the 3" Fine Single Mesh Strainer for home use. It works great for fine powders and liquids. The quality is great as well as the price. Definitely recommend!

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    Good for small jobs like dusting a dessert with a fine powder without making the rest of the plate dirty, good presentation. We only use it for loose teas. It's done a great job keeping out chunks but really fine bits get through, no big deal of course.

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    I love this strainer. Its good for straining liquids especially when you are making natural teas in the morning. The material is also good and sturdy.

    Posted on

    I was very surprised by the high quality of this strainer considering how reasonable the price is. This makes it easy to avoid getting seeds in your food when squeezing lemons or limes.

    Posted on

    Im making tea every morning from loose tea, this is very useful product that im using every morning when im poring my tea to my glass without tea leaves. Its good price

    Posted on

    Pastry staff loves this, great for straining their glazes or sauces. Presentation is a lot more vibrant with out specs of fruit on the plate.

    from BL Posted on


    Posted on

    This strainer is really really small. It works great for straining little bits of mint when you pour cocktails, and it fits nicely over a mason jar.

    Posted on

    Fine mesh strainer with wire handle. Seems well made and holds up fine in the dishwasher. The mesh is very fine and should filter out most items.

    Posted on

    This is actually a very high quality product. We use it for dusting with confectioner's sugar, and well as for straining smaller amounts of liquids. It has been holding up very well, including many repeated trips through a dishwasher.

    from Saveur Creations Posted on

    This fine mesh strainer is awesome! I'm using this for powdered sugar! You can also use it to sprinkle flour on pan before baking cake or brownies!

    Posted on

    Best way to steep tea without worrying about the residual tea leaves in your cup. Very economical and practical. Must have if your making tea with fresh tea leaves and not from the bag.

    from Hanaro sushi Posted on

    This is a great small strainer. It's easy to use and perfect for dusting cookies and cakes with powdered sugar. It also works well for straining drinks.

    Posted on

    This has so many functions I had trouble trying to figure out what to use it for. Kitchen tools are like any other kind of tool. Without it your like yeah I don't need it but when you have it you find yourself using them more and more. You realize at some point the kitchen items you are now getting, well, it would be difficult to make the dishes your making now without them.

    Posted on

    Very cute and useful strainer. Can be used to sift a small amount of flour, powdered sugar, or even straining used grease. Construction is pretty good considering the price.

    Posted on

    this is a good strainer for straining tea or to skim your soup stocks or broth. it seems that it would last if washed properly

    Posted on

    This 3 inch strainer isn't too bad for the price it does the job it's good for sprinkling powdered sugar coco powder over desserts and also good for straining your teeth if you like to drink loose teas

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I actually received this item broken. Webstaurantstore gave me credit for the broken item, so this is a review of the product and not Webstaurantstore. When I received it, the handle had broken from the strainer and I hadn't even removed it from the packaging. It looks like the handle was attached by two very weak welds. Needless to say, I opted for store credit and will be purchasing something different instead of taking another chance on this one.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Kenneth! We are sorry this item arrived broken, we are glad you were able to receive store credit for this damaged item!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This mesh strainer is such a nice, small size that is great for sifting powdered sugar onto smaller desserts, or individual plates as well as using over a cup.

    Posted on

    3" Fine Single Mesh Strainer this small fine mesh screen is very helpful for removing very fine particulates in your broth or screening out your teas

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    We love this strainer! Our personal use for it is in the powdered sugar container! It puts a perfect fine dusting over fresh french toast! GREAT PRICE!

    Posted on

    So far, we've used this little strainer to powder sugar over muffins and it worked out great. The little hook makes for very easy storage alongside our other hanging kitchen tools.

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    A few special tools that I love. Standard small mesh strainer! I love having these in the kitchen so I can strain lemon juice or lime juice!

    Posted on

    Does the job intended. It strains small amounts of liquid. We use it to scoop out floaters in fryer. Not very durable and I think it will get crushed very soon in sink. Inexpensive so I guess it will be like a disposable product.

    from Creativa Posted on

    Great item great deal , I always use it for cocoa powder or confection sugar to decorate the cakes thank you so much for the fast shipping

    from Sedgwick deli and grocery store Posted on

    Great little strainer, fits perfectly over individual glasses, we use it to strain our orange juice & lemonade, easy cleanup. Great price & fast shipping!

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    This strainer worked perfect for making Mint Julips on Kentucky Derby Day. It is great quality and the price was excellent. Will last me for years and I definately recommend.

    Posted on

    standard quality that you can find at convenience store. I use for straining Matcha powder and i wish mesh is little more finer so matcha will be more softer and finer

    from noho Posted on

    LOVE this mesh strainer. I've been wanting one for a while so that I could dust powdered sugar over my tarts and brownies and that price of this one was just right for me, an did works really great

    Posted on

    I love this mesh strainer. I bought different types and sizes of strainers, but I often find myself reach out to this tool most often. If you often make broth, this is a must tool for keeping the broth clear.

    Posted on

    This strainer does a great job capturing most small particles. 3" is the overall size of the straining cup so the mesh surface was a bit smaller than I expected. Great value, though!

    Posted on

    I like to use this fine mesh strainer behind our bar for cocktails. Lime and lemon juice pulp are too big to pass through the fine strainer.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    Love this for sifting and straining small amounts; gives you great control! It's got a heavy duty construction; I don't worry about wires breaking free with this one!

    from Petaljammies Cake & Pastry Posted on

    I use this strainer for sifting dry ingredients such as flour and baking soda. I have also used it for scooping things out of boiling water and hot grease. It is great for skimming jams and jellies. I would highly recommend to anyone that needs it for these purposes on a small scale.

    from Dog Gone Good Time Posted on

    These small strainers are excellent for decoration with powder sugar or green tea powder. Small in size, but very useful. Great price, excellent product !

    Posted on

    I was looking for a small strainer for burning loose dried herbs. This small strainer is the perfect size, is holding up well to the heat, and keeps the ash from flying everywhere. Great little strainer.

    Posted on

    I use this strainer to strain my morning tea. It works great and the small size is perfect. Super easy to clean and put away. The material is sturdy as well.

    Posted on

    Inexpensive small stainless steel strainer that does what it's supposed to. I did take off two stars because the one I received came to me scuffed but I doubt that that would be a recurring issue with this product.

    Posted on

    Love this strainer- its my 'go to' strainer for small jobs- excellent quality stainless steel and it's perfect for straining fruit- especially small seeds from raspberries.

    Posted on

    love this little fine single mesh using for my pasrty,s to shower the powder sugar to my bake dessert this are really awesome i love it

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    Ahhh! The fine mini strainer!! This is perfect for when I make fresh lemon water. Squeeze the lemons right over this and it catches all the seeds!

    from Fit Body By Kat Posted on

    I serve a lot of matcha at my store and need to sift it before serving. This is the perfect size to fit over my cups and fine enough to sift properly.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    for the price this is a nice stainer. perfect for the smaller jobs. it is really small so it works well staining stuff into mason jars.

    Posted on

    This 2 3/4" Fine Single Mesh Strainer is a great buy! Amazing price - great quality, I find it a must to have in your kitchen for sifting powders, sugar or sauces/caramels

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this little mesh strainer! It works really well to sift clumpy baking soda. I have been using it every day since it arrived. The price was very good too.

    from Three Springs Ministries Posted on

    Excellent to use to finish desserts for fine pastries that need just a dusting of some donut sugar. Also works well for straining small amounts of spices out of liquids

    Posted on

    This fine double mesh strainer is great. As a pastry chef, I use it to sift sugar into my whipping cream for chantilly or to decorate pastries, cookies, and cakes!

    Posted on

    This strainer is great in the kitchen for small projects. I use them in our restaurants when straining our wasabi caviar! So cheap and we can never have enough around!

    Posted on

    Love this little strainer! It's small but strong, and the lip at the end combined with the flat handle allow it to rest over a pan or cup. Fantastic product for a great price!

    Posted on

    This fine mesh strainer is the perfect size when you are trying to dust your food with powdered sugar. It's small diameter makes it very precise to dust/sift over the exact area you want with less waste. Use a large strainer and you would get sugar and/or flour all over the place. Happy with this purchase.

    Posted on

    Great product, very well made and holds up just as long as any of its competitors product, can be used for a number of different items in a restaurant!!!

    Posted on

    The 2 3/4" fine double mesh strainer is about as big as my hand, and seems very sturdy. I am pleased with the quality and think it will last for a long time. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

    Posted on

    Perfect for straining whatever into a small cup. Love it that is has a hook on its head so it stays flat on the cup.

    Posted on

    We use tehse at our bar for our craft cocktail program. They do a great job and are fairly sturdy but the real deal is the price.

    from Dino Posted on

    I wanted a small strainer I could use to filter out tea leaves while pouring directly into a tea cup and this does a great job. It's the perfect size for a cup of tea.

    from Home cook Posted on

    This strainer is small but great for straining a sauce into a thermos to keep warm as you plate. Great item for squeezing fresh citrus and catching the seeds.

    Posted on

    Great quality. Cute design. Easy to use. Exactly what I ordered, but looks even better and more professional. Good for straining tea as well as tiny amounts of spices and powdered sugar. Nice item.

    from CookieTime Posted on

    I was looking for a small strainer for straining tea and this is a perfect one for straining liquid for small quantity.i loved using it.

    Posted on

    These are great for garning desserts and cakes. You can sift the powdered sugar onto anything and give a really nice presentation. So cheap too!

    Posted on

    Handy little tool to have around the kitchen, makes straining small quantities easy. One of the many products I purchase from webstaruant. Fast shipping and great customer service.

    Posted on

    The perfect small mesh strainer for any kitchen. When you need the smallest mesh for straining or sifting, this is the strainer for your needs.

    from Somethin' Sweet Posted on

    The single mesh strainer is great for keeping seeds and unwanted solids from getting in your sauces. Looks great, easy to clean and built to last.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    Good fine strainer! Great for blanching vegetables and straing small amounts of sauce or stocks! Great price and well built! Easy to clean and maintain!!!

    Posted on

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