12 oz. Glass Sugar Pourer

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With individual sugar and sweetener packets more capable of making a mess at your dining establishment as opposed to helping the patrons who frequent it, this pourer serves as the perfect tabletop accompaniment. A stainless steel cap with self-closing side spout allows for a measured pouring of whatever condiment or spice is placed inside. The 12 oz. capacity allows for extended use with fewer refills, while the glass construction ensures durability. A fluted glass design adds instant style to your dining area.

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12 oz. Glass Sugar Pourer

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sugar pourer glass Great price easy nice quality coffee perfect
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    Its a sugar pourer. It pours the sugar and does a fine job. The little metal flap is a little flimsy and some of the lids have begun to rust after washing them a few times.

    from Younglife Saranac Village Posted on

    These sugar dispensers work like a charm. They are easily cleaned, the tops fit (some others don't), and they hold enough so we don't have to refill too often.

    from beeline bakery Posted on

    This is a very durable item and with a price affordable to everybody. I bought this sugar pourer for my coffee station in my convenicence store and even tough is been now almost 3 years, it still working very good and is easy to use and clean. Recommended.

    from Super Progreso Posted on

    The sugar pourer works perfectly for us.. You can find similar products for a few bucks more so this is the cheapest that's out there too.

    from Wholly Crepe Posted on

    Great 12 oz glass sugar container. It holds 12 oz which is enough sugar to last quite a few cups of coffee or tea depending on what you use it for you won't have to fill it often.

    Posted on


    Very good quality glass sugar pourer the look is fancy which is good for customers the price is very good made from good quality glass that make it last long.


    Love these 12 ounce glass sugar pourers what a great product and value! Looks great on my tabletop! Really makes it conveinient to have a heavy weight glass container!

    from Kathy J Posted on

    Love this 12 ounce glass sugar pourer! Easy fill, and clean, looks great on your tabletop!

    With a glass base, this 12 ounce sugar pourer has a metallic top that opens and closes easily. The pouring spout works on demand, too!

    Posted on

    This sugar pourer has a beautiful glass base-

    Perfect glass sugar pourer for any restaurant table. They work great. The only trouble we have had with a few of ours is the little metal tab on the lid has fallen off, but they have lasted for a while.

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    This 12 oz. glass sugar pourer is perfect for when we have guests over for coffee or tea. It's the perfect size and it's a great price!

    Posted on

    Easy pour

    This is a really great design for a glass sugar pourer. I like the self closing spout and stainless steel lid. It holds a lot so minimal need to refill

    Posted on

    Nice design!

    This product is a classic sugar pourer. If you have ever been to a diner you have probably seen this glass sugar pourer. This product will hold 12 ounces and we recommend handwashing to ensure a longer life. The glass design is much nicer than plastic and is much easier to clean.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Easy to pour glass sugar pourer.

    Classic diner sugar shaker works well and looks very nice. Easy to clean, lids sure take a beating. The glass has never chipped for us. They're an attractive way to save your servers from having to pick up thousands of paper sugar sacks.

    from The Running Iron Cafe Posted on

    I really like the classic diner look to this 12 ounce glass sugar pourer it works great a very nice smoth flow it has to it

    from P2B Posted on

    It has a very nice smooth flow when you're pouring out the sugar

    Perfect and economical way for provide sugar for my coffee service at local farmers' markets and catered events. These pourers save me money and reduce waste by eliminating paper sugar packets.

    from The Savage Patch Posted on

    coffee and tea service

    Can't have enough of these at our cafe for use with sipugar and dry powder creamers. You can't beat the price but I wish they would sell replacement lids in this size when the little flap starts getting jammed.

    from Knead Community Cafe Posted on

    This 12 ounce class sugar poor is really nice it's very thick and strong and the lid screws on and off with ease but it doesn't fall off on its own I really like it I don't want to great price saw God

    from REGARDLESS Posted on


    unfortunately when my sugar pourer arrived, it was pretty badly damaged so it was unusable. however, webstaurantstore has excellent customer service and took care of the problem immediately. the sugar pourer itself is very sturdy, much nicer than the plastic version. it pours in an even smooth stream which is great. the top is a little bit flimsy, but not cheap by any means. it's a good product

    Posted on

    pours evenly and works as intended

    This glass pourer is perfect for storing white or brown sugars for customers to dispense. They can sometimes spill sugar if tipped over, but that is to be expected since the lid flap is on a free hinge.

    from Marine Park Coffee, LLC Posted on

    I suggest the glass version of this sugar pourer over the plastic one if you care more about looks, but the plastic one is easier to hold. It's cheap and made out of high quality material.

    Posted on

    The glass looks great!

    Great classic look for our retro restaurant. We replaced sugar packet caddies on our tables with these, it saves our servers a lot of time running back and forth when guests need more sugar or if there are large parties. CAUTION: make sure the metal lids are put back on evenly and slowly, if you tighten it and it's slightly on crooked (which is easy to do) you will need the jaws of life to get them off, no lie, some we had to through out because even a wrench wouldn't work. Regardless, we will still buy more, they're great.

    from The Breakfast Spot Posted on

    Classic Look - Love em'

    This pourer seems like it should cost 10 times more than it does. It's super easy to pour from and it was an excellent addition to my coffee bar.

    Posted on

    Effortlessly adds sugar to coffee

    Great glass sugar pourer. I like that there is a little flap that covers the hole where the sugar comes out which prevents dust from getting inside. Very smooth pour

    Posted on

    Nice sugar pourer

    I got this for easy access to sugar in the kitchen. It is the perfect container given its cheap price. I wish it was more of an airtight seal though.

    Posted on

    12 oz. Glass Sugar Pourer

    This is very nice and a great price for glass and stainless steel. I want to use to keep sugar handy by the stove for cooking.

    Posted on

    A number of things this item can be use it for. we use it for creamer, sugar, salt, pepper, lots of other seasonings you name it.

    from Yamato Posted on

    great product!

    The spout allows the sugar to come out at just the right rate. The cap comes off for easy refilling and cleaning. Nice weigh of the glass.

    Posted on

    Ok item, does its job, the spout is a little loose on it, I think it should fit a lil more snug but its easy to pour so its ok.

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    wonderful item, makes filling and using a blast

    I have found the twelve ounce glass sugar pourer to be the perfect size. I use them on a regular basis for several types of sugar but also dried spices and even things like baking powder and soda. The heavy weight is professional in durability and the price is a bonus. I have found them easy to clean as well and I would recommend as they are exactly as described.

    Posted on

    Great for sugar, spices and coffee creamer.


    Posted on

    Works great for my coffeeshop. Easy to use, easy to clean. I use one for cinnamon and one for plain sugar on our condiment station

    from Birch & Banyan Coffee Posted on

    Glass sugar pourer for our cinnamon

    This is perfect for storing sugar for coffee,tea,etc. It's spout is good for pouring and has a self closing flap . Glass and stainless steel construction inexpensive sturdy lid.

    Posted on

    Great quality 12 oz sugar container for coffee or tea perfect for your home kitchen table or at the restaurant unbelievably priced, sturdy stylish.

    This glass pourer is very simple but really good too! I Love it! Does work just how you need it and how you expected! Great price too!

    Posted on

    Awesome sugar pourer, it works so nice to dispense my sugar with ease, cheap enough to supply all the tables in a restaurant, great quality.

    Posted on

    The 12 oz. Glass Sugar Pourer definitely exceeded my expectations. The price is very reasonable and the quality is excellent. I would highly recommend this product. 5 star product! I purchased for home use but definitely restaurant quality! This is the best compared to the others I have purchased. Very happy with purchase.

    Posted on

    This pourer reminds me of one that you would see in the neighborhood diner. Classy glass look with generous pouring top. I love having this at home!

    Posted on

    Great Quality. Holds a lot of sugar and looks very nice. Simple and easy to use and looks professional. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    Posted on

    Good quality glass base. The lids screw on tightly and no sugar leaks out when you pour. The tops can easily be switched out for shake tops if you want to use these for powdered sugar or other toppings.

    Posted on

    Very nice! Made of glass! We use it for storing oregano for customers! You can also use it for pretty much anything. Get it from here!

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    Excellent product, we use them as sugar dispensers. Our customers seem to like them. Great price by the way! They are good quality and work will with splenda, sugar and brown sugar.

    from Minute Cake n Bake Posted on

    The sugar easily pours out of this sugar holder and does not run out quickly, Just be aware that when you are refilling make sure to get all the sugar cleaned off as the lid can become hard to get off if you haven't.

    Posted on

    Good, basic sugar pourer. Nothing fancy about it but still aesthetically pleasing. The top screws on tightly and haven't had any problems with sugar spilling out. Great product for the price

    Posted on

    This sugar pourer isn't fancy, but it gets the job done. No complaints. Well worth the money. I will purchase another if needed in the future.

    Posted on

    Add these to your coffee counter for your customers. We use sugar packets but plan to have a few of these for backup in case we ever run out of packets before our next order.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    I would recommend looking for this item at a local shop. The price difference is minimal and if you include their shipping costs, it might even by higher. Ordered four of these, two of which were delivered with dents, they are usable but don't look appealing at all with the dents on the lids.

    from Luna Coffee House, LLC Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Jorge! We're sorry some of these had dents in them. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very basic glass sugar pourer. We do use it for sugar and has held up well. I like that it is translucent can easily tell if it is empty or full.

    Posted on

    These sugar pourers are a useful and sturdy addition to our table service. They look a lot better than serving sugar packets and they also save us the cost of purchasing sugar packets because we buy sugar in bulk.

    from Vincents Pizza Posted on

    How can you beat this price?! This sugar pourer works great, has a timeless look, and is very convenient to have in any kitchen!

    Posted on

    I love having this on my counter because it looks nice enough to just keep on your counter next to the stove or coffee pot for any time you need sugar. I really recommend this.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    Great standard sugar pourer. Seems very well constructed, so that it will last. Holds a good amount of sugar, and produces a nice size sugar stream.

    Posted on

    It is a nice sugar pourer but my sugar became hard due to moisture getting inside. I kept it in a remotely dry area. So i had to start to put parchment/wax paper under the lid to resolve this problem. It can be a nuisance to have to remove it every time i need to use it.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    No issues so far. I prefer the weight of the glass version compared to the plastic alternative, and the glass is clearer of course. The lid screws on easily on this glass version

    from Little Lots Farms Posted on

    We love these for sugar on the tables for coffee and unsweet iced tea. It's a great way to serve your guests sugar without having to open multiple packets.

    from Family Table Posted on

    Nice sturdy sugar or creamer Pourer. Can be used for many things and got an extra one for home use. No rusting or sticking lid problems.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    Came wrapped nicely and in good shape. The little flipper on the lid seems a bit cheap and I gather that it will fall off soon. Otherwise, good product. Typical sugar shaker at a really cheap price.

    from Brown Bag Bagels Posted on

    Very nice and sturdy dispenser. Most others I have purchased are too difficult to open and rust. This one is great for home and business.

    from SOD Posted on

    These are a good option and have a nice hand-feel. The one downside is that the little flip-top on the spout gets stuck and won't pour unless you manually move it...which defeats the purpose of having a sanitary cover at all.

    from Deep Creek Coffee Co Posted on

    These pourers are perfect for what we use them for. We have them at a coffee station. We also use them to pour the powdered coffee mixes.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    Excellent way to allow your customers to pour their own sugar. Some still go for packets, but bulk sugar is cheaper and this has helped save those packets!

    from Nudge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    Great little item for our coffee bar. Fills easily with the large opening and the glass design lets you know when it is time to refill.

    Posted on

    Works for many things!

    This sugar pourer looks much better than my current one. I love the dome lid. It gives the container a more upscale look. Very easy to open.

    from Donut drop llc Posted on

    Nice simple 12oz sugar pourer. The price is good on it as it is made of glass. It works good for coffee centers and to sit on tables.

    Posted on

    Shaker is made of good quality material and I am sure it will last a long time. I bought it for home use and it is great!

    Posted on

    These are basic sugar shakers. They are good quality...thick glass which is nice .They wash well and can withstand heavy use. I would buy them again

    Posted on

    Heavy duty glass pourer , works great . Some people find the pouring difficult , but i personnaly never had any issues. The flow of sugar is perfect for reg. suar and raw sugar

    from Pascaline Fine Catering Posted on

    A super inexpensive way to hold sugar. The jar is clean and durable. Now I just have to find a way to prevent my sugar from clumping!

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    i was hoping when i ordered the glass sugar it will save me so time and i don't have to think of it during my work day, but it seem the opener is not made good enough or strong enough that we have to shack it after each use.

    from Tina's Basket Posted on

    Strong glass and great durability make these pourers the go to dispenser in my shop. I don't have to worry about someone banging them around, they're strong enough to take it!

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    We keep these on the tables for all meals. They are very heavy and a good glass quality. I would recommend these to anyone needing a sugar dispenser.

    from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe Posted on

    Purchased 2 of these and within a week, one of the flap closures had fallen off. It appeared to be during normal use and there was no abuse to the lid so I am not exactly sure how it happened.

    from Sugarbelles Posted on

    Handy and convenient sugar dispenser. Heavy and secure in your hand. Get several, so one is always available. Lowest price on the web. You can't go wrong with this.

    Posted on

    This sugar pourer is a pretty basic item to have in a cafe. Easy to use and clean but sometimes a bit of a hassle to get the lid aligned to the ridges.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    This is exactly what you see, a traditional glass canister sugar dispenser. It is very easy to fill and use and cleans up well. The only drawback and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact that it pours such a small amount that it takes forever to use. For people that only use a touch of sugar in their coffee (or whatever your chosen use) then this probably won't be an issue but it annoyed me so badly in less than a week, we stopped using it.

    Posted on

    Bought this strictly for the diner/nostalgia look. Very surprised at how convenient it was as opposed to the crusty old sugar bowl we had. Like it!

    Posted on

    We purchased 2 of these for sugar and creamer at the service counter. So far they have been great. Easy to refill and clean, and look so much better than the paper canisters our sugar and creamer comes in.

    from The Garage Posted on

    I have 2 sugar shakers from Webrestraunt store, the other is the beehive pattern. I Love these as they are convenient for both family and guests. Easy to clean, I just stick them in the dishwasher as needed. I have a large kitchen so it is an item I like to have on both ends as they are used often. Highly recommended for their quality, durability and convenience.

    Posted on

    I (like I've said before) am not a pro baker and I don't own a coffee shop, but I use this is my home. I like it much much better than scooping sugar out with a spoon from a dish. It seems less messy and easier to use. Less time consuming that scooping. Also, it works if you're measuring small amounts of sugar, just pour it directly into the measuring cup (and level off, if the directions call for it) The price is excellent, so I may just come back and buy one for my mother and MIL

    Posted on

    Well this is the same sugar pourer that you have seen at just about every dinner, drive in or dive, wait I digress.... The item seems to be of high quality, the lid fits well, and the glass is clear and of even thickness. This items seems well made, not like the ones I have seen at walmart and target that have slight imperfections.

    Posted on

    I use these on all of my dining room tables they work better and are more sanitary then sugar bowls. They also save me money over sugar packets. All in all a good product.

    Posted on

    Standard sugar pourer, but for a reason. It's clear, so you can see what it holds. It is big enough to not be filled too often, but easy to pick up and sweeten drinks. Needs to be cleaned sometimes to clear the sugar from the spout.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Excellent sugar pourer-we use it everyday and have had it for some time now. Would not buy any other pourer as it is the best product for the money. Would buy this again without question.

    Posted on

    We placed this on the counter for our customers to use at their discretion. People seem to really like this option and it's less wasteful than offering single sugar packets!

    Posted on

    This sugar pourer is both functional and attractive. I love the hinged lid that helps to keep the sugar dry. I bought several more as I think these are a great value!

    from Albuquerque Isotopes Posted on

    These are so cute! I initially ordered 2 of these and one of them had this black stick residue smeared over it and I could not get the lid off. It was like someone had glued the lid on. I called customer service and they immedially sent out another one which I have no problems with.

    from Macy Posted on

    I have two of these 12 oz glass sugar pourers at home. I have sugar in one and cinnamon sugar in the other. Very handy!

    from Legends Salon Posted on


    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry that your item arrived damaged. Your satisfaction is very important to us! If you ever find a damaged item in your order, please contact our Customer Solutions team to arrange for a replacement!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This is a standard sugar pourer, but the quality is excellent & the price is great. The one we bought is used in our cafe on the coffee bar & gets constant use & all is well with it!

    Posted on

    These pourers are great they work good n love that they are glass. They clean real good and are sturdy the price was right and good product.

    from jones news Posted on

    We actually purchased an extra shaker, thinking it will likely break with daily use. But it's still sitting in storage! The shaker is good, stays clean, doesn't get gunked up and clogged, and is small enough.

    Posted on

    we use 2 of these in our home for sugar. We love hot tea and hot coffee, and they is no easier or more convenient way to pour sugar at home.

    Posted on

    Very nice and durable sugar pourers. They look nice on the table, are easy to clean, emit a good stream of sugar for various needs and are super durable. I haven't had a single one break in over three years, and I have tile floors.

    from great gardens cafe Posted on

    I purchased a set of 12 of these to put out on my tables. I just recently got my order in and they work like a charm.

    Posted on

    These are nice classic nostalgic sugar containers. Guest like how easy it is to sweeten a drink with this 12 ounce pourer. Easy to refill and run through the dishwasher.

    Posted on

    this glass sugar pourer is great and very durable. they are easy to keep clean, you can put them right through the dish washer. will last a very long time.

    Posted on

    These glass pourers do exactly what you need and work great for sugars. Inexpensive making them great to buy a lot at once. Replace all your old ones for cheap.

    Posted on

    Great bulk price! It's a lot cheaper to buy a bunch of shakers and be able to fill them then run out of the expensive packets all the time.

    Posted on

    These Glass sugar pourers work very well at my place. I can buy surgar in bulk and save. You know the price can not be beat.

    from nitas place Posted on

    This is incredibly useful at home if you drink a lot of coffee or tea. It's so much easier than needing a spoon, and cheaper than buying the little individual packs.

    Posted on

    Great for the price. Nothing too exciting. They do what they are suppose to do. No compliants really. I woul purchase again if I couldn't find them in the store

    from amazing hands catering Posted on

    These sugar shakers are great! We bought a bunch for our 50's style diiner and they are perfect. The price is great and they were shipped fast!

    from Cruisin' Diner Posted on

    Great inexpensive sugar pourers! They also work well as a place to store whole and ground spices! Very attractive in the kitchen at home! Easy to take apart and clean!!

    Posted on

    Great sugar pourers for any convenience store. These are glass so they may break but i prefer the glass look. Comes at such a great price.

    Posted on

    The quality of these is pretty good. The top is a little cheap. I had to use a pair of pliers to fix the opening of the top because it wasn't closing properly.

    Posted on

    Great price for a durable and useful product. Awesome buy if you need to buy them for all of your tables. Also a smart alternative to sugar packets.

    Posted on

    Thy are generally used in many Food in trusty establishment. They are not expensive but don't look bad either. Just keep it clean and it'll work just as great

    Posted on

    Inexpensive, but gets the job done. We use these in conjunction with the Coffee Condiment Caddy Organizer for our church coffee bar. Glass is heavy enough to handle some abuse, but the lid is very lightweight and can dent easily.

    Posted on

    This pourer fits in nicely with the retro feel of our cafe. Easy to fill and easy to wipe down. Customers seem to like it.

    Posted on

    Great!! Although the metal tab where the sugar comes out does not stay closed. A little worried about "critters" getting in or sugar hardening. Great size!

    from Hunt Springs Baptist Church Posted on

    You can't get any more traditional in your home beverage bar than having one or more of these filled with sugar. It is way more convenient than a sugar jar.

    Posted on

    I love these Glass Sugar Dispensers! I use them for sugar and non-dairy coffee creamer. They take up less room on the counter and are so much more sanitary then traditional sugar bowls because they stay closed until you tilt it to pour out the contents. Easy to clean and easy to fill.

    Posted on

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