12" x 14" Wooden Tapered Pizza Peel with 8" Handle

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Ensure fast, effective service at your bustling pizzeria with this 12' x 14" wooden pizza peel! This 1/2" thick pine pizza peel features a tapered design for easy handling. An 8" handle ensures a safe, sturdy grasp in smaller kitchens, while the 12" x 14" blade makes this pizza peel perfect for handling small pizzas. Wooden peels, like this, are vastly superior to steel peels in that they easily slide under a pizza without causing damage to the pie itself. Additionally, your customers will love the rustic charm of the wooden peel as you slide their favorite items in and out of your pizza oven atop it!

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12" x 14" Wooden Tapered Pizza Peel with 8" Handle

4.8 stars from 80 reviews


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pizza peel Great oven pizzas easy quality price stone perfect
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    Great wooden pizza peel. The small handle takes up less room on our counters and easy to clean with a damp washcloth or dough scraper.
    Awesome pizza peel. Super sturdy and durable for the price. Don't let the price fool you. The 12x14 measures exact and is great for making pizzas on. Pizza slides over super nice and doesn't stick to the peel. Def recommend!
    So far these have worked great! Very smooth surface so the pizzas slide off easily. We will be ordering more as the business needs grow.
    We have about a dozen of these, as the price can't be beat. We use a rack and stack pizzas for days and cook them fast and hot.
    Great peel. I use these every day and don't have a problem. Quick scrape and a quick scrub in the dish tank and they are good to go. Need to dry directly after wash or they will warp.
    I am really surprised at the quality of this pizza peel. Really sturdy, smooth and made quite well. Impressed with how nice it is - highly recommend.
    We use these daily to build our pizzas on and to transfer them to the oven. They are holding up well after a year of use. The only advice is have is to never let them get too wet.
    very good quality. perfect for any pizzeria and size. on the pic seems that quality will not be good but once it arrvied it exceeded my expecation.
    This wooden board paddle is sturdy and safe for removing pizza and such from the oven racks for protection for hands and fingers even gloved hands
    No more burning my hands while baking pizza works great high-quality really easy to clean and you can't beat the price give it a try you won't be sorry
    Fantastic! Just what we needed to move our gluten-free pizza dough from pan to our product packaging. Indispensable product for our bakery. We will be ordering these again.
    Works great in our double decker pizza oven. The tapered edge helps to get the pizzas out with ease off of our stones in the oven.
    Works perfectly! The dough doesn't stick to the wood and slides off nicely. Wood is heavy duty and feels like it will last a long time.
    This item has been in use for less than a month and it is already coming apart. It is obviously poorly made and not intended for commercial use. Would not recommend.
    High quality product and it does feel solid. The wood has a beautiful grain and in order to maintain it in its original state I suggest to apply a coat of mineral oil or butcher block oil every once in a while, it will make it a little darker and nicer color and help keep it sanitized. I avoid using it to take the pizza out from the oven as I have a metallic peel.
    Great wooden pizza peel! Excellent quality and price. Works perfectly for loading and unloading pizzas in our oven, and can even be used as a cutting board.
    Our restaurants have been using this product for many years. This item is a solid, commercial quality product at a very fair price. Great product !
    Wood is sanded very smooth and the pizza peel is very well balanced. Even after months of constant use, this is still in service! We love it.
    This cutting board is the perfect size to transfer my pizza from my prep area to a hot stone. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. There’s a hole that you can use to store it hanging up on your kitchen wall instead of it taking up room in a cupboard. I plan on purchasing the wood elixir to season it before use just so clean up and sanitation are easier.
    Good sized pizza peel for large sized pizza. Fits well in our small oven. The handle leaves no extra room. If I needed to put it in a larger oven, I'd get a longer handle. Works great and has a thin taper on both sides so its reversible.
    Great size for a home oven, and the tapered edge is perfect for getting things onto and off a pizza stone. The woods a bit softer and more splintery than I expected, but it's nice and lightweight and gets the job done.
    This one is the perfect size. It fits large, medium, and small pizzas and other items too. Put a bit of corn meal on the peel so nothing will stick as you're sliding it off onto the pizza stone.
    This peel does exactly what it's supposed to do. Misses out on 1 star because it didn't surprise me with any extra convenience. Dropped a couple of times with no noticeable damage. I would buy again.
    My guests were so impressed when I brought pizza fresh from the oven to the table on this 12" x 14" Pizza Peel. The size is perfect to use with a 15" stone. I assemble the pizza on parchment paper in advance and when the stone is ready, I just slide the parchment on the peel and load it on the stone. The peel is very light and the handle is long enough to prevent burning your fingers in the oven but short enough to make storage easy.
    The shortness of the handle works well to place/remove items from an oven. It stores well and the quality of the peel is nice. One might want to oil it to keep it shiny and new.
    I have been using this peel for 2.5 years and it works great. I have made hundreds of pizzas on it at home and it has only warped ever-so-slightly. I just purchased a larger one and it is the same good quality. Great deal.
    This is a great product. it is perfect for making personal sized pizzas you can top them then slide them in to the pizza oven with ease!
    This peel is greatly manufactured, won't crack and stores easily. We've bought several with no complaints, our customers look for this item all the time, great for household use too.
    Great pizza board at an amazing price. It closes right on and off and provides a great value for anyone in a pizza /sub shop we use it for events and it works well.
    Excellent pizza peel- perfect size for a 15" pizza stone. Great for home cooking and hangs nicely on the wall. Also very fast shipping from the website!
    It worked great in our restaurant, the right thickness, sturdy and good. It washes off easy, I ordered the first one last summer it's used every day and it hasn't broke or chipped yet.
    The Pizza Peel held up for the few months it was used until we decided we didn't need it. It's in storage now, still looks brand new.
    Lightweight and functional. So far we've used it to get frozen pizzas out of the oven. it works much nicer for slicing than a plate or cookie sheet. The hole for hanging it is a bit splintery, but the rest is nice and smooth.
    This pizza peel looks really nice in my kitchen and it gets the work done! Even though I bake a lot I am always burning my fingers when I try to turn my breads in the oven. The long handle on this peel makes it easier for me. It is also very sturdy, albeit lightweight, so it is the perfect helper for the frequent and the occasional baker. I use it to handle all kinds of breads, pizza of course, empanadas and any other thing baked on the pizza stone that I also got from Webstaurant.
    We just use this for our homemade pizza and it's an excellent length for the home oven. It's light and we have ours hanging on a hook on the back of the pantry door so storage is easy. So far we've just wiped it off - haven't washed it in water yet so don't know if it will warp, but it certainly seems to be quite durable.
    Very light weight and easy to use the peel. A must have in every house. Very easy to clean after every use. Better than the metal ones.
    Had no idea what a peel was. This is best invention ever. Can even use with purchased pizzas. Won't burn arms. Also bought Pizza Stone here.
    This is a very nice pizza peel and it all being one piece is excellent. While my oven not being big enough for it to be used to it's full extent, it makes for a good rising spot for breads. This resolves the issue of deflating breads through transportation onto a cooking surface. The tapered edge makes it easy to slid off as well.
    This is a awesome buy. I love the lip at the bottom made getting a pizza out of the oven so easy. All wood just a great buy!
    Great size pizza peel. this peel is a quality product at a very reasonable price compared to other peels out there. It is the perfect size for a smaller pizza. very pleased with purchase.
    These peels are great. Such a great price so I ordered two and we have used them numerous times. Great with our pizza stone and easy to slide pizza on and off.
    this is a great value pizza peel that really does a great job in our smaller oven. very strong and well built. and at this super low price you cant go wrong.
    This is a smaller pizza peel for smaller ovens. It has a sturdy feel to it and we are sure will last a long time. The wood is a little rough but it has not impacted the usability. Good product.
    I had never seen a pizza peel that was as inexpensive as this. I didn't use the term cheap, because I was surprised when I received it how great of quality it is for the money. My main hobby is cooking, and for the home chef, webstaurantstore,com has become by "go-to" for things I find I need to make my life in the kitchen a little easier.
    this peel is very good quality, made out of strong wood, but very light. I would advise to wash it manually, to avoid wood planks separation. Mine did last a long time and still going strong. Love it.
    this thing is really nice, it's very lightweight, but surprisingly durable. If pizza is on the menu, you gotta have one of these things, it's cool.
    We use these peels to serve our small pizza and flatbreads on. They are lightweight but sturdy and easy to clean. I would definitely recommend
    These peels are good for the money. I just had to re order more because the ones that i have are finally showing their age after 2 years. Great product, will buy again
    These peels are great for pizza parties. Just put the stretched out dough on the peel with some cornmeal or semolina and let your guests "dress" their pizzas.
    These peels are good for the money. I just had to re order more because the ones that i have are finally showing their age after 2 years. Great product, will buy again
    This peel has worked well for our restaurant. We use the peel primarily for cutting our wood-fired pizzas, before they are served to our customers.
    I already have one of these and they work great. I paid more before I checked with webstaurant, big mistake. They are the cheapest for most products, and this one for sure.
    To make a home pizza, this is a must have. It's the right size for home oven, easy to clean, and requiring not much work to maintain w/ application of a little amount of mineral oil, you are good to go for next time use.
    Perfect size for home oven kitchen. Not polished wood, but still looks great. Tapered on the edge so you can slide it under your pizza or bread. Hole in the handle to hang conveniently. I don't see this thing breaking for years...
    It is almost impossible to make a pizza at home without the wooden tapered pizza peel. I sprinkle the pizza peel with cornmeal and make the pizza right on the peel. It makes sliding the pizza in and out of the oven a breeze. This is a must for pizza lovers!
    works great sliding pizzas onto and out of the stone. it cleans up very easy and it hangs on our wall out of the way. We love it
    After an initial attempt that didn't go so well, I floured the peel really well and the loaves of bread slid right off. Definitely much easier to take them and pizza in/out of the oven!
    A great pizza peel. Not only do I use it for getting pizza in and out of the oven it's also great for artisan bread too.
    Good product. The wood is splintering a bit after a couple of washes but nothing major. Much cheaper than I was going to purchase elsewhere...price is great and quality is very good.
    This is a handy size for light use. The surface was a bit rough in some areas due to raised grain. Light sanding with fine grit paper fixed the problem in just a few minutes. This is a great price and I have ordered a second one.
    These wooden pizza peel with handle is so helpful. You can make the pizza right on it and then just slide it in the oven without burning yourself and taking it out is easy.
    very comfortable to use. I have had it for few months now and it is still good as when I first bought it. I am ready to buy a bigger version for bigger pizza.
    I ordered this to put in a Christmas pizza gift basket for my nephew. It is a nice quality wooden peel and he reports it is doing a wonderful job!
    Great buy! I went to an outlet store and the same item was way overpriced. The peel is not warped or split. It is sturdy and lightweight. It is the perfect size for my home oven and pizza stone!
    This 8 inch wooden pizza peel with handle is fantastic. We have a wood fire grill and make pizza every other night. This is long enough to put the pizza in and take it out. great price.
    Very nice peel at a very nice price. Works great and with the short handle is easy to store away. I am buying additional as gifts since this is an item that a lot of people do not consider purchasing.
    This is an amazing pizza peel. It is nice and small, that makes it easier to load pizzas into small ovens. The wood is high quality and is very light.
    we use this item to hand made the pizza crust. it works great. we are going to buy another one again. thank you very much!
    This pizza peel is very inexpensive yet very good!!! Great for taking homemade pizza out of a pizza oven or even using it with a pizza stone in a regular oven! Lightweight!!
    I love this pizza peel and the price is absolutely amazing! When it arrived, I rubbed a little bit of food-grade mineral oil on it and the wood turned a richer color and the grain stands out. My husband added a hook to our kitchen wall where I hang the peel for storage. It not only performs excellently as I finish my pizza pies on the peel and slide them in and out of the oven with ease, but it doubles as a kitchen decoration!
    I've shopped a lot of Pizza Peels, and the Quality and Price of this is unbeatable. I particularly appreciate how well it is made and finished. It is flat, not warped. And thin. I find it is critical to have a thin, flat peel with a sharp edge, and this one delivers !
    This product is part of a family of pizza peels offered on Webstaurant. Each of the peels has a different length handle, and this one is ideal for home use. IF you have a commercial pizza oven, you should get one with a longer handle. These peels are inexpensive, and you can have a few and have pizzas ready to slide into the oven.
    I adore this pizza peel! We got it along with the rectangular baking stone and they have proven to be the dream team of baking. I love the short handle on the peel since we have a small kitchen and limited space to maneuver. The peel is the perfect size for a 12-inch pizza and I make my pizzas directly on the peel with lots of corn meal and they slide right off and keep their shape very well. I've used it to place and remove bread and pizza and it's done a great job with both. It feels hefty and is easy to handle. A great product!
    I use this peel not only to slide the pizza in and out of my gas oven, but also to load and take out casserole pans as well as bread pans from the oven. I have a 24-inch-wide oven and not a lot of space in my 8'x6' kitchen, so a peel with a short handle was the right one for me. The peel that I received had a hanging hole on the handle, the product photo here on the website is missing this hole. The peel looks a bit cheap when you receive it, but when you start using it, it will start to develop a slightly yellowing tint on it, which makes it look better. The price is very reasonable and I think that using a peel to load and take out pan's from the oven is much better than using the oven mitts.
    I am using this great pizza peel with a 15 and ¾" stone and I find it to be a little small but it keeps the pizzas from getting to big to fit. The peel is very smooth and durable and the handle is long enough for home use. Make sure you use lots of corn meal to slide the pizza off without making a mess.
    Love this pizza peel! Great quality, and hangs on the wall with no problem - has the hang hole drilled into the handle already. Will definitely buy more to have on hand. Great size, super easy to handle - even in a home kitchen.
    I bought this for making pizzas at home. It is great for putting the pizzas on my pizza stone and for removing them from the oven. The pizza just slide right on and off the pizza stone. It's not so big that I have trouble storing it. Great for use at home!!
    This peel is the easiest way to get the pizza or bakery product into and out of the ovens. It lessens the chance of burning oneself on the hot oven racks or pans. I love it....
    The pizza peel is perfect for our homemade pizza adventures. It has the perfect length handle for getting the pizza in the oven onto the pizza stone.
    Nice size, works great to load a pizza on to place in the oven on my stoneware pans. Handle length allows you to store it in a cupboard with no problem.

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