11" Red Ball Bar Spoon

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Perfect for bartenders and cocktail lovers, this red ball bar spoon is a versatile utensil for crafting all your favorite beverages! From mixed drinks and juice to milkshakes and salad dressings, this spoon ensures a thoroughly mixed concoction each and every time. Designed to spin effortlessly in your hand, this spoon serves as a great alternative to cocktail shakers and is a great tool for less experienced bartenders. This spoon's design is especially ideal for evenly mixing drinks with a lot of ingredient layers. Simply combine all ingredients directly in the serving glass of choice, and mix away. The bowl of the spoon is solid and very small to it can fit glasses of virtually any diameter and size, and its size also makes it easier to mix drinks despite how much ice is added. On the opposite end is a red knob for even more control when mixing. Its twisted middle provides greater support and a sturdier grip and improves the durability of the thin metal. Featuring a long 11" length, this spoon will effectively mix drinks in even your tallest high ball glasses or shakers!

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11" Red Ball Bar Spoon

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    I'm sure this spoon has many uses, but it has worked well for me when used to stir lattes. It really gets the fluids swirling. Would love to try to stir other liquids with it.

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    We use these for sodas and they are awesome. The red tip makes them easy to find. They are stainless so they clean up nicely.

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    Theses long handled bar spoons are great to have on hand for mixing drinks. They are a great price and very sturdy. the red ball on end not only is attached well but you can use it to stir in very thin glasses.

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    Bar spoons are the best. These things have a million uses, and look kind of striking when in use. They have a tendency to bend eventually, and the red cap can pop off. We just bend them back, and use sans end cap. No complaints!

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    We use these spoons in our coffee and ice cream shop. They work great for mixing flavored latt├ęs and iced teas. The long handle is perfect for tall drinks. Great product!

    from Tim Curtis LLC Posted on

    The quality of this spoon is great in hot or cold liquids. It's used in the coffee shop to stir hot tea before being iced. The length of the handle is perfect for large sized cups.

    from Cafiuta coffee shop Posted on

    Stirring hot tea with sweetener.

    Large iced tea being mixed with the bar spoon.

    Works just as described. Perfect for mixing cocktails. Definitely works great in our 1/2 liter carafes because of the length. The red knob on the end has a tendency to fall off in the dishwasher (might be due to our dishwashers) and exposes the end of the spoon. Other than that, works great!

    from Iron Age Posted on

    I have been thinking of getting more spoons since we are using them a lot and we have to keep washing them. Only one red tip comes off from a spoons out of 36 spoons i have so definitely great glue!

    from Organic Fusion Teahouse Posted on

    I use this spoon everyday when I make fruit tea. With its long body, I can mix it well the very bottom as well. I really like it.

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    Great product we make speciality coffee drinks and we use these spoons to stir in the syurps do a great job mixing everything up and are great length for getting frozen drinks out of a blender as well

    from The Bookery Cafe Posted on

    These bar spoons are great for cafes or coffee shops that need to mix syrups into their drinks. They are also long enough that they can stir both small (12 oz.) to large (20 oz. and larger) sized cups.

    from Marine Park Coffee, LLC Posted on

    Another great item from webstaurantstore! I set up my home bar and purchased all my tools here. Great pricing for all the things I needed. I love entertaining and these items work perfectly.

    from Home use Posted on

    This spoon is really sturdy and the length is perfect, anything longer would probably feel a bit clumsy. it's really easy to clean and makes bar tending just that much easier.

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    I really like the design of this spoon. The swirl along the handle is aesthetically pleasing and the red cap on the end makes it easy to grip. Perfect for mixing tall drinks.

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    Stirring syrup into coffee

    The bar spoon makes it perfect for stirring cocktails. The long stem is perfect for stirring in large glasses. We particularly use it when making our famous Manhattans.

    from Grains & Taps Posted on

    This is you standard ball bar spoon that we use for mixing cocktails. We recently starting expanding our cocktail offerings and wanted to make sure we had all of the typical bar tools for a more extensive cocktail list.

    from ShuBrew Posted on

    The 11" Red Ball Bar Spoon works great for mixing drinks in my tall Coke glasses. The quality is pretty good for the price and I definitely recommend.

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    Works great for mixing drinks like instant tea in tall glasses.

    Theee have worked great for making drinks and mixing them. We can use them with coffee and with cold drinks as well. Super sleek looking too

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    Basic bar spoon. Good weight, looks nice enough, can't beat the price! Ordered this item for a "welcome to the industry" gift basket, and the recipient loved it all.

    from Th Traveling Tender USA Posted on

    Love these bar spoons. At our coffee shop we have a lot of beverages that require stirring and this is perfect use for everyday. Easy handle and easy to use.

    from spl. coffee Posted on

    These is a great tool to have around for many different uses. It's tall enough that it can easily be used in quart size mason jars, works great to mix drinks, milkshakes, you name it.

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    Perfect for mixing drinks

    You don't even have to work at a bar to use this spoon because it's fun to use if you're just making drinks at home. Cheap and great quality!

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    Fun to use when making drinks.

    Cool spoon to mix with! it is long enough for all the cups we serve with. its cheap and handy! I have ordered a few more!

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    These are a great value and works well in a busy bar. Since you can buy these in bulk to use in each individual drink, they are very economical in stocking your bar. These feel light due to the thin metal being used, and the body is wide so it doesn't work as well as a thinner bar spoon. Since they are so cheap you can replace them if any of them go bad or get bent

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    This 11 inch red ball bar spoon is perfect for bartenders needing a longer spoon for taller glasses. The twisted metal design is very stylish and is sure to catch your customers eye as you are mixing their drinks for them.

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    Bar spoon

    I use this spoon for stirred cocktails, its large enough to mix in even my largest containers. Holds up well in the dishwasher (over and over again). Great Value.

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    Real Stainless Steel. This is the same Bar spoon you will fin in a retail store for $7-15. I definitely did not think I would be getting an item of this quality for the price I paid.

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    This 11 inch bar spoon is ideal for any bar, restaurant, or coffee shop looking for an economical mixing spoon. Nice twisted handle looks fancy and makes it easier to grip. Sturdy construction and shiny metal makes this a great value spoon.

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    Great spoon for mixing tall cafe beverages. Easy to wash and they hold up well. They do not bend or show wear and tear like some others i have used.

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    Works great for stirring into our tall 20 oz cups!

    This red ball bar spoon is my favorite for any bar. I really appreciate the weight and how easy they are to clean. Easy order is also a bonus.

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    Highly recommend!!

    Cute. Cheap. The red tip makes them easy to keep track of. Nice long handle makes them easy to use. All around good product for us.

    from Durham Co-op Market Posted on

    These are absolutely perfect for our blended and iced drinks at my coffeeshop. We use them to scoop the blended drinks out of the blender without making a mess, and to store the ingredients together properly for iced drinks.

    from Birch & Banyan Coffee Posted on

    Bar spoons that we use constantly for blended and iced drinks

    this red ball bar spoon is great for drinks and ice cream topping. great value and study spoon. the red top is tight so don't fall off so easy would recommend

    from Yamato Posted on

    Great product! easy to use.

    I see it says Bar spoon but this is my new mixing spoon. I don't think it's strictly for alcohol so I'm using it for my protein shakes and chocolate milk!

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    11" red bar spoon

    The 11" Red Ball Bar Spoon is a wonderful item. It works really well with the the tall glasses that we have at home. No more losing the butter knife while trying to mix up strawberry milk! Definitely a great value.

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    Perfectly long and incredibly effective at stirring. Every home or restaurant bar needs a spoon and this one is as good as I could have hoped for!

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    The spoon itself is durable and lasts quite a long time. The red ball does fall off eventually and we have a bunch of spoons without the red ball. We use them for mixing cocktails, but they have a million other uses.

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    Great spoons. Nice and sturdy. I like that it has the red tip for easy identification. I would definitly purchase this item again. My servers seem to like them too!

    from Carnegie's Posted on

    This is a very specific product that has a small range of applications, but it does what its supposed to well. Very elegant in your commercial set up!

    from Saxon Posted on

    not just for cocktails! this is great for anytime you need to stir or mix something in a deep container. i use it in my blender and it works out perfectly

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    I started to use this 11" red ball bar spoon in my cafe when im making smoothies and milkshakes in my blender. Because its long enough, after blending i can teste my smoothie..

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    This is a great bar spoon. It is nice and long to reach deep into any glass and overall quality is great. The red end cap is hard plastic and secured well.

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    Hands down the best bar spoons for the money, we use them all day every day in our bar. Easy to use and easy to clean.

    from Queen Bee Restos LLC Posted on

    I love this for mixing drinks! it is my go to mixing utensil, i have no problems mixing even the heaviest syrups with this. It cuts through it all and leaves a nice consistent texture in the end. About to buy a second one since somebody else loved it so much that they took it home!

    from Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant Posted on

    These are a great price and very sturdy. The long handled bar spoons are great to have on hand for mixing drinks. The red ball on the end falls off but not a big deal.

    from MugShots Posted on

    We LOVE these spoons! We use them to mix drinks, get everything out of our blenders and more. They are great and the perfect length for so many purposes. They look really nice, too!

    from Cafe Crema Posted on

    Great bar spoon! Long enough to use inside of a blender (when it's off of course). Perfect for stirring those martinis. Either side can be used which is great since the top end can stir in the smallest of glasses when necessary.

    from Fuze Bartending Corp Posted on

    Very classy looking bar spoon. Works just as you would expect out of a bar spoon but with a sharp swivel design and red top.

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    This is a great way to move smoothie in the cup at a faster rate. I was very glad that I made the purchase. It is a must stock up product as well.

    from pashays Posted on


    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    Great spoons, we use them for scooping smoothies and milkshakes into plastic cups. good quality, have had them for over three years and they're just like new.

    from Minute Cake n' Bake Posted on

    For the price & purpose of the spoon. You can not go wrong. The length is perfect for stirring in those long tall beverage glasses.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    This bar spoon is the must have for any bar. The big advantage is how log is the spoon. Because of that it can fit to almost any glass. Great quality and great price!

    from Tom Posted on

    The spoon looks expensive but once it is in your hand you can clearly tell that this is a "budget friendly" spoon. It works well for mixing drinks and the price is unbeatable so no complaints.

    from 261 Posted on

    Someone complained that the spoon looks cheap. The plastic red tip looks a bit frayed and with time it will probably look worse, but the spoon does it's job. For this low of a price, you won't find better anywhere.

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    Creativity used to stir hot cocoa at our coffee bar. It's long and solid enough to get the job done. We will keep a few of these on hand.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    A nice spoon to help mix my thai tea. The longer is perfect not too heavy. I bought 5 of them. It Still working well

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    This bar spoon is really cheap, I mean in price and quality. 85 cents is a steal, but you get what you pay for. The spoon has sharp edges and the spiral part in the center is rough and doesn't move smoothly in one's fingers, which is the main function of a bar spoon. The red end is more like a clay or brown color. I bought a bunch of these for a cocktail class I'm teaching and was embarrassed to have my students use it because it's so difficult and uncomfortable to use.

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    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I love the length of the spoon and the fact that is it twisted. Provides for a sturdy product. Used often to mix a variety of beverages in tall glasses.

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    We use these spoons constantly in our cafe and they have held up to daily use for months now with no signs of slowing down. They are a simple tool that works as intended and the price is great!

    from Simple Roast Coffee Company Posted on

    Been using this in the coffee bar for awhile great for spooning in additives and stirring the contents. The nice spiraled handle helps you with grip and gives it a nice look.

    from ROOMA4Baking Posted on

    11" Red Ball Bar Spoon if you mix drinks at your events the spiral formation of the spoon handle makes the swirling and mixing you do lower the fluids resitance in like the flat handle sturers tend to do

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Great value for these spoons that are very versital. From stirring cocktails, to grabbing garnishes, to measuring some ingredients; this spoon is useful.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    It's your basic sturdy metal stirring spoon, with a few perks. Even though it's metal, it doesn't make that awful repetitive clinking noise in your glass. It's small enough to reach powdered drink mix or sugar that's settled to the bottom, and large enough to adequately mix in large glasses or to-go tumblers. I haven't had the occasion to layer anything, so I can't attest to how well the swirl works. The red knob isn't large enough to muddle with, so don't try. It also may not fit in a compartmentalized silverware drawer. Still worth it.

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    i use this spoon for many varies reason, one of the main reason is to scoop smoothies into their cups and it works wonders, doesnt spill.

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    I ordered Three of the spoons and they arrived without any problem. They where as straight as can be, but the red end stands out as much in person as it does in the picture.

    from The Homestead Artisans Posted on

    Best bar spoons out there. Gives you a professional look. Got 3 for the bar at work, and bought another three more to have at the house.

    from warrior golf club Posted on

    These spoons are a must have for your bar. These are great for mixing. Also great for layering drinks. Sturdy spoon and priced perfectly to order multiple.

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    price are very good, looks very good, got in very fast, I also got a lot of other items, so shipping charge for me very good.

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    Used the 11" Red Ball Bar Spoon to scoop up tang in the long container. I was able to get all the way to the bottom with no trouble at all. Such a long spoon. Really great.

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    The long handle helps get into the bottom of the blender to take out the excess smoothie that is left in the bottom of the jar. perfect for what we bought it for.

    from Eastern Managment Sports Posted on

    These are great high quality bar spoons at an excellent price. The material is very sturdy and does not show any sign of rust or corrosion. Great price.

    from Pulse UltraLounge Posted on

    Works as it is meant to. Feels sturdy enough, but we have not had it very long. We hand wash it so I expect it will last a while. And for a buck, if it lasts longer than a month, it's worth it.

    from Mangia Qui Italian Bistro Posted on

    It's a shame I didn't order more of these when we first opened our coffee shop. I will be buying some more soon. A staple for brewed specialty beverage shops.

    from Cobleskill Auxiliary Services Posted on

    We use these to stir our espresso based drinks. They reach all the way to the bottom of the large coffee cups, without our employees fingers getting close to the drink. Some of the red caps have come off over time, but they still work just fine.

    from glazed doughnut shop Posted on

    The 11" Red Ball Bar Spoon is a staple of my morning routine, without it I wouldn't be able to make my morning coffee in my french press. The spoon is made of thick stainless metal and has nice smooth edges, this spoon is quality and not easy to bend.

    from Furniture Forager Posted on

    This is a nice, long spoon for reaching into tall glasses or into the blender. It is spriraled for easy swirling and the red dot on the end makes it easy to find. For a price this low, there is no reason not to try it!

    Posted on

    We purchased this long 11" bar spoon for the soul purpose of blending drinks. Instead of using smaller spoons or risk touching product with hands, this spoon is long enough to get in the blender and loosen or scrape the product out and into a cup.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Appropriate size for stirring in shakers. The best tool there is for layering shots, it's also good to have a nice spoon when you're mixing martinis in front of customers.

    Posted on

    These make you look like a professional when you are holding back or spooning out the foam for cappuccinos or lattes. No more flimsy plastic spoons for me.

    from Magic Beans at The Bookwyrm Posted on

    I don't own a bar or anything like that, but I do like using this addition to other bar items I've purchased whenever I make drinks at home. I think it makes it more of an experience, and it a lot of fun if you're preparing a lot of drinks. This is a good spoon that I've had zero problems with so far.

    Posted on

    It's the perfect bar spoon for stirring cocktails. We also use the long handle to smooth off the top of beers when needed. It looks good and is easy to keep clean.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    Spoon is awesome for stirring cocktails in the taller cups. It's made of durable material and it is super easy to clean. I have several ones now because it just makes sense to have more.

    Posted on

    These bar spoons are great. We use them daily and have been for two years. They are durable, wash well and the price is great.

    Posted on

    amazing how these thing disappear but easy and cheap to replace with this site. quick ship as well as arriving in perfect condition and ready to use.

    from breezy point international Posted on

    The bar spoon works great. I'm not a huge fan of the red ball on the end of the bar spoon, but it's not that bad.

    Posted on

    This bar spoon is longer that I thought it was going to be. It will stir over 20oz and still have room for more. Definitely a good buy

    Posted on

    Perfect size bar spoon! Some are too flimsy and start bending and don't stir well. This one is very sturdy even with ice and the red tip on the end is great for identifying it quickly behind the bar with all the other tools.

    Posted on

    Great bar spoon but its just not for bars I use my for mixing oreos in a sweet mix and frying the oreos and it works great and to mix Strawberry lemonade A++++++

    from Kendra locke concessions Posted on

    You just can't have enough of these super long spoons around to stir your lattes and italian Sodas. These are amazing, and easy to clean!

    from Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar Posted on

    Every bar must have, these are durable and well last long, they are also very cheap and will fit anyone budget . Buy in bulk to save !

    from The One Boutique Hotel Posted on

    For the price, you cannot beat the 11" cafe spoon! We use them to hold back foam when pouring a latte, to mixing up specialty espresso drinks in the shop!

    from The Pearl LLC Posted on

    It's light weight and the quality is better than I expected. On my shop, I have been using it as topping scooper/dispenser. Definitely worth the price.

    from Taste of Sweetness LLC Posted on

    Great bar spoons. Would have liked other color options for the red end, but these are classic and they work exactly as you'd expect. Will order again.

    from Stonecutter Spirits LLC Posted on

    These spoons are so cool I had to order an extra to have around the house when my ole' ball and chain saw me ordering them for the business. Not sure what she plans to do with that one but I plan to impress customers with my stirring skills using this bedazzled spoon. They're GREAT!

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    A very nice bar spoon. Love the length and design so it reach well to the bottom of tall glasses. Sturdy build and easy to keep clean.

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    Long bar spoon perfect for mixing cocktails

    The perfect tool for mixing fresh juices, iced coffee drinks, cocktails and more! I love the length on this spoon and the curled design in the center.

    Posted on

    The must have spoon for any bartender who need to prepare drinks and cocktails, it s a long spoon , fit any glass to shake your drink

    from crepe Posted on

    I love these spoons. I use them to make my coffee in those deep travel mugs. The spoon is well made and the little red ball just will NOT come off. :)

    Posted on

    This spoon is perfect for all those extra tall drinks that require mixing. With 24 ounce cups, other shorter spoons were not cutting it and actually causing a huge mess instead. Definitely an asset to have

    Posted on

    great price and excellent quality for these bar spoons. i am glad I went with web restaurant store for this since we needed a few.

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    11 inch red ball bar spoon is great for my 16 oz shaker . It is very cheap here. And it is very easy to clean. I love it!

    Posted on

    Great bar spoon, awesome price. This is one of those tools that you never know you needed, until you need it. It's got great length, nice weight, nice quality and sweet price. At this price order a couple of them if you can.

    Posted on

    11" Red Ball Bar Spoons are awesome. They are great quality for such a low priced product and add flair when serving hand dipped milk shakes and iced tea.

    Posted on

    This spoon makes quick work of our matcha powders and drinks. It mixes well and finely. A great value again from webstaurant store... Couldn't find a better price anywhere else online! This and few products make the shipping easy to swallow!

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    I bought these 11" Bar Spoons to go along with my Malt cups. I could't find anything else like these out there. Great quality finish an material. Great value for the money.

    Posted on

    This spoon works perfectly in my home bar. It is easy to twist for those drinks that need to be stirred. It works well but I do wish it had a little more weight to it, but that's just a personal preference.

    Posted on

    Amazing deal for a great bar spoon. It is the perfect length for making cocktails and swivels perfectly. I have bought a number of these spoons for housewarming gifts and everyone seems to love them. Great buy!!

    from andrea P Posted on

    The 11" red ball bar spoon is perfect for stirring your favorite cocktails, especially dirty martinis. The red tip stands out and allows you to locate it quickly.

    from SiP Posted on

    This is a great spoon for many different uses, bought a second one for home use so I can keep one in the bar and one in the kitchen. the spoon is long enough to reach the bottom of a pint glad or a tall stainless steel mixing cup. the price cant be beat.

    Posted on

    Buy a few of these spoons for the price and quality you can't go wrong, works really well in the taller glasses to, its a steal at this price.

    from Green Zone B & G Posted on

    Until I have this wonderful tool, I used steel chopsticks to pickup the last olive at the bottom of bottle and stirring cocktails. Now I realize why bartenders are using this spoon. It makes everything convenient and more tasteful.

    Posted on

    Wonderful tool to get the last drop of milkshake or last bit of fruit out of one container when transferring to a glass or cup.

    Posted on

    11" Red Ball Bar Spoon were surprisingly good quality. We used them for a cocktail party and they were sturdy, clean, good-sized, long enough to stir in a cocktail shaker.

    from Camellia Creative Catering Posted on

    This bar spoon certainly gets the job done. It's the right length for mixing down in the bottom of drink, and the swirl style is aesthetically pleasing. I'm not fond of the little red top though.

    Posted on

    This classic style with the twirled handle and red tip belongs in every bar. My family used spoons like this when we drank beer floats or chocolate shakes. I feel happy that I found these spoons to buy for my own family!

    from Midori's Enterprises Posted on

    This is one of those items that you just can't have enough of. They are great for mixing in tall glasses, getting things out of jars and so much more. The inexpensive price allows you to stock up without breaking the bank. The red tip is extremely helpful in location the spoon quickly.

    Posted on

    perfect for a tall parfait glass or to use to spoon milkshakes out of the blender into a serving glass. would also be very cute to use for coke or rootbeer floats.

    from yotopia Posted on

    A little light weight for what we need, but since we lose 2 a week in our bar these are worth the price. great for getting the last cherry out of the bottom of the jar.

    from DC Reynolds Posted on

    Obviously a great standard bar spoon, but I've found some other uses for it, too :) We used the end of it to draw four leaf clovers with food coloring on the head of beer for St Pattys day, along with coffee and drawings in the cream,

    from SideLines Sports Theater Posted on

    AMAZING! Great price and perfect for any drink or food business! We also use them for condiment serving spoons for our hot dogs and other sandwiches!

    from Maui FreeZe Posted on

    I love the red cap. In a sea of stainless steal and black, this red cap is easy to find as well as it with stands the dishwasher.

    Posted on

    These things are definitely pretty mediocre in the quality department (the red plastic cap on one popped off in like 3 seconds). However, considering cost and get the job done, I'm going to give 4 stars here.

    Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! Our Customer Solutions Team will be in contact regarding your broken item.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very well priced, very strong. Despite it's long length, it arrived unbent and in good condition. We googled similar or same items online and Web has the best price by far.

    Posted on

    These work great in our coffee shop! They are long enough to stir up the bottom of the cups to mix the flavoring and coffee.

    from Brew Unto Others Posted on

    Very handy spoon to have around the kitchen. They are great for ice cream and other desserts but we use them mostly to mix our iced tea.

    Posted on

    You can never have enough bar spoons (especially at this price) as they have a million uses! These are very sturdy and built to last.

    Posted on

    Can't work without this good quality bar spoon. This is an essential tool for bartending or drink mixing. And the price is awesome. Great value!

    Posted on

    Good quality spoon. Looks cute too. Great size for a malt cup (for thick shakes) or a cocktail shaker.

    from Home cook Posted on

    Bar spoons, what can I say it is a bar spoon. It is sturdy and has held up well. We use this mostly to carve out the pulp out of lemons and limes to make twists and it works flawlessly!

    from Aston Gardens, Pelican Marsh Posted on

    This bar spoon is a must have for every bar in America. A really good value that will last and enable you to mix some killer cocktails.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. Posted on

    This bar spoon is of a very good quality. We've had it for almost two years now and it hasn't bent or discolored, so we're very happy with it.

    Posted on

    This is a great product. I have had my spoon for about 6 months now and even after basically daily use it still looks and works like it did on day one. Some other spoons I've used have had their chrome flake off after a few months but not this one!

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    We use this to layer our beverages or scrap out blended drinks out of blenders. It handles well, and is an excellent price. Will purchase again.

    Posted on

    This is a great bar spoon to have. Its perfect for your bar at home or at work. Its very durable and its a great deal.

    Posted on

    This is just wonderful. It works in the bar or coffee shops. i wouldn't mind stocking up on these just in case.

    Posted on

    I love these bar spoons. I bought several and use them at our coffee bar. It's nice to have the long handle to stir the large coffees to go. Cant beat the price.

    Posted on

    Stirring cocktails is a breeze with one of these bar spoons. Just the right length at 11 inches, it's also handy for fishing out condiments (like cherries) from jars.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    Great bar spoon for anyone and at this price why not buy 12? I use this for more than bar drinks so go ahead buy and use you imagination.

    from Tristan's Posted on

    this is a nice tool to have over just using a regular tall spoon. They go great at a classy martini bar or cocktail lounge.

    Posted on

    A great inexpensive drink mixing tool! The red tip makes it easy to find! Perfect for finishing drinks quickly! Nice design makes mixing easy! High quality material is sure to last!

    Posted on

    Sometimes spoons are too big and too short to use as a mixer. That's why this is invented, works great for almost anything. Bar drinks and even coffee drinks

    Posted on

    I used to ask my boss to pick up these bar spoons for us and he would bring one at a time. They would eventually disappear so I was excited that I could order them by the dozen for an unbetable price.

    from Barfly Inc. Posted on

    Love this spoon for layering shots and drinks. Works well, even though it was an amazingly cheap price, the product itself is not cheap but is quality and works great.

    Posted on

    I used these spoons at The Annual Little Italy Street Festival, in which I was making various Italian and Italian Creamed Sodas with. It did wonders and I have no complaint about the item. I loved the design and "old fashioned" ice cream shop feel of them.

    Posted on

    We use these every day at our espresso machine for mixing our flavored drinks. Great for mixing sugar into iced teas and syrups into milk as well.

    Posted on

    Good quality and sturdy spoon at an amazing price. I wasn't sure how they would be because they were so inexpensive, but I highly recommend them!

    from Small Towne Sweets Posted on

    This bar Spoon is not only for the bar, it works great to stir up many things in the deep container. I definitely buy more of it

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    The length of this stirrer made mixing drinks fun and gave a professional look. My guest were impressed with my stirrers and even wanted them.

    from Where the Heart Is LLC Posted on

    The actual spooning part (scoop) is larger than your average teaspoon scoop,and this stirring spoon probably can hold twice the amount of stuff than you regular teaspoon can hold. For this great price I actually bought 2 of these since I use them a lot and I love them. The only negative thing is that the red end-cap came off on both spoons and I had to glue them back together, otherwise the spoon is great. You can't find it in retail and department stores.

    Posted on

    This bar spoon met all my expectations at a good price. The spoon is sturdy and has no sharp edges. It appears well made and should last for a few years.

    Posted on

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