4 Prong Stainless Steel Cocktail / Bar Strainer

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Serving as the perfect bar accessory, this four-pronged stainless steel strainer allows you to drain cocktails and other assorted beverages through a glass or shaker of ice. Failing to strain certain drinks is a recipe for disaster, and usually results in both a sloppy presentation and satisfactory beverage. With this unique item, your guests will be coming back for another round each and every time.

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4 Prong Stainless Steel Cocktail / Bar Strainer

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strainer bar great cocktail price perfectly quality works drinks fits
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    I bought this to go with the 30 oz. Stainless Steel Cocktail / Bar Shaker . It is the right size to cover the top and allow the drink to escape but not the ice.

    from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods Posted on

    First time using one of these and it made pouring the drink so much easier. I loved setting up my bar with all my new bar tools. Great price!

    from Home use Posted on

    We love our bar strainer. It is so much easier to pour hand crafted cocktails without using a glass to balance to keep the ice out.

    from Grains & Taps Posted on

    Use this strainer for making cocktails. Pretty standard strainer , does what we need it to do and complements any bar. We have no complaints.

    from ShuBrew Posted on

    Good product a useful tool to own . All bartenders are required to own this tool during the bar tending career . This one last long time . Highly recommended for any bartenders.

    from Jack hermiz Posted on

    Quality strainer for high volume bar. Machine washable and durable enough for daily wear and tear. We have several in use and have never had an issue.

    from The Grumpy Monk Posted on

    Can't beat this for the price. It does have a cheap-ish feel to it and I don't expect it to stand up to heavy use over many years, but at this price it far exceeds my expectations. It fits nicely onto the top of a standard pint glass.

    Posted on

    Nice, snug fit on a standard pint glass

    This 4 prong stailnless steel bar strainer is very well built and doesn't let anything unwanted into your drinks. It does it's job well and is by far one of the best out there.

    Posted on

    These are a great value and works well in a busy bar. Since you can buy these in bulk to use in between drinks, they are very economical in stocking your bar. These feel a bit light due to the thin metal being used so they don't feel that durable, but since they are so cheap you can replace them if any of them go bad

    from lixiangponcz Posted on

    I got this to replace my more expensive version and I don't miss the other one. This has taken lots of abuse and held up well. No problem running through the dishwasher. Great Value.

    Posted on

    Great value Hawthorne strainer! I use it to strain both shaken and stirred cocktails because the spring fits glasses and shakers of many sizes. Also, the spring allows you to seal any gaps for a finer strain and more control. I like to remove the spring and put it in the shaker to create extra exfoliation when using eggs in my cocktails.

    Posted on

    Use this strainer by placing it on top of a glass or shaker tin and pouring liquid into another receptacle. The strainer spring will catch the bits and pieces from fruit, herbs, and ice. You can "close the gate" by pushing the spring forward to seal any gap between the strainer and lip of the tin.

    This strainer works well, especially with the ears it fits multiple size glasses. And the stainless steel design is a bonus and offers easy cleaning.

    Posted on

    Highly recommend!!

    Functions perfectly well as a cocktail strainer. Could not have asked for more. I just switched to a Boston style shaker and this is the perfect accessory!

    Posted on

    The classic bar strainer. does a good job and fits on the glass or mixer well. I can see this lasting a long time and am happy with it.

    from Carnegie's Posted on

    Works perfectly for the task we purchased it for. I make an Osborne fairly often and it includes the juice of muddled pineapple and jalepeno. This strainer keeps out the large chunks while letting some of the jalepeno seeds pass through which is what we look for in the final product.

    from Bella Baracca Posted on

    This is a lifesaver product.. Its stainless steel so you can buy once and use many times like me. Its seeems needless but once you get use to use this product you always search it in kitchen. Its also good price

    Posted on

    The price of this bar strainer cannot be beat for the quality it offers. I've had it for over a year and it has held up to moderate use.

    Posted on

    Decent quality overall. The handle is a little thinner than I would like but it seems to be holding up well and doing its job. The spring is attached firmly.

    Posted on

    It fits perfectly onto any sized tin/shaker. The spring allows it to squeeze into smaller tins. Because it is stainless steel, you won't have to worry about any rusting.

    from MugShots Posted on

    I honestly think every bar should have one of these. I prepare fancy drinks at home once in a while on special evenings, and this makes preparing certain drinks so much easier.

    Posted on

    Just what I expected and exactly what I ordered. Due to the round shape of strainer, it fits perfectly onto any sized tin/shaker. The spring allows it to squeeze into smaller tins. Because it is stainless steel, you won't have to worry about any rusting.

    from Fuze Bartending Corp Posted on

    Great cocktail strainer! You can use it with any shaker or regular sized glass. Works just great. Quality is outstanding and price is even better!

    from Tom Posted on

    A sturdy, low cost strainer. The extra prongs prevent the strainer from 'swinging' into the mixing tin. It's not an issue for me, but be aware that there's enough space between the coils that things like small ice shards or mint leaves will slip through.

    Posted on

    This strainer has worked very well in our home. Durable and compact enough we can put in a bowl of cocktail tools we keep at our bar.

    Posted on

    I use this untraditionally. This is used to strain seeds out of home made fruit preserves. I have yet to find something that works as well as this tool.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    I didnt use it yet. But i want to try would it stop my milk tea foam. Hope it will be work in my drink.

    Posted on

    Use this all of the time. Works well and for the price you really can't beat it. Made solid, easy to clean and we have never broke one.

    from Beaver Brewing Co Posted on

    I can never have enough quality strainers around, this is a fantastic product and works perfectly with many of my different shakers. Highly recommend this product

    Posted on

    This thing is cool what a great deal its going to make making my drinks a whole lot easier and strange that fits over a 16 ounce tumbler glasses perfectly

    from home Posted on

    4 Prong Stainless Steel Cocktail / Bar Strainer #4071287 get one of these if you need to strain out fruit bits from your cocktails and dont want the unseemly look of fishing it out with a spoon

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    high end product. Definitely restaurant and bar quality strainer. We have 4 that we use for the bar and a couple for our own home bar.

    from Get Tasty Posted on

    This is a good strainer. It grips very well and it is easy to clean. I will definitely reorder it again especially at this great price.

    from Supplies by Nitelite Posted on

    This is a great bar strainer for the money. Great quality, I've had it for about a year now and it has held up well. It's an easy way to impress your guests and look like a pro mixing drinks. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

    Posted on

    We have had a hard time finding a strainer that actually strains properly...until now. The 4 prong stainless steel cocktail strainer is the best one we've ever had in our bar, our staff loves it and we've had no issues. great quality at a great price.

    from Janelle N Posted on

    Perfect for straining the ice from a cocktail. Easy to grip with one hand. The price is fantastic so we have many behind the bar.

    from Coyote Moon Vineyards Posted on

    This strainer is a quality piece used to strain the ice off of mixed drinks. When borough to a table and pouring off ice it brings class to the table.

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    These strainers are great for use at any bar. The stainless is high quality and has not exhibited any sign of corrosion or rust. Price is well below that of my local supplier.

    from Pulse UltraLounge Posted on

    This bar strainer works as well or better than any other strainer I have used. Strainers by nature are not the most durable products in general but this one seems as durable as any other

    Posted on

    I tend to throw quite a few parties and gatherings, i got into mixing drinks a little back and a friend gave me on of these and a 30oz shaker and i was able to work much more efficiently and turn out drink for my guests much faster, its a proven design and holds up great i use this everyday and i have zero complaints. dishwasher safe and reliable a must have for any bar whether that is a home bar or a professional.

    Posted on

    Cant run the bar without the Hawthorne Strainer and this option is a great deal, high quality and does exactly what it is supposed to do :)

    from The Pizza Man Posted on

    For the price these strainers are a must have behind the bar. They pair perfectly with the beehive cocktail strainer. Cant work a shift without this

    from Culinary Creations Posted on

    Why waste your money on an expensive cocktail strainer when this one works perfectly every single time? This product cannot be beat at this price!

    Posted on

    Don't waste your money on those expensive fancy bar strainers. This thing works great. Made very well. Spring will help it fit number size glasses or tumblers.

    from Hickory Sticks at Wynding Brook Golf Club Posted on

    This cocktail strainer fits the 30 oz cocktail strainer perfectly! We made Manhattans tonight and it worked perfectly...I would definitely recommend this handy tool for home use.

    Posted on

    Don't bother with any of those cocktail strainers with rubber grips and fancy shapes. This is old faithful right here, easy to grip and slide. Cleans easy too.

    Posted on

    When making drinks and you need to be efficient this strainer helps. It s keep big pieces of ice behind and last a long time.

    Posted on

    This stainless steel cocktail strainer is classic and is indispensable behind the bar. We have four of them and will order more as we continue to grow the business.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    A must have for any bartender, it keeps all the small unwanted bits of fruits out of your drink and it fits right onto the WR glass.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    This is your basic stainer. Now that isn't meant as a demerit, though. It is durable, easy to use, holds up to the normal abuse one would expect in a high volume bar, and it is affordable enough to purchase several so you always have one within reach.

    from Irish Bred Pub Posted on

    Not the most robust strainer, certainly not the worst. It works well and it stands up to constant abuse. its cheap, its durable and its light. Nothing more, nothing less.

    from Chevy Chase Management LLC Posted on

    Great bar strainer! Fits different size cocktail shakers and multiple sizes of glasses. Easy to wash, and the spring on top has stayed nice and firm.

    Posted on

    This stainless steel cocktail / bar strainer is made from a heavy duty stainless steel. I like it because it's not messy and it pairs well with the 30 oz. stainless steel cocktail / bar shaker. I highly recommend the both of them.

    Posted on

    Great for making cocktails. Durable, sturdy and perfect for making the perfect cocktail. Quality supersedes any other strainer that we have. Would definitely buy again

    Posted on

    Love it! Of course, the Hawthorne strainer is a must-have for any bartender, and this one is just as nice as expected, but very well priced! It feels very light in the hand, which took a little getting used to... but in the long run, there's so much weight on our wrists already, that I think I now prefer it. I will be ordering a few more at this price.

    Posted on

    I think this thing will probably last me a lifetime, and I can't fault it in any way. Unbelievably good value - are you sure this price is right?!

    from Ian Sparke Posted on

    Good enough for a standard strainer. They feel just a little cheap in the hand, but still a great buy for the price. Might be a bit too small for larger shaker glasses.

    from Stonecutter Spirits LLC Posted on

    I can't wait to strain some cocktails through this engineering marvel. The world is a better place for having this item available for purchase from Webstaurant at such a reasonable price.

    Posted on

    4 Prong Stainless Steel Cocktail/ Bar Strainer is a great tool when it works. It lacks in something to keep the spring attached to the body of the tool. The spring comes off frequently and is a pain to get back together.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    This is the most essential tool in any bar. Allows for quick pours on shaken cocktails and martinis, and strains any unwanted pulp or seeds.

    Posted on

    Works great on mixing glasses and jiggers. Makes double straining cocktails much easier and is easy for every one to use with one hand. You can easily remove the wire for cleaning which is a big plus too.

    Posted on

    This strainer is not flashy and is very simple. the unit We received had a good, tight coil on i, that means less ice shards in your drinks. the shorter handle is perfect for a one-handed operation

    from Handy Home & Party Services Posted on

    Worth much more than it's cost, and saves a lot of fuss. This is my favorite bar tool. No more pulp or seeds in drinks.

    Posted on

    I don't know what more you could ask for with this strainer. It's perfect and a tool that EVERY bar needs. If you don't have one, order one right now. It's stainless steel, and easy to clean. Works as intended and feels more expensive than it is.

    Posted on

    This strainer is key to making a great final pour in my home bar. The strainer is easy to work with and does well to keep peels and seeds out of the final pour.

    Posted on

    our bar tenders go thru these like no body's business and paying 3 times as much at the depot store for the exact same item.

    from It Takes Two LLC T/A Dino's Grotto Posted on

    I bought this strainer out of curiosity. Whenever I went to local bars and order a glass of cocktail, bartenders always used this strainer to drain my drink from shaker. At first I thought it might be quite expensive, but I found it at Webstaurant site priced really cheap. So I ordered it, and now I know why bartenders use this strainer. It is very well made and easy to use. I'm fully satisfied.

    Posted on

    Very easy to drain.

    I love this bar strainer. It's a great price and they work really well with the cocktail shakers. I keep several of these on hand at all times.

    Posted on

    Our bartenders love this tool and say it makes their job easier and faster. It is easy to clean and holds up well after many uses.

    Posted on

    I been using my Strainer for over a year and its still looks like new. You can't beat the price and quality. I highly recommend this product.

    Posted on

    This is a fantastic deal for a well-made, aesthetically pleasing cocktail strainer. It's made to fit with most stainless steel shakers and works very well in conjunction.

    Posted on

    The cocktail strainer fits perfectly into the shaker to prevent ice from entering the glass. We have several of these and have never had an issue / problem.

    Posted on

    Nice little Hawthorne strainer. This will fit nicely on the 15oz shaker sold here but not on the larger 30oz shaker. It's a little small for the 30oz shaker but if you push it forward a little it still does the job. Excellent for the price!

    Posted on

    This fits nicely on the 15oz shaker.

    Made of very solid metal, not flimy. The coil is well attached to the strainer, and it fits snugly into a standard shaker. Unbelievable price for an item of this quality.

    Posted on

    Great, affordable hawthorne strainer. This strainer fits into steel cocktail shakers well, and is effective. It is a very malleable tool, and not quite sturdy enough to use in a bar for long term, but it is nice for the typical household bar set. If you are looking for a nice, decent quality hawthorne strainer at a very reasonable price, this is a great one to purchase.

    Posted on

    This strainer is great. It fits with the 26 ounce and the 15 ounce glass. If you hold it correctly, you will always get a clean pour.

    Posted on

    It was a little bit small for the top of the 26 oz. cocktail shakers I bought, but in general, we just put some forward pressure and they got the job done. I'm sure it's not the greatest cocktail strainer ever made, but at it's price I can't find any reason to take away a star.

    Posted on

    This strainer is perfect for my bar. The quality is very durable and the price is unbeatable. I will definitely buy more in the future.

    from Bar Posted on

    This is one tool that any bar can do without. Good quality. And the price can't be beat. Highly recommended to stock up on this.

    Posted on

    Great product and very economical. For such a great price the strainer is very sturdy and well made. Fits perfectly into the shaker. The hole in handle allows it be hung to dry or for storage.

    Posted on

    this is well made strainer. we use strainer all the time to make drinks. that's why we bought more. very good quality and super good price!

    Posted on

    It is a staple in every bar. The strainer is durable and does the job it is designed to do. Stainless steel allows for easy cleaning.

    Posted on

    Pretty much a mainstay for any bar. They make great cocktails for the price they are not easily beat on price and the quality of product.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    This strainer from Webstaurant is of a very good quality. It works great, cleans up easily, and was so reasonably priced, just as everything is with Webstaurant.

    Posted on

    If you're going to use a Boston shaker to mix your drinks, you need a Hawthorne strainer. This particular strainer is ideal for the purpose and very affordable. Buy a few.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    The build quality for the price is unbelievable. I mix occasionally at home for my family and friends and this definitely makes the job easier. It has been couple months since I have bought this item and regularly used it few times a week. Of course, mixing few drinks per day when I am mixing. It is still as good as new.

    Posted on

    This is a crazy good deal for the price. just over a dollar you cant beat it! you can stock up on these and keep a bunch behind your bar.

    Posted on

    what a super great strainer works very well. a must have in any bar. and at this price you cant go wrong, the bartenders love it

    from family restaurant Posted on

    The bar /cocktail strainer helps keep your drinks smooth and having the customer always come back for more. Never can have enough at this price.

    from Glow Fun In CT Posted on

    Another item that tends to go missing at our bar. For a great price I ordered 4 replacements that hopefully will last us for a while.

    from Barfly Inc. Posted on

    These cocktail strainers are a must for anyone pouring martinis. The price is amazing for these. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you for the great product

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    great little stainer for a dollar or so. cant ask for more. very well made and does the job. dollar for dollar a very good value

    Posted on

    This is a great bar tool! The webstaurant store always has great prices for items like this. This is a very durable strainer that works amazing.

    Posted on

    This was a great gadget towards my bar..I love adding new barware from this site ..I never have to look anywhere else I always find everything from here

    Posted on

    A decent cheap srainer, my only complaint is it doesn't sit quite perfectly on top of a boston shaker glass. I'm not sure if this is because it is slightly bent or if the sizing is just a little bit off, but if you aren't careful it will pop off when you go to pour the drink.

    Posted on

    We have used these strainers for our bar for a long while and they are as good quality as you would expect. Very easy to use and clean.

    Posted on

    The price is a steal!!! This bar strainer works great in producing high quality chilled drinks in seconds!! Excellent quality. Highly durable. Great pair with other bar supplies!!!

    Posted on

    Strainer works great with my new stainless steel shaker as well as a pair. Not to mention the price was unbeatable!!! Bar quality product with durability.

    Posted on

    These are great for serving drinks to customers in that have ice in the mixing cup. We do our margaritas like that, so customers can pour their own into the glass.

    from Johnnys Bar and Grill Posted on

    Good inexpensive strainer. The wires will warp with the inevitable banging around, but they're so inexpensive that you can buy a bunch. You will need Goo Gone to get the stickers off.

    from Rochelle Myers Catering Posted on

    This strainer is a must to have in every bar. I have 2 of these since they are very handy and the price is cheap. Consider to pay more for the same quality bar strainer in a retail establishment. This one is definitely a great value.

    Posted on

    These are absolutely indespensible in the bar. I can't tell you how many times a night we use them, and how many of them we mis-place!

    Posted on

    can't make a good strained martini without the bar strainer. it fits perfectly on top of many shaker glasses making it easy to strain any cocktail into its serving glass

    Posted on

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