All-in-One Waiter Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

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This all-in-one waiter corkscrew and bottle opener combines versatility and convenience for your serving staff! Whether your servers carry it for table service, or your bartenders keep it behind the bar, this all-in-once product keeps all three tools at hand! Save space and time by having a product that opens both wine and beer bottles. Its slim pocket size allows this to easily fit inside your servers' aprons so they can quickly pull it out for servicing your guests. On opposite ends you'll find a cap lifter and a foil knife; and in the middle is your corkscrew so all your bottle opening needs can be met! Be sure to stock up on this bottle opener and always have one handy. Made of stainless steel with a black plastic coating, this durable tool is sturdy and easy to grip, while its sleek black coloring has an elegant appeal to complement any dining environment!

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All-in-One Waiter Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

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bottle corkscrew great Opener price wine buy cork quality nice
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    This is a super great thing to have on our servers for the dining room, they are quickly able to open any corked bottle of wine!!
    This is not my favorite corkscrew, but it will do in a pinch. It is sturdy enough, but I still had a hard time removing a cork. Great for a backup though. I also like that it fits in my pocket.
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    Piece of junk. DO NOT BUY!! i tried opening a bottle of wine with them and the plastic piece just cracked off, leaving the metal piece on.. I lost my bottle of wine
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your All-in-One Waiter Corkscrew and Bottle Opener was defective. Corrective action has been taken and a Customer Solutions Representative has credited your account!
    My step loses all of our corkscrews. So I thought I would just buy the cheapest ones possible which are these. But they do fall apart very quickly. I would recommend you spend a dollar or two to get something better.
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    i like the simplicity of this corkscrew. The blade is sharp to cut through foil easily and i like how lightweight it is! it's very good value for the price
    Great quality for price point. Highly recommend. Sure you can purchase better quality corkscrews but in high volume establishments corkscrews are constantly lost, stolen and service staff often forgets to bring to work.
    This is not durable at all, the corkscrew broke off when trying to lift out cork on first try. I ordered a dozen and 6 broke on first use. Spend extra and get something better. You are literally throwing away your money on this.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    So inexpensive, its great to have a few around. Has a knife and bottle opener in addition to the corkscrew. I keep one in may care, use them for picnics and have one in the kitchen as a backup to my rabbit opener.
    The All-in-one Waiter Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a great corkscrew that easily removes bottle caps and corks. The weight of the corkscrew makes you feel like you have complete control and wont have a big spill when you finally remove the cork. We at Grains and Taps recommend this corkscrew.
    This is a great all in one tool for opening beer and wine. It is compact so great for waiters, but also perfect for household use.
    Standard corkscrew and bottle opener that every home and restaurant needs! Takes a couple times to get used to using it but then it’s very easy!
    we get our icing and toppings that are bottle topped this is great value and easy to use worth it ! thanks we will be ordering more 3 more actuallly
    These are a great buy for the price. Plastic isn't cheap. They are not poor quality plastic of metal. Nice heavy duty opener and would definitely buy again.
    This is your basic all in one corkscrew and bottle opener. It opens bottles of wine and beer with out a problem. However, I do find the blade on the foil opener to be a bit on the dull side.
    This is a nice corkscrew. Removes the cork very easily and also has a bottle opener. It fits easily in your pocket as well. Should last a long time
    These are a little cheaply made, but you really can't beat the price! They are good for exactly what they are - an inexpensive wine key.
    Can't beat the price on these bottle openers. Needed several as they tend to get lost by employees and because of the price point, these work great.
    This is a super convenient little tool with 3 attachments for the price of one. It's compact, easy to use, and has a nice design.
    Wasnt what i was expecting. Would like a better quality. really difficult to remove cork without breaking the cork. especially with a bottle of bubbly
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We needed a go to corkscrew and this product exceeded my expectations! I will be ordering this product again. If you are undecided about this product don't be purchase it now!
    This is one cool looking and highly functioning corkscrew and bottle opener!! It is heavy but not uncomfortably heavy and I would recommend this tool!!
    haven't found a downside to these bottle openers yet. they're very good quality, the size is nice and can be stored easily and the price can't be beat. a great deal
    This is an awesome corkscrew! It's an all in one corkscrew. Perfect for opening bottles quickly and opening wine bottles! It takes a little muscle twisting into the cork and pulling it out. But very convenient!
    The All-in-One Waiter Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a great item to have in your home. I've been in a situation, more than once, when I've had nothing to open a wine bottle with. The quality is good as well as the price.
    great item to buy. looks good and has many uses. will last awhile and can use it repeatedly. perfect for any bartender or customer looking to drink wine.
    fantastic waiter corkscrew and bottle opener! it works really well, and even has a small knife on it, to get annoying labels off bottles tops!
    Fold this up and keep it in our aprons for when wine is needed to be opened and then served. It won't cause injury as it folds up.
    Very cost affordable tool. Lite weight and easy to use. Nice foil cutter that comes in handy. Light weight and durable, will last a long time.
    Very good quality and price , small easy to store in pocket, solid can opener , and good bottle opener , I am old school opener
    This is a really decent economically priced all in one corkscrew and bottle opener it works great and it's a good price Can't go wrong with it
    Great budget waiter"s knife for great price. It is just what you would expect for this price range. You can buy a lot of these and make this way sure that you will have enough of these!
    These little guys are so durable. I got them for the bar at my wedding and had so many I even put them in the gift bags. I use mine to this day and it's been a year already.
    Once again, an excellent product purchased from Webstaurant Store at a fraction of the price that I would have paid from my national food provider!
    Just opened a bottle of wine using this corkscrew and it worked like a charm. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who frequently throws wine and cheese parties and/or is still recovering from the 2016 presidential election results...
    Pretty straight forward. You get exactly what you expect. I bought a few of these for my servers. They are well built and we have had no problems.
    All-in-One Waiter Corkscrew and Bottle Opener #4071148 we don't serve much wine but my brother collects it so we do need to have one on hand and this one works well
    This is a great corkscrew for the money. Great quality, I've had it for about a year now and it has held up well. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
    I love that this is an all in one corkscrew and bottle opener. It's very useful for opening all types of alcohol, beverages, and more!
    How can you beat this price!? I love having a few of these on hand. I have a nice corkscrew in addition to this one, but this is great just to have in the garage, basement, etc.
    Like others have stated, there are better quality all-in-one type corkscrews out there. This is great for the price. The foil cutter requires a little more work/finesse on your part, but everything else works exactly as it should.
    Bought these for any server or bartender to purchase if they forgot to bring their own with them to work. The foil cutter on these is the equivalent of a dull butter knife, nearly impossible to even puncture through the foil. The notch on the fulcrum is at a very odd angle and makes it extremely hard to uncork the bottle. Great example of you get what you pay for.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Your basic all in one cork screw. Does just as it appears and takes care of the job. It is a little flimsy after constantly using it but for the price you can't go wrong.
    Surely a great buy. It does exactly as it should and it is pretty strong. If I needed to, I would buy this item again.
    Nice little all in one. Very cost effective. It didn't cost mush so we will have to see how it holds up. corkscrew and bottle use which is all we needed it for.
    These openers don't seem like they would last very long if used frequently, but for the price, you can't beat this product if you need to buy a large quantity of openers. These will work perfectly to have on each table at our wedding! Sleek and portable too.
    This is a cheap, simple, and very effective corkscrew/bottle opener. I have one that's more complicated, but I find myself reaching for this one most of the time. Worth having a couple of these around.
    A good bottle opener for the price. It loosens up a bit after continual use, but if your just looking for a casual bottle opener to have in the home I'd say this should be your go-to.
    These cork screws are sufficient, they are not extremely heavy duty. They would work well for most servers, but not very well for behind the bar.
    Does the job well. Super compact and fits any where in my kitchen drawers. It is strong and has a nice clean shine to it.
    These wine keys have a sleek, classic look, and work very well. They are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
    Can't go wrong for the price. Does everything you need without taking up loads of drawer space. Feels durable for the price. I'm sure I'll get many years of service out of this little guy.
    I purchased 15 of these corkscrews of the 15 - 12 have already broken, most of which broke on the first night of use. The screw broke off while inserted in the cork making it really difficult to get it out. Wouldn't recommend!
    Thank you for your review, Lauren. We apologize that these corkscrews did not hold up as they should have. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.
    This product is of perfect value for servers to offer table side wine service. There are better ones on the market, however for the price this fits our needs.
    This corkscrew doesn't feel like the sturdiest piece of equipment, but it gets the job done. If you want something nice and heavy duty, you're probably better off finding a different one. But if you just need something that works, this one is for you.
    I've never used this type of corkscrew before so I had to watch a video to learn how, but know that I know, it is a great wine bottle opener to have on hand. I like that it has the small knife for cutting foil.
    Excellent for our needs at a wine tasting room. Very practical and at a very fair price. We needed them in a jiffy and the shipping was expedient. Webstaurant is super reliable and a trustworthy company.
    Not a bad way to go for the price. It isn't as sturdy as some of the ones I've used, but it gets the job done.
    This All-in-One Waiter Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is really easy to use you don't need to be a professional bartender to have it, works just perfect it will easily fit in your vest pocket.
    Not my favorite but is decent for the price. My staff doesnt mind it but I seem to have a difficult time getting the cork out without splitting it.
    What can you say about an all in one bottle opener? This little thing is great! Small but still does everything you need it to do!
    when it comes to corkscrews you really need this tool. its a multi tool that will do most jobs behind the bar. also with a great price to go with it.
    Never disappointed with store's quality. These are awesome. We give one to each waiter so they can be as efficient as can be serving alcoholic beverages. Hinges seem sturdy and much better than dollar store quality. I got some from Katom and they were not good. Webstaurant always giving me peace of mind!
    I got a few of these to keep with my travel bags. Every time my wife and I travel, we often get stuck needing a corkscrew. This makes packing one easy as it is always in my bag and ready to go. I also keep one outside for entertaining. At this price, I don't mind if I need to replace it every couple years.
    Good quality little opener at a great price. Highly recommended for your wine opening needs. The price is unbeatable and I will buy more when I need to.
    Our wait staff feels more confident using this type of cork screw. Before not all of them would be comfortable opening a bottle in front of guests. Thanks to these they are now "fearless" doing it.
    Very inexpensive and good for back up when servers or bar tenders do no bring their own but not good for long term. They are not the best.
    Great wine corkscrew for a great low price. Appears to be sturdy enough to last through multiple uses at home or at your place of business..
    Economical wine key. Works well. Every waiter and bartender should have one of these on them at all times. At this price it is a no-brainer.
    This is a great corkscrew. Simple yet effective. Id rather have this than those big complex electric ones. And they're so cheap you can order multiple
    Nice, inexpensive wine key. I bought several, so that we have one on hand at all times. The quality is great for the price. :)
    This corkscrew is the ultimate tool. The knife cuts any foils around the neck of wine bottles while the worm and the multi-leverage piece work together to open the bottle. You can also use this tool to open beer bottles.
    This waiter corkscrew worked very nicely. It was simple to understand how to use it. The tip of the screw was contently sharp and perfect.
    This is such a nice corkscrew! The double ends work for beer bottle opening and the corkscrew works for wine bottle opening. Great recommended product!
    this corkscrew is a great tool to have around. whether you need to open a bottle of wine or simply open a beer, you'll be the one to be able to do the task
    This corkscrew is the perfect size. It's great and fits in ones pocket. Because the corkscrew and knife fold up it is safe to put in your pocket or a drawer.
    It is what it is! I scoured the internet for months (literally! I am a bargain hound) for these so I could put one on each table at my wedding. This was the only place I could find them for this price except the dollar store and theirs bend after only one use. Again, beats the competition hands down.
    This is a great corkscrew that is simple and easy to use. Although it is plain, it works great and is an excellent price for what it is.
    This is a good product that is cheap and gets the job done. I outfitted my whole staff with one and at a low cost where I could keep uniformity in the front of the house.
    This is your basic corkscrew, nothing fancy but definitely does the trick. I will say this though, for the price it is amazingly sturdy. Each of my employees have one, and its small enough to fit in their aprons.
    The waiters corkscrew is nothing fancy but it does what it is meant to do, open a wine bottle. Knife is sharp and is easy to use
    what a great corkscrew and bottle opener. i give all new employees one. and they love them, great value and a long lasting product. thanks
    just about any waitstaff or bartender should always have a corkscrew with them at all times. easy to use and great investment for a small price
    This is a great inexpensive tool for any cook to have!!! Makes opening wines for cooking a breeze! Easy to use! Small size allows for easy storage!!
    We never seem to have a corkscrew when we need one for opening wine for cooking in the kitchen. This corkscrew works and is cheap enough that I could buy a few of them that one is generally in the place I'm searching for it. It looks mass-produced and I wouldn't use it in the dining room of an up-scale restaurant, but it works fine and for our use that's all we need.
    I keep 3 of these waiter tools around the house and plan to get some more of them. They are really useful to have around, and it works with most of the bottles and corks. Small size makes it very convenient but it can also play on you that it is hard to find them around. The price is excellent for the function.

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