16" x 24" Full Size Footed Cooling Rack for Bun / Sheet Pan

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This chrome-plated footed cooling rack keeps your food from sticking to the bottom of a full size bun / sheet pan. The raised rack also serves as a cooling rack for baked products. It's ideal for holding food while icing, displaying, or drying.

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16" x 24" Full Size Footed Cooling Rack for Bun / Sheet Pan

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    As a residential user I bought these to use as a cooling rack. They work great, hold a lot plus take up almost no room to store. Excellent buy.

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    I love this cooling rack it holds all of my layers and I don't have to have multiple racks taking over all my counter space.

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    These are a must have if you are a cupcake baker. They are the perfect size for the double cupcake pans when your turning out your cupcakes to cool down. Easy clean up, great price.

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    I love this cooling rack. I love the size because it fits so many cookies on it. It is very durable and easy to wash

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    The perfect cooling rack for full size sheet pans sold on this site. They scrub easily with a stiff brush to get any burnt bits off. They are a solid build, will stand up to reasonable abuse, and don't bend or warp. We say buy them. Jeff

    from WAFFLES2GO Posted on

    Awesome cooling racks for full size sheet pans.

    These cooling racks are perfect for placing on cookie sheets to cool cakes or cookies. We also use them to cover petit fours and sometimes to decorate cookies on!

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    Great addition to our kitchen. We use these racks in our bun rack and as an insert to a full baking pan. Sturdy and versatile.

    from Abstruse Pastry Company LLC Posted on

    This fits perfectly into the half sized sheet pan. Easy storage and durable to withstand a thorough scrubbing. I use it to drain meat and have a separate one for baking.

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    I thought this track was going to be small but it is big enough for 6,seven inch cakes. This is actually really cheap for a cake rack because the one I have is more than this ,but this one is better

    from Foxland market Posted on

    Perfect size

    This cooking rack is awesome for commercial kitchens and bakeries. I use this one in our commercial bakery and it's great for enrobing baked goods with chocolate and cooking large batches of cookies. Would highly recommend!

    Posted on

    If you need a larger cooling rack that fits the large baker's pans, this is it! This rack is extra study and fit's ALOT of food on it that you need to cool. It also cools the food very fast. I used it for cooling of chicken fingers before wrapping in a pan that way they don't get soggy and this worked perfectly. The best part is the large size of it and they have multiple sizes to fit your needs. Great quality!

    from Clarke's Catering Posted on

    Great quality. Durable, large and comes in many different sizes

    This is a very large cooling rack, perfect for 2 batches of cookies with ease. The wire is holding up well and would recommend this to anyone.

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    Cooling rack

    Ordered these for my sheet pans for cooling and draining of fried items. Work very well and seem to be made of high quality materials.

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    This is great for a industrialized kitchen. As long as there taken care of these cooling racks can last a long time. They shipped to my house in great condition. No concerns about this product

    from Raheem PREPARES CHICKEN AND WAFFLES Posted on

    Haven't had any problems with these cooling racks and have used them for a number of things. Some are starting to discolor after multiple uses, but you can restore them if they get really bad.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    The size is great, and they work well for lighter items. The downside is that they are a rather thin gauge wire, so they wouldn't stand up well to heavier items.

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    Good size rack for cooling any baked goods. Very sturdy and easy to clean. No rusting problem. I will purchase smaller size for glazing and dipping soon.

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    We use this for all sorts of draining and cooling foods from both the oven and fryer. Clean up is very easy as well with simple effort.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    These footed grates are amazing and an absolute steal at this price. We use them to elevate our loaves of bread to cool faster and more evenly after they come out of the oven

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    I love these Footed Draining! Can be used as a cooling rack, or draining rack for icing cookies. At the price they sell these for they are a great bargain

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    Well made and great for roasting protiens on or for cooling baked items. Works well as a raised grate for letting fried items drain as well

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    These are a life saver! These are great for holding anything that shouldn't be held in liquid. We use them in hotel pans as roasting racks.

    from Red Mile Posted on

    Best price on the market and same quality as the expensive sheet pans. Highly recommend purchasing this from the webstaurant store. Extremely durable and last a long time.

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    I love these racks. We use them for our chicken wings. They are pretty hard to get clean though so we always have to soak them for a while.

    from Zack's Shack Posted on

    Perfect to use a bread cooling rack, or really any pizza or pastry that needs to rest. These grates also work great for cooking bacon on, allowing the rendered fat to be captured.

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    This works great for letting cookies and cupcakes cool and fits neatly on the counters and is easy to clean and use! Would highly recommend.

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    Love the fact that this is elevated off the ground not like most cooling rack. Nice size for large quantities. This fits perfect in my full size sheet pan.

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    I have been using these racks over a sheet pan to cool and decorate donuts. So far they have been great quality. Might bend a little if you stack too many during storage.

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    Ok , these should be called a cooling rack, I think they would work fine for cooling cookies, etc. However I bought these for drain grates as they are described. We wanted to use them to drain and air dry clean dishes on the drainboard of our commercial sink. Well after a week , it is beginning to rust and leave rust marks on the stainless sink, I'm disappointed. They are not heavy duty, would bend quite easily if using them fo heavier items..

    from Weaver's Market, LLC Posted on

    The grates came nicely packaged. They are very good quality and we are extremely satisfied with our purchase. It fits into our full sheet tray to hold our baked goods for display.

    from Donut drop llc Posted on

    this is a good product and I bought two other sizes at the same time, but this one arrived damaged and warped so I am unsure of its function now.

    Posted on

    These were exactly what I needed for cooling my handpies- if they sit directly on the sheet trays the bottoms can get too greasy, but propping them up on these so they can get some air circulation means the bottoms are always perfect! They fit perfectly in my full size sheet pans. I try not to use scrubbing pads when cleaning them because the fuzz can get stuck in the grates- I just use a regular sponge and hot water.

    from East Durham Pie Company Posted on

    Cooling my miniature pies on this rack has helped increase air circulation, keeping the bottoms nice and crispy instead of them getting soggy from cooling directly on the sheet pan

    OMG this is such a heavy duty draining grate. It's excellent quality and makes draining fried good easy. Drys crispy and helps with the excess oil. I would highly recommend this product.

    from Tina's recipes Posted on

    This is a good value for a lightweight rack - it works well for things like cookies and pastries, but I wouldn't set a heavy pan on it.

    from Hope Mountain Farm Posted on

    this works great for a lot of things great for cooling cookies,cakes or anything you want to let cool before you put it in a package

    from canine acres bakery Posted on

    This draining rack is grate! It is sturdy and doesn't rust. It is exactly what our bakery needed. We highly recommend this product! Five stars.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Great drain pan for cooling baked goods or for creating any drizzled or dipped goods that require draining. Will buy more as needed as these are good value.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    The price point was right for my needs. They are sturdy enough to hold my 16 inch commercial blender and spice grinder with no issues. As well as other equipment. They will be even better once i start production for storing beauty products and curing my soaps.

    from butterflyforest naturals Posted on

    Great Cooling rack. We use it on a daily basis for items like cookies and baked goods. Easy to clean and is holding up nicely to every day use.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    This is one of those all purpose tools in the kitchen. We use this to cool bread, let bacon grease drip etc. It fits a full size sheet pan.

    Posted on

    One of my essentials. Perfect for cooling baked goodies or for draining excess liquid while coating petits fours or ganached/drip cakes. The size of the grate is perfect for me.

    from Petaljammies Cake & Pastry Posted on

    These have held up pretty well. We use them around the shop as both a drain grate as well as a way to lift food off the table to help cool it quicker.

    from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods Posted on

    These work great as they should, just a little thinner then expected but do the job. They fit into the sheet pans perfectly and clean up well.

    from Tripps Primal Farm and Kafé Posted on

    These work great for donut racks. Fit perfectly on our sheet pans and gives us a large space for setting up glazed donuts. Clean easily also

    from Heavenly's A Creative Bakery Posted on

    We actually purchased this for a not intended use... it works GREAT as a large cooling rack for baked goods! Definitely something every kitchen (even home ones) should have, if they do a lot of baking.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    These grates work really well for drying food. The only issue is that they don't fit in the racks that we purchased. We have to stack them diagonally so they don't fall off... would be great if these were available in 18x24.

    Posted on

    These racks are wonderful. They are nice and large and they are very sturdy. We cool our pies, cookies etc on them and they work perfectly.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    I love these and use them for so many differnt food items from breads to cookies to wedding cake layers. i just ordered 5 as the new place I am at only had one and i needed more. Great price as well.

    from youth with a mission Posted on

    This full size rack is great for roasting large cuts of meat. It is also helpful for chocolate or pastry work because all the chocolate drips to the bottom.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    Our Executive Chef says these are the most durable, easy to use draining gate for bun/sheet pan he has ever used. We love them, and such a great price too!

    from Duke's Mesquite Broiler Posted on

    Such a great cooling rack! It has not wrapped or bent at all! I've had it about 6 months. My next purchase I am definetly getting me another one!

    Posted on

    We use these to make bacon in the oven, so the bacon stays above the grease and cooks evenly. These are a bit hard to clean but essential if you want to make perfect bacon.

    Posted on

    I use this rack as a cooling rack after I bake cookies. It fits well with the aluminum bun/ sheet pan I also ordered on this site.

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    Very good cooling rack. Very easy to use. Can also be used to drain excess oil from fried foods. Very good quality. Would last a long time.

    Posted on

    I was so excited to finally have a Draining Grate! Easy to use stays put on the counter- I would highly recommend it, also its a great price- worth the splurge!

    Posted on

    This is a 5 star product for sure! We use it as a cooling rack for all our baked goods on our work tables, but we also utilize the black utility 3 shelf cart and the full size racks fit perfectly on the cart shelves. One of our favorite products.

    from M Librizzi Posted on

    We purchased these draining grates to use as cooling racks for your cookies and they work perfectly. We also use them to powder our cookies and each one holds about 3 dozen of our cookies. This is a great product for the price

    from Caly's Kitchen Posted on

    Easy to clean, durable and perfect for allowing air to circulate and cool baked goods and/or pans. Would highly recommend for bakeries, cafes and kitchens.

    from Natural Contents Posted on

    You can't beat these for the price. These are very durable and are great for many uses. I can store product on them without having to worry about being soggy on the bottom.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    These are supposed to be stainless steel, which I need for working with lye. But they are not very pure quality-- started to rust right away.

    from Frau Pretzel Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Julie! We are sorry you were under the impression that the pan rack you purchased was stainless steel. As per our website, this item is chrome-plated. For a stainless steel pan rack, try this Vollrath Stainless Steel Wire Grate for Bun / Sheet Pan instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This draining grate is great for draining meat when it comes off a sheet pan, but I like to use it to cool off cookies or pies straight out of the oven.

    Posted on

    Using the draining grate for a different purpose - to cool my pie off when it comes out of the oven.

    We bought this model for cookies and it works like a dream. Even air flow all around. This draining pan is also very light and easy to store.

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    We use these for our baked goods and they're still shiny after months of use. We have many items that contain a lot of butter or need to be glazed and these are super easy to clean. There are a couple slightly sharp edges but they haven't caused us any problems so far.

    from Deep Creek Coffee Co Posted on

    I use this for a cooling rack as well as a platform for decorating my cookies and cupcakes. It's easy to clean and is a great size! It will hold 2 to3 dozen cupcakes.

    Posted on

    These are great! I couldn't find anything as big as this in a retail store or craft store so I decided to order some online for my small baking operation at home. There is support in the middle as well so weight doesn't make it sink in like other cooling racks. I was able to fit 24 cookies, each 3 3/4 inches in diameter on the rack. I highly recommend these if you have the counter space and need something sturdy to cool pans or baked goods on.

    from Petruzzi's Kitchen Posted on

    These racks are just what we needed for a price that doesn't break the bank! They are quality made and I expect them to last for quite some time.

    from One Dish Cuisine Posted on

    Very pleased with these cooling racks. They are well made and sturdy - even with heavier items, there is no bowing or sagging. We'll repurchase for our half size pans.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    I am using this for a cooling rack. It's big enough for seveal dozen cookies, large cakes, cupcakes, etc. It's very strong so it won't warp storing it in a cupboard with other pans on top (as I store it).

    from All in the Details Posted on

    I bought this to use as a cooling rack. The metal is not very sturdy and makes the centre of the pan press down under weight.

    Posted on

    The full size draining grate works very well as a cooling rack. It fits in an 18 x 26 sheet pan perfectly and gives you a lot of space to cool different baked items.

    Posted on

    This Full Size footed Draining Grate for bun/sheet pan. I used this grate with a full size sheet pan and it fit very well. I used it to do roast chicken on it and it cook pretty good. You just have to spray it. It is easy to clean as well. Nice product for the price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    The full size draining grate is a must when cooking anything that you don't to sit in its own juices too long. Also works great as a icing or cooling rack.

    Posted on

    We use these full size draining grates on top of our convection oven as a make shift cooling rack. They fit perfectly & work great!

    Posted on

    This is a great cooling rack. It fits well on a full size baking sheet and doesn't slide around too much. It can hold a lot of cupcakes, muffins, or anything else you're trying to cool!

    from Rainbow Bakery Posted on

    Great price for a very useful kitchen supply. We use these for multiple tasks. Easily cleaned and should last a very long, long, long time.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    Great rack and sits right on the full size sheet pans. Its great for commercial ovens and cooking i large quantities. Easy to clean with no scratches. I would recommend this product for people who use commercial kitchens.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    Fits nice and snug in the full size sheet pan. It's made with great material. Nice and sturdy. We have one for each rack in the shop.

    from KAMI Cakes Posted on

    This roasting rack is a great item to have in your kitchen. It can be used for many different things such as cooling baked goods to resting meats.

    Posted on

    This is a great product. I use it for glazing cakes! Put a full sheet pan under it to catch the left over glaze. Great price!

    Posted on

    not much you can say about this product, besides that its awesome! I have had a handful through the years, very durable and worth the price!

    Posted on

    great product. I bake a LOT for charity a. Hard to find places to put things to cool when you live in a small condo so these really come in handy.

    Posted on

    Good product. Shows as advertised. This is designed to add to baking sheet pans. Will not fit in a standard baker rack by itself. Too short to fit on the shelves in the rack.

    from Baked Cakes & Gourmet Desserts LLC Posted on

    Nice full size cooling rack. Sturdy and fits nicely into a full size sheet pan for safe transport. We use for cookies, works as it should.

    from Mountain Oven, LLC Posted on

    The 16 1/4" x 24" Full Size Footed Draining Grate for Bun / Sheet Pan. It is perfect for cooling our favorite cookies,whilw waiting to be frosted. We love it. You can put any baked item on for cooling purpose from cupcakes, etc.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    Perfect! I needed an extra large cooling rack for my cookies and breads. I didn't want a cooling rack that just had the vertical (or horizontal) metal wires; I like the square mesh-type pattern.

    from Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church Posted on

    Easter Bread on Cooling Rack

    These have been great racks for us. They haven't lost their finish and have a tight enough mesh to keep even mini cupcakes from tipping over when they are cooling.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    Love these for all of our baked goods ! Clean up very easy and are very durable. Allows for nice spacing in between the baked goods. Great size.

    from JONABELLA CATERING Posted on

    Absolute awesome product, and is more versatile than you think. It is a great cooling rack, but I use it for something else. I needed an answer for cutting lobsters and collecting juices. This was it, it is very sturdy and handles abuse, and allows the juices to collect in the full pan below. Great price.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    I bought this to use as a cookie cooling rack since the holidays are approaching. Who can't use more space to cool their delicious holiday treats?

    Posted on

    Excellent product for resting meats, cooling cookies and bread and even roasting meats!! Great multi-use product! Worth every penny! Durable and long lasting!! Can not be the price!!! Great for large batches!

    Posted on

    Love the large size of this cooling/draining grate. I use it to cool massive amounts of cookies on and also us it when icing them. Great for all sorts of baking projects.

    Posted on

    This grate is really nice and strong. Would recommend it highly for commercial use. Good for cooling large batches of cookies, large cakes, and baked goods.

    from Carmela's Confections Posted on

    Great product, well-made, extremely useful for a variety of kitchen needs, and most importantly, the best customer service I have found, to date. Highly recommend! -Patricia from Front Royal, VA

    Posted on

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