Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder Free Textured Gloves - Medium

Item #: 394EN502M

Protect your hands from harmful chemicals and biological hazards with these multi-purpose Noble Products nitrile gloves! Made of durable, 4 mil thick nitrile, these gloves are allergen, latex, and powder free, helping reduce the potential for some allergic reactions to develop. Noble Products blue non-sterile nitrile gloves provide exceptional puncture, tear, and chemical resistance, while maintaining the tactile sensitivity of comparable latex gloves. Thanks to a textured exterior, these nitrile gloves also provide a firm grip in both wet and dry situations. This combination of superior protection and exceptional flexibility makes these gloves perfect for a wide variety of applications.

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Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder Free Textured Gloves - Medium

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    One of the best things I brought since I clean a lot,. The best part is your hands do not feel odd when you take the gloves off. The only catch us your hands tend to get hot in them but it is probably due to wearing them for hours straightb
    This is a nice quality glove that we use and we replaced our 5 mil gloves with, and at a massive savings they hold up just as well.
    It's very hard to find good, cheap gloves for cake decorating. I love these powder free gloves for handling fondant and other edible ingredients. Also good for doing other things around the house.
    It's very convenient. We use the gloves for changing diapers and first aid. It's a very good price, cheaper compared to amazon and office supplies. Will buy again.
    Excellent quality gloves for a fraction of the price I would find them in a pharmacy or grocery store. Nice touch with the textured fingertips.
    These gloves work wonders for my tiny hands! Much better than the large gloves of which practically fall off my hand. Great for our male employees though!
    Noble products make just that with their Nitrile Powder free gloves. Thick so they don't tear and keep your hands clean, Very useful product and company that we prefer.
    I purchased these for a staff member that is allergic to latex. They are a great glove and work perfectly for her. Would buy again if needed.
    Excellent gloves at a great price. It's a good quality glove that you can wear while cleaning and or food preparation. The best part about these is the durability that far outlasts the lighter weight disposable gloves.
    I give those noble nitrile gloves a five star rating because they are very strong for 4 mil but was a little disappointed at the length of them because on the picture they show much longer. But anyway they are worth the price for their strength.
    These nitrile gloves are such a great deal! We have an employee who can't use any other gloves, so it is nice to have an economical solution!
    We go through a lot of disposable gloves, and these are our favorite. They're very comfortable, and the thick nitrile does not tear. They work well for many uses, but we've found them especially helpful while cleaning and doing work in the garage.
    Great gloves but though it says on the box distributed by a food service company it doesn't say they are certified for food use. Could be misunderstood. However we use them for cleaning anyway and love them.
    These medium size blue nitrile gloves are fantastic they fit perfectly and they were great price for such a big box of gloves they really stretch a lot too
    I use these gloves to make cakepops they help to give the cakepops a nice round and smooth shape without the mess on your hands.
    Best gloves ever! I not only use these in he kitchen for cooking, but I use them for cleaning and for gardening. They hold up even when I dig in he dirt. Absolutely love these gloves
    These gloves are seriously the best! They don't have that leftover powder on your hands. Great for baking or cleaning and the price is wonderful!
    Great fits and great price. Thin but sturdy. I use it for everything from cleaning to food handling. Not tear easily. Will definitely buy again.
    Very happy with these gloves. We use them in our cleaning business and they're durable, comfortable, and fit well. Pleased that they come in a number of sizes.
    Excellent product for food safety, very pleased with it all the way around, have already used half a box in three days and haven't come across one defected glove. At this price it beats other gloves by half the price and number of defective gloves per box. The textured tips also give it a better grip when handling slippery items which gives these gloves a huge plus. And the ft is perfect for my hands.
    These are the gloves I prefer to use in food preparation. They fit tightly and you don't lose any grip. Definitely easy to work while wearing these.
    After learning you can leave these gloves on for hours and just treat them as your own skin (washing your hands alot) and wearing the looser disposable gloves over they are worth every penny you spend on them.
    Perfect fit for my hands and they protect my hands from dish soap and chemicals. Easy on and off makes them great for many uses.
    Medium size is good enough for me, and again the price is good for such quantity. We checked local stores, the price here is the best.
    We go through probably a dozen pairs of gloves a day and these noble gloves are by far the most comfortable, flexible, stretchy, and durable of any gloves we've used! They are so good it's kind of a pity to dispose of them after use! They don't even get holes in them,
    These are durable nitrile gloves that are great for light cleaning tasks and for food service uses in our bakery. They are a bit more expensive than vinyl gloves though.
    These gloves are amazing. I have super sensitive skin and these do not bother me at all. I will be ordering these again in the future.
    These Noble nitrile 4 millimeter gloves are a perfect barrier solution. I use them for everything. From handling raw meats to cleaning the bathroom and even working on my car. I know these are gonna get the job done.
    i've bought these by the case and have come back for more. a great price on gloves that hold up with the best of them.
    I absolutely love these Noble gloves. They fit right and don't break easily. They also come in very handy with multiple uses. Highly recommended product.
    I used these while working at a hospital. In my 15 year career they never failed .No tears or holes. I started using them at home in my kitchen. I hate touching raw meat. I keep a box with my foil,plastic wrap, etc.
    I think these are pretty decent nitrile gloves. They slip on very easy if your hands are clean and dry but that goes for any glove I think. They also feel nice on your hands. The gloves aren't particularly durable though and they can rip or come apart with light use depending on what your doing. Budget friendly and decent quality for the price.
    I like ths kind of gloves because they last longer and doesn't break easily. Compared with the other clear one, this works a lot better.
    We are very happy with the quality of these gloves. Strong and sturdy, yet still allow for comfortable grip and feeling. No powder so no clumping feeling. Compared to other prices elsewhere these can't be beat. We will be ordering more.
    These noble product gloves are great for millimeter thick is awesome they're not real heavy but when you put them on they don't rip or break that is awesome
    We use these everyday. They don't rip, fit snug and don't leave any powder residue. To adhere to HACCP protocols these are a must. We order cases at a time because we use so many.
    These are a great item at a great price. They beat my suppliers price even with the shipping. These are a high quality nitrile glove- thick enough to hold up and have a very good stretch and won't break. I will definitely be getting them here from now on.
    Love these gloves! Form fitting, keeps your hands cooler than other gloves. Easy to use box. Will continue to reorder each time we need gloves.
    Sir Clean recommended Noble Products Nitrile 4 Mil Thick Powder Free Textured Gloves - Medium for the quality and price. Its perfect to many purpose.
    I love these gloves. They are the perfect thickness to be able to feel and grip the food properly, but also not get torn. Reordering now.
    These work like they should so that's a start! But they are not as stretchy as latex gloves but other than that they are not bad!
    Exactly what I expected from nitrile gloves. They are thin enough to be able to feel what you are doing. I do not have any issues with them breaking under normal use. Perfect thickness for foodservice
    Nice gloves. We buy these for an employee who is allergic to latex. These are great gloves, they do not rip too easily. They help us to meet health code requirements and follow food safety rules. No complaints.
    Wonderfully thick without giving you sweaty hands like most latex gloves do. Fit perfectly allowing them to be worn comfortably for everything in the kitchen.
    Purchase these at a great price here... Was looking for some gloves to use while working with Fondant.. They are very durable and well made. Will not rip easily.
    These are great for doing deep cleans or more rigorous things with your hands. They're also great if someone gets rashes from the regular latex gloves.
    These gloves are great. We have several of these mounted on our walls around our kitchen. I have not had any issues with tearing or punctures. Very durable. I highly recommend these gloves.
    These nitrile gloves are great for slippery tasks like washing dishes or general food prep. The textured surface helps you maintain your grip, and they feel more comfortable than vinyl gloves (hands sweat less)
    I was skeptical at first when ordering..never know what your getting. The,quality is sturdy and fit well. I use for my cleaning business and planning on ordering more.
    I like to have this item handy in my pantry for prepping jalapeƱos and shelling and deveining shrimp. They fit snugly so I can still securely have control over my knife. Great buy!
    Perfect gloves, they are just what I need it, they fit perfectly, power free and thick but functional enough to use it around the kitchen when you need to protect your hands and the food you are preparing
    These are great gloves and you save a fortune getting them here over in store. They protect the hand from scent and are surprisingly durable, even being only 4mil thick. They do anything a restaurant person would need them to.
    We use these gloves at work and at home. I use these when I clean so chemicals don't get on my skin. I so prefer these gloves to any others I've tried!!
    I have used similar gloves for years and am happy to find these. We use them at my work for all kinds of reasons. We tint flowers and containers and keep our hands clean at the same time. Our buckets and coolers need cleaning daily and these are very handy. No more messy hands. They are strong enough to do a hard job without ripping. We have even used them for gardening. We will keep trying to find other uses for them. They haven't failed us yet. I don't expect them to.
    These gloves are nice because they have a pretty blue color. Also they are textured so it is easy to grip things. I like to use these when touching slippery things.
    We use these gloves for everything from food prep to cleaning. We have not had any issues so far and the price is the lowest I can find anywhere.
    We use these gloves in a kitchen and they are great for our needs. They are very durable and non-slippery. Most importantly is that they are not irritating to the hands, as we had some cooks that complained about that with other gloves.
    These gloves are great for food service. They are durable, non-slippery, and not irritating to the hands like powdered gloves. Great price on this site, too.
    I use these gloves for hair dying. They would be good for medical uses too. They fit well and are strong. Nitrile is great too because a lot of people are allergic to latex.
    My entire family loves these gloves. I love to use them when I am handling raw meat. They fit me perfect and I love that they are powder free. My daughter loves to use them for cleaning the bathroom and my husband using them for his staining projects. They have never disappointed any of us.
    I use these gloves because they are powdered free. They are also thick and strong. They do last a long time when cleaning. Because these gloves last long, i am able to use less and save money.
    These Nitrile gloves are great! Being powder and latex free, they sure help with my allergies. They are also easy to slip on and off. Just a good product to buy.
    As a produce packing house, these gloves are essential to our operation! Been ordering for another company and found these! we are saving $$$ per case using! Thanks so much for offering great products at great prices!
    These powder free textured gloves are great for preventing cross-contamination in the kitchen. Easy to slide on, and when you're done you can just take them off and throw them away.
    I love and appreciate the convenience of these gloves. Not only are they be used in medical settings, but they can be used in kitchens for food prep as well as for arts and crafts.
    Great food service glove, puts customers at ease when handling treats in front of them and gives folks the right impression about your establishment and cleanliness.
    I love these gloves! Not only do I bake with them, but I use them for everything. They are strong and last a few hours while baking. I have been using these gloves for years and this is by far the best price anywhere.
    Excellent thickness for cleaning applications. Can't beat the price here - if you constantly require these gloves, purchase the case and it will give you even greater value to you or your business.
    I recommend this product to anyone who want to avoid dirty hands, these gloves prove to be long lasting and do not easily break like the cheaper brands.
    My wife loves these gloves, she uses them all the time when washing glasses, they protect her lovely hands and are pretty durable. The price is lovely too.
    Powder free nitrile exam gloves are extremely durable and low cost. The slight texture on the gloves helps with handling slippery ingredients out on the factory floor. These come in 4 sizes which means all employees can have a comfortable fit.
    I use these gloves every day. I have tendonitis in my wrist and wear a wrist brace and these fit over it fine. Do not rip easily.
    We use these gloves on a daily basis for our services and they are of good standard quality, dont break too easily, and have the slightly textured finger tips. Delivery was right on time! Good turnaround and product. Will buy again.
    We purchase these Nitrile gloves from on a regular basis. We've never found a better glove! They are easy to put on and take off and hold up very well. We often use a pair more than once. They do a great job of protecting hands in the Winter from all of the water we use washing dishes.
    These gloves are great. They don't tear or stretch as easily as name brand gloves. Another plus is that you can choose the size that you need.
    Good quality gloves, durable good for working with hot or cold products. Sizing note the fit of this glove is snug, be sure and verify user's hand size. The men preferred the larger over the medium. The medium size works for average female hands, thinner hands could use a small due to the fit.
    I really love these glove, my homeattend use them to give me a bath and there hands stay dry all the times the use it , I will rate these glove 100%. I like the thickness of glove
    These glove are great because they are latex free. Two of my bakers have latex allergies so these a perfect because I can tell if someone without the allergy are using the expensive latex free gloves.
    Im sure every place on the grocery store has started to sell these nitrile exam gloves, fortunately enough, their markup price are too high, while here, it's as cheap as warehouse price
    The Nitrile Exam Gloves 4 Mil Thick Medium Nitrile Exam Glove - Textured. They are great gloves and not just for exam. We also use th gloves when it comes to body fluids.
    I've ordered many brands of gloves in theh past and none have suited our needs any better than these economical gloves. We use them daily in our preschool.
    These are high quality gloves, and the price is fantastic! I use these while working with dyes (non-food) and they're durable enough for me to use and reuse through an entire day's work, so that makes them an even better value. I have not yet managed to poke a fingernail through them, so I'm thrilled!
    sturdy gloves, better than some that are so thin, they tear or rip easily. No powder, which I don't care for. I use them for product manufacture in my skincare business and for giving facial treatments in my spa.

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