Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium for Food Service

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Perfect for foodservice, these Choice disposable medium poly gloves provide food protection and sanitation! Light duty and economical, these plastic gloves are ideal for environments where constant glove-changing is required. Their design allows you to quickly and easily slip them off for a new pair in between tasks, so you're always following proper food preparation requirements in your establishment. When preparing sandwiches or dealing with money, it's always required to change into a new pair of protective gloves to prevent any cross-contamination. Whether you're working in a deli, sandwich shop or other kitchen prep area, or you're running a concession stand, kiosk, or food truck, these disposable food preparation gloves are an economical choice that will exceed your serving needs!

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Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium for Food Service

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gloves great food price medium Perfect Disposable easy Poly quality
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    I bought these to use by our employees when they prepare cheese and cracker plates for our customers. They are a good buy for the little bit of time that we use them.

    from Brandywine Creek Vineyards & Winery, LLC Posted on

    These gloves are perfect for one time use. We use them in our ice cream parlour for making ice cream sandwiches and adding toppings to our ice cream. We bought them by the box to try them out, but I will be buying a whole case the next time I place an order!

    Posted on

    This disposable poly gloves are awesome. Saves me time from having to wash my hand multiple times when switching from one item to another! Prevent cross contamination between food items as well.

    from armand’s Kitchen Posted on

    Choice poly gloves size medium

    I purchased these for my delicatessan. My use this primarily for food prep. They can be a fit fussy to use if you're making sandwiches and need to wrap them up and tape it close. The tape gets stuck to the gloves. In that case we use latex. But these are great for food prep! They're relatively low cost as well.

    from The Hut Posted on

    Keeps your hands clean!

    These are great disposable gloves at an affordable price . They are not meant for heavy duty use but for light use they are good to have

    Posted on

    Poly gloves

    Again, not a great review like the others. You definitely get what you pay for with these. All we use them for is getting food out of a bakery case and scooping ice cream but they don't stay on well and rip easily. Not please. Another "Choice" product I won't be reordering.

    from Western Chick Boutique Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this is not working for what you need it for. We suggest trying this Noble Products Medium Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Foodservice instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These gloves are very handy to use with my baked goods. Opening them quickly is a little frustrating because you have to pull them apart. However, I am pleased with them because I can be confident that no germs are being transmitted when I sell the baked goods.

    from Something Baked LLC Posted on

    Great price for a glove that has to be changed often to ensure food safety for our guests. The medium size fits just about everyone and allows us to buy almost all medium size keeping our costs down.

    from Freebirds World Burrito Posted on

    Great product the Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium for Food Service is fairly priced and we will be ordering more of this product in the future

    from In-stock supply inc Posted on

    Perfect gloves for Working with fruit! or actually pretty much anything. do not slide off easily nor do they rip easily. highly recommend these gloves

    from Neveria oasis Posted on

    perfect fit

    These are five star gloves for what they are. But let's be real, they are the cheapest and least luxurious style of disposable glove available. With that said, these do have some very nice strength to them. They do not easily tear.

    Posted on

    This poly can stretch!

    Perfect for easy on and easy off when you go back and forth between handling food and handling money. They are good for the price.

    Posted on

    Medium fits my hands exactly. They are perfect for a one time use when putting baked goods in a bag for a customer. Recommend them.

    from Artisan Bread Boutique L.L.C. Posted on

    Basic and very functional. We have several boxes spread throughout our ice cream scooping and serving areas. Our employees seem to like them better than other brands.

    from Wicked Scoops, LLC Posted on

    These gloves are my best friend in the kitchen when baking. I work with a lot of sugar and food coloring etc so the great price and large quantity allow me to change gloves excessively without guilt. I purchased a medium and it would been better for me to order a small since these gloves are so loose. They aren't ideal for intricate work because they get in the way. But a must have for sure!

    from The Cupcake Diet Posted on

    These gloves are very affordable but they make gripping things harder as they are so slick. At the bakery it was always hard to hold onto things because your hands slip around inside.

    Posted on

    Poly gloves are just not that user friendly or comfortable to wear. These gloves are of good quality. We use them instead of the vinyl gloves for simple tasks as they are much cheaper. A good value for the money.

    from Abstruse Pastry Company LLC Posted on

    Indispensable for food service

    We use these gloves to bag our candy. They are easy to put on and remove. They meet our food standards and are true to the size. I would recommend these gloves.

    from Bearskin Neck Country Store Posted on

    Love this pack size, the box is big enough for wall hagers! Good quality, do not rip easily. Easy to order, great price and fast shipping!!

    from CV Preschool Posted on

    These are great for using multiple in a short period of time. I love the ease of putting them on and taking them off. Makes for great sanitary practice.

    Posted on

    I'm very impressed with the thick quality of these gloves .

    Best poly gloves in the market! My employees have not yet once complained about the quality of the glove. The product we used in the past use to rip apart on us.

    from TAIYAKI NYC Posted on

    Straight out of the box I haven't fought a bad one yet. Excellent product that is great for food handling. Very durable and easy to use.

    Posted on

    I think it is a good deal i paid just 2 dollars something and i got one box and i will use it will last for a long time

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    With these gloves you will be able to ensure food is handled safe and clean by avoiding cross contamination as you handle different food items.

    Posted on

    We go through these gloves way too fast! These are very user friendly. Great packaging and meets code. Arrived just as described and on time.

    from The Juice Box Posted on

    The gloves are fine, I would say for sizing the fingers are too long, maybe go a size smaller for a better fit in the fingers.

    Posted on

    This glove was perfect and makes serving at my mummy's birthday party professional. It is also hygienic for food serving . This medium is a good fit.

    Posted on

    Great gloves for quick food service handling. These are quick to slip on so the customer doesn't have to wait long. Will purchase these again.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    Great product and durable. We use these guys for customers to get down and dirty with their food and peeling shrimp, breaking crab legs, etc... they are extremely great.

    Posted on

    The price is reasonable. I use these gloves when I temporarily handle some of my food ingredients. They don't have holes too easily. Good item.

    Posted on

    Poly gloves, non powdered

    great price and great quality. perfect thickness and good grip on the end of each finger. These gloves fit the hands very well. I will buy more.

    Posted on

    A must have for every kitchen at an extraordinary price. High quality poly glove that is easy to put on and disposable. Cheap price for a high quality product.

    from Sharon W Posted on

    Great gloves for the price! As a business that goes through quite a few of them a day, its nice to know that you can more at an affordable price.

    from On A Stick Creations Posted on

    We use these gloves a lot to pick macarons up for customers. It lets them know we care about food safety and cleaniness. Also, they're very inexpensive which is always a good thing.

    from Good Doggy Posted on

    Great for quick sales from our macaron display.

    Quick and easy to get on and off! Not great for using while cookie because they are loose but the front counter girls love them.

    from The Ottawa Bakery Posted on

    These gloves are substantially less expensive than gloves of the same quality from other sellers. We go through a lot of them. Some of the finger seams are less than perfect, but then again they are disposable, only needing to last a couple of minutes at most. The Medium size fits everyone in the bakery.

    Posted on

    The price is great for these. This is a glove that does not stretch when you put them on, so it makes it a little more challenging for a rapid install.. But I think they will work out.

    from Little Lots Farms Posted on

    These gloves a great value! They are nice and thin, but still durable. Perfect for front of the house food handling while helping customers. Would recommend.

    Posted on

    These Choice Disposable Poly Gloves work excellent. I prefer to have these over any other ones I've tried, especially from other popular online retailers. These gloves look like low quality at first, but once I put them on, they fit really well and get the job done. I use them mostly for handling raw meat and seafood to keep it off my hands as much as possible. If you are looking for a good medium grade glove to help out with handling food, I would definitely recommend these!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Perfect if you have people building lots of appetizers or side salads. Meant for light work, and will tear easily, but at the price point they work great, always part of my rapid reorder.

    Posted on

    Poly gloves are great. They don't make your hands feel gross after wearing them. They are easy to slip on and easy to take off. Great product!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    These gloves are a great price. For the most part, they are fine. I find sometime there are little strands of plastic so you really need to check them. Great for the price and most are perfect. Just check them.

    Posted on

    These were a good buy. They are thin enough to work with and I think the sizing is accurate. Don't expect to wear these for long durations of time, without them ripping. That's not what they're meant for! We have all different size staff members and these fit most. Great buy for the price.

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on

    They are great for when I do a lot of orders and have to change my gloves a lot because you get a lot for you buck.

    from Extreme Appetite,LLC Posted on

    Used the Case of 10000 (20 Boxes of 500) Choice Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium glove to pick up dog food. These gloves work great with not having to have direct contact with the dog food. Glad with the purchase.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    These gloves fit the hands very well and held up to our food service prep. The size was true and they served the purpose well. The price was right also. I would recommend these.

    Posted on

    The material was thinner than expected but does what we need it to. They are great for single use but not for long periods of time as they may tear.

    Posted on

    These gloves are great for fast paced prep areas. They are durable enough to not worry about ripping through them with your fingers. We did however find a few that had holes in between the fingers. Most likely manufacturing defects. Great quality and good value though.

    from Deliciously Dipped Posted on

    These Medium Disposable Poly Gloves are light, comfortable, and dispense from the box with ease. They are a very affordable and economical choice in my restaurant, as they are reached for over and over again, day after day.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    These are great for lots of kitchen jobs! I use them when I portion or cut raw meat, when I make sticky prune logs, for handling spicy peppers, and anytime I don't want to have to clean crud out from under my fingernails.

    Posted on

    Choice poly gloves are what we live by right now, they are chela and the boxes hold 1000 which last us at least one day . Nothing is worse than running out of gloves during a rush

    Posted on

    These aren't the gloves I thought they were. They are the annoying plastic ones. But in a pinch they get the job done. I will use them for front of house work.

    Posted on

    Great price, fast shipping. These are essential for any food handling businesses! Great add on purchase, very convenient. Not too heavy or bulky, easy change out & use.

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    These are sturdy disposable gloves, the medium size works perfectly with the girls I have working in my shop. You may need the large if men are wearing them.

    from Pieces of Treats Posted on

    These gloves are awesome. I purchased a different one before, and I had a hard time getting one out of the box. However, this product slips out of the box very smoothly. I bought a case of these, and very satisfied with the quality.

    Posted on

    We do order these gloves routinely as we go through a lot having to change them for each customer we serve. The Quality is good and easy to put on/ take off. The only downside is the small plastic(gloves) strings that we occasionally run into which hang from the fingers of the gloves.

    from OliveTerranean Posted on

    My workers really liked these food handling gloves, they are practical and the price is right. We run a senior nutrition program and have tight budget so finding these made me quite happy!

    from RichlandCounty HHS Posted on

    My employees with smaller hands just love these! It's hard to take off for my own hands though, but they make my employees more efficient and because thy are smaller and harder to take off, it helps to stop your employees from re-using gloves.

    from Tika - 1231 coffee Posted on

    These are good for retrieving pastries easily. Occasionally, you pull out a glove that is missing a finger or is torn. Otherwise, we haven't had any issues

    from Posted on

    If you are in the food handling business these gloves are perfect. They are lightweight enough so that you can feel through them, but strong enough to resist tears.

    from Holy Cross Lutheran Church Posted on

    These gloves serve their purpose well. they are value priced. The size works perfectly. Their one downfall is that some of them have little strands of plastic on them, and I have to be careful not to get any in our sandwiches. That's why I only gave them 2 stars.

    from Hestia Espresso Bar Posted on

    We appreciate your review! If you have any concerns about the product you purchased please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Good quality for a poly glove. The medium size fits the girls with smaller hands far better than the "one size fits all" gloves we'd been buying from a local retailer. The price is better as well.

    from Cafe Xpresso Posted on

    one of the most important thing for our bakery! great disposable product... from time to time it rip fast but hey. they are really cheap!

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    I had a bumper crop of jalapeno peppers this year, and wanted some powderless gloves to protect my hands. These do the job. The medium is a bit large for me, but I was afraid the small wouldn't be large enough. Easy on, easy off.

    Posted on

    with the ever increasing cost of latex gloves this is a great option. the gloves work well and save us a ton of money. great value

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    Decent gloves for the money, but I prefer a better fit than these can offer. Perfect for getting items off of trays, and out of the pastry case but not for making sandwiches and such.

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    Nice Medium size glove and quality is as expected. The surface got smoother than previous version and a little harder to put the hand in the glove though.

    Posted on

    For the price, they are great gloves. I have had some tear when putting them on but that's usually only when they are put on in a rush. They hold up very well when in use.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    We use at the market to package greens and other raw produce to keep as sanitary as possible. Customers appreciate the extra effort when they are buying fresh healthy vegetables.

    from cramer's valley view growers Posted on

    These gloves work well for handling food. They are a bit large for my hands so they bunch. They are a great value for the amount you receive.

    Posted on

    The gloves work great. They fit all hand sizes and do not bind or interfere with the movement of our hands. They work great for all that we need for touching our food.

    from So Chocolate Posted on

    Great gloves. We had to pick up more mediums because the smalls were way too small for our employees. Even though they are a little big for a few employees, they stay on well and do not slip.

    Posted on

    I really like these gloves. they were the perfec size. These are good to have in a bakery at all times. These gloves are the best and there not expensive.

    Posted on

    A great Clove for people like myself who hate the skunky smell you get from the latex gloves and who even more hate powdered latex gloves. These Gloves work Great! Just make sure your hands are dry though!

    Posted on

    I cant argue with how much cheaper these gloves cost. They work great for almost anything. I even took some home from the restaurant just so i can use it on my cleaning routine in the kitchen

    Posted on

    These disposable gloves are some of the best we have used. Easy to get one at a time and not a handful out of the box. Great price, fast shipping.

    from Be Fit Nutrition Posted on

    I use these gloves to add nuts and other products to my shakes

    These gloves are used only for servings pastries. We throw them on, grab the pastry for the customer, and throw them out. They're easy to put on and a great price.

    Posted on

    Quality is good. My staff used them for 4 hours of food service without rips or any problems. No slipping off or tears. Will definitely purchase more of these.

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    A great tool for any food service operation. These gloves hold up well and last for quite a while even under constant food preparation conditions. Easy on and off! Great pricing seals the deal for me!

    from Bayside Kettle Corn, Ltd Posted on

    We go through thousands of these gloves each season in our concession trailer. They are perfect for us and the price is so reasonable. Will continue to purchase.

    Posted on

    These gloves are good for sandwich making. They are larger than standard medium sized latex gloves but they are easy to work with. Great for on the fly use.

    Posted on

    The Disposable poly Gloves - Medium sold 500 per Box for Food Service. They are great when handling food. You just change them out when needed. The price is great too.

    Posted on

    poly medium sized groves are great for helps you avoid touching meat, especially when you make meat patties. i have used this product on so many things like cleaning and cutting vegetables.

    Posted on

    These are great inexpensive gloves that we use for everything from kitchen prep for our dinners to kids arts and crafts. Would purchase again. Thanks!

    from Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church Posted on

    I purchased these for use in around my home and kitchen. I have found I use them for more than just cooking jobs (like handling raw meat) - I use them while cleaning so my hands don't smell like clorox wipes all day.

    Posted on

    This box of gloves fits perfectly and neatly into the wire glove rack. They are so easy to dispense and sterile. Great price on this site too.

    Posted on

    This is a great price for these gloves - I will be ordering more! I get the mediums for the smaller hands, and the large for others.

    from Pop Karma Posted on

    great value for the money. will start ordering by the case now that i know the quality of these gloves. come in all sizes. recommended

    from Boonies Bar and Grill Posted on

    These are much less expensive than the regular latex gloves we use. They are great for when we need to quickly grab a glove to slice cheese and perform other simple tasks around the shop.

    from Nadolski's Butcher Shop Posted on

    We really like these gloves because they are latex free for our employees with latex allergies. When wearing these gloves, it is as if there is nothing on your hands.

    Posted on

    Nice gloves for the money to include for my customers when they purchase a trailer. Affordable for me, but for the customer, even more so, no hassle of shopping for gloves on a busy schedule, and does not cut much into our profits- well worth it to go above and beyond. These are great go to gloves!

    Posted on

    These gloves are good for quick use! Great for sandwich prep as well as handling ready to eat foods! Easy to switch, no worry about sweaty hands and struggling when you switch gloves!

    Posted on

    I started out with a pack for 100 to try it and I'm back for more! It's so handy to have and I can use it for anything. Sometimes I'm too lazy to wash my hands

    Posted on

    I always thought these came as a one size fits all. Somehow, I ordered medium gloves and I have large hands. I can still use them although they don't fit all the way down my fingers. Anyhow, I ordered the wrong size so I can't fault the glove. For the price, these can't be beaten for a disposable glove.

    Posted on

    These work pretty well, don't submerge the fingers in anything unless you don't mind if they get wet. We have hot pepper rings in vinegar and my hands reek like them after I handle them.

    from Pizza 'N' Stuff Posted on

    These gloves are amazing! They fit my (woman's) hands perfectly. I keep them in the kitchen so they are handy when I need them while preparing raw meat. I love them!!!!

    Posted on

    Functional food service gloves are inexpensive and versatile. Can be used for both food preparation and food dispensing. Good for maintaining sanitary food standards. Can also be used to protect hands from exposure to cleansers when doing light duty cleaning.

    Posted on

    I use these gloves in my home for anytime I am doing a job that I don't wish to get my hands on such as bleaching the kitchen sink or handling a baby bird that fell of its nest last summer.

    Posted on

    I use these gloves every day in my home. I do a lot of dehydrating, breadmaking, canning and they are a great product for the price.

    Posted on

    I go through a lot of gloves in my business and using these has saved me a lot of money. I have not had any problems with these gloves tearing during use.

    from Baby Got Cakes Posted on

    we love the websturant and we order all our resturant supplies from this company they are fast and dependable and have never let us down. what is great about the gloves is the quanity and quality.

    Posted on

    Great fit, easy to use. These are durable, not cheap like others. Will buy these again. Word of advice, they run big so order a smaller size.

    from FH Cakes Posted on

    It is Great to have these when I am working with hot peppers or making sausage or many uses too many to add here! Price was good and shipping is fair.

    Posted on

    I love these gloves they are great for cooking, hair coloring and much more. You can use them one time and toss. Especially for people who are germ a phobics.

    from RJCM Posted on

    Easy on and off for a quick change in the deli, great for rearranging food in the display, and they're great for craft ideas: filling with candy and popcorn on Halloween.

    Posted on

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