Lemon Zester

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This lemon zester features a high-carbon stainless steel blade. This citrus zester also includes a comfortable black nylon handle with an ergonomic, non-slip soft grip. This lemon zester tool is perfect for recipes that call for the zest of fruits from lemons, limes, and oranges. Lemon zesters are must-have products for both bakers and bartenders!

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Lemon Zester

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lemon ZESTER great zest tool price EASY works much quality
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    this is the right tool for the job, a perfect way to capture the most of your citrus. I have purchased several of these for both the bar and kitchen.

    from Catering inc Posted on

    The handle doesn't seem to be very sturdy. However for the price it's a decent value. It gets the job done in a efficient manner.

    from Legacy Creations Posted on

    I got this lemon zester and it works really great I am very please with it you can use it to make lemon zest or use the side of it to make lemon or lime twisters for cocktails

    from P2B Posted on

    Makes most lemon twist for cocktails

    This is a smart tool to have when you're in the middle of baking and need a little zest. This little tool makes zest quick and easy.

    from Dessert.net Cafe Posted on

    Your everyday lemon zester. We use these out front at the bar for bartenders using zest for cocktails etc. these holdup well in dishwasher. Very inexpensive so when they’re no longer sharp its not an issue to replace

    Posted on

    I like this zester. It works both quickly and well, is affordable, and has a cushioned handle to make it more comfortable to hold. For such a low priced item, it is quite nice.

    from Http://shavetools.com Posted on

    Zesting a lemon.

    Okay! does its job, but not the kind of zest our head was looking for. Overall a good product, just not what we had in mind.

    from Cactus House Midtown Posted on

    Wish i discovered this tool long ago! Makes zesting a lemon or a lime quick and easy. It is also easy to clean and durable!

    Posted on

    Great tool

    Many food and drink recipes call for lemon, lime, or sometime orange zest. This tool makes it easy to zest citrus fruits. The handle is soft and fits nicely in your hand. The blade is made of stainless steel and we suggest hand washing, although the site does not mention if the tool is dishwasher safe.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Use this zester with lemons and limes. Has 2 sizes of zesting.

    This is a great lemon zester. You can use one part for small micro ribbons or the other part for larger slices out of the lemon. Should last a long time

    Posted on

    Great lemon zester

    I didn't know that I could get so excited over a kitchen utensil, but I love this lemon zester! It makes zesting lemons so much easier than using a microplaner!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    Nifty little tool, gets the job done at a price that can't be beat. I use a lot of zest in my cooking and don't always want to mess with my microplane, this works great for me for smaller zesting jobs.

    Posted on

    Similar style zesters I have found very difficult to use. This one makes it easy. I use this all the time for various recipes and making drinks. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    I have used this nearly exclusively for making drinks as it pulls off perfectly sized peels for old fashions or as a little accent on a daiquiri. Highly recommended!

    Posted on

    Just an average lemon zester. This tool does what it is supposed to do, it was easy to use. The grip feels comfortable and natural! Worth the price for sure!

    Posted on

    This is a great zoster. I have used it many of times to make candied lemon zest, orange zest, and even lime zest. This is a great buy.

    Posted on

    Good quality lemon zester. Nothing fancy or special about this product. It works pretty good and is a solid product to included in your kitchen.

    from Abstruse Pastry Company LLC Posted on

    I love this zester! It is perfect for getting just the zest and none of the bitter pith. It really does make zesting a breeze.

    Posted on

    I use this small nylon and stainless steel lemon zester on a regular basis, especially with limes, lemons and even oranges. We recently started expanding our pie recipes and this tool has been invaluable with all of them. And I always appreciate the positive sincere feedback from. Works well, great solid construction, not too heavy and easy to order.

    Posted on

    Great quality, works perfectly for shaving carrots, lemon zest, orange zest for sauces. Feels great in your hands, stable and strong. Will recommend for small jobs.

    from the black fig Posted on

    This lemon zester is Perfect for garnishing dessert dishes perfectly with a hint of lemon to add that perfection and creative look to each of your dishes

    Posted on

    Does the job of zesting especially well. Not sure about the twist part, I don't use that much in the kitchen. Seems like a good tool for the price

    from Carnegie's Posted on

    This is a nice server. We use it to decorate our lemon wedges for our fish dinners. It makes the lemons look a little nicer..

    Posted on

    Awesome for the price. Wouldn't think the quality would be as good for the low price that it is. It may be called a "lemon" seated. But it can be used on many other fruits.

    from The Diner Posted on

    Great zester and peeler all in one here. Use some nice fresh lemons and or limes for the best results and a great flavor to any recipe!

    Posted on

    this is a pretty standard bar tool that doesn't see too much use in the savory kitchen, but it gets the job done like its supposed to and can be used on any citrus

    Posted on

    This was a great deal. My fear would be that it wasn't well made since it was so much less expensive. It is of very good quality and sturdy.

    Posted on


    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    I spent 20 frustrating minutes trying to get peels like the ones in the pictures. My best results were still small, uneven, zest shrapnel that flies everywhere and was very difficult to pick up. (A bench knife worked for that.) The large slot that supposedly produces twists produced *nothing*. In both instances I initially thought that the poor results were because I was holding the tool 'backwards'. I turned it around to try and nearly zested my palm! It just doesn't work. Im going back to using my vegetable peeler. It's a multi-tasker, more effective, and much less dangerous.

    Posted on

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    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I can't believe the price on this tool! A must have for the bar so you can zest citrus fruits. Works great on lemons lime and oranges.

    from CMV Posted on

    The title implies that it is a lemon zester, but it can also be used on another fruits such as limes and oranges. There are many uses for it, it is sharp and easy to use!

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Great lemon zester and the handle is very comfortable to hold. We use this zester often and have not had any issues with it so far.

    Posted on

    This lemon or citrus zester works okay, but it seems to take a little too much force to engage the edge into the citrus. This softens the inside of the citrus, however it is much quicker and much less bulky than the alternatives.

    Posted on

    Lemon Zester ok im not blowing smoke here but this is infact the best lemon zester i have had and YOU Can see in my video review

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Doesn't look like much, but this lemon zester works great and is well worth the price. We have a few on hand for making desserts and another in the bar area. No complaints here.

    from Jackie T Posted on

    Slightly disappointed with this lemon zester. There's nothing really wrong with it, in fact it works quite well. However, the quality of it just looks cheap. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything else with the price of it. Does work decently, just sort of low quality looking.

    Posted on

    I was a little hesitant when I saw this because I think it looks a little clunky, but this zester actually is very comfortable to hold and works well. Worth buying if you need one.

    Posted on

    At this price, get it! It'll last the life of your bar if you take care of it and keep it clean. I've created countless twists with these, very easy to use, feels nice in your hand.

    Posted on

    Finally a simple zester that does it right. I've used other zesters the get too much of the white pithe that causes a bitter aftertaste in the food. This one skims just enough to get the lemon flavor with out any bitterness

    Posted on

    Nothing like a good lemon zester to help the pre workers in the kitchen. This has a nice grip and holds up well in the kitchen.

    Posted on

    Every bar needs a good lemon zester. This one is OK, but I would not order it again. It's very hard to get a twist from it.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    Yup, it's a solid item & good quality. I actually like the design / function better than that of other zesters I've used in the past.

    Posted on

    This citrus zester is a great bargain! Not only is it sturdy enough to last a lifetime, but a zester of this quality can't be found for such a low price on another website. . .Trust me, I looked!

    Posted on

    Great quality - hasn't rusted. Bartenders tell me they love the feel of the handle and the blades make really sharp cuts. Have had some of these for 6 months are still cutting like they're brand new.

    Posted on

    Great lemon zester. Nice and sharp, comfortable handle, and does a good job of zesting large and small pieces of peel. Happy with the product.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    A lemon zester is a great, fun, and particularly inexpensive way to take your desserts to the next level. A little lemon on top of lemon bars or some lime zest over coconut macaroons is a great way to enhance your product without breaking the bank. This particular zester is has a thick, sturdy metal blade that should last forever and a hefty rubber handle that's very easy to grip - even with gloves or wet hands. Any serious baker needs this essential garnishing tool.

    Posted on

    I haven't used it yet but it looks to be of good quality and the price is good - as is usually the case, I've found, with items from Webstaurant Store.

    Posted on

    I have no complaints about this lemon zester. It has been a helpful tool behind the bar. Works well and is heavy duty and washes well.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    This tool is great to have for zesting and it gives you the power to make as long of strands that you want. Great for garnishing lemons and limes for desserts and really affordable!

    Posted on

    We never bought one of these before because it is something we only used perhaps once a month. At this price there was no reason not to get one though. Very easy to use, and much faster than doing without.

    Posted on

    I had to replace my lemon zester and this was an excellent replacement. Almost the same quality and it serves the job that its intended also the rubber grip makes it easier on your hands.

    Posted on

    Im used to using a plain knife to zest a lemon, let me tell you that my time has reduced 80 percent with this product. A must have in the restaurant industry.

    from Kelly's Restaurant Posted on

    Simple, yet effective tool to zest lime, oranges or lemons without the bitter pith. This zester is sharp and does the job efficiently. Unlike some tools where you end up with a mushy mass, this zester gives beautiful long strips that are perfect for garnishes.

    Posted on

    This Lemon Zester has a comfortable grip and is easy to use. It makes quick work of grating fresh citrus zests. Everyone should have at least one.

    Posted on

    I am impressed with the quality. The rubber handle is just like the ones from expensive stores. The metal part seems to be real stainless steel.

    Posted on

    great to zest large pieces of lemon of orange zest, we use it for our lemon drop cup cake and then we sugar the zest to top it!!!

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    If you like making food art, this is a great tool to have. Its great for making decorative displays with lemons and oranges especially. I recommend purchasing this item.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    This zester gets just the right amount of zest while avoiding the bitter white part. The handle is very comfortable to use for long periods of time without fatigue.

    Posted on

    A great little tool. I use for the bar, the kitchen. Makes quick work of citrus zest. Cut just the tight amount of zest while leaving the pith intact.

    Posted on

    Every kitchen needs a zester. We have a lot of recipes that call for orange zest. This one is perfect with it's nylon handle it id easy to hold. Washes up well to.

    from Harrison enterprizes Posted on

    This lemon zester is of high quality. It feels substantial the ergonomic handle fits well in your hands. The price is excellent for the quality provided.

    Posted on

    Very sharp zester for getting citrus or firm vegetable strips. Has rubber handle so it is comfortable to hold. This a good tool to keep in the kitchen.

    Posted on

    The lemon zester is an invaluable tool for our bartenders they use them every shift. We do all our own zesting so it is great.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    Very easy to use and clean. Increase your offerings through fresh zest from oranges, lemons, limes etc. You will be extracting zest like a pro in no time! Highly recommended.

    from Bayside Kettle Corn, Ltd Posted on

    This is great for zesting any citrus. It works very fast and makes long strips. I love this for garnishing lemonade as well as lemon zest for my glazes.

    Posted on

    This zester is great to use and makes zesting super easy. Also the channeling tool on the side can make any mixed drink look 10x better with a garnish!!

    Posted on

    This lemon zester makes it really easy to zest any type of citrus fruit with ease. It's really great to have when making classic citrus desserts like key lime pie or lemon squares.

    Posted on

    This Zester is truly amazing, its easy to use it takes off just the right amount of peel, I would recommend anyone to purchase one of these.

    from Britans Yogurt Mill Posted on

    This zester makes it so much faster and easier to zest lemons than the past ones ive had. The blades stay sharper longer and it is a very sturdy metal!

    Posted on

    This zester is great for lemons as well as oranges, limes, grapefruits and many more citrus fruits! Excellent zester for making candied orange peel as a garnish for desserts!

    Posted on

    This is an awesome citrus zester! It makes quick work of all your zesting and curling. The blades on here are also nice and sharp. I highly recommend it as an essential tool for every kitchen.

    Posted on

    This Tool makes Zesting Fly

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