1 lb. Bread Loaf Pan 9" x 4 1/2"

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The 1 lb. loaf pan is made of corrosion-resistant, steel-aluminum material that withstands temperatures in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The Bake Prep Plus finish on this loaf pan provides greater heat transfer for lower temperature baking, shorter baking, and more uniform baked goods.

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1 lb. Bread Loaf Pan 9" x 4 1/2"

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bread pan loaf pans great breads perfect stick heavy love
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    Fantastic loaf pan, nice heavy duty construction, excellent coating that seems like it will last a long time. Used regularly, makes a great loaf of bread!

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    The pans themselves are nicely made, although they are a bit smaller than I anticipated. Just a bit squater than a regular loaf pan, so don't be surprised when your loaves are taller and skinnier!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    Absolutely wonderful! Very sturdy and durable. The nonstick coating is definitely a plus. This is my first loaf pan that is not made of dark metal, and I'm definitely noticing the difference.

    Posted on

    This is a great loaf pan, very heavy duty. I am extremely happy with the quality and would purchase this loaf pan again. I also am happy with the great price.

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    Bread Pan

    This one pound loaf pan is perfect for all of our breads! It allows us used it with or without parchment paper and still get a great looking loaf of bread. The only thing is the clear coat on the outside of the pan tends to flake off.

    from Michelle's Scrumptious Bakery Posted on

    Oh I can taste the pumpernickel now! These pans are great. I will recommend these to everyone and anyone. Great quality and great price. Thanks

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    This pan is great for making breads and meatloaf. The food doesn’t stick to the pan and comes out easily. The size is great too.

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    These are incredible loaf pans, perfect for a medium sized loaf of bread, or even a dessert. The metal is very thick and holds heat well. The inside of the pans are easy to clean, no more difficult than any other. I had no issues with sticking or uneven baking.

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    Fantastic loaf pan. Nothing sticks to it. You could barely use any butter, or Pam and you would have no problem getting whatever quick bread you made out of there.

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    This is a nice loaf pan and the perfect size for making banana bread. Its heavy construction makes this a durable, quality pan. I love that it is non-stick and cleans up easy.

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    Very durable and heavy duty bread pans. These will last us a long time and are perfect for baking yeast or quick breads. We've even used them to set up fudge.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    These pans are built to last!

    Nothing sticks to this pan! I lightly spray and have the easiest time getting all sorts of breads out. It heats evenly and is perfect for all sorts of loafs.

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    This bread loaf pan does a perfect job at baking bread. I got several so I could do batches of banana bread and I was not disjointed.

    from Saxon Posted on

    Just what I was looking for to bake quick breads! I'll use it for other cooking projects, like yeast breads, or maybe a meatloaf from time to time, but I wanted a narrower pan for my banana bread. This is now my favorite yeast bread pan!

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    1 lb. Bread Loaf Pan 9" x 4 1/2"

    Nice bread loaf pan that create even baking and doesn't overcook the bottom and sides. Just the size I was looking for breads and bundt cakes.

    from Coco & Mini's LLC Posted on

    I love these pans. They're heavy and have a nice shiny coating. All of the breads release easily. They're also simple to hand wash and dry.

    Posted on

    These pans are great for sweet bread loaves or yeast bread. They brown evenly, cook through perfectly and fall right out of the pan with no sticking.

    from Taste and See Posted on

    My loafs don't stick at all with a light greasing and they appear sturdy and long lasting. They have a good shape which produces pretty loaves which aren't flat or pudgy.

    Posted on

    These are very good loaf pans at an affordable price. You can fit 6 of them on one shelf of a standard commercial sized oven.

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    I'm very pleased with this pan! It has a nice weight, and I love the sharp, squared corners. It's the perfect size for pound cake loaves.

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    Sturdy and reliable all around, great for baking loaf breads, any type of banana, sweet loaf bread. Cleaning is a breeze, would recommend cooking with parchment papers or lightly greased pan. Great purchase, would recommend.

    from the black fig Posted on

    I haven't used this much but I do enjoy the fact that they are solid and sturdy and that they really allow the bread to cook evenly and without overbrowning

    from Naples Confectionery Posted on

    Nice, solid construction on these pans - we use them for pain de mie loaves as well as banana bread, and we never have issues with sticking. Just don't wash it with steel wool! Sometimes the seams in the corners are difficult to clean, but that's certainly not unique to this pan. I'd definitely order these again.

    from Crispian Bakery Posted on

    These are great I really like but they come pre-season the bread right out of the pan when you take it out of the oven for bread

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    This is a very nice heavy weight bread loaf pan. Perfect for a traditional size loaf. It's got a very slick interior I didn't have to use much baking spray to bake a cake in this pan.

    from TRW Posted on

    These loaf pans are really good quality. They are heavy weight and bake evenly. They are a good value for the cost. I highly recommend.

    Posted on

    We've made a bunch of loafs already and love these pans. None stick and more sturdy than any pans used in the past. We're glad we found these and well worth the cost! Additionally love the squared edges. We thought food might get stuck in the creases, but its just so non stick that there is no issues.

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    Great little 1lb loaf pan. Product is super versatile as I also use it for individual or 2 serving meatloafs. Easy cleanup as always makes this a must buy!

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    Bakes up a perfect loaf bread every time! I also use it for my banana breads and coconut breads...bake evenly for a perfect crust always!

    from home Posted on

    I have not use these to bake as yet but they look great. Very thick sturdy strong look. I like the fact that they not too heavy but heavy duty without being too heavy

    Posted on

    This pan is awesome. I was quite surprised at the construction of mine. Feels very solid and has a nice weight to it. I baked my first ever loaf of bread in one of these and while my bread didn't come out quite right because I'm an amateur I felt like the pan itself performed very well.

    Posted on

    This is a heavy duty pan, and provides a nice even baking. The bread rises nicely and cooks evenly. The non-stick coating makes for very easy clean up. They also stack nicely.

    from Julie's Cafe, Ltd. Posted on

    We use these loaf pans for all of our quick bread baking. The customers all love the size of the loaf it creates. They clean easily too! I even bought a few for home use because I love them so much.

    from Crust Vegan Bakery Posted on

    Perfect sized loaves of banana bread.

    These 1 lb loaf pans are great for general purpose baking. Good for most desert quick breads and even meat loafs, these pans have a nice non stick coating.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Non-stick coating helps with easy removal of bread or anything else prepared using this pan. I've used it for meatloaf too and it hasn't disappointed me.

    Posted on

    These 1 lb. Bread Loaf pans are very high quality, especially for the price! We ordered a dozen to make our weekly sandwich breads that are sold at the farmers market.

    from Butter Bunny Bakery Posted on

    This pan is really great, I have had no trouble with anything sticking to it and it doesn't get any hot spots so my loaves cook nice and evenly.

    Posted on

    I LOVE this loaf pan. When I ordered it, I was a bit skeptical that it would be of good quality because of how low the price was. Luckily, It's super durable and great quality. It is worth the investment.

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    This is a great bread pan! It truly is non stick. The first time I used them, I prepared one with oil and it instantly just beaded up! When the breads came out of the oven, the ones I hadn't greased came out just as easy as the oiled one. A time and money saver!

    from Little Bear Baked Goods Posted on

    This is the best bead loaf pan I have! Perfect for anything even for Mac and cheese! Easy to clean and perfect in my dishwasher.

    Posted on

    I have used this loafpan frequently, and none too gently, yet it still releases beautifully. I'm not sure what one would have to do to damage the non-stick coating as I have placed this loafpan on the grate of my Weber grill for 30-minutes and it didn't effect the non-stick coating at all. It's a sturdy pan that heats evenly and washes easily. It does hold a few drops of water in the folded seams after washing, but that's very easily remedied by firmly pressing on the seam-edge with your towel. I'm the laziest person in the world and having to press on the seams with a towel is not even close to being a deal-breaker for me. Pssst- I would have paid 3-times what Webstaurant charges for this loafpan because the quality is superb, but don't tell Webstaurant that!

    Posted on

    Works great, bread pops out easily, easy to clean. Will certainly order again if we need more or need to replace the ones we have now.

    from Cresthill Academy Posted on

    Perfect for all types of smaller loaf cakes! I've used it for coconut orange cake and coffee crumb cake with perfect results each time! Thanks!

    Posted on

    I was very pleased with the quality of these pans. Very sturdy and durable. I'm sure that the non stick quality works great, I usually line my pans with parchment because I like to keep cleanup to a minimum. Just a simple wipe down with a damp towel it's like they weren't even used. I bake mostly quick breaks, (batter based like a banana bread rather than a dough), and they bake beautifully even.

    from Tim Curtis LLC Posted on

    These pans are excelemt loaf pans. They are very non-stick and the coating is very durable. They produce perfecrly bakes loaves every time. Very pleased!

    Posted on

    Love this bread pan. I've had nothing stick to the inside and haven't had any problems with warping under high temperatures. If you need a bread pan in this size, I'd say this is the best out there for this price.

    Posted on

    We love using these bread loaf pans in our bakery! They work great with different types of breads - sourdough as well as 'regular' yeasted ones and when they are done baking they will easily slide out of the pans. Exactly what we were looking for to make our lives easier! Great product, great price.

    from Monika's Organic Bakery Posted on

    I have lots of the 3/4 pans and when these arrived I put my bread in them and they are perfect for my bakery I can hardly wait to order more.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    I bought these to replace a set of 3-year old bread pans I got from a name-brand store. My old pans looked alright for the most part, but even the one that looked almost brand new had become next to impossible to get a loaf of bread out of in one piece. Even after greasing properly I still had to take a knife and literally cut the whole way around the crust, then try and pry my knife under the bottom as far as I could, then turn the pan upside down and shake like mad to get the bread out. Even with all that I only had about a 50% success rate getting loaves out in one piece. And these were decently priced pans that I've treated well. .. I bought two of these 1lb loaf pans from webstaurant, baked bread as usual, took them out of the oven, tipped then over gently (no shaking whatsoever) and actually yelled because the loaves fell right out. Then proceeded to cut and pry and shake-like-mad the rest of the loaves out of my old pans. I will be buying more of these very soon. I just hope they continue to perform as well as they do now.

    Posted on

    I love the size of this pan - instead of getting a large loaf and throwing part of it away, now we make this smaller loaf and don't wast any. It's nonstick and the bread falls right out of it when it's done.

    Posted on

    These are great bread pans that do not bend or rust easily. They are the perfect size for our frozen bread dough that we purchase. Great price, thank you!

    from Heritage Communites Posted on

    These bread pans are heavy duty and are not sticky when it comes to getting cooked bread out. The pans work well for baking sourdough and yeast-ed breads at high temperatures.

    from NewLeaf Posted on

    I was very happy with these pans! I ordered a few for my new bakery and they were much studier than I had thought they would be.

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    We bake brioche loaves for our bakery in these, they are a perfect size for your standard loaf of bread and enable you to get the nice bulbous crown on top

    Posted on

    Very good bread pans! I shopped around everywhere and found these bread pans to be very similar to more expensive ones. I can almost buy three of these for the same price as one of those. These are no less of quality. These are top quality pans made to be used in a professional bakery. They work great in my kitchen to bake bread for my family. I will be buying more.

    from Start Right Strings Posted on

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and sturdiness of this pan. Not flimsy like the ones I have bought from a supermarket. The pan heats evenly and has so far created beautifully browned breads and cakes (my favorite: banana bread! This is perfect size for my recipe.)

    Posted on

    It's your typical bread loaf pan. I ordered 4 and maybe wish that I wouldn't have. It's not that they aren't necessarily really good pans, but they are so unbelievably slick that you have trouble holding onto them. Yes, once you get some grease build up on the outside, they might not be so slick, but I don't like grease build up, so I guess mine will always be slick.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    This pan is just the right size for making loaves of bread at home, and is very sturdy! I dropped one the day, and the pan was not dented. Cheaper store bought pans have rusted and broken, but this pan is awesome

    Posted on

    I didn't have a bread pan yet so I thought I would buy this one and when I used it I was very pleased with what I got. I would recommend this to a friend!

    Posted on

    You could construct a building using these pans as blocks--they are that thick and sturdy. That means perfect crusts and a long life span. Bread doesn't stick and I'm a happy customer.

    Posted on

    Very high quality bread pan that will last for years! A very great quality for the price and washes up very nice! Thank you for providing great service!

    from Nye Square Posted on

    This is a great loaf pan. Bread and cakes bake evenly and come out clean. The pan is easy to clean, as well. It is a good value for the price.

    Posted on

    I was very impressed with the 9" x 4 1/2" 1 lb. Bread Loaf Pan. They were much heavier than I expected, and seem extremely sturdy. I can't wait to try them out!!

    Posted on

    These are awesome- they have the best surface and everything we make in them pops right out. They wash up easily, which is probably my favorite thing!

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    We use these pans for meatloaf. They clean pretty easily and so far have held up better than expected considering the application. Great overall value.

    Posted on

    Just made a loaf of banana nut bread with my new 1 lb loaf pan! I like the thickness of the pan because it conducts heat much better and more evenly. The loaf turned out very well. The sides of the loaf were evenly browned. I am very happy with the pan!

    Posted on

    These wonderful bread loaf are peafect to make any kinds of breads the come out perfect and always cooked perfect.They clean easy and looks great wash after wash!!Great price

    Posted on

    This is a great loaf pan. It is light weight, easy to clean and very durable. I like to make my brioche in these pans, they puff up to a beautiful shape!

    Posted on

    Banana breads and so many other loaf breads are great for this pan. Perfect thick construction across the whole pan it bakes your bread perfectly all around.

    Posted on

    I used this bread loaf pan yesterday to bake my Pumpkin Spice Bread. It is the perfect size for that recipe and for many more.

    Posted on

    this 1 pound bread loaf pan. is a great value, with the factory coating there is no need for any spray or butters, love it and will buy more.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    We Love The Bread Loaf Pan 9"x41/2".You can make any kind of bread in it,with its alluminum non stick pan.It's easy to clean.The price is right.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    I am so happy with my bread pans. I wasn't sure at first because the picture looked so dark, and I didn't want dark pans. They were lighter thank pictures and bake nice and even. Thanks!

    from Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church Posted on

    Great Pan for a great price. We use them everyday for our Irish Soda Bread. The non-stick surface works great for a clean release of the bread after we take it out of the oven.

    from Shamrocks Pub n Grill Posted on

    what a great way to enjoy your bread than homemade. its durability is great and it is a lot cheaper than local market for sure.

    Posted on

    These pans are a great value for the money. They are perfect for a loaf of bread, where you do not want a pullman top.

    Posted on

    my friend and i just used this bread loaf pan at his house. the pound cake came out great and it didnt even stick to it!!

    Posted on

    We use these pans for quick breads and unlike many others they are very durable and allow things to bake evenly. They are very durable and easy to clean.

    from Eat Sweet Posted on

    Is a great loaf pan for the price, also comes clean very easily.Cheap buy, but worth it for its quality. Comes in handy for making all kinds of sweet dough breads and cakes too.

    Posted on

    Great value! Great loaf pan!! Works wonders to produce a small loaf of your favorite bread! Pan also works great to marinade chicken or meats at home!!!

    Posted on

    Great little loaf pan! Washes up nicely, good quality, and very versatile for my needs. Great customer service; highly recommend this site! -Patricia from Front Royal, VA

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