24 Cup 3.5 oz. Aluminum Muffin / Cupcake Pan - 14 5/8" x 20 5/8"

Item #: 3272424HD

This 24 cup aluminum muffin / cupcake pan is the perfect choice for your bakery, supermarket, restaurant or cafe. Professional cupcake pans, such as this one, help you create bulk amounts of fluffy and moist cupcakes or muffins. Made of 1 mm-thick heavy aluminum, this professional muffin pan boasts extreme durability and efficiency, with cups that are permanently seamed into the frame. Its aluminum construction is also rust-resistant and enables fast, even heating.

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24 Cup 3.5 oz. Aluminum Muffin / Cupcake Pan - 14 5/8" x 20 5/8"

4.7 stars from 52 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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This pan is great if it is what you're looking for, but it gives you a shorter more wide cupcake, not really the regular kind of pan we use for cupcakes so it just didn't suit us for what we needed.

from Sweetalicious Sweets. on

This aluminum muffin pan has been great, perfect size and makes a good amount each time. Durable, and we would highly recommend this to another operation.

from Rise Bakery on

This pan has been a huge time saver. It works great to make 24 mini cupcakes at once and coins evenly. It’s also non stick for when you want to bake without wrappers.


This is my absolute favorite cupcake/muffin pan!!! It is extremely lightweight which makes it very easy to clean and it cools quickly. It makes the cutest cupcakes using the Vollrath 47396 #20 Yellow Squeeze Handle Disher - 1.8 oz sold on this site and the White Fluted Baking Cup 2" x 1 1/2" - 500/Pack cups also sold here. It isn't as sturdy and heavy as some pans, but I like it because it cooks evenly and reliably.


These make ok muffins but make very strangely shaped cupcakes. There is a rounding in the sides of each cup and the cupcake liner conforms to that shape as it bakes. So instead of straight sided cupcakes, you'll end up with odd shaped cupcakes on their sides.

from The Sweet Praxis on

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These pans are light but bake very evenly. I love how easy the surface is oo clean if any batter falls outside of the liner.


I use this cupcake pan for my friends and familie’s parties, and this is by far anything better you can find in stores and also online. The aluminum material helps the cupcakes bake evenly without getting that brown and hard edge. These may seem shallow, but you need to use them with fluted cupcake liners that extend over the rim for the perfect cupcake. Love this pan!! I’m going to buy more.


we Love these pans. They baked perfectly. Our cupcakes came out moist and evenly baked. They have a professional look and feel. We will be ordering more very soon.

from Brummi's Yummies on

This is my all time favorite cupcake and muffin pan of all time for great in oven and is also easy to clean , this pan is also great for the size of bakery style muffins


I love these pans. Wasn't sure about them at first but my cupcakes nice and evenly and work. They work great with 6" cupcake liners.

from The Cupcake Chick, LLC on

I can't get enough of my muffin pans! They cook the cakes real even and I am impressed. Also I can cook all I need for a party in one batch which is a time saver for sure!


Love this 24 cup aluminum cupcake pan! Just like cupcake wars..LOL. I found you can use liners with a 2 1/4 in base as well with no wrinkling of the liner. That's a twofer as far as in concerned! Happy with it.


When baking a large number of cupcakes, this pan is the only way to go. They bake up evenly, and the pan fits in a standard home oven.


Love these guys. Have used them several times for cupcakes and small snack cakes. The caveties taper, which helps to get things out. I wish the ridges were'd as pronounced for easier cleaning but overall it does what it needs to do

from CSSC on

These pans are great for standard size cupcakes. I also recommend them because they are not a nonstick coating, so they do not brown your cupcakes bottoms quicker.


We are so glad that we finally took the plunge and bought this pan. We own a small online donut business, but we do bake muffins on occasion. This pan looks great, performs well, and fits in our regular kitchen oven! The muffins bake up beautiful weather there is a liner in there or not. We love that we can bake twice as many now :) Thank you webstaurant!

from Sweet Spot Minis on

its a breeze to make multiple huge batches of cupcakes or muffins all at once. very even baking and super easy to clean. fast shipping

from Designer Cakes on

This pan is perfect! It is so nice to be able to bake 2 dozen PUPcakes at one time in one pan. It is not so large that it will not fit in a standard oven, and the PUPcakes cook perfectly even.

from The Barking Cat on

This muffin pan is amazing. It's good quality and is easy to keep clean. The fact that you can bake 24 muffins at a time is great!

from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on

We use these pans for cornbread muffins. They are a little shallow for muffin pans but work just fine. We use non-stick pan spray prior to each use and we don't have any stuck on cornbread muffins.

from Fernando's on

Very light weight, but easy to clean. Our cupcakes and muffins bake evenly in these pans. They hold up well to washing, and although lightweight, they are sturdy.

from Palmer's Sweetery & Cafe on

This pan makes a great cupcake pan in my bakery. I was looking specifically for an aluminum cupcake pan as I don't want any non-stick products in my Organic Bakery and this pan hit the mark. I'm able to make large batches of perfectly sized cupcakes with this pan. I highly recommend purchasing this if you are in need of a cupcake pan.

from The Teacup on

I have used several different muffin pans over the years and this one is the best by far. Even on the bottom shelf in my oven, I can insure an even bake throughout the cupcakes.

from Michelle's Scrumptious Bakery on

I love these tins. The aluminum is really durable and is really easy to clean. I also think it has made a difference in even temp for my cupcakes


This pan makes it quicker and easier to make a large amount of cupcakes. I have no problem fitting it into my regular home oven. Only negative is that it takes a large amount of space to store and clean.


Love my new pan! will definitely be ordering more, it bakes evening and my cupcakes dome nicely I will recommend this product for any cupcake baker

from Stellas custom cakes on

This cupcake pan fits in a standard oven and most of all saves time with the 24 cup when you have a large order for cupcakes! Cupcakes bakes nice. don"t just purchase one.


This pan bakes my cupcakes perfectly! I stopped using my other pans, including my one expensive gold cupcake pan I paid $25 for! The bottoms of my cupcakes don't brown as much as with my other pans. I plan to purchase more very soon.


We used to see competitors on the show Cupcake Wars use these pans and never knew how great they were until we found them on your website and ordered. These pans are lightweight, easy to clean and our cupcakes bake up quite nicely in them. We're really pleased with this product! Besides, if they work for winning competitors, why wouldn't they work out well for us???


This cupcake pan is a great resource if you're constantly making muffins or cupcakes, as it is very durable and strong. Definitely professional grade and cupcakes turn out great every time.

from DULCE Baking Co. on

I bought this pan as an upgrade to my regular 12ct cupcake tins. This is so much easier to use and bakes evenly. I'll be ordering more soon!

from Sweet Nini's Bakery on

These cupcake pans are not so good because the hole is not very deep and I am not sure how normal size cupcake liners would fit into this hole.

from Gluten Free Kids on

Thank you for your review! Dimensions for this cupcake pan can be found in the item description. This pan has many positive reviews. If you would like to try a deeper cupcake pan, check out our item number 327905525 which has a similar capacity and number of molds.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This pan is amazing. It holds two dozen cupcakes in one baking. The aluminum allows for the cupcakes to bake evenly throughout the whole cupcake.

from Sweets & Treats Boutique on

I just purchased the 24 cup cupcake pan I was unsure if it's was the right pan for me first time I used it, I was sold! I would buy it again


After using the 24 cup pan for the first time, I haven't looked back! Not only do I get the best results with this pan, I am also confident that there's hardly any mess afterwards

from Winky's Kusina sa Eskina on

We used these for cupcakes and muffins. The pan cooks very evenly and we used these at the shop all the time. We love them.

from Dessert Heaven on

I had been looking for a high quality commercial grade cupcake pan because the ones I owned were not giving me the results I was looking for. These pans bake up PERFECT cupcakes EVERY time! And they fit in a standard oven so even the home baker can use them!

from CupCake Luna LLC on

I love this pan! It's light but doesn't bend and then cook uneven. It cleans up so easily even without nonstick coating. Price can't be beat!


This 24 cup muffin/cupcake pan is well constructed and works wonderfully. I love the fact that it holds the entire cupcake recipe and bakes them all in one batch! Fits perfectly in my home oven, no more staggering pans or holding the batter in the fridge until the 1st dozen bake!


We bake a lot of cupcakes at our bakery. This product is strong and sturdy, but we've found that our cupcakes weren't "doming" when we used this. Maybe because it's one solid piece that the air circulation isn't sufficient. No complaining, but not really using either.

from KAMI Cakes on

We use this pan on daily basis and have loved it since day one. It still works very well and has not gotten burned on grime on it. It comes at a great price too!

from The Pie Kitchen on

These 24 cup pans are sturdy and clean up easily. Handy when baking a large batch. I don't use these on a daily basis as I prefer baking in 12 cup pans, but I would recommend these.

from Cupcakes Like It Sweet on

Good product. Shipped and was delivered very quickly (Within 48hrs of ordering we had it on our doorstep)! Product is exactly as advertised. We recommend it.

from Baked Cakes & Gourmet Desserts LLC on

This pan is the perfect cupcake pan for any professional baker. I use it everyday and it cooks up the cupcakes better than any other.


This is one of my favorite pans to use for Cupcake baking. Comes out perfect and clean every time. I highly recommend this product. No need for additional nonstick spray. Just fill about 1/2 - 2/3 way up the cupcake liner with your batter. I bake this in the middle/center rack for best results.

from Home Maker on

I find that these pans perform beautifully. They are so easy to clean. I just finished a job for 350 cupcakes and it was a breeze using these pans. The price for these cupcake pans are great. Wonderful investment!

from Desiree's Desserts on

Really nice muffin pans! They are a very good quality feeling pan and they bake evenly. I highly recommend these pans and will probably order more of them in the future.

from Katy Mook-McGrath's Baked Goods on

We have two of these pans and we use them occasionally for some of our seasonal cupcakes. This is a good product, nothing special. It gets the job done.


I love this pan! It is heavyweight, quality pan. It makes a nice size cupcake, allows for a tad wider base cupcake even though it is stated to measure the same size as the other pans.

from Sugarpie Bakery & Cafe on

Makes killer mini muffins for our Sunday brunch. We also make a crazy good cinnamon puff that we sold by the dozen for Easter-this pan made producing 500 or so a snap! Happy bakers make a happy boss!

from The Black Forest on

I was searching for the longest time for good quality muffin pans and finally found these. They are great quality, super sturdy and definately will re-order.

from LC's cupcakes on

i LOVE my 24 cup muffin pan. i bought two of these and they are the best. they are easy to handle and easy to clean. my cupcakes come out perfect with these.


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