Regency/Regal Flatware Stainless Steel Dinner Knife - 12/Case

Item #: 303RE108

Both elegant and inviting, this classic pattern serves as a wonderful complement to casual and relaxed dining environments. Constructed of extra heavy weight 18/8 stainless steel, this dinner knife also boasts a bright mirror polish and attractive rounded rimmed design. The item measures 8 3/4" in length and will add a classic touch to any dining area.

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Regency/Regal Flatware Stainless Steel Dinner Knife - 12/Case

4.8 stars from 94 reviews


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knife knives great nice heavy quality flatware price dinner love
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    High quality dinner knives. We decided to get a better quality fork and knife and spend more money on them - and it is shows. Our guest experience is definitely enhanced with these heavier forks and knives. I would buy these again in the future.
    Great Quality Knife at a great price at that! This knife is no flimsy nor do you have to worry about it bending. Very sturdy and clean design
    Great price on these dinner knifes, compared to other competitors. I will continue to buy more as needed. They are heavy, elegant and wash up nice.
    Even though I’m sure many kitchens accumulate a variety of butter knives over the years, it’s nice to get one full set. The design is elegant and I’m proud to have tha.
    This knife work very good being washed three times a day. The resident like the weight also. The price is also very good. It is something that we use a lot. Some always get thrown away by the residents.
    This dinner knife is made of heavy duty 18/8 stainless steel, it has a serrated edge just on one side of the blade, and it's 8 3/4" length feels perfect in my hand. The handle has a simple line imprinted around the outer edge, which I think looks good in both casual and more upscale environments. The knife is heavy and substantial feeling, and has held up well to being used and washed in the dishwasher.
    Very nice knife - and full set. The weight feels good, and looks high quality. Some minor scratches after about 20 washes. Would fit well in a sophisticated restaurant.
    The serrations are really big on these almost like a steak knife, so if you want something more formal and plain, these probably aren't the right thing. They're quite heavy though and they feel nice.
    We've been using this high end durable flatware for a few years now. It has a nice heavy weight that tells the guest we don't take short cuts. Great price and long lasting.
    These stainless steel dinner knives are perfect for all of our events and look great on our table settings. Great price for the quality too!!
    I order these not knowing what the quality would be but was very pleasantly surprised. Very heavy and good quality for any wedding or event.
    It’s kind of a bold claim for a dinner knife to be dishwasher safe. But, I’ve found the Regency line to hold up quite nicely and resist spotting and stains. The finish is such a high gloss. Make sure you rinse off corrosive ingredients though like mayonnaise…you wouldn’t want it to sit for days and ruin how beautiful these are.
    Knives are strong enough to cut meat but also present a classy look for your restaurant or as we use them, in our catering biz! Hope they continue to be stocked.
    These knives have kept up appearances over the year we've had them. Occasionally they will look a bit dull, but after a quick hand washing they look good as new.
    Like all serrated knives that go in the dishwasher, these will develop some light surface rust between the serrations. I've found this is easily removed with some Barkeeper's Friend. Otherwise, these knives have held their Polish well and feel more expensive than they are.
    Not as heavy as I was hoping but it does the job. Has a nice sheen to it and washes very well in side the dishwasher.
    this is one of the nicest flatware for use in a restaurant very sturdy and durable. We order this style always and receive them very quickly
    Nice and heavy feel for the price. They do not look cheap. We've been using these knives for over 18 months and they still polish up pretty nicely.
    we use every type of silverware in this set for our restaurant and they all hold up really well. theyve kept their shine and havent gotten scratched or bent up really at all.
    These knives have held up well for the past 4 years. They still have their shine, they have a good weight to them, and they are very sturdy.
    Attractive, heavy duty, won't bend. Arrived quickly and is perfect for our nicer events and rentals. I will be buying more now that I've tried them out.
    We were really excited about the style of this, until we washed them. For some reason, the knife handle will rust in the grooves, if not dried immediately. We have yet to see rust occur on the forks and spoons we purchased at the same time, so it was a bit disconcerting to have that occur with the knives. The blade and weight of the knife are great, just be sure to dry thoroughly after washing or rust will occur.
    Thank you for your feedback, Jolie! We're sorry this item was defective. We have sent you a replacement!
    These knives are very well weighted. They function great, and cut like a knife should. Love this pattern! I was delighted to find out that Kate Spade has a very similar offering of flatware. I have had these for quite some time and run these through the dishwasher and all sorts of trying situations and they have not rusted and barely scratched and have held up really really well!
    Good, heavyweight knife - no complaints from staff or customers, fits nicely in the hand, and has serrations that allow us to avoid giving out steak knives as often.
    This knife looks and feels expensive, but it is so affordable. I love the whole Regency and Regal collections, they are a huge hit with our renters because of how elegant and simple they are.
    Heavyweight knives with aggressive serrations that could stand in for steak knives if necessary. They feel great in hand, and initially look great. Upon their first washing nearly every handle rusted upon contact with water. I have over 100 that are unusable. Only the handles rusted, and mostly around the pattern grooves. WEBStaurantStore has been absolutely wonderful about replacing them with the hollow handle table knives - which I highly recommend.
    Thank you for your feedback! We hope you are happy with your replacement item! Please contact our Customer Solutions team if you have any questions.
    I highly recommend this knife and the matching silverware as well. They seem to be very well made and they look and feel very nice. Very pleased with this purchase.
    This is the second set of these Regency Flatware Knives that I have ordered for home use. We love them - use them everyday, they look great after multiple washes in the dishwasher.
    This knife has crossover appeal. From those hometown diners to an upscale Friday night dinner. Easily clean to a shining polish. It has a comfortable grip and feel.
    This knife is great. It stays sharp and doesn't tarnish after many washes. The quality is top notch and it's a good price. Impressive product.
    Regal flatware is nice and heavy and feels solid in your hand. We picked these up to save on having to buy plastic all the time.. Happy we did
    These are great knives, they are a little pricey but the quality is great. Very sturdy and look great. I will be buying more in the future.
    This knife is hefty, but still properly balanced. Both the handle and the blade work well, with subtle serration. Another win for the Regency utensil line.
    These knife have held up for about 8 years. The will not bend and continue to look nice. The pricing makes them affordable for large scale catering
    A beautifully balanced knife that fits the hand perfectly. Elegant to look at they have held up to all kinds of use and abuse and still look like new.
    The Regency dinner knife is the perfect compliment to the set, and is a great length as well as very study. This knife was made well.
    This silverware is excellent! We ordered it because what we currently were using had been discontinued. It has a very nice weight to it is much cheaper than what we previously had.
    What a sensational knife. It may be a little pricey but well worth the investment. People compliment it often and ask where we get them because of how nice they are!
    Gorgeous! we love this flatware - the spoons, forks and knives match perfectly and i keep seeing them at the fancy restaurants which makes me feel good about the price i paid for them
    These dinner knives are awesome! They are highly polished and the stainless steel feels of high quality. Nice and heavy as well. I am pleased.
    I would recommend this knife. It is exactly as pictured and is a heavy knife made of excellent quality. Very good value for your money.
    I'm really happy with these knives. The ones these are replacing are 18/0, cheap, and not that durable. They bent easily and scratched easily. My new knives have a beautiful shine to them, they are heavier (though not too heavy), and are hardly showing any signs of use. It's a top ranked product for a reason. If bought knives, forks, and spoons at the same time and even with shipping they were much cheaper than any other website. If you're tired of cheap flatware that doesn't last, and sets that have pieces you don't want, look no further.
    Nice, sturdy , elegant looking knife for a great value. This whole silverware set is great! I have ordered dozens for my Restaurant and would highly recommend these!
    Beautiful and sturdy knives. I love the simplicity of the pattern and that they look and feel high quality. I bought these for home use and I am especially happy to have found such nice flatware at a great price.
    Love the design on the handles. Stock photos on website do not do it justice as they have a classier look than you would expect. Very sturdy. Not worried about ever bending.
    Very nice, shiny and more importantly strong knives. Love the design. I am a continuous buyer of this product and have never had any problems with this knife or the matching fork. I recommend it!
    This is without a doubt the best dinner knife I have ever owned. I love the size and weight of it as well as the fact that the slight serrated edge on the front half of the blade cuts through most foods with ease, pretty much eliminating the need for steak knives. The bright mirror finish and simple elegance of style of this Regency pattern make me proud to use these knives for both everyday use and special occasions, where both family and friends compliment me on my choice of flatware. Thank you for making this lovely pattern available to the general public at such an affordable price.
    The Regency Flatware are elegant, yet hold up very well to every day use. I've had my set for over 3 years, with no complaints. These knives have a nice edge on them for cutting bread. Could not be happier with this purchase!
    A simple design, but still elegant. They are the perfect weight, not cheap-feeling or too heavy. This Regency Flatware is perfect for our events, from our luncheons to our weddings.
    I really love the Regency Regal Flatware line. I like that all the silverware is stainless steel and the quality is top of the line.
    The Regency flatware is absolutely beautiful. Ordered the dinner knives as the stainless option for my rental business and all of my clients have been very happy with the selection.
    This is the best flatware ever!! Strong, Beautiful and remains so after each wash! I'm going to purchase more for when I have bigger gatherings!
    An amazing knife, it cuts perfectly, large, elegant knife , and my guests were impressed with my collection of Regency Flatware stainless steel, I am so happy with my purchase...
    Great knife. Wonderfully balanced and has a nice weight to it. The finish is lovely and the price is great. Almost cheaper than renting and definitely looks better
    I bought a set of flatware for my son and daughter in law for their wedding present. She is ecstatic! They are a perfect present and with the low price I was able to afford a 12 piece set, AND serving pieces. I'm so glad I found this store on line.
    Great quality and an exceptional price. I have a vacation condo and my guests thought these were expensive silverware. I ended up buying the forks and spoons of the same line.
    I really like these dinner knives. The last set I had were rendered essentially useless if you wanted to cut your food with it. Not these knives. The serrated blade works great. I'm very pleased
    I was looking for a flatware set to be used by our growing family -- I was looking for something that is simple so we would not get tired of the design, but at the same time something that would feel substantial (i.e. not cheap). I bought everything -- knives, spoons, forks. We've been using it for almost a year, and after daily usage (and trips through a dishwasher) it still looks and feels as good as it did the day I bought it. These knives are especially good since they do not have the "hollow" handles -- rather a solid piece of metal that doesn't dent or break when dropped on the floor.
    I love this line of silverware. It has a great weight to it very balanced and holds up extremely well. The price is what makes this a great buy
    These regency flatware dinner knife are so beautiful for any type of dinner parties. You can use them for weddings fancy parties and more and they look great day by day!!Great buy
    These knives are great and look very elegant. They cut really well and shine very nicely next to the fiesta wear. I've bought a lot of them for the cafe.
    The Regency flatware Dinner Knife looks and feels so expensive. Look great for any setting. I use them for everything, even elegant weddings. Great Buy!
    regency flatware dinner knife are beautyfull.thayshine after a wash.thay are very classy look perfect for events.i am very please withit.i will buy the matching table spoon next
    These knives are very classy. Their shiny finish add a very elegant touch to any dinner table. I would like to have them at home for myself, since all my silverware is ratty and old, just like me. ;)
    These hold up so well!! They are very classy and add just the amount of flare needed!! I ordered the other set that matches and am very happy with the prices and quality!!
    These are a good product at a great price. If you need to replace flatware at your restaurant or banquet hall, this is a good and cost effective way to go.
    I bought these along with the other, larger Regency European knives. They are sized perfectly so that I will use these as a salad knife and the other for the dinner knife.
    I purchased the Regency Flatware set and intend to use it for special occasions such as parties for newlyweds, Holidays etc. They look really regal on the table and it makes all the difference.
    Great quality for the price. Goes well with the other regency flatware sold on this site. Heavy, attractive, and 18/10 SS so you know it's not going to rust.
    These are very nice looking flatware and shiny. Will keep buying from here as prices are very competitive and shipping is prompt also. What a deal.
    We struggled with what type of flatware to purchase for a wedding venue in Birmingham AL that is located in a rather low rent area. We had significant budget restraints. I searched for hours on the internet for great products at a good price and found this site. This flatware is very functional, looks great and the price was right. I would purchase it again. We have now used it for about 3 months and it works for us!
    A quality product. Though most of it will end up in the trash as a result of careless servers or thoughtless dishwashers....That said, very pleased with the product.
    The Dinner knives are excellent! They feel heavy and cut well. They look great too! Great product that I would buy again, perfect for larger events, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
    I purchased these knives, along with the other matching pieces, for my restaurant one year ago. To this day, the finish is still shiny, just like new. I believe this flatware makes a great impression at my tables!
    Pretty and practical, with a nice size and weight and a beautiful finish, and a great price - I bought these flatware sets to furnish a second home. We have a large family and when we get together, it's nice to have a matched set to go around without spending a fortune for a service for 12!
    I love the Regency Flatware. The design is simple yet elegant enough to use for any occasion. The stainless steel is very sturdy and the luster holds up well in the diswasher. I am thrilled with this purchase.

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