Regency Flatware Stainless Steel 8 3/4" Serving Spoon

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Both elegant and inviting, this classic pattern serves as a wonderful complement to casual and relaxed dining environments. Constructed of extra heavy weight 18/8 stainless steel, this serving spoon also boasts a bright mirror polish and attractive rounded rimmed handle. The item measures 8 3/4" in length and will add a classic touch to any dining area.

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Regency Flatware Stainless Steel 8 3/4" Serving Spoon

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serving spoon great spoons stainless steel price nice more quality
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    I love the look and usefulness of this spoon. Very sharp stainless steel look matched with the nice large surface area of the spoon. I love this product!
    Very sturdy, attractive, and professional looking. I bought the open and closed serving spoons to use at home for family gatherings. etc. I also purchased them to use at church socials/fellowships. I'm an very pleased. They are a must have, if you like to entertain.
    These serving spoons are a great size are they are also are best price and quality anywhere. on the web I use them on buffet's and serving dinner family style at functions. They clean up nice and keep their shine.
    The serving spoon matches the rest of the set. I like this size so I bought multiple to hopefully last a long time in my kitchen.
    These Regency spoons are definitely a step up from the traditional buffet service wear that we were using before. It goes great with our Prima flatware. Although the handle is shorter for, the spoon part is the same size as the 11 1/4" version. Great for buffet salads and smaller buffet service dishes.
    Nice find for the price. Used to serve potatoes au gratin for a family style wedding. These are sturdy and will not easily bend. Polishes up nicely.
    Beautiful serving spoon. You really wouldn't expect the quality to be this good at this price. The handle length us just right for either serving over a chafing dish or just a casserole dish. We have many repeat customers for this spoon. Will order again.
    We use these for portioning ingredients on the line. Work great for what we need them for. Has been no issue with rust, or with cleaning.
    We are a design company and we design and decorate a lot of vacation homes in Florida. We use it at the vacation homes, since it has a quality, durable and resistant. And the delivery was just perfect!
    This is a nice addition to any buffet or banquet. They look beautiful sitting in the dishes of food and are just the right size and not to big. They are even more beautiful then they actually look on the picture
    These are practically perfect in every way! I use them with a heated buffet server, and I must say, they do an absolutely fantastic job in that capacity!
    This serving spoon is a perfect size at 8 3/4" long. It is substantial enough that you can dish up a big serving of whatever you need and it does not bend. The spoon is made of heavy duty 18/8 stainless steel and feels great in your hand. The handle has a simple line imprinted around the outer edge, which I think looks good in both casual and more upscale environments.
    Another great product delivered to my door! This is a one piece construction made with a stylish stainless steel design and looks great in the kitchen.
    We have found these Regency Stainless Steel 8 3/4" Spoons to be excellent quality serving spoons for the price. We have been very happy with them.
    These serving spoons are great for intimate dinner parties and will even fit in at fancy catering events. We prefer to use stainless serve ware over plastic any time we can. This spoon is made of stainless steel and features as shiny mirror finish. They serving spoons can be washed in the dishwasher to make cleanup quick and easy.
    The Regency Flatware Stainless Steel 8 3/4" Serving Spoon is a great quality spoon. It will not rust if placed in a dishwasher and it is sturdy. It is great for everyday use for every kitchen.
    This serving spoon is of great quality. It can be used for many things and will work well with other matching serving utensils from Regency.
    I added silver or gold wire wrap with Czech beads and sell the slotted spoon as a set with the serving spoon and slotted serving spoon at a boutique in Breckenridge, Colorado. Everybody loves the quality of the serving pieces.
    For the low price I was unsure that I would get a strong spoon, but these are durable. I've had flimsier spoons bend on me, but these have stood up to any serving or stirring task I've used them for.
    These are great for using at catering jobs or summer events or even house parties to really nice durable made serving spoon I really like these a lot and the price is right
    These stainless steel serving spoons have a classic nicer look. They are a very reasonable price as well and I would highly recommend them for purchase!!
    Regency flatware holds up better than some of my Lenox utensils. Trust me – I paid a lot more for the name brand too! Regency doesn’t rust or spot after putting them through the dishwasher.
    Basic serving spoon at a basic price. Just use it for everyday meals. It is. O thing fancy, but at the price it is a great buy! Highly recommended!
    These are really nice serving spoons. They feel solid in the hand. Plus they look elegant. I would not hesitate to purchase them again. In fact, I will pick up the longer ones pretty quickly here.
    I love this Regency Flatware Stainless Steel 8 3/4" Serving Spoon. It's perfect to serve my meals at home. The polished stainless steel is great quality and you can actually see yourself on this spoon. I will definitely purchase this again.
    i've gotten a few different serving utensils here from webstaurant and i really like these spoons. they're very sturdy and can tons of kitchen abuse without a scratch and they stay nice and shiny even after running through a washing machine.
    Great value for the cost! Used on a buffet for a wedding for hummus, garlic yogurt dip and things of that nature and it worked out great!
    These were a great compliment to my current utensil set. They are made really well and are nice and heavy. Great for everyday serving needs.
    This spoon is highly recommended based on weight, price and design. I will order more since they look great on any display table!! Hopefully more sizes will be available in the future.
    This is a nice serving spoon. It is made with a nice weight steel so that it feels sturdy in your hand even when serving heavy items
    This Regency stainless steel serving spoon is really nice I really like it it works great and it looks fantastic it looks just like the soup spoons that I got from Regency
    The regency flatware set is great and heavy for the cheap price. You can notice some tiny imperfections on the pieces, but they're barely noticeable, and it looks more expensive than it is.
    This is a great serving spoon The spoon is a good size for a nice generous serving It seems to be made of strong material Great product!
    These serving spoons are pretty standard and don't disappoint. When they arrived, they looked really great, no blemishes or anything and have maintained that look over time. We've primarily used this utensil for banquet service and customers enjoy the look and feel of them.
    I love that this serving spoon in made of one piece of metal. That makes cleaning so much easier. This spoon looks great along with the other utensils in the collection.
    This 8 3/4 stainless steel serving spoon is awesome. You can use it for soups cassarole or dips. It is very light weight. Great addition to the kitchen.
    Nice size serving spoon, excellent for mashed potatoes. Holds a lot of food and it saves you time. I like the sleek design and solid construction.
    Good looking flatware! Great for caterers because their pattern is not so ornate as to become difficult when compiling with other utensils. Heavy build and durable, wont have to buy more!
    Should have gotten several of these. Used for dinner parties at home, always seem to need more through out the course of the meal. I will definitely be ordering more of the entire set.
    Excellent serving spoon stainless steel 8 1/4 inch long and has a very expensive look to it but has a great price point I will definitely buy some more
    I purchased these stainless steel serving spoons for use in my home and couldn't be happier with them. They are a great size. I would purchase these again.
    Very elegant looking for the price- put through dishwasher, polished up and looks brand new each time. Great price is an added plus for this product!!!
    I purchased these spoons for use on a buffet line, and could not be happier with the quality. They are perfect for any occasion, from casual to fancy.
    I am very fond of this serving spoon. The handle is not too long, which helps the spoon not flip out of the serving bowl. The spoon has a high polish, giving it a professional look despite the very plain design.
    This serving spoon is great quality. The stainless steel doesn't tarnish or scratch easily. It's perfect for the home but also works great for commercial use.
    For the price you won't find a better mid-sized serving spoon. It looks classy and its finish stays nice. I got multiple so the serving presentation was consistent.
    I have a ton of these spoons and will continue to order more. They wash well, don't need polishing and look great on the buffet.
    Larger than tablespoon and smaller than cooking spoon, the "just right" size and weight for table serving with just enough to finishing touches to the handle to make it presentable
    The Regency Flatware Stainless Steel 8 1/2" Serving Spoon is made from a durable, heavy weight stainless steel with a high polish finish. The rounded design of the spoon is attractive, and goes well with most any place setting.
    I love these serving spoons. A good weight, nice shiny appearance, cleans easily and allows one scoop to be a serving. I have had these through the dishwasher numerous times and still looks like new.
    This is a wonderful serving spoon. The spoon is deep enough to scoop up a hefty portion of food at one time. We put the spoon directly in the family style bowl of veggies when we place it on the table. We have actually been asked where we got them. They are a pleasure to use.
    It's a big spoon! Great size for a solid serving spoon and it looks good enough to use for serving a nice dinner. Easy to clean and has a good weight to it.
    This is a great serving spoon - very durable and made for using often. Finish does not fade or tarnish with many washes. I would buy again!
    I deafly recommend getting these spoons I'm about to order some more myself my mother used these for my brother wedding. They look so great and professional. Nice and shines silver there not dual at all. The color is more then perfect.. Once again you won't find this product anywhere else better then the quality you get here.
    This is an excellent spoon for the price! It is strong and the handle doesn't bend...It has a nice look and the bowl of the spoon is slightly elongated, which makes for an interesting look. This looks nice on a buffet...I definitely recommend.
    Regency Flatware stainless steel 8 1/2" serving spoon is a wonderful spoon. It is high quality and very pretty. Feels good when holding it and will last a very long time.
    This spoon is great for service. Looks very nice, holds it color and cleans up very well. Looks great on the buffet line. It will get hot if left in chafer.
    We use these in our display/deli case. The 8 1/2" handle is a little bit short for scooping directly out of the case but they look nice and are a good quality.
    I was hoping these spoons were a little bigger - but they are still great! It is a great product for the price point - we use them at every event.
    A nice, solid spoon, in a great size! Some serving spoons scoop way more than people actually want, I like this size because it's an appropriate amount without going overboard.
    I am really pleased with the quality of this stainless steel serving spoon. It could've been a little larger. Slightly larger than tablespoon sized. Overall I'm very pleased and I'm considering purchasing a few more. I plan to use these for home use.
    Very durable and works great for all of our catering events. Easy to clean and saves on cost with reasonable pricing. Will be ordering more in the future.
    I like to use these spoons everyday at work. Good hard steel and larger enough for me to baste anything in a pan with ease.
    Great serving spoons I purchased two and will be ordering 4 more they are perfect for serving any dish. I highly recommed them for any occasion
    I'm really impressed with how substantial and good looking these are. They are a great buy at this price! I may have to order more!
    This serving spoon is beautiful, well balanced, and perfectly sized. The bright finish and simple elegance of style make me proud to have these spoons for everyday use and even prouder to use them on special occasions where their beauty is noted by extended family and friends alike. My only regret is that there are no matching slotted serving spoons available in this size. Thank you for making this pattern available to the general public at such an affordable price.
    I bought a few of these to go with my set of Regency Flatware. I love them! They are very durable and elegant. Perfect for serving your families dishes!
    The Regency Stainless Steel Serving Spoon is an attractive addition to my serving utensils. It has a nice wide spoon, that distinguishes it from a regular tablespoon. Very happy with this spoon.
    These are a great spoons, they are a great weight and feel nice in your hand. I bead them and they look lovely.. I am glad I tried them..
    This shorter handled spoon has quality construction. The shine of the high polish stainless makes it a lot more budget friendly than sterling but still has a expensive look.
    love, love, love this line of silverware. Its very sturdy, and beautiful....Cleans well in the dishwasher and looks great on the table. Have purchased as gifts for relatives because they commented on the nice size and how nice it was. Perfect for Serving veg. and potatoes
    The price on these spoons is a steal! They design is basic, but has an elegance to them which sets them apart from other spoons.
    Love the serving spoon I ordered as part of the Regency set. The pieces are very heavy duty at a price that can\'t be beat! All my guests comment on my professional flatware!
    Great price for a great spoon. Looks great in the buffet line and provides a nice portion with one scoop. Much better than cooking spoons to serve the food.
    A great, economical solution for a plating spoon. We use these to plate risotto's, soups, stews, etc. They are great to sauce the plate as well.
    Such a low price for such high quality spoons -- these are amazing! I love to put them out on the buffet line. They look so much more expensive than they really are.
    This serving spoon is great to serve pastas. It holds a lot of pasta and it can be shined easily. I love it, it matches the rest of my silverware.
    Beautifully-made and heavy, but personally wasn't wild about the design of the bowl -- but that's all on me. If you're looking for multiple serving spoons of this same size, consider the tablespoons in this collection -- they're huge!
    just git my regence 8 1/2 serving spoon.nice quality depping goes well with my matching knife, and what a grate deal thank you websturant.
    This is a nice spoon for plating food with as well as serving food on a buffet! Nice size that is perfect for basting while cooking too!!!
    I make serving ware crafts for local farmers markets and local craft shows. I use this product to wrap metal and beads. They are very durable and my customers love them!
    Purchased these to serve baked ziti on a buffet. They look great and are a very nice quality (heavy without being too heavy). They scoop a nice portion at one time which kept the line moving.
    These spoons are perfect for my gluten-free bakery. Many of my doughs have to be spooned into pans and the angle and strength of these spoons have worked really well for me.
    These Regency serving spoons are excellent quality, easy to care for, look great, and make serving vegetables and other side dishes look polished! I will be ordering more of these.
    Awesone serving utensils, nice and heavy weight, have ordered since and will continue to build up stock of these and the companion items. Will also be ordering the 11 1/2 inch as well.
    I really like these serving spoons. They are very durable - no customer has bent them yet! We use them on a buffet line. They serve very reasonably sized serving and look much more classy than most spoons designed for buffet lines.
    I purchased the Regency Flatware set together with the serving utensils and intend to use it for special occasions such as parties for newlyweds, Holidays etc. They look really regal on the table and it makes all the difference.
    We were surprised how good these spoons looked when we opened the box, especially given their low price. The bowl is deep enough to pick up some of the sauce along with the food.
    I love these serving spoons. I have a full service in the Regency pattern. All of the utensils are heavy, well-made, and simply elegant. I highly recommend this flatware.
    I really like the size of these serving spoons. I bought 2, but might buy more. They're very pretty and just the right size! Again, they match the Regency flatware, with elegant style and a nice weight that looks and feels expensive.
    Heavy, good quality spoons with very large heads. The 8 1/2" is the full length of the spoon, not the length of the handle, so keep that in mind.

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