Solo PL200N Medium Clear Plastic Souffle / Cup Lid - 2500/Case

Item #: 301PL200N

Keep condiments covered with this Solo PL200N medium clear plastic souffle / cup lid! Featuring a tight seal, this Solo PET plastic lid for 1.5 to 2.5 oz. souffle and portion cups helps to limit unsightly spills, when used with a compatible portion cup. The crystal clear color provides optimum visibility, yet the durable PET plastic construction ensures reliability whenever this lid is in use. With a crystal clear coloring, this souffle/portion cup lid allows you to see what is inside the cup for easy identification during busy times. Prepare the cup's contents ahead of time, cover, and come back when ready for service! You'll save both time and hassle by preparing en masse.

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Solo PL200N Medium Clear Plastic Souffle / Cup Lid - 2500/Case

4.7 stars from 49 reviews

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These are a good lid but they were recommended for use with the choice 2.5 oz souflecups and they are a pain to put on those particular containers.

from Open Range Coffee & Cafe on

These lids fit perfectly on their associated two ounce cups. I like that the lids are clear, so as to easily see what sauce is inside. This helps save time on a busy night.


Bought these to cover soufflé cups that store small amounts of liquid and they work great. They fit on the cups tight and doesn't leaked.

from Wood Designs on

This lid fits tightly onto the cup it goes on. It is very sturdy. I have never had an issue with a cup opening back up unexpectedly or causing a mess. I would order again!

from Frost Fairy on

Great product!!!! i always reorder more every month. We go through these like hot cakes for our sauces. holds and keeps the cups closed!!! Wouldn't expect anything less from the SOLO company!!!

from Village Deli, LLC on

These lids work well for 1.5 and 2 oz cups. They have deep ridges that make stacking a breeze. Some lids seem to be poor quality and don't fit well occasionally.

from The Colonial Hotel on

These Dart Solo Lids are sturdy and fit right on their matching cups! I’ve been using them for sampling for years! Out of all the brands I’ve used I like these the best!

from Alicia's Homemade on

These lids work great! They snap on easily and do not fall off. We have even dropped ketchup cups on the floor and the lid has stayed on.

from Gammardella's Market & Deli on

These clear plastic cup lids work well for containing sauces or spices and close tightly to prevent spillage. The lids are durable and work well for travel and delivery.


Lids occasionally are warped. They will fit both Dart and Choice containers but fit Choice much better. The price is good and they stack easily.

from Ecola Seafood on

Purchased these to go with cups. Like the clear lids for ease of identifying product inside. Only downside noted is that occasionally the lids don't seem to fit well. May of been a run issue.

from The Mic Stand Bar and Grill on

These lids are a perfect snug fit on the P200N portion cups. Never had any problems with leaking or popping off. I am very satisfied with this item




These are a good lid but they were recommended for use with the choice 2.5 oz souflecups and they are a pain to put on those particular containers.

from Elevated Sportz on

I love purchasing lids that finally will fit and it will not spill! The lid works great with the cups. Easily stackable. The lids not cheaply made either. I would purchase this item time again! Great price and great product.

from Yamato on

We have used this product for many years and they are a great quality souffle lid at a very nice price on Very happy!


It is really tight for the 2oz sauce container. Won’t leak. Good price good quality. We bought several times already, and we will reorder again


These work great for our to go cups and keep the sauces from spilling out. They are sturdy and pretty cheap to use on adaily basis.

from Table 33 on

Great product works great on the 2 oz portion cups. Keeps our pizza sauce cups and other condiments free from spillage and great price will be ordering more.

from maddy's pizza palace on

We use this lids for various purposes. Events Farmer’s markets food samples anytime. Great value. Priced comparable to other brand. Hold up well. Sturdy. Will buy again.

from the pie lady on

These lids fit on the souffle cups but not without a fight. Sometimes our staff really has to force them to get it to close. Other times they go on with a snap. Still not a bad product though, especially for the right price.

from Voodoo Smokehouse on

Lids worked well overall. Sometimes they would bend but if you put them on carefully they fit nice and snug. Just double check they are on correctly.

from Just Juice 4 Life on

These clear plastic portion cup lids by Dart Solo are a great fit for our dressing and condiment cups. They go on easily and don't leak.

from Sig Services on

I was a little hesitant about these but once I used them, I found that they have an exact n perfect fit to the 2 oz cups. Snug fit, so no leaks!!!!!


These Dart Solo Soufflé lids are one of the top brands! 125 lids comes in a pack and they are great for containing spices, sauces, condiments etc. In fact, these lids compliments 2 oz soufflé cups! And we are very happy with SOLO Brand! We recommend and would purchase them again! Two thumbs!

from Queens pizzaria on

Dart Solo PL200N Medium Clear Plastic Souffle / Cup Lid - 125/Pack #999PL200N everyone loves the tiny cups - and the tiny cups had to have tiny lids - perfect

from Gateway Brew on

I purchased these lids to along with the 1.5 oz soufflé cups. They snap on easily and have tight secure fit. The clear lid look great with the black soufflé cups, but work with either color.


These kids will work with just about any kind of portion cup that is two ounces. Nice and clear. No complaints and will definitely buy these again.

from backwater on

We use these lids for our various sauces along with the matching containers and they work great and are very economical. Perfect for on the go orders. Would recommend!

from Rock N Grill on

These 2 oz clear plastic portion cup lids are a perfect match for dart cups. Fit securely and are a nice crystal clear plastic. Full case of 2500 is a good deal.


The Dart lids fit my containers perfectly. They have a good seal, the quality is excellent. They are much cheaper than our local restaurant supply store. I would definitely recommend these lids.


We always recommend having lids available for your shuffle cups. This lids are perfect for to go ketchup, mustard, and other sauces and dips. They come in packs of 125. The lids also allow you to stack these in the fridge.

from Dig & Serve on

Excellent ramekin lid. They stay sealed, never fall off. Also easy to store until needed, theyre also a great price. I highly recommend these lids.

from JBC Gourmet LLC on

cheaper than local if you bundle it up with other products and reduce your shipping and handling costs. otherwise ordering these alone would not be cost effective

from great lakes grinders on

These lids go great with the cup that was designed for them. I like how the lids fits on the cup. There are no leaks or messes to clean up.

from The Soda Hole on

The PL200N is supposed to be a replacement for Part #PL2N (same Specs), which Solo/Dart replaced the PCL200 with. Unfortunately, They just can't get it right!! Numerous Lids are cracking just by the simple pressure of attaching the lid to a 2oz Dart branded Portion Cup. The Resin that is being used is NOT the same formula that was used on the PCL200, which is unfortunate, since I NEVER had any issues with the PCL200. I wish Solo/Dart would offer the PCL200, even if it costed more a case. The quality difference is that noticeable. After I get through the last few cases of these new PL200N lids I have on hand, I will most likely be switching over to the Karat brand Portion Cups, which are very high quality, and create a air-tight seal, without any issues with the lids being brittle/cracking. I have actually emailed Dart/Solo many times, and they don't seem to understand that what they're putting out is junk. Hopefully they see this review, and figure things out!

from J.S on

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

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These are superior in quality and sturdiness to the choice brand. They stack well and are a thicker plastic. I prefer these, personally to the choice brand.

from Minced Meal Prep on

Dart products have always been some of my favorites, the price and the quality are unbeatable. These worked perfectly with our cups, easy to snap on and actually stay on(in case you decide to drop a couple full cups on the floor, which has happened more than once...)

from Roll On In on

Fits the 2 oz plastic souffle cups well. Tight seal. Plastic lid, itself, feels quality made and doesn't feel like it can break or tear easy.

from Chef Stef, LLC on

great lids, stack easily and fit nicely on cups. Great product overall, i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who requires tight fitting lids


Perfect to fit into containers. For everything from syrup, different salad dressings or even sprinkle of mixed nuts or dried fruits. Very sturdy and closes tightly no spills.

from Fit & Frisch on

I bought these for my raw feeding pet food business for the 2.5 oz cups. I forgot to buy the lids when I bought the cups so don't make that mistake! the lids don't fit on the cups easily, its a little struggle to get them on without cracking the cups which is frustrating, but all brands of these are that way that I've noticed

from Primitive Choice on

I love these lids so much. They fit the portion cups very tightly so there will never be any kind of spilling or leaking which is great.

from Bb on

This is a well made lid. I like that its very clear. I used it to serve dipping sauce for to go orders and it kept the sauce in the cup without leaking.


These lids are awesome. They fit tightly on their corresponding cups and don't give way or buckle when you stack them on top of each other.


The perfect size to fit on 2oz souffle cups. Being clear means that it's easy to keep track of different contents, and these (along with the 2oz cups) are the perfect size for a serving of cream cheese for bagels!

from The French Press Coffee Co. on

I love these lids for the soufflé cups! They make storing goods possible in the soufflé's. I don't know how I would run my business without them honestly great buy

from Java Corner on

Works well and the quality is high. The lid works well with both Dart Solo cup and the Choice cup. I am using this with the clear Choice cup with matching clear color and they work nicely together. Stacking the cups with lids closed are no problem as well.


These lids go with the 2 ounce cups to help seal your container of condiment, dip, or dressing of choice. Can't really buy one without the other, surely worth the money.


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