Dart Conex Complements 200PC 2 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup - 2500/USA, Mexico - 2500/Case

Item #: 301200PC

Made of durable, crack-resistant polypropylene, the Dart Conex Complements 200PC 2 oz. clear plastic souffle / portion cup is a sturdy choice for serving anything from salad dressing to whipped butter. For carryout, it can safely transport side sauces such as ranch dressing, marinara, salsa, and more, and its clear construction allows customers to easily see the cup's contents.

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Dart Conex Complements 200PC 2 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup - 2500/USA, Mexico - 2500/Case

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cups great Portion dressings sauces lids Dart small Souffle perfect
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Great portion cups, we use for salad dressings. Must use the Dart lids to get them to stack correctly, the other lids slide off each other when stacking.

from Perry's Pizza on

This cup is very small but perfect for the reason I ordered them! Great for side of sauces and extra candies on the side. It helps to portion out items for food waste and food cost purposes!

from Frost Fairy on

We bought these dressing cups for our vegan food business. This is a money saving option for us and we are very happy with the purchase. The quality of the cups are good and pretty sturdy.

from nirvana kitchen on

The church I work at provides a "Grab n Go" community dinner every Thursday evening. We ordered these 2 oz cups to put salad dressing in. They work perfectly and give a nice size portion for a small salad.

from Wesley United Methodist Church on

We find the 2 oz souffle cup is the perfect size for most condiments like ketchup, mustard, olive oil, etc. for all of our take out meals. These are sturdy cups.

from Dixal Hospitality on

These are perfect for our customers to take single servings of our BBQ sauce on the go! They hold up well and the lids snap in place tightly.

from Rolling Smoke Barbeque LLC on

I love these portion cups to hold sauces and salsas. Ours were used to serve table salsa and they held the perfect single serve amount.


We are loving these 2 oz size cups. We use them for samples of our products. They are sturdy and cost Is good. We will buy again.

from The Pie Spot on



I use them in a non conventional way. I make wax melts, also called scent shots. I like that it's very sturdy, it's not thin and cheap looking.


Very affordable and good quality 2oz soufflé/portion cups. These are great for samples, condiments, dressings, or spices. They fit well with lids and don't leak. Highly recommend.

from E Lou Coffee on

I used this for the sauce for the food. Am really pleased with this cup. I got lots of compliment on this item from friends.


These portion cups are excellent for condiments and the perfect size for dipping. The quality is really good especially for the low price. I am very happy with my purchase.


Ideal size for cream based salad dressings and hummus. We've been using these containers for meal prep are they are perfect for two portions of salad dressings and other sauces.


I love these soufflé cups they make portioning out smaller things easy and hassle free. I put cream cheese, ranch, and even samples in these. There is so many uses for these once you have used them you will never go without again.

from Java Corner on

This cup is the perfect portion size for dips, dressings, and other condiments that you are giving and individual serving size too. Some times larger cups take up too much space, this cup is able to fit int he smallest places when needed. Give each person the perfect amount without any waste.


We use these for salad dressings and for handing out small samples of bars and brownies. They work just fine for this purpose. You need to buy the lids separately.


Perfectly sized for condiments. Pair with the Dart Solo PL2N Medium Clear Lid to seal the cup, when used together the cup seals tightly and makes condiment storage easy.



from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs on

These cups are great as small portion cups and are carried by most major food distributors, which means if you run out of these cups or lids, you can quickly order backups from your local distributor until your shipment from Webstaurant arrives at 1/3 the price. Nothing is worse than having a dry storage that is full of cups or lids that don't fit. Dart solo is a no brainier for high volume use.


PERFECT SIZE for my taco lunch fixings! Cheese in one, tomatoes in another, and onions in a 3rd. They all fit nicely in a 24oz container with taco meat and a little baggy of lettuce.

from Fork Over My Chow on

Great price and wonderful product. I will be back for these again and again. The only downfall is the tube packaging these come in are kind of a pain to store.


Great little portion cup for a reasonable price! If you are looking for a nice, sturdy and well-designed cup for your needs then this is it!

from Heavenly Hershey's Ice Cream on

Easy disposable cups. We use these for giving out samples of our cakes in shop and at events, we also use them to hold condiments such as ketchup and mustard.

from Ivy Bakery on

These are the same portion cups we were getting from our local supplier and they are considerably less expensive from Web. Just like everything else, bundle with a bunch of other stuff to cost average your shipping costs down and you will benefit by getting a lot of these commodity products here.


Fantastic product! Durable plastic, and such a versatile container that can be used for storage, portion control, and as a measuring instrument. Very reasonably priced!


Quality product that i've been using for YEARS! Can withstand HEAT unlike other Potion Cups made with other materials. This item is made of Polypropylene #5 Plastic.


Great use in cooking classes for pre-portioning small measurements of certain ingredients and expensive product. Also has a good use as a taster and sampling vessel. Not cheap plastic so they do not crumble easily.

from Chef Stef on

very useful product. great uses for spices, condiments and even salad dressings for personal portions. Product always arrives on time and quality has never been an issue.

from Sullivan & Sons Entertainment LLC on

What can I say? These work. The look great and when I fill, they hold up to freezing. My guests loved the pre-measured salad dressings. No mess, no fuss for them.


Portion cups are not just for condiments! I use these 2 oz cups/lids from Dart Conex to make Scented Wax Tarts (for Tart Burners) I only use Dart due to their sturdiness and holds up well when using scented wax.

from The Cottage Rose on

You just can't beat the Dart Conex plastic soufflé portion cups. We like these over most every other brand out there, the clear cup is the way to go.

from Harts Repair Service. LLC on

These 2-ounce Dart cups are standard portion cups with a nice firm structure. We will be using these for samples at a cake tasting and will add color coded stickers so that our attendees can differentiate the bakers.

from Cece Brune on

A great product which are pretty straight forward. The cups are packaged in sleeves of 125 and are well packed and easy to stock for daily operations. They are not flimsy and feel of *quality*. These are a mainstay in my inventory!

from Bayside Kettle Corn, Ltd on

These containers are so versatile, they are great for dressings, dips and hummis and small snack. Priced perfectly for the amount you get in one sleeve.


The clear and clean look make the content visible and easy to tell what is in it.It's perfect size for sauce with take out order.Highly recommended for take out order.

from Bangkok Place Thai Restaurant on

Good price for quality little cups. We use tons of these, so they are a good value from webrestaurant. They don't stick together as bad as other brands, either.

from Italian Grill on

These portion cups are great. You can not beat the price,I have shopped around but this sight has everything i need. I buy apple butter in bulk and use these to portion it out.They stack well and are very durable.Great for take out orders to.

from Sheila's Homestyle on

Cups are great for salad dressings for lunch or dips. I used them for a recipe tasting and they worked out perfectly. The cheapest price that I could find on the internet.


Great size for putting in our pickles for our Annual Turkey Supper. We like to use product that performs well, this product has worked well for us over the years.

from onesville Methodist Church on

The plastic soufflé cups and lids are a great way to package "to-go" portions of dressings and sauces. They snap tightly together and don't leak.

from Uncle Tony's Pizza on

This is an excellent product for storing sauces, and other small condiments when you are on the go. It is also a great product for prep work.


These cups are a staple at my house through out the entire year. I always have the 1.5 oz. or the 2 oz. handy. We're always throwing huge parties & these are the pefect size for my famous jello shots. =)


Okay. Not much to say about these. They're cups! BUT...for jello shots ~ they rule. Here is 5 layer jello w/pinnacle vodka {whipped cream & kiwi/strawberry flavors alternated!} Ordering was OMG easy; delivery was DANG!!!! UMMM I JUST ORDERED THAT!

from Adult Products on

These durable portion cups are very handy if you don't want to use the packets of ketchups, dressings, etc. They look more professional than the average ketchup pac.


Great portion cups, purchased to use with the 2 oz clear portion lids to use for salad dressing. Lids snap on tight, so no spillage there.

from Doughlicious Cakes on

I buy these with the lids also and use them for to go dressing and sauces, they're perfectly sized and sturdy enough to withstand being toted around in a carry our bag.


this 2 oz souffle / portion cup (clear) is a great product easy to use priced great and best of all toss when you are done

from restaurant on

Great for portioning small items. We use them for to go dressings but also for portioning out how much cranberries or walnuts for our salads.


These cups worked very well with the lids for serving condiments when feeding a large number of people. Good for individual servings of salad dressing and for dipping.


Great value 2oz portion cups. they are strong and durable. I wasnt able to find any cheaper prices on the internet. I would reccomend to friends. A+++++

from Big Sky Business Supply on

so convenient and good quality. not recommended for heating in microwave, but found that heat in small increment of 20-25 seconds still works ok, if needed.


High quality, good purchase. Exactly what you expect and made from reasonable strength plastic. These portion cups are perfect for to-go sides of pickles, onions, etc. or dressings. A little bit large to use for catering.

from Hudson River Coffee House LLC on

These 2 oz Souffle cups are perfect for dressings, sauces, and sides, as well as larger jello shots or pudding shots. And the price is great!


This is a great product because even though it is small it gives the illusion of having more ice cream in it. So I sell a lot of this size especially to children.


I use these souffle cups for everything, hand to customerrs for ketchup, put sauces in, etc. I fill them up ahead of time and put them in the fridge. They are the perfect serving size.

from skinny's on

You really can't go wrong with Dart brand products. These fit small amounts of pretty much any liquid, so it has been great for our business--frosting, sauces, etc...

from Scratch on

Great for take along lunches, condiments at a party or even jell-o shots! I have even started using them for my crafts! They are the perfect size!


These worked very well for cranberry sauce in a take out dinner. Held up very well with no crushing and could stack many on top of each other.

from Abrahamsville United Methodist on

These cups are really nice. They work well for just about anything. They are nice and sturdy so they do not break easy at all.


never worry about leaking- that's a great. look so clean and right size - it is a plus... sometimes i even use it to keep my ice-cream topping on a go- nice stuff!


These souffle cups are great for sides, dips, sauces, etc. I use them all the time in my restaurant and these couldn't have been a better deal. Will be reordering again.


I run a small concessions stand, and before I took over they would heat an entire 6# can of cheese sauce in a crock pot and then portion it into small cups like these to serve. Now that I'm running the stand, I portion the cheese sauce into these cups, and heat as needed in the cups. It saves a lot of waste, and I don't have to heat the entire can at once.


These are the perfect size for 2 TBLS. of dip to go with veggies for my childrens' school snack. Make sure to buy the snug fitting coordinating lids.


perfect size for dips or sauces to go with any food combination. i used them as fruit dips and garnished with a piece of fruit on top. very durable.


So convenient, I use them in my salad containers and place the dressings inside of them! Its a great way to maKE your salads last and keep them not soggy with the dressing in a separate container


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