7 3/4" Nylon Sandwich Spreader with WebstaurantStore Logo

Item #: 280CR925WEB

This 7 3/4" flexible, white spreader is made of a durable nylon material and is designed with a wide blade, making it an ideal tool for applying toppings, sandwich spreads and condiments. This product also works great as a butter spreader for breakfast items. This spreader, with the WebstaurantStore logo stamped in green on the side, is an excellent replacement for more expensive metal or wooden spreading tools.

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7 3/4" Nylon Sandwich Spreader with WebstaurantStore Logo

4.9 stars from 69 reviews


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    Great product for the price. The spreader is big enough to handle enough of the condiment and the quality is a good value as well.

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    Simplicity at its best

    These are nice, versatile sandwich spreaders. They're plastic, but still well made. We use them to spread mayo and mustard on our sandwiches. Will reorder as more are needed.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    This is an excellent quality spreader that is perfect for spreading condiments on bread or icing cakes. It can also be used to remove muffins or cupcakes from pans and they come out with ease with this tool.

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    Very versatile sandwich spreader from WEBstaurantStore perfect for spreading condiments or even icing cakes I love the price and quality from WEBstaurantStore delivered quickly as well.

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    This little sandwich spreader is great for spreading condiments or many other small jobs in the kitchen very inexpensive too.

    Excellent Sandwich Spreader! For way less than a buck this is a great sandwich spreader. I have a stainless wood handle spreader and I prefer the nylon spreader because it's super easy to clean, will last almost forever, and it's easier to store since it's a little flatter. I highly recommend!

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    I use this seven and three quarter inch Nylon Sandwich Spreader with Webstaurant Store Logo on a regular basis, especially with dense condiments like cold butter. We recently started expanding our sandwich recipes and this tool has been invaluable with any big sandwich. And I always appreciate the positive sincere feedback from. Works well, great solid construction, not too heavy and easy to order.

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    For sandwich shops you'll find it useful for applying perfect spread amounts everytime you make your special sandwiches. This spreader measures 7 3/4" in length

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    I was skeptical about these spreaders, but they really seem to be useful for everything - from spreading sandwich sauces to mixing them up in plastic deli quart containers to scraping out the last of the sauces out of the squeeze bottles... they are great! Nice and sturdy too.

    from Farm To You Market Posted on

    This sandwich spreader works so much better than a butter knife. The quality is pretty good for the price and I am very happy with my purchase.

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    This is perfect for getting frosting out of the container.

    I use this mostly to spread peanut butter and jelly on sandwiches. Way easier to use than a knife because of the extra, flatter surface area.

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    Spreading peanut butter w/ease

    This is a nice, basic, wide spreader. It is slightly flexible and works well to spread soft products without damaging the bread like a butter knife can.

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    Works great for soft spreads.

    7 3/4 Nylon Sandwich Spreader does the job. This is a webstaurant stores home brand. Good quality for nice price. We give two thumbs for quality.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    This Nylon spreader is perfect for our sandwich/deli line at a busy cafe. It is sturdy and easy to clean. We use ours to spread avocado, mayo, and even cream cheese!

    from High Ground Cafe Posted on

    This spreader is great for buttering buns or condiments. I like that its wider than a butter knife and doesn't rip the bread. Very easy to clean as well

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    Nice lightweight spreader

    Great inexpensive condiment spreader! Flexible, yet not flimsy at all so as not to mangle bread or roll. Sturdy and easy to grip handle for ease of use.

    from BlinkyTech International Posted on

    I like this 7 3/4" Nylon Sandwich Spreader. I've always just used knives, and this has changed my spreading game! I would definitely recommend this product.

    Posted on

    I was pleasantly surprised by this spreader, the say you get what you pay for does not apply to this, you get much much more. Nice thin blade that makes spreading easy. Great design with a price you can not beat.

    from Payette Liege Waffles Posted on

    perfect for really anything, whether it's paint, peanut butter, regular butter, garlic spreads, or even caulk! this knows no bounds, would highly recommend for sure

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    This one is not as long as the 11 1/2" one. Perfect for an everyday sandwich. No worries as the material that it's made from doesn't let the jelly stick to it.

    Posted on

    I like these better than the other smaller one. These spread easy and are so easy to clean. It's much easier than using a knife and a bit safer too.

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    I am so happy I purchase this Nylon Sandwich Spreader with WebstaurantStore Logo. This is a very good spreader and super easy to keep clean. I highly recommend this spreader.

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    7 3/4" Nylon Sandwich Spreader with WebstaurantStore Logo

    We love these spreaders.. we use them everywhere in the kitchen, for butter, Mayo, peanut butter, and other things.. they are really handy and the cooks are always asking me to order more..

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    These spreaders are great for deli use. They are cheap, easy to clean, and good size. However they do take on some of the color of whatever you use it for but that's probably normal of any plastic utensil.

    from Sana Food Mart Posted on

    a little bit flexible but still rigid and sturdy, this plastic/nylon spreader is great for all kinds of spreads and sauces for sandwiches. i actually prefer this type to the metal ones because it just works so well and is cheaper.

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    They looked flimsy at first but they are strong and they work good, , and at that price why not buy a few to have on hand for other uses

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    Great spreader, I use it on sandwiches and bagels all the time, so easy to spread! Great quality product from web restaurant. great spreader, I recommend.

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    So I have now purchased, used, loved, hated this one piece nylon Sandwich Spreader, as well as the plastic handled Sandwich Spreader, and the wooden handle Sandwich Spreader on the Webstaurant site. This one- all one piece so no worries about the blade coming out. This one's drawbacks are that it's not very sturdy for jobs like spreading cream cheese on bagels, but works fine for spreading sandwiches with mayo and other condiments - it also stains so is showing wear after a month of use. The plastic handled spreaders - sturdy spreader, but the blades come out of the handle. The wooden handled spreaders- the wood gets nasty if you can't keep your people from putting them in the dishwasher, but the blade stays in place, and its a sturdy spreader. I'm back to the wooden handled spreader on future orders and resigned to just replacing them every time I place a new order. I use these so much, and can't imagine life without one, two or six of them at a time! So happy they are such a great buy.

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    So glad we bought this product - one of the most used items in our kitchen. Not only do we use this for all of our spreading needs, we also use this for light cutting and serving of cakes, quiches, and other dishes.

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    If you need a cheap and simple sandwich spreader, look no further! This one is pretty much perfect in my opinion. Looks nice and good price.

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    Spreading some avocado.

    Flexible but sturdy, they take seconds off prep time which may not seem like much but it matters when time is crucial! Mayo, jams, sandwich spreads, icing...these are great to have around in multiples and they're inexpensive enough to buy by the dozen!

    from October Catering Posted on

    We are so happy with these nylon sandwhich spreader's light weight and perfect for spreading condiments or mixing small batches of dressing great price from WEBstaurantStore.

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    You really can't go wrong with this nylon sandwich spreader it does it's job and it's really cheap I mean can you complain about it at all no

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Nice little condiment spreader for making hoagies and Submarine sandwiches and whatever else you need to spend something on I love the fact that it has the webstaurantstore.com logo on it. It's kind of half the reason I got it

    from home Posted on

    We use these for scraping a small amount of frosting into a piping bag. They are used as sandwich spreads but that does not limit their usage.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    7 3/4" Nylon Sandwich Spreader with WebstaurantStore Logo I used this to spread on topping on to my bread like mayo ketchup and various other condiments

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    These are great. We'll use them for everything from butter to peanut butter to mayonnaise... Ect. You can put them in the dishwasher and they held up great.

    Posted on

    Buying these for less than a dollar is amazing! These sandwich spreaders are great for oh so many uses. We bought these to spread cream cheese for a brunch event. They can be used for mayo, mustards and other condiments as well

    Posted on

    Cant go wrong here. Its a good size for the mayo jar, just pop it in there and set the jar out for quick easy spreading for sandwiches.

    Posted on

    This is very handy for the price. My spreaders never seem to hold up for very long, and at this price, I don't mind if I have to replace it quickly. It does the job the same as the more expensive ones...Spread my softened butter for garlic bread exactly like my pricey one from a famous retailer.

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    A very handy and mult-purpose small tool for the kitchen. It is durable, made of easy to wash nylon, and makes it easy to spread toppings easily - and it is very inexpensive as well.

    Posted on

    These were awesome! I will have to reorder for my food truck because my wife swiped the ones I ordered last week. These help control the amount of sauce, mayo, mustard applied.

    Posted on

    I can take out muffins/cupcakes from the tin without scratching non-stick coating and spread jam/preserves on top of toasts. I think it can also be used to trim frosting on top of cupcakes.

    Posted on

    We love our Nylon Sandwich Spreader! We use them to spread peanut butter and jelly on our crepes. They are strong enough to spread the thick peanut butter, but gentle enough to not rip the fragile crepe.

    from 3 Spoons Yogurt Posted on

    Great for mustard and anything else you would like to spread on your sandwich. Really like it, much more durable than it looks from the picture.

    from Beaver Brewing Co Posted on

    I absolute love these spreaders. No need to worry about rusting or anything like the other traditional medal spreaders. These are very light and they are super easy to hold when spreading mayo, 1000 island or any other dressings on a sandwich.

    from Culver's Posted on

    I LOVE these spreaders. They are very sturdy plastic, perfect for mixing color and consistency in thick royal icing. They do stain a bit, but it doesn't affect performance at all.

    Posted on

    These spreaders are amazing. We use them all day long for everything from Refried beans to peanut butter. They are very easy to clean and cheap.

    from pinky's Posted on

    Great handy little spreader and at a very affordable price. We use these to spread various sauces on our sandwiches, and they are affordable enough that we have enough to use them as single service utensils. Make one sandwich and wash them. Greatly reduced the chances of cross contamination in our restaurant.

    from Bent Spoon Bistro Posted on

    spreaders sound really mundane but it really is a pleasure to use this spreader instead of a typical kitchen knife to spread butter or jam. It's a nice size and the blade is firm. Definitely recommend it!

    Posted on


    from UVAVERDE Posted on

    Awesome product at an unbeatable price, these are great to have for any kinds of spreads, we use them for mayo, butters and anything else that would need to be spread. Affordable and easy to clean. I recommend this product.

    from Tin Brook Bed & Breakfast Posted on

    These sandwich spreaders are cheap, easy to clean and work perfectly for spreading mayonnaise, marinara, pesto aioli or whatever sauce you need to spread easily.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    These spreaders are perfect for preparing sandwiches and finger food appetizers at our luncheons. The price is very affordable, and purchasing these in bulk is convenient.

    from Smith Valuations Inc. Posted on

    These spreaders are awesome, we use them a ton for lots of things around the restaurant. The price point for these is just great we will definitely continue to purchase these!!!

    Posted on

    These Nylon Sandwich Spreaders are perfect for mixing icing colors for cookie decorating. Royal icing is hard on your hands and these durable spreaders work great.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    We are very happy with this sandwich spreader. We use them over and over all day long--the logos have all worn off. They are easy to wash.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    Sandwich spreader works great on a daily basis for spreading cream cheese on bagels. Only problem is that it tends to stain a bit, cleans up when soaked in bleach.

    Posted on

    I searched everywhere for these. I bought 1 single one in NYC at a kitchen store years ago and finally wore it out after almost 15 years ! I love that you have them, i used them for everything when I cook---they are good for lifting things up that were baked on foil---they go under items and no sticking !! I used them to clean dishes when things are stuck to the side, they scrape it right off, easy cleanup. Plus I used them to spread things like icing, spreads on bread/rolls, etc----great all around tool !!!

    Posted on

    We love these! They are a great size, they have just enough flexibility to spread everything from cream cheese to mayonnaise. And for such a great price, you wouldn't think they would be durable, but they are!

    from GreenTree Co-op Posted on

    A very good value. These are well made of sturdy, flexible nylon. Perfect size and weight for their purpose. Certainly not a one-use product like I expected for the price. I am happy that I purchased several.

    from Midori's Enterprises Posted on

    Great item for the price. Our only issue is that if you use this spreader for mustard, you will have a yellow spreader. Don't let your staff use these for hot foods either.

    from Minden Meat Posted on

    These sandwich spreaders are more durable than I thought they were going to be when I ordered them. They are cheap and work great for spreading mayo.

    from Iron Star Pizza Company Posted on

    This is a perfect spreader for butter and jam.i use this everyday to spread butter and jam in my bread and also to spread dressing on the sandwich buns.

    Posted on

    This sandwich spreader is so nice. Has a wide 1'' area so you can spread pretty much anything on a sandwich a customer orders. LOve IT !

    from Tristan's Posted on

    For a quick pb&j sandwich this will do the job! By no means is it heavy duty, but let the kids use this one to make their own! ;)

    Posted on

    7 3/4" Nylon Sandwich Spreader The sandwich spreader works well and is flexible enough to make spreading a breeze. The spreader is easy to work with and clean.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    I have several of these spreaders and they are fantastic! I use them for many different things like making sandwiches, to frost cupcakes and sweet rolls. You will love them!

    Posted on

    great product, very easy to work with the sandwich, easy to keep it clean. I would buy more and would recommend who need it should buy it.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    These light weight plastic sandwich spreaders are very flexible and fit well in your hand. Just the right size for spreading condiments on deli wraps.

    Posted on

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