9" Adjustable Spray Trigger

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Need to replace your spray bottle trigger? Stock up on this economical 9" adjustable spray trigger. Designed to fit most standard size spray bottles, it'll help you tackle your daily sanitation needs, and the leak-proof design saves on cleaning costs. The adjustable spray nozzle allows you to alter the spraying capability depending on the task at hand. Simply twist it from an off position to a fine mist or a steady stream!

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9" Adjustable Spray Trigger

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spray bottles trigger great works bottle adjustable perfectly sprayer Fits
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    Excellent product, very durable. I was glad, I found these replaceable pumps to replace my old ones. Wonderful. I don't have to buy new bottles.
    Inexpensive yet sturdy spray trigger which fits standard sized 32 oz spray bottles, such as the Noble pre labeled bottles also available on Webstaurant Store.
    These spray nozzles are great I contantly buy some because of the use and my employees brak them often. These work great and are not too expensive.
    The nozzle works great and I bought it for the bathroom cleaner disinfectant that I ordered thru webstraunt as well. Fits and screws on great
    These 9" Adjustable Spray Triggers fit perfectly on the 32 oz Labeled bottle for noble chemical sani 512 food surface sanitizer, adjustable spray that is even at any setting.
    The spray triggers are fantastic they work very well and there made very well they fit a couple different kinds of bottles and they last a really long time I recommend them for all kinds of establishments .
    A quality replacement spray assembly for spray bottles. We purchased a few of these to replace worn sprayers and they have held up very well over time.
    This is a super nice spray trigger! It is very sturdy in construction and has a nice feel to it. It works really well with the 32 oz spray bottle. Very happy with this purchase.
    They are great until they last. They don't last long. They break super easily from the red cap to the white handle. Wish they would last longer! I have so many extra bottles lying around because the set break as well.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These are great sprayers.I started ordering them here about a year ago and my detailer says they are better than the ones we used to buy from another place and the price is a little cheaper.A+++
    This adjustable spray drigger is good quality plastic it's spray two kind and drigger is easy to push. This spray drigger is fit perfect on mostly all spray bottles. Overall great quality item.
    Just like its matching bottle, these are a superior product for spraying sanatizer, or really anything you want to spray. They are cost effective and are quality made--price can't be beat!
    You get what you pay for. This is a very affordable product but after about 6 months of use not many have lasted. The trigger tends to leak or they stop spraying all together.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This 9" spray trigger gets 4 stars rating. This versatile spray bottle dispenses fine mist to steady stream. Also it's ergonomically designed and leak proof! Good quality spray at an excellent price! Two thumbs!
    I purchased this for a 32 oz bottle, it fits perfectly, the sprayer works as it’s supposed to and adjusts from a wide spray to a spot spray.
    This adjustable spray trigger allows you to completely shut off the nozzle, spray a wide field, or a very narrow field by twisting the nozzle. The straw is very long and allows you to get every last drop of liquid sprayed.
    The 9 inch adjustable spray trigger is a good replacement for existing spray bottlers with the same trigger from webstaurant. It also allows for direct use of cleaning solutions by using a spray trigger in a preprepared cleaning solution bottle.
    good sprayer.. nothing over the top fancy, but it does work well.. it works well for me with most removable cap bottles. Will definitely purchase more when needed!
    Great item to have extra of. Also if the bottle is short, just cut the tube to proper length and it works out great. Extra is handy to keep.
    Love the value and quality of this 9 inch adjustable sprayer works very well! You will need more than one I use it for all my spray cleaning needs!
    I bought this spray trigger for some oven cleaner I purchased and it works smoothly without any glitches. I have had so many different spray triggers that are glitch and don't always work, but so far this one has worked perfectly from the start.
    A sturdy, reliable top that is made well, this is sold separately from the base. This is easy to use with one hand, so that the other can hold a cloth.
    These spray triggers work great and last a long time. Had to replace some of the old triggers that came with our cleaning chemicals bottles as they stopped working.
    this is a good sturdy sprayer for replacing broken parts or for inserting into a bottle of any solution to make it easier to apply.
    9" Adjustable Spray Trigger is a good product with an easy pull trigger and is nicer made than most that are in the same price range, I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a new sprayer head.
    The 9 in Adjustable spray trigger works perfectly. You can adjust the nozzle to spray a mist or a stream. The handle is easy to pull and wont cause fatigue on the bigger jobs.
    I haven't been super impressed with this trigger. Granted, for the price I suppose it is worth it, but it doesn't do a great job of dispersal and is a little tough to utilize effectively.
    I bought these sprayers for the 32 oz labeled bottle and it sprays great. it has a good wide spray setting and also a strong streamline setting.
    We bought cheap dollar tree sprayers because why not? It just has to spray. Well, after a few months the bottles were fine but sprayers were failing. We bought this and they are superb.
    I never thought to order a adjustable spray trigger from Webstraurant but very glad I did and would order again. This nine inch adjustable spray trigger is perfectly described on the website. It feels durable but has just the right amount of spray options. It fits perfectly on any Noble bottle. Great construction and even better price!
    For some reason, spray nozzles seem to jam all the time; and usually right when you're in the middle of a big cleaning job. Never again will I spend the money to buy a brand new bottle now that I know these are available for a fraction of the cost. What a great deal! I plan on keeping a handful in the drawer at all times, because you never know when you're going to need one.
    these are super awesome and actually works!!! will order again. i buy these for all cleaner bottles. yes i replace all the store ones for these.
    The nine inch adjustable spray trigger works well and has not had any issues. It has a strong spray and stream when you use it.
    Extremely affordable adjustable spray trigger. We used this as a replacement for a bottle we had and it fits perfectly. Great to save money and the environment by refilling your own bottles. Adjustable spray, no leaks.
    We had a cleaning bottle that fell off the rack and broke the handle. I was able to purchase this 9" trigger with ease and replace the broken one. It works like a charm.
    We use this with the Noble Citra Kleen and it works nicely. Leaks a little but sometimes but at less than a buck it's not a big issue. Fits the 32oz bottle perfectly.
    This Spray trigger is an adjustable. Works real well and we like the price. Two thumbs and we give it 4 stars! We got it from here!
    This is a nice 9" Adjustable Spray Trigger. It fits the bottle very well and gets the job done. Great value and I would recommend.
    This sprayer works well and has a variety of spray or mist options too! We will use it for disinfectant cleaner spray to mist over areas to sanitize them but it would work for any cleaner or just water to keep you cool on a hot day!
    Great thing to have on hand, as nozzles stop working in the most annoying times..and it isn't practical to get online and order right when one breaks.
    We have multiple of these spray triggers for our spray bottles, and they definitely help us maintain cleanliness at New Deli. They function perfectly and don't break easily.
    I bought this to go with the 32 oz all purpose bottle. I use it to mix the vegetable wash that I bought from Webstaurant so that I can mist it over small batches of fruit instead of making a water bath that would use more product. It seems to be a bit long for the bottle – it kind of bends a bit at the bottom, but it still works.
    works great on the per-labeled bottles. The head is not built as well as the recommended sprayer, however this one is costs lest and works at spraying things
    It is well made and works well. It has a higher quality compare to most local and big box stores. It holds up very good :)
    This works great with the 32 oz Noble Chemical labeled bottles. It has an adjustable stream so you can make the stream wider or more focused.
    These spray triggers are perfect for 32 oz bottles and allow the user to adjust the spray from a mist to a stream simply by twisting the nozzle tip. These can also be trimmed to fit smaller bottles.
    This spray trigger is affordable and effective. I like how you can adjust the tip to have a fine spray or a more direct spurt.
    These are great to always have around and a few backups handy! They seem to fit in most spray bottles. And you cant beat the price!
    This is used for all the cleaning bottles I just got. Well they don't spray without them that's for sure. You can adjust the spray intensity to squirt or mist. It's great for all types of cleaning solution bottles.
    When the spray trigger works it is great. When we were gone it looks like an employee found a way to break it beyond repair, but it is cheep enough to replace.
    The price is very reasonable. It fits into a bottle that I bought on Webrestaurant. I have been using for a while, but never had any issues so far. Good product.
    I really like theses sprayers. The price is fantastic for what you get. They screw on tightly, are easy to spray and fit taller and shorter bottles due to the flexible tube.
    I like this trigger spray. There are different ways to adjust it from a mist to a spray which is nice. It is easy to pull back and you can spray relatively quickly with it without the lever getting stuck.
    I am judging this product based on our extremely clumsy bussers. I don't know what they are doing to these sprayers, but I have gone through 8 of them in the past two months. Will not be reordering,
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this spray trigger. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Pretty basic sprayer. Attach it to almost any spray bottle and get to work. Pair these with the empty bottles and you will save on waste. Just be sure to label each one.
    I like the fact that you can buy this all by itself the spray nozzle without the bottle these always wear out faster than the bottles and if you need to order one they have it here on the site and you can get those two
    spray trigger was cheap so I can complain that I had to buy bottle separate but I like it works as supposed to thanks from mike
    These spray triggers work well, just make sure your staff isn't "hanging" them on tables, counters, trash cans, etc. It will cause them to start leaking and not work properly.
    Continental 9" Adjustable Spray Trigger Oddly enough they fit the 32oz noble chemical bottles unlike the Noble Chem foaming trigger 10" spray but the foaming action is missing boo hoo
    Good spray trigger at a good price. It is easy to use and fits perfect in the spot remover bottle as recommended by webstaurant. Overall good purchase.
    At first, this product worked well I got about 1 month of use out of this before it started leaking. I would not buy this again.
    We appreciate your review! If you have any concerns about the product you purchased please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    universal and durable my employees love these spray bottle tops. the delivery time was great so that i could receive a great price and not skip a beat in my day to day activity.
    This price is unbeatable and the quality is good, too. The sprayer works every time and the plastic is sturdy. It's overall a great product.
    I purchased the continental 9" adjustable spray trigger. The firm spring action responds well to the liquid contents. It sprays in a very fine stream.
    It seems like kitchen staff have a knack for breaking sprayers on spray bottles, but I've watched my team drop these a number of times and they don't crack or break. I'm rather impressed at how well they hold up to the abuse.
    I cant say enough how easy it was to install the new trigger for our bottle. Our bottle fell off the counter and shattered. Replacing it was as easy as one could imagine.
    I ordered this because the ones that come with the bottles from Walmart stop working before the bottle contents are depleted. I like this one and so far it works as advertised.
    This adjustable spray trigger fits in conjunction with a 32 oz spray bottle bottom. We use ours to fill with water and spray clean the flat top.
    The price really can't be beat for these replacement spray heads. They function pretty well and I really appreciate that they are adjustable. They get the job done and are a good value.
    This is the Spray Trigger is heavy duty spray and is the good solution for the Spray Bottle. the quality is good and you can use almost with all the bottle.
    I appreciate being able to buy replacement sprayers for our spray bottles. These are nice and work very well, although they tend to break when they take a fall.
    No complaints here. This spray trigger fits perfectly inside our preexisting bottles. This saves us from having to buy whole new bottles when the spray triggers become unusable.
    awesome to bough this Ateco 1330 5" Fondant Cutter / Embosser (August Thomsen) u can use many time for the cleaners liquid to easy to spray awesome
    This is a good sprayer. I am able to clean my island with very few spritzes, which saves me money on cleaning solutions. Very powerful and will consider this a great purchase.
    Your sprayers are lousy. Didn't even get one use out of them . Either they leaked all over, nothing sprayed or they sprayed once and never again. True to contact company to get replacements, but there is no way to contact other that this method. Would love to hear back from someone before I just ship the order back I have 10 put if the first 12 sprayers taken out ofbox that do not function.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry the sprayer did not work for you. Please feel free to contact our Customer Solutions team via email, phone, or live chat at any time if there is an issue with your order. A representative will contact you shorty.
    Perfect for sanitize bottles or any other cleaning supplies. Sprays really well and seems to be pretty sturdy since it's help up to multiple falls.
    This sprayer does the job perfectly. Nozzle is adjustable to change from stream to spray. It fits the Noble chemical spray bottles so there is no doubt on the fit.
    These are very durable. I have my teachers use them constantly and they never seem to break. Other brands I've had to replace after only a few weeks because the sanitizer would break down the trigger. Not these! I've had this set for about a year now!
    This is a well built spray trigger for use with most any spray bottle. The adjustable trigger works well. We like to use them with the 32 oz. bottles from WEBstaurant and Noble Chemicals.
    This 9" adjustable spray trigger was just what I needed. The ones in department stores only have short hoses in them and not the adjustable trigger on top. I wanted one to use to spray all my flowers in our home. But some need more water than others. So I adjust the trigger to get more water on those types. I can even use this to spray my silk flowers from the dust that collects from either the heater or air conditioner. Also they come in handy to put window cleaner in them and you can adjust the trigger as you clean.
    These adjustable spray triggers are great for the price. These spray triggers are better than the ones that I bought for a much higher price.
    For the most part, these work great, fit great on a 29mm neck (screw top wine bottle / torani). Not very durable, so get a few extra. Do NOT use these with bleach solution. I wish there were a bleach approved sprayer like this for sale here. It would definitely be worth a higher price... especially considering how little these cost.
    This held up well for a while then we started to use a couple of drops of bleach in regular water as our sanitize solution... the thing pretty much melted internally after a few days.
    We appreciate your review! If you have any concerns about the product you purchased please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These spray triggers are great for the price. I've never had a clog or breakage. They match the color of the Sani512 bottle so it is easy to find the bottle.
    Brought this for the bottle I brought, worked great. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, it's good to have with a fair price
    Awesome sprayer head, these are very durable and are well make. These sprayer heads are a great value and work awesome compared to a lot of others out there on the market!!!
    I bought this spray trigger to go with a spray bottle I bought. No problems to report. It has worked fine for me the entire food season in my food truck. I recommend this product.
    I looked many places both in stores and online to find spray triggers...finally found them here! These were much better than the ones I was replacing on my orange spray bottles from big box hardware store. Feels sturdier and the spray is stronger and puts more product out per squirt. A must have item for anyone.
    My triggers always seem to wear out before the bottles get cruddy, so it's great to find a replacement that is reasonably priced. The ability to replace just this part is an environmentally conscious option, as well. The triggers seem to work well and can be cut down to fit shorter bottles.
    Adjustable from broad to stream spraying capability. Fits all the way into bottom of bottle so no annoying blank sprays. We use it for sanitizing food & drink prep stations & works great.
    It is Great to be able to only get the spray nozzle as this is the part that normally breaks. Fits most standard spray bottles nicely
    Perfect sprayer. Has many different spaying affects. Can use with many different products. easy to use and wash. stores nicely, does not break easy like others.
    Best in class adjustable spray trigger. Richard Sherman doesn't even question the greatness of this product. If you buy anywhere else your spending too much.
    I go through spray nozzles pretty fast. We are constantly spraying sanitizer and cleaning solution to clean up after ourselves and our guest. I got tired of buying new bottles each time and just bought these nozzles. They seem to be better than what I got at the membership club. For the price, they will be great even if they wear out and need replacing.
    These fit great with any 32 oz bottle, fits snug and have lasted me so far. I bought a few of these and they are an amazing price.
    Cant seem to win with these, I have tried them in the past and you get what you pay for, I cant be to upset since they are inexpensive no matter where you get them, but order extra in case some dont work when you receive them. Searching for better replacement but not enough trouble to send back. I cant say I have ever had a bad exp with anything I have bought from WEB except for these. I still will shop here for everything else. No biggie.
    We appreciate your review! If you have any concerns about the product you purchased please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These spray triggers are not the greatest. I guess you get what you pay for as these are dirt cheap, but they don't last very long. Because the replacement cost is so low, I continue to buy them.
    We appreciate your review! If you have any concerns about this item our Customer Solutions Team would be happy to help!
    Best value by far on a commercial industrial sprayer bottle. Comfortable handle makes things so easy. You should order extra because at this price you may need more.
    These spray nozzles are the best. I have had ours in use for almost a full year and they still work like the day they were brand new!!
    These are nice spray bottle tops that are a must have for sanitizing tables in the dining room and even for misting salads with olive oil!!!
    The Continental 9" Adjustable Spray Triger.Eorks great with the noble chemicals.The price of these spray trigers can't be beat.It is better than replacing the whole bottle when there is no need too,cause trigers wear out.
    These fit on top of the small noble cleaners from webstaurantstore.com with no problem at all. I use quite a bit of them. I recommend them.
    Finally! I go through spray bottles; seems like I'm buying them monthly! But the nozzle is always the part to wear out so I was thrilled that WSS carried it alone. The price is fantastic to boot!
    Spray trigger tops always wear out, get broken, get lost or get melted before the bottles. It sure was nice to find out my favorite smallwares store sells just the tops because we don't want to go topless!
    The trigger works well with the 32oz bottles and so far they dont jam up or spray weird at all like I have had in the past. Another good buy for the money.

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