Continental 8322BK 23 Gallon Black Wall Hugger / Slim Trash Can

Item #: 2748322BK

Prevent messes and promote sanitary garbage disposal at your office, education facility, healthcare center, restaurant, and more with this Continental 8322BK 23 gallon wall hugger black trash can! Made of heavy duty plastic, this trash can is built to withstand almost any environment. The black color is simple and neutral, so it easily complements any decor. The compact 23 gallon size is designed to fit in tight spaces and is great for placement under standard work tables! Thanks to its rectangular shape, this receptacle can align with the wall, a cabinet, or desk. Because of it's small footprint, this trash can is ideal for kitchens, food trucks, and other venues with limited space. In addition, this wastebasket easily stacks inside other receptacles, allowing for efficient, space-saving storage when not in use! Disposing of trash is made easy, with a built in grooved bottom to easily lift up your trash can. Add this Continental 23 gallon trash can to your business for dependable use and durability, without compromising style and space efficiency!

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Continental 8322BK 23 Gallon Black Wall Hugger / Slim Trash Can

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trash cans great space perfect kitchen slim wall clean easy
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    Less than half the cost for the same exact product from our local distributor. The magnet tops are used with most of these, but we use these trash cans everywhere because they take up almost no space at all.
    These continental 23 gallon wall hugger slim jim trash cans are great! WE don't have a lot of space in our restaurant and these trash cans save us a lot of space! They work great and hold a lot of trash!
    I absolutely love this black wall hugger! Before I used a round 60 gallon trash can that was taking up too much space. This wall hugger slim trash can is perfect for smaller kitchens!
    Very clean and sleek trash cans, but the top lip of the trash can is not very strong we a have cracked about four of them with just normal wear and tear.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Easy to clean, has held up almost a year in our kitchen, only down side is if you needed a lid it doesn't come with one
    "Slim Jim" style wall hugger trash can. Very similar to the rubbermaid of the same type. If you worried about the price, don't it is just as high in quality.
    Sturdy rectangle garbage bin. I like the black color to hide any marks that our old, gray ones clearly showed (and the health inspector dinged us on )
    Perfect shape and size. These are the ONLY trash can we use through out the entire restaurant. Ultra durable for indoor and outdoor use. The fit perfectly between kitchen equipment as well as behind service bars. Highly recommended for every type of facility
    The tall and slim garbage can is great for a small and compact kitchen. Well fit almost anywhere. Will hold a full days of garbage. Easy to clean up .
    The trash can to use when you're not playing games. We use two of these in our restaurant. Great because they're large but just the right size to fit under a work table.
    You would have a hard time finding a better trash can that can fit into any space and look clean and classy. It's easy to clean and made of durable materials.
    Perfect for it's intended use. We needed a garbage can for our restaurant that did not take up too much space. This garbage can is compact in size and fits against the wall perfectly to stay out of the way. It seems pretty sturdy and easy to clean. Would recommend.
    The slim design of this trash can is very convenient for our cramped space in our kitchen. It is durable and doesn't show dirt like the grey ones.
    These are great for all of our recycling and trash can needs. They're durable and stable and last through each shift without needing to be changed out.
    The continental 23 gallon trash can is perfect for our kitchen. It slides easily under the end of our prep tables, hugs the wall nicely and is incredibly sturdy. Very happy with the quality of this can and the price can not be beat when compared to name brand trash cans.
    These garbage cans work great in our front of the house. I replaced out gray ones and LOVE the black. These are easy to clean and are not so noticeable when dirty. Great size to not be in the way.
    These 23 Gallon Black Wall Hugger Slim Trash Cans fit perfectly in snug places. We use these behind the bar, back of house, front of house. Superb!
    Excellent product. Great quality, sturdy and well built very reasonable price. Takes up very little space. Bought a few of them for all over the bakery.
    I love having slim trash cans in the kitchen, they fit well between tables and equipment and the height on this one has you at the perfect level for doing prep and scraping garbage into the trash.
    I love these trash cans. I ended up replacing all our kitchen cans and our behind bar cans with these. They hold a substantial amount, but don't take up a lot of floor space. Plus, they're really solid. I don't think they're going to crack and need to be replaced for a long time. My wife complained that the bag size wasn't standard, but heck, throw in a 30 gallon bag and you're all set.
    This slim trash can is ideal if you want a more slender but deep trash can. We use it for collecting espresso grounds at our cafe as it fits perfectly in a smaller space between machinery.
    Perfect to space restricted areas. I have a food truck and this fits perfect. Holds plenty, solid construction. I like that it will hold a full size trash in about half the space.
    This trash can is perfect for a narrow arrow in our kitchen. It was the perfect size for what we needed and the quality is great.
    These trash cans are a good way to be able to make sure that you are able to have storage for all trash. Get two to seperate food and office!
    Great trash can. Fits perfect under prep locations, between equipment and most of all requires your staff to keep trash out of the kitchen. It is small enough that keeps the prep staff up on trash. We had previously run into a problem of using the 45-55 gallon cans and lets be honest.... There are only a few in a kitchen that can dump a full 55 gal can. So down sizing and stocking sections with smaller cans allowed all the staff to run trash as needed. I will be buying more as I need them.
    I didn't know how much my life could be improved from buying a large trash can! Recommend getting one for your home use as well as your business, along with the Continental 7325BK Black Drop Shot Wall Hugger Lid (#2748322BK)
    The 23 gallon black slim fit trash can is perfect for straight spot but can still hold alot. It's a thick plastic and very strong.
    Trusty continental wall hugger trash can. I am super happy with it. These are cheaper than the rubbermaid one. Of course they are not as bullet proof but close enough for the price!
    We use this by our condiments/drink fountain and it is very subtle with the slim design. Better pricing than at the local stores, we would recommend.
    This black trash can is just what I was looking for. It's tall and slim, so it looks great in our coffee parlor. This is the best price online, and it fits the Black Drop Shot Wall Hugger Lid.
    The perfect size to keep around prep tables. Since the height is just a couple inches below standard table height, it's really easy to sweep scraps over the edge of the table and into the trash can. Material is durable without being unnecessarily heavy and should last a very long time.
    We relied upon cheap big box store trash cans for the smaller areas in our kitchen and typically we'd go through a couple a year. We've had this for two years in a tight but high-traffic area and it's as good as new. Very tough.
    These trash cans are perfect for every spot in the kitchen. Durable and easy to clean, the black color holds up to years of use.
    We normally use a different brand, but due to the sturdiness and the reliability of this product, we are forever ordering the this version. Thanks for keeping our areas clean!
    These trash cans are awesome. We have one in a cabinet under our espresso knock box, one between the sink and counter--they are so slim that it's easy to squeeze them anywhere without sacrificing capacity. Easily hold tied bags in place as well.
    This slim trashcan is great for smaller restrooms or kitchens. Hugs the wall nicely and doesn't take up much space. Made of durable plastic, this is a high quality trashcan.
    We purchased two of these for our food truck and they are great garbage cans I would buy these again if I needed more for sure.
    These trash cans work well and are a great value compared to the name brand. They do wear out on the bottom if they get dragged repeatedly.
    Perfect for small confined areas that have high volume garbage needs. Continental makes the best trash cans. They are sturdy and tall and easy to place along any wall in any room. We have them in every room in every space at all times.
    These trash cans work great in tight places in the bar and in the kitchen. They are sturdy and easy to wash and clean out.
    Simple, solid kitchen trash can. Tall enough, tough enough, and unobtrusive. I've just some back and ordered two more now that we're open and really working in the space.
    These garbage cans were exactly what we were looking for. In our industry we refer to them as slim jims. They're perfect for a catering table/bar to easily push trash into a garbage can. Since it has a squared edge it can sit right next to your table(or just under) versus a round edge which makes it more difficult to slide garbage from a table.
    Nice quality trash can that has held up for quite some time now. When we received it, it had a white powdery substance all over the inside but it wiped out easily with a damp cloth. These bins are easy to keep clean and we use them in our shop indoors. Easy to keep clean.
    This garbage can is very good. I love the size of it where is fits next to my cutting board. It is heavy duty one.
    Love these wall hugging trash cans, very durable, great quality and they are slim lined to fit nicely against a wall. We have purchased several more of these, they work great anywhere you put them!
    This trash can is awesome. I bought it for a space that is limited and the trash can fits great. It takes up minimal space. I like that it is tall too.
    Great quality for the low price. This 23 gallon trash can fits in tight spaces and does the job. Nothing fancy, but it's all you'll need in your kitchen.
    Great trash can. Good for those on a budget and it holds up well. We have purchased these for ur other location and they have held up over three years.
    Great heavyweight trash can at a great price. Best value we could have hoped for. Not the cheapest , but sturdy and thick. Will order again.
    We recently switched to this trash can as well. It's perfect for our deli, seems very durable, and it fits perfectly in the corner we need it to fit in.
    This is the perfect trash can from your business or home! It's very sturdy material, is easy to clean, and doesn't stain very easily at all!
    Very sturdy heavy duty trash can. We use these all over in our kitchen. They are great for putting next to our different work stations.
    Very glad we picked up these wall hugger trash cans. We bought 3 to go around the kitchen. They hold quite a bit for their slim size and are well constructed.
    We have ordered several of these throughout the restaurant. We use them in the kitchen, server station, and behind the bar. They are durable and clean easily.
    Extremely durable, easy to clean and perfect size/height for kitchen use and tight areas. We abuse several of these daily and they can take it!
    This is great when you have that one foot of space between something, you can squeeze in this trash can. It is sturdy and good quality.
    Good quality 23 gallon trash can. Shape is tall but thin which makes it easy to store in small spaces. Garbage can is thick plastic which is sturdy and not easily breakable.
    Useful for hugging the wall to create more space and with nice touch look, Very strong build for this product. Can hold a lot of Garbage.
    durable, rubberized and does exactly what it is intended to, hold garbage. There's a useful cinch on the underside of the rim to hold trash bags from falling in.
    These wall hugger trash barrells are a godsend. Fits 50 lbs of crap in a (23) pound barrell, Strong, sleek and does the job well
    The bottoms of our trashcans were becoming worn. These shipped quickly and were less expensive than other products I found - good quality. I have ordered two sets of 4 already.
    We do love this trashcan - it fits perfectly under our counter top with the espresso knock box going right into it. My only complaint was that the recommended trash bags with it wont stay up on the edge of the can and with no lid you aren't able to keep the bag in place. This resulted in constantly having to reach into the can to pull the bag back up. It does have a sinch on one side of the can but this usually isn't enough to hold much weight up. At the end of the day I don't blame the can so much as the recommended bags that go with it but it could be a little better designed when it comes to the lip of the can.
    Really nice and heavy duty. Shipping wasn't too bad when I combined with other things. Came out to be really cheap when I bought four.
    These trash cans are taller than I imagined but they are great. They are tall but slim so fit nicely in smaller spaces. Very happy with the purchase,
    These wall huggers are sturdy and easy to clean. They are at an unbeatable price compare to other websites. We will definitely buy again when we need another one.
    So far this seems like a good product. It's not a rigid material so I'm not worried about it cracking. it feels sturdy. The size is about right for a coffee shop I think.
    Durable trash can made out of that perfect plastic that will not crack easily or bend. We use the black for trash and blue for recycling and they work very well, and are easily stored with their slim profile. I just wish they made lids that snapped on.
    Works great and it's a lot cheaper than the Rubbermaid. Also since I'm the owner of a food truck I don't put the garbage can through tons of abuse so it's still in the condition as the same day I got it. I would recommend this because it's half the price.
    Very strong and durable. We use all of these trash cans for the whole restaurant. We haven't had any problems with them breaking in the last 6 months. When it comes time to reorder we will definitely order these again.
    This is a rock solid product that is made in the USA. The price is also the best you can find virtually anywhere (unless you're buying thousands at a time). The delivery fee is average to below average- especially when you buy 4+ at a time like I do. And I am the sole inventor of the waste basket of the future, so I know collection bins! (Liquisift.Com) Now on sale!
    This is great when you have that one foot of space between something, you can squeeze in this trash can. It is sturdy and good quality.
    These slim trash cans are excellent for applications where space is limited such as kitchens and behind the bar. The price is well below that of the name brands and the material is durable and sturdy.
    Love these garbage cans. The pricing was much better than the name brands and the quality is the same. The sizing works great in our kitchen.
    This wall hugger trash can is so nice! It doesn't take up too much space but is still big enough to handle large quantities of waste. Great buy.
    I mean I never thought I'd review a trash can but hey every thing needs feedback right? I throughly have nothing negative about it. It's sturdy, holds trash well and is a good size.
    The Continental 23 gallon wall hugger trash can is very durable. I was surprised by how much the trash can holds considering how much smaller/slimmer our others have been. Very pleased.
    strong durable trash can - very durable - black is sleek and stylish if used visually in food service - good item for a trash can
    Perfectly sized trash cans for smaller space. They look good and are easy to lift, move about, not heavy. They fit into the space right under the sink area and just perfect for our small kitchen.
    I was looking for an alternative to the expensive name-brand trash cans, and this fit the bill. They are relatively sturdy, and the size is very versatile.
    We like the slim design for small spaces. These are great on the cook like and in the server areas. They don't take up much space but still hold quite a bit.
    I would have to say...this is not the best can for heavy use. It works great for light refuse, such as restrooms. The side rails broke for heavy loads of bottles and refuse. It is a perfect alternative for paper refuse.
    Great trash cans, hold plenty for what we need them for. We change them out daily. Easy to clean and look nice with having a dark color.
    These are great slim line trash cans that we use in both the BOH and behind our bar. That last as long as your staff is gentle The outside lip at the top rips off for us in about 6months. The cooks are rough and drag the can across the floor daily - that is why they rip, but they are an ongoing replacement item for us. .
    The size of these garbage cans are a necessity for our business. Standard restaurant use size. They hold a lot. The bag clip on the side ensures the bag doesn't fall into the can.
    Perfect trash can for tall, slim spaces. Very sturdy and good quality product. A must have for all your trash needs. Matches beautifully to black or clear trash bags.
    Love these slim trash cans. We have 7 or 8 of these throughout our store. They are perfect for any small prep area. We of course have larger ones out for our customers, but where kitchen and behind counter space is limited these are fantastic. And with them being black they don't show dirt and grime easily.
    I love this trash can. I never realized how much room our old "normal" one took up until I got this one. It fits regular size bags, but the sleek size is perfect for our small prep space
    I use these black barrels because they are nice looking. They are very sturdy, never leek and easy to clean. I purchased them in black because it shows less wear and tear than the grey ones.
    This size is perfect in the kitchen or on the server line. It's narrow and holds a lot of trash or recycling. We use a standard 33 gallon bag and that works great.
    Continental 8322BK 23 GALLON BLACK WALL HUGGER TRASH CAN work great. They are durable and last a long time. They save a lot of space and hold a lot of trash.
    These tall bins fit nicely into small snug areas. My bakery is limited in space so I needed something compact to make more room for other items. It is very sturdy and looks clean.
    Great trash can, and it's the perfect size for the front of the house, and even kitchen use, in tighter spaces. Easy to transport and clean.
    This slim trash can is perfect for fitting in small nooks. I use this behind the bar and in the kitchen. The black color helps it camoflauge.
    Sturdy trash can with no discernable difference in quality compared to what I could have purchased locally. It has a much cheaper price tag as well.
    Love the slim line ("wall hugger") design. It makes them really non-obtrusive, but they still hold a lot of trash. With just four of them around our place (kitchen included) we only need to empty garbage once a day!5Love the slim line ("wall hugger") design. It makes them really non-obtrusive, but they still hold a lot of trash. With just four of them around our place (kitchen included) we only need to empty garbage once a day!
    We only use these in our store. Exactly what you are looking for. They are durable, yet lightweight and easy to empty. Highly recommend for restaurant use.
    This is the perfect size to fit in a corner or under a counter and holds quite a bit of trash for it's size. This is a great price.
    This is an industry standard, and well worth it. Purchasing them from webstaurantstore is easy. They are well-priced, always available in different colors, and arrive quickly (at least here in New York City. We highly recommend
    This is the perfect size trash can for my ice cream shop! It looks great and was a great price. Nice a sleek too, stays out of the way!
    Very standard trashcan, but that's just what I was looking for. It fits traditional trash bags for an easy to clean, easy to maintain garbage experience. If you ever want to throw anything, I recommend doing it in here!
    Bought two of these for each of our bathrooms and they work great with the Continental 7325BK Wall Hugger Black Lid. Holds a lot and stands well in the corner.
    Perfect size for our lobby bus cart! It hanged right in the side easy to clean and even looks good. Good quality and actually holds a lot of garbage!
    We needed a large trash can for my cake business, but one that was still "compact" so that it didn't take up floor space in my small space! This works perfectly. It sits just under the ledge of the table and/or just under the drainboard of the sink. Couldn't ask for a better fit, and the dark color doesn't show scuffs so bad!
    This is the perfect size to fit in our kitchen and behind counter due to its slim size. They're extremely durable and much cheaper than another brand that I have bought. Very happy with it.
    Can't say this is a favorite as the edges broke loose from being pulled to the back full of trash. With the Rubbermaid it was the bottoms that wore out first. So either don't fill them so full, or dump them often, because they aren't going to hold up if you are use to the Rubbermaid standard. Will go back to the Rubbermaid which lasted for years before wearing out, these didn't make it much more than one year and here I am again.
    Thank you for your review, Tamara! We are very sorry to hear that you are not pleased with the trash can you purchased. For a more durable Rubbermaid alternative, try this Slim Jim Wall Black Wall Hugger Trash Can.
    These compact wall hugger garbage cans are awesome for behind the bar and in the kitchen where space is limited. They clean up well, hold a lot, are durable and have not cracked through two seasons of use.
    This trash can works great on our BBQ Concession Trailer. It's slim enough to tuck away in small corners or between tables. They also hold a lot of trash without being big and bulky.
    Works as designed and fits in small spaces where you need to have a trash receptacle. We have it on our rear line and it looks good to our guests and allows us to wipe food off our work tables right into the trash receptacle. Excellent price.
    These trash cans work great in our kitchen! They don't take up much square footage and fit in narrow openings. The other great thing is that they are made in America!
    This trash can is very durable and definitely is stronger than other trash can brands. Its amazing the amount of trash you can fit into them.
    great trash can for the price. Bought this specifically to fit in my food trailer due to limited space. They hold up great and are very durable.
    this is a thick heavy duty trash can. We use this everyday on our food truck. This gets beet up and banged around and no cracks or chips. I would highly recomend.
    Awesome garbage cans! Anything to save space in a small kitchen. Holds alot more than it looks PLUS it's super easy to clean. Fits in a small mop basin & after being hosed down inside & out, stays clean. Love, love, love! My suggestion: buy in bulk.
    I loved the slim shape of this trash can. We had the large round ones in the kitchen, and they took up a lot of room at the end of our counters. This one holds just as much, but in a lot less space.
    Great utility trash cans for the kitchen. They take up very little space, tuck into unused spaces well, and are durable. Have used these for almost 3 years and still seem brand new.
    liked this right away, good size trash can and its slim style fits most places out of the way in kitcen and it has a place to help keep bag tighter on!!!
    Yes, it is just a trash can. But not all trash cans are created equal, and for the price, these are unbeatable. Once we expand our business, we'll order more of these, guaranteed.
    Very sturdy trash can. I only had to replace 1 out of 5 of these we had for over a year. They clean up nicely and fit everywhere
    This trash can is the only trash can we use in our bakery. It fits easily at the ends of work tables and is just the right height to slide under a standard stainless work table. It holds a lot of trash. Great for the price, very durable.
    three years and going strong. we use for a small cafe and the thick rubber trash can is sturdy. we clean it once a week.
    Just exactly what you'd expect. Easy to clean, sturdy. The slim profile keeps them out of the way in high traffic areas. All around good trash can.
    Even with shipping the price of these trash cans was cheaper than our local restaurant store...i like that they have a variety of colors as well.
    Standard slim and durable garbage bucket for tight space. Tall enough to amass enough refuse for a daily change. Can stack several on top to also minimize space during cleaning.
    Super sleek wall hugger trash can. We purchased along with the swing lid & the unit looks great & serves it's purpose perfectly. Excellet price too!
    What a great asset to mobile operations. This Continental slim profile trash can holds a lot and is very convenient to place around the food preparation area. I have found using lawn and/or contractor garbage bags approximately 30 gallons in capacity utilize all the space, but do not jam when removing. Very pleased!
    The standard slim jim. Great for tight fitting spots in the kitchen. Best price out there for these. A most for every kitchen out there.
    Again, another wonderful value from Webstaurant. I searched everywhere for a good price on these but they were pretty expensive. Found another great deal here.
    No complaints with this trash cans at all (or the matching lid). They are pretty durable, made from a heavy, molded plastic, and the cincher (along with the lid) really helps to keep bags in place. The capacity of the trash can is good too, so changes aren't overly frequent. Highly recommended.
    This is a good quality wall hugger trash can, that fits perfectly in tight spaces. It comes in different colors. You can't beat the value at this price.
    These trash cans are used on our bar and are way better than the trash cans we had previous. My bartenders like to drag the trash cans through the kitchen outside across the parking lot and tear the bottoms up on our trash cans and these have withstood a few months already much better than the other ones we had.
    Good alternative to a more expensive brand. We have had this unit for a while and it still looks great. I like the black versus gray for the long term look.
    Best price by far on the web for these 23 gallon wall hugger trash cans! Nice design is supportive yet attractive!! Fits at the end of a cooking line with ease!!!
    The price on these cans was the best I could find anywhere! I used them in a former life, and wanted them for my Cafe. The fit under the drain board of my 3 comp sink, out of the way.
    We use this can for our bar area mainly for bottles and recyclyables it's strong and very dourable. would recomend to anyone needing a good solid trash can!
    good garabe can. its small enough to stay out of the way and keep a low profile yet big enough to hold all refuse from a shift.

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