Plastic Flatware Cylinder

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Organize your flatware with this white polyethylene cylinder! Sturdy enough to stand on its own, this cylinder is perfect for organizing flatware at restaurants and catered events. Knives, spoons, and forks will all fit into this cylinder without slipping through the holes, so you don't have to worry about losing any flatware. Conveniently place this cylinder at the beginning of a buffet line or display it on a table for guests to select their own disposable or reusable utensils.

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Plastic Flatware Cylinder

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    These Plastic Flatware Cylinders are perfect for storing and transporting flatware. The cylinders have ventilation holes to allow for additional drying of utensils and small single serve ladles.

    from All Day Salads Posted on

    These cylinders work great and we have a few of them to use for various silverware. We've been using them for a long time and they always do the job!

    from Cookie Counter Posted on

    Gets the job done at a great price. We have broken a few but at this price we weren't too worried about breaking a few.

    from Younglife Saranac Village Posted on

    This durable flatware cylinder can be used at home or in a commercial kitchen . The container easily holds flatware without tipping over and the design allows flatware to air dry .

    Posted on

    These are decent. If you have something a little too long, do not bother putting it in here, it will tip over. But, if you are using it to sit inside something, you don’t need to worry about that. I only wish there werent as many holes, that way forks would not be an issue.

    from Rainbow Juices Posted on

    This plastic flatware cylinder is great for a small amount of flatware that may need to be washed. These cylinders also work great for storage, while silverware isn't being used we will store it in here.

    from Crazy Crepe Posted on

    These plastic utensil holders fit perfectly in both a dish rack and a cafeteria style holding bin. They are durable and clean looking. We’ve never had an issue and they get the job done. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    Love using this cylinder when I'm hand washing dishes. I put all my clean silverware into this cylinder to dry, and the holes on the bottom of it allow excess water to drain right out.

    Posted on

    Great storage solution for clean or dirty silverware

    This is a high-quality plastic flatware holder. We use it on our bus cart to separate dirty flatware from dirty dishes prior to dishwashing. It's easy to clean along with the flatware.

    from Amateur Coffee Posted on

    This is the Flatware Cylinder next to our 20" x 15" bus tubs on our Choice bus cart. They all work nicely together, and make it easier for us to separate silverware and dishes prior to dishwashing.

    A very good perforated plastic cylinder, this hold flatware and can be easily used for draining excess rinse water. It is deep enough and has a holding lip.

    Posted on

    This flatware cylinder drains helping to remove dish detergent.

    I absolutely love this flatware cylinder. The holes on the sides will promote airflow through the silverware and not allow any mold to grow. Great product at a great price!

    Posted on

    Cylinder in use.

    These flatware cylinders are cheap but help so much with keeping the flatware organized during washing and drying. Fits in the rack compartment easily. Great buy!

    from CMV Posted on

    Fits nicely in the flatware rack

    This plastic white flatware cylinder is pretty strong plastic. It has holes all throughout even underneath for easy draining. This cylinder and sit up alone on counter or sit in a cylinder holder.

    Posted on


    Organizing flatware while doing dishes makes sorting flatware after dishes are done much easier. These plastic flatware cylinders will hold all types of forks, spoons, and other miscellaneous items you may own. The plastic flatware holder features holes to allow air to pass through speeding up the drying time.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Flatware cylinders make it very easy to sort your flatware.

    There’s plastic flatware cylinder is great it’s got plenty a holes for great drainage or use it to dry off my flower very strong plastic to

    from REGARDLESS Posted on


    These are good to have when doing cleaning silverware, but if you don't have a holder for them the tip over easily. But they work well to sort and separate flatware for drying.

    from Stacked Posted on

    flatware holder with and without flatware

    Great silverware holder! Inexpensive way to keep silverware organized, sanitary, and dry. We currently use them freestanding, but looking at a cylinder holder in the future.

    from Pope's Pub Posted on

    Great silverware holder!

    We were own to only 7 for our Senior Center congregate lunch. Hard to keep filled with clean when need to use when sanitizing dirty silverware.

    from Klamath Basin Senior Center Posted on

    I was really impressed with the quality of this plastic silverware cylinder holder it's made pretty good I had a really nice large holes to let air blow through

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Holds a good bit of silverware

    I own a bakery and have a few colors in this silverware container. We use it for our plastic forks for craft shows and vendor shows we do. Works great!

    from Créme. By Sarah Ashley, Inc. Posted on

    This cylinder adds a clean professionalism for when you're out at catering gigs and food vending. Customers will take notice how you house straws, forks and knives

    Posted on

    This plastic flatware cylinder is perfect for storing utensils. I always have it out when I'm having a party and it also has small holes so even wet flatware can be put in and it will dry

    Posted on

    Great product

    Great hard plastic holder thick plastic piece that seems that it will last a long time. Absolutely worth the price cheap enough to order extras

    from CRAFT IT Posted on

    Great for paint brushes

    We use this white plastic flatware cylinder as a caddy for flatware and knives and other utensils to wash in the dishwasher. We use it everyday and so far so good. It holds the utensils really well. And the price is amazing.

    Posted on

    Great flatware container

    I purchased the Plastic Flatware Cylinder for home use. The quality is really good and so is the price! I am using it for silverware that has been hand dried but not completely dry. Great item!

    Posted on

    Looks good, great product, great price. Haven't use yet, but quality is exceptional. Great product description to buy online. Easy to clean and handle. Good for cold and hot foods

    from Pincho Loco Posted on

    Great for use with cady and storage. We have extra ones for change out and you can also use them in the dishwasher for small items that you don't want blown out of the dish rack.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    This container can be used for pretty much anything and everything! We use it for stowing utensils and straws. It's got holes for draining water. Great price.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    2 Thumbs! Very Strong and Functional!

    This is a pretty standard flatware cylinder and matches other ones that we previously had. These are sturdy and durable. Unless we lose them, they will hold up for a long time.

    from ShuBrew Posted on

    This is probably more suited for restaurants, but I like keeping one of these in my kitchen for all of my mismatched flatware. Super easy to clean.

    Posted on

    The container is a good size and has the holes in it to help with draining. i would recommend rinsing off the silverware before putting it in it and cleaning as not all the time does the water get completely in.

    Posted on

    Is a good product, helps to organize kitchen utensils like spoons, knives, forks and drain once these utensils are washed and helps to dry faster and easier

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    We use this to keep utilses and spatulas and wooden spoons together all in one place. Strains out any water after washing and keeps our things organized.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Fits well to use in our smaller glass washer. Good to use to organize our clean silverware while they are drying in the racks. Thanks

    from Uncolor Wine Bar andd Gallery Posted on

    Great Plastic Flatware Cylinder for a very economical price! These are perfect for air-drying utensils and flatware after washing. Super lightweight and durable, easily washable. Since they are lightweight, just make sure when filling with utensils to try, to disperse them evenly, or else will tip over.

    Posted on

    I got these plastic flatware cylinder to hold and dry the spoons. They are perfect and sturdy. they are easy to clean too. Great deal for a great product.

    from baked Kakes Posted on

    We bought these to put by our sink to air dry our flatware. They are a convenient size and the holes in them make it easy for air to get through to our flatware.

    from Open Range Coffee & Cafe LLC Posted on

    These are used to both wash our silverware and to store it in next to the milkshake machine and soup kettles. I recommend buying these in bulk.

    from Ellen Renees LLC Posted on

    Perfect from washing/rinsing right to the flat wear cylinder holder purchased from Webstaurant. Looks professional and can stand on its own pretty well. I like the drain holes for easy cleaning.

    Posted on

    We use these flatware cylinders to hold both our flatware and also our cooking utensils in order to keep them easily accessible. The cylinder is made of a durable and thick plastic and looks good as well.

    from Home Use Posted on

    Having a larger than normal family, I needed an easy flatware container for our dishwasher. These cylinder baskets work well and hold a lot of flatware and they stand up to a lot of use.

    from Fenmore Hills Hotel Posted on

    We actually use this on our drying rack to hold flatware until it dries. Works great for this purpose. We will be buying more of these when the need arises.

    from Deliciously Dipped Posted on

    Simple plastic flatware holders. Performs as advertised. With all the holes it makes washing and drying our flatware easy. We just saw they offer in different colors

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    These are always great to have around to store extra flatware, steak knives, etc. We keep a holder with 4 of these containing spoons on our soup buffet.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    These were perfect for standard sized silverware. It allowed them to dry without being contaminated again with a cloth or hands. , it fit nicely with the holder.

    from Youth With A Mission Posted on

    This does exactly what is says. Good product for the money. The product is durable and easy to wash. It holds a good amount of flatware.

    from Pick Your Chefs Posted on

    This is exactly what you think it is. Works great for drying silverware. Only issue is it can get a little top heavy if you've got longer utensils in there.

    from Boulder Creek Coffee Posted on

    We have a few of these units. They are easy to clean. There are stainless options, but we thought these would do the trick. So far so good.

    from Secret spot Posted on

    The plastic flatware baskets of our home dishwasher kept breaking from sharp knives being placed into them. Did not know what to do. Then I ordered one of these to try, and loved it so much that we ordered more! They are way more durable (and economical) than the flatware baskets that came with our dishwasher. They are made for commercial use, but can easily be used at home, too. These rock!

    Posted on

    Needed a container to keep clean silverware organized and dry. We use these in front of the house with a holder to keep it simple.

    Posted on

    There are a number of uses we can think of for this Plastic Flatware Cylinder. Organizing pens, small utensils, and of course, flatware. Nice quality and a great deal.

    Posted on

    This flatware cylinder makes washing silverware so much easier. Plus it is good for drying, helping keep water spot down to a minimum. These are also affordable and will get ordered again when we need new ones.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    These are your classic silverware cylinders used to sort, wash, and store silverware. They are very affordable and do not wear. I prefer them over the stainless ones.

    Posted on

    These do the job but they do discolor over time. Mine ended up getting some yellow tint on the bottom of them but for the price you can't beat it.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    We have three of these that we use for our clean silverware. The quality is good and they are the perfect size to hold several pieces.

    from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe Posted on

    Durable plastic, very thick, there are holes at the bottom of the cylinder as well, easy to clean and remove from holder, straws may go thur but not utensils.

    from Latin Chicks Posted on

    These "cones" have many uses in the restaurant industry. They are extremely durable which makes them a must-have for any restaurant going through a large volume of flatware. We purchased them for our church festival, to facilitate a quick replenishment of plasticware during busy meal times.

    from St. Mary Magdalene Byzantine Catholic Church Posted on

    We purchased couple of the plastic flatware cylinder and they have been a good investment. We use one to organize silverwares, and one for the hot dog tongue. Great for the price.

    Posted on

    These flatware cylinders (which we always called stericils for some reason) are much more durable than the ones they replaced. We have used them for over a year and no knives have cut through the bottoms yet which is what usually happens. I'm happy and think they were worth the money.

    Posted on

    Can you really go wrong with something like this? Good quality, dishwasher safe, holds a ton of spoons or forks. These are great for keeping silverware organized, and are heavy enough to still stand when most of the silverware are taken out. Overall, very good product.

    Posted on

    dishwasher safe keeps silverware sorted without breakage, great price point. have one ineach bus tub, simply sort and wash in dishwasher. cuts down on mistakingly throwwing out silverware

    from Cafe Marty Posted on

    I bought several of these to keep my flatware organized. They are very well made of hard plastic, not flimsy. They are dishwasher safe. Large enough to hold alot of flatware.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    The plastic flatware cylinders are great for our café. We use them to keep our spoons, forks and knives separate. We have purchased several, we also keep our plastic flatware in one.

    These work very well to hold plastic spoons, forks, knives and even straws. We have purchased extra ones so we could keep a few filled with more spoons so when we're busy and run out of spoons, we just grab another container-full.

    from Windmill Chill, LLC Posted on

    These are sturdy and hard plastic. They easily fit into the stainless steal holder. They are dishwasher safe and help to keep the utensils organized in the dishwasher.

    from Johnson & Wales Univesity Posted on

    These fit in a bigger unit that we purchased. we loved the unit and these cylinders were great. Get a few extra as backups for a speedy refill of yor unit.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    Nice flatware holders. They have stood up so far, and are much cheaper than stainless ones. They get the job done and my dishwashers like them.

    from Italian Grill Posted on

    Great sturdy plastic flatware cylinders. They fit perfectly in our stainless steal holder. You can easily fit lots of cutlery. Best price in town !!!

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    These quality plastic flatware cylinders drain great. They work great to presort the flatware in our restaurant which saves tons of time when restocking the line.

    Posted on

    Pretty decent and cheap silverware holder. I like having the plastic because they are easy to throw right in the dishwasher and then let the silverwear dry out in them after. After prolonged use they start to get worn out. But for this price you can't complain!

    Posted on

    I love the economy of having several of these around to keep my silverware close by. With my silverware in these cylinders inside a holder, they can move easily with me wherever I need them. And they can hold the wet ones for easy drying.

    from Peddlers Choice Posted on

    i like these plastic flatware cylinder because water does not stay inside. sometimes if your not careful enough, it gets moldy when you don't clean it. this is just what i need.

    Posted on

    These plastic flatware holders are good for washing flatware! Place dirty flatware in them and wash in dishwasher!! The material makes for easy removal straight from dishwasher, unlike the metal ones that are too hot directly from the dishwasher!

    Posted on

    These are so useful. They hold up through multiple washings, they are sturdy and don't easily fall over and they are cheap on this website.

    from Irvin's On main Posted on

    I've used these flatware cylinders for many things. Their unique design allow for drainage so flatware dries nicely. Sturdy stainless steel and very durable for restaurant use.

    from Grilled Posted on

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