Clear Plastic Sugar Caddy

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Keep your tabletops tidy with this clear rectangular sugar caddy! This sugar caddy is a classic sugar caddy with a traditional rectangular shape and versatile clear construction. Side cutouts make it easy for customers to pull out the desired sugar or sweetener packet, while smooth, rounded edges give it an inviting appearance. These rounded corners also promote safety, minimizing sharp edges, and they ensure easy cleaning without harsh 90 degree corners. At the same time, a sturdy plastic construction makes it very resistant to damage while promoting cleanability.

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Clear Plastic Sugar Caddy

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sugar caddy clear packets Great plastic caddies nice Perfect hold
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I use these for everything but Sugar. My favorite use for the clear one is to put the little individual packets of the kleenwipes at each table in the Dining Area. Parents appreciate that they are readily accessible.

from Foxy Brown on

Good sugar caddy for any cafe and they can even hold coffee creamer. I love this item, but the only problem is that it slides around a bit too much. Some rubber feet would be nice. ??

from silvernail on

Clear Plastic Sugar Caddy. I have never ordered clear sugar caddy before but I actually really like this look in my restaurant. Look sleek and clean

from Sailer's Food Trailer on

This sugar caddy is a perfect size to store my sugar packets in. It's a perfect size for restaurant or home use. I would highly recommend anyone to try it out.


Needed more for the tables instead of a bowl to hold creamer, and safer or sugar substitutes. Works really well and easy removal from tables when not needed. Thanks

from Meals on Wheels on

This can be use for sugar packets and salt packs you can also use it to store candy in to

from Meals on wheels on

I bought these caddy’s to go with my breakfast set up for clients at our Bed & Breakfast, great product does what it says and I love the clear plastic. Durable and sturdy.


This is a great sugar caddy for your restaurant tables. We chose the clear plastic so customers could see the sugar packets inside. It’s made of thick plastic so it should hold up nicely.


What a terrific value! We purchased these for our restaurant and it has paid off. They have a clear clean look. Easy to wash if needed and the heavyweight plastic does not seem to break. A true value!!

from Cucina lamantia on

It's perfect for what I needed it for. The size is just right, the color and everything. It's sturdy if you don't drop it on a hard surface.


Great clear plastic sugar caddy very compact and super cute. Strong enough to hold up to any drops and will not get ruin in case of a spill


I bought this container to use on my coffee counter to hold sugar and sweetener packets. It was cheap and is good quality. I recommend this product.


Transparent caddy for spices. I bought several of these for a large feast, so that all the guests have enough and it is convenient to take sugar, pepper or smth like that.


These are super durable and practically unbreakable. Perfect size for the table, don't take up much room at all. Easy clean and dishwasher safe. Fast delivery I Will order more.


Bought these for a school PTA event. Worked perfectly to put sugars, Sweet & Low, and other carcinogenic in. Great little addition to our coffee stations on the go!


A nice stylish caddy that would accentuate almost any table. Massive place for like 15-20 packs of sugar and still everything is clean all around.


Very original box for salt and sugar. Transparent and beautiful. Odorless and defect free. For the kitchen and the celebrations that you need. I recommend to buy this product


These sugar caddys are great for holding various things, especially their main design. It's easier to see contents of items inside with a clear look.

from Punky Dines LLC on

We have these plastic sugar caddies on all of our inside tables, outside tables, and bar seats. The fact that they are clear allows us to match them to any other supplies we may be using.

from The Florida Club on


from mack's ice cream by wendy on

I Bought one of these to see if they could hold alcohol prep pads, and they fit perfectly! Even though its listed as a "sugar" caddy, they can easily be used to hold things such as the prep pads, sanitize wipes, moist towelettes, etc. Multipurpose and super cheap, you cant go wrong with these!


Excelent product the perfect for your service, great plastic construction, perfect fit for 20 sugars, great shape, the clear one look good in the table.

from Equipos y Mas Mexico on

this clear plastic sugar caddy is a handy little box for storing your sugar and creamer packets. nice economical product here available in various colors.


The caddies are inexpensive, attractive, and well made. The clear color looks nice, and they hold a fair number of of Splenda packets. They are a greast value, especially since I expect it to last for years. My one issue is that it is an odd width that is neither wide enough for 2 packets, not narrow enough to keep them tidy. The result is that the packets are a bit messy and chaotic looking in the caddy.

from Http:// on

This clear plastic sugar caddy is perfect for any restaurant or café. Holds coffee creamer and sugar packets or can be used to store just about any small objects from paperclips to thumb tacks.


We just use these for little storage bins around the restaurant and they are great. They can crack pretty badly if dropped but most of them are still fine.

from Cactus House Midtown on

Great caddy for the price. We keep several of these on-hand for catered events. If the host rents drink dispensers or coffee urns we normally add a few of these to the order at not charge.

from Elegance on

I think these sugar caddies are great; however, I don't use them for sugar. I use one for salt and pepper packets, one for hot sauce packets and one for lemon juice packets. They are a perfect size for these.

from Mom's Bakery on

We just love these clear sugar/creamer caddies. Nice thick plastic holds up nicely to repeated use and is easy to wipe clean. Priced nicely too!

from Phil's place on

Great sugar caddy in dark brown that’s very durable and looks nice. Holds at least 20 sugar packets. Great buy for your money. I highly reccomend


To keep all my sweeteners all together and ready to use, this caddy is the best. Because it is clear, I can easily identify what I need.


This sugar caddy is clear and can't hold up to twenty sugar packets. We suggest using organic raw cane sugar however this caddy can be filled with regular sugar, sweet and low, or Stevia. The caddy is very inexpensive and easy to clean. It is made of a durable plastic.

from Dig & Serve on

This sugar caddy is perfect for your customers or guests. It has nice smooth edges and is easy to clean if sugar spills inside. It holds about 25 packets or so


I was looking for a holder for my sweeteners. I figured I'd give this one a try since it wasn't too expensive. Actually, I am impressed by the shininess and overall look of the product. Sometimes I feel like acrylic has a cloudy look or develops that cloudy look. I've had the product for several months and am super pleased with it. It's perfect because it serves its purpose and looks good (and is well priced!).


While the black sugar caddies look classier and a little more modern, I like the visibility that the clear alternatives provide. You can see exactly what you're getting.

from Bb on

I like the clear design of these sugar caddies. It makes it easier to distinguish between different brands when they're packed tightly together. Love it.


The Clear Plastic Sugar Caddy is perfect for my condiments. It doesn't take up much room on my counter top so I can leave it out which is very convenient. The quality is pretty good for the low price and I would definitely purchase another caddy if needed.


Glad I bought this sugar caddy. I buy my sugar packets in bulk and it's nice to have this caddy to keep some out on the counter in an orderly fashion.


These sugar caddies are great and very affordable. Are the the nicest looking or most aesthetically pleasing? No, but they hold a lot of sugar packets and you can't beat the price.


These came prepackaged so they did not scratch which was nice and can be used for many things. I using for table settings for a wedding.


This sugar caddy does the job. The clear plastic doesn't look as good as the black plastic but it works. It holds quite a bit of sugar and is pretty thick.


Customers love being able to see what's in a container without having to go out of their way to figure out what's in everything, they can just glance over and see if what they're looking for is in that container

from Mocha Choca Latte on

I love this clear sugar packet holder for my Stevia packets. The clear is such a beautiful and classy color and goes with everything. Great quality!

from La Vie En Roshy on

The clear version of this caddy looks more plastic than the other colored versions do. Still a nice product however built very well you would have a very hard time breaking this.


I have had these caddies for over a year and they are good as new the quality is exceptional and will give you years of use.

from jobabyllc on

Love these for our cafe.. Such a great price and pretty indestructible. We use them for sugar and one for toothpicks. Highly recommend these cute caddies.


Purchased the clear sugar caddy for home use. I was surprised how many sugar packets could fit in this small caddy and it's made of a very strong plastic.


My favorite of the sugar caddy's webstaurant sells. I think it looks very nice, and is made out of a strong material that should last for a long time.


The square plastic sugar daddy is really nice I decided I'm going to use it to hold toothpicks and stuff it looks nice on my table I got one with sugar and one with toothpicks

from N/A on

These are indestructible. Bought our first one over two years ago. They've been dropped, smashed, etc and not a scratch to be seen. And they're dirt cheap. What a value!

from Rise Bakery on

We use clear plastic caddies for non sugar sweeteners. People can easily see that that is the item that is in there, allowing those who eat a low sugar diet to easily grab this product.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

Basic and inexpensive these sugar caddies fit the bill. Easy to move not heavy like my previous glass ones which always seemed to get broke.

from Kern Valley Farm on

simple easy and does what it should..stacks your sugars in a a nice clear plastic caddy display. was very fair price and was shipped fast.

from Russ' Sub Shack on

Simple sugar caddy great for storing sugar packets. We enjoy ours and even use some in our break room to keep things organized you could uses these for business or home.


This clear little caddy is perfect for small coffee areas in the break room and kitchen area. Allows you a quick view as to what is in it and if it needs to be restocked.

from U-Stor Midstates Management on

The12 pack of clear sugar caddies works great. Buying this in bulk really saved the cafe a lot of money. Shipping was faster than we expected and we will be purchasing additional colors of black and white in the future. Thanks for a great deal and a great purchase experience.


Purchased this sugar packet caddy for home use instead of having them all disorganized in a canister on my counter. Very nice quality and excellent price.


I prefer this clear caddy rather than the solid ones because then customers can see the full packets and recognize what is what much easier. I have several of these in my restaurant and they are very durable!


This is a good table piece for the money. The clear option makes the item appear to be a little higher quality vs. the others options.

from City of Lindsborg-Sundstrom on

Excellent addition to any dining room table. It has the classy appearance. The caddy is made from good material. they have been dropped but still is ticking without any cracks or chips.

from The Waves Restaurant on

These are a great replacement to our current sugar caddies. We really needed something new to dress up our tables a bit. So nice to find this product.

from Rick's Diner & Catering on

these are very nice sugar caddies. they hold quote a few sugar packets. looks really good on the table. they are very easy to clean.


I bought these sugar caddies for a private party that I catered with 16 tables and approximately 100 guests. They were just as pictured clear color, good solid plastic material and they looked very professional on the white tablecloths we used. I was very impressed with the quality.

from Private caterer on

This little caddies hold several packs of sugar or sweetener. They are not big and in the way, they are just right for the table.


This is exactly what youd expect it to be. The best part is how cheap they are! Very durable and sure to last a long time!!!


Theres not much to say about this prodcut except they are very versitile and used by many types of restaurants. You won't find them at a cheaper price.


Great item for the money. We use these on all of our tables and they are durable and do not feel or look too cheap.

from Shamrocks Pub n Grill on

these sugar caddies are in right shape for us to put on our tables. they look nice and strong enough for restaurant usage. not easy to break.


I ordered a few of these as they were reasonably priced. The intent was to provide the raw sugar packets and splenda packets in these but we thought they were just 'too commercialized' for use at our B&B so we're saving them for another use.

from Brick House Bed & Breakfast on

Nice qualtiy. They do get a little discolored but an nice wash will keep them looking new. We bought a lot of them and still have them.

from AMAYA LLC on

We picked up the Clear and Black Plastic Sugar Caddys for our sweetener packets and tea bags, which all fit nicely, not too snug. The caddys have little bumps on the bottom to stand off the table a bit. However they do not stack well! They should have designed the bumps on the bottom of the caddys to help with stacking. Too bad. But still useful and reasonably priced.


Great caddy for sugar and such, great price and another great find at the webstaurant store with great prices and great products. Would reccommend to anyone

from Zeppe's Pizzeria on

for the price they're great, we use them for sugar and sweet-n-low on each of the tables, else where they're more expensive, but the quality isn't, so i'll buy here

from rosies on

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