12" Barbecue Brush Mop

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This old-fashioned barbecue brush mop is perfect for slathering sauce on your most delicious dinner entrees in unique fashion. In addition to being used on barbecue, this 12'' hand-held mop can also butter rolls and garnish other side dishes.

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12" Barbecue Brush Mop

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    Amazing product, the best bursh to put on those ribs you love your BBQ Sauce, amazing item, it look better than in pictures. we love it!!
    A great style barbecue brush mop and great for putting sauce on our ribs. Love the great price and really does well holding the sauce.
    This is similar to a mop which makes it great for basing grill foods. The wool like hair do not drip the sauce and applies it smoothly on the food. Compare to ordinary basing brushes this will not leave hair behind and it is the best.
    Decent product - don't be afraid to trim those strings. If you don't, you may waste sauce or eat strings. Good mop for the price, just needs a tweaking.
    I've been using this brush mop to put buffalo sauce on grilled chicken breasts. Such an easy way to apply sauce – this is an essential accessory for any grill.
    Love these mops! They are great for mopping down those cuts of barbeque meats. Hold enough of sauce to coat many pieces of meat at one time.
    A really nice 12" barbecue brush mop that is great at basting your sauce and marinade on your meats. The mop works well at soaking up the marinade and evenly distributes it on the meat. A great tool to have.
    The 12" Barbecue Brush Mop allows you to apply a lot of barbecue sauce and it spreads easily. It is inexpensive but it works better than expected. I would purchase it again.
    When cooking on the barbecue it is important to keep your meats moist. This 12" brush mob makes it easy to apply sauces and marinade to your meats while they are grilling. We have found with cleaning this multiple times that the strings can become lose. We recommend handwashing this item to give it a longest life possible.
    Completely satisfied with this product and have no regrets about the purchase of this brush mop for BBQ in addition to this, it also makes for a good butter sauce spreader.. Dual purpose items are always a great thing to have in the kitchen 
    these may be inexpensive but they're really well put together and their simple design makes them work perfectly for lots of different sauces, not just bbq. the handles are very sturdy and the mop head portion is really nice quality as well. just an all around solid product.
    This is a really great 12 inch long barbecue brush Mark I really like the nice smooth wooden handle and those cotton mop or sold work great for absorbing the barbecue sauce to mop on the ribs
    These a great BBQ mops! They are also great for buttering, basting, and oiling the grill. I keep extras to give away when people ask about them at home when I bbq. Most people don't use them. Will be ordering more.
    I use this brush for 2 reasons one is when iam doing barbeque its very easy to put the sauce on the meat and then when I need to oil my pans
    My experience with this twelve inch barbeque brush mop has been very pleasant. I was surprised at the versatility of this unique tool and it continues to look brand new after many washes. I have used it as a BBQ brush but also any easy way to clean my delicate cooking tools. I would recommend them. I would like to see additional bristle length sizes.
    lovely product, the 12" barbeque brush mop, very soft and sauces actually cling nicely to it, also very easy to rinse out even if you accidentally forgot and rinse clumps, they easily come out and don't stain!!
    I purchased this BBQ brush mop for my Brisket and Ribs this summer the price just could not be beat. Love you guys and will purchase more products from Webstaurant in the future.
    This is a great bbq mop. Used it last weekend making some ribs and used this to apply my mop sauce every 45 minutes. It held up well and I tossed it into the dishwasher when I was done. No complaints at all.
    If you do a lot of BBQ's this is the mop to have they hold plenty of sauce at one time and these mop work so much better than the brushes ,,highly recommended
    this product was shipped fast and quality was as expected. We used it to bast a whole pig as it was smoked. i suggest a one time use of this item.
    What more can one say about this 12" BBQ brush, it packs a wallop of sauce every time you dip it in. A must for anyone serious about BBQ.
    Great tool for barbecuing. We use these quite often and have not had any issues with the brush fibers getting loose. Really good price as well.
    We love this brush mop for brushing meat on the grill. It soaks up the sauces perfectly and easily mops onto the meat. Easy to clean.
    Love it. I use this for grilling and for melted butter for pastries. I will definitely order this again and again if i ever need to. I must recommend this.
    We do large amounts of chicken bbq on the weekends and this brush mop is perfect for making sure the chicken does not dry out on the grill. Great buy!
    The 12" Barbecue brush mop is a very simple and basic design. The cotton brush is the perfect length for adding sauce to meat or butter to dinner rolls.
    This barbecue brush mop is so cheap, yet it works so well. I don't do barbecue often, but I like to be prepared when I do. It's very effective. Worth buying.
    I purchased the 12" barbecue brush mop. It is made with a nice cotton brush that absorbs all the liquid and transfers smoothly to the meat.
    I think these will work ok if I can ever get all the loose fibers washed out of them. I've washed and dried them 6 times and everytime I pick one up, loose fibers fall out.
    this is a great item also a must have for b.b.q. its strong and gets the job done. and at this price you really cant go wrong. Especially good for our ribs which need a nice coating of sauce.
    I use these at work and just knew I needed one for home. We BBQ at least once a week. Ribs, steak, chicken, pork, etc. I have used it for marinades and sauces and it spreads evenly over all types of meat.
    Great barbecue brush mops. They stand up well to many washes. The stains will come out with soap and a little bleach water. Would recommend.
    I recommend after you finish using the 12" Barbecue Brush Mop you should wash it right away so the liquid does not get hard on the brush. It is not recommended to put in dishwasher but to hand wash. Make sure you dry off the wood with towel when done washing. Good product.
    I bought a dozen of these brush mops to give as gifts as part of a barbecue gift set - everyone loved them! Some initial shedding but to be expected - just wash and rinse before first use.
    This is a nice barbecue brush mop. Overall, it is just your basic utensil, with a wooden handle. Great deal for the price, however, and due to this, I would recommend.
    Nice thick bristles on this mop, and the length prevents you from singeing the hairs of your forearm. Be sure to clean it promptly, or risk having your sauce become a permanent part of the mop.
    We just got these in this week for use on our smoker. They look to be of good quality with a good length to reach in the back without endangering my hands.
    Simple tool that is just what I needed for my home smoking and barbecuing. Helps slather sauces on meats or just coat them with simply apple juice. Holds liquids much better than other brushes I had already.
    For our chinese spare ribs we always brush it with the hoisin glaze before we bbq it. The brush holds a lot of sauce or glaze
    Never thought I would purchase BBQ Mop, but it really does do the job. It can hold a lot of sauce making it easier & quicker to baste the meats. A little hard to clean if you use chunky sauces though, but we managed. Recommend this BBQ Mop!
    The 12" barbecue brush mop is a great tool for our many chicken bbq dinners we hold throughout the summer. The mop hold ups well over repeated use, wash and general kitchen abuse!! Would highly recommend this to anyone needed one.
    Great for bbq restaurants! We use these to mop our meats and they are great. Especially good for our ribs which need a nice coating of sauce.
    this is a great item also a must have for b.b.q. its strong and gets the job done. and at this price you really cant go wrong.
    Standard wet mop for sauces. I will say that it is well made and sturdy. The pride is good enough to purchase a few with other orders to keep some on hand.
    We bot this item with the intention of using it for buttering toast/bread. We found the quality to be less than desired and haven't been able to use it for that purpose. In a drawer it sits.
    We have been looking everywhere for this, websites, visiting cooking stores I am so glad the search is over. We have used this several times for family bbq's, the clean up is very easy.
    I feel the labeling of this is incomplete. This mop can be used to spread any sauce onto your desired food. Barbecue, a marinade butter, you name it. It is best if you get it wet first and play with it. Otherwise you will get very small strands of the brush into your food., but easily fixable.
    I purchased brush mop for a friend who normally wrap white rags together to base her meat. I told her what my mom used when I was a child and when I saw it I was so excited and purchase.
    This slop mop works like a charm! So glad I bought a few extras, these made great gifts for my friends who aslo love to BBW. Great quality!
    This 12" barbecue brush mop is so cute i did not want to use it at first. It is really great to get the sauce right where you want it. Great Buy!
    Talk about the perfect roast and you cant do it without this neat little tool! Great for lifting and basting juices on a roast in the oven!!!!
    Fun little BBQ brush. Makes dressing our slab of ribs a breeze. Get's all over and layers on a nice even coat. Great product for the price.
    This is one of the best "mops" i've ever used. It gets better and better over time as you wear it in. Works perfectly and is priced perfectly.
    This is a good mop for the money, esp if you buy them by the lot. Works well on most sauces, and best on thinner, vinegar based, "mopping" sauces (the kinds the pros use for competitions).The mop gets better and easier to use with each use, so dont give up on it after just one try.
    This is a nice, sturdy mop. It is quite large, see my attached picture and video to get an idea of the size. the mop itself is about the diameter of a baseball.
    I love this barbecue brush mop, it works as wonder for BBQ. It is long enough to be away from the heat, so your hand won't get burn. The price is very competitive. Will definitely buy more.
    I use the brush mop to apply the sauces for the chicken and the pork ribs. Regular brush usually does not applies the sauce evenly, and once I seen a professional chef use this type of brush on the pork ribs and I decided that this is what I need. This brush mop indeed spreads the sauce much better than the regular brush, especially the viscous type of sauce. Cleaning the mop is simple, just put dishwasher fluid on it and give it a quick "shampoo rub".
    Use these brushes for mopping chicken and ribs for BBQ. The brush is well made and holds up well for extended hours of use. Good value for the money.

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