Choice 13 1/4" x 21" Blue Foodservice Towel - 150/Case

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This foodservice towel from Choice is great for all purpose cleaning! You can wash and reuse this wiper over and over again to help save on your overheads and keep costs low. Rather than purchasing different wipers for all your cleaning needs, this Choice towel is gentle enough to use on multiple surfaces, but tough enough to clean a variety of different spills with ease.

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Choice 13 1/4" x 21" Blue Foodservice Towel - 150/Case

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great Wipers towels wipe cleaning down tables wipes Love wiper
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    We use these every single day, from sanitizing counters and tables to cleaning up spills. They are some of the best towels I have ever used in a food service setting.
    Good cleaning towels for the price. These are durable and work well on the toughest messes. We only buy these towels and it keeps our costs down.
    These work great and you can't beat the price. They're cheap enough to throw away at the end of the job, but high quality enough to get the job done.
    Once I started using these food service wipers on my kitchen appliances, no other cleaning cloths will do. Perfect for aluminum surfaces like your microwave oven or refrigerator. When you wipe the surface using the blue foodservice wiper ,it will leave no streaks or smudges, provided you are using the correct surface cleaners. The cloths last longer than regular paper towels and very absorbent. Highly recommended.
    This Wipers are great..we love using them by the end of the day or whenever we need to clean works really good, and they are also soft!
    Some of our employees love these and others not so much. They are a little rough which allows for a nicer scrub if needed. These are good for their price and that can't be beat.
    Great one-purpose wiper for windows, tables or doing the dishes by hand. Soft and easily laundered for recycled use in our home, washing the car or dusting. Would highly recommend for the double use!
    This food service wiper is useful for working in the kitchen. It s durable and easy to use and works well in a variety of situations. It cleans well on multiple surfaces.
    I thought I got a good deal when i purchased this as its so cheap but I forgot the saying you het what you payed for as this one is threadbare
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These towels are a great alternative to using paper towels. We get 4-5 days out of each towel making it much more economical. Will definat4ely be buying these again
    Nice inbetween product. I like being able to either throw it away or rinse it depending on what sort of cleening I’m doing. Great for wiping down counters, tables, etc.
    We love these! We partner them with the purell sanitizing spray to wipe down counters and food service areas. These re-usable but disposable wipes are so much easier to use and manage than taking rags home to sanitize and wash!
    Those things are workhorses: for example, I use several towels a day for the machine cleaning bucket but for my experiment I tested this product in extreme conditions: I used only one towel all day while maintaining it inside the sanitizer bucket, per the expectation and that wiper did not dissolve, maintained material integrity, did not thin out, .... AMAZING!!!! It gets into any nook and cranny it grabs dirt with less effort than the terry towels (even stuck on candy) .
    We went from the bucket with a rag, to a spray bottle and these wipes. REally love them. They hold up great for a shift and we can toss them along the way if they get to grimy. Really great item. Texture is a little rough so works great on the ranch and marinara spots!
    These wipes are awesome. Very thin easy to ring out and wipe stuff off. And cheap enough can throw away and get new as needed. Health inspector was happy.
    Very nice thick wipes. Very happy with the quality and usability so far. We will likely reorder more when this case has been used. Thanks!
    These wipers are pretty good. They are cheaper and same quality as the other name brand ones. They are reusable and easy to clean. I use it to clean and wipe all items in the restaurant.
    We like to use this product to put under our interlocking bar mats as it helps keep the bar clean and dry near our taps
    These are really nice thick, disposable towels to have around for a variety of uses. We've been mainly using them in our garage, and they're thick enough that each side can be reused a couple of times.
    These wipers are great. They absolutely get the job done. I love cleaning windows with these towels. It is definitely better than regular paper towels.
    These are great wipers and the color is better than standard white rags. They can be reused several times, then thrown out. Good value for the number of wipers included.
    A very durable and disposable wipe. I prefer to not need linen service at this time and am happy this wipe lasts through a entire day and then I can toss it.
    This is a great price for these Blue Foodservice Wipers. I use them at my house to wipe down counter tops and the kitchen table. They work great,
    Excellent product. It is very soft and designed for personal use or business. Recommended 5 star product, will to continue to buy. It is really useful
    I'm very happy with this purchase, a tons of wipers for great price. I use this to wipe out my table in the kitchen, perfect for my needs
    Who needs a linen service? A disposable wipe you can wash and reuse throughout the day. This is a great way to save some money and lose nothing in cleaning power.
    These Lavex foodservice wipers are an economical product for any bar or restaurant. These are a decent wiper for cleaning off tables or counter tops.
    We use this all day and toss at end of day. Used to wipe down counter top, prep tables. This wipe works well and meets our needs.
    These economical blue foodservice wipers are perfect for restaurants or bars. Not quite as thick as the Chicopee brand wipers, but work great for a disposable towel.
    these are great for wiping down tables & can just throw away our insurance company loved the idea of not have a pile of spoiled rags laying around that our a fire hazard. Is cheaper than a cleaning service
    I love these! They look great and work well especially when there's a lot of grease. You can throw them in with the laundry or toss them after a few uses if they're super greasy without being too upset about the expense! These are far better than paper towels and much more economical!
    Love this wiper compared to the others we have tried. They wipe our slicers really well without completely ripping apart and are able to be used for longer than a 1 or 2.
    I was a little hesitant making the switch, but we took a chance and I am not looking back no more! surprisingly great quality at half the price. Im a forever convert now!
    If you are going to use these cloths just for cleaning and wiping there are great. BUT if you are going to leave them in your bleach buckets (like we do), skip this product. The wipes fall apart after 4 hours in the buckets.
    These were a great pirce for the quantity. The work very well, are absorbent. The towels wash and dry very well and do not seem to retain any ordors.
    I like to use these for front of the house clean up. Typically the servers are just wiping things down with a sanitizer bucket. These are a good way at cutting down on your linen costs.
    Cloths last long and wash well. The price for these compared to the Fresh Guys that we used to use is much better and they do the same job.
    These wipes were a bonus on my order and I'm so glad I chose them! They are lightweight and wash really well so they can be reused.
    We really like these wipers for cleaning tables in our restaurant's dining room. The price is attractive and they compare favorably with more expensive brands.
    These are great for cleaning up at the end of a busy night! Cut down on linen costs by reusing these little towels. They are lightweight but clean up a lot!

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