Southern Champion 11209 8" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

Item #: 2458CCCC

Provide a stable foundation for your cake and easily insert it in a box with this Southern Champion 11209 8" corrugated grease proof white cake circle. Made of corrugated cardboard, this durable circle supports and carries even the heaviest and most cumbersome cakes. Thanks to a waxed top, this circle does not show grease stains nor allows grease to seep into the cardboard. So no need to modify your moist cake recipe or refrain from using your signature sweet buttercream icing, this circle can handle it! With this circle, your cake continues to showcase its immaculate appearance and decoration from the first piece, through the last.

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Southern Champion 11209 8" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

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cake cakes boards great circles grease perfect proof love price
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    8" greaseproof cake circles are perfect for use in tiered cakes or to display a small smash cake. These boards hold up well to moisture and do not bend easily.

    from Elite Sweets Posted on

    These 8" boards are so nice and clean looking. They can be glued together and finished off wit a ribbon for a very presentable board for any theme cake.

    these are your standard corrugated card board circles. They are greaseproof, which is nice. They are strong enough to hold moderately heavy cakes. I wouldn't use them for large stacked cakes, as they wouldn't provide enough support.

    Posted on

    I love these cake circles. The 8 inch size is the perfect one to place underneath a 6 inch cake with room to pipe a decorative border.

    from Bb Posted on

    These are gray for small cake but a bit flimsy if you need it for something heavy. I just got glued two together with the corrugations running in different directions and now I can basically use these for anything! I love the greaseproof surface too!

    Posted on

    Love the boards! I got them in 6", 7", 8", 10" & 12"! Will defintely be getting them from here every time I need them!

    Posted on

    These boards are perfect for under your cakes, and they're also perfect to display your cakes. When using for display go up a size at least 2" bigger than your cake. Then hot glue 2-3 of the same size boards together for strength. When simply using under your cake as a base they're perfect as is.

    Posted on

    These are a great quality and you never go wrong with greaseproof for bakeries. Shipping is fast and efficient. And price is the best around.

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    8 inch cake

    Excellent cake boards. I use them for all sorts of treats. The base is strong and sturdy not like some cheaply made cake boards elsewhere.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these cake circles! I use them as a support board between my tiers as well as a cake base! I wrap 2-3 circles in cake foil and avoid those crazy expensive prices for cake bases!

    from Cake Box Posted on

    The corrugated boards are pretty sturdy and I much rater prefer the greaseproof board so the boards aren't all grease and yucky looking when you are serving your cake.

    Posted on

    Comes in a small lightweight box, easy for storing. The cake boards are plenty strong for many cakes and do not get soggy. I love them, real great purchase for me

    Posted on

    I love these cake circles. I use them all the time both as cake circles and cake boards. I used to purchase my cake circles from local stores and they're so pricey. These are great qualities and you can't beat the price.

    Posted on

    This cake board does all that I could hope for. It is rugged and durable construction allows it to hold up to fondant covered cakes. Makes for easy transporting of any type of cake. Great product!

    from Danielle's Sweet Creations Posted on

    Use these for our second layers on our wedding cakes, and for our smaller pound cakes!! These are the best brand we have found, great price too!!

    from Simply Southern Bakery Posted on

    I use this for all my 6 inch and 8 inch never lets me down...sturdy and grease proof for my heavy butter cream cakes!

    from home Posted on

    These boards are steal, very good quality and price is amazing compare to the craft stores.. I will definitely order again.. I stack these to make a cake drum,much cheaper

    from Wholly Sweets Bake Shop Posted on

    I used these 8"diameter cake boards for macaron towers.. stacked 2 of these boards and voila you have an affordable cake board,macaron board etc..

    Great cake circles. They are sturdy, perfect for using on tiered cakes, & they don't show grease. I use them for my 6" cakes. They look great wrapped with decorative foil too.

    from Helwig's Sweets Posted on

    This is a truly great price for a great product. I use the 8" circles for my 6" cakes and they hold up perfectly. Matching these with my southern champion 10x10x4 cake boxes is the best way for me to display and transport cakes for my customers.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    These cake circles are great. They are nice quality and perfect for 6, 7, or 8 inch cakes. Buttercream wipes off of them nicely and they are such a good price.

    from Megan B Posted on

    Excellent boards. These are a staple in our bake shop. Use them for birthday cakes, smash cakes and for wedding cakes. Great quality and grease proof.

    from Batter Up Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    These 8" cake boards work perfectly for our 6" cakes, and they are truly grease proof. All of the other boards we have tried left grease marks, but not these!

    Posted on

    These are good sturdy boards. They hold a lot of weight and don't cave under the pressure of a 8 in round by 6 in tall cake. They don't absorb moisture so they work well for mousse cakes and cakes that will need to be transferred from freezer to fridge. My only complaint is these boards don't have dowel holes for building tier cakes.

    Posted on

    These speed things up tremendously. I was cutting them manually for quite a while before I got these, and now i don't know why I bothered. Perfect fit and great cake release.

    Posted on

    Great great great boards! Grease proof and sturdy. I purchased these along with 10 inch circles. Highly recommend these! Great product for an extreme bargain!

    Posted on

    These 8" cake boards are perfect for 6" rounds of cake I use for smash cakes! Very fast shipping on all orders I have submitted!

    Posted on

    These 8" cake board are perfect for 6" cake rounds I use for smash cakes!

    These cake boards have become a staple item in my cottage based bakery. They are a great, sturdy base for basic cakes, and they can be easily stacked, hot-glued together, and edged with decorative ribbon to create a taller, prettier presentation that is also strong enough to support a multi-tiered cake.

    from The Lemon Tree Cottage Bakery Posted on

    son los mejores platos de carton que he comprado , muy resistentes para mis pasteles de 3 leches y cuando hago en pisos no he tenido ningun problema , muy resistentes

    Posted on

    i am a home baker and get cake orders often, buying a large quantity of these guys has saved me many trips to the store. Not to mentioned the good prices this site offers!

    Posted on

    We use these for all of our cakes. They're great for 1 tier cakes but also for tiered bc they're grease proof so they don't get soggy under the cake and frosting.

    from Polkadot Cupcake Shop Posted on

    Grease proof circle under our 7" cake.

    Great product and great price. I use these boards for my bakery and could not be happier with their quality. Very sturdy and clean look.

    from Home Use Posted on

    I love these cake boards. They are perfect for a 8 in cake and the shiny finish on the tops makes it easy to wipe off frosting and give the cake a beautiful finish.

    from Ashman's Cupcake's & Treats Posted on

    These little Guys save me so much time on cutting out parchment paper! Just place in pan, fill, and bake! Cakes pop right out !

    Posted on

    Arrived as expected. These are a good price for the quantity purchased. Otherwise it's trying to pick them up locally which is so much more expensive.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    Perfect for our six inch cakes!

    These circles are wonderful. I use them for all my cakes. They are greaseproof, so no frosting seeps into them. They are sturdy and well made. I will buy again.

    Posted on

    These work great a a cake board too. I use 2 or three, alternating the corrugated lines, adhere them together, cover, and you have a great cake board!

    These cake circles are wonderful! Being greaseproof make them so very easy to work with. They dont soak up moisture which helps give them a clean look!

    from Mr Baker Man Posted on

    Great cake boards that can be used any way you'd like either for stacking cakes or just used as skateboard strong and Greek food highly recommend this

    Posted on

    Cake board

    Cant complain about this product. it is great its white it holds a cake. basically everything that you would expect from a cake circle though.

    from Gnome Cafe Posted on

    I've been using these grease proof boards for about a year now. I love that you can frost directly on the board and not have to worry about grease stains, just wipe up the excess and it's good to go! Great time saver!

    from Cake Wasted Posted on

    3D Stitch cake decorated right on the board.

    Perfect boards. These circles are a perfect 8 inches. I measured them! I recommend the product and they seem great to slide mini-individual pizzas on.

    Posted on

    The 8 inch cardboard circles are perfect for holding a 6 inch cake. We also use these in combination with supports in our tiered cakes

    from Sunset bay cafe Posted on

    I bought this round cardboard in diferent size..Sofar very happy wit this purchase i would recommendn this product hundred porcent. Wesbtaurant has the beas prices!

    from the republic of chocolate Posted on


    Posted on

    These grease proof cake board is perfect to have. Much better than regular ones, good deal and good price to buy here. Highly recommend it

    Posted on

    I like using these cake boards for any tiered cakes that requires 3 milk mixture to be added. The "grease proof" keeps the cake board nice and dry underneath.

    from Gonzalez Posted on

    These are the best cake circles I have found! They worked well, and were truly grease proof. I was very pleasantly surprised that even after sitting all day, there were still not any grease stains on the cake circle. The excess frosting from around the cake (I put a 6" cake on the circle, so I would have room to decorate it), wiped right off of the smooth surface.

    Posted on

    These cake circles were great and exactly as described. They were very sturdy and i love the fact that they are grease proof. was able to wipe stray icing right off of it!

    Posted on

    This is my most commonly used cake circle. I've written these aren't the most grease-proof, but they work great for cakes, pizzas or lining pastry boxes for strength!

    Posted on

    even a heavier carrot cake is fine on just one of these bad boys

    Love these cake boards and how they are greaseproof. I use them for cakes and to rest fondant items on them to dry and set. Definitely on reorder.

    Posted on

    Used as a cake board for a simple buttercream cake

    Having this size board makes it easy to add a smash cake to any order. I love the cleanliness the grease proof board offers. And the white make the cake colors pop.

    from Courtney's Cakes and Sweet Treats Posted on

    A must have size board.

    These are perfect for cake transportation! I use these underneath 8 inch cakes, and sometimes I cut them down to 6 inches for my smaller cakes. Just perfect!

    Posted on

    I use these grease proof cake rounds between tiers on stacked cakes. Grease proof is best so the cardboard doesn't get wet from cake or buttercream icing.

    from That cake place Posted on

    Buying these for cake boards from here was the smartest thing I could do. My most common size cake is an 8" cake, so having a surplus of this size board is super helpful! Very well constructed

    Posted on

    These cake rounds are great! They are the best price I can find and they serve their purpose well. Will definitely be buying again and again!

    from Eatmor Bundt Co Posted on

    i use alot of buttercream on my cakes so with regular cake boards after the cake sits on it for some time you can start seeing the grease leak through the board. but these boards avoid that! always keep the 8" boards in stock now!

    from Sprinklesohmy Posted on

    These are the perfect size and sturdiness is just perfect. They have a high gloss finish that works well and prevents any grease absorption. We will order them again and again.

    Posted on

    The white cake circles are perfect for my 6 Inch cheesecakes. They are sturdy and support the cakes for transport. They are grease proof and nice looking.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    Love the greaseproof cake circles. They keep the board from staining so your product is the focus not stains on your board. These are sturdy and can withstand heavy cakes

    from Heavenly's A Creative Bakery Posted on

    Perfect! These cost an arm and a leg at the local craft store, and they aren't much cheaper at my local cake decorating supply store, even though the quality is comparable. I haven't found a better price for this quantity!

    from A Bake Cakery, LLC Posted on

    In this photo, I've stacked a 4" tier on top of a 6". The 8" cake circles are sturdy enough to hold the weight of both tiers and I've not had any issues to date (the 4"/6" two-tier combination is my most requested size, so I use these circles regularly to support this setup).

    The grease proof feature are what make these cake circles great. Its so nice to be able to white off any excess frosting and have a very clean cut look for all your cakes.

    from Bake My Day Posted on

    Great quality grease proof white cake circles. Perfect for normal 8 inch cakes for stacking or for making a single layer six inch cake with frosting borders.

    from TRW Posted on

    Cake shown on an 8 inch cake circle

    Normal cake circles I have trouble with flexing under the weight of the cake. With these that has never been an issue. They hold weight very well.

    Posted on

    Ordered these along with the 6" ones and they are perfect will be ordering these from now and love that they are grease proof as well.

    from It's All in the Cake Posted on

    Ordered these for our 8" layer cakes. They do the job but I should have ordered 9" rounds in order to have a border for frosting trim. Work well to keep oils from staining our box bottoms.

    from NANNYS WAY Posted on

    Perfect as always! These boards, from the smallest to the largest as a huge part of my business! This size is great for smaller cakes and for use between tiers of larger cakes!

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    Perfect size for the Giant Cupcake cake, no matter the decorations!

    Very nice sturdy cake circles, smooth edges as well. I use these as set up boards under cakes before ganaching or adding buttercream. Also good to display smaller cakes.

    Posted on

    These circles are very durable and well cut with no frayed edges which has been a problem with other brands I have purchased elsewhere. The grease proof board makes for a very professional finish.

    Posted on

    These 8 inch grease proof boards are the best. They are perfect for my 8 inch cake creations that I make on a daily basis.

    from Christy Lynn Creations Posted on

    These are the perfect size for our 6" cakes and the sturdiness is spectacular. They have a high gloss finish that works well and prevents any grease absorption. We will order them again and again.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    German Chocolate Cake at Bakeshop Las Vegas!

    We use these for our wedding cakes that are two tiered and the middle tier is 8 inches. They do their job well with the extra bonus of being grease proof.

    from My Tiny Wedding Posted on

    These 8 " boards are perfect my decorated cakes. I can easily wipe off any icing from my board while I'm icing the cake. They are easy to trim as a bottom base board for my cakes and are very sturdy.

    Posted on

    These grease proof cake circles are wonderful! I love how they come out super clean with no marks after I finish frosting my cakes. Will be purchasing again!

    from Forsyths Frosted Fancies Posted on

    These boards are obviously great for cakes. I also like to use them when making 3-D chocolates, such as a sled and trees made of chocolate around the holidays, I use a little bit of melted chocolate to "glue" them to the boards and they make a great individual "gift". Sturdy for what you pay--which did surprise me.

    from Gateway Posted on

    good and durable, I recommend this product to everyone! The cake does not stick to the greaseproof surface leaving unwanted mess on the board. and for a great price

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    These cake boards are sturdy and inexpensive, and the grease-proof surface makes it easy to touch up after applying frosting to products. You can even wrap cake paper around them for an even more finished look.

    Posted on

    6" stargate birthday cake

    These are perfect for all of our cake needs, we use them for stacked cakes and for single tiers. 100% greaseproof! They're cut and pressed well, the layers don't peel apart on humid days like some other brands.

    from Rachel's Bake Shop Posted on

    We us these for our 6" cakes and 8" coffee cakes. They are easy to clean while your frost. They look wonderful with the cakes and they stack great for wedding cakes

    from Granny Goodwitch Bakery Posted on

    These are sturdy, strong, grease-proof, and cost-effective. (I've shopped around.) We're glad to find a high quality product so accessible for a small specialty business.

    Posted on

    These make excellent bases for my vegetable tortes. They are very sturdy and greaseproof, and they hold up really well in the refrigerator and freezer.

    from Flying Avocado whole foods llc Posted on

    Really nice item, stands up to the use I need it for, cleans off messes easy. This is a really good product and easy use.

    Posted on

    I use these on a daily basis and find them to be a very good quality. They are thin enough and tapered at the sides to look very pro but still hold up under the weight of a cake.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    These cake boards work well in my bakery. Grease proof lining works very well. The boards are sturdy enough to handle heavy cakes. And you can't beat this price.

    from Sugar Fixe LLC Posted on

    high quality, durable, greaseproof, and for a great price. I recommend this product to everyone! The cake does not stick to the surface leaving unwanted mess on the board. Very professional quality!

    from Sight & Sound Studios Posted on

    Excellent construction. These cake circles are perfect for holding my treats and even have the coating on them to prevent any icing from seeping through the cardboard.

    from Shelly's Sweet Delights Posted on

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