Southern Champion 11221 12" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

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Provide a stable foundation for your cake and easily insert it in a box with this Southern Champion 11221 12" corrugated grease proof white cake circle. Made of corrugated cardboard, this durable circle supports and carries even the heaviest and most cumbersome cakes. Thanks to a waxed top, this circle does not show grease stains nor allows grease to seep into the cardboard. So no need to modify your moist cake recipe or refrain from using your signature sweet buttercream icing, this circle can handle it! With this circle, your cake continues to showcase its immaculate appearance and decoration from the first piece, through the last.

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Southern Champion 11221 12" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

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    Cakes do not move on this cake board, so we continue to use it with great success. We recommend it and will continue to buy it.
    The Southern Champion 12" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle is what every bakery needs to have. They hold up well and you don't have to worry about them soaking up any grease from the cake.
    The souther champion 12” grease proof cake circle is awesome. I highly recommend these as they’re grease proof and price at a fair price point!
    These cake circles are great. I use them for 10" 3 layer cakes. They are clean and sturdy and priced right. Webstaurant Store gives great service and the fastest shipping always.
    These cake circles are a tough version of any I have every bought at a local general store so I am glad I chose to buy from this website.
    Perfect performance. They peel off with no mess, release from pan easily and I have not had a single one fail. We bought multiple sizes due to the perfect fit sizes and dependable results!
    I buy the 12 inch cake circles to create my cake boards. Much cheaper then buying drums. Glue or tape three of them together and add a ribbon, you will be good to go. I am very pleased with these cake circles and I will continue to buy.
    I love these 12 inch grease proof cake circles. They hold up really well and have worked great for all of my twelve inch cakes.
    I use this 12" grease proof board the most of any cake boards. Holds up well and I can even write on it in buttercream around the cake and no icing seeps through. Very satisfied.
    Although I want it 10inch, I received 12 i made it work. I have to say the Corrugated Grease Proof white cake boards are pretty darn sturdy. Not only I used the for my cake but I used them to let fondant decorations dry.
    Have ordered tons of these and they're always great quality. We use them between layers of tiered cakes and will also wrap several of them together as a cake board for underneath!
    Great product!!! As a cake shop, we have used plenty of different products. I have no complaints on these cake pads. We use them in all sizes and have yet to have an issue.
    These boards being grease-proof is always a plus. I use these mostly for my ultra moist cake bases. I also glue multiple of these boards together to make a thick base cake board for my tiered cakes.
    These cake boards are perfect for 10" cakes, and fit nicely into the 12" cake boxes. They truly are grease proof, as none of my buttercream ever seeps through.
    Love this grease proof cake circle,good price good quality as always,I keep reordering from size 8-14,very stable,my cakes looks good on it!i really recomended this cake circle
    Great for larger round cakes. but you have to glue two of the boards together because these are not heavy duty and i did not want to risk dropping one of my customers cakes. i could feel unstable the board was, when i was putting my cake together.
    This is a very sturdy cake board. The surface is nice and smooth and you can clean off extra frosting easily. I highly recommend this product.
    These are a great deal. The grease proof makes it easy to ice directly on the board, I even us the same board as a display board when I’m in a hurry.
    Grease proof, the all time favorite for all the bakers ! got a smear on the cake board? no problem ! you can wipe it right off.
    These grease proof boards are my go to for all my cakes! When I'm making a heavier cake that needs extra support, I put 2-3 of these together and wrap it when fanci foil for an elevated presentation.
    I use these 12 inch cake boards under my 12 inch cakes. They are sized perfectly! I use them between tiers on wedding and party cakes and they hold up perfect!!
    These boards are wonderful! You can use them when working with buttercream or fondant. When working with buttercream they do not absorb the oil and cause grease stains when your board. Very sturdy I do double or triple them depending on how big I am making the cake just for added security.
    Ordered these for home use. We love pizza and movie night. These are definitely grease proof. held up great! Very sturdy and easy to use!
    I use these for all the cakes that come out of my shop. The fact that they are grease proof really is the best part! and you can't beat webstarunts price
    I have 6" to 14" cake circles! It's very useful and easy to clean, my only problem was when I get this product it was slightly bended but over all pretty good product.
    These cake circles are perfect for cake tiering and for single tier cakes. They are strong, non greasy and non slippery. Easy to pick the cakes without breaking.
    These are awesome for separating the tiers on your wedding cakes. They hold up without getting soggy. Strong and greaseproof. Never want to run out of these.
    This product is sturdy for all my cakes. The quality is great and I have never had a problem with any of my cake products
    These are great. The price is very reasonable. The shipping in timely. I really like the grease proof feature. So worth it. Will be reordering.
    Very nice and heavy duty....i like greased since mostly i work with 3 leches and milked cakes so they work great for them!!! Love it.
    I love these cake circles. The quality of them are fantastic! I have been using them in my bakery now for over a year and I have no complaints!
    Great quality cake board! It is indeed grease proof as long as you do not get icing into the side holes/cardboard. I got it in there a few times and it couldn't be wiped away. But I normally do not get it in there... so where the cake sits is grease proof. It's basically like a cake board you can purchase from your local craft store.
    These fit perfectly into the boxes and are very easy to wipe clean. They give the cakes a sturdy base and once the edge is wrapped with a ribbon, it looks very nice.
    I use 12 boards for 90% of my cake boards. These are so sturdy and fit perfectly I to a 12" packing box when I'm done with my cakes.
    These are amazing. Perfect thickness and great quality. I only use waxed boards and these are such a value when purchased in the larger quantities.
    Great grease proof cake boards. I've used a lot of "grease proof" boards over the years but they actually mean it. I've had no issues with staining and I use Italian Merginue buttercream on all my cakes.
    Southern Champion 11221 12" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case is an amazing product! I used it as my cake base and i am totally happy with my purchase. It is grease proof which make it easy to clean any mess and i am 100% recommend this product. Thank you Webstaurantstore
    I use these for all the cakes that come out of my bakery. The fact that they are grease proof really is the best part!
    So glad I found these cake circles. I used to purchase smaller packs of these boards and these are high quality and much more affordable.
    The 12 inch Southern Champion Grease Proof Cake Circles are a great product at a great value. These cake circles hold up great for small and larger heavy cakes.
    These cake circles are not as sturdy as the Wilton ones - they bend when lifting large cakes. However, they still serve their purpose and are very well-priced.
    This is my first time buying these, but i already know im going to be purchasing more! They are very sturdy and a better price then getting them at a retail store.
    These boards.. are wonderful.. they work great with the 12x12 cake box.. and if you need them to be a bit thicker for those heavy tier cakes.. all you need to do is double up the board and wrap in foil paper.. and they are perfect
    I love this, i attached 2 to make 1 strong, thick enough for my presentation. Have no complaint but next time i will fine some with the hole in the center so it will be easier for tier cake with dowel in the center
    A great price on a great product. We use these under all our wood fired pizzas. They are sturdy enough where they can easily hold the weight of the pizza.
    These boards have great strength that is necessary for the size of the cakes being placed on them. I am impressed especially for the great price I got them for
    These are just what I expected which was great! They're a nice sturdy board with a greaseproof top and they work great. Plus they're waaay cheaper than buying them at another retailer
    Seriously the best priced grease proof cake rounds out there. Sometimes I don't want to cover my boards. No grease marks to be found on these. Gotta love this!
    I love this cake circles perfect for me, this are water proof and I can wipe away the cream.This work perfect with the cakes container.
    These 12 inch cake boards are a great asset to my business! Very strong and sturdy. Will definitely be ordering again and again as needed.
    These cakeboards are great for holding 10" cakes and are truest greaseproof! You can easily wipe off any excess icing when your cake is complete
    Great quality grease-proof cake boards. I use these all the time for 10" cakes, or when I have a lot of border decorations on smaller cakes or square cakes.. The cardboard is very sturdy, you do not need to double the board.
    Use these for all my ten inch and twelve in cakes! never leaves an oily residue and strong to hold my heavy absolute must for decorators!
    I would recommend this product to any cake maker.. It's very good quality, it's a steal for this price.. I will definitely order again when I run out
    Bright white and grease proof as promised. These are extremely durable and can hold the weight of a very heavy cake. These are definitely my go to circles!
    These cake circles are great. Our cakes are on the heavier side, and these circles held up extremely well. So far, we have not noticed any leaking of butter through the circle. I will defiantly be ordering these again.
    Beautiful boards, The grease proof features makes it easy to work with. Will purchase again of course. Thank you webstaurantstore. My work and hobby has gotten easier with your products
    These circles are indeed sturdy and grease proof and support 3 layer cakes very well. It's a great product at a very fair price for the case size.
    This product works well for us and is economical. It would be a plus if there were lines on it to reduce it to 10 or 11 inches.
    You can't beat the price for these cake boards! Grease proof is key for a clean presentation, especially when your icing isn't cooperating. I use these for 10inch cakes and 8 inch cakes.
    These are your standard 12" cake circles. An added bonus that they are grease proof - helps prevent those grease stains from stray buttercream that can be unsightly.
    Excellent Cake Circles - I use these daily and they are perfect for my small bakery! Excellent price as well! Very pleased with these circles!
    I love this grease proof white cake circle! It gives the perfect finishing touch to all of my round cakes without the worry of the frosting grease soaking into the cardboard. A must have!
    i love these 12" corrugated grease proof white cake circles. they arrived super fast and packaged very well. these are durable and can be covered easily
    Super strong cake circle. It can be used with smaller cakes too not just 12 inch cakes. The price is great and I will definitely buy again.
    These cake circles are such a great deal so much cheaper than having to go buy them one by one at the store or in packs of 4
    We bake our cakes on site. Those circles were great. They are just perfect size. What I like the most that they have shiny top layer that makes cutting and plating dessert a breeze. Will order them again
    These are great for cakes and truly grease free. The frosting comes right off without staining or ruining the cake board. Great price as well.
    I love these cake circles. I use them for 12" and 10" cakes. They are very sturdy and I use them with and without covering them in foil.
    Grease proof!! I love it! Decorating made easy and clean up is made easy as well. I would purchase this product again and again. Please do not run out of stock. The price is also on the spot.
    Love, love, love! The are grease proof and are amazing! Our cakes look great sitting on them and they are sturdy! Would recommend over and over again!
    These work perfect with the 12/12 cake boxes, I put every size cake from 6 all the way to 10 on them and use the 12/12 boxes. they are great because they are grease proof!
    I love these 12" boards! These boards are perfect for all round cakes up to 12" in diameter. I'm able to easily accommodate the cake and the border around the base easily. I use these for my 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 inch rounds. There's something rewarding about being able to use the same sized board for various cake sizes. The grease proof coating makes it easy to clean off frosting. Great buy!
    We make between 15-20 cakes every weekend. These boards work great and are sturdy enough to support 2 and 3 tiered cakes. They are grease proof so the boards never look gross and ruin the final appearance of the cake.
    By far the most strong, durable and versatile cake boards I have used thus far! I use them for so many different things, I don't even know where to start! I use them for 9-10" cakes, I have used them for 12" wedding cakes, I even use them for our cupcake parties so the kids can write on them, do some drawing, and still have a great masterpiece when we're done! Some cake boards do not hold up in the high humidity of a kitchen, but these sure do!
    I love this size board. It gives me plenty of space for a border to be able to add some extra decoration. And they are sturdy to hold a lot of weight.
    We use these for our cakes and cheesecakes and they don't soak through which makes a great presentation. Even if we get icing on the board, it wipes right off.
    These are great I purchased these from a different company and had to double them up with a glue gun because if you pick the cake up with just a single board the board with fold in half and that was horrible experience
    these are a must to always have in stock for my business . these cake boards are my go to boards to use for all my cakes!
    Perfect and sturdy for all cake sized 8"- 10". Grease proof so even if you make a mistake it's super easy to wipe right off!
    12" corrugated grease proof white cake circle is good for 10" cake, 12" cookie cake and 1 dozen cupcake. This is first time I order it and will order again.
    These 12" grease proof cake boards work great. We using them for big 10" cakes. Can't beat the good price, they are good nice cake boards
    These have great quality at a good price. I will say that the greaseproofing sometimes causes a cake to slide a bit. I have to counter that some but otherwise it is prefect. Size is true too.
    You absolutely can not beat the price of these cake boards. They are sturdy and do not get greasy. I have even put them in the freezer, and they didn't warp at all.
    These are a must have board, they are smooth and grease free and sturdy. These are the only kind of cake boards I use. Definitely order them
    These cake circles are wonderful for providing a smudge free base for cakes. They can also be stacked to create a sturdy cake drum for transporting and presenting larger cakes. Multiple circles glued together do not buckle under the weight of multiple tiers.
    These cake circles are great especially for the price. They did not stick yet provided balance and support for the cake. Thanks again for the great item.
    Ordered on line after searching thru many web sites, it is sturdy, clean and best displayed when delivering the cakes I made. Would reorder again and again.
    This make my cake life so much easier when transferring my cakes to the box, refrigerator, to my lazy suzanne for decorating and to my cake box. I order this size for extra space on the side and it is perfect. Great price. I paid more in store for 1 sliver. but here it is less for 1.
    These are perfect for my heavily decorated cakes. I don't have to line the board with parchment paper because the smooth top makes for easy cleaning. I like to use another 12 inch board under it just for added support.
    These grease proof cake circles are great! no matter how much icing I mess on them, the wipe of extremely clean. Not to mention, they are very affordable
    We would be lost without these cake circles! They are sturdy, and the grease proof coating makes cleaning up any edges or mistakes a breeze!
    The grease-proof cake circle is perfect for presenting custom cakes, the cake adheres well to the circle for ease when frosting and decorating. You can wrap it, or the white looks pretty good on it's own!
    The essential base for a 12" cake or tiered cake. Strong for supported transport and will hold up in fridge or freezer for setting icing
    I love the 12" corrugated grease proof cake circles because they leave a clean finish underneath the cake as opposed to nasty greasy boards. I love these.
    Ugh, I can't stand cutting into a beautiful cake just to reveal a soggy, grease-stained board. These save me the trouble of having to cover all of my boards, and the little bit of extra cost (as opposed to the regular boards) is more than worth it.
    We use these cake circles along with the 9" ones and they work great. The price could be a little cheaper, but we couldn't go without them, so it is what it is. Have reordered multiple times and will continue to do so!
    High quality! I searched around and these were the best deal. Truly grease proof and easy to wipe off. No need to cover the board.
    Great product! Very sturdy. Can be used just as a single or doubled and covered in foil and ribbon for a more professional look. I love them!
    THese are perfect for 10" cakes. They hold the weight and they are the grease proof ones so you dont need to cover them. Being in bulk helps so i dont run out so fast!
    Wonderful boards for cakes, and with the greaseproof top, no need to cover the board in expensive cake foil. It is made of sturdy cardboard, and available at a fraction of the cost of plastic cake plates.
    Excellent product! Very happy with this purchase. They really are grease proof. The hold up very nice with super moist cakes. I highly recommend this product.
    Nice and study for our cakes. Easy to handle and having the grease proof is perfect for our cakes and samples. We just love them.
    These cake circles are wonderful. We go through so many so it is great to find somewhere that has them for an affordable price. Worth the buy!
    We use these cake boards on a daily basis. We love them and our baker's supply clients do too. They are strong and the grease proof coating doesn't disappoint.
    These cake boards work well in my bakery. Grease proof lining works very well. The boards are sturdy enough to handle heavy cakes. And you can't beat this price.
    high quality, durable, greaseproof, and for a great price. I recommend this product to everyone! The cake does not stick to the surface leaving unwanted mess on the board. Very professional quality!

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