Southern Champion 1153 19" x 14" Corrugated Grease Proof White Half Sheet Cake Pad - 50/Box

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This Southern Champion 1153 19" x 14" bright white cake pad is grease proof and made of corrugated cardboard to ensure that even the heaviest cakes can be properly supported and carried. These cake pads are coated on top, and do not show grease stains or let the grease leak into or through the cardboard like other cake pads.

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Southern Champion 1153 19" x 14" Corrugated Grease Proof White Half Sheet Cake Pad - 50/Box

4.9 stars from 156 reviews


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cakes cake boards great sheet grease Love sturdy Perfect Box
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    If you're looking for a good sheet cake pad, these Southern Champion brand cake pads are better than most. Webstaurant has the best deal on them as well!!
    These are super good cake pads and also it's at such a reasonable price. I'm definitely getting my moneys worth. Works wonderful with my sheet cakes and pairs great with the Southern Champion 23143 19" x 14" x 6 1/2" White Half Sheet Window Cake / Bakery Box.
    Perfect for 12x18 cake or 11x17. And they actually fit the boxes! With the boards I used before, I always had to trim the board. These are great. Only reason I gave 4 stars is because they aren’t very pretty.
    Love these pads for my cakes, grease proof. And that is a BIG PLUS for my cakes, no grease marks and making my cakes look unprofessional.
    When I got this product I was a bit disappointed, it was slightly bended. But it’s still a good product, I use it lot, it’s perfect for 1/2 sheet cakes, numbers and letters cakes and for cupcakes!
    I'm a home based baker and I use these for all my 1/2 sheet cakes. They are very sturdy, a great value, and I would purchase again.
    Awesome product! I love the coating! If you get frosting on it it wipes right off. It is sturdy and a great product for even the heaviest cakes! I highly recommend this product!
    Love these! I used them for everything from half sheet cakes to work surfaces to sturdying up the bottom of boxes. They're also great for pull-apart cupcake orders!
    I would give these a 3 1/2 if I could. I LOVE this product, however, the last 3 cases I received were warped, with the wax side up. When using them for cakes, I worry that this will cause them to crack. BUT I am hoping this is just a material error that will be corrected soon.
    Thank you for your review, SHELLY! We are sorry this Southern Champion 1153 19 inch x 14 inch Corrugated Grease-Resistant White Half Sheet Cake Pad - 50/Box has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    These boxes are great very sturdy and hold a lot of weight! They fit inside the box very snug. I use them for cakes cupcakes or just to transport other treats.
    These are sturdy boards perfect for sheet cakes or cupcakes. They hold up well and are grease resistant. You can’t beat the price and ships fast. Will order again
    These boards work prefect for half sheet cakes and cupcake cakes! Sturdy, great price, and always fast shipping. I will definitely continue to order and would highly recommend.
    These are great for sheet cakes, they are sturdy and make transferring out of the box easy. I also use these are cupcake cake designs.
    Can not beat these cake boards for the price compared to where are boards were currently being purchased. Grease- resistant boards are very helpful and keeps the boards looking great!
    Great cake board. They are actually grease resistant/ proof. I love the curved corners. This brand has not bowed on me yet unlike others I have bought from other companies. I will continue to use these!
    These boards are great. They are just the right thickness to hold such heavy cakes. We also can't speak highly enough of the grease resistance which helps keep the cake box from falling apart.
    We are overall pleased with this item. We utilize these for the main mission of our nonprofit which is a free birthday cake program for the children of our community who cannot afford them. This product is also resistant to moisture and holds up well when items need to be frozen for later use.
    These are great. The price is very reasonable. The shipping in timely. I really like the grease proof feature. So worth it. Will be reordering.
    I love these cake boards! I know they seem expensive at first, but for me I got tired of such a huge mark-up at our local bakery goods store, that I bought this box and was very pleased with the quality.
    I brought the case since I stack my boards so they will be sturdy. Good buy, just wish they had straight edges since I will cover them, just makes it easier to wrap, but will still buy
    perfect size and shape. love the grease resistance and it is strong enough to support the weight of the cakes. will order this product again
    Wow, I've managed to use more of these than I originally thought I would for private parties! It's quite sturdy. I've layered cream cakes and icecream cakes. Cutting any of your cakes is great. The board thickness holds up nicely. You definitely need this when using the cake boxes.
    Have been using these boards for months and just decided to do a review. Boards are sturdy, as I put heavy cakes on them. They fit perfectly into the boxes purchased from this site. I will not purchase any other boards from anywhere else.
    These cake pads are the perfect base for all of my sheet cakes. They clean up so well and also support all my heavier works.
    Nice and sturdy, but not my favorite because they have rounded corners. Kind of annoying for wrapping with foil, but they're just fine when we can't get the ones with square corners!
    These things are great and really make a small operation seem like professional s when you place your custom made sheet cake on these nice sturdy bases.
    These cake pads fit perfectly into my pink cake box. Unlike other brands that need to be trimmed back to fit well into the same size box.
    Classic white look that is perfect for 1/2 sheet cakes or pull apart cupcakes. I like the rounded edges. The boards are durable and do not take away from the cake design.
    I highly recommend the 19x14 Corrugated Grease-Resistant White Cake Pads these cake boards are perfect for quarter sheet cakes, half sheet cakes and even full sheet cakes. Theses boards are nice and sturdy even for heavy cakes. These boards are also easy to cut to the perfect length or size if you choice to do so. I love using these cake boards they are perfect.
    These are great. I thought I'd prefer sharp edges instead of rounded edges like these, but I think it helps to get the pads out of the box. Buying again!
    These cake boards are a staple in our bakery. They add support to our cakes and make them easy to transfer from place to place. This is the perfect size for a standard to large sheet cake.
    These cake pads are great! i use them for my large rectangle cakes the cardboard is thick and not flimsy Strong enough to hold a tall cake
    These boards come at a great price and I love having this large amount in hand! I love the rounded edge, gives than a classier look!
    I absolutely love these cake boards. I like that they are easy to clean after decorating and it does not leave a film. Great value also!
    I have a wedding coming up so I decided to order a case of 50 of these 19" x 14" grease proof cake boards. Perfect for sheets cakes and I always recommend the grease proof! Good quality.
    The boards are great they provide a perfect face and stability for my custom cakes and special orders with a very professional luck and finish.
    most cake board come without the grease resistant which cause the cake to dry more quickly on regular boards will order these again good value
    These grease resistant cake boards are the best. I love that I can wipe them off and I don't have to worry about the icing staining them.
    Great grease-proof boards. The cardboard is very sturdy. The cake was heavy (Four 1/4 sheet cakes, about 6 lbs of icing and 8 cups of chocolate pudding) and I just used the one single board, I did not have to double the board.
    These are sturdy and I LOVE that they are grease-resistant!!! So awesome when I'm doing the last minute touch ups on my cakes!!!! I love these boards and will definitely keep buying more!!!
    Happy to find these with wholesale pricing. Much less expensive than purchasing at the local hobby / craft shop. Will continue to order these for our cakes.
    I absolutely love these cake boards! They are durable and high quality. They arrived in a timely fashion and I have used them for birthdays and weddings.
    This product is awesome. I will always order these, they are durable, long lasting and hold the heaviest cakes. If you make a mistake and waste some on the cake pad, it wipes right of leaving no grease stains.
    Great price on half sheet pads. We use a ton of these for sending out our wholesale orders. We send varieties of small pastries in half sheet boxes so we use tons of these pads
    These grease proof 19x14" boards work perfect for my 1/2 sheet cakes. I also use them in my 19x14" boxes for cookies and other baked goodies.
    This product makes the cupcakes look very elegant and gorgeous! It fit 30 cupcakes in the shape of an excavator perfectly! Very happy with this purchase!
    Highly recommend this brand, and this specific cake pad. It's study and fits in the 19 x 14 cake box perfectly. A must for catering,
    19" x 14" Corrugated Grease-Resistant White Cake Pad - 50/Box These are great cake pads. They are very durable and do not absorb any frosting. I have used them for cupcakes as well as cakes. They make transporting a breeze and look nice on the table.
    We cut these boards down to accommodate our 12x4" cakes. They remain sturdy and we have little waste. We will gladly buy these boards again.
    We looked al over for a cardboard (circle) for our 13x18" dine in customers to be able to serve to the table with out using a box and these are the ticket for that
    This corrugated grease resistance cake pad is great! It can be used for large and small cakes. The price is awesome. The pad is strong.
    I use these half sheet sized boards under my quarter sheet cakes so I have a couple inches around on each side for decorations and borders. I usually use at least 2 boards wrapped together for extra stability.
    These cakeboards work great with the 19 x 14 box. One batch came alittle warped, but they flattened out nicely when I laid them down. I will definitely buy again!
    Great product at a great price. I love that I can buy these in bulk. They are very sturdy and grease proof is a must have for these boards.
    Very sturdy cake board and love that it is grease resistant. they are price very good and are so worth the money! will defiantly be ordering these again
    What a great deal for a great price. i simply love these boards and use them almost everyday for half sheet cakes. very sturdy and nice
    I love that these are grease-resistant. It makes a difference when I am icing my cakes and I need to get the buttercream off of the board when icing. It wont soak up the butter. Great price!
    These Corrugated Grease-Resistant White Cake Pads are great! We can cut them down to the size we need, and they have served many purposes other than holding a cake. we use them daily when we empty our cases and place items that need refrigeration on one or two and put the in the fridge. In the morning it is easy to take the whole pad of items for placing in the display case, or wrapping up to sell as day-old.
    Love these cake boards! They are great for cake or giant cookie cakes as well! Will certainly buy again! Great product for a great price!
    These are really nice cake boars, I like how the hold up to heavier cakes and the clean up easier if I make a mistake
    These are such a great value for a price. I love that they come in bulk. They make transferring cakes a breeze. You will thank yourself for getting these!
    These boards are perfect for our cupcake cakes. The grease from the cake does not go through the board like others do. They are also very sturdy.
    Love, love, love! The are grease proof and are amazing! Our cakes look great sitting on them and they are sturdy! Would recommend over and over again!
    Grease-Resistant is key! These were slightly bowed when I received them, but after a cake was placed on it, it was much better. I like the rounded corners, makes it look different than other bakeries.
    Extremely strong and sturdy, could hold 3 layer of fruit and cream cake. Will not soak any oil and looks good. would order again and again.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these wax boards! Such professional grade and look. They are true to size ands ships on time! I will definitely reorder! Thank you!
    Nice and sturdy bake boards for my cakes and cupcakes. Great price too! Just got 2 cases and we will be ordering again when we need them!
    This board is useful in so many ways. I use them not only for my sheet cakes but for my square cakes as well. I just cut them to the sizes I need!
    I bought these because they have the grease proof top. Without that, I would have stains from my icing. They are a must for displaying cakes!
    These 19 inch corrugated grease-resistant white cake pads are great for larger cakes or specialty cakes that won't fit onto a regular plate or cake board. My sheet cakes are perfect for this cake pad.
    This is a life saver when it come to baking cakes would not bake without them keeps the cake from sticking to pans I love them.
    Love these cake boards. Very sturdy and grease proof. Also they are way more affordable than when you buy them in the store. I plan to order more sizes.
    Perfect for 11x15 sheet cakes. Sturdy and nice looking when I deliver cakes to customers. I ordered the box that it goes with and they're perfect together!
    Great price compared to other online sites. Wipes clean without any grease marks. I would recommend to others in the bakery business. Shipping is a little high.
    First time purchase for the bakery, they are perfect for our full sheet cakes. Love the quality and the price! Has become a standard in our shop!!
    This are fabulous since I just started selling cakes I love it because I do not have to go to the store to buy an small amount and now I have it at home and cheaper than in the store they are great
    19"x14" courrugated greas resistant white cake pad is good for 1/2 cake, but every time pick up the cake you have to lift the wide edge of the board never lift the long edge.
    Absolutely love these cake boards. Great for my half sheet cakes and they fit perfectly into the cake containers that I also order from this site.
    These cake pads work perfect for 1/2 sheet cakes and are beautiful with the addition of silver or gold foils. The die doesn't permeate the board due to its grease resistant characteristics.
    We use these regularly for our bakery. I love the convenience of having the items delivered quickly and accurately.! Recommend this product to anyone looking for a standard board.
    I'm very happy with these and how they fit in the coordinating boxes. I needed extra sturdiness because the box is so big, and these do the trick. The quality is very nice too. No problems with any warping or distorted cake pads. Definitely the best buy here on this site than any other place I have looked.
    They are a must have. I save so much time not have to cut down full sheets of parchment. These fit a half sheet and are great for making cake rounds.
    These cake boards are great. They hold up well, they really are grease proof, and they look nice, clean and crisp. We use them at our bakery, and have never had an issue. Occasionally we even use them twice for in-house stuff, they hold up. We don't need more than one to support a heavy cake, which is nice. For smaller cakes these leave room for some writing on the board, which looks nice when warranted. Would definitely recommend!
    I had ordered these cake boards last year, they were great but ones are flimsy and cheap. They are no longer double wall corrugated.
    Thank you for your review, Paula. We are sorry the cake pads did not suit you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly.
    These boards are great! And a bonus that they come in a perfectly-sized box! The boards are cut flawlessly and do not absorb any moisture, color or grease.
    These can be hit or miss. Sometimes I get them and they are perfectly straight, sometimes they are slightly warped. If that is the case, I just put something heavy on them to straighten them out. Other than that, they definitely serve their purpose. They are always cut straight and uniform to one another, which is important to me because I typically stack them. Overall, they are worth the money sad I will continue to buy them.
    I loved these White Grease Proof Cake Pads, they are sturdy and nothing bleeds through--and you cannot beat the price!! I will be back for more
    Sized perfect! Construction of product Perfect! Durible and convienent to use, Perfect! Cost of goods as always perfect, helping keep our cost of items in line with a another GREAT Product!
    I love the versatility of this cake pad. I have made 12 x 12 square cakes and it fits them wonderfully. It also fits a half sheet cake so well. I have used these in numerous occasions and my customers are always happy.
    Sheet cake boards are notoriously flimsy, but these are AMAZING! The hold up so well we don't find ourselves having to use two or three at a time. These are a great value!
    Estoy por ordenas mas. Son perfectos para mis pasteles de tres leches pues la leche no traspasa el carton. el brillo también le da otra vista.
    These are perfect. They work very nicely for my business. I also like how they have a matching box that they fit perfectly in! My cakes fit on them perfectly.
    I purchased this for my1/2 sheet cakes and it fits perfect. If I am doing a double layer the weight is heavy so I double them up with my glue gun
    Great and strong - good size for a half sheet cake combined with a half-sheet cake box you'll have your sheet cakes out the door looking sharp!
    I love these grease proof cake pads. They are sturdy enough to hold heavier cakes. Grease from the icing does not bleed into the board. My end product looks professional.
    Bought the grease proof by mistake, but I hage to say it was one of the best mistakes I have ever made! These boards are wonderful! No need to cover them and they wipe off completely clean when I am finished icing my cakes. Will be sure to purchase again.
    These Grease Proof Cake Pads are great!!! I use them for 9x13 cakes or small cupcake cakes. They work wonderful without covering with paper, no grease spots!
    This cake board is perfect for displaying cakes--it does not allow moisture to soak to the bottom causing ripples in the board. Just make sure your cake is completely cooled before putting it onto the board.
    I am so happy to have found these rectangular cake pads at Webstaurant, and at such a great price. I love to bake and have not been able to find the rectangular cake pads locally. I can always count on Webstaurant to carry hard to find items at reasonable prices. I love these grease proof cake pads.
    Sturdy addition for the 19x 14 cake box. Allows additional weight without a threat of collapse. Work great with the large box and makes a professional presentation.
    These cake pads are great. They make it so easy to make a cake look elegant and beautiful. I love that they are grease proof as well.
    This cake base is the perfect size for your half sheet cakes. It is sturdy and reliable. I love that it has that coating on top that protects the base from the frosting grease. You'll never go wrong with this cake base. And it fits perfectly with the half sheet box. Enough space for your cake and décor.
    I cut these boards in half and use them for a loaf size cake. They are great because they are coated and any frosting or crumbs can be easily wiped off without a trace.
    Of all the cake pads that we have used over the years these are by far the best yet. They are heavy duty and the grease proofing actually stands up.
    We have a cupcake cake business and use this every single day. It is a great product and at a great price. Thank you very much
    These cake pads are very sturdy. I have put very heavy cakes on them before and have never had a problem. With them greese proof, that makes it even better.
    I love these boards. I tape two of them together however. I am use to having double ply boards. I will still be purchasing more because even though they are one ply putting two together still beats the price of what i was paying for other kind I use to purchase.
    These cake pads are absolutely the best. They are very sturdy. I have never had an instance were they leaked are even buckled on me. I use a lot of drizzles on my cakes and cupcakes but these guys hold up perfectly. I will always buy these. Look no further, this is what you want and you will not regret it.
    these are single walled cake boards, with a grease proof coating. Just what i was looking for as i will be cutting them into smaller boards. for 1/2 sheet cakes these are too thin and a Double walled (DW) board would be better.
    The 19x14 boards are great for 1/2 sheet and 11x15" cakes. They can also be easily cut down into other sizes when you have a shaped cake.
    We use these boards for our 11x15 sheet cakes. They wipe clean very well, but I would say that they aren't as sturdy as some others that I've used.
    These cake pads are great for decorating on top of and then moving the cake to a box. They are decently inexpensive and allow us to decorate the cake and put it right in the cake box without having to transfer the cake to anything else.
    Great product! I've purchased these same boards for years from another store and these are superior and so much more affordable. I will be ordering again!
    We use these for half sheet cakes. They are sturdy and have a nice coating they we can wipe buttercream off of if there's been a mistake piping.
    Love love love these! Perfect size for my cake boxes. Love the fact that they are grease proof and will fit in my boxes perfectly!
    I love how sturdy these pads are, I only wished I had ordered in another color. I usually use foil if I want the elegant silver look to it.
    These grease proof boards are excellent! They keep the oily frosting from making the board look awful with grease marks. We use these for cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cupcake cakes, 1/2 sheet cakes, and shaped cakes (and you can ice the board to add a decorative flair!). We even use them for round cakes when the client wishes to have details added around the cake base.
    These boards are great for a for a 18x13" sheet cake, or a shaped cake. They are very sturdy and grease-proof. Fits great in a 19x14" box as well!
    I use this boards for EVERYTHING! From 1/2 Sheet cakes, Cupcake Cakes to arranging cupcakes on them as a request from the customer. I've even used them to separate layers on a tiered cake when I ran out of rounds... Very sturdy... Will definatly be coming back to buy more once I run out of the ones I have. :-)
    great cake boards for the money,just ordered some and got them quick!!!we use webstaurant store before my suplier because of the cost, same as my supplier but cheaper and no minimum order thanks!!!!
    These fit perfectly in the 19x14 boxes! I have had trouble with many other brands having to be trimmed just to fit in the box so I am super happy with these! I Love the coated pads they make for such a nice presentation!! Love the price!
    I love these for cakes or other baked goods. They are really sturdy yet easily cut to the exact size needed. Very reasonable price for a large bundle.
    I ordered several items and was more than pleased with every one. Everything I ordered was just stated on the web sight Thanks so very much. Barb Wendel.
    These boards are sturdy enough to hold a 1/4 sheet cake. For a 1/2 sheet cake, we stack 2 boards and wrap them together with decorative foil to provide more stability.
    I love these boards. They work great steardy reasonable and fit all my medium size cake needs. It cheaper the my local supply store. Must Buy
    These boards are very sturdy, provide enough support for a filled sheet cake with wobbling. The coating is great, no frosting or grease stains to look unprofessional
    Nice sturdy coated corrugated cake boards at a great price. They fit a half sheet cake perfectly and hold up well to even slightly heavier cakes.
    These cake pads are sturdy. I use them to hold my half sheet cakes which are 11" by 15". You might thing these would be to small but this gives me extra room to decorate the sides with almost any request. It gives the illusion of a bigger cake.
    These are great! I no longer cover my cake boards. Any frosting mishaps wipe clean. These are well worth the money over plain white boards.
    These 19x14 coated cake pads are great! I sometimes make very rich, dense, heavy cakes and these hold the weight very well. I'll be buying more soon.
    I use they pads for my half sheet cakes and absolutely love them! I especially love the round edges. They fit perfectly in the half sheet boxes and look very professional!
    I'm so happy with this coated boards. This size is perfect for my half-sheet cakes and even for my 1/4 sheet cakes. All I do is cut them to size!
    This is the most popular size of pads that I use for cakes. They are great for 1/2 sheet cakes, brownie bars and much more. Very sturdy and looks great!
    We use these boards for everything from cakes to layering cookies and other desserts. They are sufficient to support at least a 11x15 without much problem.
    Though you can barely see the cake board (look at the left side of the photo) this is one of my 1/2 sheet cakes for a customer's daughter's graduation. This was the first time using the cake boards from this website. I am impressed by how they hold up to the weight of an iced cake. The boards did not absorb any of the "grease" from the icing and were easy to wipe off and clean up. These cake boards have rounded edges and fit perfectly in the cake carriers that you can also purchase from this site.
    These grease proof boards are amazing! They don't discolor with your frosting or moist cakes and can be wiped clean in case of any frosting mishaps. Love these with my 19x14 cake boxes!!
    A great cake board for my cakes. I need to cut a unique size and each board produces four boards. I am happy with the quality and price!
    The 19" x 14" coated corrugated pads are a great product! They do not absorb moisture and keep my cake sturdy. The white finish is also nice enough, that I don't have to cover these before use! These are also great in the bottom of my 2 dozen cupcake boxes!! Keeps them sturdy!
    Great product. Love the strength of them. The boards I had been purchasing from town I always had to double up to hold my cakes. These are fabulous.
    This board is very durable and holds up to the heaviest half sheet cake. The coating allows excess icing to be easily wiped away, leaving no trace.
    I love these sturdy rigid cake boards! I use them not only for sheet cakes but to build most of my small to mid sized sculptural cakes on. I also use them to sit our GIANT snowman cookies on when teaching work shops on making them. We use them for making and packaging our own Giant snowman cookies. The cookies fit the board perfectly and they are then packaged in a clear cake box...very beautiful!
    I have found these pads to be great. When I do a cake that is not "heavy", one of these pads is sturdy enough to support & not cause little cracks in my icing. If you get icing on the pad, it wipes off easily and does not stain.
    I just run a small business out of my home and I used to wrap wood boards with tinfoil and then clients would have to return...I ordered these and am in love...very sturdy and would highly recommend them.
    Very rigid, sturdy, and high quality. I use it for anything from lining the bottom of the cake boxes for cakes, cupcakes, to using it as support when freezing cake. It never stain from grease and that make my product looks great.
    These very strudy pads have a wax coating that prevents moisture and bending during transportation. I'm so thankful to The WEBstaurant store... they have a lifetime customer in me.
    I used these boards in the bottom of a cookie box and they worked great. They were sturdy and kept the cookies from moving and gave them the support they needed.
    These were exactly what I needed! Perfect size, and sturdy - and the coating makes for a beautiful finish when using buttercreme icing, no stains!
    I can not begin to tell you how great the quality of these cake pads are. I make large, heavy half and 3/4 sheet cakes and I usually have to put two or three of the pads I get from my local cake store together in order to hold my cakes, but these are amazingly strong! I'll never buy anything else!
    These are wonderful. They are perfect for sheet cakes. They are sturdy and hold up well. They are nice looking and the price is excellent!!
    Really pairs nicely with the half sheet box, making it very sturdy and easy to carry. Pad is even glossy so is good for a half sheet cake!
    These are by far my favorite product. Anyone you works with buttercream knows on a regular cakeboard the greese will show and who wants to mess with foil and wrapping the boards. Buy these and you will not be disapointed, I even use these under my tier cakes, they are very strong!
    These corrugated pads are extremely high quality and sturdy. They fit perfectly into the 19x14 bakery boxes and provide the perfect foundation and stability for baked goods. Great product!
    Love this item! It's made for sheet cakes, but I use it as an extra support for cupcakes carried in the half sheet cake bakery box. It makes the boxes much easier to carry, as the bottom doesn't bow.
    Sturdy and a great value. This product out performs board from other suppliers and is a great value for the price. This is an outstanding product.
    This item is exactly what we were looking for. Lots of customers like the was that is on the boards so that they do not have to cover the board.

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