Southern Champion 11217 10" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

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Provide a stable foundation for your cake and easily insert it in a box with this Southern Champion 11217 10" corrugated grease proof white cake circle. Made of corrugated cardboard, this durable circle supports and carries even the heaviest and most cumbersome cakes. Thanks to a waxed top, this circle does not show grease stains nor allows grease to seep into the cardboard. So no need to modify your moist cake recipe or refrain from using your signature sweet buttercream icing, this circle can handle it! With this circle, your cake continues to showcase its immaculate appearance and decoration from the first piece, through the last.

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Southern Champion 11217 10" Corrugated Grease Proof White Cake Circle - 100/Case

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    The white color allows people to focus on the vibrant colors of the cake. Buying in bulk was a great value and beats having to go to the store every time you need a last minute cake. It is the perfect size for my 8" cake pans as well as my 9" checkerboard cake pans. I used it on my cake turntable and it doesn't slip. Perfect buy.

    from San Jose Macarons Posted on

    Used this cake circle for a 8" rosette cake. It had the perfect amount of space for the buttercream roses to fit in.

    Used the 10" cake circle on a 9" checkerboard cake pan. If had enough room on the edges. Also the cake was heavy but the cake circle was able to carry the weight no problem.

    I love these for my cakes up to 8" in size! The greaseproof cardboard makes for a clean presentation and makes my cakes look even better.

    from Monsoon Sweets Posted on

    We use these for small pizzas, when people order them for take out. They don't show grease stains, and hold up well to pizza or cakes.

    Posted on

    These cake circles are exactly what I have been looking for. They allow me to present my cakes in a very clean and sharp way!

    from Momma's Cakes Posted on

    These cake boards are the perfect base for all my cakes.

    They are perfect to any kind of cake or pie, these circles are very durable as they are coated with grease proof and also resistant as they are thick too.

    from JAVIER DOMINGUEZ LLC Posted on

    I cannot say enough about these grease proof cake circles. They are a must have in the cake world. They are light weight, but what a difference it make in the handling of the finished product.

    Posted on

    We use a lot of these in our day to day operation and could not be happier with the product. They stand up well to any and every kind of cake and pie, and I have never had one fall apart on us. We will continue to use these daily.

    from Concepts in Catering LLC Posted on

    I am absolutely satisfied with these cake circles, they are extremely useful to me. i use these cake circles for my 9" Round cakes and they work perfectly.

    Posted on

    These 10" Cake circles are perfect for my 9" Round cakes.

    Again here is another one of my cakes using the 10" Cake circles.

    I only use waxed boards and these are perfect. Great quality. Thickness is good and circles are perfectly round. I use these daily with my 8 inch cakes.

    from Sonya's Specialty Sweets Posted on

    Grease proof 10" white corrugated circle

    I love the slick white look. It has the perfect amount of durability for an 8" cake. This size board also fits perfectly into the 10" x 10" boxes!

    from Cakes by Julia Posted on

    Cakes stay nicely on boards. I like the crisp white look; it doesn't take away from the cake design

    I will do these for a friend who does a lot of baking. And that she said they're really good that they dress at the bottom of her cake – and if she has to take it off it's from an off that she can move around so this is good buy

    from Lake Street Diner Posted on

    these 10 inch white cake circles are really great i go through so many of these, i use them under cheesecakes, buttercream cakes, and fondant cakes its great that its grease proof they are sturdy

    from sweetart Posted on

    Great boards

    These Grease Proof Cake Circles have been a life saver. We do a good amount of baking and the grease proof circles are necessary for presentation when transferring a round cake from the pan to the board. No need to worry about soaking through. The price is reasonable and we will be reordering this item again. Thank you Webstaurant. Recommending this one with 5 stars.

    from Jes Catering LLC Posted on

    These cake boards are fabulous. Many claim to be grease prrof but these really are. Makes a big difference when you are presenting a cake to a customer.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    I love using this cake circles since they don't get sorry and stay nice and firm, which makes transporting the cakes very easy. They are the perfect size as well. Definitely recommend.

    Posted on

    What can I say, these make my life easier. Its grease proof coating removes that extra step of lining the boards. On a side note, very easy to clean if an error occurs.

    Posted on

    Love that these are grease free! These boards are great quality and stand up to a lot! I love the classic white board & use it for most of my cakes. Pricing is always a bonus.

    from Sunshine + Sugar Bakery Posted on

    Unicorn Cake on white cake board

    Great and convenient to have. It cleans any icing from decorating off very easily. Nice clean, white look that ties in well with many cake designs. Also easy to cover in fondant

    from The Cakery TT Posted on

    The 10" corrugated grease proof cake boards are a great product. Boards are sturdy & holds an 8" or 10" cake without bending. Will defiently order again.

    from Grammycakes Desserts Posted on

    These cake circles are true to size fitting my smaller cakes well. They are strong and sturdy. They do a good job resisting all stains.

    Posted on

    I have a small at home cake buisnes and these cake circles worked perfect for me!! They are nice and durable and are great for 6inch and 8inch cakes !

    Posted on

    Cake board

    These grease proof cake circles are great for using as a base or between teirs as support. I also use then when frosting and they easily wipe clean of any stray buttercream.

    from Kandi's Kitchen ~Sweet Treats~ Posted on

    We like the product, but note that the surface is very slippery. So, if you used a baking release spray, it will make your cake slide all over the board. Other than that, it served its purpose.

    Posted on

    These are great quality grease-proof cake boards. They work perfectly with our cakes baked in 8" or 9" round cakes. We are very satisfied with these, will buy again.

    Posted on

    These are great quality grease-proof cake boards.

    Perfect for our cakes! Best price I've found on these by far, especially when you order multiple cases. We like to stock up so we never run out!

    from Thirsty Whale Bakery Posted on

    These cake circles are very durable and easy to work with.. the grease from the icing does not absorb in these boards that sometimes happens with other brands..

    Posted on

    Excellent grease proof circle, we use them for our moister cakes like; Tres Leches Cake, Tiramisu, Rum Cake and any oily product to protect the boxes where we put it in, so it always look nice and clean!

    from panaderia emanuel Posted on

    I used these for cakes, cheesecakes and Angel Food cakes and all do really well on these cake boards. I like the white grease proof layer and pricing is good.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these cake circles! I use them as a support board between my tiers as well as a cake base! I wrap 2-3 circles in cake foil and avoid those crazy expensive prices for cake bases!

    from Cake Box Posted on

    These are the best priced cake circles - we have gotten these all the time. However, when you factor in shipping, they add up. I wish there was a break when you buy circles- because the shipping. has us not buy them so often through this website. But if you do not go through a Food Service, this is a great option.

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    These corrugated grease proof boards are the way to go. Sturdy, bright white and greaseproof. Their a great value as well here at Webstaurant Store.

    Posted on

    A must have for any serious caker :) But seriously, they work perfect! Small lightweight box, easy storage. Even great for at home entrepreneurial bakers.

    Posted on

    Great product at a good price to provide a safe secure and nice looking bottom for my custom baked cakes. And the case last a long time for me.

    Posted on

    the boards are grease proof which does not dry the cakes out like the regular card board boxes do good product good value for the money

    from Emmas Cakes Posted on

    I just ordered my second box for this cake circles. Very good material, durable and strong. For my 3 and up tiered cakes, I make my own cake boards by stacking three of these circles and wrap them with aluminum foil and decorate them with ribbons.

    Posted on

    These cake circles are a must have for anyone who does a lot of baking. The construction is sturdy and durable allowing just one board to hold up my 5" tall cakes! A must have!

    from Danielle's Sweet Creations Posted on

    I use these for my 9 inch cakes. They fit perfectly into the 10 x 10 x 4 inch cake boxes. I like that they are coated for grease resistance. This allows me to wipe up any frosting mistakes without grease marks.

    Posted on

    These are fabulous. The top is greased so there is no sticking and no grease spots from your cake! Plus it's easy to just wipe off icing or frosting drips with a dry paper towel. I like to put these in large plastic bags and tie the top for gift giving.

    I make a lot of cakes and this is the best value on cake rounds. They are grease proof and very durable. I am very satisfied with these

    Posted on

    We've been using these grease proof cake circles for quite some time. They are sturdy and reliable. They work perfectly with our cakes baked in 9" cake pans. The price is great and we've never had an issue with any of them.

    from Saveur Creations Posted on

    These are great quality grease-proof cake boards. I use these boards often and have never had any issues with them. The cardboard is very sturdy.

    from IntoxiCAKEing Posted on

    I love these cake circles. The price is reasonable and they work like a charm. The grease proof is a must and keeps the board clean. Will buy again!

    Posted on

    I love these things, much cheaper than at local supply shop. plus these are coated, cant find those in my area. would for sure buy again.

    from Rundle-Spence Posted on

    These work great for all of our cakes and cheesecakes. I love the grease proof coating that makes clean up easy and quick. Price is great

    from MY Pepper jelly Posted on

    Love these boards! They are greaseproof and very durable for my all cake needs. I've looked other places and webstaurant by far has the best price.

    Posted on

    used for all my nine and ten inch oily residue from my buttercream cakes,plus strong enough for the support of my sometimes heavy layers!

    from home Posted on

    These boards are life saver, very good quality and really cheap compare to the ones that you buy from craft stores.. You can use as it is or stack for a cake tray-drum

    from Wholly Sweets Bake Shop Posted on

    I use these boards for everything. They are grease proof so I don't have to worry about the board sucking the moisture from my baked goods.

    from Sugar rush Posted on

    10" cake rounds are a perfect display for my 8" cakes! Grease proof, sturdy, and bright white; Southern Champion cake rounds are essential for my cake baking.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    These are extremely durable and hold a heavy cake better than I expected. They hold up to my grease proof standard as well. These are shipped well and stay flat!

    from The One Butt Bakery Posted on

    These cake board circles worked perfect for my 9"cheesecakes! And they also fit perfectly into the 10x10x5 box! I would definately purchase in the future.

    Posted on

    So much less expensive than buying from your local craft/decorating shop. Basic boards that hold up well. For stacking more than one cake or heavier cakes you will need to double up on these.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    These cake circles are wonderful and are a higher quality than anything sold in stores. I love the fact that they are grease proof and don't show the unsightly grease ring. They serve as a clean and durable base for all of my cakes.

    from Elite Sweets Posted on

    These are a high quality grease proof board that I use any type of cake. Great for single, double or triple layer cakes. I will definitely order them again

    from Batter Up Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    I started selling homemade cakes to my family and these cake boards are perfect. They are very sturdy and durable and for the price, they can't be beat.

    Posted on

    We searched and searched for actual grease proof boards in bulk for quite a while before stumbling upon these. They work great for all of our cakes.

    Posted on

    Cake circles are indeed grease proof and sturdy enough to hold up to three layer cakes with lots of rich icing. The price is also very fair.

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    Thanks again for the quick shipping!! I go through these things so fast and I love that I can have more in just a matter of a couple days!

    Posted on

    Awesome cake circles! They are truely grease proof, strong, and perfect! I used these for cakes and tarts. Webstaurant has amazing products for great price, especially these!

    Posted on

    We love these cake boards. Use them everyday for all of our cakes. Great product, great value, highly recommend. We will buy again and again

    from It's A Sweet Treat Day Bakery Posted on

    Perfect size for bottom of boxes for cookies and treats. Great base for cakes to decorate. Sturdy thickness for cakes, pies, cookies and many other treats

    Posted on

    Great base for cookie orders before they go in boxes.

    These are perfect for a 9 in cake. Leaves enough room to do some piping along the bottom. Also fits well into the 10 in boxes I ordered.

    Posted on

    Like the precut parchment paper in 12x16, this on the other hand is so helpful. Having this when I'm baking cakes for parties, it's sturdy & decent cake board.

    from Home use Posted on

    This is just one sample of my cakes where I used this white cake board, I love how sturdy it is. And so easy to clean if you get mess with the frosting! Awesome!

    I use these 10" grease proof boards for most of my decorated cakes. They work great and buttercream never bleeds into the boards. I would highly recommend them!

    Posted on

    10" greaseproof boards

    I love these cake pads! They are absolutely wonderful for all of my cake decorating & serving! They are also extremely durable and grease proof.

    from Blessed Sweets & Treats Posted on

    What a great price on these cake circles. The quality of this product far exceeded my expectations. This is a product I will be purchasing again from WEBSTAURANTSTORE.COM

    Posted on

    These are perfect for my homemade cakes. The grease proof boards are very difficult to find in my area. The boards don't absorb the icing.

    from Gourmet Creations by Pam Posted on

    These cake boards are perfect for all uses. They are grease proof so you don't have to worry about them getting flimsy or looking bad.

    from Home Use Posted on

    I love this grease proof white cake circle! It gives the perfect finishing touch to all of my round cakes without the worry of the frosting grease soaking into the cardboard. A must have!

    from Michelle's Scrumptious Bakery Posted on

    I used this cake board for the first time a month ago and it is perfect for a `10in cake. The grease proof finish on the boards makes it easy to wipe off any frosting that may fall on the board during decorating. I will be buying these again for my business.

    from Ashman's Cupcake's & Treats Posted on

    This cake circles are very nice to use. They are strong and they come at a great price. I definitely plan on ordering more soon.

    Posted on

    This round cake circle its so good for my cakes or cheesecakes i like it so much for my bussines, its a good purchase i ever made on this web link.

    from SUSANA'S CAKES Posted on

    We love these cake circles! Being greaseproof, they are easy to wipe off for mistakes and they don't soak up moisture. Will definitely purchase again!

    from Mr Baker Man Posted on

    Cake circles are perfect for all of my cakes. The grease proofing works awesome and i never end up with smudges or lines on the board. I love that I can go back over the board after the cake has set and easily wipe off excess frosting.

    Posted on

    These cake circles are wonderful! I bought other sizes as well. They are grease proof and sturdy. I would highly recommend these for your cake needs.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    I really like these cake boards too strong and grease proof and give your cakes a nice professional look I definitely recommend these cake circles to everyone

    Posted on

    Cake circles

    I have no complaints with these cake board, I really like that are very firm and very well hold my cakes, I recommend it 100% of course I will buy more

    Posted on

    My cousin was very happy with this product. They was the perfect size for her cakes. I will be ordering more of these cake circles

    Posted on

    I used these cake circles for my pound cakes and for my 8 inch cakes. They are wonderful! They are 100% grease proof and no oil/butter has seeped through the cake circle.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    I love these cake boards! They look great covered or uncovered as well. Will definitely buy again! Thanks for a great product at a great price!

    from Bite of Joy Posted on

    we use it to make our frozen yogurt cakes, works great, the prices are the best in the business, will definitely recommend and continue to use!

    from MENCHIE'S FROZEN YOGURT Posted on

    We love using the 10" cardboard circles. They are sturdy enough to hold our 8 inch cakes perfectly. We will also use these with tiered cakes and supports to separate our tiers

    from Sunset bay cafe Posted on

    Great product, they are water and grease proof, that itself make it a winner. Size is perfect , quality is great. I recomend this product!

    from the republic of chocolate Posted on

    We love using the white corrugated boards to separate our cake tiers. They are sturdy enough to support the weight of the cakes on top when used with supports in between each tier. We also can use these and glue them together for a more sturdy support as the base of the cake and then wrap them in silver paper

    from HOLY CAKES Posted on

    I love the simple and plain white look of these cake circles. They give your cakes a nice clean and professional look while making transferring easy.

    Posted on

    These are a pretty simple product and no problems with them. They are sturdy though I'd use 2 if I had to support a really heavy cake. Where these come in super handy is when I'm splitting cake layers and I just slide the circle under the top layer to remove it.

    from The Duke House Tea Room and Bakery Posted on

    These are great--very helpful when moving a cake from the cake stand to the serving plate. Just using my hand and a small spatula I easily lifted the cake off the cake stand and placed it on the serving plate--it remained level and firm the entire time. (The cake was 3 8" layers and about 2 lbs. of icing so it wasn't a small cake!) The other thing I loved was how easy it was to clean up around the bottom of the cake--I just used a clean paper towel and wiped off the excess frosting. There were no smears or stains--everything looked clean and perfect. I used a 10" cake circle for an 8" cake which make icing the cake easier than using an 8" cake circle.

    Posted on

    Very glad I bought this cake circle. It makes decorating very simple and hassle free. I would recommend this product especially because it's grease proof.

    from Tina's recipes Posted on

    These are great! Grease proof, we use them for all of the cakes at our bakery. Sturdy so cakes are easily transported on these cake circles

    from Polka dot bakery Posted on

    These are very helpful , I used to leave my pan under the cake but now I use these , also it's good rice Thank you

    from Sedgwick deli and grocery store Posted on

    We always buying different range size of cake board, this grease proof board works well. Much better than the regular plain ones, recommend these board

    Posted on

    Great product with a great price point. I have tried several types of cake boards and I love that these are grease proof. I also use them while making fondant pieces and lay them on the boards to dry.

    Posted on

    Used as a cake board for this cake.

    I use these boards all the time for my cakes and have no complaints. This is a must buy if you are a cake baker!

    Posted on

    These always come in handy for my cakes!

    These cake boards are sturdy, easy to clean and wipe off excess icing, and a great price. If you have a extra heavy cake, simply glue two together and finish the edge with a ribbon.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Strong and definitely grease proof

    I use these 10" white boards for decorating cakes that are about to be sliced for retail sales. It is much less expensive than decorating on gold boards no one will see. Can't beat the price.

    from Sweet 1603 Posted on

    Great for my 8" 9" and 10" cakes and pizzas. Not super grease-proof but resistant enough. Cant beat the quantity for the price in my opinion

    from Cup My Cakez Posted on

    our Drake Cake on the board

    I love the fact that I can buy these in bulk!!! I've saved a ton of money buying these circles. They are quite durable as they hold my heaviest cake very easy.

    from Sweet Sensations Posted on

    The durability can not be matched! We love using these for all of our cakes, single layer to stacked! I like that they are grease proof, and that they are a nice stark white color!

    from MORE FROSTING PLEASE Posted on

    Putting our cake boards to work! They are durable, strong, and the grease proof coating is a blessing!

    Love love love!!! These are going to work so well for my cakes etc..I played around and chose to toss a cake and the icing came right off! :)

    Posted on

    Excellent board for our cakes. The grease proof keeps the icing from absorbing into the board, and the white board shines bright white. The board is thick and holds the cake securely.

    Posted on

    I love how clean a grease proof board keeps my work looking. The size is great and very versatile. I feel the white sheen adds a nice border to my cakes too.

    from Courtney's Cakes and Sweet Treats Posted on

    I love having grease proof boads that are sturdy and look great. The white board is always a beautiful presentation.

    As a cake decorator, these are certainly one item I cannot live without! The fact that they are coated, making them grease proof, makes these circles very durable. I find them easy to wipe down, whether it's frosting, cake crumbs, filling, etc, they do not deteriorate when in contact with good! Don't be fooled, they sell a "non grease proof" version out there, which in my opinion, is a complete waste of money... So if you've been covering your own boards with foil and such, give these a try! Also work wonderfully for stacking cakes. Was originally purchasing these by the ten pack at a local store for more money, so this is an amazing deal,

    Posted on

    Great for holding gumpaste flower pieces also!

    I use these grease proof cake boards wrapped in foil paper for cake drums AND between tiers on stacked cakes. I use these daily and will definitely be reordering soon.

    from That cake place Posted on

    These are an extremely good value and have just as good if not better quality than more expensive items sold at other places. I will continue to purchase these for my bakery.

    from Sassie Cakes Posted on

    10" grease proof cake board

    This size is perfect for my cheesecakes. It is so handy to have for transporting the cakes. Very sturdy and wipes up well for appearances

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    By far the best place to buy these! They are perfect. They measure true to size, some other brands are slightly smaller. They even work well to make into cake boards if you glue them together and cover them

    Posted on

    8" cake on 10" cake board

    I bought these and the 19"x14" cake pads for both sizes of cakes and I love them! They are so great when displaying cakes and keep my cakes in place when traveling too. Bonus!

    Posted on

    Perfect for smash cakes for little ones birthdays!

    We have had problems in the past with 'grease proof' items not really being 'grease proof' this is true to its word. you can scrap off any frosting colored or not and not see a smudge.

    from Zinnia's Bakehouse Posted on

    I love these cake rounds! I use them for my cakes all the time. They are really inexpensive and the best price around! Love them!

    from Eatmor Bundt Co Posted on

    Great product for the price I purchased these elsewhere and I've always had to double them up with a glue gun because if you picked up the cake up with a single cake board it would fold in half and that was no good so these are great sturdy no need to double these up and great price

    from Stella Cakes Posted on

    Perfect for all the cakes I make. Great but for an awesome price. I have recommended this site and several products to all my friends and fellow bakers

    Posted on

    Great value, you really can't find this deal anywhere else. The boards are pretty good too, planning to stock up soon. I was pleasantly surprised.

    from The Gateway to Athens Posted on

    i use to buy regular cake boards but once i used these i fell in love! they are perfect! sturdy enough to hold my heavy 3 layer cakes

    from Sprinklesohmy Posted on

    These are great for using under cakes. They are grease proof which are a plus, and keeps grease off of the bottom of boxes Price is unbeatable!

    Posted on

    The grease proof finish allows me to clean up any excess frosting. It's nice and sturdy and It allows you to make a Profeesional presentation.

    from The Back Door Posted on

    Great sturdy cake board. love the waxed feature so cakes do not stain board with grease stains. holds up great over time even if stored in a cooler or in humid weather.

    from Heavenly's A Creative Bakery Posted on

    First, I will admit I was concern about quality vs the price well I was wrong. The corrugated work very well. I'm doing a reorder now.

    Posted on

    Perfect! These cost an arm and a leg at the local craft store, and they aren't much cheaper at my local cake decorating supply store, even though the quality is comparable. These hold up very well to the weight of my 4" high 8"/9" single-tier cakes. I haven't found a better price for this quantity!

    from A Bake Cakery, LLC Posted on

    These hold up great to the weight of my 4" high 8"/9" single-tier cakes.

    The grease proof feature are what make these cake circles great. Its so nice to be able to white off any excess frosting and have a very clean cut look for all your cakes.

    from Bake My Day Posted on

    A very study cake circle for putting under all of your desserts. I use this size the most for 9" cheesecakes and 6" layer cakes. It also makes a nice base for desserts going into a large cello gift bag. It's grease proof and I have never had a problem with them buckling or getting soggy. The price can't be beat either!

    from Sweet Bytes Posted on

    I love these circles, as they are much more cost effective then other brand circles and honestly better. I do notice my cakes slide just a bit, so I am careful with timing as far as putting it on the circle.

    Posted on

    I love these cake circles, and you cannot beat this awesome price. They are perfect for icing cakes whether you are an amateur or a professional. I use them as support under my 8" cakes and it makes transport from table to freezer and vice versa very easy.

    from Elegantly Sweet Pleasantries and Events Posted on

    These cake boards are great. They hold up well, they really are grease proof, and they look nice, clean and crisp. We use them at our bakery, and have never had an issue. Occasionally we even use them twice for in-house stuff, they hold up. We don't need more than one to support a heavy cake, which is nice. Would definitely recommend!

    from That Crazy Redhead's Bakery and Cafe Posted on

    Awesome cake circles! I love that they are grease proof makes it less messy! They fit perfectly in the 10" cake boxes! Make a great presentation!

    Posted on

    The price for these cake boards are amazing! They are sturdy and grease proof which is the best part. I will certainly buy these again.

    Posted on

    These grease proof cake circles are wonderful and also versatile. The white, slightly glossy top keeps smudges at bay. I can use them individually to support a single, smaller cake tier, or hot glue several together creating a cake drum that will support the weight of several cake tiers, and wrap a ribbon around the edge to give a beautiful, professional finish to my cakes.

    from The Lemon Tree Cottage Bakery Posted on

    Grease proof cake circles provide smudge proof handling for decorated cakes.

    Great quantity and quality for the price. Happy we found these - sturdy and resists grease stains. Perfect for our cakes and other treats! k

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    These 10" cake circles are a great value. They are substantial - not thin and weak like you sometimes find with cake boards. They are actually grease proof, and work well with a variety of icings and other items that we put on them. We use them for both holding cakes and they look nice enough we use them for presentation as well - holding cakes for decorating/boxing, and presenting smaller items on a clean white surface (i.e. mini tarts). Best value I've found for a good quality cake board.

    from The Chocolate Caper Posted on

    These cake circles are a great quality for the price; they're sturdy and a great size for handling standard cake sizes, like our 8" rounds.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    8" cakes travel well on these boards!

    I love how smooth the cut on these circles is and how well they resist grease and moisture. Best boards that I have found so far!

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    A 10" circle is the base of this two tiered cake

    Exactly as described. Nice sturdy cake boards. Comparable to any brand name you might otherwise purchase. well packaged and easy to store. Putting them to good use.

    Posted on

    8" cake shown on a 10" circle

    I love these 10 inch grease proof boards. They work great with my cake creations that I make on a daily basis. These are the best!

    from Christy Lynn Creations Posted on

    We go through these like water and I love that we now order then by the case! The quality is fantastic and far exceeds the ones you get from the local craft store bakery section. We will order them again and again.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    A great Sprinkle Cake from Bakeshop Las Vegas!

    I love these! The grease proof cake circle is ideal for presenting a frosted cake without the greasy residue mess. I recently made several carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting and the boards worked brilliantly!.

    Posted on

    We use these for our wedding cakes and they are sturdy and made well. The surface has a slick finish to make them grease proof, which is good if you are placing them in a box for transport.

    from My Tiny Wedding Posted on

    The key word to best describe this circle is grease proof. The butter cream Icing dose not stain the cardboard. This leaves a clean appearance instead of a greasy one. It is highly recommend.

    from Melissa's Sweet Tooth Posted on

    Great cake rounds. On the shiny white side no grease ever shows. I often hot glue 4-5 of them together and glue a ribbon around the edge for a custom look. When 4 are glued together they support my two tiered 6" and 9" cakes

    Posted on

    I'm very happy with my purchase, this cake circles are very strong and what I like most is that they don't have the bad smell like other has.

    Posted on

    This is the right size for 9" cakes, leave a bit of room at edge for piping a decorative border and fits great in a 10" square cake box

    from Mountain Oven, LLC Posted on

    I love these cake circles! They are very pretty and sturdy. They fit well 10"x10" cake boxes and arevgreat for cutting the cake on too.

    from NewLeaf Posted on

    Product used for a 9" strawberry chocolate ganache cake.

    Product works great. Keeps cakes looking fantastic, which offers greater coustomer appeal. Better coustomer appeal means greater sales. Better sales mean more profit foe you.

    Posted on

    It pays to get the grease proof tops. When you have to do that last minute wipe around the edge they come out very clean.

    Posted on

    this 10 " grease proof white cake circle is a great practical product. it can be used for any type of baked goods. we love how easy they are to grab and go. and at this low price you cant go wrong.

    Posted on

    I make a lot of cakes at my store. These circles are perfect. I mainly use them with an eight inch cake. The cakes have plenty of room. You can usually add other decorations to the bottom of the cake

    from Michele's Triple-C Bakery Posted on

    what a great product. it has a grease proof coating on it that really makes a difference. we love using these also they can be cut smaller if needed.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    Board has a great grease proof coating and is the perfect size for an eight inch round cake. no need to use parchment on top of wrap board in foil.

    Posted on

    These rounds resist grease well and are a great alternative when appearance is less an issue (like with commercial clients). The price and quality are both great.

    from Cakes With A Conscience Posted on

    Great for my cheesecakes. Everything that I expected. Fit my springform pans to my desired size. Easy to cut down if making smaller ones. Great!

    from NASTC Catering Posted on

    I love these cake circles and you can't go wrong with that price. Easy to wipe off clean, white will stay a shiny white. They fit perfect into a 10 x 10 box. I use these for 10 inch and 8 inch cakes. I go through more faster than I thought because I double up and put a ribbon all around the edge.

    Posted on

    The quality of these boards is terrific. I order them by the case in lots of different sizes. They make a great base for my cakes.

    from A Cake In Time Posted on

    I ordered this particular cake circle with the end product use in mind. Other cake circles that were not grease proof allowed the oils from the cake or baked good to leach onto the cake circle and it was not esthetically pleasing. Not an issue with this grease proof cake circle. It provides a good, clean finished surface. Would recommend.

    from Lemondrop Organic Farms, Inc. Posted on

    I bake lots of cakes - not professionally but for family and friends - and this product is perfect! For the average home user, 250 might seem like too much, but the price is right when you think of the long-term savings. I'm not a professional baker, but Webstaurant is a goldmine. As far as quality... it's great. The bottom is standard cardboard and the top is has a somewhat laminated feel. This means you can easily clean up any decorating errors and no one will know. Go for it!

    Posted on

    good product at economical price. Coating definitely helps grease from seeping into cardboard. I would like them to be just a little bit thicker and more stiff. Could have a little problem with heavier and more moist cakes.

    Posted on

    These work great for 8" cakes or 10" coffee cakes. The wipe clean after frosting and are very sturdy. We have stacked them in a wedding cake with rods and they hold up great.

    from Granny Goodwitch Bakery Posted on

    These are sturdy, strong, grease-proof, and cost-effective. (I've shopped around.) We're glad to find a high quality product so accessible for a small specialty business.

    Posted on

    Easy to use, fits in box, nice platform for cakes.

    These are great. They are sturdy & grease proof. I use them for all the nine inch cakes I bake at the restaurant. They help to give our dessert case a professional look.

    from Pineapple productions Posted on

    I love these cake circles! You can use them for single tier 8-inch and 9-inch cakes. Or use them when stacking the same sized in a tiered cake.

    Posted on

    Great reasonable , strong, sturdy, reusable what else can i say. A all around good cake plate. Also more for your money when you buy in bulk!

    from sweet tooth Posted on

    These are perfect! They really are grease proof and hold up under the greasiest of conditions. I am very pleased with this purchase. Highly recommend!!!

    from sweeties Posted on

    Great product! Hard enough for the heavy cakes, easy to clean the sides around the cake if you'll make a mess. Also they are very cheap.

    from Piece of Cake Posted on

    Just what my cakes needed! These grease proof boards are perfect for sending off my cakes. Sturdy, durable and grease proof, will defintiely order again!

    Posted on

    This product is exactly what it says it is. I use these for 9" cakes and they work perfectly and fit snugly in a 10" box.

    Posted on

    These 10" cake circles are perfect for our bakery! We use them all the time! They hold the cakes just perfectly and fit snug and secure in the 10x10 boxes without a problem! Very sturdy A+ product from webstaurant!

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Great cake boards at a great price. I use these 10 inch boards every day for my 8 inch cakes. They are coated so they wipe clean easily.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    great cake pads! These I use in between layers on tiered cakes or also for cheesecakes. They are cheap and good quality too! I even cut them to make them smaller for my 6" cheesecakes

    from Mini Bites Posted on

    Thick, strong and grease proof for a fraction of the cost of craft store cake circles and I love the box they come in. Very easy to store and takes up little room. Will be purchasing in different sizes soon!

    Posted on

    Excellent product, no staining from buttery pound cakes or liquid glazes. Can hold a heavy cake with no bending. Gives a professional finish to cakes.

    from Sugarpie Bakery & Cafe Posted on

    These cake circles are great quality. Perfect for any occasion cake or cheesecake. They hold a heavy cake too and help the cake stick to the board.

    Posted on

    These are high quality cake boards. They are very strong but at the same time easy to cut if needed. They also are easy to decorate for a nice presentation.

    Posted on

    These cake circles are great to use for birthday cakes either at the bakery or at home! I love using them; it makes handling the cake very easy.

    Posted on

    I use these cake circles every. single. day. and they are fabulous! They are very sturdy, and definitely grease-proof. This is an excellent quality product.

    Posted on

    The grease proof cake circles are wonderful. They keep the shortenining that most buttercream icing from obsorbing into the cardboard which makes for a good presentation for your cakes.

    from Edib le Blessings Bakery Posted on

    These cake circles are great. Not only are they affordable but they are also durable. The circles fit into a 10x10 box (6 ct cupcake box) so there is no need to purchase other boxes if you already have the cucpcake boxes.

    from Fix it with Frosting Posted on

    I have only recently started designing and decorating cakes for friends and family and I already love it. I use this cake circle to cut out perfect circles and as a holder.

    from Johnson and Wales Posted on

    I love these! We use them at the shop daily for all our cake, cheesecake, and pie needs. The grease proof defiantly is a plus! They are sturdy and hold well with heavy 3 layer cakes.

    from Lei Lei's Cuisine Posted on

    Great 10" grease proof cake circles. They are sturdy enough to hold 9" or 10" cakes without having to double up on them and they are grease proof.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    Great cake board! These work great with 8" cakes and don't get soggy or discolored from your frosting or moist cake like regular cardboard cake boards! Love them!

    Posted on

    These are great to have around the bake shop. youve got to build your cake on something and these are a decent inexpensive choice for your every day cakes.

    Posted on

    We use cake circles daily at the shop and we love the grease proof coating as well as the durability. The slight tapering along the outside gives a nice finish.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    Nice 10 inch corrugated cake circle! Extremely sturdy, holds heavy cakes with ease! Good for lifting pie and tart dough without the dough falling apart!

    Posted on

    The 10" grease proof white cake circles are a great product! They do not absorb moisture and keep my cake sturdy. The white finish is also nice enough, that I don't have to cover these before use!

    from Cakes By Jen Posted on

    These are great for the cost. I tried using 10" round pizza boards however the oil from my cake and icing would stain the board.

    Posted on

    This is a very sturdy board that works perfectly for my heavy carrot cakes. Excess icing wipes off easily, leaving no traces. It is attractive enough that I don't even cover it with cello.

    from Kim's Bake Shoppe Posted on

    Carrot cake with cheesecake flavored buttercream icing.

    These cake boards work well in my bakery. Grease proof lining works very well. The boards are sturdy enough to handle heavy cakes. And you can't beat this price.

    from Sugar Fixe LLC Posted on

    I have purchased these from other retailers, and the quality and price can not be beat. These are very sturdy, and make a great presentation.

    from Taylor Made Cakes Posted on

    high quality, durable, greaseproof, and for a great price. I recommend this product to everyone! The cake does not stick to the surface leaving unwanted mess on the board. Very professional quality!

    from Sight & Sound Studios Posted on

    These grease-proof cake boards are great. I can easily wipe small frosting smudges without leaving spots or smears. They are nice and sturdy and can hold up to a 3 layer cake.

    from A Dash of Delicious Posted on

    I'm so glad I decided to go with the grease proof cake circles. The coating on top of these is great for keeping the icing on the board and not in it. Excellent construction and very sturdy.

    from Shelly's Sweet Delights Posted on

    These cake circles are just perfect! We purchased the 10 inch size because we can always cut them down to size to fit 8 and 6 inch cakes. Majority of our cakes do not go over 10 inch tiers.

    from KAMI Cakes Posted on

    I was impressed with the quality of these 10" corrugated grease proof cake circles. Not at all like the ones you'll find in your neighborhood craft or baking stores. I'll be back for more!

    from Classic Cakes Posted on

    Just what I needed...Works really well..the best for cakes and other items that may leave grease stains..and a very easy clean up if some of the frosting drips down! Will orer again.

    Posted on

    This cake circle is the perfect size for the majority of the cakes that I bake. These are truly grease proof, which is a great plus and the cost was very affordable.

    from Sweet Treats Posted on

    These are excellent and useful, not to mention essential. Fits 10" cake box and can be cut down for 9" easily. Greaseproof is the way to go.

    from Sweet! a true bakery Posted on

    I am so pleased with this item. Presentation means a lot to me, and these grease proof boards helps by making my cakes look neat. if only they had decorative ones....

    from Sweets By Sil Posted on

    Excellent quality cake circles. I purchased some from another source and they were not the same quality. I like the grease proof coating on them too, makes the cake look professional.

    Posted on

    I have always bought the cheapest cake cirle, but thought I would try the grease proof instead. The look and feel of these circle will never let you go back to the other one

    Posted on

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