Choice 2.2 Liter Glass Lined Stainless Steel Airpot with Lever

Item #: 234AP822

Keep your piping hot coffee warmer longer with this Choice 2.2 liter (74 oz.) vacuum insulated airpot! This glass lined airpot keeps coffee warm for 6-8 hours and is perfect for establishments where it's necessary to hold coffee for a long period of time. Thanks to its convenient swivel base, this airpot is easily accessible to patrons no matter which direction they are coming from.

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Choice 2.2 Liter Glass Lined Stainless Steel Airpot with Lever

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coffee hot hours Airpot airpots Great easy keeps Glass clean
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    We've had these air pots for a year now, and they're still going strong! They are very durable, and can easily keep coffee hot for several hours.

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    We've been using this at our office for a couple of weeks now, and they've been great. They keep the coffee hot for hours (though we go through it almost too quick to need that much insulation!), and they fit perfectly in our Bunn 23001.0051 CWTF15 APS Airpot Brewer. It's unbelievably easy to use, and pretty easy to clean. The capacity is perfect for the 20-or-so of our employees on the lower level of our building. They're so happy to have their very own designated coffee pot! Now that they do, we sadly hardly see them on the upper floor anymore! :)

    from KEPHART Posted on

    We purchased one airpot for each type of coffee we serve at the office -- our employees have fun with our dry erase backdrop to list which is which!

    We purchased 45 (15 one year ago, and 30 two months ago) of these to replace our aging scratched up airpots. We lost a a couple over the past year (not surprising), but in the past 2 months we have had 10 of them shatter. Two exploded while being filled, and with enough force to spew glass shards out the top. I have not yet contacted webstaurant or the manufacturer yet, but be warned, I think there is a batch batch out there.

    from Preferred Sonoma Caterers Posted on

    We are sorry these airpots did not work out for you, a Customer Solutions Representative is currently in contact with you.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Perfect replacement coffee airpot for my breakfast bar. I have purchase several of these to replace my previous airpots that went bad. A great buy.

    from super 8 Posted on

    Airpot with our coffee label.

    We have used ours for over a year and they are still performing like a champ! Easy to clean and keeps our coffee hot for several hours.

    from griddles country cookin' Posted on

    Choice is a great cost effective product that stands up to any other!! These coffee airpots hold the hot temp for hours, and are easy to clean!!

    from DT HOTEL Posted on

    We brew fresh coffee into these guys every morning and they work really well. Even after several hours, the coffee is pretty hot. One of these did break, however.. in a strange way. We just opened the lid at the end of the day and BOOM, the glass exploded everywhere at the bottom! It was the strangest thing... that hasn't happened since, but we still don't know what caused it! Otherwise, these are great airpots for the price.

    from Cafe Crema Posted on

    Purchased 8 of these 3 months ago & 6 have already shattered by simply opening/closing or removing the spicket. When these shatter it makes a loud boom sound and glass fragments can go flying. Cannot recommend this airpot, way too fragile for everyday business

    Posted on

    We appreciate you review, Karie! Our Customer Solutions team is working on assisting you with this issue..

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I got this item because I was tired pouring coffee out of a coffee pot. This way people poured their own coffee. It was a small blessing for my productivity.

    Posted on

    We love our Choice airpots. Keeps coffee hot for a long time. This is the cheapest site that we've found them on...we'd definitely buy them again.

    from Lakes Area Vineyard Church Posted on

    We have had mixed success with these airpots. I was attracted to the glass lined for cleanliness and taste but like most thermal glass items they are very fragile. I have lost most of the pots we ordered due to breakage in transport AND service. Not a huge boost for the bottom line when an airpot explodes when serving coffee

    Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I recently purchased a half-dozen Choice airpots and they're mostly perfect. One of the airpots arrived with the glass lining shattered, which Webstaurant replaced right away. Another lining broke within a few weeks, but it could have been due to employee mishandling. They are in general easy to use and clean, and they keep the coffee nice and hot.

    from Sunflower Espresso LLC Posted on

    Bought a smaller one for home use since only one of us drinks coffee. Perfect for having fresh brewed taste for much longer then the pot can provide.

    Posted on

    This is a great glass lined airpot. The lever works great and they are actually really built well! Just be careful because as I was in a hurry one night and accidentally banged it up against the sink and shattered mine. I quickly ordered another though!

    from Ashleigh Luna Posted on

    We use this for keeping our coffee warm. It works really well! We keep it outside and it's the perfect size. It will keep the coffee very warm for several hours and I like that it's a glass liner.

    from Rocket Breakfast Posted on

    These are the best option for our little coffee shop. Coffee stay hot for hours, and thier size makes them easy to refil and transport.

    from Higher Grounds Coffee Shop Posted on

    A good option over the bunn airpots, and because it is stainless steel lined, it lasts pretty well. The bunn is slightly better quality but for this price, very good.

    from emma's bagel cafe Posted on

    Well constructed and simple to use. Once the brewer is done, add the pump tube, close the top, and be ready to serve some coffee. Here is by far the biggest surprise to me, this will keep coffee hot for HOURS! I can barely tell a difference in the temperature after 6 hours, which is impressive. More impressive, I actually didn't empty the airpot after brewing at 7AM for a farmer's market. The next morning the coffee was still warm enough to be considered a good cup of coffee and the flavor was pretty good (for that length of time). Talk about well made!

    from Birds of a Feather Coffee Company, LLC Posted on

    I would not reorder this product. I ordered 3 with the intention of switching out my older push button airpots. Upon arrival only 2 maintained beverage temp. Of the remaining 2, one lever snapped within a month.

    from Cricket's Coffee Company Posted on

    Thanks for reviewing this airpot, Renee. We are sorry to hear that these airpots did not work well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you very soon.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are great! We let them go for four hours before switching if we are that slow, but we accidentally left one full overnight and there was still steam in the morning. As far as heat insulation goes, very impressive.

    from Nudge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    I was surprised at the high quality of this product at this price point. The double insulated stainless steel keeps hot hot and cold cold. I recommend running hot water into the airpot before brewing coffee or tea to avoid a cooldown of your brewed product.

    from bradys coffee company Posted on

    we used these at our cafe and will continue to get them. they work well so far. for the price you can;t beat it. i dropped one in the sink and it shattered.

    Posted on

    Bluffton Tea uses the Choice 2.2 Liter Glass Lined Stainless Steel Airpot with Lever. It's the prefect choice for a six hour farmers market. The product stayed hot, retained its flavor nuances and looks fabulous in the display. When Customers sample our tea blends, they are much more likely to buy. We use four airports to promote different blends. The 2.2 liter size is large enough to handle the crowds for the day without hassle of re-filling.

    from Bluffton Tea Company Posted on

    This is a great Airpot for the price. Keeps my coffee very hot! This is the "choice" of airpots I order for my customers. Thanks for making this product available and affordable.

    from Acadian Coffee Roasters Posted on

    Great airpots for a good price. They keep coffee very very hot for quite a while. They will dent however so be careful of slamming them around.

    from The Backyard, LLC Posted on

    There is no way to say anything negative about this airpot. It fits the brewer and holds temperature for a long time so even the stragglers get hot coffee!

    from American Legion Post 136 Posted on

    We use this airpot everyday in our deli. Easy to clean. Works great. Keeps coffee hot for hours. We make it at 6:30 in the morning and it's still steaming hot at noon. Good airpot for the price.


    Another great product by Choice! Keeps our coffee hot for at least 6 hours. Customers love them, and we like the upscale appearance they have.

    Posted on

    Great looking Stainless Steel airpot!

    Super product! Keeps coffee and tea hot all day (at least 7-8 hours), very easy to clean, and has a nice, elegant appearance on the coffee bar.

    from Green Cup Cafe Posted on

    I had never used an air pot with a coffee brewer before purchasing two of these for my business. I was amazed by how long the coffee stayed hot! It stayed hot and fresh tasting all day!

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    We ordered a Advantco C15 pourover Coffee making system for our new B & B and we wanted to have extra pots on hand in order to keep a steady flow of coffee in our service area. We had oped the Airpots would at least keep the coffe hot for 2 hours, well after our 1st guests departed and we cleaned up, it ended up being a bit till we cleaned out the airpot. Lo and behold 7 1/2 hours later ...the coffee was still so hot I had to wait to take a sip! ( I was doing a trial by sipping). LOVE it!

    from Heathwood Inn Posted on

    After using a few different airpots at the office, I knew what to look for. This one is easy to operate with a lever (rather than the push-button that some other models I've used have had). I bought one for my sister in Maryland as a gift. She loved it so much that she bought one for our brother in Florida as a git. When he came with his family for a visit, he brought the airpot with him. He likes it so much he travels with it! My sister puts this on her mahogany buffet when we're having a big family dinner and there is no drip at all. Absolutely excellent performance from this airpot.

    Posted on

    Love this decanter. It keeps coffee hot for hours, and I mean scalding hot for over four hours. Fills cups quickly, made to last, a bargain too.

    Posted on

    This product works Excellent, I used it for the first time this past Christmas for a hot coco bar, the water stayed hot til the next day! And it was fun to use. You wont be disappointed in this item.

    Posted on

    I've used airpots before put these were so easy to use I've had times in the past with other brands to where we go to screw on the top top doesn't line up bright can't get this the pumps to workI'm extremely happy with this product

    from SouthJersey BBQ Posted on

    The description and reviews matched my experience -- not something that's always true, especially when one can be legitimately doubtful given the incentive to write one. But I used this airpot for the first time yesterday on a very, very cold day for tea mixed with heated milk -- thus I didn't start with anything boiling hot. I poured myself the last cup 10 hours after I filled it, and it was still lovely and, while not piping hot, still warm enough to send off steam in a heated room. I'd add that I also had the experience of another reviewer with respect to breakage and websaurant's responsiveness. I purchased two; one was smashed and a replacement is already on the way. All of this matches the site notes, namely, that this is a great insulator if you've got low volume (and thus low manhandling).

    Posted on

    This airpot holds as good as any competitors at about one fourth the cost. We have a Farmers Market in a high volume venue and items of this quality and value will be a welcome addition because everyone in todays economy has to watch the bottom line.

    from Jobabyllc Posted on

    I have ordered these on two separate occasions. The product itself is GREAT!. The airpot keeps the coffee hot for hours. The clean up is easy and the stainless steel look is perfect. The only problem that I have run into is getting them to me in one piece. The first time I ordered they arrived un-damaged. This past time was a different story. I ordered 4 and one was broken. Webstaurant was very helpful and got another one out to me, but it also was broken. I gave up and lived with the three I ordered. They really need to think about what they are packing and pack appropriately.

    from Sparks Stony Brook Farm Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you've had so much trouble with these airpots. A Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact until the issue is resolved.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This Airpot with lever is a very easy to operate coffee pot. Cleaning is also hassle free. It's size is a plus for our limited counter space.

    from OVS Investments Posted on

    Love this airpot. We use this for samples in our tea shop and also for classes offsite. They are easy to use and keep our tea very hot for hours. Highly recommend.

    from Tea by Two Posted on

    The Avantco 2.2 liter airpot I ordered is great. One push on the lever fills a medium size mug. Even when the pot is low on coffee two pushes on the lever fills the medium size mug. The coffee stays hot for 6 to 8 hours.


    We got this Choice 2.2 liter vacuum insulated airpot yesterday, I put boil water in it around 6pm, and checked this morning at 7am, water still hot! It is worth:)

    Posted on

    This airpot dispenses coffee more quickly than the pump top ones. It keeps the coffee very hot for at least an hour, but that really depends on how long you let coffee sit. We brew ours at 204 degrees & within an hour it's around 198 degrees. This photo shows it fits nicely under our Curtis thermologic brewer with roughly a 13" clearance. Worst case scenario with smaller brewers you may have to recallibrate the brew water amount to fit into the 2.2L and take the lid off (which is easy!) to fit under the brewer. We raised ours too with some "handy" shims.

    from Elements Posted on

    As with the decaf model, which is obviously the same, these things hold up so much better than expected. They keep any liquid, whether it be coffee, water or hot chocolate, hot for hours. This way you don't have to worry about scorched coffee. Great product.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    Great product and well built. I have used these numerous times and they keep hot drinks hot for awhile. I would highly recommend these to anyone.

    from Avenue54 Catering Posted on

    Works great! I have a Bunn airpot brewer and this is an ideal size for it. Keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours due to the glass lining. Much better than keeping coffee on a warmer which will ruin your coffee after an hour or so.

    from Jitterbug Coffeehouse Posted on

    There is no other choice when it comes to keeping the hot drinks hot. We tested upon arrival and the heat held well over 24 hours.

    Posted on

    If used properly, these airpots will keep coffee hot and fresh for hours. I always preheat my airpots with hot water before filling with coffee. Relatively easy to clean and the glass liners are bright, easy to see inside pot. Great unit for the price.

    from Sweet Caroline's BBQ Posted on

    Perfect for off-site events and makes service very efficient. Keeps water and coffee hot for long periods which helps to keep wastage down. They are very easy to clean as well.

    from Jamaican Pot LLC Posted on

    This is a really nice setup. These airpots keep hot liquid HOT for a long time. I was able to test time hot coffee at 150 degrees (start) to 130 degrees (end) 12 hours later. I was very impressed. They are easy to clean, pump action is great, good solid flow until empty. About 2 oz left in bottom.

    from Espresso Rescue Posted on

    The pump pots were delivered so fast! They are an awesome deal - great quality at a wonderful price! I will definitely re-order this product in the future!

    Posted on

    Perfect size for smaller events that we do. We serve special blend beverages in this... it's very light and easy to to carry with the handle and the rotating bottom was a really pleasant surprise :)

    from Vida pour Tea Posted on

    It is nice to see a pot that keeps the coffee hot. the stainless steel gos with all most everythang I have in my kitchen.

    Posted on

    We love them, have used them to serve hot tea at trade shows. They keep the tea hot for hours and hours. The glass inside shatters easily though so pack them well if you have to ship them and as common sense implies, don't drop them! I am about to order more of these and recommend them to all my consultants.

    from Teamotions Posted on

    Bought two of these to replace two I had, These work much better and keep the coffee hotter and are easier to pump with the lever

    from Dishes At Home Posted on

    Simple functional airpot that we use with our airpot brewer. Keeps coffee hot for 3-4 hours (as listed), and inexpensive to replace when a waitress knocks it off of the counter!

    from the cottage grill & creamery Posted on

    Good Product for a great price. Just, go easy on the lever they tend to snap. These are durable, w/ care. Last ordered 3 in 12/2010

    Posted on

    Excellent carafes that were purchased for coffee service at a social event. Four hours later the coffee was still piping hot. Unlike some more expensive brands, the exterior is a metal that looks like stainless steel AND a magnet will adhere to. We made labeling cards by printing on business card size labels and affixing them to magnetic business cards which then adhered to the exterior of the carafe. A more expensive carafe at my office has a SS look finish but a magnet will not adhere to it. I was very pleased that our creative label idea to dress up a party coffee service table was sucessful due to the high quality of the carafe exterior. The operation of the dispensing lever is smooth and even, and the lever folds flat for storage. The top removes for easy cleaning of the carafe. An superbly designed and engineered product.

    from Associated Posted on

    Excellent product. Keeps liquid hot for hours. We use them for coffee at our convenience store. They fit perfectly for out brewer. Price was cheapest around.

    from Reading Shell Posted on

    I bought two and am pleased with the ease of use and clean up. They keep my coffee hot all day and work as well as those that I paid near double for. Just don't tip it over, they break easily.

    from Mi Fresh Roasted Coffee Posted on

    The price was very reasonable, and on top of that, it's a great device! Kept a pot of coffee hot for 10 hours! Perhaps it would have gone longer, but it was empty by then. I was a bit concerned that it might not work as well as pricier pots, but if coffee stays hot and tasty for more than 8 hours, I consider that a great success. I use it for the art workshops I teach and plan to use it as well for my grand-daughters' softball tournaments. That will be wonderful as ballpark concession stand coffee is awful and it's going to be great to have fresh, hot, really good coffee all day long! I hope the second one I bought will keep iced tea cold as long as this one keeps coffee hot. As for the Webstaurant Store... what a great place to deal with! The shipping was super fast and I'm just delighted with my shopping experience here!!! THANKS!!

    from the Art of T.Morgan Posted on

    I've used these at a previous job, and they work great. Even kept the coffee hot until the next day! This price is better than we paid through a different restaurant supplier.

    Posted on

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