Cambro RFSC12148 12, 18, 22 Qt. White Round Lid

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Lock in freshness with this Cambro RFSC12148 snap on cover! This tight fitting translucent polypropylene cover is for 12, 18 and 22 qt. round, white storage containers and is a direct replacement for the DSPR6 6 gallon beverage / juice dispenser's lid. Its tight seal works to keep foods and ingredients uncontaminated and organized for your convenience!

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Cambro RFSC12148 12, 18, 22 Qt. White Round Lid

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Perfect addition to the 12 quart Cambridge round storage containers. I'm so glad that I invested in these containers. They keep items fresh and store so neatly.

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These work great, snap on tight and do not leak. Make sure you get the matching lids to your tubs not all brand fit each other.

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You can really tell the level of detail in something very simple such as these lids. I’ve only used home kitchen grade containers and lids but when I finally started using these by Cambro my life was completely changed.


These lids seal very well and clean up easily. Hopefully the tabs won't break off like others.


We bought these lids for the containers we bough for our vegan catering food business. They are great quality, and you cannot beat the price anywhere else.

from nirvana kitchen on

i bought the container so i needed the lid i wish you could purchase them together but i do not mind. works prefect with the container.


I use the 22qt to store rice and maseca for my food trailer. The plastic is thick, so it holds a lot of weight. Also, very easy to open.


So these lids work good but if you have off brand containers they don't fit great. I use them in my restaurant to store chopped potatoes

from The Tea Kettle Restaurant LLC on

This lid fits great on our Cambro PWB22148 22 Quart poly pail / bucket with handle. Keeps products from making a mess when our employees drop the pail.


I use this item for a lid on my 5 gallon buckets. It's the perfect size, high quality, and washes up great time after time! A great buy!

from MK Cafe & Catering on

Great lid to purchase with the 22 quart cambro. Makes stacking and storing products a lot easier, Easy to put on and take off, would buy again.

from Junction 21 on

Purchased this because the description of the measuring bucket I ordered didn’t say it came with a lid so now I have 1 bucket and 2 lids


The cambro lids fit snug and keep food items safe from outside contaminants. You don't have to worry about them falling off and creating a big mess.

from Beast and Bottle on

Great lid for the 22 qt. pail. High quality plastic, quite tough so its easy to stack things on top of this. Helps keep unwanted smells etc. out of the contents.


Got it for my cambro 22qt round white food storage. work well! great quality-price balance! will definately order more! leak proof and bpa free! love it!


pretty durable lid. just beware when buying the lid you get the right sizes because they are hard to clamp down on the bucket if it don't fit

from Davincis pizza on

The containers and lids do a great job of keeping things fresh and are dishwasher safe. I would not go so far as to trust their seals to be liquid tight. I have never had one leak on me, but I have also not had the occasion to properly "field test." Lets just say I would not lay a container on its side with marinade in it and expect a dry counter.


What is not to love about Cambro? These are great for anything involving other cambro items. They fit tight and they last a long time

from The Cake Girl on

I always have bought Cambro products and this lids were a good addition to mantain everything covered and fresh longer. Easy to clean and store!!


Very durable, high quality lid. They hold up well to daily use and high temperature washing and are our brand of choice. The price through WebstaurantStore is great.

from NT on

Lids fit container perfectly. These are a great choice and definitely fit the budget! Holds up well to everyday use in a busy commercial kitchen


These lids seal very well. A little tighter fit on larger 18 and 22qt which is even better of a seal. Lids clean up well and easily.

from El Capitan Cocina on

These lids were ok, not the best though. They didnt fit very snug over the 3 Gallon Ice cream containers, but they did the job either way. I probably would consider something else next time.

from Extreme Tan, llc on

Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this is not working for what you need it for. We suggest checking out our Food Storage Container Guide for an alternative.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This cambro container is wonderful for storing dry product, such as beans or rice. I can fit a 50 lb bag of beans in two contaciners. Lid fits tightly, which is great to keep the product fresh and dry


Great sturdy lid that fits on the Cambro 22 quart bucket we use for pizza sauce, Cambro makes some of the best jitchen plastics in the business.

from La Gondola Chicago on

This is easy to clean. The product is as listed on the website and is of good quality and the right price compared to other websites. Would purchase again if needed.


We love these bucket lids. We have over 25. They hold up so well. Haven’t had one break yet. Over a year using them and they live in my walk in fridge!

from Yachachix LLC on

These lids fit the corresponding Cambro storage containers very tightly. We use these for ice cream and coffee bean storage. They are heavy duty but still lightweight.

from Ice cream shop on

very good item. now i love to see my kitchen nice and organized, dried storage and walk in refrigerator. definitely will recommend this item to my family.

from Picolo Paradiso llc/la forchetta on

Has a tight seal, works well with the matching 22 Qt container! The top of the lid does dip down into the container so you do need to leave about an inch of air space before sealing the lid onto the container.


Plain and simple, these are the lids we need for the buckets we need. Get the job done and hold a nice tight seal - sturdy and what you need!

from Frostbite Ice Cream on

Must have. This cambro white round lid should be in your shopping list, do not try to use plastic wrap or anything cheap to cover your containers.

from Villa De Lobos on

Cambro RFSC12148 12, 18, 22 Qt. White Round Lid.ts Cambro so of coarse it is good. these lids hold their form after many washings and never discolor, they snap on making a tight fit to avoid leakage

from Hipoke on

The Cambro RFSC12148 22 At. Lid fits very tightly on the round food storage containers that I purchased from Webstaurant. If you are looking for a lid that fits nice and secure then try this lid.

from 23 Emporium on

The lid is a complementary piece to the 22qt. storage container It is a very solid lid that gives a good tight seal to the conainer. While I have not tipped all the way over, I have not had any leaks or anything from it. A must have if you also get the container.


Having a lid for your cambro is a must. It makes storing them so much easier. I highly recommend using these. Easy to clean and durable.

from Charleston Sports Pub on

The lids fit the cambros snug enough to not leak out liquids. Date stickers stick to the plastic material very well, but is still easy to take off once you are done with them.

from From Scratch on

Lid fits the bucket well, seats well but also removes without to0 much work. Made of a really high quality plastic. And there is a tab to make removing it easier which is nice.

from GR Ceramics on

its Cambro so of coarse it is good. these lids hold their form after many washings and never discolor, they snap on making a tight fit to avoid leakage

from Kristin's kitchen on

Snaps on tightly for a nice seal! Not hard to take lid off like some others I have had. Little flap on side makes it much easier.


This white round lid will fit 12, 18, and 22 quart food storage containers. This lid is made of high quality plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher. Having lids for your food storage containers will ensure your contents remain uncontaminated.

from Dig & Serve on

Wow, this was definitely a great purchase for my laundry room. The Lid fits perfectly with the 18 quart food storage container. I store laundry powder.


Finally, a food storage lid that actually forms a tight seal with its container. I use these for dry storage (cacao beans) so I'm not sure if they are actually watertight, but I like that you get a clear snap into place of the lid, and I've never had any issues with odors or humidity getting into what I was storing in these containers. Also, the plastic is very much odor-free on arrival, so there's no real deep cleaning to do before putting them into use, as with some plastics.

from Wm. Chocolate on

Great lid I purchased with a 5 gal cambro if I would have to say anything negative it would have to be that if you store liquid in it for travel it will leak out if you fill it to far.


This lid is sturdy. It fits nicely on the 18 qt. Round Cambro Food Storage Container that we purchased. We have used it for a large batch of soup to hold in the refrigerator for a catering event. The lid was secure and made it easy for storage. Would recommend.

from Jes Catering on

Perfect fit on our 22 quart Cambros. Nice and airtight. Easy to clean and stackable, so storing is easy. Cambro makes quality products - much better than cheaper alternative brands that don't last.

from Quality Foods LLC on

This product has been amazing. A must have to go along with the 22 QT Pail//Bucket Very durable, used in our walk-in's and a great price. Easy to clean.

from Creamland Food & Ice Cream LLC on

Great lid, great fit. Works on 12, 18, and 22 quart containers. The stack easily when not in use and keep a very tight seal


These cambro lids are perfect for the 22 wt round white food storage container. They fit snug and are durable. They don't fly off when moved like other lids often do.

from Zul's on

This lid fits perfectly with the container that it goes with! It is great and snaps in place and is very sturdy. Also all my items were FAST shipping!

from Sigler's Southern Coastal Eats on

What a fantastic round storage lid this is for that Cambro round storage container with handle it fits really good nice and tight great price

from Place to be Bistro on

Great lid and it fits perfectly with the bucket. Very sturdy and will last a long while even with a little abuse as is normal.

from home address on

Fits storage other cambro containers perfectly, easy to clean, easy to use, dishwasher safe without shrinking or damage, love this item, makes easy to stack product

from Lemon Squeezers Beverage Co. on

This translucent lid fits our icing buckets just perfect. It allows easy stacking which is very helpful In trying to keep our small space organized.

from Prime Cakes LLC on

These lids work great with the Cambro containers. Easy to clean, durable and made to last. I highly recommend using these lids along with the various buckets Cambro makes.


Works as advertised. Use this with the appropriate bucket. I purchased these as a cheap alternative to using reusing pickle buckets, which i had recently learned is not current with food code.


We use this white round lid on our 22qt round Cambro containers. They are made of a thick plastic that fits snugly onto the containers. We're never worried about them becoming dislodged or spilling the Cambro contents. I highly recommend this product.

from Rise Bakery on

Can't really have a container without a lid. This round lid is a perfect fit for the appropriate round container. This is a larger lid that fits larger containers.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

We use in our restaurant on day to day basis and our staff absolutely love them. Fast shipping, lid fits perfectly on the container. This product is in our regular order list. Great Product!


We purchased the lid for the 22 Quart bucket. Very happy with the lid. There is no leaking or cracks. Both the lid and bucket are great products and will continue using them.

from Litosny on

We love Cambro products and their lids are strong and sturdy. They can be easily removed and placed back on with no trouble! We purchased several of these and were using them all!


This lid is a perfect fit on the accompanying Cambro storage container. It snaps tight to keep your dry food clean and fresh. The tab makes for easy removal.

from The Funky Brewster on

Very strong and sturdy lid for one of the most used containers. The lid fits quite securely and strong enough to hold up to stacking. An absolute most if you have the accompanying container.

from Khaan Deli LLC on

We always worry that the lids we order for the various buckets used at our store will not fit "just right" , but these lids are great.


Make sure you get the matching Cambro lid to go with the container. The lids really fit much better. We've had containers full of liquids fall over without the lid coming off. Think about it the cost of the lid vs. the cost of lost product and time spent cleaning up.


The Cambro White Round Lids fit nice and snug on the 12, 18 and 22 Qt cambro bowls. Very sturdy and well made, well worth the price.

from Carla B on

This lids fits the Cambro buckets nicely and tight. We use the buckets to store liquids and the lids make everything much easier as we do not have to worry about the spills.


The Cambro RFSC12148 12, 18, 22 Qt. White Round Lids fit the corresponding containers perfectly. They are a must have for storing your food and dry goods.

from Ruffled Feathers on

Good quality white round lid. We use this product daily and its durability is great. There is no visible staining or cracking and tab to open is strong. Lid has maintained its size and tight fit after a lot of use.

from Ken's Pizza Corner - Brighton on

Great quality lids. These work very well with the Cambro branded items better than the cheaper ones that are offered as I've experienced this first hand.

from Kach LLC on

Lids are durable and snap onto the containers tightly. Over 6 months of use and have not had one fail. Cambro is our main brand we use for our plastic storage.

from Golden Gate Restaurant on

It's a lid, but a great one at that. Has a snug fit on the container and seals great. Has yet to pop open when dropped.

from Little Bear Baked Goods on

these lids are multi fit, they fit the other sizes of 18 and 22 qt. save the lids even if the container get damage so you can reuse and save $. our lids 3 times as long as the containers. the containers can get damages if dropped.


These kids fit the containers perfectly. They seal well but are still easy to open. We use them in both dry storage as well as in the freezer

from Red River Inn on

Necessary lid for the 12, 18, and 22 containers, since they do not come with lids. Good solid plastics that's durable and seals well. No complaints.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

These lids fit great on the Cambro tubs I purchased. The design allows them to be stacked on top of each other. Saves a lot of space!

from CG's Pizza on

The lid fits the Cambro containers very nicely. I have not and any issues with leaks with the container tips. It is also easy to remove the lid (I have had lids in the past that I needed to cut off).


tough and durable, we have had these for a while and there is no signs of wear or damage caused by any of our dish machines.

from breezy point international on

Great product for the price. Very sturdy and easy to keep clean. We were looking for just the right container and found exactly what we needed here

from Colorado Squeezers on

The Cambro White Round Lid works great with out Cambro Food Storage Containers. The lid is easy to put on and take off. It snaps on snuggly.

from Castle Catering on

Incredible price...worth every cent. This lid fits perfectly onto a 22Qt Cambro and is made with just the right density. I am very happy with the purchase, especially since I know that my Cambro products are going to last.

from ZoeLoveBodyProducts on

Fits perfect. No issues every. They always fit snug and secure. No worries about cross-contamination in our walk-in. We wouldn't purchase any other brand. They are great.

from Cocina Mexico on

Another great product by Cambro as always. they snap on snugly and with little effort. These lids will also fit the standard round ice cream container.


Good product. Make sure you get the round food storage container brand Cambro. This lid is easy to clean and easy to use, practical and resistant.

from UVAVERDE on

What good is a container without a lid! These are very sturdy, close tightly and allow you to stack the containers saving valuable floor space.

from DeLeo on

These lids are a perfect fit for the 22 quart round white food storage containers we purchased. They are snug and do not come open on their own, but they are not difficult to open when you need to get to the food you are storing. Food stays fresh.


The tops worked well and when transporting drinks I no longer worry about them spilling in my truck. I would recommend this purchase to those looking ffor a grat storage or drink holder.


This Cambro 22 At. White Round Lid fit the 22 qt Cambro storage container perfectly. The lid was easy to put on and make an air tight. Great price and product.

from T & C Catering Services on

These lids a great quality and fit perfectly on the matching containers. They seal is tight and I haven't had any issues with moisture getting inside.

from Sweet Nini's Bakery on

These lids fit perfectly on the tubs I order. They seal well and keep the flour and sugars fresh so when I need them they are ready to use.

from Lemmon Teas N More on

Lids used with containers from Cambro helps Keeps food dry and protects from air. Sturdy. Easy to store, great to use stacked with other Cambro containers

from Lei Lei's Cuisine on

Lids for our cambro 22 qt containers, They fit perfect and are very durable, They should last several years and prices just right compared to most other places.

from Bongiornos Pizzeria on

I have lids for all nine of my 22 quart pails and have never been disappointed with one falling off or failing in any way, They take an extra couple of seconds to secure the lid but once secured you can trust that even if the pail gets knocked over you will not loose the contents. Very happy with the quality.

from Woodchuck Coffee Roasters on

You always need lids and these seal great for our big 'ol sugar and salt containers. Very durable. Great buy - these lids cost much more on other sites.

from Michael's Pizza on

Lids worked great for the containers, a tight fit, but yet easy enough to remove. Great and solid for stacking, and easy to hand wash.


Of course these lids provide a good seal for the containers they are made for. They are made of plastic that is strong enough to provide support for the somewhat wide diameter of the containers.

from Mimi on

I would recommend buying these lids to fit on the corresponding canisters.. It will kepp your bulk ingredients safe and dry truly a great solution to a problem.

from The Chubby Cupcake on

this is a great lid, the only problem we have is losing the lids, always have to order extra, but the price is great, great

from Golden Rule BBQ on

The Cambro Round lid works great with my 12,18, and 22 Qt. containers. The covers fit nice and tight are sturdy and easy to clean.

from Flashback Unlimited on

Cambro makes an excellent product and WebstaurantStore offers them at an excellent price. These lids snap on securely and the recessed part of the lid matches the bottom of the bucket perfectly for secure stacking of the buckets. I wouldn't stack them up if you are storing heavy dense items as I do (flour and sugar) but lightweight items I think they will work wonderfully.


We love our Cambro storage bins, and they wouldn't be complete with these lids. They fit the bins perfectly and are easy to take on and off.

from Gluten-Free Bakery Products on

Just your run of the mill lid for a container that we use for pizza sauce. There is nothing special about this but the price is amazing.

from Zeppe's Pizzeria on

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