Hand Wash Only Sign - Black and White, 9" x 3"

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Show your customers and employees which sinks are designated for hand washing only with this 9" x 3" hand wash only sign! Made of durable plastic, this sleek sign has great color contrast. The white-on-black lettering allows your customers to see and read this sign from across a room or kitchen.

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Hand Wash Only Sign - Black and White, 9" x 3"

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    Every sign that we have purchased from Webstaurantstore has been top notch and this one is no exception. Great price, great quality, we highly recommend.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    Perfect signage for hand washing areas, the plastic coating will not ruin if it gets wet! The size makes the sign placement easy to fit where needed.

    Posted on

    Our three-compartment sink and hand washing sink are right next to each other at our coffee parlor. This sign looks great above our hand washing sink, as it's discrete but gets the message across.

    from Amateur Coffee Posted on

    This guy is great on appearance. However the sticky on this particular one didn't seem as good as the other ones I ordered because it fell off the wall within a month. I just rehung it with some sticky velcro and it works just fine now

    from Blues Baking Co. Posted on

    Do you have sink your cafe or restaurant that you do not want employees to do dishes in? Or do you have a certain dish items that should only be hand washed. This sign will work for those purposes. It installs very easy and features a self-adhesive backing. The black and white color works with many different color styles.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Mark your Hand Wash Only sinks with this easy to install sign.

    I was surprised at the quality of this sign. I expected it to be paper thin but instead is made of a sturdy, thick plastic and printed to last. Another great find!

    from Opa! Restaurant Group Posted on

    Inexpensive and to the point. We have a sink in the kitchen that is for hands only. This sign is a good reminder to employees and health dept that we are indeed using the sink for hand washing only. Glad there is a sign like this.

    from The Draft Posted on

    Quality plastic material, good print on sign, clear messaging... the adhesive seems to stick well to a variety of surfaces. Ours are adhered to painted surfaces, and all seem to stick equally well. Gets the job done.

    from Jefferson Country Store Posted on

    This hand wash only sign is perfect for those states that require separate sinks for hand washing only. It is great paired with an employees must wash hands sign, and the sticker backing is very strong.

    from Marine Park Coffee, LLC Posted on

    This hand wash only sign is perfect by our hand sink! The tape is super sticky put the sign in place and never worry again! A+

    from Be Fit Nutrition, LLC Posted on

    This sign is hanging right above my sink so that my employs know to only use that sink for washing your hands.

    Great and simple sign. The self-adhesive stickers on the back make it easy and fast to hang. It is also nice that the sign has braille as this may be required. Nice sturdy construction.

    Posted on

    Great bold lettering!

    These signs are great, they last forever and as long as you apply to a clean smooth surface the adhesive will also last forever. Highly recommend

    Posted on

    This hand wash only sign is great for any sink area. It is easy to read from a distance, the adhesive is strong and I would recommend to anyone.

    Posted on

    This hand wash only sign is a perfect reminder for employees who forget to wash prior to handling- would recommend.

    Fly through your health inspections by having the appropriate signage in place. These are inexpensive, and get the job done easily. They're also priced right.

    from Drove Thru Posted on


    from NO NAME Posted on

    Waterproof ! The sign is very clear and looks great. The adhesive is very strong and has not come off since I put it up.

    from Do Me A Favor NYC Posted on

    Sits nice and flush on the wall

    Helps us keep everything separated in our food trailer since we basically have 2 house sinks. The double sided tape didn't stick too well to our pebbled wallboard but a little liquid nails solved that.

    from Panini Planet Posted on

    Hand wash sign

    Durable and the glue adhesive on the back is very strong even after the sign gets wet. Very easy to wipe down and always looks clean.

    Posted on

    Since the Hand Wash sink is for our employees to wash their hands ONLY, this sign was a valuable addition. It lets employees know that they are not allowed to use this sink for anything else. Very helpful.

    from Union Station Cafe Posted on

    Bold and to the point- just what I needed. It gives a professional look to my commissary and also satisfies the health inspector for health inspections.

    from Ep.Con (Epping Concessions) Posted on

    Great to put by the hand wags sink! It was a great price and will go where people will see it ahead of time. No questions asked with this sign. You don't even need to say anything just point.

    Posted on

    Hand wash only sign!

    Perfect size and it passed Board of Health requirements. Price and quality are great I would recommend this to anyone that needs to have in their business for Board of Health inspection.

    from Triangle Store & Deli Posted on

    Good sign for businesses. The lettering is on there clearly without any smudges or anything. The shiny plastic looks nice and it's also very easy to set up on a wall or door.

    Posted on

    nice sign - nice quality - very nice material - perfect for indicating hand wash sink - the back sticker works extremely well and is very strong and secure.

    from nire, inc. Posted on

    if you have a hand sink then this is the sign for you. it will let everyone who speaks english know that the sink is only for washing hands. If the the actual size of the sink doesn't give it away first.

    Posted on

    This is a great sign to hang over my hand washing sink in my kitchen. Very basic and clean. It was cheap and shipped fast and free!

    Posted on

    does what its intended for and keeps the health dept happy for their requirements. sturdy sign but be careful screwing it in as they crack easy

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    Fits nicely above our small wash sink and easily stands out. Already comes pre-packed with tape and plastic veering to protect during transit. Cant beat the price and is a must have for any business.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Your Health Department will be highly impressed with this 9" x 3" Black and White Hand wash only sign. Your employees will find it useful to know where hand wash stations are.

    Posted on

    This is a high quality plastic sign that keeps me compliant with my health department. it was also a good bit cheaper than anywhere else.

    Posted on

    A must for inspection! This item is clear, sturdy and right size! Price is right! Got it from here. Can't go wrong, with Webstaurant store.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    I really like this restaurant compliance sign that says hand wash only that I got from the Webster on store but most people use them to put in front of their hand sink I am actually using them to mark off the equipment that I do not want ran to the washing machine it'll say hand wash only above all the stuff that can only be washed by hand

    from N/A Posted on

    It's important to keep your hand washing sink free and clear of any items not related to hand washing. Use this sign to make that clear to employees.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    I was having a problem with employees dumping things down the hand wash sink only got this for a cheap price and now we know this is only for hand washing

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    This item is a must over the hand wash sink. Seems nice and thick. I didn't use they applicator that it came with but used the heavy duty 3m double sided automotive grade adhesive instead.

    from Alpendough Posted on

    Made of strong plastic, easy to read and very noticeable. The backside tape is good quality, keeps a firm hold even with some force pulling it.

    from Raymondo's Pizza & Summertime Treats Posted on

    These signs are clear to read, the white on black makes the lettering extremely noticeable. These signs are easy to clean, but of course, they are subject to natural wear over time.

    from Fork Food Lab Posted on

    We used this for our utility sink, since it is required that customers know that the water is not safe for drinking. It definitely gets the message across. You really get the bang for your buck.

    from KLAS Events Posted on

    You know you can buy these anywhere, but, you won't find it for this price. So, add it to your order. It is required by health department.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on


    The Hand Wash Only sign is built very well and sticks great to painted, textured, drywall, I'm sure it would stick to just about anything.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    Very sturdy sign, professional looking, perfect for our purpose. Easy to install and easily visible in each area. Just make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the area where you will install.

    from 8725 Upcycled Arts Posted on

    Sign came in handy and was very easy to stick to the wall. All of these signs help to keep employees doing the right thing!

    Posted on

    Nice glossy finish on this hand washing only sign. Large enough to be easily readable but small enough to not take up too much room on the wall.

    from Deliciously Dipped Posted on

    hand washing sign

    This is just what I wanted. I was very happy when I got it and saw the quality of it and for such a great price. I will definitely get a few more to keep around to replace worn ones.

    from pashays Posted on

    The sign is a perfect size for my kitchen. It is easy to see and has reminded students which locations are for hand washing only.

    from Whitehall School District Posted on

    Dark black and bright white hand wash only sign helps employees not dumb unwanted wasted down the wrong sinks. This is what the health department requested we buy.

    from Eastern Managment Sports Posted on

    The 9" x 3" Black and White Hand Wash Only Sign notifies everyone in the kitchen that the hand washing sink has a specific purpose in accordance with the health department.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    9" x 3" Black and White Hand Wash Only Sign

    These signs are great for health department guideline and are easy, inexpensive way to label doors and sinks . They are east to wipe clean ans stick well.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    A black sign with large white letters. Its made of a smooth light weight plastic and comes with adhesive on the back for easy assembly.

    from Go cheez Posted on

    Great plastic sign and serves its purpose. Good pricing and straightforward in many aspects if you need something simple. Clear bold text, good size, works well.

    from Wedding Dreamer Posted on

    We needed a sign for are concession trailer and this adhesive one looks great and will last a long time while helping us pass code

    Posted on

    a must have. Our health dept. requires this, and the best part is how well the adhesive backing works. We have our directly above our sink, and gets a lot of water splashed its way. Still works :)

    from sprout Posted on

    This hand wash only sign is exactly what the health inspector is looking for over your handwash sinks. It doesn't stick well in a hot kitchen on FRP we use industrial strength Velcro to get ours to stick to the walls.

    Posted on

    All food establishments need this! An all around hand wash only, easy to use and very clear to see! Was a very good purchase, a super bargain.

    Posted on

    I bought two of these and I am very satisfied. The sign is firm and flat as it should. Also, the words are big and clear. It sticks well to the wall as well as any other surface.

    Posted on

    Very nice and durable compliant sign for the door in any restaurant. This definitely helps employees stay clean as well. Every restaurant is required to have one posted.

    Posted on

    Very nice and durable compliant sign for the door in any restaurant.

    Great Quality, Comes with the double sided sticky tape needed to hang it on any surface, Never had a problem with it coming off besides people stealing it from the bathroom!

    Posted on

    This sign is just right to put beside the hand washing sink. It is easy to read and looks very nice on the wall. I would recommend this product.

    Posted on

    Our health inspector wanted us to have these signs. Easily legible, and very easy to mount. Doesn't need any screws. Simply remove the tape, and stick them to the wall. Careful with putting too much pressure on the sign, it may crack.

    from Vamcomplex USA Posted on

    Hand wash only sign

    Some people love to rinse dishes in our hand sink. It drives me crazy. This sign has helped some. Not a magic bullet, but a step in the right direction.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Great sign.

    Hand Wash Only sign... As required by law. The price is right for sure, and the adhesive on this has lasted, even being right above a water source.

    Posted on

    Great product. Perfect size. Put this sign by your handwashing sink because it is required by law in NYC and other places. Will definitely order again.

    from The Tea Room Posted on

    Everyone in the restaurant business needs these, purchasing from this website is the place to go. The price on this is the best around, unless you find them used and not worth putting up. great buy

    Posted on

    Health Department standards state the hand washing sink must be a different sink then what your washing dishes in. This sign looks crisp and clean and also makes it very clear to all employees reminding them which one to use.

    from OliveTerranean Posted on

    Good sign, does the job, sticks on, and stays on. Easy to read and clear writing. It's a hard plastic so durable and looks like it will last a very long time.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    Great value at a great price! These are extremely easy to hand, and very easy to read at a distance. The perfect size for our hand washing stations!

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    Easy to install with the double sided tape already placed on the back. Looks nice and serves its purpose, great price for a necessary item

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    Great looking and quality sign. The sign is thick and easy to clean. Installing the sign is easy and helps us meet all the health department requirements.

    Posted on

    These are great signs and required by the Heath Board. Very durable will last a long time. Also very easy to clean. Thanks Webstaurant for great service.

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    "Hand Wash Only" right next to the sink

    Heavy plastic hand washing sign that works as stated. Its a nice touch to a heavily trafficked area. It is required in our store simply as a reminder to practice good hygiene.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Great sturdy sign. The price was right. And...the delivery was quick. It was a pleasure ordering from WebstaurantStore. I totally recommend this website. 5 Stars

    from Matheney'z Mobile Food'z Posted on

    Very easy to install and lettering perfectly etched on and not just cheap vinyl. Meets all my local codes. Very happy with the products. Thanks.

    from backwater Posted on

    stays put.

    Perfect for hand sinks, of course. It is constructed of a sturdy plastic material that can (very carefully) be drilled into, if you choose. I glued it onto the wall instead. The letters stand up well to being wiped down repeatedly with cleaning products.

    from specialTEA Lounge Posted on

    We bought this sign because it was very affordable and it turned out to be perfect for our needs. Mounting is quick and easy with the included tape.

    from Blue Market, Inc. Posted on

    Simple as it can get....I just made sure to wipe the surface down with rubbing alcohol so there is nothing that might cause it not to adhere properly, let dry, then apply...Simple!

    from LAST SUPPER BBQ SMOKERS Posted on

    Health department rules that we must have a separate sink for hand washing. We bought this sign to make sure to remind our staff about this rule. It looks great and is easy to clean.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    Our hand washing sink is part of health code -- and this sign fit perfectly making it easy to designate it for the team.

    just peel off the sticker and place where you want them over your hand wash sinks. very easy and very required by the health department!

    Posted on

    Good signs at good prices...Easily cleaned, and hold up well to constant splashing and splatters. Thanks for such a good product! Will definitely buy again.

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    easy and simple to use. Just peel and stick it to the clean surface. for the price its def a must have for all retail facilities with restrooms. we had this for 6 months now.

    from RICHA LLC Posted on

    Another must have by city code department it is very visible but not loud, the price was very cheap so we purchased a couple for future use.

    from Green Zone B & G Posted on

    The products is just as listed and as it appears. The sign is very easy to read and a definite plus for when the inspector comes along.

    from Don Luis Catering Posted on

    I put these signs up on both of our hand sinks. The inspectors really like that we posted these. They are easy to put up and keeps us compliant.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    These hand wash signs are excellent. I bought several for my café, and they stay on and don't fall off.

    The health inspectors love these signs. I am surprised though that Webstaurant doesn't sell the signs in English only. This one is in English and Spanish.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    This sign hangs above our sink and clearly marks the hand washing only sink for all of our employees. It has a nice sticky adhesive to place the sign onto the wall.

    from Barton's Flowers and Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    I posted these above appropriate areas in my store so employees don't have to think, but focus visually on the sign. This cuts down on any mistakes back in the kitchen. Compliant as well.

    from Topplez Corporation Posted on

    So staff knows which sink is for washing their hands. Clearly marked. Looks professional

    What a handy sign. In a coffee shop we have to have these signs for inspections and its still standing. We are very pleased with this.

    from Beans and Strings LLC Posted on


    Posted on

    Couldn't be happier with this one! Even the health inspector was very impressed when he saw this above our hand sink. Sometimes even the most experienced staff can slip up and this sign definitely does the job of reminding everybody. No more cross-contamination!

    from Global Spice Bistro Posted on

    These are perfect for my store. Met health department regulations with no problem. They just stick where you need them. They stay very secure to the wall. No problem with falling off.

    from Michele's Triple-C Bakery Posted on

    Hand Wash Only Sign this is a nice sign for the money. FAST shipping . YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THIS SIGN . BUY THEM AND CHANGE THEM WHEN THEY GET DIRTY....

    from desalvo's Posted on

    We purchased this sign to mount above our hand wash sink as mandated by the health department. Although we could have printed a sign to state the same purpose, our kitchen is exposed to the public and I feel this sign (as well as other signs we have purchased on this website) adds a higher level of professionalism to a commercial kitchen/restaurant.

    from Queen City Cupcakes Posted on

    Some sinks have many purposes, but not this one. A key part in food safety is elemination of cross contamination. These signs help prevent cross contamination by specifying some sinks for hand washing only. The only downside is that the adhesive strips that came with these signs did not adhere well to our wall. We needed to use a different tape to make them stay.

    from Grounded.,LLC Posted on

    It's a must to have at the restaurant, bar and any other places .It was well designed and made with durable and high quality material . Easy to install any where , no hardware needed.Importantly, it meets the health dept. code.

    from Bangkok Place Thai Restaurant Posted on

    For our health department inspection, we purchses several different signs. We didn't end up needing most, but we used this one right above our handsink.

    Posted on

    Our health inspector likes to see these signs on our sinks dedicated to hand washing. They wish more kitchens would use a sign to designate hand washing.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    I just got my order for this sign in the other day. It looked great and, more importantly, helps us to meet the health code for our city.

    Posted on

    We had to use adhesive to get the sign to stick to the FRP wall panels, but are glad we have it. No mistaking the most used sink in the shop!

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    Hand Wash Only Sign

    Nice professional looking sign that helps our cafe meet code. Only 4 stars because the double sided tape that it came with did not adhere sign to the wall properly...it kept falling down so we had to caulk it to the wall.

    from Happy Day Cafe Posted on

    This is a nice looking and also study sign for health department requirement. Very bold and looks clean. looks good on wall right above sink.

    from Lisa's Lunchbox Posted on

    The hand wash only sign a very visible colored sign to always remind workers and even customers to wash hand very often. It's sold at an affordable price!

    Posted on

    We bought 2 of these hand washing signs. The health inspectors love them. Its great to have the sinks clearly marked for the staff so there is no mistake. Hard plastic so will hold up.

    Posted on

    In meeting the codes, my commercial kitchen trailer has the 3 bay sink and the hand wash sink. I purchased this product for the hand wash sink and it looks very nice. Pleased with the product. Recommend highly for inspections.

    from GDB Enterprises, LLC Posted on

    The hand wash only signs are required in my county and webstaurantstore has the best prices for them. Every where else wants to charge 5 times the price.

    Posted on

    These signs are something that the health department likes to see, at least in our state. They are nice signs that are the perfect size and very easy to read.

    Posted on

    Look nice, but the adhesive on the back is USELESS. I end up just screwing them right into the wall unless you have some quick setting glue. Health inspectors love these

    Posted on

    Great quality for the money. The only thing I'd suggest is in mobile use screwing it to the wall sometimes the sticky strips come loose. DRILL A PILOT HOLE first though in the sign or you will crack it.

    we need this sign for codes inspection. this came very fast and install it very simpley. just peel the paper on the back off and stick it.

    Posted on

    This is a nice sign to have so you can clearly designate between hand washing sinks, vegetable sinks, and dish sinks. Deffinetly a good idea.

    Posted on

    Nice signage, easy to install and meets all of our health inspection requirements. These have cleaner lines than we have seen with some similar products.

    Posted on

    This is a great sign for keeping it clear what sink is used for what! Helps keep food safe! Great price! Mounts easily on almost any surface!!

    Posted on

    This is a nice, clear sign. It will last a long time and was easy to install. With students, employees and visitors all in the kitchen at any given time - a nice clear sign to make sinks are used for their proper uses is great to have.

    from Sterling College Posted on

    We are required to have these signs posted above our sinks per health code regulations. We bought this sign three years ago and it is still looking sharp.

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    Perfect sign to remind food service employees on the use of the hand wash only sink.This one has big and bold lettering and is moisture proof.

    from Marly Sports,LLC Posted on

    What you see is what you get. The sign is very useful for any food service establishment. These signs are good quality and handsome looking. They are also very inexpensive comaparing with others.

    Posted on

    We looked for this simple sign various places, and were glad to find it here so we could easily tuck it in with another order.

    from Cornerstone Country Market Posted on

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