Glass Rim / Margarita Salter Replacement Sponge

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This item is a replacement sponge used to rim glasses (also known as margarita salters), and is intended to be soaked in citrus juice and used to prep the lip of a glass prior to being dipped in salt or sugar.

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Glass Rim / Margarita Salter Replacement Sponge

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    This is a wonderful quality tool. Works perfectly. Everyone was impressed with it at my party and I have used it many times. Great buy for when making multiple drinks!
    I still didn’t know about the existence of such a cool thing. I always did it by hand, and now I can quickly make delicious summer cocktails with sugar.
    Great quality replacement sponge. They hold up well to regular use and washing, and are very economical to replace when needed. We always keep several on hand.
    This fits perfect as a direct replacement for the the Glass runner. It soaks up the lime juice perfectly for rimming margaritas and for simple syrup for specialty granulated things for rims of fancy martinis.
    I liked the quality of the sponges. They are thicker than the originals and therefore will perform better and last longer. Great price for the quantity Too!!
    This sponge stays moist for a long time. It It is fairly wide so it's perfect for small and large cups. They clean easily but they are very economical so it is easy to replace them often .
    Very good quality sponge and a great replacement for our glass rimmers. It is best to have some stock on these as they should be replaced regularly.
    These rimmer sponges are great and cheap enough to just throw away every week and start from scratch, not worth trying to get the lime juice out.
    If you have the glass rimmer, you must have this sponge as you should regularly change them out for food safety, They are so inexpensive that it makes it an easy practice.
    Definitely a must have for a Michelada mug salter. Quality product haven’t had any issues. Only downside i find is the amount of shipping paid for some a small product
    This glass rim margarita salter replacement sponge is a must order every time. I am satisfied with the absorbent yet gently texture. I would highly recommend this rimming salt to any bartender or want to be bartender. I would order again.
    If you make margaritas or other drinks with salted rims you most likely use a margarita salter. This product is the replacement sponge for the salter. Having a few of these on hand is alway smart. The sponge can easily be switched out during service and the price here on the site is unbeatable, even at our local restaurant and bar supply store. Amazing value.
    Really impressed my guests with this little bar gadget. LOVE it and will of course use it time and time again when having friends and family.
    I absolutely love this Glass rim margarita salter/ sugar sponge it works extremely well for my large margarita glasses makes it so easy to Salt my rims
    Always a good price on these margarita replacement sponges. They are a good product and I would recommend them. We replace them often so I'll be ordering them often
    We are very strict on the sponges that we use for the glass rimmers. We keep it as clean as we possibly can. The replacement sponges make it easy for us to clean one and use the other.
    Glass Rim / Margarita Salter Replacement Sponge serves it's purpose and hopefully will last longer than the other one did. For the price you can't go wrong.
    We always keep a few of these on hand - if you want to use more than one liquid at a time you can place this in a separate bowl.
    I always keep a few on hand and for the price you can't beat it! Easy to clean and quick to dry. For the price keep a few on hand.
    I absolutely love this product! This is great for making any drink that needs salt or sugar on the rim. The sponge sits in saucer and stays wet. The glass is just placed on sponge and get the rim of cup wet easily! Now ready to add salt or sugar!
    This is a must have for your margarita salter. It reduced the amount of fresh squeeze lime juice needed to moisten the glass by a lot. Makes a nice, even rim for the salt.
    This is a great replacement item. Very inexpensive and fits perfectly with the margarita salter. Great for garnishing classic cocktails with ease! Easy to wash and dry.
    After several usages of the glass rim, it makes sense to have a replacement because overtime the item needs to be replaced. This replacement is very cost efficient and easy to use and install.
    This replacement sponge fits perfectly into the Glass Rimmer sold through Webstaurant. It is thick and a good quality. I would recommend this product. It was a great value!
    This worked well with fresh-squeezed lime juice, bottled lemon juice, and sweetened lime juice. It coats very evenly without the drips that sometimes happen when using a citrus wedge. I tried to use honey, but it didn't really work. It soaked in in some places, but pooled up in others. I took off one star because I had to wash it three times to remove all the residual (sweetened) lime juice stickiness.
    I love that these sponges are so cheap and easy to replace. I like that I don't have to change the entire unit, but just the sponge.
    It is very nice to be able to buy just the part that you need without having to replace the whole item and it is important to change these out frequently.
    Bought a few of these along with the glass rimmer as it is good to have an extra while the other one is drying after being cleaned!
    Functional, but not necessary. Deteriorates and quickly gets filled with limescale and gets nasty. Not a problem of the product, it is meant to be replaced. We just decided to not use it.
    Let's be clear here. This replacement sponge isn't going to change your life. It's not meant to do that. But what it will do is ensure that your guests will not have to worry about bacteria and mold build-up from that old sponge that came with your rimmer years ago when you got it. It's cheap, easy to clean, and could always use replacing. This is our guests health we are talking about.
    I brought the glass rimmer 3 compartment so I needed a back up sponge fit perfect I love to sugar rim the glasses when you make a drink very good appearance
    We were so happy to find a replacement sponge for our margarita maker. Makes things so much easier when you find a replacement at a great price.
    This unit held up for a few months of use. It did not deteriorate as quickly as a couple others we have tested. Since then we've gone to just riming the glasses with the lime wedge itself instead of using this type of sponge.
    What's not to love about a little sponge? Forget the crazy price for a whole new margarita rimmer, just replace the moldy sponge with this bad boy and you're good to go!
    These are quick and easy replacement sponges to the three compartment cocktail rimmer that is sold here on If you order that item I would recommend ordering a few of these as well.
    I love these rimmers, I use many different salts and sugars and like to change the sponges often at the nice price for replacement sponges.
    We haven't had the need to replace our sponge yet so they are pretty durable but when the time comes it is nice to know that these are so inexpensive. They put the perfect amount of lime juice on the rim for salting.
    When I've worked at my brother's bar I've worked with these rimmers. They work like a charm and are very easy to clean. I see their great price!
    They are a Great sponge for the price! They hold liquid well and hold up to heavy use. Can be washed and used again & again!
    This is a great replacement item! Very inexpensive and fits perfectly! Great for garnishing classic cocktails with ease! Easy to wash and dry for storage!!
    Sponge is ok-sponge cells are too big to soak up the liquid needed to moisten the glasses, I am hoping it will get better with time.
    I personally haven't had to use the replacement sponge yet,but I did purchase and use the 3-tier margarita glass rimmer which worked out great. I don't know how I lived without it...
    I personally have not had to use the replacement sponge yet, but I did purchase and use the 3 tier margarita glass rimmer which worked out great. I do not know how I lived without it.

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