Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments

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Set up the perfect margarita station with this glass rimmer / margarita salter with 3 compartments! Featuring 3 separate compartments, this unit keeps all the necessary ingredients for perfecting your margarita in one convenient location. Each of the compartments is specially designed to hold salt, sugar, or citrus juice. The citrus juice container holds a durable sponge to hold your lime or lemon juice. Simply dip the rim of your glass into the sponge and immediately dip into either salt or sugar, depending on the customer's order, for a beautifully rimmed and appealing presentation! With all three compartments interconnected in this design, it allows your bartenders to keep up with the flow of incoming orders, all in one continuous motion. Its sleek black color complements the bar and night life atmosphere, while its rugged plastic construction is durable and easy to clean. For easy cleanup, this unit collapses quickly and neatly, keeping contents contained for spill-free storage. Each compartment fits glasses with rim diameters greater than 1 1/2" and less than 5 1/2". Perfect for your bar, Mexican restaurant, tiki hut, or other establishment serving margaritas and mixed drinks, this 3 compartment salter will add an extra flare to your bar setup!

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Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments

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    Perfect glass rimmer for any bar, home or restaurant. Holds sugar, salt, and a lime juice sponge compartments that can be removed for easy cleaning.
    This is an okay product. It is a little clumsy to open and set up, but overall it works well for what it is supposed to do.
    Gets the job done for sugar, salt, and anything else you need. A must have on any bar to keep your margarita customers happy! Highly recommended, but mount it (very light)
    this was a great purchase, summer is coming up and this will come in handy, it’s just like the one the bars use, one thing that would make it better, send extra sponges
    I love the convenience of this! I have several rim sugars that I kept in bags, but now the sugars area ready to go whenever I want them!
    In theory, this device would save space and help ease bar service. However, we found the compartments to be too small to adequately rim the glasses. The set up is not as sturdy as we would have liked. We also found the entire device hard to clean. For a smaller bar, this may work well, but for our operations, this could not handle the wear and tear we put it through.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I made the best Margaritas after i bought this item, it works excellent with sugar and salt, lime juice on top, the bes and needed item in a bar!!!
    The Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments is a great addition to any bar, or event with a bar. It can hold your salt, your sugars, and your lime juice/water in the added sponge. It can easily close for nice compact storage. It holds a good amount of salt/sugars as well. I highly recommend this for anyone hosting an event with drinks. Your guests, and your bartender will greatly appreciate you!
    Perfect for getting a perfect layer of salt on rim of glass. The three compartments make it easy to offer a few different kinds of salt or sugar with out making a mess.
    What a nice and sophisticated approach to rimming glasses. Keeps all rimmers, as well as lime juice in the same place! I would highly recommend.
    Just your basic margarita glass rimmer. Spots for lime juice, sugar, salt and has a lid to cover while not in use. Does a good job.
    Basic model. It is well built and not difficult to use. I would recommend using velcor to attach it to the surface so bartenders can easily open and close with 1 hand. Otherwise it is a 2 hand process that will require a little more time. Although we are talking about seconds but in a bar tenders life that equates to mins pretty quickly. We I need to get more or replace them I will be this again.
    This glass rimmer is a little big and bulky for use at our small bar, but works well when needed. I just wish it was a little easier to open when needed in a rush!
    Great margarita glass rimmer. It is labeled and has compartments for salt and sugar but can also be used to with other ingredients. Folds up nicely and does not take up to much room. It is somewhat inconvenient to open and close. You may want to just leave it open during a bar shift or event but it does take up quite a bit of room when left open. I typically hand wash it in a 3 compartment sink and have not had any problems with it. You may need to replace the foam sponge that holds the lime juice after several uses. Fits most glasses including some 20 ounce margarita bowls. However, some of the larger Libbey margarita glasses need to rotated on an edge because the are to large to lay flush inside of the compartments.
    Great product for any type of full-service bar. This is very lightweight and compact for easy storage. Multiple compartments allow bartenders to make a variety of drinks in one easy step.
    Great for nights we do specials on margaritas, lemon drops, bloody marys, etc. Washes easily in our automatic dishwasher or by hand. Definitely a must for any bar!
    I make the best Dirty Martini. A good vodka and touch of vermouth then a splash of Stirrings DIrty Martini Syrup, shaken over ice, garnished with home made imported blue cheese stuffed olives and served in a glass rimmed with celery salt. YUM! I used to try different methods for rimming my glasses. This tool makes it very easy to rim them plus I can store the salt now rather than discarding it.
    These are great and every bar should have one. They keep the product inside fresh for a period of time and they clean super easily. Get yours today!
    Our staff loves using the glass rimmer. We use it for margaritas, but also our specialty cocktails, such as our Key Lime Pie martini. And the container is easy to clean.
    Looking to salt or sugar the brim of any drink this is the way to do it the easy use tool will save you a lot of time and they are a lot less expensive than what you can buy them for anywhere else .
    We use this for making margaritas. We are more of a brew pub and don't sell a lot of margaritas and this works for us. It's sometimes hard to get open, so if you a restaurant that sold a lot of margaritas I would not recommend.
    I was worried about the cheap plastic but each tier has a plastic leg that rests on the surface of the table. Works really great!
    this item is a no brainer for any one who has a bar. Must needed. This item is a great price and works great. Easy to clean and to open for use.
    Perfect price! Also did work well during a busy outside event, we used this in a very windy event and opening and closing the covers worked great.
    Great glass rimmer. This was made of a solid heavy duty plastic and not a cheap flimsy plastic. It swivels open easily with a broad range making is easy to use various compartments.
    I absolutely love this glass rimmer it makes it so easy to top your drink glasses. Now I don't have to go looking for flat containers to put the salts and sugars in.
    Better than I expected! I thought it would be flimsy (based on price) - I am very pleased to say I was wrong! Works wonderfully!
    A must have for any bar. We use ours to rim glasses with Old Bay or Salt. We keep the sponge in the top compartment filled with lime juice.
    Did exactly as described. Pretty easy to clean, folds up nice and neat for storage. Will eventually have to replace the lime juice sponge but that is to be expected.
    Great product. Great price. Will buy again as this does wear out but you can expect at least a year of heavy use. Every bar must have ine.
    Good little margarita rimmer. Price was great and works just as advertised. Great addition to any bar to help speed up the process of making margaritas.
    Product is as described. Gave one less star on this as it doesn't easily open to the bottom compartment and requires effort to do so. Not a quick access task.
    This dimmer works nicely for our margarita glasses.. we like it a lot.. it makes it easy to keep handy at the bar to get the drink out fast.
    Great compact glass rimmer! All in one and collapses shut for easy storage. It's clearly labeled and keeps the sugar and salt dry and seperate from the liquids.
    Perfect for rimming our margaritas. It adds a nice touch for those who want salt or sometimes sugar as a garnishing rim. Easy to store and use.
    I usually have a salt rimmer and a separate sugar rimmer. This product puts both of the things that I need in the same place for a reasonable price.
    This is a nice product. The size is great and the different compartments creates the perfect salting/sugaring option for a perfect Margarita with each use. Easy to open and a nice thick material is used to create the glass rimmer. I would recommend to other buyers.
    It's a little stiff and my staff has complained about opening and closing it, but considering that we don't rim too much, it's not terrible to deal with.
    These are ideal for part of your bar wear. Very convenient. Thank you for always having everyrhing i need right at my finger tips. Yay!
    Perfect to keep the sugars and salts in, these are quick to use and they are convenient to leave behind the bar, a simple label will help with similar looking salts
    Easy to disassemble and clean. Nice that the layers are labeled. Black plastic blends with bar counter top. Will definitely order again when we need it.
    This rimmer is perfect for the needs at our location! We are able to use multiple rimmers due to it having three compartments, originally we only used a single rimmer but this opened us up to more flavors.
    Glass rimmer works well and is sturdy. Lurches two and have yet to use the second rimmer as I got it as a back up.
    super great deal on the glass rimmer. must have for any bar or back yard bar. Great price and fast shipping. Made of great quality and will last long time.
    I love that this salter has three compartments! It really comes in handy in our bar. It's a great deal for your money and it's a hit at parties!
    This is a great margarita station. It is a must if you make many margaritas. Bartenders love these and they store well in the cooler.
    As with everything else on this website the price for this a great! We have a couple of these for our bar. Works well for rimming glasses and stores great.
    Costs more at a local store, price are very good at here, you can buy any thing for restaurants, make sure don't just buy one item.
    Your standard glass rimmer used for both margaritas and daiquiris. Good quality and the lowest price I've found on the internet. We've used for four years with no issues.
    The glass rimmer/salter has 3 separate compartments for your margarita fixings, love having everything in one place. Convenient, durable and easy to use, it’s been a great addition to our bar.
    this came in handy for my best friends party and my sons wedding.. i also love use it at home when we have small gatherings
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    Indispensable on our margarita night! The two trays are nice to offer salt and sugar rim. Very efficient. Easy to clean. Staff love using it. Thank you
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    This is a nice, solid product. I wish the pieces were removable in order to clean them out individually but besides that I love it!
    Indispensable on our margarita night! The two trays are nice to offer salt and sugar rims, sometimes we use it for coconut or cinnamon, really wows the customers!
    Love this! Inexpensive enough to purchase for my home bar. I use water in the "lime juice" section so I just wring out the foam piece after and leave in the drying rack. Purchased a variety of rimming sugars and salts from Webstaurant store to go with this, great prices. Highly recommend!
    Love, Love, Love this Glass Rimmer/ Margaritas Salter with 3 Compartments. Very efficient. Staff love using it. Customers love to have different options to choose from,Salt or sugar. We will reorder!
    Great product and the customers love the way we can salt or sugar their drink glasses. The sponge for the lime juice is a wonderful idea.
    Bought this item for home use and it's awesome! Instead of having 3 different plates it's compacted in one unit. Makes having more space available during gatherings more other stuff.
    For years, we have just been using plastic plates or containers to store salt and sugar and lime juice in. It seemed fine, was cheap, and always available. Unfortunately, it also led to lots of messes to clean up, product caking or getting contaminated, and mix ups between salt and sugar. No more. This cheap device perfectly organizes all the components one needs to rim a cocktail glass in a sleek, easy-to-clean contraption. It's not the most exciting bar tool in the world, but it is one of the most useful. If you are reading this, buy this item. It just works.
    used in the bar for salting rims on lots of things, also used for sugar. easy to clean and foam insert perfect for lime juice
    ease of use with Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments u shuold have this mostly if u have a bar so more efficiency to your bar tender or personally
    Love how easy this product is to use. It helps keep the bar neat, clean and organized. We have been using this product everyday for several months and it has help up well.
    Super convenient! Easy set up and we don't have to worry about any of the ingredients mixing together. With it's 3 compartment design it makes for easy storage and super fast clean up.
    I love the 3 compartments so it takes up less room and no need for multiples in the bar area. Sturdy product and is very easy to clean.
    It is a bit difficult to open at times. Other than that, it has all compartments needed for perfectly rimming any glass. A good buy in my opinion.
    These glass rimmers are very inexpensive but durable. We use them on all three of our bars and bartenders love them. I cant remember the last time I had to replace one. They get the job done and don't fall apart after a week.
    This is a high quality glass rimmer. Made of durable plastic. This is a must have for any bar, three compartments allow for multiple options for different drinks
    This is a great thing to have at a bar. Gives you 3 compartments for three options that are used in every bar these days, Cleans very well an is very durable to use everyday.
    This glass rimmer with three compartments in an excellent item. Gives you room for your lime juice, salt, and sugar. I strongly advise cleaning the lime sponge after each use.
    You can not have a proper bar set up without the rimmer. This one suits our needs well. We don't do a large variety of rimming so with salt and sugar compartments and the lime compartment it has our needs covered. Sometimes it gets a bit sticky and is difficult to open. Just need to keep it very clean.
    This glass rimmer and margarita salter is perfect. Three compartments for salt, sugar, and lime juice. If you are in the market for one this is it, by far the best rim job I've seen in years!!
    Just what you need to put salt rims on your margarita and sugar rings on your daiquiris. I just pull out the foam part and wipe the inside with a damp paper towels to get out the lime juice.
    Our current rimmer was looking crappy and I told our GM that I was spending a certain amout of the budget replacing worn items. Because i was ordering online, i was able to slip this in with it without over spending my approved amount.
    This compact fold up glass rimmer is just what the margarita drinker ordered. Easy to store and easy to use with containers for two condiments.
    This is a great rimmer to add to any bar. It makes it easy to rim any glass nicely and make it cover the entire top of the glass. I have used this for margaritas, bloody mary's, and just sugar rimmed glasses for random drinks. I would highly recommend this product.
    Very convenient way to keep your salt, sugar and lime available for rimming glass ware. We've forgone using the lime sponge as we don't do enough rimmed cocktails and it was easy to forget the lime juice to the point of mold growing in the sponge. Now we just run a lime wedge around the glass and go from there, works perfect!
    I would give these more stars if I could. I love using these for margaritas of course but also coffees and other blended cocktails. Easy.
    This is a wonderful little invention at a great price. The salt side is perfect for margaritas and the sugar side is great for berry drinks.
    Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments is a great product and it's nice that they have little sponges for the juice inside to wet your rim and then add it to the salt or sugar rim. Used it for side cars and margaritas.
    Finally the rims of cocktail glasses can be dampened consistently before putting them in your rimming salt or whatever you're using. One section holds a thin sponge that is soaked with liquid. Each glass you dip will be moistened to the same level. No more clumpy salt or skipped spaces. So easy.
    This is a must have for anyone serving salt/sugar rimmed drinks. The stacked design is space saving and clean up is a snap. We are going to order a few more because summer is right around the corner.
    purchased for a home margarita party. back in my bartending days these were a requirement. and wiith over 70 ppl coming to the margarita party i needed something to make the margaritas really pop!! this a great bonus to any bar (home or otherwise)
    Easy margaritas and salted drinks each time, a must have for any bar! Plus with the unbelievable price and super fast shipping from The Webstaurant Store, purchasing is a breeze!
    My margarita salter added a unique touch to my professional image providing bar services for a margarita themed event. This was my first job, but from now on I won't leave home without it
    the product is highly helpful for me and works so good I got it before and I recommend it for any one , it will do the job
    Makes rimming margarita glasses with salt or sugar (two separate compartments) so simple and easy. Perfect amount of liquid on the rim that provides just the right touch of salt/sugar. Easy to keep clean and tidy.
    It's your standard Glass Rimmer. Works Great and my staff loved it. Our course had never used a real rimmer before, so it was kinda fun to introduce the staff to one and the drinks that they would use the sugar one for. They love the way it folds up and sits on the bar.
    Best price on the web for these margarita salters. They are not just for cinco de mayo they are for everyday use as well. Love them.
    Standard rimmer at a great price. A must for every bar. Each level is labeled (salt, sugar, and lime juice) to eliminate any confusion. Very sturdy and built to last.
    This margarita salter works, but is kind of hard to open. Probably gets easier with more usage. It's very sturdy so won't have a problem with breakage.
    For the price this product is unbeatable! It is very high quality and cleans up very easily. My favorite part is how it folds down to store all without spilling the salt.
    If you like your Margaritas salted (or sugared), this accessory is an easy way to do it. It has 3 swing-out compartments: one for lime juice, one for salt, and one for sugar. Just coat the rim of the glass with juice and dip it in the salt. Very easy to use.
    it is necessary for our bar and it is well made.i wished it comes with the sponge for lime juice. other wise it is a perfect buy.
    The Black Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments is great. It adds flavor to the drinks .The customers love it. We use sugar as well as salt. Price is right.
    The Glass Rimmer /Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments is great.We use it for sugar , and salt ,So all of or drinks can have that special look and tast.Easy open and spill proof.
    This is a great compact margarita salter. It folds up to a little container with each individual compartment folding out. There's one with a sponge for you lime/lemon juice to moisten the glass rim and then one for salt and one for sugar. Makes it easy to transport, or empty individually if you need to clean them out, and to keep everything in one spot instead of all over the bar.
    Absolutely a must if you have alot of margarita traffic!! This is such a great product i wish i had thought of it! So easy and fast!
    yet another great product. i recomend getting atleast four of these. one set to have in use and a second set to use while the first is being cleaned.
    This is a great product to have in the bar which holds a lot of salt and sugar. This is a very stable device and I have only had to buy 1 for the bar and we have been open for 2 years now.
    This is perfect for any bar! It is very convenient to have all three bar necessities in one unit. Easy to clean and store. Durable too!
    These are perfect for our busy bar. We were previously using Tupperware containers which were such a pain to open in a hurry. Now, all of our salts and colored sugars are well organized and easily labeled. The best part is how easy they are to open! Also, they get pretty banged around and they stilled haven't spilt yet.
    These are essential to every bar, and also great to have at home if you want to have a margarita party with the fellas! Great buy.
    This glass rimmer/Margarita Salter looks great,works like a charm and does all kind of glasses. Everybody asks me where i got it from and i never say where because i end up to have to buy these time and time again lol so as fast as i buy 1 there is an interest.
    This is a Great Item for home or business use at a Great Price!! It is well constructed and durable!It is a must have for any bar!
    It's a 3 compartment great for bars that are very busy. Each bartender has his own and woshh.. Satisfied customer and efficient time. Price well too!
    The old glass rimmer/margarita salter that we had was cracked and the pieces never seem to fit together correctly. This one is so much better and I love the sponge that comes with it for the lime juice!
    High quality glass rimmers! Works wonders to produce beautiful cocktails in seconds! Easily cleanable and takes up a small amount of space. Great value and very durable!
    Great value item for maragaritas, bloody mary's, and any other cocktail where you need a rimmed glass. Constructed very well, high quality for the money.

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