18" x 24" x 1/2" White Cutting Board

Item #: 20318245

This large plastic cutting board is made of a solid, non-porous, high density polyethylene material made for safe food handling. The 18" x 24" cutting board provides a large surface for slicing into sandwiches or wraps, as well as food prep for other items.

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18" x 24" x 1/2" White Cutting Board

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cutting board boards great size price large easy buy clean
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    Impressed with the quality of this cutting board. It has held up very well, is heavy duty and a great value for the price. Will definitely be purchasing more.

    from East Durham Pie Company Posted on

    Durable, has held up well!

    nice cutting board with price but make sure u buy cleaner , because it get dirty and yellow colour on it if u can't buy cleaner so best way to used bleach

    from starvin marvin Posted on

    Great cutting board for large jobs. We use it to cut our sandwiches, and it is convenient because it holds a few at a time. It stays very white despite heavy use, and is in good shape still after almost 2 years!

    Posted on

    This is the largest cutting board I can find that still fits in my dishwasher. It provides a stable cutting surface, and I love it.

    Posted on

    This cutting board is fantastic. It is a great size, sturdy, and easy to keep clean. Blade cuts nicely on it, doesn't slide like some cheaper/thinner boards do. Pairs great with one of Webstaurant's "board buddy" non-slip mats.

    from Sana Food Mart Posted on

    I purchased this board to essentially expand my counter top space by placing it on my (Cool to the touch) stove. It fits perfectly for my use. The board is textured as shown in the pictures so if your using this board for dough or fondant, I would place parchment/wax paper or some oil but prefer to use the former. The size of the board does limit where you can wash or store it but I knew this prior to purchasing. A few users have said there are warping issues however I have not had any and this is not exposed to high enough temperatures to do so. Because it is polyethylene the temperature should be limited as the melting point is 115–135 °C (239–275 °F). Deformation of the board will most likely occur around 70-80 C so this may not be suited for dishwashers with heaters or very high water temperatures. There isn't really much else to review as it is just a cutting board.

    Posted on

    this is a very good cutting board. it is a nice size for a commercial or church kitchen. it is noce that you can bleach it also

    from st joseph church Posted on

    This is the grandfather of cutting boards. It is the kind of thing we use for cutting up lots of meat. I feel like I never run out of space.

    from Bomb Tacos LLC Posted on

    Your typical cutting board. Great value for the price and is a breeze to clean. Would highly recommend you buy one of these in any order.

    Posted on

    It's a good cutting board and won't hurt your knives, but make sure to put a towel under it because it's slippery. Dishwasher safe which is important for me.

    Posted on

    We never used to spend the money but getting color coded cutting boards is the only way to go! Keep things separate so there is no cross contamination. these are great and easy to clean!

    from Mesa Grande Taqueria Posted on

    These boards are inexpensive and good. They are the perfect size for chopping larger quantites of lettuce and tomatoes. I love that I can release a half sheet of baklava on one of these boards for cutting for individual servings.

    from St Anne Orthodox Church Posted on

    Make your Restaurant Great Again with new cutting boards. Before I saw how inexpensive these cutting boards were, I did silly things to try and extend the useful life of my old cutting boards. I even sanded down old cutting boards to get more use out of them. Now I just buy new ones every 1-2 years.

    from Lennys Subs Posted on

    Great standard cutting board! Nice and large, doesn't warp with the heat in the dish washer. We have resurfaced it once, and it worked very well.

    from Red Mile Posted on

    Simple cutting board can do the job without easily accumulating knife tracks. Cleans well and easy to carry around. Great value for the money. Thanks

    from The Pizza Man Posted on

    I live in an RV, so space is at a premium. This board is used primarily for cutting pizza and is an essential to my routine

    from HandyMan Posted on

    White cutting boards don't usually stay white for to long but these have shown differently. After dozens of uses they have cleaned easily through the dishwasher and come out practically brand new.

    from 4th Street Bistro Posted on

    We love this cutting board. We use this cutting board to cut our bread. Is¨s nice size cutting board for bigger cutting job and it¨s still fits to our dishwasher!

    from Tom Posted on

    Great cutting board. These are the cheapest I've seen them so I decided to get one in every color. It's nice to have them all in order to prevent cross contamination.

    from Ellen Renee Posted on

    This cutting board is the perfect size for my shop. Use it for all sorts of things: veggies, meat, slicing sandwiches. Also have the next size up, but this one gets used more often.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    This is a wonderful cutting board! Really great for butchering. Doesnt mark easily and washers really easily. It is a bit big for some kitchens and uses but amazing otherwise.

    Posted on

    i love these new cutting board, so much better than our old ones! seems much sturdier than our old one. less flimsy.. i would definitely recommend and buy again

    from FTS Posted on

    This is the standard "classic" plastic cutting board. Accept no substitutes. It works, can be cleaned, doesn't dull your knives, will last forever, and comes in many sizes. If you don't want some gimmicky board that'll fall apart, buy this.

    Posted on

    Pretty straight forward. I bought a case of these for my restaurants, and they are good quality boards, just as you'd expect them to be.

    from canton village Posted on

    Don't be sold on those silly colored cutting boards. These are great for daily use and can be bleached clean after use. At the price i was able to buy all that we needed.

    Posted on

    This is a no frills cutting board that gets the job done. The large size is perfect for bigger tasks and the variety of colors is perfect for preventing cross contamination.

    from Pulse UltraLounge Posted on

    a really straight forward item, the classic kitchen cutting board, decent weight and thickness. great for a multi purpose kitchen space, we use it for pretty much everything.

    Posted on

    This cutting board is massive. I needed one for cutting large roasts as I got tired of pushing two boards together. This one did the trick

    Posted on

    These cutting boards are very heavy duty. They are large enough to fit a everything you are prepping . I use them in my food truck

    from Chef on the Run LLC Posted on

    Nice sturdy large cutting board. Saves on my knives and preventing them from getting dull from cutting on stainless. Great price and easy to clean. Use on a daily basics cutting vegies.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    This is my "go to" cutting board. I love the large size, and it stores perfectly on my baker's rack. It is easy to clean and very versatile.

    from Hope Mountain Farm Posted on

    We have so many of these cutting boards! Almost every color!!! The size of the board is HUGE!!! Its a great large workspace! Easy to clean and VERY durable! The price is great compared to other companies out there!

    from Alicia Posted on

    Exactly what it says it is. It's your standard white cutting board. Easy on my knives, easy to clean. Can't ask for very much more

    from Proof Artisan Distillers Posted on

    We absolutely love these cutting boards. They do not slip on the stainless steel counter tops and hold up really well. They are easy to clean and you can't beat the price!

    from Fernando's Posted on

    Has held up well to heavy use right off the bat. cleans off easy and just fits in the dishwasher. wish it didn't slip as much as it does but its to be expected

    from Papi's Stuffed Sopapillas Posted on

    These cutting boards are nice and sturdy. They do warp a little after repeated high-temp washing, but mostly they have held up well under constant use. And the color coding is great.

    from Durham Co-op Market Posted on

    Good value I bought five of these cutting boards. The only reason I could see for buying a more expensive one is if you want the hooked ones that can hang dry on thier own

    from Unami sushi Posted on

    Very good price point for the quality of product received. Is it the nicest cutting board? No, but it does the job. I have a feeling this is one of those products that I will have to replace more often than I would like.

    Posted on

    These 18" x 24" x 1/2" White Cutting Board are really great! Sturdy, love the colors and great price. I would highly recommend this product!

    Posted on

    This cutting board is the perfect size for the bigger tasks in the kitchen. You can prep multiple items quickly and efficiently and you can't beat the price.

    from Rick's Lobby Cafe Posted on

    Simple spacious white cutting board. This cutting board comes in different colors, but I prefer the colorful cutting boards because they do not get as much food stains as this white one.

    from El Habanero Posted on

    These are the perfect size to fit on a bun rack. They are the size of a full sheet pan no sheet pan needed. They don't take up counter space and they dry quickly and safely.

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    Great cutting board for the price. The large size makes it easy for cutting everything from bread to meat to vegetables all without losing product off the side.

    Posted on

    This is a great cutting board that I use for meats and vegetables. The large size is very nice to line up the vegetable that need to be cut.

    from AJ'S Smoke Shack Posted on

    A beautiful white cutting board. It's good for bread. The large size is useful for cutting long baguettes. I enjoy using this board very much.

    Posted on

    This is my main cutting board. I have used it for buffalo, beef, pork, deer, turkeys... pretty much everything I cut up ends up on this. It works really well and I really like the larger size.

    from Home Use Posted on

    i had no idea cutting vegetables could be such a breeze. These super quality large cutting boards were perfect for my church catering. Now our meals are prepared in record time.

    from Innovations Unlimited Posted on

    Great cutting board! In our kitchen we like to color coordinate our cutting boards dependent upon the product being cut on them. We use the white ones for poultry.

    from lennys on the beach Posted on

    Good on knives but do NOT buy if you have high temp washing machine as they all warped badly. Thicker boards are worth the price.

    Posted on

    Good quality cutting board. I order a cutting board from another company and it was half the size for almost double the price. This I must say is a great buy

    from Funky fresh food truck Posted on

    Intended for cooked and baked foods, this white color-coded cutting board is a great way to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This board is quite large at 18x24" and should be plenty large for most projects.

    Posted on

    Good product. Easy to clean and durable. We have several of these cutting boards in our kitchen, and they have stood up well to lots of use.

    from Bent Spoon Bistro Posted on

    I will never buy another cutting board again. This one is so sturdy and easy to cut on. My knifes do not leave marks in it and most vibrant veggies do not leave any color residue. It is as white as the day I bought it.

    Posted on

    Best cutting board ever. Easy to clean. Easy on the knives. Very well made and it was exactly what we were looking for to use daily in our cafe.

    from The Cake's Truffle Posted on

    The White Cutting board is perfect for our busy restaurant. They are lightweight and easy to move from station to station. They are the perfect size for any job in the kitchen.

    from Golden Lion Cafe Posted on

    There's a reason every restaurant kitchen stocks these cutting boards. They're durable and easy to clean. We use the white for cutting bread and cheese.

    Posted on

    A standard cutting board we use for basic prep in the kitchen. We use this along with colored cutting boards to prevent cross contamination. Sturdy, and easy to clean.

    from Rip City Sandwiches Posted on

    This is a good size cutting board for a decent price. We use it in on our sandwich wrap station when cutting sandwiches. I would buy it again.

    Posted on

    This 18" x 24" x 1/2" cutting board in the poly white color is of great quality and will last a long time even with heavy use.

    from Blind Dog Posted on

    Great basic cutting board. The size is perfect for a commercial kitchen as you have plenty of space to cut one thing and push it to the side and cut another (being sure to only be working on like products to avoid cross contamination). Can not beat the price.

    from Private Club Posted on

    This is a high quality cutting board, although it was bigger than anticipated i would still recommend buying it. Cleaning it is hard to do if you have a small sink

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these cutting boards! Doesn't stain easily ! I recommend this product even for using in front of customers. Great sleek clean look!

    from RAB Marketing Inc Posted on

    this cutting board is very good. it is heavy and true size. if i need a cutting board again, i would buy this one. delivery very quick

    Posted on

    This cutting board is huge. It's very sturdy and good quality build. I have not removed it from the package because I don't have enough counter space to accommodate it. The price is excellent for the size and quality.

    Posted on

    This cutting board is perfect for all our prepping. Definitely alot bigger than what we expected. Should of done my measurements a little bit better.

    from Heaven in A Cup Posted on

    This 18'x24' cutting board is a nice product. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 7. I use this cutting board in my mobil food service trailer for daily food prep. I have owned mine for several months and it has help up well under light daily use. On the upside it is inexpensive, it is easy to clean and maintain and is light weight. On the downside it is a little on the small side. I recommend a larger board for medium to larger operations.

    from Tin Brook Bed & Breakfast Posted on

    I am so thrilled with this purchase. The price is better than anywhere on earth and I love that I now have so much space to work on for my sandwich business! Will order more!

    from The Lunch Lady Posted on

    This cutting board is such a great size and very thick. It is going to hold up to a lot of use and cleaning. Gives you a large work area to work on.

    Posted on

    Great cutting board for the money. I recommend getting a scraper so if you get nicks in the board you can smooth it down again just like new.

    from Bailey Enterprises Posted on

    Standard cutting board that we use as an alternate top o a wire rack. It fits right on top of the rack and we can easily remove it and wash as necessary.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    This cutting board is large enough to give a chef space to work off the counter, yet its thin enough that its easy to move around. It loses a star because it has taken some damage from knife blades.

    Posted on

    This is a great, extra large cutting board. It's thick and sturdy, and is perfect for chopping large amounts of fruits and veggies. There's plenty of space to push one pile to the side while you chop something else.

    Posted on

    These cutting boards are great quality and have been holding up well. They do get discolored but that is a simple fix with the whitener they sell on this website.

    from Verite Catering Posted on

    I don't use this cutting board as a normal cutting board. I use it to knead, roll and cut fondant pieces for cake decorations. I put some shortening or corn starch on the board and it works perfectly. It is a great size and the weight of it keeps it in place while I work. Might need a smaller one for little jobs!

    Posted on

    This is a great large cutting board for all purpose use in a kitchen. We have several for making sandwiches. Easy to clean and resurface as needed.

    Posted on

    24inches by 18inches sounds large, but when you get this in. it is larger than you expected. Exactly what i wanted. The size of the cutting board allows you to use your space for effectively and have a neater work environment.

    Posted on

    This cutting board is fantastic; not only am I saving my countertops, but I also am getting a good quality cutting board at a fantastic price.

    Posted on

    This white cutting board is great for small prep tasks! Nice handle makes it easy to hang on the wall for easy access! Easy to clean!

    Posted on

    This white poly cutting board is a perfect size for small spaces but gives you a large enough work area to cut many things. Easy to clean.

    Posted on

    Very easy to clean and only has a small bit of discoloration after 3 months of use. A good value for the money, and would recommend.

    from Cornerstone Country Market Posted on

    Cannot beat this one for the price. Easy to clean and heavy enough that it doesn't slide around on the prep table when cutting on it.

    Posted on

    This cutting board is great. It cleans up easily and is quite durable. This one is big enough to do a lot of work on.

    Posted on

    I love these cutting boards. They are light and versatile. Take them anywhere in the kitchen then run them through the dish machine and your clean and sanitized.

    Posted on

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