12" x 18" x 1/2" Green Cutting Board

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Food preparation is one of the most important aspects in your kitchen! Whether you're operating a bakery, cafe, deli, or 5-star restaurant, it's important to safely and effectively prepare your menu items, and with the help of this 12" x 18" poly green cutting board, now it's easier than ever to practice safe methods! This cutting board is made of non-porous, high-density polyethylene meaning it won't stain and won't absorb any juices, bacteria, or odors. Also, due to its material composition, it won't dull your knife's blade. Use this cutting board for cutting any items; however, it is important to adapt a color code system in your restaurant to prevent cross-contamination and to engage in food allergy management.

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12" x 18" x 1/2" Green Cutting Board

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cutting board color great boards easy size clean cross green
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    This is a great cutting board. And the price is exceptional! I've paid more than this for a smaller board at my local restaurant supply. These are big enough to chop just about anything you need to or roll out dough, while keeping items you need off to the side.
    Thick and sturdy cutting boards that feel like they will last a long time. I like the color coding ability. This size fits in my home dishwasher.
    This cutting board is a great value for what you get. It's larger and thicker than your normal home store cutting board. I like that there's no handle so you can use the entire length of the board.
    Cutting board is a nice heavy duty unit that looks like it will take a lot of abuse. I like how they are color coded for allergen use as well.
    Great cutting board for veggies. Love the color codes on these! Almost have all colors. Very easy to clean and store. Will order more for gigs
    Very affordable cutting board. I used it to slice/chop coconuts, veggies and fruits. I would recommend this to everyone that own a restaurant or even a house w/ a kitchen!
    I use this cutting board nearly daily, the color coding is helpful for quickly identifying this as the veggie board (green). Just the right size for the bottom rack of a standard home dishwasher which makes cleanup a snap. Very durable over many months of use.
    This cutting board is durable so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. It is Easy to clean and comes in a nice color.
    This cutting board has held up great to our household use. Doesn't show any issues with repeated dishwasher runs. Top does show knife marks, but they are all very shallow. Been using for over a year and very happy with it.
    This is a great buy. The color coding for food products is often overlooked but it's nice to be able to have your dish washers know by the color of the board how to clean something.
    This cutting board is perfect for our kitchen. It stands up against so much rigorous abuse that it's not even funny. Very easy to maintain.
    Really good product for the price. They are well made, very resistant and easy to clean. My customers are really pleased with these cutting boards.
    Great for the price. We use this for the bar when cutting fruit. The knife does leave marks in the plastic when cutting. Not much we can do about that. Glad to know they are inexpensive to replace. Would recommend.
    We do a lot of food prep for our company and these cutting boards are great for it! They do not wear and tear easily from your knives, great quality
    Great deal, I am very pleased with my purchase and I will definitely purchase more cutting boards from here in the future. Cant beat the price here
    I am so impressed with not only the quality but also the functionality of these cutting boards. I love that they are color-coded so there is never a chance of cross-contamination. I use the green for vegetables, the whites for fruits, the brown for cooked meat, the yellow for Poultry, red for raw meat, and the blue for fish.
    Our kitchen team really like this cutting board. We have coded our boards by color and use the green one for vegetables. This product have been very durable and I highly reccomend it.
    The cutting board is sturdy, easy to clean, and doesn't tend to slip around on the counter (which isn't usually the case for cutting boards!). They distinct, green color makes this easily identifiable as a cutting board for raw produce!
    Smaller sized cutting boards are such an essential tool for kitchens with less space. This cutting board is the perfect size and weight for sneaking a quick project in between stations.
    This cutting board is a perfect size for our deli and is a good strong quality. I have purchased theses in many of the colors.
    I use this every day, and it still looks good as new. No stains or challenging dents/scratches. I'd recommend you buy one of these and color code your kitchen cutting!
    I use this everyday and it has held up remarkably well. It is very sturdy and easy to clean. Love the color codes for less cross contamination!
    Awesome product. Simple and does the trick to help kitchen staff use the appropriate cutting boards for the right food item. They store and clean easily.
    We have had a few of these for over 2 years now (red, blue, green colors), purchased in the Webstaurant store in Lancaster. They stand up to the dishwasher and work perfectly as intended. Nice large size allows us to take care of the bigger projects (5 pounds of onions, etc.) without having to empty the cutting board after a little chopping. These barely show use from all the cuts, and wash up well. Unlike some other brands of cutting boards, these dry fast and easy, don't have to additionally air dry them AFTER the dishwasher dry, like the others we have from other stores.
    We use this color for vegetables and nothing else! It makes our kitchen look very professional! Easy to clean, very strong material, and unbeatable price!
    These cutting boards are strong and I love the colors that they come in. It's very easy to know which color is for which item. There is a negative... They tend to slide around on the tables.
    The color coded cutting boards are great for preventing cross contamination. We use the green one for cutting fresh vegetables. They will slide when you use them, but you can use a piece of shelf liner, a wet towel or other gripping item underneath.
    These cutting boards are great! Their quality is exceptional for the price, and we like that it was affordable to color code the cutting boards by getting a few in each color so as to avoid cross-contamination.
    These cutting boards are great at preventing cross contamination due to the different colors. They are very sturdy and easy to clean. Th price is great!
    Great cutting board for vegetable. Specially appreciate the size, durability and the fact that its still fit to our dishwasher. You can cut a lot of vegetable at the same time!
    This is a very durable product, easy to clean, and sold at a far better price than other places. Great that it is color coded so you know what type of food is meant to be placed on it to avoid contamination.
    This cutting Board has been used heavily for the past 6 months, still no need to replace it. I had purchased it for its small size for the bartenders to use to cut fruit ect. This works perfectly with no deep cutting marks
    This board is great at avoiding cross contamination, with the green being used only for veggies. We have had ours for over a year and they are still holding up great with light to moderate use. Much more affordable than the name brands and it is probably the exact same polyethylene plastic.
    Excellent cutting board for all purposes. It is easy to clean and does not move around on the counter. Definitely large enough to cut and chop items and then move to the side while prepping other things.
    Solid, standard cutting board. Well made. We use these to color code cutting boards used only for veggies. Would buy this product again - great price!
    My husband loves the size of this cutting board but the only problem is that it slips when cutting so we had to put a grip pad underneath which is annoying. But it has held up great.
    This cutting board is perfect, we use it a few times a day and it holds up well. The description was exact and cost was a great deal
    We have been using this cutting board heavily for the last year, and it's just as good as when we first got it. We would never buy another type again.
    Food Safety is of the upmost importance to us. Having a color coded cutting board system takes out any confusion that there may be. This cutting board is specific to cutting up any of our veggies. This is a great system to avoid cross contamination.
    After about 3 months of use, these started cupping. It is not too bad, and they are still usable. But it can make them awkward, and they do tend to slip around on the counter a bit as a result.
    Perfect for portable cutting of food. easy to stack for convenient storage. Color does not fade even after serval washes. Keep original size and shape even while being under hot temperatures of dishwashers.
    These cutting boards are excellent. They work well in this size for smaller kitchens and clean very easily. So far no odors have been absorbed and I use them every day.
    These are the perfect size to fit on a bun rack. They are the size of a half sheet pan, so 2 boards fit on one rack, no sheet pan needed. They don't take up counter space and they dry quickly and safely.
    We purchased 5 different colors of cutting boards, each with a intended purpose for sanitary reasons..this green one is for vegetables..very durable and won't crack or warp...easy to clean
    Its a sturdy board. it hasn't warped or anything. I use this for vegetables because its green. These boards are a great way to prevent cross contamination.
    This cutting board is heavy duty and really easy to use and clean. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be a built in handle. Would buy again.
    good for the VEG. they are color coded that way no one will say anything to you. buy more save more. I buy everything from here for my restaurant.
    The size is perfect for our kitchen, the material is good and heavy, and the color is as-advertised. We bought 2 and I would buy more.
    Excellent cutting boards! Size is great, as it allows me to chop several items on the same board. This thickness is just right to provide a durable cutting board.
    We use a couple of different colors in our kitchen to avoid cross contamination, so these are perfect. The size is just right too, not too small and not too big.
    Purchased the board for cutting veggies, and it's a very sturdy and high quality board. I was impressed with the quality of the board for the price. Great Bargain! Will purchase again.
    We bought a couple of these cutting boards over four years ago. We use them every day in our kitchen. They are a little cut up but still look good. Great Item At a good price.
    12" x 18" x 1/2" Cutting Board Green great price on this board would buy this over and over for the money you can't go wrong.
    If you're looking for a vegetable cutting board (and you should be using color-coded boards) this is the one you want. It's plenty big for medium batches but not so large that it's unwieldy. The 1/2" thickness is plenty sturdy and should last many years.
    Great product, easy to clean. Perfect for small cutting jobs. My favorite of all my cutting boards. It's just a green as the day I bought it too! We do a lot of chopping too!
    Perfect size. Big enough to cut whole pork butts using a 12" chefs knife. Thick and sturdy. This was a good purchase. I love the color coating to prevent cross contaminating, the color doesnt bleed either.
    No excuse to the food inspector any longer! These are economical enough where you can have individual cutting boards throughout your prep area for each category. Very heavy duty! Half the price and twice the quality of your local supplier. I love the value from Webstaurant store, they are really looking out for the small business owners!
    Excellent cutting board. I had 2 other favorites (smaller ones) until these arrived. They sit stable on the table, (one of my former ones was designed for the blind, my Father's) this is steadier. So I love the security. The color coding is really nice for a restaurant facility but I just stick mine in the dish washer so I am not too concerned with the color coding issue. I would buy again, however I doubt I would have to as these will more than likely last me years. GREAT product.
    I bought these to use at my home for when I prepare meals for people at my church who are sick or grieving. They allow me to bring some of the preventative measures taken in the professional kitchen to my own kitchen. I wanted to be sure that I provided the best prepared, both hygenically and tasty meals.
    Very nice cutting board with ample surface area to cut whatever I'm working on and slide it to the side. It's nice enough I just leave it on the counter to cut bread on too.
    Whoever came up with color coded cutting boards is a genius. these simple boards are a great smaller size and are thick enough not to warp. Great product.
    These are great cutting boards for the price. We use the green ones and they have held up well for the past year we've used them.
    Color-coding cutting boards makes sense at work and at home. Using a set of these at home is helping my roommates avoid the possibility of cross-contamination issues.
    High quality cutting boards that help with preventing cross contamination! This green cutting board is good for vegetables! Great large size! Easy to wash and remove scratches over time!!
    good quality cutting boards, and priced rite. when they get old and messed up you can just throw them out and not worry about how much they cost
    I use these cutting boards at work and we have had the same ones for about 4 years! They are great in nursing homes in hospitals. Don't risk cross contamination and buy the whole set!
    Nice NSF cutting board. Much nicer quality than the other plastic boards I have owned in the past. Good size and the color coding is great.
    love this cutting board. the size is perfect and the weight is perfect. green is used for all our veggie and produce tasks and with a quick soak and scrub they are easily ready for the next task.
    These are very good quality and you can't go wrong with the color coding on them. They are sized well for ample space to work. You can even buy the skid resistent pads to go under them. Great price. Good buy.
    This is a nice cutting board for both home use and restaurant use. I like how small it is so you can very easily travel with it.
    The multiple colors are great. Use this for color coordination for cutting different stuff from veggies to meat to fish. Very easy to clean and store.
    This cutting board has held up well at the local farmers market where I do cooking demonstrations. It cleans up easily and has survived several falls. The multiple colors are great for food safety and keeping track of prep use.
    this is very good price for the cutting board. we bought different colors to identify which is for what kind of food. they are very good to use.
    Very good cutting surface. We purchased these after using similar cutting boards that had cut outs for handles. Food always seemed to end up in the hole. These provide an easily sanitized surface without that problem.
    Super duty cutting board. Great for all types of cutting. The board is quite heavy though. It is certified, so it is recommended that you get one for your business.

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