Solwave Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave with Dial Control - 120V, 1000W

Item #: 180MW1000D

This Solwave commercial microwave with dial control is a perfect way to save time and provide quick heating capabilities at your concession stand, convenience store, lunch room, snack bar, coffee shop, or other quick-serve establishment. This easy-to-use, light duty unit boasts 1000W of microwave power that is ideal for warming soups, sandwiches, prepackaged lunches, beverages, and more.

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Solwave Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave with Dial Control - 120V, 1000W

4.4 stars from 89 reviews

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microwave great easy price works dial commercial recommend bought clean
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Still fairly new but it's a bit odd. It sounds like it's still running even after it's done, sometimes the light will stay on for a while even though the door is seems to have a few "quirks" that I'm not used to. It's not an issue but I imagine these oddities will end up to it breaking down before a year is up.

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Bought in 01/2017, and it's dead on 11/26/2020, almost 4 years of service. This life span is too short for commercial equipment. Other then that, it works well. Going to have to buy a another one, but not this brand nor model.


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1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This microwave is very durable. We have had it for over 2 years and it keeps going strong. The only issue we have had is with the inside peeling, but other than that it is very durable.

from Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop on

Great little microwave. I have had this in my restaurant for almost 4 years. There has been no problems. Stainless steel very easy to keep clean.

from Bob Dog Pizza on

Set to STUN! This super microwave will melt the chocolate right out of your bowl! Easy to use, Easy to clean... make sure you remember it is SUPER POWERED. Newbies will melt all your stuff!

from SNB on

I love this microwave. I bought to use it in a food truck. It's quality is good and the price is low. You don't need too pay too much

from taco guacamole on

Perfect microwave for summer food service program. Heats quickly, easy to use. Never a concern. Easy to wipe out and clean. Cooks like this one much better than the one we replaced.

from Feeding the Children of Central Kansas on

Great microwave, easy to use. Heats foods efficiently and quickly. Sleek design fits on most any shelf. I recommend that this for anyone looking for a small microwave,

from Hood Canal School District #404 on

Lasting microwave for high functioning restaurant . Lasts a Long time and heats food extremely quick . Have purchased more than one for numerous restaurants which says a lot

from marlboro diner on

Good, product, very easy to use and clean. the dial is nice and easier than buttons and no worrying about timer vs cook. for the low price id say its a good buy.

from Romano's on

Purchased this product a few times. First of all it is of great value! when taken care of and used with care, this can last you for years. Unfortunately in a busy restaurant cooks are constantly using it and banging the doors. This causes the life of the product to decrease. Nevertheless, it is in no way a bad microwave. It is strong, well built and works well. We have it on the servers line, cooks line. Main issue over the years that make us change it is the turn knob, it gets de-sensitive and does not set/does not work. Overall a good buy!


The oven was a bit smaller than expected, we thought it would be standard size; but nonetheless; it is very nice and very functional. We use it for small portions, and average size plates.

from Casa Antigua Restaurant & Grill on

I bought it in 2018 and It lasted less than a year before it stopped working. I would not recommend buying it without a warranty in place.


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Really good quality, works perfect, is efficient. We use it every day and works like day one. Free delivery on it is a must, just buy another one

from Valtti Food Services on

Very good microwave! With its stainless steel exterior, it is very easy to keep clean, and with its dial control and easy to read warming instructions it has been great for warming up and defrosting food.

from Craig's Shave Ice on

Works fine but does not have a plate so I feel like things don’t heat up properly. Also the max time you can put is 6 min at a time. And there are no other functions (defrost, reheat, etc). For a commercial microwave I would also have liked it to have more space inside.

from milk + sugar on

The item has been A+. We do not hear much by microwave on the food truck but when we need it, this micowave comes in handily.


Good for reheating foods. Heats up really well. Would definately recommend for an essebtial item in the kitchen. Every house hold should have one of these.

from Natural Ethics on

Use this microwave for low volume. You can not fit a 1 gallon square cambro inside the microwave. The price is right for light duty use. Overall, I use this microwave for small applications and low volume so my purchase was perfectly matched for my needs.


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Durable, reliable , good quality and fast heating, easy to clean that was my second microwave the same kind I ordered it’s helping me a lot when I’m busy.

from Star’s Cafe on

I love this microwave. Was looking for something without a turntable. This fits the bill. The only downside is it cooks in 15 second increments. So if I only need to cook for 10 seconds, like butter, I have to keep an eye on it. It isnt that big of a deal.


It does what is is supposed to, heat up the content inside. But maybe because this unit does not have a disc that spins inside, it does not quite thaw food as my other microwave does. I ordered this because the Health Department came out for inspection and labeled my existing one as Employee Only for not being NSF. This was is NSF but I would not recommend its performance.

from Xplozone LLC on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Great commercial microwave. Had mine for over 2 years now and it keeps on cooking. Easy for staff to use. No buttons to try to figure out. Easy to clean and great size for a small kitchen

from Sunrise Donuts on

Hi there! Two month ago I bought this microwave! I’m very exciting. Didn’t have problem, very fast heat up my food, absolutely 5 stars! Looks very nice!


I have burned up two microwaves prior purchasing this one. That was one reason for waiting to review. This one is still going strong. The fan runs after the microwave shuts off. The timer only goes to six minuets and there is not temp setting, like for 1/2 power or defrosting. For simple reheating or melting chocolate or butter. It works great. I think it would work well in an office or breakroom.

from Butchers wife catering on

Paid a low price didn’t expect to be great but it works just as well as my old one that I paid over 500 for. Definitely worth it

from Belleria pizza and italian restaurant on

Used this microwave for many years in my kitchen for multi-purpose things. Good quality, still working good. price was excellent. I didn't want an expensively banded microwave. This one does the job perfectly.

from The Boardroom Restaurant on

These are a very good price but the knob does start to not work over time. It is very sensitive and your employees have to be gentle with it as it is very touchy.

from Adel's Restaurant on

microwave easy handling, exact size for a medium kitchen, good cooking is exactly what appears in the images of the reviews, and at a great price, I highly recommend it


Great bang for the buck, easy set up, easy use. I was it was more it allowed for more custom cook times, but its only 15 second intervals and up.


Have a small bar & grill, bought 6 or 7 months ago- worked great for a while then started not turning on then a few days later it went out. Had to run to Home Depot and get a cheap home microwave in the middle of breakfast rush. Threw this one in the trash! A lot of money for 7 months of use. I do not recommend this product.

from Zombiez bar & grill on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

So far so good. This microwave gives a good look to my shop, being all stainless steel it shows the pro face of our shop.

from PK2 Helados on

This Solve Stainless Steel microwave with the dial control is great! It heats up well and is a quality built product! I love the dial because it is faster to set time than messing with buttons. Just turn it and set it.

from Ramen Inochi on

We use this for breakfast cooking at a hotel. Its very durable with several options. The fan keep running for a long time. Not sure if its something in the settings or its just how its built.

from wickliffe hospitality on

Great microwave for doing a quick warm-up. I don't like however, that it's quite low-powered. It does not seem like 1000 watts worth of heating power, as a cup of coffee takes well over a minute and a half just to warm up.

from Chippys on

For the price this microwave is great for a small restaurant and our restaurant we don’t use a microwave that much so for the money this is a great product .

from DiNardis Pizza&Pasta on

Great microwave. Easy to use and highly recommended! There is no rotating dish inside so it is easy to clean and manage! Buy it today!


This was the most inexpensive NSF listed microwave I could find, and we needed one for the coffee shop. Works great, only one setting, but all you need to reheat things like scones and cinnamon rolls.


This microwave was exactly what we needed. Something that fits the health department requirements for commercial, is powerful, compact, since we really won't use it a ton except to melt chocolate.. Great price too!


Very easy to use. Bought for basement bar area and even my 84 year old father in law could gunfire it out without instruction. Use it on a daily basis with no issues so far.


Great price!! And FREE SHIPPING!! My store manager couldn't believe how fast this item arrived. Our store is in the greater Atlanta area. We are very pleased with Webstaurant!!


Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave is a great choice, easy to use and with a great price. One of the perfect microwave for home or convenient store.

from Amazing Home Depot on

The dial works like a charm. No mystery about which buttons to push to turn on the microwave for a certain amount of time. It looks very sleek and professional in our cafe on the back counter where customers can see it.

from Full of Beans Cafe on

This microwave works well. What I like best however is the simplicity of it. Just turn the knob to,your desired amount of time and your read to cook.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

this microwave is one of the best out there, i have one in my home and its great for quick reheat,cooking, and warming up your food.


I love Solwave microwave. Excellent Product. the price is amazingly good. the quality is perfect. the good thing is it heats up the stuff so fast. totally recommend it.


In our facility we work with adults with disabilities. This item is very user friendly. We have not had any problems with anyone not knowing how to use the dial and it is very easy to clean up.

from LifeScape on

Probably the best value commercial grade microwave out there and it works a real treat. Easy to operate and sleek looking also! I recommend it!

from 5 Points Coffee & Tea on

Love this microwave! We heat everything up with this guy. Everything heats up quick. It's super easy to use and compact to store in our small kitchen at our coffee shop.

from spl. coffee on

LOVE this little microwave! It's a champ! It keeps up with our demand, enough to where we ended up buying another one to accompany it. Easy to clean, doesn't kling to odors, and is quick to use with the time dial. Highly recommend this, its inexpensive, but its great!

from Mudslingers on

Solwave Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave with Dial Control - 120V, 1000W I tell you what I normally honestly don't use microwaves but I like this one very easy to use fast and hot quickly

from PowerQuee Media on

Awesome little machine. Very easy to use, only one dial to mess with and with gloves on the knob is big enough to easily turn.


easy to use, great price, and fast shipping. I love the turn dial start operations as it takes the guess work out of any which buttons you


I bought this because I am sick and tired of stupid programmable microwaves. This is an awesome piece of equipment for little green. I am using it in my home. It does not have a turntable which is another plus. It is very high tech as it radiates energy everywhere evenly. I ordered it on a Sunday night. It was in my home running on the following Tuesday. Ya can't beat that!


ANYONE WHO WRITES A 1 STAR REVIEW FOR THIS - Idiots. This is the cheapest commercial rated microwave out there. Can't beat this price. Health Inspector will get you for not using a "commercial grade microwave" This meets all the requirements. Not the easiest to use but at least its commercial grade.

from Hanaro on

It is compact and works well for what we need. We could not be happier with it. Love the dial control. No thinking involved, no programming, no effort. Does the job well!

from Governor's Quarters on

Webstaurant store is about high quality and low price! I bought this product for the low price. We use it to cook hamburgers, meatballs and cheesesteak! I gave it 4 stars!

from Queens pizzaria on

We have had this microwave for a year now and we have been very impressed. We thought it would not last due to its inexpensive price, but were wrong. We use it every day in our restaurant and it works just as good as when we first bought it.

from Paineyra, LLC on

Very good value for the price on this microwave. We were on a budget when we purchased this and we are happy so far. This isn't as high quality and heavy as a more expensive model, but a definitely great microwave for the price.


The boxed arrived beat up & slithly wet on the bottom. (Fed ex fault maybe?) I couldn't install it at the restaurant until a couple day later but when we went to use it, it wasn't working as good as we expected. I give it 3 stars because the 1000w residential we have works better & only cost a fraction of the price. I wanted to blame the poor shipping because I'm thinking it might had damaged the microwave. Customer service did offer to get me in contact with the manufacturer since we used it they couldn't replace or refund me. I decided to donate it to someone in need as I don't have the time to deal with the manufacturer. Overall we get what we pay for. Cheap lesson [cheaper than college ;)] I recommended spending the extra $ for a better one or just go to another company & get one with warranty.

from Little Mexico on

We’re sorry this product did not meet your expectations. Our friendly Customer Solutions Representatives are always available to assist you with any questions or issues before or after your purchase!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

We love this micro wave at the United States Post Office. We have them located throughout the building in the break areas and cafeteria. We have over 1000 people in the building so we needed microwaves that were affordable, dependable, sturdy and could take the wear and tear of constant use. This microwave is the one!! I highly recommend the purchase of this microwave.

from USPS Social and Rec c/o Karen Johannesson on

Webstaurant recommended this as a lower priced alternative to the Amana so we tried it. Bottom part of the door handle came loose after first use......hopefully, this will be the only problem with this oven and that it will last a long time. We will keep you posted

from Margaritas Mercer Village on

Thank you for your review, Bradford! We are sorry the bottom part of your microwave handle broke off. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

The brand is great i was gonna buy defrant brand and the website recomnded this item so I said lets try it an its really worth it.

from Aboshie LLC on

This is an excellent commercial microwave and very east to clean at an amazing price. Definitely can handle a lot of heavy use as well.

from Creamland Food & Ice Cream LLC on

Bought this Nov 2015. Stopped heating today :( 6 Mo warranty....I will never buy here again. Another site will take care of me from now on.


We appreciate your review, Ann! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Easy to clean: There's no rotating carousel, because there's an internal microwave deflector (the microwave standing wave pattern is constanly changing) So you can quickly clean the inside cavity - it's stainless steel on top, back, and sides.

from FTS on

Very pretty microwave. It has a very spacious space inside. It is also.very sturdy and easy to use. I love mine and I recommend it


This really is a great microwave. Large enough on the inside to fit our plates, doesn't scorch the food, heats thoroughly. I would use this in my home!

from Shuckers Oyster House on

We really like the quality of this microwave, especially for the price. No great bells and whistles, but does the trick. The simple dial lights for seconds/minutes. Easy to clean. Heats up product very quickly.


very nice and nicely made microwave, easy to clean. No problem yet and using this product for more than a year now. Very happy with this investment


Extremely disappointed with this item. Microwave started working well for about a week and all of the sudden it stop heating my food. We tried different food items and sure enough, the microwave is not heating. Not recommended at all.

from Glamour Sweets, LLC on

Thank you for the review, Oscar. We apologize for any inconvenience this microwave may have caused you. A Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact with you until this issue has been fully resolved.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This is now the only microwave I will purchase! The dial is easy to use, the unit is easy to clean and we use them heavily and they last about two years, A couple have been kicking for even longer!

from The Pizza Man on

This is actually a really great microwave. I wasn't sure how it would turn out since it's commercial, but I like it. It works well, and I'll probably have it for many years.

0 out of 1 found this review helpful

This is a top brand! Solwave is commercial quality. This unit takes up a very small footprint in the kitchen, it warms food up quickly and cooks very thoroughly too. I would recommend this to any business serving food!


I purchased this Microwave oven for our small hotel breakfast operations. So far we've had it in use almost 5 months and it is great. It's easy to use for both our guests and our staff. I love the turn dial start operations as it takes the guess work out of any which buttons you need to press; resulting in quick use and less frustrated guests. I'd definitely buy again if the need arises.


I love this microwave! I got so sick of microwaves breaking down, so I decided to buy a commercial microwave. This has out lasted any of my previous microwaves I have ever own, but they were Walmart bought microwaves. I have had this one for 3 years and it gets used constantly with new issues. I really like that it is simple use, just turn a know. This have changed my whole buying habits! I am just a home owner, but now i am buying all commercial appliances since they seem to be built better then the residential ones.


Great microwave at a great price. I would definitely recommend. We use our microwave a great bit and it lasted a long time for us

from Zeppe's Pizzeria on

This was inexpensive compared to others I looked at so I was a bit sceptical, but it is working great for my coffee shop. Heats fast very user friendly. Highly recommend this

from Triple Moon Coffee Company on

When all my microwaves gave up on me, this one saved my business from losing a days worth of business. These microwaves function up to high standard and exactly the amount of heat/watts that suits my food to perfection. I recommend this product to everyone.

from gokul sweets on

This microwave broke after a year and a half of use. As I type this review it is in my garage. The cost of getting it fixed is the same price as getting a new one, but should a company make a product that only lasts until there is no warranty? Should a commercial microwave only work for a few years? Let's just say you get what you pay for. Buy at your own risk.

from GAILS on

Microwave works great. Spin the dial to the desired time and it turns on. No buttons to mess with or guesswork about resetting buttons to specific times. I do wish it had an LCD screen showing time remaining.

from ChocMo on

It has been working fine. I wish it could heat faster. It is kind of weak power. consideribg good price, i am like it s fine

from Trinitea & Co. on

This microwave is exactly what we were looking for and works great in our commercial kitchen. Very quick, simply and easy to use - perfect for a busy restaurant!

from Fields of Pizza on

So far, we are happy with these microwaves. We purchased four of them for our lunchroom, and they arrived two days before the estimated shipping date. This was the best price around, and hope to have these for a long time!


We purchased two of these for our server side of the line. We have used them a handful of times each day for the last 12 months, and it is still going strong. For the price, she's a beauty.


This was a good economical solution when we needed it but with very light use (two or three times a day, five days a week) it's suddenly stopped working after a year. It's difficult to be too upset as it was pretty darn cheap and you get what you pay for, but I can't say that I'm particularly thrilled about having to rush around for a replacement.

from Kitty's Coffee on

This has been a great microwave. It is very easy to use and heats up food really fast. It has held up really well even though it is used a lot.

from Golden Rule BBQ on

This microwave does the trick for our small deli and sandwich shop. It's quiet, and the turn dial for time could t be easier to use. Would recommend d this to anyo e needing a commercial microwave. The shipping was fast as well. Thanks!!

from Troy Bulk Barn & Deli on

With 5 restaurants we go through a lot of microwaves. This item has lasted much longer than it's competition. I have been extremely please with the price as well as the life of this item.

from The Deck on

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