Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

Item #: 177IC1800

This Avantco IC1800 countertop induction range delivers superior usability and performance for all your cooking needs! Perfect for use in omelet stations, catering services, display cooking, and other light-duty applications, this induction unit is safer than conventional countertop ranges since there's no open flame or exposed burner. And thanks to its innovative technology, this cooker heats up in as little as one minute. Plus, this range boasts a sleek, stainless steel design for a professional look that will impress your guests, while being easy to clean.

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Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

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great induction temperature range heats quickly high top cooker easy
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The description for this appliance states that it 'is compatible with induction-ready pans that have a bottom diameter between 4 3/4" and 10 1/4".' In my experience, this is a very misleading statement. The device is not capable of heating a 10 1/4" pan from edge to edge. In my experience, it only heats a circle of approximately 7.5 - 8" in diameter (my best guess). Cooking pancakes this morning on a 9 1/2" cast iron pan, I was not able to use the entire pan, only the middle of it. Furthermore, heating only the center of the pan caused it to deform and bow out in the middle. After cooling down, the pan went back to its original flat shape. Nevertheless, that is not something I am comfortable subjecting my pans to regularly. On the plus side, the appliance was able to boil around 12 cups of jam in less than 15 minutes, much faster than we are used to with gas. The small heating area did not pose a problem for this task. I would only recommend this product for people who strictly use it to heat liquids (where the small heating area is a non-issue), or who use sautee pans with 8" diameter or less. Outside of those two uses, I absolutely would not recommend this product to anyone. I believed that the product description was made in good faith, and that I would be able to reasonably use my 9 1/2" pans with this product. I was even willing to pay a premium for this feature, since similar, cheaper products on other sites don't make the same claims. Unfortunately, I am unable to return this product since I have already used it. I will plan to make a video review as well in case that is helpful to people considering this product. Read Less Read More


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Great induction range. Heats water very quickly! It does make a slight high pitch noise when cranked up but it’s easy to ignore. Plenty of power too!

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Pros: * Simple interface, physical power adjustment knob Cons: * Unit is advertised as being 1800W, it only draws about 1550W. My existing induction burner correctly pulls 1800W from the same outlet using the same pans at max power. * Unit produces an ear-splitting high pitch whistle at higher power that causes headaches in everyone nearby. My existing induction burner does not have this issue, again using the same pans


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Works great. Really nice even temperature, great for simmering soups and gravies without scorching. It doesn't get hot enough to sear effectively, but it gets a lot of use from our pastry chef to do double boilers.

from Stanley Supper Club LLC on

from pw food enterprises inc on

We use these Ranges all the time they are very useful and practical . very durable and worth the money , highly recommend

from Allina's Pizza on

In our prep kitchen, we have done everything we can to eliminate open flames so these induction burners have been a must-have. The catering staff has been very happy with the performance and I have liked it so much I bought one for home personal use as well. Very easy to use as long as you have the proper cookware.

from Heroncrest on

nice cooker, I will buy again. it heat up fast, good induction frying pan heat up a bit faster. my Gas supply is inadequate in pressure it is a good alternative choice. i can easily adjust accurate heating power, i don't need to worry my food will be burnt when I am cooking other thing in the same time.

from Ka W Tam on

The thermostat knob broke after 2 weeks no option for replacement called for parts they don't have, if they have parts available I'll give them 3 stars otherwise don't waste money.

from H cafe on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Induction is perfect device whenever we do not have access to our main kitchen. Warms fast and keeps heat consistent and stable. Very reliable - would highly recommend.

from Blackstone Consulting on

I purchased this because of the price, I was a little leary from mixed reviews. I personally never had a problem with this company. But I was concerned about this ear splitting headache sound many complained about if turned up high. I know its a few days before 2021. I just received it and tried it for 3 hours on number 15 and 460F. With 4 cooks in the kitchen and silent there was no headache splitting sound coming out of this induction cooker. And yes it was cooking at high temp not just turned on. I cancelled my Winco EC-400 order from another vendor. That unit was more then 2x the price. Truthfully its built well and if it died in a year I still got my moneys worth. I tell it the way it is.

from G&M Deli on

Long lasting and works fairly well for standard heating and light sautee. We've had no issues for years of mostly light use service in a restaurant.


Got this to have an option close to my work space that I can control better than the range. I absolutely love it! it is super! highly recommend it

from Ba-Li Cravings on

Have three of these in constant rotation. Is very easy to setup and use, a great alternative to gas burners. These heat up quickly and evenly.

from Ganache pattiserie on

first use out of box, item produces a ear splitting high frequency when turned up high. its 2 hours later and my ears as ringing hard. also though the display shows three digits, the dial only goes up to 15.


We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

It heats very unevenly; demonstrable when boiling water in a stock pot of low or high quality. It burns in spots in cast iron and French carbon steel pans. I would never buy again.


Thank you for your review, Douglas! We are sorry this Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Good value. Have used other similarly-priced induction burners before and this one is the best so far. Quiet and reasonably quick to heat. Timer counts in 5 min increments, would be nice if it were single minutes.


This heats up food quick and evenly. An awesome value piece of equipment. Works as good as some 3 or 4 times the price. Highly Recommend!!

from Alpha Dogs 187 LLC on

This induction range works really well in our coffee shop for smaller cooking tasks. It has held up well to several months of use. I would recommend.


This is a great tool to have in your kitchen. Very easy to use and looks very professional. The safety factor is also a nice feature.

from Admire, LLC on

Mine is not the typical use of this burner but I know many other dye artists who use these for steaming dyed wools and silks. I had been using ceramic burners up until now which are no longer available so decided to switch to induction. This is a good sturdy unit that does its intended job. But I needed more information than the manual had so contacted Advantco with my questions which is what prompted me to write a review. Not only did they answer my email regarding my cool down questions and using the burner the way I am but they asked for detailed information, then an engineer answered me and my follow up questions very specifically and was so informative and incredibly helpful. I tend to judge companies on their customer service and so far webstaurant.com and Avantco have my undivided attention for equipment for my studio. Very pleased and will be buying two more (possibly 4) of these burners to add to the two I already purchased for fiber steaming stations.

from allons-y! fiber arts on

Got this for a great deal. This induction burner is great when you want heat fast. It boils water or any food item very quickly.

from Caldwell Hospice on

Bought 2 of these when we opened our business 3 years ago. One lasted for about a year and a half and had to replace. 2nd one just died on me after 3 years of pretty heavy use. Going to replace with the same one. I would recommend this product. very happy with what we got out of it for the price.

from The Pizza Buffet on

Perfect use for our offsite event. Mostly the offsite location does not have a hood so this electric cooker is so helpful. Cooks almost everything quickly would recommend.


Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W is awesome. We can put it anywhere that we need it and use it when we need it.


For the money you just can't go wrong. They work as they should and heat/cool very quickly. It is nice to not have to change butane canisters all the time.

from Aviands on

The Avantco IC1800 induction cooker has great versatility with temperature and wattage control. This thing works great. This is my third purchase of the exact unit and the first one I bought 4 years ago still works.

from The Poke Shack on

Every store we open we do not have a hood exhaust system so these are perfect for us to cool small batch items in them

from Bricks Wood Fired Pizza & Cafe on

This Avantco Countertop Induction Range hot plate is awesome! I have never used a hot plate before so I was suprised how great they work. We bought a pot with it and it works like a charm.

from Dark Moon Coffee LLC on

Easy to use, easy to clean, and safe. It alarms when you remove a pan off without turning it off, and it makes an annoying high pitched whine (for safety) when you crank the dial to 15.


Overall a good product. Haven't had any major issues besides the sound. The product did state that it was perfect for stationed cooking, such as omelet stations for guests. I would not advise this product if you plan to use over the 6 heat setting. Anything higher omits a high frequency tone. This is something that I wouldn't want to talk over while a guest is trying to tell me what they want on their omelet.


We recommend this range over the ICBTM-20 range because it has better controls for getting the exact amount of heat you need. One issue with all Avantco induction ranges is the loud beep with every button push. If you take the screws out of the bottom, you can find the cylindrical black beeping module and remove it from the logic. The range will still work fine, but you will void your warranty. It's a cheap range, so it the warranty really doesn't matter.


A great addition to any restaurant! A solid workhorse! Our Induction cooktop is used at a minimum of 3 hours a day without any issues...

from The Wooden Spoon on

This range is excellent. It responds instantly to temperature adjustments and allows for fine control while cooking. Depending on the pan, setting, and how full it is, the cooler can at times let off a high pitched noise. Otherwise, this is a great product.


Purchased two about 2 years ago. Both broke down within a week or two apart. Warranty is only good for 6 months so its basically trash. I guess you get what you pay for with the price. Worked for us while it did...

from Zeytuna on

I've purchased 2 of these and so far so good. The high pitched sound is audible if you use the temperature setting. However, if you use the power setting, the high pitch sound is not as audible. It's not as noticeable in a noisy environment and as long as you don't put the setting to high. It works fine for me as I only need it to boil water.

from Bobaville on

We love this induction range. It is a good size for the majority of pots we have, and it has lasted a long time! The cord opened slightly, so we used electrical tape to reseal it and it is as good as new!

from Pie Bar on

Love these. Super dependable induction tops. We use them for prep and during service. No complaints whatsoever, and they are really a very good value.

from Courtland Club on

This has worked perfect in our coffee shop! It heats up fast and gets plenty hot. It does take a certain kind of pan, we use cast iron.

from The Coffee Barn on

Love this one! Has great power, I can not have an open flame, this eliminates that problem. I would get another if I need one!

from Darrell’s Devils Food Llc on

A workhorse in our kitchen. It is sturdy, large enough to accommodate a 40qt pot, and heats up very quickly. Since we don't have gas in our chocolate shop it's nice to have fast, reliable heat without a traditional stove-top.

from Markham & Fitz Chocolate on

Love this cook top! Consistent heating and it great for long jobs where you have to stand by and stir for long periods. It doesn't make you hot like standing next to an open flame does. I work at a shared kitchen space, and it's awesome to have a portable cook top because I don't have to fight for time at the shared stove.

from Enticing Icing LLC on

A+++ so far, so good. We use these ranges (2 side by side) to prepare our sautéed shrimp and to cook onions. The heat is perfect and this is really easy to operate.


Performed very well for 4 years of daily use. But we are a salt air environment, which finally took a toll on the circuit board (corrosion). Now needs ridiculously strong pressure on the start button to turn on, and occasionally changes temperature setting at random during use. it was such a good value overall that we have just ordered the exact same thing again as a replacement. Only flaw is that sometimes the temperature dial "skips" a setting (in 10-degree increments) and so you need to look at the display to make sure it is set as intended.


Very smart product! I like the safety feature that it turns off the heat when there is no pan/ weight on it. Fast cooking in a tight space.

from The Juice Box LV, LLC on

Heats quickly, maintains temperature, this is a really solid option for anyone with a small space. I can hear the high pitch sound that others have mentioned, but I don't use it frequent enough for the sound to drive me crazy.


This burner heats up super quick and knows when you place a pan on it...It is cool to touch without the pan. It also is pretty portable and can be stored easily if you don't have a lot of room.

from Joe's Coffee & Deli on

Love this product. Heats fast and is super easy to use and lite weight. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is it doesn’t have requisite certifications so it has been regulated to advanced home use for me.

from Room at the table catering on

Just over 2 years old and is no longer operable. Smells of burning plastic and shows an error code. Disappointing because I have another brand of induction cooktop at a similar price point that I purchased seven years ago and is still working like a champ.

from Sugar Fixe on

This portable cooktop has some crazy heating power. It gets hot pretty quick. I’ve used Cooktek before which cost 4-5 times more but this does the trick. Save your money and buy this instead of the brand. Great bang for the bucks.

from Cinn City Bakery, LLC. on

I initially felt this purchase was a “wild card” as I’m EXTREMELY sensitive to annoying/repetitive noises, however, I have not had any of those problems!!!! Here are my experiences: 1. Reheating a 4 cup frozen soup container for the days service: I heat it in the microwave for 5 minutes (advantco microwave) and put in my pot on lowest level (1) for 15 minutes and the soup is ready to serve. I switch to a “hold temp” setting of 150 degrees and I’m good to go. 2. Slow Sauté of onions for Philly cheesesteaks takes 4 minutes, top. 3. Mire Poix takes 2 minutes which is 3 minutes quicker than my sauté function on Insatpot. 4. Super easy to clean and I love the beeping function when you remove the pan, a great reminder for my poor short term memory 5. The temperature hold function is my favorite as I can keep my soup at 150 degrees for my customer and know that the health department won’t have any issue. ***Again, I respect those that had trouble with any noise off put but with our 2 fridges, 2 freezers, air con, ice machine, etc, I have yet to notice any disturbances in regards to noise and I’m personally very susceptible to background noise! Read Less Read More

from Overstuffed Deli on

We bought 2 of these counter top induction ranges and they are great! We highly recommend them for use. We bought them with some stainless steel pans and together it has helped improve efficiency in the store.

from home address on

Super poor quality product, bought 4 in total, they're all stopped working in 2 month. Super bad experience, definitely NOT RECOMMENDED for every commercial use.

from Happy Lemon on

I like this countertop induction range because it reaches the temperature very fast and also It is to carry all over the kitchen, I would love if it has two different size for different pans


Exelent product, I have had this induction range for long time, I use it in my restaurant lunch and dinner and works great, also a great value!!

from Grafted Hospitality Group, LLC on

Works great. Been using for almost a year and does not have any issues with keeping to temperature. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality induction cooker

from Cowans Dairy on

The unit is fine, but as other reviewers have stated there is a very noticeable high pitched "whine" that comes from the machine once its past 1400. Not enough to return the unit, but definitely something to think about.


We don't often need the use of a burner in our bakery/coffee shop so this induction burner is the perfect solution for the times we do. We are able to store it when not needed and set it up on our work table for quick cooking when we do need it. It boils water quickly, melts butter even faster and is great for jams, jellies, and sauces as well.

from Fika, LLC on

This cook top is wonderful. I use this to make caramel and other toppings for our baked goods and it works perfectly. It heats up quickly and maintains the temperature very well. The heating control is very responsive too. It was definitely a good buy.

from Cheesecakes Plus More, LLC on

This little range/cooker has proven so valuable to our cafe. Soups are our most popular item, and without the consistency and durability of the Avantco IC1800 Cooker, we would be far worse off. It heats evenly and quickly.

from Paisley Cafe on

Sturdy unit with amazing temperature control. You can use it as a burner or as a temperature hold unit. Built in digital timer. Easy to clean.

from Last Chance Food Shack on

It works very well for us. We use it to make sauces, soft boil eggs. It heats up quickly and is one of the better induction burners we have used.


Avantco IC1800 countertop induction range/cooker 120 V 1800 watt. Excellent for cooking food. This unit uses an electrical socket and is excellent for making pastas and other types of foods quickly


This induction top has been perfect for us to use in our small bar. We use during the day to prep, so we move it around quite a bit. Heats up perfectly and cooks food really well with the proper pots and pans. We do not use it throughout the night, but for light/moderate use, I highly recommend this product!


It is a very good product. It is doing its job so far and reaches the temperature very fast. It is easy to clean and to carry everywhere, because it is very light. I don't need to cook a lot in my street food restaurant, so for my usage so far so good!


Do you like to cook things well? This guy makes it a lot easier. It has replaced our range top as my go to for almost all endeavors. Heat control is very good.

from Little Lion Ice Cream on

These are a nice addition to a buffet line. The chef can cook omelettes to order and put on a show. Easy to use and the digital display is a nice touch.

from CMV on

We have been using induction cooker for almost 2 years. After that, business picked up and we move on to gas stove to make dish in a faster fashion but this cooker is great and long lasting!

from Organic Fusion Teahouse on

We're very happy with this. We have been using two of them daily, for one year now and nothing has changed about the performance of them. The "hold temp" feature is fairly accurate too, which works well for us.

from A Dopo Sourdough Pizza on

I use these induction burners frequently for cooking and brewing beer. The fifteen available power levels are a tremendously advantageous, allowing a subtle simmer to a voracious boil.


This is our favorite induction cooker. A great value for the money. The temperature gets very high, which is great for our stir-fried dishes. However, the cap on the right to turn the heat on popped off and has gone missing. It would be great if webstaurant store sold replacement caps.


A little bit of a grumpy machine. We had to return one of them because the fan wouldn't run which automatically shuts of the warmer. Webstaurant replaced it for us immediately, which was GREAT! We haven't had any issues other than that, and would recommend this product.

from Mudslingers on

We have added another one of these with almost every order from this great site! These are workhorses in our small kitchen and take up very little counter/storage space. The only downside to these are a high pitched electrical squealing noise when the temp dial is set at or above 12. I don't usually notice this, but some employees cant stand it.

from Gorge Kitchen on

Purchased the Avantco IC1800 after having it referred to by a friend. the induction top heats up very quickly and the size makes it easy to store anywhere. the only reason for the 4 star rather than 5 is the buzzing noise it produces while it is on.

from Powerhouse Nutrition on

Perfect for my small kitchen. I don't have a hood in my kitchen so this electric cooker is so helpful. Cooks almost everything quickly would recommend.

from Bella coco company on

We have four of these induction burners. They work very well, and have tested the endurance of heavy daily use. I have only one issue is that one of the burners does not maintain the selected heating element, which is an issue.


Really great! Until one of our cooks dropped something on it and cracked the top. Not really a reflection on the product, just an fyi of something to watch out for.

from Cafe Blue Moose on

This induction range heats lightning fast and is able to use most pots and pans that are rated for induction ranges as well as cast iron. Beautiful Unit and easy to clean.

from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC on

This product has been very great as we phase out our butane click burners (which I call camping stoves). Although I feel the next model up with higher power output would be best for my needs, I love the simplicity of having one power button and a single knob to turn to adjust the temperature. I really dislike all the digital controls on some of the other induction burners. This knob makes it very intuitive for staff that may not be too familiar or not have the time to constantly adjust watts and temperatures by rapidly pressing buttons repeatedly. The build quality is great and the price point is perfect. I'd highly recommend. This was also able to accommodate the larger Vollrath / Lincoln 3904 Optio 16 Qt. Sauce Pot with Cover which I use to make rice.

from Cantina Taquera & Tequila Bar on

This countertop induction range is a fantastic addition to a small business setup. I use this to make small batch soups, and for the cost it can't be beat. Easy to clean, easy to use product. As many other reviewers have mentioned, it emits a high pitched noise when on the highest setting, which can be a little annoying but you kind of get used to it.

from Sana Food Mart on

for small to medium workloads this is a really good burner. the buzz/hum from the fan is a little loud and annoying, but it doesn't take away from how well the machine works. it boils a pot of water in less than 5 minutes which is convenient.


Purchased this to use mostly for pastry items. It does a great job of heating things up without scorching since there isn't any direct heat. It's great for sugar work because it holds things at a constant temperature without fluctuating. I have used it for liquids as well and it heats up rapidly, except for when you are trying to heat up more than a gallon of liquid at a time. It takes about the same amount of time to heat larger amounts of liquid up using this burner as a gas burner at about 15,000 btus. Has a slight high pitched frequency noise when you take it within 2 or 3 levels of maximum power but overall is a great buy.


I bought this induction burner to make bone broths/stocks and to render pork fat. It takes a good 30 minutes to heat up 20 qt of liquid. But it is perfect for the slow rendering of pork fat. I didn't mind the hum that it lets off. It wasn't loud enough to bother me in the kitchen. However, it produces a whining sound that is so loud you can't hear conversation when you try to record with an iPhone near it.

from Hinckley's Fancy Meats on

I have used this cook top for over a year now and it still amazes me , how fast it can boil water. It runs circles around my mothers gas stove. I have not had any of the issues that some others have been complaining about. It works well.


This range is very strong it can cook any amount of food very fast. It is 1800W and it gets the heat up real fast.

from Cliffmart LLC on

We bought one of these a while back, and found it so useful that we decided to purchase this one. Again it is easy to store and helps get two pots of soup cooking when needed.

from Big Eddy's Deck Bar on

We ordered this burner to do a few things in our small bakery so we didn't have to have a stove top. We used it today to make pralines and the temp control was wonderful for this! We are very happy so far!


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