Choice 0.75 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Item #: 176MXBSS75

Use this Choice 0.75 qt. standard weight mixing bowl to add a great, useful addition to your kitchen. Use this mixing bowl for basic food prep in your restaurant, to mix up delicious batter in your bakery, or to create signature toppings and sauces for your entrees. The standard weight stainless steel also feels light to make for easy handling when dealing with already heavy ingredients. Make sure you have all the mixing bowls you need on hand at a price you can afford with this mixing bowl option from Choice!

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Choice 0.75 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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bowl mixing bowls Great Small perfect Stainless steel easy size
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    The .75 stainless steel bowl is actually bigger than I thought it would be. It is like the size of a cereal bowl but deeper in my opinion. The stainless steel is of great quality. Would buy all sizes.
    Bowl is made of sturdy construction. Very durable. It has been used for multiple purposes, such as for cooking and as a water bowl for pet use. Definitely recommend getting many more sets.
    These are very nice light duty portioning bowls and well worth the money by a dozen and you will never regret it I use mine for my baking ingredients
    The quality is amazing! There are the most convenient size. Easy to clean and easy to put away! They are perfect for mixing and making cakes or fried chicken!
    There can be nothing better in the kitchen like these bowls! Very useful and used thing for any hostess! They don’t take up much space in the closet and serve for a long time!
    Better than Win.. brand, bowl is deeper and more like a bowl, well made in stainless steel great for Mise en Place and collecting spices.
    This mixing bowl is solid and well-made. Also i want to say that it convenient both for mixing and for serving. No regrets about this purchase. High recommend!
    Small bowl for spices and holding foods while prepping and plating; it's nicely made and is very light. I wouldn't want to be too rough with them as they seem a little flimsy but for the price you can't complain too much!
    This mixing bowl worth the money I spent. I use this as a container for flour and spices while cooking. Small and useful. Perfect and simple.
    Good choice for a low price item that does not skip on quality. Will be ordering more in the future. Easy to clean and does not stain
    Having had these for a while now, I can safely say...these are the best large mixing bowls out there for the money. They are large, which is what I was after. They keep their shine well. Easy to handle and the bowl shape is perfect.
    Wonderful bowl! Though small, but I bought it for a set, now I have pans of all sizes. very practical, light, but the truth is not as brilliant as in the photo.
    I am rating the Choice .75 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl 5 stars because of good quality, great value, super fast shipping and was received as described.
    i use this mixing bowl for mixing mayonaise and ketchup and it has the perfect size !! the stainless still is good quality i recommend it !!
    We use these smaller ones regularly to whisk some eggs for omelets. The stainless steel on these standard weight ones is incredible quality, so I see no reason to buy anything else.
    I love these little mixing bowls. They're great for ingredient prep, dog bowls, whisking eggs, and even work as little double boiler bowls for melting chocolate when you don't need that much.
    We have these bowls in all sizes, we love them! We use the larger ones for mixing huge batches of cupcakes and strawberries for dipping. We use the smaller for bread mixing.
    These bowls are perfect for mixing icing and other small ingredients for our bakery. The bowls are durable, we have a few but will be ordering more in the future.
    I love this small bowl! I use it to put fresh water in when I'm doing facials for my clients. I pour hot water, dip my fingers in to get water to work the product onto my clients skin. It is so convenient to store as well. I need to purchase more so I will have them readily available on my busy days.
    Love this "little" addition to my stainless steel nested bowl set. This size is super versatile, I find myself grabbing it a couple times a day!
    We wanted to find a bowl that would be perfect to portion out our meats for certain dishes. These bowls are perfect! They are very easy to wash, I like how they are strong and sturdy, so when you dropped them multiple times, they don't bend or get a dent in them. Great product and a decent price.
    Great for mise en plase, or for condiments. I've used it more for prep work than any other tool, and it ensures everything is in the dish.
    love this small bowl. great for small quantities of anything!! good material and dont bend easily. i wash them all the time in my high temp dishwasher and they dont get stains.
    One of my best friends in the kitchen is the bowls. Its a love hate relationship because they get thrown around a-lot. Extremely durable and does not scratch easily at all.
    These bowls are perfect for anything! Mixing ingredients or just for personal use. These bowls will literally last forever, with them being stainless steel. Cleanup is so easy!
    This 75 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Is great for small items like cube vegetables for your salad or marinades, it at a great price as well.
    These stainless steel mixing bowls are of great quality and also really affordable. They are perfect for mixing individual portions of things such as tuna tartare.
    Great quality bowls and so affordable. i bought them for one use only; cracking eggs before transfer to the batter. however they come in handy for many other things; scrambled eggs for one, and any food prep.
    I love these stacking and simple mixing bowls. For the .75 qt. size, I primarily use these to mix eggs and create spice blends. They work perfectly and are also dishwasher safe.
    I love stainless steel in my kitchen because they are so easy to clean. When I am busy I throw them in a hot bath and later they are super easy to clean. I mainly use these .75 quart when I separate my egg whites and also when I set out my ingredients for the bigger batter. These bowls are also light so you don't have to worry about heavy dishes.
    So excited I found these mixing bowls, especially for the price I found them for! Very light. Perfect for weighing out small portions of ingredients.
    These little stainless steel mixing bowls are great! This is a perfect size to whisk up an egg or two or just to have to prep small amounts of ingredients. Strong, sturdy, good quality.
    These bowls are great for mixing small batches of sauces or batters. We used em to portion waffles with additions, work for funnel cake and other batters too!
    I bought this bowl to have a complete set in the (.75/1.5/3/4/5/8) quart sizes. For residential use, this bowl is fantastic. The bowl is very lightweight and easy to carry around with you in the kitchen. At .75 quarts, it is perfect for mixing a couple eggs or some herbs and spices for a dry rub. Scratches from mixing do show up fairly easily, but do not take away from the usability or function of the bowl itself. It is easily washed in the sink or dishwasher and if you buy the set, they all stack neatly and uniformly. These bowls do have the potential to rust if you do not let them dry correctly after wishing. Before purchasing, make sure that you are not looking for a thick or heavy mixing bowl. If you are okay with a thinner bowl, this is recommended.
    These bowls are great we use them for many things and they are phenomenal.. great quality and very easy to clean I would recommend to anyone.
    This bowl is small but great to put mise en place in. They stack nicely with the other size bowls. This bowl holds 3 cups.
    Absolutely love these bowls. Easy cleanup and still look brand new. also, no scratches. Just perfect. How did we ever do business for 10 years without them? Now I have to have one in every available size!
    Handy little bowl for measuring out small portions of things. It’s made of pretty sturdy material and the wide edge is nice and reduces dripping when pouring out liquids.
    These are amazing with the flat iron and they come in handy for small leftovers or pieces , mixing a small size cocktail sauce or holding heat.
    This a very good little bowl at a great price. Perfect for small batch sauces or whipping up some eggs on the fly. Great for kids meals too.
    Very nice bowl. It is stainless steel and will not rust. It's the perfect size for mixing spices or other ingredients required in small quantities. I will be buying other sizes too.
    I use this mixing bowl for other purposes than mixing. It is a very versatile product that I use for many other uses, but never have I used it for mixing. I use the 0.75 qt size by the way.
    This bowl is small and perfect to hold ingredients to mix. They are such a great price and perfect for home or restaurant use. I will have these bowls forever!
    This bowl is perfect for preparing garnishes as well as a small portion of something. Make sure you don't put it in the dishwasher it is not made for that
    These bowls are awesome. I am so happy to have found these on here. Thank you. I will recommend this to every one and any one I see!
    A MUST for Mise en Place! Buy these bowls! But LOTS OF THEM! We love using these for mise en place and mixing smaller batches of things like spices,m and toppings. After hundreds of uses and lots of abuse they still look great and not a dent in them.
    The bowls just came today, and I have to say that they are perfect for mixing small amounts of ingredients--ESPECIALLY for scrambling eggs for breakfast. If you are doing short orders or are a home cook, I absolutely recommend these!
    This Solid construction and the stainless steel material prevents breakage. Use it to mix eggs or hold ingredients while you’re cooking . I bought multiple sizes
    Amazing product. I love this little stainless steel mixing bowl. It’s extremely durable and dishwasher safe and never rusts. I highly recommend this product for any home or business kitchen.
    Perfect bowl for letting frozen fruits thaw out, or mixing up eggs. This bowl is stainless steel so you can put hot foods In it to serve from.
    Useful as all get-out and I especially like the rim on these. Makes them much easier to grip. Perfect for portioning soup and small enough for mise.
    I love the size of this mixing bowl. It’s only .75 qts but is perfect for pie fillings or small salsa mix, etc. This bowl cleans up nice with shine and is very light weight.
    This small size bowl comes in handy,and perfect for mixing small portion or batches,so easy to clean and with a sleek stain less steel finish. Its a must have for any kitchen.
    These .75 quart stainless steel mixing bowls actually can couple as traditional bowls. I have been very please with their convenient size and great durability.
    I love this mixing bowl . high quality metal , easy to clean and does not rust , great for mixing lot of things and the price is unbeatable .
    The .75 Qt. mixing bowl is great for food prep or as a popcorn bowl though it can be used for many things. The quality is very good and is a great value.
    This is a great bowl for taco bars or colossal salad bar at our catering business. We also use it for our baked potato bar
    This bowl is small but it definitely comes in handy. We use this one for holding small amounts of ingredients and it's just easy to use and the price is awesome. Thank you
    I use this as a prep bowl and it is the perfect size for my ingredients. You can not go wrong with this price. Great bowl!
    A light weight and easily cleaned bowl for preparing cut fruit and vegetables, this 3/4 quart bowl is a good choice. It also dries rapidly using a towel.
    When mixing spices for our small batch nut blends this bowl will be the perfect size we thought we try this one and it worked out great
    Great size for combining ingredients in the kitchen. Nice stainless steel design that is easy to clean and looks chic. Great value and a great product
    You cannot have enough of these bowls for prep work. This size bowl is perfect for cracking eggs in or prepping spices. This is the smallest bowl I have but they're diswasher safe, smooth coated on the inside, and they don't stick to other bowls they're in. I will be buying more of them.
    This .75 qt mixing bowl is perfect for the smaller jobs. You can use it to whip up some eggs for an omelette or a quick batch of mini muffins. Clean ups a breeze and the stainless steel stays looking new and shiny.
    I primarily use this size bowl for holding ingredients for cooking as well as whipping up some scrambled eggs. They are durable yet lightweight and easy to clean
    These bowls are perfect for when you're making a small batch of something. We use these bowls for when we make small batches of icing
    Perfect for breaking eggs into to or any mise en place that you need for anything you are cooking or baking. I bought 4 and plan to buy more!
    This mixing bowl is small, but it's still really useful for things like holding any ingredients you need when cooking. Great price and super high quality.
    I like these smaller bowls to use for steaming/covering veggies or meats on my flattop to get that good moisture and steam to my food.
    I didn't think I would use these tiny mixing bowls but I use them all the time. They are great for mixing small amounts of icing for detail work or for weighing out smaller ingredients.
    The .75 qt bowls are a fantastic small size for holding prepped ingredients. I was on the fence about ordering a bowl this small in my nesting set, but glad that I did. I may wind up ordering more. They would be a serviceable size for soup bowls, and would actually be awesome as camp bowls because they're lightweight, unbreakable, inexpensive, and nest very compactly.
    Very sturdy and durable bowls and easy to store. They are perfect for prep as well as mixing sauces. They are also beautiful and high quality. I was not disappointed at all!
    I love these mixing bowls! They are well made and very sturdy. I brought different sizes for home use, and they can be easily stacked together.
    sturdy, perfect sizing for measuring/ keeping small amount of ingredients or sauces. I have been using these for more than 3 years, no issues with the quality or product.
    we use this for side dishes. side prep items such as meat, noodles, or veggies. have exact measurements store in these and ready to cook for.
    Small but well made bowl, perfect for whisking an egg or two for your morning omelette. Can also be used as a dog or cat bowl.
    These have quickly become the most used tool in my home kitchen. I have 4 of this small size and use them daily to keep organized during prep activities. Friends and family are always so impressed when they cook over at my house that they buy a set for themselves!
    This is the smallest of the mixing bowl family. It is really nice for storing mise en place or other ingredients that you have in small amounts. Another great thing is all the bowls in this family stack.
    This was a sampler size and you always find a need for it as you don't really know what your going to end up using it for the most unlikely thing. And when you do you then realize how much you actually use it!
    Great mini prep bowl! This bowl is small and lightweight, but heavyweight enough to stand up to heavy use without showing signs of use. It has a nice mirror finish that makes cleanup very easy.
    We use these bowls to mix our cream cheese spreads. We then use mini spatulas to scrape the sides, and they come clean super easy. Easy to wash, and high quality metal that has yet to show any sign of rust/ dents/ scratches.
    This size is perfect for ingredients, I use it non stop and they take a good beating. Cleans as expected and is a quality product.
    Not only is this bowl adorable, but it also happens to be the perfect size for holding ingredients like flour or chocolate chips when baking. It's pretty difficult to find bowls like these in-store, so I'm glad Webstaurant sells them.
    I needed a small mixing bowl for making scrambled eggs and this is the perfect size when you need to mix something small. I also used it to bread some chicken tenderloins. Its easy to clean as well.
    This size mixing bowl is perfect for individual soup serving and a stylish piece for any table!! They are heavy and durable- highly recommend to anyone.
    Love these little bowls for mixing small accompaniments on the hot line. They are light and very good on the budget. Highly recommend them, your cooks will thank you!
    I would highly recommend this 3/4 qt mixing bowl to anyone that love's cooking or has a catering business it's handy for many small jobs price and quality from WEBstaurantStore.
    This .75 quart mixing stainless steel mixing bowl is very versatile. Perfect size for pre-measuring dry and wet ingredients. The little rim along the edge makes it easy to grab.
    I love this little guy!! When you don't need gargantuan, go this route, could double as a cereal bowl too if you don't mind a cold dish or just a smaller mixing bowl, very happy with this purchase!!
    A great option for a smaller prep/mise en place bowl, I tell everyone to stock up while they can to take part in this bargain.
    This is perfect for both home and commercial spaces. It's a great size for small recipes and can really work wonders for keeping your space organized!
    I love the stackability of this bowl. Low profile. Lightweight. Great for prepping. Compact size makes it perfect for sugar, spices within reach while prepping.
    this is a great bowl, it can be used for dogs, or ingredients, but its size is better suited for a bowl of marinade or baste.
    It is a good material and good price i love web restaurant i always get a good stuff from them thank you to web restaurant
    We use a lot of different sized bowls.. these are very reasonable priced for us to use.. we like them a lot.. they are very durable.
    I order four of these be for the ease of decorating my cakes. I use it to hold sprinkles and candy. They don't rust and cleans easily.
    Good little size for having a few of them to put all your ingredients in these smaller size bowls to make preparation easier for your meals.
    This is a really great three-quarter court mixing bowl I'm happy with my purchase I'm very glad I got it and can't go wrong with these standard weight mixing bowls
    These are great little bowls for putting together sauces, herb blends, or preparing your prep for recipes. They aren't anything fancy, but they don't claim to be and they get the job done.
    Great prep bowls for small portions of ingredients. I bought a set of 8 of these to hold prepped ingredients for a meal. Stainless steel is so much nicer than grabbing regular bowls from the cupboard.
    These definitely work as expected. I started out with several other larger heavy weight bowls and this one does feel a lot lighter and less durable. Having said that though I have not dented any bowls yet and also considering the size you won't be using it to haul around 25 pounds of potatoes in it. I would recommend these bowls but my personal preference would to complete my set of heavy weight bowls with one at this size. There were none available though at a reasonable price point. Another nice feature of these bowls is the rolled rims that make pouring liquids out of the bowl drip free.
    Love this small mixing bowl. So convenient when colouring small batches of icing. They are so easy to clean up after and they are stainless steel which means durability.
    These Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl's are a professional quality product at an affordable price. They store together neatly and you can never have enough mixing bowls Being in he profession for more than 30 years, I can highly recommend this product.
    Definitely buy more then you think you'll need. I have SO many cause they're so versatile. I love them as prep bowls, not too small but not too big either. I use them for eggs, mixing or separating. Or for a small portion of food. I even use them as my dog and cat dishes (not the same ones as I use). I probably use this bowl a few times a day and thus quality for less then a buck. Can't be beat!
    Stainless steel mixing bowl to replace old beat up plastic ones. These are much better in quality. Really small as it is under a quart.
    You can't go wrong with this 3 qt stainless steel mixing bowl from WEBstaurantStore it's perfect for smaller jobs and priced right for any kitchen home or restaurant.
    i like these cheap mixing bowls, i dont necessarily use it for kitchen stuff sometimes, for doggie water bowl, snacks. Pretty good quality for the price
    I do lots of small products so these little bowls are perfect for mise en place. I've gotten a few different kinds and I actually like these ones the most even though they're the cheapest option.
    Excellent construction and a perfect size for weighing small amounts of ingredients - up to a cup or two - before mixing such as for yeast or malt before mixing. Dry contents usually slide readily out of the bowl which suits this purpose well. We often use this size for melting 16 oz of chocolate over a hot water bath because of the great heat transfer.
    The size of this mixing bowl is great. It is perfect for mixing small portions and for holding small items. The price is good too.
    It is the perfect way, the perfect design and above all the perfect material. We believe it is one of the products that is useful and easier to use is. Of course we recommend it. Its size is perfect, ideal for mixing or preparing salads in the
    Perfect size for prep work. We place these out and build all of our dishes easily be adding out ingredients into them ahead of time. We love them. They stand up well to daily use.
    This bowls is great when you are doing a lot of food prep. They are a nice gauge they are not too heavy duty but they're not super flimsy. They are great to have on hand to do all of my prep!
    Like the 1.5qt size, these are my go to bowls for my mis en place and I feel I use several of these every day. After 6 months they are holding up fantastically. You really cant beat the value on these bowls, I bought 10.
    This is the smaller Bowl I usually use for making an omelet or scrambled eggs smaller things like that is .75 or 3 quarters of a quart
    These bowls are awesome. Nice quality and you can't beat the price. I got them to use for different color buttercreams for cakes, and I'm going to order more. My kids love playing with them too.
    Another great find and purchase. Love these light stainless mixing bowls. We have a few of them and they work well for our needs in the kitchen.
    We purchased these bowls to serve as a way to organize small ingredients. They wash easily and are quite durable despite being dropped many times.
    I wanted to reduce my use of plastic when it came to cups, bowls, and plates for my young son. The cheap plastic ikea dishes would retain odors and flavors from the dishwasher, and drinking water out of the plastic cups tasted like a mixture of dishwasher detergent and plastic. So I searched online for stainless steel dishes, and the most economic option turned out to be from restaurant supply stores. I only ordered 4 of these bowls because I wasn't sure if they'd be the right size, but it turns out they're perfect. I've had them for about 18 months now and they're good as new. In fact I'm going to order more right now. I love that stainless steel is durable, doesn't retain odors, is easy to clean, and that these are stackable. Every dish should stack this tightly together, it would be amazing and save so much cupboard space. These are my favorite cereal bowls, they're just the right size, and the little lip on the edge of the bowl is great to help hold the bowl with one hand. My son uses them for yogurt, applesauce, crackers or popcorn. I also use them for mixing small amounts of ingredients when cooking (whisking eggs, mixing cinnamon and sugar). I've even used them as food and water dishes for my pets, and left them outside. They hold about 2 cups of water comfortably, and about 1.5 cups of Cheerios plus room for milk. They will tend to tip over if you try to rest a full size spoon against the edge, so I either use a teaspoon or just make sure I hold onto the bowl. Read Less Read More
    We love these bowls. We have two kids 6 and 4 and we serve them food in these all the time. I don't like giving them plastic and this is a great alternative. I give them a snack outside in these and I don't have to worry about the bowl breaking!
    I mostly bought this for the diameter, so I could cut out pie tops for mini pies. I am pleased with the quaility and how well it
    These bowls are so useful. Good for separating different prepped items. Also seem very solid and not flimsy. The flat bottom keeps them from tipping over.
    These bowls are the bomb. They are great for mixing omelets, or sauces. The ingredients stay put and they come clean easily. I have purchased many of these bowls they are a staple in my food prep area.
    Perfect .75 quart stainless steel mixing bowl. We use it for just about everything. Saving extra cake frostings to cut fruit. washing nice and clean
    althought i think it's pretty small but it does the job for what i need it for. i currently use this to measure chicken on a scale and it fit perfectly.
    Perfect size bowl for mixing individual portion. I use them for dressing greens and slaws last minute. I will be ordering lots more. Great price and quality.
    This is a nice small sized stainless steel bowl. Nice for mixing ingredients and spices before adding to the main batch. Holds up well and looks great
    These little stainless bowls are perfect for making centers for my small batch chocolates. They are a great weight for heating over a small pan water bath. I have several of them and they are great.
    These are great little stainless steel bowls. I mostly use them for portioning out ingredients or separating egg whites. They are inexpensive but nice and sturdy.
    Very pleased with how sturdy this bowl is. It is a nice small size if you are only needing a small amount of frosting or something.
    These bowls are GREAT for measuring/weighing out single ingredients mise en place (i.e., each ingredient in its own bowl). I ordered a set of 12 two months ago and have been using them daily. They still look great with no dents or dings, even after several drops. There are some light surface scratches, but that's to be expected from normal use, and doesn't at all affect performance. Using these bowls has halved the time it takes me to prep a meal.
    Ordered a stack of these during a recent expansion of our company; a number of uses around the kitchen, perfectly sized for ingredients used in our pies and cookies.
    I got almost all the sizes of the steel mixing bowl, love them they are so awesome to make anything from sauces, marinates, batter etc.
    This small mixing bowl was exactly what we needed for mixing small amounts of signature condiments. Very easy to clean and feels solid when being used. I would recommend for anyone who has been having trouble finding a mixing bowl small enough to make sense for their needs.
    Perfect mixing bowl for small quantity mixing. We also use these for dry ingredients before adding them to the main mix. Very sturdy and a nice rolled rim.
    This is a tiny little bowl that is perfect for whipping small batches of sauces. I just need a tiny little whisk to go with it!
    great small bowl for throwing together dry ingredients for recipes. works well for smaller sauce mixes also. well made, durable, and very useful for recipes
    Excellent little prep bowls for a great price!!! Very sturdy and can take some banging around the kitchen, it survived a few falls without and dings and dents.
    I love the stainless steel mixing bowl. It makes my work so much easier. I'm very happy for this purchase I have made. :) :)
    Small bowl. great for scaling ingredients, etc. Bowl is pretty strong. Good standard bowls for home or commercial kitchens. Cheapest I have found is through webstaurant.
    These bowls are exactly what I was looking for! Great sizes, great price, and great quality. Easy for prepping and weighing my ingredients, Good quality bowl at an amazing price.
    This .75 Qt bowl is great for separating out eggs when cracking up a bunch for a larger batch recipe. It nests really well in the larger sized bowls that can be purchased here.
    These bowls are great for prep and mise en place. They are just the right size to hold small amounts of things when gathering ingredients for a recipe.
    I think these 3/4 quart stainless steel mixing bowls are a great purchase. Perfect for all your small mixing needs. I would definitely recommend this product.
    I love these bowls! They are perfect for small projects! I use them to mix eggs and keep chopped ingredients in. I'm ordering a bunch more!
    These bowls are just what I was looking for. I find myself reaching for one of them multiple times a day. Great for whipping eggs, mixing spices and for things like salsa and guacamole. I'll be buying more in the near future. Definite kitchen staple.
    I do a lot of small condiment items, and I always used the 1.5 Qt bowl. Why did I not use these earlier?! Perfect for 1-2 serving recipes. Durable. Real deal bowls, not flimsy.
    We use this bowl all the time when bringing butter to room temperature or mixing together a small amount of ingredients. It is very small, as the stick of butter technically overflows the bowl (see my photo upload), but it works well for how we use it.
    These are great bowls for a lower price. The larger sizes do bend a little more than these smaller ones. These do a good job and great for mixing needs. Good product.
    I purchased this item primarily for an ingredient Bowl since the glass versions are very pricey. I will definitely buy more as needed. And once again thank you WEBstaurant store for the exceptional quality and priceing of your items. And I will definitely be recommending all products on this website to friends and family.
    i used this item for when i make my dips like crab dip, and chicken dip, and even home made BBQ sauce, you can used this item for anything.
    Up your mise-en-place game and make your work surface a million times neater by picking up a bunch of these. If you're making cheeseburgers on a grill, these babies are the perfect size to throw over the top - that cheese will melt in seconds.
    This size is perfect for chopped onion!! The metal is a very high quality and is very sturdy. It washes beautifully. I also like this one for single servings of popcorn for the kids.
    These little bowls are perfect size for melting 1 stick of butter or mixing up a little bit of dressing. I ended up getting a bunch and I use them all the time.
    Beautiful as usual, I just have to order the two largest sizes in these stainless steel bowls and i'm good to go. great product. Thank you!
    I have so many .75 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl in my kitchen and cant wait for another one to arrive! I use them for EVERYTHING from seperating eggs, flour, liqiuds, icing...
    nice size to be able to save small items left over from the day of baking and cooking. plastic wrap goes on nice and hugs good.
    Small bowl perfect for mixing up spices or stirring together simple condiments. Easy to clean. I probably use this one even more than the 3 quart version.
    The .75 qt. standard weight stainless steel mixing bowls have so many uses: beating eggs or thickeners, marinating small cuts of meat, ingredient bowls, etc.
    I cant believe how handy these are. Their strong and durable and I find that I use these for everything not just for food prep. I wish I had found these sooner. Even the hubby loves them and you cant beat the price. A great value In my book
    Got this bowl to feed my dog, it's great! Easy to clean, doesn't get chewed and is high enough for him to eat comfortably and big enough to hold his kibbles in place without spilling here and there!! !!! Why pay outrageous prices for stainless steel bowls in the pet shop when I can get it here at a bargain price!!
    These have been very useful for us around the kitchen. We use them in place of glass bowls to hold sauces, garnishes, and other things while we're cooking. We broke a lot of bowls in the past, and these solve that issue.
    These are a nice cereal size bowl for those looking for a non-plastic, and non-glass alternative for a bowl. They conduct heat, so hot foods like soup will be hot to handle.
    This is a solid, well made mixing bowl. Doesn't quite hold the 3 cups it's marked as. Very strong for its weight and construction. It should wear well over time.
    This is the perfect size bowl to make a small batch of cookies or cupcakes or frosting or anything really! This is the smallest size that i would recommend getting though
    I bought several of these little bowls and I'm so glad I did! They stack and clean easily and are perfect for those sauces, or a couple of shrimp to defrost or a handful of topping for one of our wood-fired pizzas. They hold up under just about anything you can throw at them. And the price on Webstaurant is amazing..
    I bought a bunch of these bowls for food preparation. If you already have stainless steel mixing bowls then you already know how practical these are, but if not, pick up a few. These are nice and light, yet sturdy, and are a welcome addition to any kitchen. I use this product literally almost every day; whether it be to whip together a quick sauce, to hold components of a dish before throwing it all together, or even for holding some chips or candy for a light snack. Highly recommended product.
    it is not the strongest bowl, but it doesn't dent as easilty as you would think for the low price. If you are rough on the bowl, then I wouldn't get it.
    What can I say, these standard weight stainless stell mixing bowls are very durable. We have ordered several differnet sizes and I'm never dissappointed when they arrive.
    I purchased this a a great way to introduce cooking to my kids. I purchased quite a few, as I want to start a daycare, and these will make great bowls for crafts, class cooking, and also SUNDAY football sides. So these are way better than plastic and cheaper, and will last LONGER. Just buy 20 of them. and you will think of a zillion uses for them.
    Standard stainless steel mixing bowl which is a hand size for mixing eggs are small portions. It is easy to clean, stays shiny, and well worth the price.
    These stainless steel mixing bowl are amazing. Really you can never have too much of these. It is very affordable and really easy to clean.
    Excellent small bowls. These bowls are perfect for mixing small amounts of dry or liquid ingredients. I also frequently use them as ingredient bowls. They are very easy to clean. This bowl is a little bit too small for beating 2 or more eggs. It is great to have a few of these around.
    Great little prep bowl. Stacks well. Need to get a couple more for this stew season. Nice and light easy to clean and no leaks.
    Wow! What a great size bowl for small jobs. I used to mix up breaking for fried green tomatoes. The bowl worked great. Nice size, excellent quality, easy to clean, economical.
    These bowls are really useful, and something that should be in every kitchen. There is no excuse NOT to own a set when they are this cheap. I'm amazed at how The Webstaurant Store can offer such high quality items at such low prices. Its great!
    This mixing bowl was a very good price. It arrived very fast. Looked very good and it is very strong. Looking forward to investing again.
    These bowls are an incredible value. They are exactly what I needed and the price is fantastic. I ordered a few but I am about to order even more!
    These mixing bowls are a great bargain. They are sturdy and have a nice finish. They're a good size for mixing dry ingredients in small/medium batches.
    wonderful little bowl! perfect for little jobs or just about anything really. I like to stick these in the oven for a quick minute to melt butter and other things while cooking
    It's a nice little bowl, pretty much what you'd expect. I love the price of it. You can use it for pretty much anything. I'd buy it again.
    The standard weight mixing bowls are incredibly versatile. I use them for mise en place, mixing batters, store leftovers in the refrigerator, and as snack or fruit bowls. I have been using them for a while and they are going strong and clean up nicely.
    Very nice looking and great for the price.perfect for breaking eggs to make poached eggs or separating egg yolks from white and if you need small size bowl
    These are nice bowls for holding ingredients when baking or cooking it helps me to organize everything before i begin baking. My children have discovered that they also make nice cereal bowls so i will be needing more.
    These are great for ala minute salad mixing of small micro herbs and such to garnish a plate. We use these on every station on the line.
    This is a small bowl, but great size for prep work. Also, great for mixing up your own seasoning blends, where a ramekin would be too small. It is lightweight as well, so if measuring by weight, no worries about overloading the scale.
    This is a nice small bowl. It can be used to mix small things like maybe you want to only make a few pancakes this is perfect
    Perfect bowls for so many things. We use them for eggs to order, quick vinaigrettes, and good for setting up a quick breading station in small amounts.
    What a great sized bowl to use for small batches of things. I also use it to put small amounts of baking powder, baking soda, and other dry goods.
    I have been looking all over for these! We will use them for cereal bowls! They come sparkling clean in the dishwasher, and the thing I'm most excited about is that they will not break! The price was great, and I'm sure they will last a long time!
    This bowl is great for making omletes and for small baking tasks! Must buy this!
    great product, great price, great everything. i use these all the time at home for just about everything. my family even told me just how great of a purchase it was!!
    I really like these 3/4 quart bowls. They are good quality and price. Great for beating eggs for breakfast and things im adding to a recipe i can mix and set aside till needed.
    these are a great sized bowl to use for mis en place. perfect for cooking demos. they are nice and clean and shiny. they give a great presentation!
    Great bowl for the price. Basically a bowl that wont break. Ever. Whether using it for mixing, whipping, or your morning cereal, this bowl is the best.
    This is a great mixing bowl i love them so much i got all the other sizes for my house so i can use anytime i want. This is a must have for anybody.
    this 3/4 qt stainless steel mixing bowl has been like a third arm for us. It has more applications than one can list we love it
    Great stainless steel mixing bowl! Excellent price makes this product a must buy! Great quality and excellent look! Easy to clean and maintain! Nice small size!!!
    The 3/4 qt mixing bowl is a great value for the money.The bowl is big enough for mixing smaller quanities. Very happy with the quality.
    These mixing bowls are a buy. Not only can you mix in the bowl but we use them for ingredient bowls. Glass bowls frequently break in the classroom.
    This is a great "pinch bowl" for items you aren't going to measure for a recipe, or something you have chopped very fine like garlic or onion but don't plan to add to the recipe until later.
    This is a great, lightweight, everyday use mixing bowl. It cleans up very nicely in the dishwasher. The quality is outstanding, especially considering the low price.

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