Choice 5 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Item #: 176MXBSS5

Use this Choice 5 qt. standard weight mixing bowl to add a great, useful addition to your kitchen. Use this mixing bowl for basic food prep in your restaurant, to mix up delicious batter in your bakery, or to create signature toppings and sauces for your entrees. The standard weight stainless steel also feels light to make for easy handling when dealing with already heavy ingredients. Make sure you have all the mixing bowls you need on hand at a price you can afford with this mixing bowl option from Choice!

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Choice 5 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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bowl mixing bowls great size sizes kitchen nice easy stainless
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    This 5 qt stainless steel bowl works great as a salad bowl. It is light so tossing is easy for almost anyone. I also use it to sauce chicken wings. It can easily hold 30 wings. Fast Shipping.
    We use these stainless steel mixing bowls every day in our bakery. They come in a wide variety of sizes making it easy to work on any size recipe! They are durable and good quality!
    Highly recommend for heavy duty i use to store my vegetalbles for juice bar , clean and durable love it and will purchase more !
    A nice big bowl from lighter quality, Nice big holding ring around the top. will dent easily but for the money a very usable tool for the kitchen
    This is a great lightweight bowl. It doesn't have a nonslip coating on the base so it is prone to slipping around on the counter but for the price it's perfect. The bowl is very lightweight and durable. It nests perfectly with all the other Choice bowls.
    Wonderful dinnerware in the kitchen. The bowl contains many products due to its depth and width. I am pleased with my purchase! I suggest you to buy.
    Great inexpensive bowl for all manners of cooking whether at home or in a restaurant mixing bowls are a must in any kitchen. They are all metal designed so fear not the heat or oven! Comes in various sizes and all nestle inside of each other so takes up less space for storage! I've used this bowl as a lid for sourdough during baking with no issues.
    I love these bowls! They are wonderful and very well made. The quality of the bowls is something I love and I'll buy it again.
    Good purchase - perfect size and so easy to store! It is made from stainless steel that is good and sturdy. Very useful in everyday life!
    Choice 5 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl has the size which is perfect for mixing any kinds and sizes of pieces of vegetables or fruits. I also use it to create sauces and to mix minced meat.
    Good all purpose mixing bowl. We mainly used these bowls for mixing salads before plating for service. I would buy these again or recommend them to someone else.
    these work good for party's for chips or salad. made of really durable materiel. and looks good too. nice and shinny and cleans up easy too.
    When my mom came to visit this past thanksgiving she brought her stainless steel mixing bowls to help with the cooking. We used them for everything we made. Then we started feeding out cats raw food that required large batches to be mixed with supplements when they arrived in the mail. I ordered these bowls primarily for that purpose, and they have been great.
    These are excellent mixing bowls. We use them for all of our salads. They are an excellent product for our restaurant. We will continue to purchase them in the future.
    Hello! I got 6 of these in different sizes. I used them for plenty things and was very happy. They are lightweight and I love that! I have very heavy glass bowls and sometimes I don't want to use them.
    on this mixing bowl i prepare the chicken wings with the bbq or buffalo sauce it super easy to mix i recommend it its super easy to clean also ""
    Nice big mixing bowl but still easily stored in shelving in most any home kitchen which is nice and convenient. Seems nice and sturdy after a handful of uses.
    This are great for if you need something to mix something in for cooking or even storing food and also for mixing things for baking.
    I bought this bowl indifferent sizes and all been great for mixing. The weight seems very light but I prefer that for handling and washing them.
    Great for mixing sauces. The material is great and the price is even better. Washes easily and stacks great on kitchen counter. Good quality bowls for the price
    We have these bowls in all sizes, we love them! We use the larger ones for mixing huge batches of cupcakes and strawberries for dipping. We use the smaller for bread mixing.
    EVERYONE NEEDS THIS BOWL! Having a perfect sized mixing bowl makes life so much easier in the kitchen! No rummaging through piles of bowls to find the right size! These stainless bowls nest together so you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily!
    Good bowl. Lightweight but sturdy. I don't really like how wide the top is but it does it's job. The bowl is easy to wash and stacks fine at the bottom of the pile (4qt. 5qt. and 8qt.).
    This is a great smaller stainless steel bowl that can be used for prep or for recipes. We don't seem to miss the heaviness of the heavy wieght
    Nice medium size bowls that are easy to clean. They stack into each other and save a lot of space. Can be used in a variety of ways.
    Super great bowl and great size for baking. It's not too heavy and is easily stacked and stored in my cabinets. I definitely will be buying a few more in the future and recommend this for others.
    A good quality bowl, but I am struggling to understand why they would make the inside matte? The matte surface got very noticeably scratched during first use (making a batter with a regular whisk). I don't have that problem with shiny bowls.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Great mixing bowl, we use this size to toss our spicy rock shrimp, hanaro wings, calamari, and to transport fried foods from the kitchen to the sushi bar.
    This is a nice bowl - not too heavy, not too deep. Depends on what you need it for - I have found for most of my needs I require higher sides, but I'll definitely keep this around for smaller recipes.
    Good salad bowl if you decide to use them for more than just a mixing bowl. Nice and heavy duty and wil last a lifetime.
    Great product for the listed price. This bowl is one of many sizes and is perfect for medium-sized projects like mixing three or four portions of salad.
    I would recommend this to anyone. I have it multiple sizes and I use them for me and great for gift giving. Very much worth for the price. I have got so many compliments
    A necessity for commercial or home kitchens! Does not bend or dent easily. Good depth for mixing without sloshing out of the bow. I use multiple sizes of this product.
    Nice size which makes this stainless steel bowl very versatile. While it is labeled a standard weight bowl, it is high quality and meets all of our needs.
    We really love these Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls. We bought a few of these for our outdoor kitchen so we wouldn't have to worry about things breaking. They work well for serving also they stack well.
    The perfect size for mixing up small batches of sauce. We use this mixing bowl daily and love it. Very easy to clean as well.
    This is my favorite bowl for making omelets, mixing flours or making a nice salad. Very convenient and good looking kitchen utensil to display anywhere in your kitchen/house.
    This 5 qt bowl is nice and big for mixing ingredients without spillage. The bowls don't rust or corrode and they are a good value.
    I am a big fan of these basic and simple mixing bowls. For the 5 qt. size, I primarily use them to make salads and mix batters. Can't complain about the price. Will definitely be buying again.
    Love the size of this bowl - not too big, not too small! This bowl was used in a week long kids cooking camp and it survived. It was beat on, dropped, and even worn as a hat. I plan to order several more of these bowls in various sizes.
    I use this mixing bowl to mix my macaron batter in and it's the perfect size! It's lightweight but still very sturdy. Washing it is easy too!
    Seems sturdy and has cleaned up well as no rusting after washing a few times. Perfect size for mixing pancake batter or making cookie dough.
    I originally bought this bowl thinking I would use it to mix cake batter, but it's a bit too shallow for that in my opinion. I have actually ended up using it much more often for meals. It's so light it makes a great addition to the kitchen for mixing salads, marinating meats, use name it!
    These bowls are excellent for mixing, I have them in every size and have been using them for years. They clean up well and are nice sizes
    The bowls are pretty light weight, which makes it hard for mixing heavy ingredients, or even just batter. This would be better for just tossing salad or holding dry ingredients.
    Just a standard stainless steel mixing bowl. Nothing special and a good value for the price. Feels heavier than i thought it would and am very happy with purchase.
    Great price and they do the job! I use these for anything from mixing to brining pork chops! Stack well and are much better priced than other places.
    We are in the process of changing over some of the equipment in our high school culinary kitchens and these mixing bowls are replacing some old chipped pyrex glass bowls. I am super happy to be switching to such good quality, stainless steel bowls that won't chip or break everytime a student drops or bumps one!
    These mixing bowls are great we have many uses for this they’re built well and made to last I would recommend these for all kinds of restaurants .
    I bought this bowl to have a complete set in the (.75/1.5/3/4/5/8) quart sizes. For residential use, this bowl is fantastic. The bowl is very lightweight and easy to carry around with you in the kitchen. At 5 quarts, it is perfect for marinating a lot of meat or mixing a couple of cakes worth of batter. Scratches from mixing do show up fairly easily, but do not take away from the usability or function of the bowl itself. It is easily washed in the sink, but might be too large for the dishwasher. If you buy the set, they all stack neatly and uniformly. Before purchasing, make sure that you are not looking for a thick or heavy mixing bowl. If you are okay with a thinner bowl, this is recommended.
    This bowl is great! Perfect for a healthy-sized batch of cookies (or two), and it is easy to clean and use. Love the value that I got for the money I spent!
    I use this typically to heat small batches of compote for service everyday. It's a great size, has a good weight to it and unbeatable price as always.
    This bowl is excellent for all of your giant mixing needs such as large batches of cookie dough. Allows for mess free mixing. The bowls stack and dishwasher safe !
    Don't use this much because it's smaller than I generally need but it is definitely a good quality product and was at a very reasonable price. Perfect mixing or holding fruits and veggies.
    Perfect mixing bowl to have in pantry station of the kitchen. It works perfect when you get multiple orders of salad and need to toss around quickly. Stainless steel quality is amazing, and will not dent easily. A+
    Great for mixing salads and types of vegetables. Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. I haven't tried it with hot stuff. Great for the price.
    Awesome price for this stainless steel mixing bowl. I bought four off top because it was a really good deal. Great for pretty much anything especially salads.
    I really like this bowl but it is more of an wide oval bowl rather than a deep narrow bowl which depending on what your doing can either be helpful or just make a mess.
    This bowl is comparable to any bowl out there I am so happy to have found these on here. I will recommend these to everyone!
    I give this mixing bowl five stars for its function , price , and design . I recommend buying the many sizes that are all made of stainless steel
    I think of this as one of my three required sizes for mixing bowls. Big enough for a family side dish, small enough not to overwhelm the table.
    Good bowl for the price. Does what we need it to do which is hold stuff and we have no complaints. There has been no warping or burning when used over a double boiler.
    The size is big and makes every work in it so easy,I wash my vegetables in it as it can hold alot at the same time. Besides that I use it to mix my batter,only that you have to put a towel underneath to get the grip. I love it.
    Great bowl at an even greater price. The quality is a little thin, but for a mixing bowl, it can't be beat, especially for the price. Trust me, I have checked around, and I can't find them any cheaper anywhere! Buy several--you will LOVE them!
    I love these bowls , we bought bunch of them in different sizes , the metal looks great and does not rust and the price is good .
    I love these bowls. They are great for me. I cure A lot of meats and stainless steal is non reactive which is important as to not cause a chemical reaction
    This smaller mixing bowl is awesome for whipping small amounts of egg for omelettes at home for the family. They are easy to handle and the best part is the price.
    This medium sized bowl is great for making recipes for medium size groups of people. We use it at out catering facility. I will use these when i star my catering business
    It's wonderful having a variety of sizes of mixing bowls, especially larger ones. These are easy to clean, and all the different sizes nestle within one another very nicely!
    I use this bowl for large amounts of salad, dry ingredients for a bread or anything like that. It's lighter weight SS, but does the job and good shiny finish.
    This product is very well put together and serves it purpose well. We use these for storing prepped food as well as making it and mixing. Would not look elsewhere for a solution for this.
    this bowl is a HUGE value the quality for the price is well worth it would recommend it ! we use to sort our our toppings for our chocolate covered pretzels
    It's my favorite mixing bowl when I make cakes. The size is just great for me and it's easy to wash. I will order bigger size as well next time.
    I bought a few of these for our salad tossery on campus. They are the perfect size to make a medium to large salad in.
    The 5 Qt. mixing bowl is great for mixing or as a popcorn bowl though it can be used for many things. The quality is very good and is a great value.
    Perfect sized mixing bowl for most cake batter mixing for a standard 8in two layered cakes. A good, cost effective option for buying in bulk and outfitting your kitchen!
    Be careful to note that as is stated on the product page, the bowl itself is not five quarts. Other than that, it is a great mixing bowl!
    Having the right size mixing bowl on hand in your kitchen is essential. Use this 5 qt. stainless steel standard weight mixing bowl for all of your food prep needs.
    This bowl is the perfect size to make bath bombs in. I can make a big batch of bath bomb mix in it and not worry of it spilling over.
    This is a great durable product that is easy to clean and definitely usable to mix literally anything that needs mixing. We have used it to mix a variety of things in our restaurant. Still going strong after a year of heavy use daily.
    This large bowl is great for marinating my skirt steak overnight in the fridge. It is large enough to mix all the seasonings, and not have to worry about anything falling out.
    Sturdy, but feels a little thinner on the bottom compare to the side. No issues with the quality though. I have been using this for more than 3 years, no signs of wearing off.
    This bowl has a nice weight an uniform finish. It doesn't have any sharp edges, dings, or scrapes. It looks well constructed, and is a great price.
    i got these bowls in all different sizes. even though they say theyre standard weight, theyre very heavy and sturdy. i like having different sizes for different jobs so its nice they come in tons of different sizes
    We have all sizes of mixing bowls. They all nest together with is really nice for storing. We use this size for keeping clean veggies separated in the kitchen as well as for mixing batters, doughs, and large amounts of sauce for catering events.
    Great bowl, just a little taste of work at home. Awesome for any and everything that you have that needs to be mixed. Great buy
    This is my go-to mixing bowl; it is perfectly sized, lightweight, durable, and the mirror finish makes cleanup super easy. I also like the rim around the top edge, it makes handling easier.
    I bought a few of these stainless steel bowls and i was supprised by the quality and how big it actually is. Will be buying the entire set!
    We purchased this bowl a long while ago. There is no need to go heavier duty with a mixing bowl unless you are really beating it up.
    Great price for a sturdy mixing bowl. It seems to be the same quality has the higher priced bowls I have found. It cleans up easily.
    Highly recommend for any restaurant or home. Great mixing bowls that work well with both mixing and serving!! Great price and a special thanks to Customer Service for their time. Ordered and ordered again!! They hold up well to high temperatures and clean well.
    Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl does the job! I'm happy with the purchase as it worked will for the usage that I have. Having multiple ones of the same size is very helpful for kitchen prep.
    Good quality. Pretty heavy duty and well made. Perfect for our purposes of marinating and pre soaking veggies, meats and other items ahead of time
    I have recently switched out all my mixing bowls to stainless steel. They are so much better than plastic or glass. Plastic harbors bacteria and stains and glass is breakable. These stainless steel bowls are great quality for everyday use and a great value as always here.
    im so glad to add this bowl to my growing pilw of mixing bowl this 5 quart stainless steel bowl is great item the size is great for a large quantity the quality seems great even if not heavy weight
    I use this for my medium to mixing batches and also to toss fries in for seasoning. This is a great size that is very versatil. Such a great price that I bought 2.
    This is a great size bowl for smaller commercial roles. It's great to buy a big set of these because they are so cheap and you'll never worry about not having the right size!
    The 5 qt size mixing bowl is a good all purpose size mixing bowl for mixing batters or prepping larger amounts of ingredients. It feels durable and built to last. No need for brand name versions.
    larges bowl we have and it looks elite and smooth like you would like , looks clean , quality and price is amazing comparing whats out there
    This size mixing bowl is great for making up dressings or smaller dishes. You can also use it for parties to serve chips or fruit. It is very easy to clean but not my go to bowl in the kitchen.
    Nice medium sized mixing bowl. It is great for prep, baking and catering. It is a very solid mixing bowl and arrived in good condition.
    This is a great salad tossing the 5 quart perfect size for making salads in my rest happy with this purchase and glad I bought that
    Excellent mixing bowl at a very economical price! These bowls are great for preparing dishes or using as a mixing bowl to stir, holding plenty of ingredients at 5 quarts.
    The size of this bowl is ideal for mixing dry ingredients while baking - large enough to be able to mix briskly and not worry about about ingredients flying out of the bowl but small enough that you can easily grip it while you are working.
    We bought so many of these in 2016. They are useful for any thing you want to mix in the restaurant. Very durable and easy to clean.
    This is a fantastic and simple mixing bowl. It's small size is a must in the kitchen. This is the bowl you have 40 of for all the mixing and prep'ing. Seems like it will last forever. I bought and few and will definitely buy more should the need arise. 5 Stars
    Stainless steel mixing bowl to replace old beat up plastic ones. These are much better in quality. 5 QT for larger mixing needs and task.
    This bowl is great for mixing. I'm giving it 4 stars because it was dented on the bottom. This did not impact the performance of the product. It's purely cosmetic. You will notice in the picture.
    the metal is kinda thin, but for the price, its really good. The 5qt is a good size to mix cake batter or anything really
    This stainless steel bowl is lightweight, more than I expected, but seems to be of good quality. Very easy cleanup. Great selection of sizes to meet you needs.
    A good quality mixing bowl considering the price. Finish is just fine with no rough edges or anything like that. Feels sturdy and gets the job done. Great for mixing cake batter with plenty of extra room to prevent spilling anything
    Nests very well with all sizes below this forming a neat stack that is easy to store and keep from dusting. At this size you might consider a rubberized bottom and or a heavy weight version if you plan to do heavy mixing or abuse your bowl, but for whisking and folding this size works great as it will contain a 10' mesh sieve for screening or sifting ingredients.
    searched all my local stores looking for bowls to toss our wings in at my sports bar. no luck anywhere so i once again looked to webstaurant, I got these and they are great! exactly what I needed at a bargain price. They are not super thick bowls and will dent if dropped and used roughly. I have had them for a couple of years now and they are holding up fine for us. .
    These are quality bowls. Don't seems to scratch easily, get a bit dented but seem like they are of a fairly thick gauge. We have several and like them.
    Like the other bowls in this collection, the build quality is really impressive for a standard weight mixing bowl, and better than bowls you find in a normal kitchen store. I use the 5qt size for any whipping or folding work and it is the perfect size for home scale work.
    Does stainless steel 5 quart mixing bowl seems great it holds better right amount of ingredients to make a cake or small batch of cupcakes I also used it for seasoning my potatoes for breakfast
    The bowls are very light weight ...I wish they were a little thicker. I was disappointed that it did not say they were 18/8 stainless steel on the bowls. They are also made in China. There is also no way to call this company you have to email or do a online chat. For the price with can purchase these bowls in a local store and make sure you get what you pay for.
    Thank you for the feedback, Yvonne! We're sorry you were not happy with these. As we list on our product page, these are 18/8 stainless steel. If you're looking for a more heavy weight bowl, try this 5 Qt. Mixing Bowl instead!
    All of the standard weight mixing bowls I have bought from the site have been great. They are not the strongest things in the world, but that is why they are standard weight. For the money, you cannot beat it
    This is a pretty lightweight bowl. However, it looks great and does what a mixing bowl should do. We also have Volrath heavyweight bowls and frankly these look better at a much lower cost.
    This is a great bowl for tossing wings or salads because it is so lightweight, The stainless steel is cheap and will ding and dent easily. Don't expect it to last forever. On the other hand, it's so inexpensive that you can easily replace it.
    5 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl #407MXB5 I use stainless steel bowls for mixing dough I avoid plastic personally dough pulls flavor from what ever its mixed in
    these are very economical. thin but durable enough for most tasks in the kitchen. ive dropped them a few times but no dents still so recommend.
    A good size bowl for making large batches of salads or even dressing. Can also be used for proofing yeast dough or mixing cake batters.
    This is a great mixing bowl for the price. It's a little on the lighter side but definitely still good quality. I have owned a similarly weighted mixing bowl for over 20 years and I'm sure this will last the same.
    Really great mixing bowl. Very sturdy, nice thick metal making it very stable and should not dent or warp with a lot of use. Highly recommended!
    These mixing bowls work great for a lot of uses. Prep and wing tossing is what we use. Easy to use and durable. Great for any restaurant.
    These are great bowls at a decent price. Shipping was faster than expected. I received the bowls in only a few days. I definitely recommend these bowls.
    This bowl is great for mixing salads on a kitchen line or putting French fries in it to transfer then to be plated it is great quality.
    Love Them Great Price And great Quality , i use them everyday ! Easy To Clean And great for baking cakes !! a must buy
    Great size for everyday use. Good construction, not to heavy, not to light. Most importantly, a great price. I will be ordering several in the future.
    Great quality mixing bowl for this price point. Pricing was much better than local suppliers. The stainless is durable and has held up well to all types of products without showing any signs of rust or corrosion.
    very lightweight bowl that is perfect for mixing. I like how it is wide rather than tall like other bowls. I would purchase another one.
    This is a great buy for a standard weight mixing bowl. It matches many of our other appliances and is extremely easy to clean. A nice addition to our cooking equipment.
    Great 5qt stainless steel mixing bowl. This bowl will last a life time. Strong, sturdy bowl perfect for mixing up cake batter. Such an amazing price
    5 QT. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl best price ever, thank you so much These are good utility bowls. We have used them to mix dough, salad, marinated meat and to mix ice cream ingredients. If you need a simple mixing bowl, I recommend them.
    Great medium sized bowels very sturdy and great for the low price I use them at home and with mixing my sauces in my catering business I'll order more
    this standard weight mixing bowl is perfect for me, it is a very nice quality stainless bowl, nice soft finish of what looks like a brushed stainless, nice size rim for holding onto while mixing, and nice wide top, with a perfect sitting balance, great prices on these bowls i feel, and very happy with my purchase.. i have needed extra mixing and multiuse bowls like this for a while and have been making due and so glad i found these..
    I just can't say enough about this stainless mixing bowls. I use it for everything in my kitchen, they are a lot better than plastic ones, You never going to find better price than this website.
    The size of this mixing bowl is perfect! It's big enough to hold large quantities of batter, but is not too big that it is a hassle to wash or store. Great investment
    The 5 quart mixing bowl works well for cooling, tossing, and mixing different foods. It also helps out as a popcorn bowl. The size still allows for storage and low maintenance cleaning.
    This 5 qt stainless steel bowl has so many uses. I use mine for wet and dry ingredients. The large flat bottom is perfect for my scale. I also like the flat bottom to brown butter. The bowl holds up great under the heat too!
    I absolutely love these stainless steel bowls. They are very sturdy and super easy to clean. They are priced just right for my budget. I plan to get more soon
    These are good utility bowls. We have used them to measure and weigh cookie and ice cream ingredients. If you need a simple mixing bowl, we would recommend these.
    Pros: great value, lightweight and easy to use and stack, gets job done. Cons: made in China, wide and shallow, so spillage may be an issue for some. Haven't yet had an issue with the bottom popping in and out.
    I've been pleased with these bowls. I got the 5 qt, 4 qt, and 3 qt. The nest very nicely, are sturdy enough to hold up to use in the kitchen, and are very light. I would recommend.
    These mixing bowls are a true workhorse. Not only are the very durable, but they are easy to clean. The bowl is deep enough to hold a good amount of ingredients, and because it isn't too shallow, it is easy to mix things in the bowl.
    I had a hard time deciding whether to go with a glass mixing bowl, or this stainless steel one. Really glad I went with this. It's sturdy, but very lightweight. I have a feeling it will last me a long time.
    Saying that this 5Qt. steel bowl is standard, is simply under rates its quality. Just what I needed and exactly what I was looking for.
    Good size bowl for larger salad mixing and similar applications. Very thin metal and cheap build overall, I would recommend a heavy duty bowl for most situations.
    STURDY bowl, I just wish it was deeper instead of wider like it is. Its a large, shallow 5qt bowl. Does the job, cant complain.
    We use this bowl every weekend when making Belgian waffles. It is the perfect size for bringing together the ingredients for four large waffles, and then scooping the batter into the waffle maker. It is very lightweight, which makes it easy to use, and the rim is rolled, so no danger of being cut.
    These mixing bowls should be in every kitchen, and I personally think you can never have too many mixing bowls because you can use them in just so many things in a kitchen. I like the quality of this standard weight steel. It's better then I expected.
    This bowl is perfect. Its 5 qt size works well with small to medium sized tasks. The bowl is well made and looks brand new after months of use.
    The 5QT. Stainless Steel bowl (in my opinion) is the absolutely most perfectly sized bowl for home use! As a family of four these are big enough for basically any tasks, tossing salad, marinating meats, whipping cream... simply perfect and not too small or too cumbersome.
    This is high quality. I will not hesitate to purchase more as i require them. Thank you WEBstaurant store for the price and quality. I will definitely recommend.
    Very nice sized bowl. To me it's a nice medium-large size which is perfect for mixing and holding ingredients. Whisking dry and wet ingredients, mixing burger meat, or tossing a salad.
    We ordered this product to toss French fries in Old Bay. This was the perfect size and is easy to clean. It seems to be very easy to maintain and will last a long time.
    I don't think Webstaurant sells a single stainless steel item which isn't a bargain. Here's another one - you can prove a decent batch a dough in this, and it's also the optimal size for salads.
    This is one of my favorite sizes of this set of bowls I have. It is the perfect size for mixing and storing large recipes.
    Good bowl. We liked the size and so far its durability has been great as well. I would recommend multiple cleaning and scrubbing to make sure there is no more factory "polish" on it so as not to get on product. But overall very satisfied.
    Have had this item for about a month. It isn't a really heavy weight item however, it is of sufficient thickness that it won't bend or dent easily and the edges won't crack and split.
    These mixing bowls are my favorite type from Webstaurant. The Vollrath type tends to be thinner, taller and narrower. This has a thicker lip, making it easier to hang onto and is made of a thicker metal. Size can be hard to comprehend, but this is the same capacity as an ice cream bucket, but sits several inches shorter and wider.
    This size bowl is perfect for mixing up a cake of a pan if cornbread. We bought several sizes and use them all the time.
    Was not sure about buying this bowl but for the price took the chance, I plan on buying more as its well worth the money
    happy to have this kind of mixing bowl stainless steel its very good qaulity u can use for all your kitchen baking needs !!! mostly to hold your produce !! buy more save more!!!
    I ordered almost all the sizes in these stainless steel bowls, and I so love the new look of my stainless steel kitchen, will get the bigger sizes soon.
    I like these little bowls. Very cheap, so I bought a few of them. Great way to keep your mise en place organized at home and easy to clean.
    So happy to have this kind of mixing bowl stainless steel its very elegant u can use for all your kitchen baking needs !!! mostly to hold your produce !! buy more save more!!!
    Nice bowl to have around to mix up a mess of potatoes with oil and seasonings to pour onto a baking sheet to roast off.
    For the price of this bowl, I was very impressed with the quality. The walls were not too thin, the edges were not sharp, but were sanded smooth, and there were no dents or scratches. Worth at least twice as much. The only thing I would change is make it deeper.
    Good standard product for all of your kitchen prep needs. All sizes stack together neatly to save space. The 5 quart size is great for mixing up cakes, tossing large salads, or marinating larger cuts of meat.
    While I like this bowl and use it for many things, I don't like the fact that it's of a lighter weight than other bowls that I have used. The bowl still serve it's purpose but I like my bowls to have a little weight to them.
    This is a very inexpensive bowl, however, because of it's awkward size, it does make it a little difficult to use a regular scraper because of its shallowness.
    These mixing bowls are very convenient for many applications....never seem to have enough bowls in the kitchen. The bowl is pretty light, but for the price we think it a good value.
    This is pretty thin and lightweight metal, but it's still completely stiff and feels like it'll stand up to years of abuse. It stacks and nests well with smaller sizes.
    Really sturdy. Great price. It hasnt rusted and ive had it for over a year. Really good quality and size. Really good for making bread and cake batter. Its big enough to season 3 large bushels of kale for kale chips.
    The bowl may feel a bit light in your hands, but it is strong enough for standard use. I have had it for 3+ years and it has survived two moves across the country without any denting or damage. The best part about this bowl is that it has a flat bottom, which is essential when whisking, particularly when emulsifying.
    I purchased this bowl as part of a set to give a new homeowner. It is easy to clean, neither too deep nor too shallow, and an item that will last for a long time.
    These are great, I ordered a couple bowls. Bigger than I expected, easy to clean. Stackable & they dry real fast. I will order more soon.
    This 5 quart standard stainless steel mixing bowl is very strong and not flimsy. I have ordered different sizes for my bakery and they work great, very easy cleanup with the stainless steel. I love these.
    The wide surface of this bowl make it easy to mix well in this bowl,,very nice for mixing salad,even making fruit salad,,when you put this in the refrigeration ,it get cool very fast,
    These little bowls are awesome. The price is great, and we use them all the time. They stack for easy storage and clean up easily
    I love the true durability of this stainless steel bowl. It is very strong and it looks very good. I would recommend buying this mixing bowl.
    Loving my new bowl! It is perfect to sift because it is so wide nothing falls out! It is sturdy yet not heavy. Very high quality and easy to clean! These make my job a lot easier!
    Excellent lightweight material makes it easy to prep meals fast. I use this for mixing batter, breading meats, and whisking 30 eggs at one time for a church breakfast! Awesome buy.
    Great bowls for the price! I have thicker stainless bowls but they are so heavy. I needed something light weight for multiple small batches of hand stirred muffin batters. Dishwasher works fine but they are so light you won't mind hand washing them, even still stays shiny on my counter. Will purchase again!
    This 5 qt s/s bowl is much better than I had expected. Its light weight is perfect for weighing ingredients (doesn't overload the scale). Great size and depth - not too shallow. Highly recommended.
    This bowl is large enough to mix a large batch of cake batter, muffin batter, cookie dough, or pie dough. I love how easy it is to use.
    Again, price is our driving force for a new business. This was a great product. Nice and clean and sturdy. This was the second batch that we've bought from this site.
    These standard weight bowls are as good a quality as any heavy weight that I have seen with any other retailers. The price is also better than than any others I have found.
    Wow, they are dishwasher safe. Im always conscious about what to put in the dishwasher because i have a lot of experience that ruined my kitchenware. It's price very well.!
    These stainless steel bowls are of the best quality you can find. And the price is the best in the business as well. You need some of these bowls!!
    This is a perfect size mixing bowl. not too big and not too small. great for dressing salads on the garde manger station during service.
    This stainless steel bowl is very economical for the price. Why spend a lot when it will get banged up anyway? A must have for any restaurant or bake shop.
    This is a great stainless steel bowl! Good for marinading meats in! Excellent for mashing avocado for homemade guacamole! Great for tossing freshly fried tortilla chips too!
    Nicely shallow. Lightweight. Easy to clean. Great price. Exactly the bowl I have been looking for, and I am going to order some more. Recommended.
    This is a great, lightweight, everyday use mixing bowl. It cleans up very nicely in the dishwasher. The quality is outstanding, especially considering the low price.

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